Fort Weyr - Crafter's Cavern
The Crafter's Cavern is quite stunning to behold. A high vaulted ceiling arches overhead, ornately sculpted sconces along the walls, once having held glows, are now fitted with the electric lights, casting a gentle glow over the area. On the walls around the caverns edge hang beautiful old tapestries, which depict various aspects of craft life.

All around the cavern the tapestries extend, representative of every craft. The door next to each leads to the quarters of the WeyrCrafter, while the large area in the center is divided into smaller work spaces, numerous desks and chairs, terminals and sandtables clutter the space.

It's roughly midday. After an earlier drop in at the infirmary only to find that Thys was not there, Ralik has not been seen since, at odds with someone who so far has made it a point to be there regularly. He's not hard to find, at least, working away silently in front of the glassblowing oven and dealing with his smaller, hotter torches to deal with pressing pieces of colored glass together. It's hard to tell exactly what he's working on at the moment, seeing as most of it is still in its globular form, but he has his goggles on, his hair back, and he's wearing work clothes, so suffice to say that he didn't imagine to be gone from here any time soon. There is a certain aggressive quality to the way he does things as well, an odd mix of him moving sharply while still maintaining the finesse required to avoid shattering anything he's working on.

Pretty much as soon as she was given the okay to leave the infirmary, Thys left. Rhenesath remained with her clutch while her rider went to check out the mess of the galleries. From there she went back to Rhenesath, and now, bearing a tray with lunch, drinks, and a sketchpad on it, she makes her way into the crafter's cavern. Not the most ideal place to eat perhaps, but that doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest as she comes up to Ralik's workspace, setting her things down and waiting, quietly, patiently, for him to notice her without her having to interrupt - because Faranth forbid she breaks his concentration when working with such a fragile, dangerous medium!

It'd be a pretty sour day if either one of them caught a hot blob of glass to the face, yes, though Ralik is used to working in a much busier area, so it's not hard for him to realize someone is standing there fairly quickly, even if he gives no sign of it. He doesn't know who it is, of course, but either way, he has to work with the glass while it's hot, so he finishes folding in the different colors before he puts it into the oven, twirls it carefully, then blows it into a large, hot, multi-colored globe. That will get rounded a bit in the oven as well before he turns back to his table and clips it so that it can hang more or less upside down, the globe facing the ground and the metal shaft clasped in place by some handy metal pieces that keep it all from resting on the ground. Satisfied that it will have a chance to cool, he finally pulls his goggles up into his hair and turns to focus his attention on Thys. There is a troubled look in his usually clear amber eyes, his lips twisted into a mild frown, before he greets her with a somewhat throaty, "Hey." It turns aside to pick up a large water bottle he keeps down here and chugs some of it, rehydrating his poor lungs and throat. Pausing between taking another drink, he turns to look back towards her, tapping the water bottle against his chest idly, "I went to see you earlier at the infirmary, you know. You weren't there. I asked if you were in the middle of having a pregnancy test done. They told me I'd missed the appointment time entirely. I'm thoughtless like that, I guess." Yeah, that last does come with a slight hardening of his voice.

And someone wastes no time in getting right to the point. "Hello to you, too." Thys's smile when he turned to her fades, replaced by a frown as she drums her fingers against the food tray, a sure sign that she's feeling the pressure of the moment. "I'm quite surprised by that, actually. I would have thought the Healers would be bound by that confidentiality pact they have to agree to when they join, or whatever it is they need to do." She straightens up, sitting a little more stiffly. Tap-tap-tap-tap; her fingertips keep up their traytop rhythm. "It was something I needed to do on my own, Ralik. And, save for checking into the galleries and, after seeing to my dragon, I came here to tell you. Though I had thought I could entice you out to somewhere a little more… private." Since they're far from alone, what with all the activity around them at this busy time of day.

