Who Riohra Leuka Jaelynn Eiram Kaitlyn
What A chat among the candidates when a Darkness invades the cavern.
When Winter evening
Where Fort Weyr Living Cavern

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Afternoon meals are a thing of wonder when there is so much snow around. Half the folks are either hiding from the snow or trying to thaw out, Riohra is in the latter category as he was out doing endurance training in the fluffy white manic. He sits near the hearth and is trying to heat up with a warm mug of Klah in his hands.

Leuka is also doing the training thing today. Since he spent most of it out in the frozen wasteland, he used the time to do some canine training as well. Fizgig sits not exactly calmly, but he's sitting, by Leuka. The Harper is plonked on a chair near Riohra and the hearth. Currently he's all wrapped up in the canine. Holding a tasty bite of meatroll for the dog to see and stare at, he grins to the pup while holding a finger in front of his lips "Fizgig, whisper." The canine barks loudly, getting a headshake from Leuka "No, not speak. Fizgig, whisper." The pup's tail wags and he licks his muzzle while the tasty treat waves gently in front of him. "You can do this. Fizgig, Whisper."

And then there's Risali, bundled up against the chill of Fort's unforgiving cold, pushing through doors with snow clinging to lashes and hair - a stark contrast to black curls as she dusts know from her shoulders and tucks gloved hands in under her arms. Booted feet carry her further in, a shiver indicating that the tiny woman most certainly is freezing, and that's probably why she moves toward the fire initially, standing close enough to hold out her hands and feel the heat start that goose bump inspiring thaw of limbs. Grey eyes blink to Riohra then; to Leuka and Fizgig where they linger before Risali wills herself to move enough to pull her scarf down from her mouth and nose. "Rio, Leuka," she says by way of greeting, a smile on her lips that's muted, but there none-the-less.

Riohra looks up and salutes the visiting gold rider, he ain't standing for all the sand in Igen as he is curled up in a blanket around his legs "Ma'am". He looks over at Leuka and chuckles "I have never heard a dog whisper. is there a reason your trying to get him to do that?"

Leuka grins over to Riohra and shrugs "Why not? Better to have him whispering at you rather than barking loud right in your face in the morning." Then there's a short bundled form inching closer to the warmth and he chuckles to his fellow Harper. Ever the rule breaker, he doesn't salute, simply tilting his head her way in greeting "Afternoon weyrwoman." He eyes the woman speculatively before turning his attention back to Fizgig "You seem….very mellow today Risali." Wiggling the tasty bite again, he holds a finger to his lips and speaks to the growing pup "Fizgig, Whisper." The canine actually gives a muted bark then, and immediately is given the treat and a ruffle of ears "That's a good boy. So much smarter than Riohra aren't you Fizzy."

Riohra grins at the harper and his dog "If he was smarter than me he would of found a better friend" Yeah he is sharp of wit to day…not! Sipping his Klah says "last time I let you talk me into running with out a shirt on.."

Leuka smirks and his head wobbles back and forth a it as he mimics Riohra quietly. "Well then it sucks to be Riohra doesn't it Fizgig." He laughs and gives the whisper signal, which the canine responds to with a little quieter whisper than before "See!? Even Fizgig agrees." He laughs to Riohra while slipping the pup another tasty bite of meatroll. He shakes his head at th Hunter"I said it for a laugh, never expected you to actually do it." Leuka certainly kept his clothes on while out there.

It is the afternoon meal and currently sitting wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of klah by the hearth next to Leuka and his big mutt. "Since when have you ever know me to not want to do something for a laugh?" This fairly true, as even the newest people to Rio knows he is probably isn't very hard to convince of things.

Leuka just shakes his head at Riohra and continues to scratch Fizgig's ear. "Even so, you're an idiot for doing it, even if I'm the one who brought it up. Had it been me? I'd have told you to go play out on the thin ice." Leuka just shrugs and takes another bite of the meatroll before giving it to Fizgig just cause. They are both seated by the hearth, Fizgig is there and looking more like a lanky canine than a pup now. The Harper and Hunter both had training today, only Riohra wanted to tempt fate and the Fortian Winter in the process.

