Fort Weyr - Bathing Caverns
A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Freezing temperatures have warmed just enough to send torrents of rain cascading down over the weyr, melting the snow and turning the world into nothing but mud. Plumbing issues in the administration complex haven't helped ease moods either, already strained with the supply shortages. Alas, hot water and sweetsand are readily available this afternoon when a young goldrider creeps, mouse like, into the bathing cavern. Ducking behind a partition, she quickly strips down to a one piece bathing suit and slides into one of the pools with a pleased exhale, gesturing for a drudge to take her dirty clothes away. Her clean ones are folded neatly in a satchel she has resting by her head as she begins to wash herself, starting by unbinding her long, dark hair and letting it fall down past her shoulders, to the middle of her back.

From the entrance to the bathing caverns K'drozen walks slowly in, the brown rider covered in mud and simplely driping wet. He doesn't look about or seem to care if anyone else is in the cavern as he steps to one side and starts to peel off his wet muddy gear and sighs before turning to slip into the waters near by.

No private baths make for several grumpy riders who have come to enjoy such luxuries. It's been a long while since Th'ero graced the public bathing caverns, given that his weyr off the admin complex has all the trimmings. Why bother, right? Now he has no choice and into the cavern he strides with only a moment of hesitation to discern how busy the pools are. Seeing that they are sparsely populated, the Weyrleader continues on, trying not to drip too much rainwater and bits of mud in his wake. Stripping down, he too will have his clothes taken away with fresh ones waiting. Wrapping a towel around himself, he will quickly stride to the nearest pool and deftly slip into the waters without flashing too much skin. Settling into the hot waters with a sigh, he senses movement and starts a bit. Of all the pools… "Weyrwoman Nyalle." he greets a touch stiffly and keeping his eyes slightly adverted. Enough to spy K'drozen there too. "Wingrider K'drozen."

Nyalle glances up when another arrives, and then swiftly averts her eyes, pointedly looking down and also hidden partly behind the curtain of hair that falls around her face to pool in the water around her chest. "K'drozen," she greets quietly, darting a glance at him when he's in the water. "I hope you and yours are well?" Then the /Weyrleader/ is there, and Nyalle is swiftly looking away, a blush flaring on her cheeks despite her best intentions. She is very, very glad she wore a swimsuit, now. "Weyrleader," she says softly and politely. "How are you and yours?" And she doesn't ask for salutes, nor offer them. The baths, it seems, are a salute free zone. At least in this goldrider's mind. Slouching lower into the water she begins to scrub with a sponge along her arms.

The brown rider blinks a couples of times and gives a crooked smile as the spots Nyalle then Th'ero and nods. The heat of the pool quickly revising his mood, "Afternoon Ma'am." he turns to Th'ero "Sir." before looking back to Nyalle and says, "Things are going farely well, we found that little girl that wandered off this morning…was a muddy mess down in the forest though." he smiles, "Alls well that ends well though right?"
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Th'ero has no such swimsuit, though he's likely wishing he had thought of it. He does not mind the lack of salute and welcomes the task of bathing as a suitable reason to not make eye contact. Very little eye contact in fact! Reaching for some soapsand, he will begin to idly scrub at his skin. "Velokraeth and I are doing well, thank you for asking. How are you and Kayeth? Have you gone on any further gathering trips to the South? Today may have been a good day for that… Our winters are notorious for being a mixture of snow or rain at this point of the Turn." he murmurs - or more like rambles. But it's a valid conversation point, right? "A little girl wandered off?" Th'ero peers up at K'drozen, his gaze lingering on the brownrider with frowned concern and curiosity, only to relax when the news is good. "I'm pleased to hear she was found."

Nyalle lifts her arms out of the bath to continue scrubbing, sitting up enough to work on her neck and her chest, though with the suit it's hard to say just how clean she's going to get. "Oh, I'm so glad," she breathes. "I'd heard she was returned but not by whom. Well done, K'drozen. I sat with her mother for a little while while they were searching. The Healers said her leg should heal up nicely so it does seem like a happy ending for that family." Glancing to Th'ero, Nyalle nods. "Yes, sir, I sent a report to your office with a drudge…" The 'you didn't get it?' is implied. "A mother fell and broke her leg, and the daughter got lost when she tried to go for help. And we are well, sir, thank you. She is on the Star Stones right now, loving the rain." It shows off the bright hue of her hide, fire quenched as it is. "Just the one so far I'm afraid, as I've been here keeping up with inventories."