Ralik has never been praised for his over-abundance of tact, that's for sure. Ralik doesn't look pissed, exactly, but rather something different entirely, a sort of hurt mixed with anger and something else. He snorts softly as he pulls the goggles off completely and sets the aside on the table, moving to the water bucket so he can splash some on his face, "Yeah, well, when you're there every day on someone's behalf, they tend to assume you're supposed to be there for all the appointments. Apparently not a general feeling you share." He rubs a towel roughly over his features and hands before he turns towards her, looking at the crafter's cavern only to throw a hand wide, "Why? They're all busy and it's noisy in here. I don't have my own room, you're not spending any time at your weyr, so we might as well go ahead and deal with it." He props his hands on his hips as he looks to her again, his lips pressed together and his brow furrowed for a moment before he says, "Thys. I love you. I respect you. You don't want to talk about flights? Fine, we won't. You have to put Rhenesath and the Weyr first? Fine, I get it. No open affection outside your /weyr/? Alright, I can take that. There are always going to be things that I won't understand because I'm not a dragonrider and I have made an effort to make peace with that." He steps forward, placing his hands on the table so that they're less than a foot apart, "But when you make major decisions that effect both of us, when you go out of your way to leave me out of things, when you act, at the very best level, like I don't deserve the /respect/ it takes to /tell/ me you're going to do something like that without me… how am I supposed to feel about this? You make me feel like a damn… /pet/ or some kind of social accessory. Not a boyfriend, not some kind of equal, but someone that's just around as needed."

Thys has to take a long moment to think about what's said to her… and an even longer moment to come up with someting to say in return. All the while, her dark eyes remain fixed on his face, her expression as neutral as someone who often deals with political situations can muster. She blinks, draws in a deep breath, and exhales it slowly before replying. "I understand you're hurt, and I understand why." As she pauses, she runs her tongue over her bottom lip. "And I understand there are things that you cannot understand, and yet you've accepted them, and I appreciate that." One finger taps the tray almost involuntarily, leading her to flatten her hand against the surface, fingers splayed. "You're not a pet, or an accessory, or anything like that; you're someone I care for and that I would spend more time with, if I had it to spare. My decision this morning was nothing to do with respect - it was to do with me. There was a convenient opportunity for the Healers to conduct the test, and I took it." Another pause, this one barely a beat. "I took it because I didn't want the pressure of having to school my emotions to reflect yours whatever the outcome would be. Ralik, I didn't want to have to fake enthusiasm or dampen my relief - I wanted to deal with it on my own first. Yes, you're going to say that's selfish and it is, I agree, but this is also my decision and after the shit I've been through in the past few days, I wanted to know so I could deal with it in my own way." It's an increasing struggle to keep her tone level as she continues, and as her emotions build up.

"First of all, I NEVER begrudge you having to spend time doing your job. I never have and it's unfair to suggest that I would. Second, I didn't DEMAND to be there for the test. I'm angry that you never, in the entire conversation we had, felt the need to say 'actually, I'd like to do it alone.' You made that choice and went through with it without a single word to me about it, Thys. And /fake enthuisiasm/? At what point have I ever foisted my opinions onto you? I was being as neutral as damn possible. You want to find out if you're pregnant without me hovering around? Fine. Fucking /say so/. We're adults here, we're not children, and I don't need you to cushion everything you say to somehow appeal to me," Ralik responds, his words hard and rushed, but clearly not entirely spontaneous. He gestures towards the hall outside as well, likely intending the Weyr at large, "And what exactly do I not understand? Because I've really put a lot of work into getting on some sort of level with you, but it's starting to come across like you don't think I can measure up. I may not have practical experience with some things, like a damn rider would, but I'm not an idiot. I know what riders have to go through."

"You seemed so… so keen about the thought of it that I didn't want to disappoint you by not wanting to be pregnant." Thys raps her knuckles hard against the tray in frustration, then drops her chin to look down into her lap. She knots her fingers together there under her gaze, squeezing them tightly. "You just said there are things you don't understand because you're not a rider. I was just saying that I can understand that - I can understand you not knowing and I can appreciate that and I really, really cannot get this upset right now, Ralik, because Rhenesath is already stressed and-" The breath she takes quivers a little, and, without caring who in the cavern might see, she props her elbow on the countertop and presses her forehead into her palm, fingers knotted painfully tight into her short hair. She's not crying, but concentrating through her heightened emotions, her breathing quick yet even against her forearm.