Jaelynn was thankfully inside and had Infirmary duty, which seemed safe really it did but when she is use to such things it is with dragons not children. Seems one of the lovely todlers felt the need to try and escape and thus headbutted the dear dragonhealer so she has a nice bruised cheek for her efforts. YES children can do that! They are like slinkies and cats all boneless and the like. Though she was given the rest of the day off and is making her way on over towards a tablet carrying a plate of cookies and a warm mug of tea. "Hey guys…" She is about to sa something else before just eyeing Riohra. "Where is the rest of your clothing? Or you trying to turn into a blue dragon?" She is soon sitting down on a few seat and sips at her mug.

Riohra rolls his eyes at the mini dragon healer, that is right everyone is short! "I am not that cold" yes he is, "Besides It would of been fine had I not tripped into that snow drift." he takes another drink of his mug and looks over at Jaelynn. "What happened to your face?" His eyes narrow as he starts to inspect the bruise, Leuka will know the sight of an over protective older brother type…

Leuka snorts "Liar." when Riohra says he isn't cold. He glances to Jaelynn but is gaze falls on the cookies before it reaches her face "Oh, they look good." Cutting his eyes to Riohra's comment, about Jaelynn's fae, he snorts and leans closer to the shivering Hunter "Remember that chat we had up in the galleries when I asked Kaitlynn if she was putting on weight? I think this sorta qualifies in that too." He offers very helpfully with a grin, but then does look up to Jaelynn and words it a bit differently. "You do look like you went a couple of rounds with someone though."

Jaelynn smirks as she picks up a cookie and then offers the plate to the pair as she chews on a bit of cookie that she has. She hums slightly and glances to them before she ohs and waves a hand. "This is what happens when a toddler doesn't want to have a checkup with a doctor and attempts to make a break for it… But you happen to be in the way." This said with an amused tone. "Just a bit of a bruise." As for Riohra she eyes him lightly. "You on the other hand may not make it through the end of the week."

Riohra grins at Jaelynn and settles back into his chair and blanket "I will be fine, I only went topless this time. Last year I was swimming in the lake." No one has ever said he had self preservation, just that he has people who watch out for him. "Besides, a few minutes out on the sands for another egg touching and even you two will want to be out in the snow" Drinking more of his hot Klah asks "Either of you two know if the healers are talking when the eggs will be ready yet?"

Leuka accepts one of the cookies and chomps into instantly "Mmm. Thanks." He can't stop the laugh that slips at Jaelynn's telling of her tale. Riohra's tale however gets a bit of an eyeroll. "You're still insane." He murmurs to the Hunter, then hakes his head for some reason as he gets to his feet "Not sure if I wanna face those eggs again. Felt like something punched me in the face when I touched one." Which sucked twice as bad when you included the headache that came with it. Taking another bite of the cookie, he glances back towards the table "Where there more of these up there?"

"I'm sure there is still some up there. I sorta got a free pass to invade the kitchen after the kid bruised me." Jaelynn says with an amused tone before she just eyes Riohra and hums. "If you say so." This said with a soft laugh. "I'm not to sure… We've been able to touch them a few times which means they are coming along well. Might not be to much longer honestly. The eggs make the decision when they want to hatch."

Riohra chuckles and nods about being insane "That isn't what the mind healer says! he says I am just a little stressed out sometimes." Well that isn't all he said but hey it is close enough right. As Leuka goes on the hunt for more cookies he says "Bring down the pot of Klah too, I need a refill.

Leuka grins. "Cookies, klah, insane stress. Got it. Jaelynn, will you keep an eye on Fizgig while I'm gone?" He barely waits for an answer, dropping the lead at her feet and peering to the canine "Fizgig, stay." He states clearly before strolling off to the food tables. If Jaelynn gets distracted, no doubt Riohra will keep the pup from getting in trouble. Leuka meanders off through the tables, roaming along the food choices before slinking into the kitchen.

Jaelynn chuckles softly while picking up another cookie from the plate before it is stolen from one of the guys. "What do mind healer's no anyway?" This said with an amused tone. She hums and glances to Fizgig and waggles her fingers at him. "Stay with me fluffy… Want a piece of cookie?" She questions while breaking off a piece and offers it to the lanky pup without a thought.

Riohra shrugs "no idea, but right now it works for me. Wonder if we can talk the headwoman in to letting us do a candidate trip?" He looks down at the fluffy mutt, just to make sure he doesn't go and join Leuka at the food tables.