K'drozen nods and says, "She was only missing a couple of candlemarks…" as he beigns to scub at his arms and says, "Just allitle cold and wet at this point and happilly returned to her mother." he nods, "I was just one of the searchers. I'd credit the training regiment Abigail put into place for most of our sucess." he smiles before dunking himself under the water.

Th'ero's blank look for Nyalle's implied tone is met with dawning comprehension and now it's the Weyrleader's turn to duck his head down, sheepish and clearing his throat. "Forgive me. I did in fact receive the report and read it, but I was preoccupied with some other pressing duties. I did not mean for it to slip my mind, as I had had intentions on speaking to the rider's involved." he murmurs, glancing sidelong to the young goldrider and then over to K'drozen with a slight nod before the brownrider slips under the water. Well, at least he's got one rider down? "I'm thankful then that the mother and daughter are reunited and the mother will mend in time." he murmurs, only to chuckle dryly. "She's not shy of the rain? Then she won't mind this season at all. " Oh, no doubt the Weyrleader knows how Kayeth looks in the rain, thanks to Velokraeth and the pale bronze's ledge being of the correct angle for him to ever-so slightly peek his head out of his wallow in order to sneak a glimpse of the young gold. "Hmm, that is a pity." Th'ero murmurs when she confirms only the one chance of escape to the South. "Why not leave the inventory to some of the more reliable assistants? Or perhaps rotate among the other juniors?"

Nyalle smiles slightly before she dunks her head beneath the water, coming up and wiping the dampness from her eyes before she sets to the rather methodical and lengthy task of washing that long hair. "Then I am grateful for Abigail and your wing's training." She blinks at Th'ero with a slight fown, but it's swiftly controlled and a smile of polite understanding is in its place. "Of course, you have much on your mind," she murmurs behind her curtain of soapy hair. "No," she says, her tone brightening at the mention of her lifemate. "She is not shy of any weather, and mud only means she gets a bath, so. She loves all the seasons." And Kayeth no doubt knows very well that some of the dragons of the weyr are watching her as she lifts her head and spreads her wings, eyes first-lidded against the rain. Wings spread, the water streams off of them and she flaps, giving herself a slow shake before settling once more with a contented rumble, surveying the weyr below her. In the baths, Nyalle pauses her scrubbing to dart a swift look at Th'ero, brows furrowed. "Because I do not yet know who is reliable and who is not, other than myself. And it is not something left to chance or uncertainty."

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth senses the bronze watching, and her mind drifts towards his, a gentle warm breeze along an ocean shore. Her distant island is bathed in a golden glow from the bright sun, but no one can go there. « Velokraeth. Do you not enjoy this weather? » she asks, her voice a rumble-purr of contentment.

K'drozen runs his fingers though is hair and says softly, "Well i know she is in the transport wing now but I might suggest you speak to Anique about that." he looks over to Th'ero for a moment, "She did alot to help with the stores and like, was well as inventory before she was searched. I would says she is probably the most reliable person about…." before looking back to Nyalle.

Th'ero will try not to look over too frequently to Nyalle while the young gold rider works on cleaning all that long hair of hers, though it's a bit difficult to do when one is trying to have a conversation with the other. Still, the Weyrleader is modest and polite, aloof but not so much rude about it as acknowledging that they're in the baths of all places for this little chat. The frown is met with one in return from him until she smiles and he relaxes again. "I have, but that is still not entirely an excuse." he states firmly, only to smile faintly for Nyalle's brightened expression as the discussion drifts to that of Kayeth. "She is a rare one then!" Th'ero muses and falls silent for a moment, distracted and no doubt conversing with his own dragon then. One that is among those observing Kayeth's little show. "Of course not," he agrees. "But you need only ask? Elara was Senior here in Fort for many, many Turns. She could help you, at least with names and let you determine your own opinion from there. Or…" Th'ero nods to K'drozen. "Anique was an assistant Headwoman as well and has proven herself well with all tasks given to her."

