Who Eiram, Jaelynn, Inri, Leuka, Riohra
(egg emits by Inri and Nyalle)
What After Riohra brings Inri lunch, a few candidates meet a few eggs.
When Winter - Turn 2715
Where Hatching Sands, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

The glory of a candidates life, being asked to take lunch on ones day off to the clutch mothers lifemate is probably a big annoyance to some. But for Riohra, the tall hunter-turned candidate it is a great thing, he gets to be warm, and see the eggs AND most importantly do something nice for some one else. He pokes his head out of the entrance way saying "Miss Inri, Ma'am you here?" He is crazy but not stupid he won't put on foot on those sands unless he knows there will be no maiming.

But Kouzevelth is the gentle one. On the other hand, she's also the huge one, at least as far as Fort is concerned — Half Moon's Ilyscaeth and Xanadu's Meirath both being just a bit over her size now — and can be fairly intimidating even to those used to dragons. Most aren't used to long, skinny, super-tailed snake monster dragons. Inri's polite enough to stand up from the hammock she was lying in, and grins. "Sure, come on in! Going to say hi to some of these guys?" Hand gesture: eggs, currently divided into three neat little mounds.

Riohra takes a step out on to the sands and holds up a basket you could probably fit a toddler into saying "Kitchen staff said 'Make sure she eats' So here I am Ma'am, and no offense but they scare me worse than more duties" never mess with people who make your food!!! His guitar is slung over his back as he was probably practicing when he got volun-told to do this, he does sneak some looks at the eggs but also inclines his head to the clutch mother in a form of bow.

"They scare me too," Inri agrees brightly, like this is something to be proud of. She's glasses-less, so quite possibly has been napping or reading a book five inches from her nose or something lazier than trying to work. "Even the men are mother hens who don't take no for an answer. I was told that candidates might be sent over for touchings if Zel were feeling inclined, so if you'd like to stay a bit, make a few dragon-friends, have a bite of the smorgasbord that looks big enough to feed five of me …" She extends that arm wider, welcoming, then glances up at Kouzevelth. The dragon's eyes whirl a little, curiously, and she lets out a soft trill. "Yes. Touch away."

Riohra doesn't need to be told twice as he sets down the basket of kitchen bounty near the hammock Inri was at, and turns to carefully move between the eggs before he stops at Not Yo Momma's Hip Satchel Egg, he will kneel down and gently touch the shell.

Leuka was perched up in the galleries, probably waiting for his hair to dry after getting cleaned up from another day of training. Peeking up from his notebook, he spots Riohra down there and snaps the book closed. In another moment, the Harper is tromping onto the sands as well, nodding to the Weyrwoman and her dragon before he's angling around to give More intense than Ordinary egg and light pat and rest his hand on it

Eiram runs into the cavern, but slows down as he reaches the sands and composes himself. Straightening up his clothes and smoothing back his hair. Got to make a good impression..even if the dragonets can't really see him on the outside! He gives a right proper bow to the queen before heading out onto the sands and looking over which egg he might approach this time.

Leuka blinks at the egg in front of him and grins as he pulls his hand away, only to snatch notebook from his inner pocket and start scribbling down a few notes. After hurriedly scribbling a few lines, he double-checks what he wrote before reaching for the sharp pointy looking egg again. See how he's so NOT getting punched in the face by this egg?

Everyone's making a good impression on the clutchmother, at least. Kouzevelth keeps that soft, pleased thrumming going as long as Teimyrth isn't also present to be annoyed by it. The ground might be shaking a little bit for the candidates, just a TINY little bit, but they'll get used to it, right? Inri seems just as pleased, but it's not the candidates, it's the food. She's eating some kind of chicken on a stick with vegetables thing and swinging in her hammock. The candidates are a great show. Especially Leuka over there with the notebook.

Riohra grins and shakes his head as the connection wains before he looks around and sees the other candidates have joined in as well. Looking back to the egg he is at he will reach out and touch it again to see what else the mind inside is wondering.

Eiram settles a hand on the Manic egg and blinks first at the sounds he hears but doesn't draw his hands away at least. It is not long before he is moving to some music only he can hear and a smile touches on his lips.

Leuka doesn't bother holding in the laugh that slips out of him, hands going back to rantically scribbling lines on the paper. Probably twice as many as before. He'll add a few little side notes before peering tothe egg and reaching for it again.