Fizgig turns to watch Leuka walk off, the little pup shifting his paws as if he's about to jump up. But that treat offered gets his attention real quick. Licking his chops, he's gaze flicks from Jaelynn's hands to her face as he inches forward and takes the offering gently. Leuka is gone another moment before he appears from the kitchen with his hands full of pots and mugs, and a large covered bowl clutched in his arm. He's probably not close enough to have heard Riohra's desire for another candidate trip, else the Harper would be mocking him by now.

"What… You liked spending a night ou tin the snow in the middle of nowhere?" Jaelynn questions with a smirk seen before she is ruffling Fizgig's fur across his head and ears. "See, if you stick around and behave you get cookies." She giggles softly before going back to sipping at her tea. "His a cutie, I never had a canine before. Wasn't allowed pet's. Didn't en had a firelizard until Triven got me a egg."

Riohra chuckles and grins "I was thinking we could go to landing, maybe make it educational so others can learn of the history" Never mind there is fishing and it is summer time down there right now. "But If you would rather go play in the snow more.." He teases the dragon healer as lightly and then raises an eyebrows as the talk of not having pets "No pets at all?"

Leuka gets within range another moment later, trying to set down th etwo mugs without dropping everything else he's got. "Pets? Oh no you don't! You're not tryin to steal Fizgig too are ya?" He eyes the dragonhealer with a narrowed gaze, but he's obviously amused.

Jaelynn ahs a bit and nods while letting her hands rest around her mug, tea still warm in it. "No I'd rahernot play in the snow thank you." She shakes her head a bit. "Naw… My parents were busy being dragonhealering, and teaching and dealing with three kids." A slight shrug is seen before she smirks at Leuka. "No worries, I won't steal him. For no anyway."

Riohra chuckles at Leuka "you are so worried about people stealing him but you leave him with them to be watched and loved on." He is wrapped up in a blanket still though the shivering has stopped as it is the afternoon meal and he is in front of the hearth with Jaelynn and Leuka hot mug of fresh Klah in his hands as he chats with his fellow candidates.

Eiram had the task of working in the kitchens today and once the cleanup from the lunch cooking was done he was released to have his own. With plate in hand and clothes half soaked down the front, Eiram makes his way over to the table and settles in with the familiar folks and fellow candidates. "So what chores you all have today?" He asks chipper as ever as he looks between the group.

Leuka just grumbles something about crazy canine stealing females as he fills a mug then passes the pot around for others to top their mugs off. "Well I have to assume I can trust /some/ people not to steal him when I turn my back." He replies to Riohra while giving Jaelynn a mock glare, bowl sliding her way and he tugs the covering back to reveal a little mountain of more cookies. "Since we were eating all yours I figured grab some while they were still warm." He glances up to grasshopper "We had raining today. Even Fizgig joined in." Which was great for Leuka, he got to spend the whole day with his canine for a change.

Kaitlyn enters the living cavern with one of Fort's many greenriders, the other woman she's talking with laughing and giving Kait a fond squeeze about her waist. They stops for a few moments and continue chatting, until the blonde woman gets that far-away look in her eyes. Yep, being summoned to do something, and soon the flamehead is giving her buddy a firm snug of a hug before the blonde heads back outside on her own. Since Kait is a tad peckish, she moves deeper inside the cavern, towards the night hearth, where she can likely find some stew or something else keeping warm for just such purposes as her hungry ones. On her way there, she can't help but catch sight of Riohra and Leuka. If he even notices, Rio is given a polite bob of head in recognition, while Leuka gets only a flat look of eyes as Kait's gaze moves on. She passes by Eiram, sees what he has, and queries the candidate, "Can I still get something to eat from the Kitchens, please?" Smile.

Jaelynn chuckles and grins back to Leuka. "Please, I can't have a canine so don't worry about it how's that?" She glances to the fuzzy pup. "Still, he is rather cute." She hums softly while sipping at her drink and offers a wave over to Eiram. The dragonhealer is sporting a bruise across her left cheek. "I was in the infirmary. Didn't figure kids could be as crazy as some young dragon." A glance is sent over towards Kaitlyn and a smile along with a wave is sent to her as well.

