Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is a cold winter day at Fort Weyr, the skys outside dark and covered with clouds. I heavy rain fall, and a deep rumbling can be heard rumbling though the air. K'drozen sits at one of the table reading over some scrolls quietly, frowing slightly to himself as he takes a few notes.
It's the dinner hour, and the strange rain will no doubt turn to snow shortly, covering the mud with a white blanket of beauty. Nyalle moves slowly into the caverns, adjusting the long cloak she wears over her gown. It's a light cloak meant for some additional warmth indoors, and is certainly not meant to venture out into the rain and snow, its soft brown velvet speaking more of softness and warmth than anything that could stand against a Fortian - or High Reaches - winter. Moving with a slow, methodical grace, she offers small smiles and returns salutes to people she passes as she makes her way up to sit at the leadership table, signaling for a drudge to bring her a plate and some red wine to go with her dinner. She's the first member of the leadership team present, but she won't be the only one here for long.

K'drozen looks up from his work as he hears Nyalle and givesn Nyalle and smiles and nods, "Evening Ma'am." as he brings his hand up in a salute, "as he beings to roll up his hides." he looks out towards the bowl and frowns slightly, at the weather, "how are you this evening?"

Others begin to trickle in for the dinner hour and those among the recent wave is none other than the Weyrleader himself. Th'ero is dressed in his lighter gear too, having arrived from the inner tunnels rather than the bowls. He must have come from the stone bridge above, a bit tricky in the winter seasons but guaranteeing swifter travel. Slipping off his long coat, he will fold it over his arm as he walks straight for the raised tables where the Leadership sit. "Evening, weyrwoman Nyalle." he greets the young goldrider formally, dipping his head in a respectful nod and followed by a light salute as he hangs his coat up nearby before taking his seat. K'drozen is also given a nod of greeting. "Evening, Wingrider K'drozen." Someone's brushed up on their formality! Once settled, he too signals a drudge over.

Nyalle looks up with a small smile as she's addressed, and her hand lifts to gracefully return both salutes that are offered to her. "Good evening, Wingrider K'drozen. Weyrleader, sir," she says, jade eyes moving from one man's face to the other. She pauses when her drudge arrives with tonight's stew and a small bowl of sliced redfruit, which causes her to smile with suppressed excitement. "I am well, thank you K'drozen. Yourself and your beast? Staying warm in this weather?" She looks again to Th'ero with another small nod, watching him for a moment before she takes a sip of her wine and shifts more closely to the table to begin to eat, slow and polite. Proper.

K'drozen smiles and says softly, "Rhyrith and I rarely get to stay in from the weather ma'am." he smiles, "Things have been queit other then the rain today though." he lowers his head and says, "Good evening Sir." to Th'ero as the weyrleader arrives.

"The rain is rather unseasonal, but I don't doubt that it'll be back to snow soon enough. Let us hope it does not turn to ice at least in the process," Th'ero murmurs and turns his head to smile faint but warmly to Nyalle when she nods to him. The Weyrleader keeps his posture straight, not the only one being 'proper' this evening and his dark eyes scan the room while he waits on his dinner. Which arrives not too shortly afterwards, the same fare as what was served to Nyalle but his drink is not wine but the ale he prefers.

Nyalle looks interested in that. "I was a bit surprised to see it raining when it was this cold. Very strange weather indeed. And no one gone missing today, Wingrider?" she asks with a hopeful smile for K'drozen. "How often do the sweeps go out along the trails? I would think in this weather they would want to go out more often? Or is it less because it is winter and there are fewer travellers on the roads?" She's looking to learn, and perhaps that is telling. Sipping her wine she continues to eat slowly, saving the precious sliced fruit for last.

K'drozen nods and says softly and says, "We rotate sweeps all day, expecially in when the weather is a bit rough like this." he smiles, "But no I haven't heard any reports of any Search and Rescue operations today thankfully." he smiles, and sits back.

