Who Eiram Kaitlyn Kassala Leuka Riohra
What Romance never dies…
When Winter
Where Beven Dance Hall, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Beven Dance Hall
This immense cavern is lit by a thousand glows, reflecting off the polished wooden dance floor which dominates the chamber. The lights are kept in hanging baskets, held by hooks on ornate wooden stands which have been set at even intervals along the smooth stone walls. The ceiling rises dramatically to form a shadowed dome nearly a dragon length far above. Warm despite the distance underground, the air in here has a light woodsy scent, overlaid by the faint smell of oils. The ground underfoot has been painstakingly leveled, with wooden planks in alternating hues arranged in a striking cross-cross pattern, with a wide, gradual spiral at the center, the inlaid design whimsical and flowing. The far end of the cavern holds a stage, the back a grand wooden semicircle that presses right up against the wall and curves partway over the performance area.

It is later in the evening, where the candidates have there free time scheduled. And what mischief could they be up to? Well they are here in the Dance hall, and in the room has been set up a table covered in cloth and candle light places and chairs set for two. there is a food warmer try near the table that has probably has the food set in it, as well as one of the kitchen staff ready to serve. A little bit away from the table is a pair of chairs and musical stands also with a small table that has drinks on it for what could be musical accompaniment. Riohra is decked out in some rather sharp duds, looking brand new and hardly ever warn his hair is combed back and he stands looking nervous as he seems to be waiting for people to show.

Eiram has dressed up as well in his tailed coat over his purple pants. He looks quite smart really despite the color scheme. His hair is pulled back into a runner's tail. He carries in both of his instruments and sets them next to his seat then starts fiddling with a bright yellow bow tie trying to get it straight. There might even be a little pacing around music area.

Leuka is sitting there with his cello, at least no Runner tails will be sacrificed in the morning. He's being nice and mellow, no screeching notes, or temple trembling rakes over the strings. Fingers moves lightly up and down, finding notes and sliding to another as his cello adds a voice to the song. If he recalls, something about kissing a girl. The Harper looks to his Apprentice, grinning as Eiram gets to spread his playing wings again. Haven't had much time to that with all the candidate chores lately. Peering to Riohra he eyes the Hunter and frowns "Dude, what's wrong with your hair?" he pauses playing a moment and gestures to Riohra's head with a bow "Look sorta…" combed, brushed, groomed?…

Finally, the blizzard is gone, and the weyrling from Igen can visit Fort once more. Arriving on the back of her lifemate, Kassala slips from the straps, waving to her escort of an older brownrider who reminds her they'll be leaving in two hours. Heading quickly to the living caverns, she pauses there to dust snow off her shoulders and stomp it off her riding boots. Dressed warmly in her riding leathers, the red head glances around, heads towards the candidate barracks to see if Riohra is there. A quick comment from one of the candidate tells her he's here. No doubt, there was a few giggles here and there that leaves her a little confused. And so, she arrives, likely /not/ in the way that was expected. Nope, she peeks in the door, only to spy all the special setup, "Oh.." She's interrupting, yep. Maybe she should come back!

Riohra takes that moment to look over at Leuka so he misses Kassala stepping into the room "Hey it took me like three hours to get it to behave, besides I hope she shows I am not sure about the mail cause of that blizzard." He grins over at Eiram "you ok bud? you look more nervous than I do.." He has his back to entrance and she could sneak out if she really wanted to..

As Leuka starts to play Eiram finishes with the fiddling and takes a seat and picks up his Lyre. A few quiet plucks show its already tuned. "Yeah, I just want this to be perfect for ya. I know how you have planned it." He takes a deep breath and it is but a moment before he is joining Leuka. There is a glance toward the door as the red head peeks in, he grins and grins at Riohra, "Curtin's up, lights on and she is entering stage right." He murmurs.

Leuka just snorts and finishes the last few notes of his warm up tuning and leans over to get a bit sip through the straw. "We're gonna have to get more of these things." He's referring to the swirly crazy straw sticking up from his drink. He sees the woman over Riohra's shoulder and smirks as he starts up a ballroom style dance number. He'll glance to Eiram frequently, as the young Harper adds his Lyre melodies.