Riohra blinks and peers at the egg before saying softly "You seem a bit disorganized" But he keeps the connection because while what ever the mind behind the shell is thinking at the tall candidate, it is at least entertaining to him.

Eiram's movement around the egg is quick at first but then settles into a more swaying dance. His hands slide over the egg, palms curving its surface. Whatever sensations he is feeling seem to be positive ones from the look on his face. The look faulters though and he opens his eyes to look at the egg, "Don't go.."

Eiram nearly steps away before he is drawn back to the egg again and closes his eyes. His body stills as he listens and feels the sensations from beneath the egg's surface. Then he starts to move again, the smile growing on his face once more. A laugh erupting from him and he smiles as he steps away touching his cheek thoughtfully.

Leuka head begins dipping repeatedly, as if nodding along with a favorite beat or song. Then there must be nothing but staticky white noise as he peers to the shell with a curious frown. Dragging his hand this way and that across the shell, as if trying to tune it in or readjust a setting, he finally sighs and pulls his and away. Attention going right back to his book and adding a few last notes. His feet begin shuffling forward, not really paying attention since his eyes are glued to the pad. He does stop and peer around though, looking at a Pair of Bodies egg and reaching towards it.

Eiram steps away from the Manic pop egg with a bit of a smile and a dance step to his feet, still grooving to the tune that was left in his mind it seems. There is a moment of just taking things in before he approaches the Wish you were This cool egg. "What do you have to share?" He asks as he settles his hands upon it.

Something about the candidates' reactions has Kouzevelth particularly pleased, and she lowers her head to her paws to lie down and enjoy it better closer to the ground. A paw reaches out to push a couple of the candidate-less eggs over just a little, and then retracts. "Careful," Inri chides, but it's more playful than anything. Accidental candidate gouging is just really gauche.

Leuka stares a moment before jumping, breaking contact with the egg and frowning as he looks himself over. Everything is as it was before, otherwise, talk about embarrassing. He gives a litle frown to the egg, not sure if he wants to erach for it again, but shrugs what the shell, he might as well. So with that, he grits his teeth and rest fingers near the top of it.

Riohra chuckles and will never understand these eggs, he stands and stretches before moving around to the other eggs. He will move between a few of them till he is infront of one that looks like it is spiked. He has to know, so he will reach out and touch the More Intense Than Ordinary Egg.

Leuka spends a few seconds longer with the egg before shaking his head and pulling hand away. Staring at it a moment longer, he doesn't seem to be eager to scribble down any notes about it. Simply shuffling back to stand by More intense than Ordinary egg. He doesn't touch it again, Riohra is already doing that, simply flipping to a fresh page in his notebook and scribbling at a more leisurely pace than before.

Riohra chuckles and glances at the harpers in the room, his own guitar over by the basket of food for the Weyrwoman. "I don't think they heard you in the cheep seats" what ever that means as he touches the spiky looking shell.

Someone waaaaay in the back of the galleries yells, "WHAT ARE THE CANDIDATES SAYING?" as if on cue, despite the fact he cannot possibly have heard Riohra.

Eiram settles his hands on the egg and after a moment there is a curious look on his face and he stands a little taller. Then there is a bark of laughter, "Yeah that was a cool night. I had so much fun." He says in a conversational tone to the egg though his eyes bright and animated, "They made harpering fun again." He then blinks in confusion for a moment and there is a look to the queen then back to the egg again. "I have more to share I promise.."

Leuka taps his pen on the edge of the notepad before giving a little nodding bow to the Queen pair with a sorta salute and hurrying off the sands for some reason.

Riohra shakes his head and chuckles more, he reaches up to feel the back of his head. Nope nothing there, but he just can't stop laughing softly, even if his ears feel like they are ringing.

Jaelynn was able to slip awayfrom some lessons when there was talk of a touching going on. She glances over the sands slightly, clearing her throat a bit before starting to walk out uon the sands, something she is rather use to doing being a Dragonhealer, but this is a totally different reason of course. She'll offer a polite boy to Kouzevelth and her rider because that is so the polite thing to do. A glance is sent after Leukaas he is leaving before she glances to the eggs are seeming a bitunsure which to go towards before scratching her neck and is soon inching on over closer towards where a blue egg can be found because it is blue and that is so the only reason why.