Riohra nods to the flame headed woman, and visibly checks to make sure he is not between her and Leuka should she start throwing things. Sorry harper boy no human shield today, "Yeah running in the snow.." he grins over at Eiram and says "Surprised they let you in there after the last time you got those pies." With a glance at Jaelynn he will ask "Why can't you have one? I am sure you could get that artist of yours to watch it for you."

"I spent the morning in the kitchens…you know making pastries is harder than it looks? They finally just had me cleaning the dishes. I think they found the dirtiest pots for me to clean. My former escapades have been paid out it seems." Eiram responds with a shake of his head. Noting the bruise on Jaelynn's cheek he leans forward, "You ok? They patch you up proper?" He says with concern in his voice though looks up as The Kaitlyn requests some food, "Sure Ma'am, I will be right on it, just have a seat!" He hops up and heads back into the kitchens and when he returns he has a full plate in one hand and a large bone in the other. He starts to give the bone to Kaitlyn and the plate to Fizzy before grinning and switching it around. "There ya go!

Kaitlyn sees that wave from Jaelynn, and the tall redhead gives her a smile and a lift of hand in greeting back. She's fine with the nod Riohra gives her back, though the journeyman seems to ignore Leuka, at least for now. Eiram's response wins him a smile, and when he returns with Kaits's…bone? He gets a lift of one brow, then a liquid laugh that often seems to tickle the spine of enough males. "Ahh…much better," is offered to the candidate now offering her the proper food, Kait's grey eyes glinting with humor. "Thank you, candidate. Good luck on the Sands to you." Smoothly, the red head accepts her plate, and balances it on one hand while plucking a roll off of it, now looking around for a likely place to seat herself. Hmm.

Leuka is crunching away on his cookies when a shiver goes down his back, like some dark force is creeping ever closer. Casting a glance around, he frowns and spots the evil time bomb dropping down a few spots away at the table. Bow lifts whens he orders the poor candidate to go fetch her a plate. The poor grasshopper has been slaving away all day for everyone else, yet sit down with his own plate, and wouldn't ya know it. Rather than say anything, he keeps his cookies to himself, and Riohra, and Jaelynn, and yea okay Eiram later. But NO cookies for mean ole Kaitlyn. Fizgig was soo about to be all over that heaping plate of food, he whines when it's practically snatched from between his jaws. But then he's gnawing on a big meaty bone and all is right on Pern.

Jaelynn smiles as she hears Riohra. "I wouldn't want to do that to him. Wouldn't be fair now would it?" She questions softly athe idea before shrugging. "I can just steal one of his tunnelcats if I get too lonely I suppose. Not that I'm too worries over it." She hums and glances to Eiram. "Oh, yeah I'm fine. Did you know toddlers can head-butt people? Almost as good as a young dragon I have to say. At least with a hatchling I can expect it more." As for Kairlyn she points to a few chair at the table the three are at. "Would you like a cookie?" She will share them even if Leuka won't, maybe she does it in spite of Leuka actually. Speaking of which she picks up another cookie and is chewing upon it.

Kaitlyn is aware of what is transpiring 'over there' in the candidate group, and when Leuka gets all twitchy, the tall redhead finds a slow, evil little bit of a grin sliding over her lips like an oily spill. Your days are numbered, Leuka… or something like that. The dogs of not-war over with aforementioned Candidates get another look, and - oh my Faranth! - a kinder smile as they cavort, eat…the Harper journeyman then looking again at Jaelynn, and suddenly nodding to her, smiling broadly. Uh-oh. Over to the little group she stalks/paces, settling down in the open seat, then murmuring her throaty alto, "Thank you for the kindness…" to Jaelynn. "I'd adore a cookie. Fast metabolism, and all." Probably goes with her dancer's build, height, deep red hair.

Riohra blinks over at Jaelynn saying "His what?" He probably didn't hear that right, but he looks over nods again to the visiting dancer saying "If you have a mind to, you could join us." You need to make new friends Leuka, so look new person to be friends with!

Well at least Eiram seems in good spirits all the same. He settles down to eat up his meal finally. "Its cursed torture to be in a kitchen with the smell of food and have to wait to eat!" He says once he has taken a few mouthfuls. At Jae's reply he laughs and nods, "Yes they are a rowdy bunch. I had them during the snow storm, but mostly wore them out playing music for them." The talk of pets gets a curious look from Eiram, reaching down to give Fizgig's head a scratch. "But Fizzy always enjoys the attention at least. The more the merrier."