Unknowing is Kassala that the fancy set-up is meant for her. Yep, that mail didn't get through in time! And so, she nods slightly to Leuka and Eiram, but seems intent on backing up and leaving. Yep, this looks like some fancy dinner for the Weyrwoman or the like! Standing just outside the entrance, she's peeking into the room that has been set up for some fancy meal and music for dancing. The Igen weyrling is currently visiting, finally able to between to other places with an escort.

Riohra turns and looks over as Eiram points out the retreating Weyrling, his long strides carry himself to her saying "Good evening love, just in time for dinner" he offers her an arm. He doesn't care what she is dressed in, she could stop a raging dragon in a burlap sack as far as the tall candidate is concerned "I hoped you could make it, didn't know if the mail had gotten through or not."

Eiram follows Leuka in the changing of the tune, gently plucking at the strings of his lyre. The young man sitting up a bit straighter now that the 'intended' audience as arrived. He is looking fabulous in his Jacket with tails lined in green silk, purple slacks and a yellow shirt and bowtie. His hair all slicked back into a pony tail as well. Well this was in part his turnday gift to Riohra so he wanted to make it as fancy as possible. He tilts his head to Leuka at the comment of the straw, "For sure, they are cute."

Leuka lifts a brow "Cute got nothing to do with it. I can drink without missing a note with'm." He proves his point by leaning to the table and working some drink up through the swirly contraption. Grinning to the young Harper, he continues rubbing the bow over the strings, causing notes to drift across the cavern, and bouncing around the structure as the infamous Kassala enters the room. Leuka dips his head in a quiet greeting, he's not as spoofed up as Riohra and his fellow Harper, but he brushed his hair.

One just *had* to know that Kaitlyn would find this place once she started exploring the Weyr more deeply. It has DANCE literally written all over it, after all! Drawn like a moth to the flame, the dancing Harper managed to get in tight with one or two of the folks that run the Dance Hall…and all she had to do was flutter a little bit of lash and show them her skills. Right now, the tall, leggy redhead's twirling and spinning with languid, lovely ease, warming up in a semi-diaphanous gown of pastel rainbow multi-colors from deeply scooped neck to breezy hemline just above the knee. She floats, steps like a butterfly - her long, unbound hair burning a deep, rich copper about her - moving from one dance pattern to another in seamless transition, her eyes warm and bright as she gets into the full soul of 'the dance.' Right now, it seems like those who enter and exit aren't anywhere on her radar. Did she know about Riohra's birthday? Well, there *has* been some grapevine chatter about it in the Candidate Barracks for some days… It's only when Rio and his lady love are near one another that Kait finally whirls, steps over on ballet-slipper-clad feet to the charming couple, and murmurs with a pleased smile, "Happy Birthday, Riohra. Well met, m'lady." Well, she *finally* found out his name, too. She knows not Kassala, but is genteel in her greeting, nonetheless. Kait doesn't linger long by them, only what's polite, bobbing an extravagant curtsey to Eiram, and just drifting blithely past that drunken putz…er, Leuka.

Mouth open to voice a quiet apology as Riohra turns about, Kassala is ready to step back, only to be held up by his words, "Just in time?" Okay, she's really confused now. "Mail? I got a brief note from you, but nothing about dinner?" Quite the coincidence that she ended up here when she did! "I came once I got your note about the blizzard being over with and could find someone who would escort me over here." Graduation day is looming for the Igen weyrlings, but not quite here yet. As Kaitlyn drifts, dancing and twirling about closer, she blinks a few times, likely blushing a little, though her green eyes move from the harper to Riohra after the greeting is given to him.

Riohra is completely oblivious at this point to anyone but the gold riding Weyrling, as is what usually happens when she enters a room, "Then the universe once again shows us that we should be together. Happy Anniversary dear heart." He says sweeping his hand towards the table with the dinner. When he does realize Kaitlyyn has found out his Turnday has also just passed he chuckles and nods "Thank you very much" Look dear dinner and a show!