Eiram laughs with relief and smiles , "Yes, I am here." He murmurs as he moves around the egg, hands sliding over the surface. His features settle into a more thoughtful expression as he communes with the egg. A hesitant nod to a question of a memory. "Yeah…I know I complain about her fussing, but I like it. And her too…I will miss her." Then there is a quiet about him and he looks down wiping away something from the corner of his eye. Onion ninjas always striking when you least expect them. It takes a moment before he places hands on the egg again.

Riohra grins and walks over to the egg he likes the best, the one where all the colors are there, layered and set out for the world to see. Settling down on the sands he will reach out and find the section of oranges and blues that is his current mood of the day and lightly touch the 100 Layers of Egg.

Eiram catches his breath as the mind touches his again. What is it sharing, what stories, what feelings? Whatever it is Eiram no longer looks happy. One hand leaves the egg to wipe at his eyes. "I just don't want her to leave…she is my best friend.." Is whispered, "And she is going far away and anything can happen to her." There is a moment that he finally settles before stumbling back and falling on his rump on the sands.

Riohra grins and chuckles at the mind inside the egg "The world is a new place everyday" He is lost in his own conversation mostly with the egg so who knows if he is really on fire or the sands are just burning through his breeches.

This wouldn't happen for most candidates, but Eiram, as far as Kouzevelth is concerned, is Xucieth's blood … so with Inri full-on staring, the gold lifts her head, takes a few steps forward and attempts to nose her clutchsister's rider's son back onto his feet.

Eiram looks up from his shock as the gold is nudging him back to his feet, still a bit stunned by his experience with the egg. He manages a smile and touches the gold snoot. "I'm alright…thank you. It was just rather…abrupt is all." He offers her a smile and another stroke before stepping back to contemplate which egg he will touch next.

Jaelynn blinks at the touch to the egg and looks a bit amused at first as her fingers softly slide across the shell. "What are you up too in there?" Is murmured out softly. There is a slight pause though as things seem to go on and she plls back just slighly frm the egg seemingly unsurefor a moment before allowing her hands to settle lightly upon the surface of that egg once more. Seems if she was being questioned of or on somthing she is attemping to show that she is for as far as she feels suppose to be right where she is. Though she glances over towards Eiram lifting her head slightly loking a bit worried it seems of the boy.

This is where Inri's log ends!

Well, guess who just returned from their ending day at chores? It's the southerner, Kaitlyn, who's existed long enough at Harper Hall to at least *look* like she's tolerating the horrid winter weather. The tall redhead slowly makes her way onto the Sands with another small group of Candidates, the woman not looking scared at all, but more curious, cautious, and expectant. She gives Kouzevelth a proper curtsey after peering at the gold who seems to be booping a few of the previous group of candidates out there - the dancer trying not to giggle beneath her covering hand - Kait then making for the Whimsy Egg if nobody else is at it.

"Excuse me, sorry…" Kaitlyn murmurs to Eiram as she gets close enough to see him touching the Whimsy egg, the redhead smiling quietly and moving on to the More Intense Egg.

Eiram notices the look from Jaelynn and gives a shake of his head and a dismissive gesture of the hand, "I am fine." He reasures her. Sometimes tough being the 'kid of the group', even if he might use it to his advantage sometimes! He does move to the side and recoop before he steps up to the Fantastical Whimsy egg , takes a deep breath and sets his hands tentatively on its surface. Whatever sensations he gets seems to relax him after the experience of the last egg and he closes his eyes to the serenity. Then they are open again, "But I don't want to go back…let me know more?"

Jaelynn lets he gaze turn back to the egg now that is seems Eiram is alright, she'll have to ask him later about what was going on. Thoughright now her mind is a bit fuzzy seeing how she is glancing from egg then upwards just slightly as if following smething and her fingers lightly slide across the egg. This is interesting, was thata sound? She glances to her side lightly biting down upon her lip before she looks back to the egg. "Well noI don't worry, you shouldn't worry either. You've have to wait and see though, everything is… Rather interesting o this sid eof things." She pauses a touch. "A lot colder too." Is murmur out softly to the one within the rather blue egg.

The redhead crouches slowly by the Intense egg, one longfingered, fine hand curving gently along its surface, swiping down almost tenderly. Something touches her mouth, grey eyes that likely nobody here has seen before: a soft smile of wonder and warmth. Eiram and Jaelynn's exchanged words have the Harper looking up to them for a few moments and nodding her silently smiling greetings, her attention then returned to 'her' egg. Er, *Kouzvelth's* egg. Ahem.