Ralik shakes his head, exhaling roughly to try and calm himself down and unbinding his hair solely so he can ruffle his fingers through it, "Thys… I want kids. I won't lie about that. That doesn't mean I'm going to ignore your feelings on the matter. I would've understood if you'd just told me you didn't want to be pregnant, if you'd just told me about - about any of this. About wanting to do the test alone, about not wanting to be pregnant. I'm not mad about you taking the test by yourself, I just wish you had taken the time to tell me." His voice is calmer now at least, enough so that the anger has leeched enough that he just looks hurt more than anything else. Still, he goes quiet for a little while as she focuses on her own emotions, just leaning against the table still and giving her some time to try and collect. He may not be fully willing to let the entire conversation drop, but he's apparently done being overtly audible about it.

"I thought I did tell you, when we were with Rhenesath the day of the fire," Thys says quietly as she runs her fingers entirely through her hair, clutching at it at the base of her skull as she exhales another deep breath. "It's never been something I've wanted, Ralik. I thought I told you as much that day." She sighs again, this time looking up at the glasscrafter and shaking her head. "There's no way I can even begin to explain to you what I'm going through at the moment. You've been patient, and caring and loving and everything else, and I don't even know how to begin repaying that." Standing up straight, she clears her throat gently, and holds her chin up high as she looks up at her taller boyfriend. "This is not my forte, Ralik. Caring for and about everyone, yes. Caring so deeply for a single person…" The young goldrider has to bite down on her lip, giving him a hopeless look. "I apologise for everything. Upsetting you was never my intention. I was only thinking of myself, and I apologise for that, too."

Ralik shakes his head mildly when she finally speaks again, though he exhales after a moment and frowns, "Look… it's not a matter of repaying anything. I just want you to talk to me, alright? Just… even if you're not sure how I'll react, just give me a heads' up." He shifts his weight, posture relaxing somewhat as he rakes his fingers through his hair once more and binds it back again, "You're not selfish, luv. You're anything but selfish. I'm sorry I brought this up so abruptly. I should've given you a chance to explain." He drops his hands back onto the table, then folds his arms and leans forward, giving her a somewhat wry smile, "I don't think either of us has any real experience with a serious relationship. It may just come down to agreeing to cut eachother some slack, I think. You don't have to /be/ anything in particular for me, Thys. Seriously. I should be the one person you don't have to be formal with, or hide things from, or what have you. Just something to keep in mind."

Thys nods curtly when Ralik finishes talking. "Right. Yes. I will bear it in mind." That clipped, over-enunciated way of speaking is only pulled out when she's putting her foot down, and she fixes Ralik with a steady, but slightly stern gaze. "If it's alright, I'd like to talk to you, Fort goldrider to Glasscraft journeyman." Which means she's uncomfortable with their conversation and wants to skip ahead to the next chapter, sweeping it under the rug as she goes.

Ralik arches a brow at that curt tone as well as the decision to change tacks so abruptly, smiling somewhat wryly as he says, "Not right now, if you don't mind. I'd rather eat and then finish what I'm working on and talk to you later, maybe over at the infirmary or… well, somewhere. If you need me as a crafter, I'll bring my sketchbook to put down any ideas, but I think for now I'd honestly just rather you be Thys and I'll be Ralik. It's all I have the energy to deal with right now." He's not letting her sweep it under the rug, basically, though he's not being overly pushy about it either. Instead, he tries to see if he can't sneak something off the tray she brought down, even if it's likely cold by now, "Do you have time still to actually have lunch with me?"