"Hello, candidate…." Kaitlyn murmurs easily to Riohra, giving him a quiet tip of a half smile. "Thank you for your politeness." Did she just very lightly accent 'your?'

Leuka turns a mock glare to Jaelynn. "Why you wasting cookies?" He mutters to the dragonhealer. He ignores whatever looks the complaining dancer may send his way. Once he felt her evil presence enter, he managed to shield himself from it's harmful effects. He looks at Riohra like the man has lost his marbles. "Hello?! Kaitlyn, mug, head." Enough said as haf as Leuka is concerned. He does glance to Eiram though, grinning around another cookie "Ya missed it, had him whispering on command earlier."

Jaelynn shrugs slightly. "I don't think I'm wasting a cookie. Unlike you I know how to be nice." She offers with a teasing tone to Leuka. As for Riohra she ponders. "Never seen a tunnelcat before? Little fuzzy things, rather cute, like to steal things and hide them and the like. Triven has a pair, they are rather cute."

Riohra nods and looks pointedly at Leuka "and you are now a representative of the Weyr, not protected as a journeyman so you don't get to be rude anymore" That is right the crazy one is the voice of reason, there goes the neighborhood. "I bet that didn't stop you did it Eiram, how much food did you get when they weren't looking?" He asks the youngest of the candidates be fore he has to look back to Jaelynn saying "I have, but never as a pet.."

"Are you always such a sour apple?" Kaitlyn murmurs with a soft smile to Leuka, the journeyman making a soft 'tsk'ing sound before she sips her klah, eats a bit from her plate. As for the 'her-mug-head' comment, well… "Did you just suggest you wanted to stave my head in with your mug, candidate?" Blink. The redhead looks, sounds a bit taken a-back, her grey eyes glittering a touch. Jaelynn's response to Leuka gets a firm nod and an honest little smile, the journeyman lifting her cookie to the other female in a little toast, then taking a languid nip of it, chewing. "Mmm, that's good…" is purred. "Did you help make the cookies..?" Her pause might beg Jaelynn's name. Riohra's words of their status meet with a sage nod of agreement, and a look over at Leuka. Aside to Rio is noted, "Canines are wonderful pets, as are firelizards, I've observed." Beat. "*If* they're brought up correctly." Her gaze flicks to Leuka again, as if to silently inquire of him, 'Were *you* brought up correctly?'

"Really? He is such a smart dog!" Eiram says and gives Fizzy another ear scratch before returning to his own meal. "Well I might have gotten a little dough, or some leftovers off plates before I cleaned them…but I am a growing boy…I need more than just pittance of foods." Yeah, might even be five foot two and a HALF now! There is a dramatic tone to his voice of course as he speaks of the woes of being half starved. As he finally notes the tension between Leuka and Kat he hmms and gives Leuka a little nudge and leans to him, "So what she do to you?" He asks with a twinkle of teasing in his eyes before looking back to Jaelynn, "One of the aunties had a pair at the hold, so much mischief they got into!"

"I'm thinking he is around you for one reason or another." Jaelynn offers with an amused tone to Kaitlyn as she finishes her tea and brushes her hands off. "Oh his alright Riohra." A slight wave of her hand is seen. "Anyway, they seem to both enjoy it by the actions if we want to get right down to it." She looks to Kaitlyn and smiles with a fain shake of her head. "Jaelynn." Is offered to her pause there. "An I did not, but seems Eiram had some hand in it to some degree." As for Eiram's words she peeks over at him. "You ate raw dough?" She'll make a slight face at that. "Triven's seems to steal bits and bobs here and there." Meaning the tunnelcats.

Leuka decides he's done sharing the big bowl of cookies. Everyone's damned lucky he's not snatching half eaten ones back at this point. "I tried being nice thank you very much! Just got me kicked to the ice." He very 'gratefully' acknowledges Riohra's sage advice with a little salute, oh yea, it's /completely/ rude alright. Kaitlyn's screechy voice grates on his ears and he drags his attention her way, eyes slightly closed as if picturing her words in action "Well I hadn't, but now that ya mention it…" He snorts and moves to sit next to Eiram, glaring at everyone else for about a half second. The Apprentice's question as his huffing, voice raised in case Riohra forgot since he was there too. "She threw a heavy mug at my head. And damaged the wall. And left a huge mess in the Harper practice room then stormed off like a weyrbrat throwing a tantrum." He cuts his eyes to the Harper Dancer. "As usual."

