Fort Weyr - Mountain Pass - Rocky Foothills
The sounds of a forest grow quieter as the tree line starts to thin and lower, while the plants grow in sparse clumps of shrubbery. Audible now is the silence of the mountain terrain or the rush of wind sliding over the landscape. With the low lying valley of forest below, where a tavern, shops, and a camp have been built, there is a noticeable but gradual incline to the earth; felt here by those who walk the beaten path.
Rugged flowers dot the hills between the rocks and boulders which have fallen loose of the towering precipitous mountain sides. A mixture of tough vegetation roots itself in the stony ground, from long browning grasses to plants that sprawl over the surface of rock staying low to avoid the full force of the harsh winds which often blow.
There is a pathway cutting though the vegetation, obviously having been traversed greatly to make a thin trail of dirt where nothing grows. The path itself meanders itself through the rocky foothills toward the promises of the mountains. Stretching out ahead, are those looming castles of rock with their sharp pinnacles poised like regal crowns, hiding many wonders out of sight.

The storm over the weyr stretches far far far, having moved in suddenly. It goes here, to the high mountains, where it dumps inches of snow onto the ground. Drought? Here? Not likely. White blankets everything about, and the only shelter is what looks like it could be a cave carved into the side of the mountain. When one draws closer they'll see a fitful fire burning within.

Abigail has been searching for the last few days, ever since the talk with Kainaesyth. There was only a short bit of time she was willing to wait, with the weather getting worse, she refused to sit back and wait. At the moment she is moving on through the snow, heading closer towards the mountain, two canines are following a good distance from her, one is busy sniffing along the snow trying to find some scent. Niumdreoth isn't too far away, the large brown is in the air taking in everything and telling his rider what he sees in the process. One canine has perhaps caught the scent of smoke and is heading closer to the mountain; Abigail is following behind it, a hand moving to rest upon her hip where a knife rests as she gets closer. She would rather not wander up on someone that may be really trying to hide after all.

The snow may inhibit the canines slightly as it billows around them, but the closer they draw to the flickering light of the cave, the more evident it will become that, yes, someone is there. A hunched figure sits near the fire, feeding it slowly, and making sure that the breezes that occasionally sweep INTO the cave, don't put the fire out.

The snow billowing around does make the canines pause, one lifting its head and trying to look out but only sees the snow rushing around, the other pushes onwards, heading towards the rocky covering to help block out some of the attacking snow. Niumdreoth turns and is heading downwards to a spot where he can land, wing tucking close while his gaze flicks towards the mountain and he is soon heading closer to it as well.

Abigail pauses once near the mountain, knife pulled while she slowly making her way along it, following one of the canines as it seems to be heading slowly but surely towards the opening. It takes a few moments but soon Abbey is at the edge of that cave peeking inside slightly tot ry and find out who is indeed hunched up near the fire.

The figure by the fire looks up, casting his face into the light, despite how well wrapped he is against the weather. Ha'ze, looking no worse for the wear despite his pair of sevens away from the weyr, is revealed. Abigail's face is in shadows, and he doesn't recognize her right away. No words spoken, he'll wait for the other traveler to come closer.

Abigail is quiet for a moment while she watches him, a soft breath escapes her while she tucks her knife away and slowly moves on into the cave. She pulls off a scarf she was using to wrap around her face, the hood of her shirt pulled off as well. "Was starting ta wonder if I'd lost yer trail." THere is a touch of amusement, soft smile is seen though. The canines settle near the entrance of the cave seeing how they did their job and now will keep watch it seems.

"How long have you been following?" Ha'ze is reserved in his words, the shadows that the fire sends across his expression hiding most of his expression. Another stick is set on the fire and he gestures to a rock next to him. It's near the warmth of the fire and away from the random gusts.

Abigail makes her way on over to the rock near him and settles down upon it, her gloves are taken off but there are a pair of fingerless ones under them to help keep her hands warm. "Since I spoke with Kai.. I wanted to come before that.. But I couldn't." A glance is sent over the cave before she glances over to him, watching him for a few moments. "Have… ye been alright?"

"Kai pointed you in the right direction?" No anger in that tone, just a hint of regret. Of course Kainaesyth would tell. How long could it have lasted? "I need to go back, don't I?" It's not exactly the answer to her question.

"He gave me a point in the right direction but that was days ago." Abigail offers as she watches him before she looks back to the fire, a slight frown seen as she hears him and her eyes close. "Ye don't have to if ye don't want to Ha'ze.. I suppose I was hoping ye might want to come home.."

Ha'ze has spent the last seven not saying a single word. The silence is hard to break out of, and so after Abigail speaks, it takes a bit for him to gather up his thoughts again, and put them into words. "Abigail. What purpose am I servin' in the weyr?"

Abigail is the one now left quiet while she glances back to him. "Yer a rider, yer purpose is what ye make of it. Being with me wing we help others, the weyr.." Though she gets the feeling this isn't the answer he wants. "If'nn you don't want to be in the Weyr then ye could go elsewhere, do what makes ye happy." Whatever that might be.

"You mean abandon you." IT's said quietly, but bluntly. He stands, and steps away from Abigail. One hand reaches up to rake through his hair as he goes to the doorway of the cave to look out at the blizzard. "Kainaesyth needs a place he can be settling when winter makes him so tired. I can't leave."