"Given that my secondary reason for coming to speak to you was to discuss the possibility of a potentially career-changing commission, yes. I do have time." Thys lifts her sketchbook from the tray, setting it down, a little too heavily, to the side of the lunch she brought with her. She also sits back in her seat, though with all the prim-and-proper stiffness that she usually reserves for occasions when she playing the part of a Fortian weyrwoman, not just Thys. "Please. Help yourself. I'm a little pushed for time with delivering a concept to Weyrwoman Nyalle, and, given that you are the most skilled Glasscrafter that I know, I would appreciate it if you could make this a working lunch."

Ralik sighs quietly before he drags his stool over and sits down, reaching into one of his many drawers and taking out a somewhat battered sketchbook along with a small zippered bag that turns out to be a pencil case. He takes a black pen out of the bag and taps it against the table, noting, not indelicately, "I don't need a career-changing commission, you do realize. Not that I mind the idea." Ralik is good in his craft and likely heading for a promotion as soon as he can be wrangled into it because he has a hard time leaving any interesting concept alone. If he gets curious, if he gets an offer to do something cool, he wants to do it. Opening up his sketchbook, he taps the pen against that instead, looking at her curiously, "Well, then, junior Weyrwoman. What did you have in mind?"

"Ralik, I'm talking the largest commission on Pern, possibly even the largest of our lifetimes and certainly the largest installation I have ever known of. This is not just career-changing; if we pull this off, this is history." The response to Ralik getting his sketchbook out is for Thys to flip hers around, opening it up to a page that has a sketch of the galleries - notably furnished again, but with a difference: with a coloured, illuminated mural stretching up the staircase and to the very back of the drawing. "This," she taps it gently, "is what I want."

Ralik leans forward to look at the drawing she has, propping his elbow on the table and resting his jaw against his curled fingers as he considers. He eventually nods his head a bit, "Aye, that'd be a bit of work, though I'm not sure it's the first time it's ever been done. It'd be easily dealt if I went back to the Hall for a while and put some apprentices to the task of cutting out the pieces. Were you wanting this to be done like stained glass or colored tiles? Colored tiles need to be fitted together to avoid being opaque, but stained glass is meant to have the light shine through it." He writes idly while he speaks, just taking notes on what he's saying as well as notes of what to do if he wanted to make it work. He does inquire, an eyebrow lifting, "You keep saying 'we.' What were you planning for the smithwork?"

"I want it to be backlit. We'll run lights along the back, so that the scenes really stand out. This will be a timeline of Fort's history, Ralik, everything from the Founding through to whatever the future will throw at us, and I want it to be spectacular, therefore we'll go with whatever you suggest is the most practical way of manufacturing it." Thys drums her fingers once on the page, then sets about making up a sandwich with the foods she brought for lunch. Once it's put together, she passes it over to him. "Given its location, it also has to be safe. It can't break, and… the only we in this is that I would like to contribution in the design of the panels. Does it require smithing?" Because that would be news to her!

Ralik lifts his eyebrows and shakes his head before shrugging slightly, "I'm not sure, I just wanted to check. You're the one who came up with the idea, after all. The only smithing I can imagine would be technology work, dealing with how to securely plant the lighting in the back wall. You'll need someone to cut out the stone itself as well. We could probably handle it, but it's not a Glasscrafter forte, stonework." He speaks while he starts to draw, swapping out colored pens as if he didn't even need to check them and doodling something rapid, yet weirdly still coherent. He also includes odd notes with illustrations, planning notes to cover and things that need to be measured. When he looks back up at Thys, he props his jaw on his hand again, "I'll have to take measurements of the galleries' back wall and then figure out how much space would be needed behind it, what kind of lighting to use, that sort of thing. As for making it sturdy, I think most of Pern forgets that the Glasscraft is also responsible for /windows/. We know how to make glass that's hard to break, it's just a matter of how it's tempered. If I wanted to maintain the delicate qualities of the glasswork without risking it being broken, I'd probably make it first and then either set it into or put it between two sheets of thicker glass. Whatever the case, it won't break unless someone makes an actual effort."