Th'ero chuckles dryly and takes a few bites of his food. Swallowing, he takes his turn at conversation. "It's not entirely uncommon for Fort to see rain in the winter months, but not usually this late. Perhaps we'll be having a mild winter this Turn and into the new." he suggests and then nods his head to K'drozen when the Wingrider explains for Nyalle. "We keep the Wings in rotation through all weather, save for the most severe where the risk is just too great. This rain is nothing."

Nyalle nods to the Wingrider. "That is a good thing, indeed, and I'm pleased to hear it." Pausing, she pushes hair back over her shoulder and nods to Th'ero, thoughtful. "Nothing? I suppose it's not too difficult to fly in this weather. How risky does this weyr fly? And we can only hope for a mild winter."

K'drozen nods and says, "Well it isn't to bad out there right now, we fly some in the snow as well, really it is the lightning we have to watch out for though we have had to fly in that as well, when there have been other issure.."

Th'ero shakes his head but his reply is delayed while he quietly eats his dinner. Only after he's washed the last mouthful down with some ale does he speak up and does so in a low drawl. "Rain is good to fly in. K'drozen has a point, it's the lightening that is dangerous and so are the winds. Especially by that mountain range in particular." he explains. "The Wingleaders do not push the Wings too hard but enough that they are not soft either. Only times I can think of a Wing being grounded are during the months that we experience squalls or blizzards, as well as the worst of the thunderstorms in the summer." Tilting his head a bit, he gives Nyalle a curious expression and his smile is almost amused. "A mild winter would be a welcome change from the cold winters of High Reaches, wouldn't it?"

Nyalle leans forward slightly, watching the brownrider from off the slightly raised leadership dais. "What other issues? Oh, the rain isn't too bad, I know. Kayeth and I would have been flying this morning," on their usual trip, "if I hadn't been busy with other things." Looking at the Weyrleader, Nyalle inclines her head swiftly. "Of course, sir, I meant no disrespect. I am simply curious." Then there's a soft laugh and a nod. "It would be most welcome, sir, I will admit to that gladly."

K'drozen says, "Well one time we had a group of kids that where out camping when one of those thunderstorms rolled in. While we don't like flying in that, the kids are more important.. I mean really is is Thunderbird's job to put ourselves in harms way to protect others isn't it?"

"No disrespect was taken, weyrwoman." Th'ero murmurs and finished with his stew, he pushes the bowl aside to be gathered and taken away by the drudges or cavern workers and pulls the bowl of fruit closer. "Were you and Kayeth scheduled to fly to the Holds today?" he asks the young goldrider, only to give her a knowing little smile. "Shame that you were kept from flying." Yet he knows and understands all too well! Glancing to K'drozen, the Weyrleader only shakes his head. "Of course Thunderbird would have to fly in a storm if necessary!" he drawls. "That is the duty of a S&R rider." Nyalle is laughing then and Th'ero chuckles softly. "To a mild winter, then." He may regret saying that!

Nyalle consider's K'drozen's question as if it were a genuine one rather than rhetorical. "I suppose," she agrees with a nod, "though it's not good to risk good dragons and riders either, into situations that are /too/ dangerous. And no, sir, I was not but Kayeth and I have been flying, getting the lay of the land as best we can. It is good to exercise her every day, at least once. We will probably fly this evening. Hopefully the rain turns to snow, that is more tolerable."

K'drozen smiles and nods, "To a mild winter." hs smiles, "Oh we won't do anything that will put us into to much peril but, it if is between us and a child….well." he shrugs, "It is our place to protect those that can't protect themselves."

Th'ero quietly considers Nyalle's response and carefully picks his words before speaking. He even goes as far as to turn a little in his chair to face the young goldrider and his tone remains respectful and a bit aloof, yet strangely gentle. "And that is where the trick lies, weyrwoman. It's all about striking balance and most S&R riders know this. You remember, the ancient dragon riders flew under all conditions to fight Thread. No matter the risks. It was their duty. Thunderbird is much of the same way, as they're sworn to protect those in need. Any of us dragonriders are, if the situation calls for great numbers. As K'drozen put it: we protect those who cannot protect themselves." he explains. "Then I wish you safe flight if you and Kayeth do venture out later this evening."

