Who Eiram Leuka Sephany
What Sephany slips in some goodbyes.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr Living Cavern

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Leuka hasn't thawed out, much less checked on Fizgig yet as he edges past a couple of people already in the food line, reaching through the bodies and grabbing a mug that he promptly fills with klah. Scribe shows up then, bringing a grumble from the Harper. "Oh, now you show up." He rolls his eyes and rather than find a seat, he ambles over to the hearth to soak in some lost heat.

Eiram was stuck here and stuck with kidlets for much of the day. Well at least he was young enough himself and entertaining enough to not have to face the wrath of them. Finally free of duty he enters the living cavern and joins in the food line himself. As he looks for a seat he spies the returned Journeyman and grins, "You made it back! I thought the snow beast had swallowed you all up!" He exclaims and takes a seat next to Leuka, "So what was it like out there?"

Leuka glances over to the Apprentice when Eiram calls out to him, nodding and grumbling out "Just got back a little bit go." There are probably bits of hay clinging to his clothes, maybe a little trail of it through along the winding path he took through the cavern. And it's pretty much a given there are some larger bits in his hair. He tilts the klah back draining a good potion of the hot liquid and seems to edge a little closer to the flames, extending a hand and wigging very cold fingers. "Cold!."

Eiram notes the hay with a quizzical look, "Been having some fun in a barn?" He asks as he settled in his seat. "Yeah, its been pretty cold. I have been on nanny duty trying to keep the kids distracted from not being able to go outside. I reckon I have had easier audience at Shenanigans. I had to pull out all the stops." Even Jazz hands! "Everyone make it back ok?"

Leuka nods after a moment "Everyone that went there came back when I did." He doesn't word it as all the candidates for some reason. He rotates by the fire, letting his back get warm some now that he can feel the fingers around is mug. "I'm surprised you haven't had a couple of freedays." He closes eyes a moment and grins. "Next one I get, me and Fizgig are hijacking a rider and heading for a nice sunny beach somwhere."

"With this storm on hardly a point, the dragons grounded and people stuck indoors. It is better to have something…indoors to do!" Eiram responds with a grin before working a bit on his meal. "I think the headwoman has worked out I am just as capable as the rest of you old farts. My run of free days seems to be at an end!" Woe. He makes a dramatic gesture as he settles back in his seat. "That sounds like a splendid idea. I never thought I would say I have had too much snow but I have not had so much as this before."

Leuka shrugs, finally pushing his hood back all the way, a bit of straw dropping into his mug then. Frowning at it, he fishes it out and flicks it into the fire, before trying to get more from his hair. Grumbling a bit, he gives it up til he can take a bath later. "Uh huh." He seems really broken up about the Apprentice's lack of freeday now. "Do you know if Fizgig has been out in the last few hours?" Even with all the snow and wind, the canine needs to run off his energy.

Eiram gives a shake of his head, "I am afraid I haven't seen him, I just came up from the nursery myself." There is another glance at the hay, "Bring half the barn back with ya?" He asks with amused delight. At least for Eiram's part he is clean and warm. "He is a fluffy dog I am sure he will be fine! He probably thinks this weather was made just for him."

Leuka snorts almost irritably at the other candidate "You would to if that's what you slept in last night." He shrugs after a moment "At least Rio and I found those tiny casks and an old guitar. That warmed us up some. And that old sled dog kept my legs warm. I guess it could have been worse. Gonna have to have Fizgig fitted to wear one of those Casks when he's bigger."

"It sounds like quite an adventure." Eiram responds with a grin, "Sounds like you two had a fabulous night!" The envy of someone who likes the tale but has not experienced the reality of it. "So Fizzy can become a walking pub? We can keep him around at gigs and take little sips to make the night more interesting."

Leuka looks to Eiram suddenly, giving him a sharp look that is missing the annoyance Leuka has felt towards his Apprentice the last few days. He throws his head back and laughs, not caring who starts staring. Finally getting his humor under control he reaches to to Eiram's shoulder "Even better. Was wondering a harness that could carry four of them. We could use those crazy straw things Riohra found at that pub. Set Fizgig between us all and we can drink while playing and never miss a note."