Thys leans over to watch him work, smiling softly as his sketch comes together. "That all sounds about right, apart from one thing…" She goes back to her sketch, then, on the opposing page, maps out the galleries and hatching cavern from an aerial view. Thys draws a line from the entrance up to the stairs that lead into the gallery, then beyond that to the back. "This is where it will start." She taps the lowest part of it all, the part closest to the entrance. "Then we'll extend it up, into the galleries, so it tells a story as you ascend. The actual events are yet to be chosen, but we will continue to add to it as necessary, taking the mural as far back as is needed, curving it around the back and down the other side, too, if necessary. Does that make sense? Also, I made you a sandwich. Please eat it."

"Hm? Oh," Ralik says, not even having realized the sandwich was apparently there. He picks it up to take a bite, even if he still looks at the sketch she has opened up, nodding understandingly. He chews and swallows, wincing due to the fact that he rushed it and swallowed a bit of unchewed bread, "Ah." Ahem. "Yeah, it makes sense. We'll definitely need a timeline, but if you and Nyalle can pick the events, we can send word to the Harper Hall to get the records on them and just forward that to the Glass Hall. I'll have to contact the Hall anyway to let them know I need resources." He's not loving that idea. They're going to wrangle him into something for sure now, but whatever. He does note, taking another bite of the sandwich, "We need a full list of what's going up on the wall before we start working on it. Measurements when it comes to glass have to be pretty exact, especially dealing with something of this size."

"And we'll get all of that… once the idea's approved. We have to pitch it to Nyalle, possibly Th'ero, maybe Elara, Inri, Dtirae - we need sketches and feasibility, options, timelines, costs…" For all Thys pushed Ralik to eat, she abandons the tray as she slips off her chair, moving around to his side. "This will be your project, and you'll report progress to me for it if it's given the okay by the Weyrwoman." She reaches out, gently touching her fingers to the back of his hand. "Is that okay?" Her dark eyes turn up to look at him, and there's the possibility that she's asking much more than those three simple words, but the rest remains unvoiced.

Ralik nods his head again as she mentions having to wait for it to be approved, shrugging amiably as he says, "I've never had any problems pitching before. It should be a walk in the park. I need to examine the galleries for any kind of timeline or cost, but honestly, Thys, I'd like to speak to Nyalle myself. I've met her before and I'm a stationed journeyman, so it's not like I lack the rank to be allowed. Not by myself, of course, but I think it'd give me a good idea of how she'd like us to go about the project, if we wind up doing it. I might be able to get a Master from the Glass Hall in on it as well, for the sake of coordination." He blinks when she asks if that'll be okay only to wince mildly and inhale deeply, turning towards her on his seat, "I don't mind looking to you as the liason between myself and the Weyrleadership, but… Thys, a lot of this work is going to be done at the Hall. I'll have to leave - for a while, at least. If this all comes together, I'll need the full work space and resources the Hall provides."

"I can arrange a meeting for you, but the project was my idea, Ralik, I don't-" Thys waves her hand, dismissing whatever idea that was. "Never mind. I'll arrange a meeting. As the professional involved this will become your project, and I'm sure it will be fine enough for you to report in to her. I didn't intend to suggest you were not of significant enough station to speak to the Weyrwoman." Now it's her turn to wince, and she crosses her arms over her chest, trying to straighten out her expression. "Could we not arrange for more space and facilities here?"

Ralik blinks and shakes his head, laughing suddenly as he reaches over and loosely grasps her wrist, "No, Thys, that's not what I meant. I just meant I wanted to /talk/ to her. I don't mind reporting progress to you. I can't say what the masters might prefer, but it doesn't bother me. I just don't want to run everything through you right off the bat, you know?" The question about arranging for more space here causes him to frown again, however, and he releases her so he can pick up his sandwich, "No. I mean, I'm sure we could, but we still don't have everything I need here. There are ovens at the Hall big enough to smoothly melt and mold large panes of sturdy glass, specifically, and doing what I might wind up doing involves needing constant and ready access to it." He smiles again, faintly, however, and muses, "But hey, maybe I can get Nyalle to loan me R'yal as a personal glass chauffeur." Bwaha.