It's evening, and the caverns are filling with folks arriving for dinner. Up at the leadership table, Nyalle and Th'ero are eating, though no doubt the other members of the team will be arriving shortly, as the leadership has had dinner together every evening in the caverns as a show of solidarity. Outside, the day's chilling rain is finally turning to snow, a gentler evening though an icy one. Nyalle takes a bite of her fruit as she considers. "Balance," she finally decides with a small smile, "is a tricky thing to manage. And thank you, sir, it should be an enjoyable one." Though from the light in her eyes it's pretty clear that any flight with her beloved queen is an enjoyable one.

K'drozen smiles and says, "Just be careful out there weyrwoman, this time of year you never know how the weather is going to change. We would hate to be out there looking for you.."

Abigail is making her way on into the caverns, from the looks of it she is just coming back from a series of sweeps. The wingsecond is still in her flight gear, gloves are placed into her jacket pocket before undoing the jacket itself. She is moving onwards to find something warm to drink, voices are caught here and there and she sends a few waves and nods though at the moment she is really looking forward something warm which would thus make her feel warmer. At least that is what she is hoping for.

Th'ero dips his head a bit and leans back in his chair, popping a few more pieces of sliced fruit into his mouth. "Balance certainly is tricky to manage," he agrees with a small smile and briefly his expression darkens as his mind drifts to troubled thoughts before he can shake himself out of that funk. His eyes scan the caverns again, hopeful, but he does not spy what he seeks and so his gaze lowers to the tabletops again. The bowl of fruit he had been given is still half full, but he will slide it across to Nyalle all the same in silent offering. Does she want it? "I'm sure that Nyalle and Kayeth are more than capable fliers." he drawls to K'drozen with a smirk and a new arrival has him looking up again. "Wingsecond Abigail!" he calls, along with a gesture for her to take a seat nearby. "Come join us? Are you just returning from sweeps?"
Nyalle pauses as she eyes K'drozen for a long moment, a frown furrowing her brows before it smooths and she gives him a polite smile. "I assure you Kayeth and I are very capable," she says, inclining her head to the Weyrleader in thanks for his support. And the fruit, though she darts him a swift, almost uncertain 'are you sure?' look before slowly pulling it closer. "Wingsecond," she says to Abigail with a nod and a small smile.

K'drozen smiles and says, "I don't think that you aren't capable ma'am. I was just pointing out the weather here can be unperdictable and trecherous." she smiles and give Abigail a salute, "Ma'am."

Abigail glances over as she hears the voice, there is a nod seen and she smiles. "Aye I shall." Is heard before she is turning to head on towards where the three happen to be, mug of warm klah in hand. "Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, K'drozen. How are ye all doing?" She settles down upon a chair, mug resting between her hands as she works on warming them up. "I was out on sweeps, freezing out there." She is getting the feeling that she mgith need new flight gear.

Th'ero gestures again with his hand that, indeed, the fruit is for Nyalle to take if she desires to. Isn't he the gentleman? Truthfully, his appetite has wavered and rather than look wasteful, he is sharing it and unaware of how it could be coming across to others (or even to the goldrider). "I'm doing well, Abigail." he replies as she approaches to take a seat. Under the circumstances, the Weyrleader does seem pretty calm and collected. Had any seen him the day of Dtirae's departure would say it's a rather stark contrast! He grimaces, "So we're to expect ice then, over night?" he asks the Wingsecond. Oh joy? "How've you been, lately? Have you been back to the South?"

Nyalle pulls the fruit closer to eat it, more than happy to get a partial second serving. Though after the first bite she pauses, darting a quick look over to Th'ero. Suspicious. Considering. Then she's back to her fruit, and looking at the Wingsecond. "I am doing well, thank you," she says, lifting a hand in a none too subtle reminder that the Wingsecond just approached the leadership table.