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth's mind drifts back to Kayeth's with the brush of smoke and spice, of the comforting warmth of hearth and home and of course the ever present rippling of liquid and crystal clear golden-white, that intoxicating crisp sweetness that follows his mellow and honeyed words. « Of course I do, m'lady. Rain can be quite soothing and pleasant on the hide! It certainly suits yours. » he remarks with a low mental chuckle. « Alas, it is the cold that I am not overly fond of. Or I should say, it disagrees with me. »

Nyalle inclines her head slightly. "Wingrider Anique did help me with the inventory with the first batch of things that were brought in," she agrees, before she frowns and turns her head to meet K'drozen's gaze. "Are you implying I am not reliable?" she asks, voice whisper soft. Then, quickly, her eyes dart back to Th'ero before just as quickly they're darting away. "She is rare and glorious," she murmurs. "I will speak with Retired Weyrwoman Elara…" Though she doesn't sound excited about it. "I find it difficult to hand over such important work so that I may flit away to the southern continent," she says with a small frown. "It is not proper to leave the weyr when there is so much to be done."

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth drinks in that heady aroma, curling her mind around his warm hearth contentedly, tail flicking and belly to the fire. « How so? » she inquires, stretching luxuriously in her thoughts and in reality, wings fanning the air again before they settle along her spine.

K'drozen shakes his head as he rinses off, "Not at all ma'am, I was speaking of people that you can rely on to help you with that. I don't know you well enough to say if that is an area where your skills lay" he smiles, "Take myself for example, I would be so lost at what to do down there that I would be worse then no help at all. Anique on the other hand would be a great help to you.." As he finishes speaking he turns to grab a towel and begins to exit the water.

Th'ero pauses in his bathing when Nyalle speaks so whisper soft to K'drozen, his eyes darting between both riders but says nothing and simply resuming rising his skin clean. "She is a splendid gold and we are honored to have her, and you as well of course, join us here in Fort." Not by her choice, but he's trying to compliment her by making it seem that way. Chuckling again, he shakes his head before giving the young goldrider a look, followed by a smirk. Just a quick glance and then he's reaching for the edge of the pool to pull himself up and out of it, making good use of the towel he left there to keep anyone from getting too much of a show. "Nyalle, it's not as though you are going to the South for pleasure and relaxation. The trips there are work too. A different sort, but still work all the same. Someone needs to tally what is harvest there and from where, so that we do not strip an area bare or loop back on ourselves." he points out before he pushes to his feet, towel wrapped securely around his waist. He's not about to linger here, as the awkwardness is already enough. "Enjoy the rest of your day and clear skies to you and Kayeth." he murmurs in a swift farewell, dipping his head and then turning on his heel to fetch his clean clothes, dress and slip back out into the tunnels.

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth keeps with the warmth, letting it saturate his thoughts at a comfortable level and accenting the wines he chooses to flow with his words. He continues to admire her from afar, amused and yet contemplative. « The cold does not agree with my ah… unique physical build. No matter, I have learned to adjust and accept such nagging things. » he drawls, brushing it off as though it were nothing that his twisted limbs ache him now and again. Oh, to be so magnificently unflawed! It was not fated to be for him.

Nyalle frowns as K'drozen leaves, glancing briefly at Th'ero. "I still get the sense that I was insulted," she admits, though it's hesitant, as if asking the Weyrleader's thoughts on it. Should she be insulted? She's grinning swiftly though, and nodding. "Thank you, sir." Kayeth is a giant gold hued blind spot in Nyalle's vision. She glances away quickly when the Weyrleader pushes himself out of the pool. His words give her pause and she is silent while considering them before she realizes he's leaving. "Thank you, sir, to you and Velokraeth as well."

