Who Leuka Riohra Kimmila
What Getting drunk with found rum.
When Deep Winter in the middle of a blizzard
Where Fort Weyr BeastHold

Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Forest Beasthold

This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

Since that pushy bluerider seems to have abandoned the lot of them and the others decided on nice cushy bunkbeds, Leuka is exploring around the stone barn. After a few minutes and Riohra still hasn't returned, the Harper figured the Hunter is curling up on one of those cozy little bunks himself. Nudging one of the canines out of the way, he edges around the huge beasty and starts peeking into the unused stalls. They are all cleaned out and fresh looking, he'll give the old stable guys that much. Still would have to be nuts to wanna stay there all the time like that. With a huff, Leuka goes to kick a pile of mounded hay and nearly trips in the process as he tumbles into the mound "What the shell!" He almost shouts and proceeds to start tossing up hay to see what he could have broken his neck over. That's the current scene, Leuka crouched, half buried with straw as he rummages deeper into the mound.

Riohra having finally got a hold of that guitar from the stable hand is sitting in an empty stall, he is currently tuning it. When he hears Leuka take a tumble he will poke his head out saying "Hey you ok, man?"

The door opens and then closes again, blowing in a gust of snow and cold air. The beasts snort in protest and then return to their evening meal, leaving Kimmila standing by the door as she wrestles it shut. "Three, four. Great." Everyone accounted for. She removes a pack from her back and sets it down. "Brought some food back, since you wanted to sleep in the barn…"

Leuka pauses in his fumbling through the understraw when he hers Riohra. "Things could be worse." That might seem odd considering his grumbling just a little while ago, but soon he's scooching back, sorta awkwardly as if he's dragging something with him. After a moment, he is dropping onto his butt, the mound of straw releasing the Harper and he's got a small rum cask clutched in each arm "I figured out why those old stable goats like being out here so much." Leuka grins proudly over his found treasure. "One for each of us and I think there may be a couple more hidden down there."

Annnnnd right about then is when the bluerider returns, not having abandoned them after all it seems. A quick looks of guilt flashes across his face while sitting there hugging two rum cask protectively, but he shakes it off quickly enough and grins to Kimmila "Sephany and Jaelynn decided to bunk it up I think." He shrugs "More for us." Little head motions and he gestures to the disturbed mound of straw "More hidden under there for you too…." A little hint of a pout that seems to say /Awww, come on, found it fair and square!/ And it's not like there's anything else to do right now with the blizzard shutting them in for a while.

Riohra chuckles and watches the harper-candidate uncover his treasure, "And what are you going to do when the people that stashed it, who probably work here with pitchforks, come to get and find you have helped yourself?" He still walks over and looks to see exactly how much he as really uncovered. He will salute the blue rider when she shows back up out of habit if nothing else, "Thanks apparently we are about to have dinner and drink if you want to join."

Kimmila arches a brow at Leuka, and then quirks a grin. "Trade?" she offers, holding out the packet of foodstuffs. Sparse, sure, but in there nonetheless. "We'll send more once we're back at the weyr." Right. Theft is okay, right? It's only borrowing.

Leuka just grins to Riohra's challenge and shrugs "We could always try convincing them they had already empty the casks before we got here." He nods quickly to the bluerider's proposal "Deal!" Plunking the two little casks down, he reaches up to try getting all the tiny bits of straw from his face and hair. A useless gesture considering he's probably covered in it from head to toe now. But oh well. Least he won't much care after a couple of drinks. I hope you got some little cups in there." He's flicks fingers towards the bluerider's pack, accepting one of the little food bundles as he rolls a cask Kimmila's way.

Riohra shrugs and is soo not the adult here, nope anyone asks he is blaming the Weyrleaders Mate… Looking around for a relatively clean spot he will sit down with one of the food bundles and teases Leuka "I bet you wish you had one of those crazy straws now!" He puts the barrow guitar down so he can start eating, his little brown will pop in a moment or two later with his mug which is now chilled from the trip between.

Kimmila laughs. "Cups?" How silly. Of course there aren't cups. She upends a bucket and sits down, stretching her legs and unfastening her jacket. "Well, not too bad a way to spend an evening, right?" She opens one of the casks and carefully takes a drink before setting it down again. Then she laughs. "Cheater," she teases Riohra, as his fire lizard brings him a cup.

Leuka isn't worried about finding a bucket to sit on. He's currently smushing the hay back into a soft mound, after rescuing one more small cask, and preparing a little lounging spot for himself. "Wait your turn." He grumbles and gives one of the large mountain dogs a half hearted shrug. Pausing to peer at Riohra's who is blatantly cheating, he glares for all of five seconds before grinning "Can ya do that trick a couple more times?" His little Scribe is much too small yet for knowing such tricks, much less being able to pick up the heavy mug. Settling back into the piled up hay, and wiggling in to get comfortable he nods to Kimmila "Yea, it could be worse." Taking up his cask, he fumbles with it a few minutes before tipping it up and sipping at the found treasure.

Riohra grins and looks at the two others who call him a cheater "You say cheater, I say prepared" And of course the little brown could do it again, Qorten will between a few more times. Bringing two mugs, a guitar pick, and a letter from Kassala before he wings over and dives into the warm straw for a rest. "How much longer till this storm passes and we can get the others back to the Weyr?" he will ask the blue rider with a grin.

Kimmila laughs again. "If you were prepared, you would have brought a cup with you." Playfully, the bluerider reaches for her mug and then tries to swipe the letter. "What's this? A little love note?" She shrugs. "Could be days. Who knows."