"The Drunken Players." Eiram says with a laugh to Leuka's idea of the straw added to the kegs. "It would be quite entertaining to be sure." The pair of them are sitting at the hearth enjoying warm mugs of Klah and dinner. Leuka newly returned and Eiram having been stuck here the whole time. Yep. "Maybe we can do a gig tomorrow if its still snowed in, keep the residents entertained."

Leuka considers Eiram's comment and nods after a moment, causing another wisp of straw to float down into his mug. Glaring it the offending bit of fluff, he yet again fishes it out and flicks it into the fire. "Maybe I can take up the Weyrwoman about playing for the eggs on the sands. Think you're up for that?" He grins and offers a second option "Unless you wanna hit the lounge and do that song I've had you working on. Riohra knows it pretty well himself by now to." Plus a few other of the Harpers.

"I have been playing there since they clutched, but not sure if she would like the loud stuff we play. I mostly play with my lyre and sing, just remember you got to let her know you are there before you start. I wouldn't mind touching a few more…the first one I touched.. Such weird sensations and interesting and a little scary as well." Eiram says with a shake of his head as he taps fingers on his mug, then there is a look over to Leuka again, "A fine quartet…I think it will be fun to play at the pub."

Sephany drops herself unceremoniously into a seat at Leuka and Eiram's table, looking rather worse for wear after a night spent in a bunk-house waiting out a blizzard. "I am never volunteering for anything ever again," she declares in more of a mumble than anything else. There are dark circles beneath her eyes, made more prominent against her pale skin. But at least she's got a mug of something hot, and looks to have taken at least a quick bath (and changed; she definitely changed clothes). "You've got a little something…" and one slender fingers lifts to point at Leuka's head, "… right there." It's straw. Another piece of straw. "You are way too chirper," she decides of Eiram.

Leuka nods "Well tucking that little lyre of yours under a jacket and heading across he weyr is alot different that lugging cellos back and forth. Expecially in this icy footing alot of times." He flicks fingers back towards the bowl before turning a bit as he continues rotating himself by the fire. After a moment he flicks his gaze around before lowering his voice to the Apprentice a bit "And if there's any talk of kicking you from candidacy over it, just blame it on me." Afterall, this song did almost get Leuka kicked from the Hall himself a few turns back.

"Well you could bring the guitar, she might like that too?" Eiram says of his cavern concert, "Not so dangerous to lug out as a cello." He continues before looking up as Sephany joins them and his face lights up a bit more. "I feared you had left already! So you got stuck out there with them?" He asks curiously and looks her over briefly, "You want something to eat and drink? You don't look too well." There is a glance back to Leuka and hmms, "I don't think there is anything in the rules about playing music."

A flick of grey eyes between the pair of Harper-candidates at the idea that Eiram may be kicked out, but Sephany wisely keeps her mouth shut on that subject. "Yes, I did," to answer the younger-harper's question about being caught in the storm. But as for the offer of food, she simply shakes her head. "No, I've got this," and she lifts her mug to indicate her drink, "which is all I want right now. Once I'm a bit… settled I'll go grab something to eat." A flicker of a smile and she mentions, "I am supposed to leave within the next day or so, but the storm may delay that." As for music for the eggs? "I don't see why a guitar and a lyre wouldn't be perfectly acceptable in the galleries…"

Leuka looks to Sephany a moment when she joins Eiram at the table. Gaze flicking between them as he shakes his head "I'm not talking about the galleries. I'm talking about playing on the sands with the eggs. The Weyrwoman and her dragon seemed to like the idea. Just not sure when yet." He reaches up to flick some of the straw from his hair as Sephany mentions leaving. "I'm just gonna go grab some food." Yep. He's already been blamed once already by the Apprentice. Let him find a new target. Then the Harper's wandering away from the table, lining back up to get a plate since he skipped it first time around.