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth considers that for a moment, pausing on the stones to lean forward and turn, peering down towards the Weyrleader's weyr and what she can see of the Weyrleader's bronze. « What caused your build? Were you injured? »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth is not one to hide, but all Kayeth will see of him is just half of his (equally malformed) head. His handsomer side, as he'd put it, but the angle does not allow for much to be seen beyond it. His mind ripples with laughter, « Oh, if only it were such! What a tale it would be and perhaps keep some from recoiling from the sight of me or sympathizing for my fate. » he drawls with just a //hint of sarcasm in his voice. « No, my fiery lady. Sad to say, I was born like this from the shell. Can't say it's all bad. My wings remain unflawed and so is my mind. »//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth can't see much from where she is, so what does the bold queen do? She launches herself off the Stones with a powerful shove of her hind legs, wings adjusting to the shifting drafts and the heavy, rain-laden air. She glides down towards the Weyrleader's ledge, boldly landing on it and holding herself there for a moment, hind talons gripping the stone while she keeps her wings spread and front legs barely caressing the ground. Then she tips forward, weight shifting to all fours as she gives herself a shake and folds her wings. « May I? » she asks boldly. Then there's an amused tickle. « Of course your wings are unflawed. You have won yours Weyrleader for many turns. And anyone can see your mind is as sharp as honed steel. »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth can only watch in awe as Kayeth so boldly lands on his ledge and… asks to join him? The pale bronze all but hums with delight, his mind rippling and bubbling with his joy of having her wish - on her own accord - to join him. Shifting in his wallow, he will turn his body so that she may enter inside. She'll be able to see his limbs then, stunted and twisted things that they are and yet do not hinder his movements entirely beyond an unsightly gait and waddle. « Of course you are welcomed, my lady! Come in and make yourself comfortable. Varmiroth and I do not mind your company. » Though presumably the blue may be off elsewhere or they're all about to get quite cuddly and snuggled in. Not that Velokraeth would mind that! His best friend and one sharding gorgeous gold on either side? //Best day ever! « And you are too kind, Kayeth. It pleases me to see that you can see the truths in others, but it's a sad truth as well that many are blinded and prefer to judge by what they see on the outside. » he muses.//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth was actually requesting that he come out and show her his twisted form, as she is curious about it. But when he seems so thrilled to have her join him, well. She is not a cruel queen, and she /is/ curious to see more, so she moves inside with a feline's grace, rumbling a soft and brief greeting to the blue though it's clear her focus is on the bronze. She settles in the space he gives her, not minding that hide brushes up against hide, fiery gold against pale bronze as she studies his limbs. « They do not like the cold? » she asks, as if the limbs were somehow separate from the rest of him. « Truths are important, » she purrs softly, the tip of her tail twitching as she gazes out from this ledge, the highest in the administration complex. « You have the best view. »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth assumed that she had desired to come in out of the rain and while he does not realize his blunder, he would not have backdown on the offer regardless. Waiting until she has settled herself, the pale bronze attempts not to leer too possessively over her though it's clear that he's doing his fair share of curious admiring of her body and hide while she studies his limbs. All fair, right? Stretching out a bit, he will allow one to rest up against hers for comparison. Yes, "comparison". « No, fiery lady, they do not. See how the muscles twist and bunch, rather than lay smooth and supple like yours? They seize and ache in the deep cold weather. Sometimes in heat too. » he explains in a low tone and at her purr, he answers in a voice much more rich and deep. « So they are. I value truths above all else. And this ledge does have a wonderful view, yes. » Yet he's not looking outside //at all when he says that and his implied mental grin hints at it.//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth does not notice or is politely ignoring his leering possessiveness. She rests her foreleg beside his, flexing her talons and letting those muscles and tendons shift beneath her gleaming autumnal hide. Smooth and supple indeed, and powerful as she clenches her hand into a fist and then lets fingers extend, talons clicking against the stone in a soft staccato of sound. « How do you cope? Can you not move when they seize? » she asks, peering at the limb, welcoming the chance to study it without having to dart brief glances at his form in a more public setting. « Above /all/ else? » she queries, lifting her head to look at him and try to meet his gaze. Studying his face as well, her mind shifts slightly, ripples along the surface of her vast ocean. Seeing beyond the physical can be tricky for a young queen who /knows/ the beauty she has at her command.