Leuka is not too proud to reach for a mug when it's offered "Did I say cheater? I mean resourceful. Yea, that's what I meant alright." And then he's pouring into his cup and even offered to fill Kimmila a bit too before selling back in the straw. Plugging his cask back up, he laughs as the bluerider tries snatching the letter. "Hmm I think I'm gonna get one of these for Fizgig to carry around when he's bigger." He's referring to the tiny rum casks he's currently hugging. One of the canines circles around the Harper's feet and legs a couple of times before flopping down next to him.

Riohra will let the letter be snatched, all the good stuff never sees the light of day anyway "I could be, Kassala just got cleared for Between so she came up for my turnday. Probably wanting to tell me about how she still can't find a good Weyr at Igen…" he will shrug and fill his own mug. "Just make sure he doesn't drink or chew it, I would hate to find out your mutt froze because he more drunk than you do." he teases to Leuka but looks at Kimmila with the letter as if to say 'well what is it?'

Kimmila tsks. "Because there are no good weyrs in Igen." Judgmental much? She opens the letter and with another glance at Riohra, begins to read. "My dearest, darling Riohra. I met the most fascinating bronzerider today…blah blah blah…glowing gold…oh my." With a wink, she tucks it aside out of Riohra's reach. "I'll have to share that with Th'ero later."

Leuka shakes his head to the Hunter "Nah, won't happen. Maybe I'll get one of those Tanner's to make a harness that will hold bout four of them on his back." He seems to eyes the canine as if trying to picture said harness on is own mutt one day. Shrugging he sips from his mug, not actually hungry at the moment, more interested in the letter that the bluerider mutters out. Blinking, he can't stop the hoot of laughter that comes out of him from Kimmila's mutterings. "And I thought I was the one going into a crappy evening. Welcome to the club Rio!" He snickers briefly before trying to stifle his humor, mug lifting to his friend. He tries to keep all humor from his voice, and fails. "Sorry bud.

Riohra would blush, he really would but oh look booze, he takes a long drink from his mug and says "Well Just return it, I don't want to miss the good parts" he tries to tease but a person just can give a good delivery with food in his mouth. He swallows and looks at Leuka and grins evilly "Oh? how is your night bad, unless you are the creator of Sephany's bad mood then well I am sure you will be seeing more bronze riders than Kass will be."

Kimmila grins even more and pushes to her feet, hefting the cask. "I'm going to go back to the bunkhouse and sleep in a bed." She makes a show of tucking the letter into her inner jacket pocket. "Enjoy, gentlemen. Don't get drunk and wander into the blizzard and die, okay?" And off she goes!

Leuka flicks his gaze between Riohra and Kimmila, enjoying the back and forth as Riohra tries convincing the bluerider to give back the love note. Brow lifts to the hunter after his remarks "No, I'm not, but you're still an ass." for bringing that up. At least Riohra didn't outright accuse Leuka like others did. Lifting his mug to Kimmila "Thanks for the snacks." before she's too far out towards the bunks.

Riohra shrugs at the comment of him being related to a donkey, "Maybe but you are the one who is sulking around and avoiding and basically putting your self through crap." Welcome to drinking with Riohra where the hits hard and the hurt feelings don't matter! He picks up the guitar and starts to strum softly picking cords but not really a tune or melody yet "I mean really so what she has a little extra baggage now? Doest that really mean you two can't be friends?"

Leuka cants is head to Riohra, he should be surprised, but he's not. Everyone else has been jumping to the same assumptions and accusations. Shaking his head, he finishes the last little bit in his mug, then pours in another couple of 'shots' from the cask. Setting the tiny barrel aside, he takes a tiny sip. "I tried talking to her." Leuka waves his hand around vaguely and shrugs. "This whole avoiding thing is her doing. I figured she had already left, that's why I was surprised to see her with us."

Riohra glances over from his picking and nods "I see. Can't say I understand much about of why she is doing what she is doing." He won't ever have to deal with that kind of issue, "But it isn't forever, and who knows you two might be come better friends for it." He reaches down to take his mug and drinks.

Leuka shrugs. "Maybe. Up to her." He gestures to the ole guitar Riohra came across. "So, that thing decently tuned or what?" looking around for his coat, he spots it a couple paces off and levers himself up to shuffle up to get it from a stack of hay bales. "Think I got my sticks some…yep!" Tugging them from an inner coat pocket, he brandishes a couple of drumsticks.

Riohra shrugs and picks back up the instrument "It works good enough, you got a rhythm?" he looks over at the harper who probably never stops hearing music.

Leuka laughs and goes back to his now warm spot of thick hay and drops back down next to the canine. "And I didn't spill a drop." laughing a bit he sets the mug aside and eyes the tiny cask before rolling it to a stop in front of him. "I think I can work something out." He gives a few questing taps on and around the casks and then starts in with a regular tempo, switching up where he hits the tiny wooden barrel to alter the sound a bit. He looks to Riohra and then works to accompany what Riohra may strum out.

Eiram was shadowing a rider when the storm hit that left them stranded at the Beasthold as well. He ended up in another one of the barns with said rider and their dragon. Word no doubt came to him that there were other candidates around and so he slipped out of his barn to seek out the one his friends are in. It is the drum beat that has him opening the door to this barn and slipping through, a blast of cold air with him. He is practically covered in snow by time he comes in, a neck warmer of a brown firelizard securely in place under his coat.

Leuka taps out a beat, grinning as Riohra plays a few minutes of a lively little campfire like tune. His strumming eases off til he seems to be out for a little nap. Not rum related at all. Leuka chuckles to himself and continues abusing the tiny rum casks at random, or so it would seem. There is a method to madness, but it's in his head. The sudden blast of air has the Harper hissing towards the open door "Aw! come on! I just getting nice and toasty in here!"

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