It seems at least Eiram has accepted that Sephany is leaving. Apologies were given for his reaction to both parties involved. The mention of playing on the sands themselves at least distracts the boy in the moment, "That would be grande…so close they can feel the vibrations of the music…really hear it. To sing while I am touching one could be an experience as well." Oh the ideas the harpers have. As Leuka walks off though he calms a bit and looks thoughtful and quiet for a moment before looking to Sephany, "Everything ok? The cold not hurting…anything?"

"Oh…" says Sephany as Leuka corrects her. "Wow. That sounds… intense," she decides, of playing to the eggs on the actual hatching ground sands. "I wonder how much they can hear, through the shell. If you Impress, you'll have to ask your dragon if they remember it." A sip of Klah and a soft sigh for the warmth, grey eyes closing for the experience. There's a quick nod of her head in acknowledgement as Leuka gets up for more food, and a lifted eyebrow for Eiram's inquiry. "Mm? Oh, sure," for everything being alright. "I am well insulated; the cold won't hurt… the baby." Her nose still scrunches when she says that particular word, but apparently it's getting easier to discuss. "I've been going Between with no issues. A little snow wouldn't hurt anything. Though my back aches something fierce, but I think it's the bunk-house bed to blame for that."

Leuka takes his time up in the line, coming back with a bowl of stew, roll and a fresh mug of klah with a flitter bowl. Dropping at the table a couple spots down from Eiram, he glances over to the others as he starts arranging his stuff, not interrupting, just catching up on the conversation. Spotting the bowl from the rafters, Scribe flaps her way down to cling to Leuka's shoulder, and hair. He should really see about getting that cut soon.

"It was…I felt like I was dancing with someone all dressed up in ladies cloths and he…well it felt like a he was escorting me through a dance. I rather enjoyed it for a time, but dancing with the unseen and feeling such a tightness around the chest…it got so weird I had to let go..But I want to meet him again I think." Eiram gives a description of the first egg he touched, his face thoughtful as he speaks. The words of the baby is met with a nod, "Well good…I can't wait to meet him or her either. I am sure it will be as beautiful and sweet as it's mom." He says in a low voice but a firm nod at the end. He looks up as Leuka returns, "So what has been your most interesting experience on the sands so far?"

Sephany listens with obvious curiosity at the description of Eiram's first egg touching. "Interesting…" because what else is she going to say, really? Except maybe, "it sounds as though they are a nicer bunch than those S'van stood for. At least… the one you touched didn't frighten you." There's a general relaxation of tense shoulders as hot Klah does it's work to warm and soothe, so that discussion of her future baby is not met with as much of a grimace as it is curiosity and playfulness. "Oh dear… if this baby is anything like me at all we are in for a world of hurt," she decides, rolling her eyes. But she's happy enough to move back to the subject of dragon babies rather than people babies, seconding Eiram's question with a glance toward Leuka.

Leuka flashes Eiram a look like he's off his marble or something when he starts describing how he felt toucing the eggs. His gaze does drift to Sephany, probably a moment too long, but oh well. Dragging his attention back to his apprentice, he can't help but roll his eyes and peer back to his roll when he's asked about his own experience. Tearing into the roll, as he ponders, he finally just shrugs and goes with blunt honestly "You ever been punched in the face Eiram?" Dunking the roll back in stew, he glances to the younger Harper. Assuming Eiram hasn't a clue he goes on. "Well, touch the right egg and you will. When ya try sliding to the infirmary for the headache, just say 'egg', they'll patch you right back up."