Eiram looks over to Kaitlyn adding her twirling dance to the entertainment, whether it was intended or not. He offers a smile for the woman as she curtsies to him and he bobs his head and adds a flourish to the tune in response before grinning at Leuka, "She likes me…I think I will keep it that way. I saw how she attacked that egg." He says in a quiet aside to his fellow harper. A room full of candidates and a weyrling. A fun night to be had it seems by all.

Leuka just gives a slight eye roll of amusement to Eiram "Just don't let her use our own tricks against you grasshopper. Doubt your huge eye routine would scratch that surface." He gestures with his head towards the dancing Harper's back, keeping his voice low so not to disturb Riohra and his weyrling friend. Leuka inches closer to the edge of the seat and starts moving with the cello as he plays. The ballroom tune fills the hall, but softly enough so the diners can chat without shouting over the music.

Kaitlyn hardly 'attacked' that pugalistic egg. She simply glared at it, confronted it with firm palms and a harsh stare. Whatever Eiram plays, the Harper-dancer-cum-candidate adapts to it in her motions, her form indeed smooth and almost hypnotic in ways. Occasionally, the flamehead tosses in a ballet dancer's toe pirouette or air-eating leap out of pure joy in dance, but she doesn't go so far as to 'steal' the show. She's much too much a professional for that. Tonight is mainly about Riohra and Kassala…and she is entertainment. High class entertainment…for free! Leuka's cello playing is appreciated, though the player is not, but it's all copasetic for Kait right now.

Kassala is left speechless. Their last anniversary, he surprised the heck out of her, and he manages to do so again. A glance to her riding leathers, and then to the fancy dress everyone else wears has her blushing all the more, "I think I wish I'd gotten your message now.." Her hand in his, she allows him to escort her to the table, green eyed gaze to sweep the other candidates before glancing back to him, "Dare I ask how you managed to get all this set up?" HE's got his ways, that's for certain. She's learned that about the hunter!

Riohra smiles happily as he pulls out the chair for her to sit in, once she is seated he will move to sit down across from her "I asked nicely, and Eiram over there offered to play" He motions to the younger man with the bow tie. The food is served and it is her favorite, or at least it was when she lived here with him. A bottle comes out and glasses are filled with a sparkling bubbly liquid that he smiles at before looking over at the Harpers Three mouthing a quiet 'Thank you'.

"Well I gotta try. I don't want to get on the bad side of a whirling dervish." Eiram responds to Leuka though he continues to play on the lyre, easily following the path laid by his mentor. Maybe they are now equals in the barracks, but here he is the protégé. He looks over to the Kaitlyn dancing and just shakes his head, "And I thought I knew how to dance, but she puts us all to shame." He comments before looking back to Rio and grins at the smile. "You look amazing Kassala as always. Happy Anniversary!" he calls out to her and plays a little flourish on his lyre before settling back into the tune.

Leuka scans around to see the dancer hopping about and grins when he leans a bit to Eiram, whispering for the young Apprentice's ears alone. When's he's finished he's very amused and trying not to snicker, too much. He smiles and sways with the music, foot tapping lightly to help Eiram with the timing. Not the younger Harper needs very much help with such a normal song as this one. After a minute, he nods to Riohra as he and Kassala start their meal. He glances over to see Kaitlyn a few seconds before tilting his head back to Eiram "So, you laid back and waited to see which egg was punching huh? Good Plan."

During one of her drawn out spins, Kaitlyn manages to catch Riohra's mouthed thanks, and she flashes him a grin full of warming hearth-fires and clear joy, her dark-copper head bobbing once…the dance-Harper continuing on in her motions. The pleasure she feels in dancing is magnified when others are pleased with it as well, so - though a certain cello player might usually be kicked in the teeth - he's given latitude at this moment in time. Eiram is twirled around, the crux point of Kait's indeed-dervishing pivots and swirls of fabric, a drift of her lovely gown swirling ghost-like over his cheek for a breath - and a quick wink given to him as he notes she puts him to shame - before the Dancer moves back out to the more open space of the floor-at-large. If the look of concentration mixed with pleasure on her aristocratic features means anything, she too is having one of those 'times of your life' right now.