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth tilts his ugly head (let's be serious here) and observes Kayeth's flexing and extending of her fingers and the play of her muscle beneath her hide. « See? Beautifully crafted, supple and lean, yet powerful. Compared to mine… » And the bronze shifts a bit, repeating the same motions as Kayeth's but with his forearm. It's not quite the same and at one point his hide visibly twitches from a jolt of discomfort. « Quite simple, m'lady. By focusing on other things and keeping fit, » he murmurs in that same low, rich voice. « Or, I do this… » Lowering his blunted muzzle, he shows the fiery gold the same nuzzling and kneading technique he shared with Varmiroth. Where his hide had twitched is where he focuses and when he lifts his head again and flexes, there is no stuttered motion, the muscles moving a little more freely. « Most of the time it is my rider who does the work, but I have a few tricks of my own. » Coping. « Oh yes, dear Kayeth. Truths are something I cherish and honour. There is //much more to be gained from them. Leave the cryptic games and web of lies to others. »//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth watches how his arm moves, how the muscles shift and then twitch with the discomfort, and she rumbles softly. « And you keep fit by chasing? » she asks, voice a little coy and a little teasing. No doubt she has seen the attention the bronze gives to glowing hides around the weyr. Watching him nuzzle his arm, understanding filters through their mental link. « So you have never told a lie? Or a half truth? »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth's mind ripples again and bubbles with laughter, brushing up against hers in an almost ticklish sweep. « It's a form of exercise, is it not? » he replies in a voice as equally as coy. He's not ashamed that she has seen his lusty appetite, not that he's a braggart either. « Both for the body and the mind! » Rumbling deep in his throat and chest, he exhales softly and cants his head in a way as if to peer at her closely. « Of course I've lied or spoken a half-truth. I'd be lying to you, m'lady if I said otherwise and I do not wish to lie to you. I'm not //pleased that I was reduced to such tactics but sometimes it is necessary — but only when used correctly. » If he could, he'd be grinning right then. « And you? »//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth takes those ticklish bubbles and adds in a heady splash of sea foam washing up on a heated, sandy beach. « It is, but not one I am allowed to partake in very often. I must fly for my exercise. Fly fast, and far, and high, » she says, her thoughts soaring at the remembered sensations of flight. It is a craving, but one she denies herself for the time being, to stay here and speak with the bronze. She turns her head to look back at him for a moment, and then shifts, stretching out so her muzzle rests on her paws and she gazes at the rainswept weyr stretched out before them. « Certainly, » she replies, quiet and thoughtful. « One must be cautious in some places, and do what is expected. » There are fleeting images shared then, hazy with dragonic memory and accented slightly by her rider's own thoughts, of the fiery queen resting beside an aging bronze, though there is the sense that she is not pleased with the company. Yet she keeps it, to keep the peace.

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth matches her sea foam with a cool swirl of sweetened wine and the scents of summer sun, ocean air and the breeze off the waters from the shadowed confines of a room open to the elements. « Why are you not permitted to fly as you desire? I see no harm for one to stretch their wings when the urge is upon them. There are nights when even I desire to leave the Weyr behind and below and //fly for as long as my strength will allow. Varmiroth," He inclines his head a bit to where the blue has curled himself up. « Also provides an excellent challenger for a good race or test of skills. » Those fleeting images are inspected with a respectful curiosity and though his intrigue is piqued he does not pry too deeply into what the young gold may not be willing to share. « Wise words, m'lady. Wise words, » he murmurs and boldly does he lower his head to gently brush his muzzle against her neck in an almost comforting manner. « Sometimes… we must sacrifice much for the greater good. »//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth rumbles her amusement at his misunderstandings. « I do not fly in mating flights often. Once, so far, » she says, and there is a fleeting memory of her twining with another, her mate in High Reaches, and a pang of sadness for leaving him behind. « And do you? When the urge is upon you? Do you and yours fly? » She notices the blue when the bronze names him, and is amused. « He wins, surely, in aerobatics. » She quiets for a moment, and rumbles softly at his gentle nuzzle. « Often times. It is why we are here. »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth laughs through his thoughts, amused and pleased. « Who said that every flight must be one for mating? You can fly far, high and fast just for the thrill of it, can you not? » he asks her, keeping his tone gentle and level. Another fleeting memory, one he may not quite grasp but he nuzzles her again provided she is not against his lingering touch. « We do. It often helps my rider when his mind is conflicted and he needs to become anchored and grounded again. Oh yes, Varmiroth //does win. In aerobatics and speed. » Quiet a moment as well, when he speaks again his tone is oddly gentling. « You and yours have had to make one of the greater sacrifices. We, » He means himself and his rider. « Understand why it came to be. The truth. Not the sordid and twisted rumours and gossip. »//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth rumbles softly. « Of course I can. And I do, often. Mine needs to freedom of it all. She is grounded much more than I am. Her job is the hard one. » It's easy, being a dragon. She is not against his touch, but once he finishes with that nuzzling she shifts, stretching, and settling again. « Flying to become grounded. I understand. » Even though those things sound contradictory. There is a low rumble then, an irritated sound that shakes the foundations of her thoughts. « I will never forgive Itorith's. And I am glad you know the /truth/. The rumors and gossip cut mine to the core. I tell her to ignore them but she can not. They wound her. »