K'drozen nods to Abigail as she sits back down and listen as Abigail reports on the conditions, the wingrider deciding it is better if he doesn't speak..

Abigail looks a bit amused as she hears Th'ero. "Aye, plenty of ice and snow all around. Just waiting to blow in." There is a slight pause as she lifts a brow and looks pointedly at Nyalle, oh yes she caught that 'reminder' and merely goes on to sip at her mug with one hand and the other goes to be used for an salute. She isn't to sure why this goldrider is so worried about it, no one else is worrying about such things at this table as long as she has been sitting near or at it. "I'm glad ta hear that ye all have been well."

The fruit isn't poisoned, honest! Th'ero blinks a bit for her suspicious and considering look but he shrugs it off and keeps his small smile in place. At Abigail's report on the weather, the Weyrleader grimaces again and then shakes his head. "Can't be helped. Sorry, weyrwoman. Seems we may have jinxed our chances at a 'mild' winter." he murmurs. "So you've not been among the groups gathering in the south either, Abigail?" he asks her curiously again, a brow quirked.

Nyalle is proper. And a bit annoying. She smiles sweetly at Abigail though and returns the salute, returning to her fruit. , waiting for the report on the southern ventures. Though she smiles with a slight shrug. "Well, I wasn't putting much hope in that wish anyway." She has other wishes she's focusing on. And they have nothing to do with Th'ero's curls or D'ani's dark eyes, or So'l's physique. Nope.

K'drozen leans back in his seat listening quiestly as he looks up to the weyrleaders, he nods when Abigail brings up the cold and plenty of it.

Abigail pauses a moment once she is sure Nyalle is 'dealt' with before she glances back to Th'ero. "I've been back south a few times. Was able to gather a good few large wherries with a few others yesterday so that should have offered up some good food for a few days at least. Was going to try and go out on one tomorrow. Though about asking So'l if he might wanted to come along and get some practice in with a bow actually."

"You weren't?" Th'ero asks of Nyalle but his tone is lightly amused and almost teasing. Which is probably not helping her suspicions. The Weyrleader is doing his best to act "casual" and a little less stuffy and stiff. Of course, his timing as usual is rather poor. "Good! It's a relief to know that the gathering is still proving to be a success. Your help is appreciated, Abigail." he murmurs and then sipping at his ale, his brows lift. "May be best if you try soon. Luraoth would be clutching soon, I think and then So'l is bound to Xanadu with Sharuth until they Hatch."

Nyalle smiles faintly at Th'ero and shakes her head as she finishes her fruit and then her wine. Meal done, the young goldrider pushes to her feet, glancing expectantly at the males as she does so. "If you all will excuse me, I need to go make sure the goods so generously gathered by Wingsecond Abigail and her team are properly inventoried."

K'drozen smirks slighlty but stands as Nyalle does showing he has some manner and says soflty, "Have a nice night ma'am."

Abigail nods, a soft smile seen. "Aye I try my best to help out. This is something I'm good at after all." As for the rest she nods. "I've been visiting So'l and Sharuth when getting a bit of free time actually." There is a glance sent to Nyalle, a slow nod seen. "Have a good evening ma'am." This said with a polite tone.

Th'ero will push back his chair to stand when Nyalle does, showing along with K'drozen that he too has manners. Manners he lays a little thickly when he gives a modest half-bow to the young goldrider. "Have a good evening, weyrwoman." He will only reclaim his ale however and not his seat, draining the last of his drink. "Your help is being noted!" he tells Abigail and then smiles. "Have you? You'll have to send him my greetings then. If you two will excuse me as well? I am needed elsewhere. Enjoy your evenings!" Grabbing his jacket, he will hastily slip it on and give both Wingsecond and Wingrider a dip of his head in farewell before turning to take the stairs up to the hallways over the living caverns.

Nyalle looks pleased when the men stand, and she inclines her head to both as she smooths out her skirts with a small twitch. "Have a pleasant evening," she says to them all, before she is making her way outside to the bowl, off for a late evening flight with her restless queen.