"Sweet Faranth's tailfork!" Kaitlyn exclaims aloud as the presence within the egg clashes into her mind, the redhead jerking her whole body back from the Intense Egg as she goes to her knees in the hot Sands. Ouch! Hot indeed! She jerks to a stand, simply staring at that egg for a long moment, then blinking a few times…and starting to smirk. "I wonder if you're going to be one rough and tumble dragonet…" Finally, she moves away from it, and towards another.

"I certainly hope *that* one isn't *my* dragon…" Kait murmurs very, very softly only to herself. Oh sweet Faranth…she'd be DOOMED if her thoughts were trumpeted all around the Weyr at volume 11, as the egg's denizen seems to prefer. Passing Eiram, she nods to him, the takes up a position at the ovoid he just walked away from: Whimsy Egg. "No surprises like your sibling, okay?" Smirk… touch.

Eiram looks up during the quiet and nods to Kaitlyn as she passes."There are a few loud ones in here that is for sure." He says before being caught up by the egg again. His face relaxes once more as if the wrongs of the world have been taken away. With a deep breath he finally steps back from the egg, "Thank you.." He murmurs but sets his hands back on it just one last time in case it has anything else to share.

Jaelynn is quiet and watching the blue eye for a few long moments, about to lean away as she doesn't want to bother the one within any more if they truly are sleeping once more. There is a moment, a long moment as something gets her attention once more and pulls her back in so to speak. It takes a few moments but she soon smiles, and is that a tear rlling down her cheek. Oh it is possible. "Your a good one, stay safe and grow up strong. I'll be curious to meet you someday." This murmured softly as she leans back from the egg and gives her hands a slight brushing off in the process. She hears Kaitlyn and just stares at her a moment, surprized it seems. "Well… They do have a mind of thre own." This said with a teasing tone.

"Apparently so…" Kaitlyn mururs to Jaelynn as they pass on to their new choices in eggs. The tall Harper looks a little surprised, maybe taken aback a bit.

Eiram takes a breath and closes his eyes. There is a myriad of emotions on his face for a moment, that settle into a calm serene look. His lashes glisten with moisture but there is a smile on his lips and he lowers his forehead to the egg. "Thank you.." he murmurs before stepping back from the egg and moving off to the edge of the sands.

Jaelynn chuckles osftly and smiles to Kaitlyn an dods while she brushes some sand off and is soon moving over to where Eiram happens to be. "You alright out three?" Is questioned with a curious softly tone.

As Kaitlyn settles down on her haunches by the egg serene, emotional Eiram has left, she studies the youth first for some moments, then very very carefully touches her fingers to Whimsy's shell. Please don't freak her out. PLEASE.

Eiram looks up at Jaelynn as she checks on him and nods, "Yeah…I think I am more upset about Sephany leaving then I thought. They keep picking up on it…though that last one..Well it was nice in the end. It will be ok…she will be back." He says perhaps the last words to convince himself. "I think I just need a moment before I touch another one."

Kaitlyn didn't even know she closed her eyes. She, too, finds a few small tears touching her eyelashes as she opens them…but they're not sad tears. The regal woman's mouth holds a slightly quivering, tender smile, and she just continues staring at the Whimsy egg, though her ears pick up on Eiram'm news of Sephany departing the candidate class. She recognizes that name from some months ago, she thinks…but this egg…she *must* touch it again. And the redhead does so, much more firmly, though not harshly, even pressing her cheek to it, her ear. Can she hear the dragon moving within? Eyes close once more, and she awaits the world disappearing once again.

Jaelynn offers Eiram a soft smile and shifts to give him a slight hug. "She'll be back I'm sure." This said with a soft tone. "There all special right?" She glances back towards the sands and the eggs there a few moments. "I'll see you later alright?" This questioned while she offers a smile back to Eiram. "Have fun." Is murmured before she turns and is leaving, pausing only to give another polite bow before she makes her wayoff the sands.

Kaitlyn is now actually *hugging* the Whimsy egg, though carefully, her face pressed to it, the dancer's lips moving as she murmurs the softest of her secrets to the life within. She looks so utterly uncaring of anything, so delighted and yet so peaceful… "I hope you are mine, beautiful one…" is finally sighed out, another almost tear nearly shed as Whimsy speaks its words of acceptance and love, magic and joy…and then settles down for a rest. This time, Kait removes herself from the egg with lingering hesitancy, finally standing over it…and just staring at it for some quiet moment. "So beautiful…" is murmured in a little surprise, her smile lingering soft and sweet as she finally makes herself move to another ovoid.