Even after Kassala is escorted to the table, it might take her a moment before she takes the seat in the chair that Riohra pulls out for her. "This is… I.." Speechless, in a good way, is the redhead. "Thank you, Eiram." The words are spoken just loud enough for the harper to hear before she picks up her napkin and places it in her lap. She may be wearing riding leathers, but she has her manners! Promise! Her gaze may move over the selection of food, but soon distracted by Kaitlyn's dancing. "She's good… really good." Talk about suddenly feeling like she's got two left feet!

Riohra does it again, brings people together, embarrasses the heck out of his woman with love, and gets a nice meal too. If he had a cigar he would be saying something like he loves it when a plan come s together. He will look over at the dancing woman saying "She is, it is her craft I think as part of the Harpers. Though you aren't as bad your self, you at least taught me to not step on toes anymore." He admits as he starts in on his food quickly, if only because he knows she has a short time and he may of had a bit of nerves and forgot to eat.

Whatever is whispered to him has Eiram laughing and he shakes his head. Then the dancer is dancing around him and swirling fabric over him and he blinks in surprise though he works hard to not skip a beat. There is a curiously look at the woman and he leans over to whisper to Leuka once more with a look of uncertainty. A glance given back to the table at the circle of it all to see that the weyrling has settled to seat with the hunter candidate. "I think things are going well. She is still here."

Leuka cants his head to Eiram, his expression unreadable after a few seconds as he sways away from the apprentice during a shifting variation in the song, gaze casting around the room, taking everyone him before he drifts back closer to the Apprentice, nodding and keeping his voice to a whisper.

Ahh, love! Kaitlyn enjoys seeing others in it, enjoying it…but she remains somewhat aloof from that overwhelming mix of emotion, herself…at least so far. *Her* love is given to the Dance, and is both consumes and fires her, the redhead a phoenix of sorts when she is in motion of near-any kind. Moving like a flame, the dance-Harper darts, swirls, rises skyward at moments, circulating like a brushfire, heating whatever she is near. Enjoy-enjoy, all! This is life in motion: music and dance to feed the soul! *This* is what humans should truly live for, if they've no lifemate!

Kassala chuckles softly, "I might be able to teach you enough to keep you from flattening my toes, but that.." She dips her head in the direction of Kaitlyn as she swirls and leaps, "That… is dance." A pause, and she wonders, "How exactly did you manage to get her to dance for us?" She doesn't know the fact that Kait is a candidate, or her connections to those that own this place! With the bubbly drink poured, she glances to it, then to Riohra, "IT.. it isn't alcohol, right?" She wants to be careful, though there comes a look over her face, that expression that says her lifemate is likely asking her all sorts of questions, "Xero wants to know what's going on.."

Riohra smiles "I haven't forgotten the rules, just sparkling cider dear love." He says about the drink then he looks over at the dancing harper saying "she got searched a little bit ago. And honestly I think she heard about the music and well this is kind of her place so" Shrug he looks over at her and smiles more saying "Tell Xerosaeth we are celebrating the moment in time and were it not for the snows on the ground I would of done this in the bowl but I thought it best not to freeze you out."

Eiram hmms at the response from Leuka, "I would rather dance like that with Kravit.." He murmurs half to himself as he watches Kaitlyn dance. It might be easy to think he is admiring her while she dances, but it is the dance it self that draws his attention. There is a thoughtful look that for a moment, a color to his cheeks before he shakes his head and looks back to the couple of the evening as he plays.

Leuka looks more closely to Eiram and grins as he glances around to the diva Chuckling just a bite, he stretches fingers across the strings and continues with subtle changes in the song. He cants his head back to his Apprentice, grinning as he whispers something quickly before straightening again. He full on grinning at Eiram now before shifting his gaze back around to Kaitlyn a moment, then to Rioha and the goldling.

Kaitlyn cannot help be what she is: a flame of sorts in motion. She heats, warms…and can burn anything that gets close. In this case, it's hopefully warming the souls of those in attendance, her pleasure become their own, the dots of sweat upon her face, at neck and upper chest simply glittering highlights that accentuate the sometimes sensual motions of her tall form. Gossamer fabric ripples, swirls, flows in counter-time with the woman, her eyes and mouth laughing, smiling openly as she weaves in and out between the other two Harpers and the lovebirds themselves. this shall be a night to remember for Riohra and Kassala, and she 'works' (ha!) to make it so. If the woman notices Eiram's cheeks coloring, she gives no hint of such, the subtle changes Leuka makes to the music near-instantly translated into yet a different mode of dance by the candidate-cum-Dancer. She's not as clueless to anything else but dance as she might seem.