Thys isn't very reponsive to her wrist being captured, save for a quirk of her eyebrows as she looks steadily at Ralik. "As I said, this project was my idea, it's my vision. There is nothing to run off Nyalle other than a final proposal for her go-ahead, unless you take over the project in its entirety and make it yours." And she's a tad sore about that, though she's trying to hide it. She's not doing very well. "Perhaps that would be for the best, actually. You create the concept, you pitch it, you work it through. I'm sure it will be much more effective for you to work from the Hall, and no doubt it will be possible to arrange riders to take you back and forth, as and when you need it. But, Ralik. I want to ask something else of you."

Ralik rolls his eyes slightly as he looks down to the sketchbook, "I wasn't trying to take over the entire thing. It's normal for someone who plans to work on something being involved in the higher level planning meetings. Jeez. I'm not trying to usurp your vision from you." Ralik props his head on his fist again, looking up at Thys with his own eyebrows raised, making a small gesture with his hand that indicates he's ready for whatever else she might want to ask of him, "What is it?"

"I want you to have this." Thys fishes in the pocket of her trousers, something enclosed in her fist as she pulls it back out. The sets it on the table, opens her hand to let it free, and… there's a white knot. "Please consider it."

Ralik looks understandably stunned by the knot set on the table. He looks at it for a while, then up to her before he points out, "I can't exactly do all this glasswork if I'm trying to be a candidate, Thys…" He seems hesitant to just reject it out of hand, even if he never has shown any real interest in becoming a dragonrider. He picks the knot up and tucks it into one of his many pockets, promising only, "I'll give it some thought." Really, it couldn't come at a worse possible time, though. It's going to take a lot of thought.

"I know. I know you can't. But there's also no-one I would want more to stand for Rhenesath's eggs when - if they hatch, and you'd be fine for Kouzevelth's too, and -" When her voice cracks Thys stops, covering her mouth with her hand and closing her eyes to hide how wet they were becoming. From behind her hand, and in a voice thick with emotion, she shakes her head and says, quietly and giving away her position on the brink of tears; "What if they don't hatch?"

Ralik's expression immediately collapses into a sympathetic one and he reaches over to Thys, taking her wrist again with his hand and pulling her towards him, even if they are somewhere public, "Aw, sweetheart, stop. They're going to hatch. Dragons haven't been around on Pern all this time because they're weak." He gives her arm a little shake and smiles at her lightly, his voice aiming towards something playful if still feeling for her, "Worst case scenario, Rhenesath has to deal with some ugly babies, and my mom handled that just fine, okay?"

Thys bites down hard on her lip when her hand's pulled away, her expression stiff with concern and her attempts of control. "Ugly is fine," she whispers, unable to stop her quivering little laugh. She extricates herself from Ralik's wrist-hold so that she can cup his cheek gently. "I'm sorry," she then murmurs, shaking her head. "I'm so sorry."

"Stop. It's fine," is Ralik's firm word on the matter, putting his arms loosely around her middle at first to make sure she won't pull away so he can hug her a little bit closer, going so far as rising back up to his feet to tuck her against him, "It's going to be fine, Thys. They'll hatch. It might take a bit longer, they might be smaller, or any other little things that Rhenesath won't care a flip about, but they'll hatch. Alright?" He rubs her back gently with one hand, kissing her cheek once in that same firm manner.

Thys allows him to hold her, nodding her head against his chest. She even wraps her arms back around him, a first in such a public setting. Her voice is a little muffled as she speaks to his collar, with her forehead pressed in against his neck: "I couldn't bear the thought of me having a baby if Rhenesath's didn't make it. She might forget, but I wouldn't. I can't do it. Not now. There's not much I'm scared of, Ralik, but that scares me."