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth shares silently over the link his understanding of the need for freedom and how contradictory it is to seek the freedom of the skies in order to ground oneself. It works and why fix something if it isn't broken? He croons softly when she makes that irritated sound and his tone becomes sweet and honeyed again. Not placating, but soothing. « I apologize if I have upset you, m'lady. I share no respect for Itorith's either and neither does mine. What he has done is… unforgivable. Mine thinks very little of that man. Or that… //snake of a woman. » He means Pandara, that much is obvious from his mind and given how amorous he is towards females, for him to bristle at the thought of a gold is rather shocking.//

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth is quiet for a few long moments, mists swirling across her distant island, cloaking it in mystery. « There is no need to apologize, it is what it is. But I do not wish to linger on such upsetting topics, when the weyr is so lovely and the company so pleasant. » And dry and warm, as the gold shifts her body again, swinging her muzzle around to get at an itch on her drying hide.

Kayeth senses that Velokraeth rumbles softly. « Then we will not dwell on such topics. I'd much rather focus on company as well. Of which has been quite delightful! » When she swings her muzzle around, he will whuffle gently. « May I be of some help, m'lady? » he asks, before dipping his head down if she is agreeable and begin to nuzzle, rub and even brazenly nibble oh-so carefully and gently to ease any itch.

Velokraeth senses that Kayeth croons in soft pleasure at his assistance, shifting her body to accept his help until the itches become too plentiful for him to handle. « I must go see mine and be oiled, » she says, mentally and physically squirming a bit as she pushes to her feet and steps out of the wallow, taking a moment to stretch - not to show off, but out of need. Still, she strikes quite the pose as she elongates her body and then gives herself a good shake. Turning, she brushes her muzzle against Velokraeth's. « Thank you, » she says before she's snapping open her wings and springing aloft, only to glide down to her ledge a short distance away and vanishing inside to be lavished with attention from her rider. Back in the wallow, Varmiroth lifts his head with a low rumble. « Is she gone? »

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth will withdraw once it's evident that Kayeth is squirming and wishing to be away. Not because of him, he knows this, but he whuffles warmly to her and is not against eyeing her as she stretches. It may not be a show, but he's not against stealing another peek at her. Brushing his muzzle with hers in turn, his mind reaches out for one last swirl of smoke and warmth and spices. « You're most welcome, fiery lady. Your company is always valued! » She's is welcomed any time! Once she is gone, Velokraeth heaves a long sigh and stretches out, though keeps himself close to Varmiroth. There's a soft chuff from the bronze for the blue's question. « She is. Sorry, little brother, if you were a bit cramped. »

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth shifts and stretches himself, joints popping and muscles relaxing after being cramped in the curl. « She ignored me, » he responds. Cramped in more than one way, it seems, as the blue huffs softly once the fiery gold is gone. He does not see the appeal.

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth is silent for a heartbeat or so until he mind is suddenly bubbling with contained mirth. « Are you jealous? » he teases his ledgemate gently before exhaling heavily and swinging his head around to nose-bump the blue against his neck. « I am sure it was not her intention to ignore you, but we did speak of you. » Well, mostly prompted by the bronze, but still!

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth huffs softly, but the blue is not one to be coy or lie. « A little, » he admits after considering his feelings, nudging the bronze back. « But it is fine, there is plenty of you to go around, giant bronze that you are, » he teases.

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth enjoys the blue's company (and it's a little deeper than that) because Varmiroth does not lie. He can always trust him! « My, my! Quite the flatterer you are but thank you. Know though that I never mean to intentionally have you ignored… » It just happens? And he may be feeling a //little guilty that he totally ignored Varmiroth's presence there while doting on Kayeth.//

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth nudges his friend with a low snort. « I know, do not worry about it. She is fetching and she would be a good mate. I know how bronzes get. »

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth nudges back and his thoughts drift with an implied mental grin. « Guilty as charged. I'll admit, I have fancied a few thoughts of the offspring I would sire if I were lucky enough to snare her when she flies. Her hide is a magnificent shade! »

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth rumbles with amusement and stretches out again, drowsy. « They would be beautiful I'm sure, » he murmurs before he's drifting off to sleep.