"Okay then." It's safe, and so the glass is raised for a sip before Kassala might start to eat. Of course, with the questions from her lifemate and Riohra's comment, she snorts, "You know, she's going to ask even more questions. And get you to try and do it later, when she can watch?" Still, the comment is sent back to the curious gold who's found warmth in one of the guest weyrs and conversation with other dragons of the weyr.

Riohra grins and nods "I will happily explain it to her till her curiosity is sated" yeah good luck there pal. "So how close are you to graduating? and have you two found a new weyr yet? Because i still don't want to pack up your books" He teases lightly at the gold rider. He looks over to the harpers again as they preform and makes a mental note to write a very good letter to the craft master.

Eiram leans over to Leuka to whisper something before he rises from the seat and smooths out his jacket as he steps in front of the music stand with his guitar in hand. He humms for a few moments to warm up his vocal cords before he starts to sing. A love song to be sure with a the voice that is changing but he manages well around any faulters in his vocal range thanks to teenage vocal chords. He gives a little sway as he dances and looks over to see if Kaitlynn has taken up the tune in her own dancing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp-EO5I60KA

Beauty in form and in motion, Kaitlyn combines them in a subtly alluring, yet somehow not-quite touchable package, the flamehead pouring her heart and soul out in dance for herself, for the audience, for the sheer joy of her craft. Patrician nostrils flare with each measured breath, grey eyes warm with passion and joy, her arms supplicant to the heavens, then striking downward with volition to the earth as her head tosses its mane of dark crimson and copper, lashes it before her and back, like a whip. It too is part of the Dance, just as supply muscular legs, smallish feet, and finely crafter hands and arms are. Even her torso ripples at times, almost a belly dance taking place beneath the diaphanous spill of her short gown. Nothing is held back, because - for this artist - nothing else will do. Eiram's change of instruments and feeling is smiled at, Kait indeed shifting seamlessly as her fellow Harper does, her form less poignantly powerful, more sweetly starlike…swaying and twirling…moving around Rio and Kassala with ghosts of fabric perhaps touching them, as if to gently encourage their blossoming relationship. Upward again her arms yearn to those stars almost within reach, taking them gently from the heavens and scattering them to the couple she swirls beyond.

Kassala cannot help that her attention returns to the performance of the dancer, the graceful steps catching her attention time and again. Still, she chuckles, "She will keep you busy, I promise." When asked, she turns back, and then says quietly, "In another week or so. Once we all manage to between to other places at least a few times.." And there might be a few still lagging. "No, we haven't found a weyr yet. We're going to be the last one in the barracks, I swear." Words spoken aloud is echoed in her mind, and given a hmmph by her lifemate.

Riohra grins and nods saying "Me and a few others are going to try to see if we can convince the leadership to let us go down and attend the graduation." He will try at least, turning back to watch Kaitlyn and her performance says "Nothing wrong with that, It just means you are taking your time. Or is there another reason you want your own weyr?" He is either teasing her or just plain curious one can never tell. And when Eiram changes the song he can't help but grin saying "You know maybe you and Xerosaeth can visit some other Weyrs like Half Moon or here to get a better idea what you’re looking for?"

Eiram gets through the song without too many breaks in his voice and then just continues playing on the guitar as he moves around the room. His steps swaying as he plays around Kaitlyn. More lyrical music now to support her dance style but for now his partner is the guitar in his hands.

Kaitlyn's body is taking more breaths more often, now, the dancer deep into her repetoire and pulling out any stops she might've had in before. Whatever mood or scene Eiram and comany paint, the flamehead echoes in motion and expression, teasing out the very last dregs of feeling, heart and soul that her body can endure. And it's all for love - her love - seen in the almost dreamy expression upon her sweat-beaded face. She partners Eiram, though he's not dancing, the interpaly between them perhaps felt on some subtle level. Chops, baby. She has 'em.