"It was a little scary, but well it was expectantly nice as well. I felt like the queen of the ball." Eiram says sitting up a bit straighter and smiling and looking to Leuka to hear his answer. His eyes widen at the question and he shakes his head, "No sir…" He blinks as he further expounds and winces a bit, "Maybe I will avoid that one…which one was it?" The last line though makes him perk up a bit and no doubt plans are in motion to have some 'egg' trips to the infirmary, real or no.
"Interesting…" is what Sephany says to that, though there's a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she considers Eiram. "I've got a dress or two, if you want to try it for real sometime," she teases, grinning wide over her mug. As for being punched in the face? "That does not sound at all enjoyable," she decides, pale eyebrows pulling downward as she frowns thoughtfully. "How interesting. Perhaps you ought to keep a journal of the experience. Sev said that the majority of the eggs he Stood for were… frightening. His friend Catwin… her blue came out of an egg that he said 'felt like death' to touch. Aedeluth's made him dizzy… and another was like a hurricane." Maybe she's not so jealous of this egg-touching experience, anymore. A slide of grey eyes catches that look, and she reaches out to lightly push Eiram in the shoulder. "None of that. Those Healer's work hard; don't make them work harder for false things, mister 'my thumb fell off'."

Leuka snorts. "Now how would it be interesting if I told you which one?" Leuka smirks a bit wickedly at that and perks up some. He coaxes Scribe from his shoulder and places her on the edge of the table by him. He's a couple spots away from Eiram and Sephany, so the flitter isn't in anyone's way. While the growing green eats, he spoons a few mouthfuls of the stew for himself and rubs her back lightly. He glances to Sephany and the spoon lowers as he considers what she says. "Yea. Alot like that…sorta. That's why I made my suggestion to the Weyrwoman. Instead of all the time wasted, and tiring out the eggs every time they introduce themselves… Why not let us play for them and introduce ourselves to them?" He shrugs as if it makes the most perfect sense on Pern. To him it probably does. Plus, he just may be hesitant to touch more eggs.

The offer of a dress has Eiram tilting his head slightly but not scoffing. "As long as it doesn't have a corset." He finally says with a nod and a thoughtful look tapping his fingers on the mug, "It seems dancing in a dress feels different then in pants. Flowy and stuff or maybe that is just what the dragon thinks." He gives a little shrug. There is a little shiver of his shoulders as Sephany explains her brother's experiences. "Who would stay in candidacy at all with a lot like that? But the dragons…they turned out all right?" He smiles sweetly at the admonishment, "Well in fairness, it sure felt like it at first. So much blood and pain….but.." he bites a lip and holds what he would say to himself before looking back to Leuka, "That does sound wonderful. Like I told her…Da says he played for Ma while I was in her belly and maybe that's why I had the music in me."

There is a very bright and amused laugh in response, and Sephany presses her fingers to her mouth to try to contain the sound before it carries too far. "Oh my… OK. No corset. I can do that. And it does. Or, rather I would imagine it does… I have never danced in pants," she admits, "But there is a difference between… oh nevermind," and she stops herself before launching into what was sure to be a lengthy explanation on the difference in fabric weights and textures in conjunction with movement of the body. As for eggs and touchings, music and introductions, she does not have a lot to contribute, frowning thoughtfully before she decides, "Theoretically, it makes sense. But I don't know anything about dragons or eggs… could ask a dragonrider, perhaps? If their dragon remembers… But it couldn't hurt, to play for them." A little shrug of thin shoulders before she's hmming to Eiram. "I believe Sev gave serious thought to dropping out, honestly. But Catwin's dragon is a delight; he's sweet and gentle. Not at all like he appeared to be in the egg. So perhaps you never can tell? Though Aede came out a right jerk." Grump. "Sour bronze." A sip of Klah, a thoughtful frown. "Maybe?" for Eiram's musical inclinations.

Leuka nods to the apprentices and contemplates what Sephany says about his theory while listening to them talk. He finishes his stew after a couple of minutes and toss the last chunk of roll in his mouth before pushing the bowl away. Scribe's still being picky over her meal so is not quite done. Leuka grins over to Eiram when he mentions his dad. he takes his mug up and drains a little of the klah before turning his attention back to the others.