"Is he yours?" Kaitlyn inquires of Eiram about Fizzy, the redhead smiling softly at the dog. His comments about being a growing boy earn him a chortle and a nod of agreement. "The Weyr feeds its residents well." When the youth inquires of Leuka about her, well, Kait simply shrugs once and sighs, sips her klah. Jaelynn offering Kait her name receives a bob of head, and a gently melodic, "I'm Kaitlyn. Well met, Jaelynn." No need for formal titles right now. Not *yet*, anyway. "Ahh, then I'll thank Eiram for the cookie." A grin for the youth who nabbed her food for her has her toasting him with her partially eaten cookie, the dancer finally slipping her flat gaze over to Leuka once again. Observing him rather like a scientist would a new species of cockroach. To him is noted in a tone reminiscent of an aunt speaking to her naughty-naughty nephew, "I think the Weyr would be displeased with one of its candidates behaving so sullenly…so much like a five Turned child." Head shake, sigh.

"You should try it, its not that bad at all. Just the same but softer and sweeter!" Eiram claims of his dough eating experience, "You can really taste the butter and spices better when its still dough." As Leuka gives explanation of his distaste for the Kaitlyn its everything he can do to keep a straight face, "So that is where that mark came from?" He asks all wide eyed and looks back to Kaitlyn, "You have a strong arm, but I think your aim was off." He says with a half smile, "And please only throw empty mugs in the practice room…I like my instrument dry." He teases before leaning back to pet Fizzy again, "Mostly Leuka's but all of us harpers try to help at least."

Jaelynn rolls her eyes slightly as Leuka goes into 'pout' mode it seems. "It was just a mug. Sounds like if she wanted to do some damage she could have tossed something better, heavier and the like." This is said with a teasing tone while she grins over at Leuka before looking to Kaitlyn. "Nice to meet you.. Though I have to admit I sorta like Leuka's face how it is, so maybe not throw one at his face?" SHE totes has your back, or well face here Leuka. See? The dragonhealer is picking up her mug and now very empty plate, she knows how to share see Leuka? "I should go finish a few things. Was nice speaking with all you though." She wiggles a wave and even offers a certain fuzzy puppy the rest of a cookie that she did not finish it seems. "Hope you all behave a wee bit." This said as she turns to leave.

Kaitlyn listens to Eiram, her lips slowly finding a bit of a chagrined appearing little smile when he notes various things to her. "My apologies to you for potentially putting your instruments in harm's way." It won't happen again, or so Kait's solemn head-bob would silently say. The full mug part, anyway. Jaelynn's musings of Leuka's face earn her a bit of a rich, lilting laugh, a small nod. "Have a good day, Jaelynn."

Leuka just shakes his head at Kaitlyn's condescension, teeth clenching a moment before be lets out a deep calming breath, "And I'm sure the Hall would be appalled to learn that one of their Journeywomen complain endlessly cause she has to practice wiggly and jiggly around. Then people have the nerve to want to hire her to show up to a party." But /Leuka's/ the embarrassment. Pfft. Jaelynn's words earn a snort and a vague hand wave "Yeayea." He calls Fizgig over and gives the growing canine noggin scratches while Eiram is overly chipper with she who destroys the practice room for a tantrum.

"There are always snowballs. Snowballs at ten paces at dawn. Settle this the good old fashion way and no one and more importantly no instruments to be really harmed?" Eiram suggests as he looks between Kait and Leuka. As Jaelynn leaves he lifts a hand to wave to her, "I will bring by some dough later, I promise you will love it!" He calls out then looks back to Leuka, "So you know when we are going to perform out on the sands. I have been doing some extra practice between chores to make sure things go perfect."