"You think they'll let you?" Kassala would be surprised if they do, "If the eggs are very close, they're going to want you to stick close as can be. I know that's what happened at Igen. Why I couldn't go see them at Half Moon Bay, remember?" Reaching out,s he does touch his hand, curling fingers with his to offer a squeeze, "If you can't, I understand. I'll just be sure to come back here and see the hatching." Without an escort even! "Another reason? Well.. we can't stay in the barracks! " That would be awkward.

Riohra grins and does close his hand with hers, "I will give it my best shot, which is to say I promise not to do anything stupid and get in trouble." He does look very 'respectable' in his new get up. As he drinks from his cider he asks "Why can't you stay in the barracks, or is it something more like they need the room?". He has to glance at Eiram and Kaitlyn as they are enjoying the opportunity to practice there craft saying softly to Kassala "So do like this?"

With Eiram's more flowing music comes more smoothness and less 'punch' to Kaitlyn's dance, the woman taking those moments to nourish her oxygen-depleted body with deeper breaths, once again…though she never stops moving. Words of dragons touch the fringes of her consciousness, make the redhead's arms cup and flow through the air as dragon wings might, fluid and lovely, but still only replicas of the real things. To sail, to fly…float and glide on thermals…Kait's form manages to do this, though she is truly and sadly earthbound. To love another in your mind, you in theirs - inextricably - forever… to feel and float and be free… Every pantomime of arms and hands, leap of legs and swirl of dress now that of a dragon in flight. It's subtle - no child's flapping arms - but the intention is obvious.

"Yeah, don't do anything stupid to mess up your chance here.." Kassala says with a bob of her head as she watches him, "As close and hard as the eggs are getting, it shouldn't be too much longer before they hatch." Dragonhealer here speaking. As for staying in the barracks, she nods, "Exactly. They'll need them once there's another clutch laid. And well.. a gold should have a weyr of her own. Xerosaeth is just proving to be surprisingly picky for some reason. And you don't want an unhappy dragon." Again, she turns to watch as Eiram plays with Kaitlyn dancing around him, the beauty of the harper's steps to truly make her speechless in trying to describe it to her lifemate. Of course, one thing is said back which makes her murmur, "I think I'm glad that Xero can't fit in here.."

Eiram seems to enjoy the theatrical element of harpering as much as the playing. Enjoying the give and take, working out her style and playing for it. As much as this was a gift for Rio and Kass, he seems to be having a great time himself. He puts in some basic dance steps around Kait's smooth ones, maybe a dance of dragons. A subtle flight.

Riohra grins and nods to the Gold rider saying "Oh I imagine it is probably a good path to walk that." he speaks of course of the happy dragon. He chuckles saying "Well I wonder where she gets that from, not like a certain dragon healer made me reshuffle the room we shared five times till if fit your liking." He goes on about eating and chatting with her but all the time he keeps and eye on the dancer and musician, he will nods saying "She would be very interested in this stuff too but then she chose you so she already knows what beauty is."

Kaitlyn 'flies' so freely, almost naturally all around the dance floor, swirling about Eiram, catching a 'thermal' and riding it in a circling motion around Kassala and Rio's table, her dress made to mimic wingsails, ruddering tail. Freedom in flight and supple motion…dance and air and fire… The woman somehow manages them all, now step-'running' smoothly across the floor again as she dives from a height, then swoops upward towards the sun. Avoiding something, now swirling again in freedom, pulling forward and then whooshing back in spills of forward-flowing dress… Is she hinting at something in this part of the dance? Could be, especially since she's darting in and out, towards and away from Eiram, now. Mating flight, anyone?

The night will go on, both the lovers happily talking and spending time until Kassala has to leave for the night. Two hours seems like two moments but that is the way the universe moves and soon the tall candidate is walking the Gold weyrling to her ride and of course to greet the dragon as well. With a final hug and eyeridge scratch the golden pair will take to the skies back to Igen. Riohra will stand there and watch them go before he heads back to the candidates barracks humming the songs the harpers were playing. It really was a good night..

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