Abigail lets her gaze follow after him, watching him but not following. "The last thing I want is to lose ye Ha'ze." There is something there between them, a connection and the thought of losing it make her frown. "I care about ye Ha'ze.." There is a faint pause as if she wanted to say something else but at the last moment changes her mind. "Seeing ye like this worries me. During winter Kainaesyth could always return to the Weyr."

Ha'ze isn't about to deny that there is a connection there, and he doesn't waste his breath doing so. "I care too Abigail, but I can't just sit an admit that I got anythin' to offer the weyr, or the wing. I don't give a damn about most people and don't care to be gettin' involved." He rubs a hand against his recently healed arm as if it aches slightly. Turning, he puts his eyes on Abigail.

Abigail is quiet and her gaze settles on the fire, watching it for a few long moments. "Then what do ye give a damn about Ha'ze? What do ye want ta do?" His told her this before, she wasn't honestly sure what to expect, perhaps given some time things would change? Though she was kidding herself into thinking such things. One might call it hope, though she is starting to think hope is just some fairytale anymore.

"Kainaesyth." That is at least delivered without hesitation. No matter what, Ha'ze loves his dragon. "You. Mayhap C'rus and some of the others hatched 'round the same time as Kainaesyth. Some of the others what took my side after Ustrr. But beyond?" Ha'ze continues to look at Abigail, as if she might have some answer he hasn't found out here in the wild. "I'm not sure I want to go independent. Or really to be leavin'. I got things to be stayin' for. People. But if I an't got nothin' to offere… why keep me on?"

"Everyone has something ta offer Ha'ze. We just haven't found something that ye wishing ta do." Abigail offers while her arms fold before her and her pale gaze is settling upon him, watching him rather calmly at the moment. "Then what do /ye/ want to do while ye stay at the Weyr?" There is a slight pause before she goes on. "People do things for ones they care and love. Even if they are stubborn."

"Sperm?" Ha'ze may be lost in heart, but at Abigail manages to bring back some of his sense of humor. He steps back and settles down on beside her again and offers a hand. "I don't know what I want to be doin'. But…. I'll be figurin' it out. I came out here hopin' that mayhap I'd find somethin'… but all I found was snow."

Abigail blinks at that and looks a bit amused for a moment. "Honestly ye got more to offer then that.. I wanted ye around before that happened too." She points out while smirking as she peeks over at him. Her arms lower and she lets her hand curl into his before just leaning against him. "Ye could do something with the forest.. Seems we need someone to deal with stupid people that want to star fires." Well its a thought.

Switching Abigail's hand to his other, Ha'ze curls an arm around Abigail's shoulder as she leans against him. "Mayhap Th'ero has an idea of what Kainaesyth and I can be doin. Less you got one, wingleader?" No, he's not mocking the quasi-military structure of the weyr… okay he is.

Abigail leans there against him, her fingers softly press and curl against his. "I can speak with him.." She smirks at her rank and rolls her eyes a bit. "Depends.. Th'ero might have better ideas then I seeing how he is the Weyrleader after all."

It's warmer with them pressed together and Ha'ze has to admit he's glad she came. For a moment he'll just sit with his arm curled about her and stare at the flickering flames. A thought occurs to him and he pulls away, concerned. "Is the baby alright?"

Abigail is quiet, content to just stay there pressed close to him, and yes enjoying that bit of warmth between him and the fire. At the question she shifts a bit and looks back to him once his pulled away. "Aye.. The baby is fine. I didn't go Between. Niumdreoth carried me out and we found a spot to hunker up during the night and stayed warm."

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder again Ha'ze pulls Abigail close, this time not into a side embrace, but a full on hug. "Then you've been walkin' in the snow for a while." He'll let the hug linger before finally, "Thanks for comin' after me." pause, "again." And look, no stabbing this time!

Abigail smiles at that hug and presses into it, her arms curling around him and she gives his cheek a soft kiss. "I've done it countless times before, walking in the snow. This time though I wanted to find ye so I would still be walking in it if I needed ta." There’s a pause and she chuckles softly before and smiles while looking to him. "I told ye I would always come looking for ye. I mean what I say. Anyway.. I missed ye somethin' fierce."

"Well. I can't say this'll be the last I'm I'm walkin' away." He really can't. The temptation to just walk away from problems - now that he can? is pretty darn tempting. "Was Kainaesyth lookin' better last you saw of him?"

Abigail shrugs a touch at that an glances to him a few moments. "Then I'll come find ye every time." This said with a soft tone, a smile seen. "His sleeping a lot, healing well. I keep looking in on him. He does miss ye though."

"We haven't lost touch." Does distance weaking a mindlink? Ha'ze's player actually has no idea. "He just is pretty casual about bein' hurt. And it's winter so." Sleepy Kainaesyth. Ha'ze disengages from the embrace to stand and go after his packed, filled with things to not-die in the wilderness. "Klah?"

Abigail nods slightly. "I know ye haven't lost touch." Abigail offers with a soft tone at the idea. "His healing though, just taking long most likely because of him being so sleepy." Everything slows down in winter so she is figuring Kai does as well in that thought. She lets him go and smiles at the question before nodding. "Yeah I'd like some. Got more out in my stuff too." She's use to pack for long trpes with sweeps and all.

Ha'ze has all the fixings needed for basic survival, klah being at the top. Even in Laris' camp there was the slightly bitter drink. It's nothing to write home about but it'll warm the stomach. He'll make it however Klah is made and share it between the pair of them as they wait out the storm before going back to the weyr to be reunited with the rest of the world.