Yes, *that's* what Kaitlyn wanted: Leuka's teeth clenching. She's apparently satisfied with his rise to her couched jibe, but his continuing spewage of vitriol finally and actually makes her stand up for her professional ettiquette. The red-head's features go smooth and flat, her grey eyes chilly and disapproving. "Young man, it is *you* who are the embarrassment to both Hall and Weyr. If the Weyrleaders, the Masters could see you, hear you right now…" He might get a stern talking to from an understanding person, or he might get reprimanded… or possibly kicked out on a very bad day. Couched in her words is the clear warning: stop now, or things will get *real* very quickly. Eiram's words of performing on the Sands causes Kait's head to pivot to him, an inquiry clear in her eyes.

Riohra has been drifting off to dream land for a while now as he finally got the chill out of his bones, it is only when the fluffy mutt walks over and licks his face does he startle enough to almost drop his mug. He blinks around owlishly and then looks to make sure people havn't stabbed each other while he was asleep, no body likes missing the good parts.

Leuka glances to Kaitlyn for about three seconds. Just along enough for her to start into some sorta speech before he turns back to Eiram and discusses something worthwhile. Seems his last barbed jabbed as perfectly aimed to annoy the diva Harper. Grinning to the always cheery Apprentice "It could be tomorrow, but my marks would be on the day after. If I were the type to bet marks that is." He not so shrug that part off as he reaches down to give Fizgig a back scratch and ruffle. "I explained my theory to the weyrwoman, that it seemed needlessly tiring for the young dragon in the shells, to constantly be introducing themselves to us. So why not let us introduce ourselves to them instead." He lowers his head and gives the boy an amused wink. "And if it gets you out of being punched in the face, all the better right?" Pausing he hears a droning noise and glances around, focusing on Kaitlyn. "Sorry, what was that? Lost interest after.." and here he works to mimic the dancing Harper's voice a bit "Young man, it is *you* who are…" Leuka flashes a little grin.

Eiram looks between Kait and Leuka after the comments and wrinkles his nose a bit, "Can you be nice to him today, he has a rough sevenday. We all have because one of our friends is leaving. He wouldn't normally be a complete jerk." Well maybe only a partial one. Eiram smiles sweetly up to the woman to perhaps charm her into not telling on his mentor! But then there is talk of playing with the eggs and he is easily distracted. "I would love it…and a few of the ones I have touched already seem to have a musical bend to them. I think the playing is working so far. Maybe it will settle the puncher too!"

I… SEE. That's the expression Kaitlyn wears for Leuka's continued snark, the redhead all business, now, her face dead flat, eyes likewise. To Eiram and his words is murmured, "Playing to the eggs sounds like a novel idea. I'd like to be present for that. When is it happening?" Slowly rising from the table like a phoenix, the tall dancer lifts her tray with both hands, gives a stiff nod to the table, and a whiskied alto, "Good luck on the Sands, Candidates. Thank you for your warm welcome, Eiram." Beat. "Candidate…" is for Riohra, who's name she still doesn't know. Leuka is simply bypassed in the most cold of polite ways possible: the woman's eyes only grazing him like razors barely skidding over skin as she departs - tray of food in hand - towards the outside Bowl. She's not rushed in the slightest.

Riohra shakes his head at the attempts of young Eiram but grins with pride in his little friend who tries to find peace where there is none to be seen. "Have a good afternoon Ma'am" is what he says to the departing Harper. Looking back to the two other candidates says "How did you talk them into playing for the eggs?"

Leuka cuts a little annoyed look to Eiram when the boy tries to start making excuses for him "Eiram, don't cave in her to her childish demands!" He exhales loudly when the boy continues on. He peers over to Riohra briefly to gauge the Hunter's take on the matter. Soon enough the whiny complainer is gone and it's like the sun is casting soothing healing rays of light all through the cavern now. After a moment, he thinks about Eiram's idea and nods "I didn't think of that. Maybe it will even apologize for punching me in the face." He's referring to a specific egg there.

"In the next two days..I am sure word will get around quick enough once we start. We just got to find a time we are free and the queen is in the mood for it." Eiram responds to the woman who is departing. "I play most nights from the stands, but this will be the first time we play on the sands itself." He looks over to Rio, "Well back before they dropped her rider happened upon me on the heights and it came up in convo and she gave me permission to play and well Leuka has taken it a step further." There is a look to Leuka, "Well you are being…grumpier than usual but I understand. I will miss her too." The comment about the egg is met with a half smile, "One can only hope."

As she departs, Kaitlyn notes rather kindly to Eiram, "I shall try to be there."

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