Ralik runs his fingers up her neck, lightly gripping the back of it in a reassuring fashion as he presses a soft kiss to her hair, "Don't worry about that right now, alright? Rhenesath's babies are going to make it. Anything about babies between you and me… it can wait." Even if he voiced his upset when she first came in, it's not like he wants to knock her up right this second anyway. Ahem. With the idea of Rhenesath's children being in jeopardy adding to any kind of pregnancy stress, well, that would just make it an impossible and unpleasant experience for both of them.

"Thank you. And I'm sorry." Thys's new catchphrase! She gives her Glasscrafter a squeeze, presses the lightest of kisses to his neck, and then carefully pulls away from him until she leaves just her fingertips lingering on his waist. "I'm going to smell like molten glass now," she jokes softly, laughing quietly, just once. "I'm sorry for not having enough time for you with the eggs and all. If I promise I'll make it up to you later - if I make it up to you after they hatch, will that do?"

Ralik laughs a little at the idea of her smelling like molten glass, shrugging casually as he mentions, "Just say you've been hanging out with some hot windows." There you go. He idly brushes her hair back and tucks it into some semblance of neatness as he nods, "Sure. I understand that you don't have a lot of time, luv. Don't worry about that. From the seems of it, we're both about to be pretty damn busy, after all." That's really the only way Ralik would take over anything, in the end. It's not like Thys doesn't have a million things to do to begin with. Kissing her forehead, he gives her hand a light squeeze before he says, "I'll see you later, alright? And I'll send word to Glasscraft about the possibility of a big job coming up."

Thys nods, smiling up at Ralik as she pats his chest and steps away from him. "If you need permission to go measure the galleries, say that I've given it the okay as long as it's safe for you to do so. Can you meet me for dinner tonight with some rough ideas for how this will work? Then I can arrange a meeting for you with Nyalle. And…" She looks down to the knot on the table, then back at Ralik; "Have a think about that. I know the timing's bad and everything, but please, think about it. You needn't join the ranks until right before the Hatching, and it's not like you wouldn't be able to continue with your craft after weyrlinghood, if you Impress…"

"Are people being blocked off for the time being?" is Ralik's curious inquiry, seeing as the galleries usually are pretty open to visitors. It would make sense, though. He nods his head regarding the candidate knot, smiling a little as he says, "I said I'll think about it and I will. If I can wait to join, I might go for it, but… I've honestly just never had much ambition to be a rider, luv. I can't help it. I like what I am." He adds this last with a somewhat cheeky grin, if only for the simplistic way of stating it. He leans in and kisses her once, properly, on the mouth, putting his hands on her sides and giving her a small, playful wiggle, "Try to relax a little, alright? Weyr's full of all kinds of people working, too. You don't need to take the entire place on your shoulders. Focus on Rhen and let other people worry about other stuff." That's his word on the matter.

"There's major reconstruction work happening there, Ralik, they're absolutely out of bounds until they're completed… hopefully in time for Kouzevelth's clutch to hatch, but we'll have to see." Thys doesn't sound too confident. "I also like you as you are, I'm not doing this to change you - I'm doing it because I think you'd be good at it, and because it might help you to understand what my life is. Even though it would be sharding awful having to watch you from afar for so long without even being able to… you know." She blushes deeply, dropping her gaze and stepping away fully from him, to slide her hands into her pockets. "Ok, I'm going now. I'll see you at dinner. In my weyr, ok? I'll send Shards to you so you know when to come. Bring my sketchbook with you when you come, won't you?" Because she's leaving it there for him to look at, since she turns around to walk out without picking it up.

"I know, I was just kidding," is Ralik's response and he gives her backside a pinch before she can fully escape. Bwaha. He grins slightly at what makes her blush as well, clearing his throat and admitting, "That would suck, to be sure." He props his hands back on his hips to watch as she goes, nodding mildly, "Yeah, I'll bring it. Tell Shards that I know he's the one that's been stealing the snacks I keep down here, too, would you? Little scavenger." Once she's gone, he'll sit down to get to some planning work - at least what he can do now - before getting back to whatever work he was doing before.