Perhaps his inclinations have not been clear thus far beyond 'being a harper' it is clear this egg has given him an interesting experience to explore. "Well I would only do it to meet this one healer apprentice." He says almost in a whisper. "I could ask Odryth and Xucieth what they remember." He says of his parents dragons even as he rises to his feet to put actions to words. "Y'all be nice to each other.." And he quickly steps over to Sephany to give her a hug, "In case I don't see you before you go. Take care of yourself and I will see you soon." No farewell. See you later. But even so a bit of moisture rims the boy's eyes before he quickly turns towards the caverns.

That look, on Sephany's face right now, is pure 'TELL ME EVERYTHING' when Eiram mentions a Healer apprentice. "Wait… you're leaving?" as in, the living caverns. Clearly, he is not the one leaving the Weyr itself. That would be her. The traitor. "Oh… Ok," followed by quick movement of Klah-mug shuffling to her other hand so that she can swing a free arm around and return that hug with a one-armed embrace. "I won't leave without saying a proper goodbye, I promise," she assures, daintily ignoring any sort of tears that may threaten. "Won't be until the storm clears, either way." But then he is gone, leaving Sephany to sip her Klah, and Leuka to wait for his firelizard to finish her meal. "She's growing well," she notes idly, indicating little Scribe with a flick of her finger from her mug. "Has she gotten quieter?"

Leuka narrows his eyes at the younger Harper when he realizes the little brat is running off. No doubt plotting extra assignments for the slippery little grasshopper that's hopping away. He mutters a couple of choice words under his breath then seems to nudge the little green to eat faster. He just nods at the Weaver's comment and question, still watching the green eat and silently willing her to hurry up. "Yea, a little quieter. Not screeching so much as she used to." You can tell since she's not screeching now. He should probably leave it at that, but the stupid part of him pushes on with the conversation "How about your blue?"

Poor Eiram. Getting glares and plotted mischief. Perhaps he deserves all of those wonderful free days he seems to get. But Sephany is oblivious to glares and plotting, grey eyes cast toward the room at large as she casually people-watches after having asked her question. "Mm. Well, she can hardly scream if her mouth is full," she notes, glancing back towards little Scribe at her bowl. "I would imagine you could train her not to screech, eventually," she notes thoughtfully. As for her little Harper? "He is well. Curled up with Thimble, no doubt." A pause, and she settles her mug on the table. "Still sings," she notes. "Especially when it snows."

Leuka he smirks at the flitter's back "True, but when she catches her breath afterwards, run away." He nods at the news of the little blue flitter and shrugs "I suppose you could also train him to be quiet if singing bothers you." Tipping his mug back he drains it to just about empty before plunking it back onto the table. He doesn't bother with the people watching, no body around that he wants to look at in that direction, so he just drums his fingers on the table and waits not very patiently for Scribe to finish. When she starts to slow down, he leans forward and begins gathering his dishes up while the flitters eats a couple more bites "I should probably get going too. Still need to check on Fizgig, then I want a bath." He snorts as he combs fingers through his hair and traps another bit of straw.

"Suppose I could," agrees Sephany, "Though he is more melodic than she is. So long as he does not wake me up, I don't mind so much. It can be nice, when otherwise there is silence." As Scribe appears to be finishing, and Leuka preparing to leave, she nods her head absently. "I ought to get some actual food, before I pass out," she decides, pushing up from the table with careful movements. A glance for the fingers through hair, a half-hearted sort of ghost of a smile appearing briefly. "Don't let Fizgig get away with things," she half-teases. "He's a smart dog."

Leuka coaxes Scribe up to his shoulder and nods about the singing flitter, mainly to the bowls he appears to be studying. A quick glance to Sephany at he mention of Fizgig "Alright." Hey, he's got a smart canine, least he did something right along the way. "You take care of yourself Seph." fingers drum on the side of the bowl he's got clutched in one hand "I'll uh, I guess I'll see you when I see you." He gives a little smile, probably forced before nodding and turning to head off to do whatever he needs to get done.

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