There is a trepidation from the lad to touch the egg after the last few emotional experiences, but Eiram squares up his shoulder and places palms flat on its surface. There is a little start then a laugh at the questions, "You are like my Ma…well after this I am going to the practice room. We are going to give you all a concert tomorrow and I want it to be perfect!" He declares though his words are conversational to the egg.

Kaitlyn finally, grudgingly departs the Whimsy egg, and finds herself wandering over the Double Blue egg, sighing as she squats down, gently presses her palms to it. How could it ever equal Whimsy? One never knows.

this time, Kaitlyn isn't near shedding tears, but she it pressing her forehead to the Blues egg…and smiling gently, though with a hint of impish delight. "Both…" she whispers to the being inside: supposed to *and* want to. "You're lovely, too…blueberry." Is Kait… giggling? Never! Maybe.

"Really I think you will like it..I promise I will play my best." Eiram assures the egg and winces a little. "She did her best…She was busy.." He says in defense of his parenting and nearly steps away from the egg but is caught up in it all the same. Perhaps wanting to show how good a parent she was!

"I'll try…" Kaitlyn murmurs to the blueberry Blue egg's seeming inquiry, the woman not opening her eyes, even when the life within stings for a moment. She can handle that. It's alright. To this quiescent life, she feels okayrevealing some of her secrets when it asks…though not the darker ones. She won't taint this baby dragonet with those. Her own fluting laughter rises up - low and sweet, perhaps strangely - joins with the egg's…and finally,she's nodding, slowly pushing away, standing. "Rest now…" is murmured gently to the ovoid.

Eiram looks about to step away a little flustered but soon he relaxes again. Then there is a head tilt and a moment of pause at a request before he nods. "I can do that.." He says and closes his eyes and starts to hum which is followed up by his young male voice singing a song about parents watching over their child against all in the world. Not warmed up it cracks a few times, but he manages to smooth over them. Sung softly but the resonance in the cavern is enough that it carries. Once he is done he steps away and moves to the edge of the sands again.

Kaitlyn drifts past Eiram once again, the regal redhead looking kinder, more relaxed, happier than she's been in awhile. A little wave and a small smile for him find her moving to another egg, soon squatting and touching it gently. "Hello there…" is murmured softly in her whiskied alto.

"Sunnuva…" Kaitlyn blurts out, her head rocking back, the woman falling the her rear in the hot Sands, glaring at Machine egg accusingly as she rubs her jaw. Oh *yeah*? She's gonna come get *you*, mister/misses punk egg! Right back up the redhead hefts herself, and purposely - if lightly - slaps her hands to the egg's surface. At this moment, whatever the other eggs did to gentle her is forgotten in the urge to retaliate…somehow. Her eyes are locked to the egg, the woman's jaw squared. Put'em up, you dirty, cheating bum!

Eiram's response to Kaitlyn's reaction to the egg is to laugh, "Yeah, Leuka warned me about that one." Hahaha. Perhaps he has avoided it a purpose, though maybe he will step up for the challenge another day. Not this day! There is a look over the eggs and a nod before he heads up to the galleries. He has taken all the emotional bruising he can handle today.

Her *fears*? Oh *shells, No.* Kaitlyn wrestles with the presence in the egg, pulling *those* thoughts and memories away from it with an effort of will that leaves her suddenly sweating more than the Sands can account for. She vaguely hears Eiram's words, and between clenched teeth comes her retort to him, "No *wonder* nobody told me." To the eggs is whispered low, in an almost-growl, "Show me *your* fears…" You little S.O.B.

She's *got* it against a wall! Yes! Kaitlyn's eyes open for a moment, gleaming with hot victory… Wait. It's just an EGG, a not-yet-dragonet, right now. Trapped in there. The nasty little snot in there will regret it if *she* ever touches it's mind again. She'll take it over her knee and paddle its dragonling butt for that sucker mind punch! Still, this is pretty much all inside the Harper's mind as she smiles wickedly, pulls hands away from the shell, stands like royalty, and turns her back on the Machine egg. One slightly disdainful sniff sees the flamehead soon bowing to Kouzevelth, then departing the Sands with her dignity intact. Hopefully.

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