Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Being that it is a cold and blustery day, the cooks have decided to make some warm oatmeal to feed the residents this morning. Katrina is currently filling bowls with a simple ladle, and providing juice or water for those that wish for a drink. She is humming happily to herself with her wild red hair pulled back into a hairnet, and a simple apron covered in smears of some sort of sauce or another upon it.

Warmth is certainly sought by one visitor. Kiena's no stranger to winter snow and ice but after spending more and more time in Ierne in the south where she and her weyrmate are slowly building their new home, it's a bit of a shock. Not to mention the timezone skip! She'll step inside the living caverns, stifling a yawn and scrubbing at her cheek with her still-gloved hand while her helmet and goggles are held by her side in the other. Over to the serving tables she wanders and perks up a bit at the familiar smell of oatmeal. Some may knock it, but she's always loved it. And of course… "Doesn't happen to be any fresh brewed klah, is there?" Please tell her there is and maybe she'll look a touch pleading to Katrina.

"Of course! I have a pitcher right over there next to the juice. It's about ten minutes old." Katrina says as she glances over to the pitcher to a small colorful sticker attached to the side of it. An idea of hers. A way to tell how fresh or old a pitcher is by changing a simple tag off the side of it. Every hour a new pitcher is made, at least until the afternoon. "Welcome to Fort." She smiles at the sight of the Ierne rider, though she does not recognize her due to being a fresh face herself. "Here's some oatmeal. We have some butter but not much else in the way of toppings."

"Wonderful!" Kiena exclaims with a still sleepy grin and she'll pick out one of the larger mugs before setting it down by the pitchers. Lifting one, she'll begin to pour herself some of the klah and reaching for the sweetener which she uses a modest amount of. "Thanks! Don't visit nearly as often as I ought to and I must be crazy to come during the heart of winter here but…" She shrugs. Here she is? "Oh, I'm fine with taking my oatmeal with just a sprinkle of sweetener and some spice." Whichever may be the cinnamon variant on Pern. "And I'm Kiena, by the way. Rider of blue Ujinath, from Ierne Weyrhold."

"Nice to meet you. I am Katrina Moss from Soutern Boll Hold. Just transferred here a few weeks ago. Apprenctice baker. I know I'm a bit old to be a baker but I spent most of my time taking care of my mother before she passed away." The woman says with a flash of a smile on her face. "But, pastries and desserts run in my family and that is my specialty. Everyone just calls me Kitty, or Kat, or.. hey new girl. So, feel free to pick any of the above." She says with a bright, optimistic grin on her face. "Nice weather, huh? I love the snow."

Kiena quirks a brow curiously while Katrina talks, sipping at her klah and giving a satisfied sigh. Ahh, much better! Though she's still balancing her helmet and goggles in one hand and her mug in the other. Time to scope out a table! "Sorry to hear of your mother. And nothing wrong with joining a Craft late. I was into my sixteenth Turn by the time I took my Apprenticeship with the Smiths." she points out with a smile and then chuckles. "I'll go with Kat. And do you?"

"Oh, it's alright. Mother went peacefully. That's all that matters. I have been baking all my life, since I was teeny tiny, but now this makes things more official. I don't think anyone can deny my baking skill, but, I'm not so good with the meats, so, I'm very excited to learn how to prepare different dishes besides cakes and pies." Katrina says with that beaming smile of hers. "But yes, I love snow. I love building snow dragons and forts and throwing snowballs at my siblings. I got into it real good with S'ai the other day, though he used his dragon as a shield. So not fair."

Kiena chuckles, "Can't hurt to have skills in all fields of your Craft, huh? So you're posted here then from now on?" she asks curiously and then blinks. "Wait, you know S'ai? Zeruth's rider?" She laughs, "Sounds like something he would do — or any rider. Never trust us in a snowball fight." There's a wink and then she gestures with a tilt of her head. "Mind if snag a bowl of that oatmeal too? Hope you don't mind carrying it. Full hands," She'll demonstrate by lifting her mug and then her hand holding her gear. At least she turns to walk to a nearby table and doesn't make Katrina walk across the living caverns!

"Yup! S'ai lives here. He's so funny. Really nice guy." Katrina says with a bright grin on her face, cheeks turning a hint red in the process. "You can have oatmeal, sure!" She says as she scoops a bowl and then looks to carry it for her. "Pick any empty table! I'll even bring some more klah for you as well if you want." As she follows after her, she picks up her hum once more, a jaunty tune from back home. "So where are you from originally? Are you from Fort and then moved to Ierne?"

"Yeah, I knew he was of Fort. His Zeruth caught Xanadu's gold Kairoikyriath not long ago." Kiena murmurs as she settles into her seat and stretches out her legs beneath the table with a sigh. Ahh, much better! Her gear is set beside her, along with her jacket. "Thanks and I should be good with the one mug. Just need a slight pick-me up to get through this day." she admits and then smirks, "Well now… that's a bit complicated. I'm not of Fort, though my brother lives here. We're both originally of the emerald isles around Half Moon Bay. I Impressed there, but I transferred to Xanadu and now am in the process of moving to Ierne."

Katrina chuckles. "That sounds like a really hard to spell name. Cairo-Keerath." She sounds it out with a furrow of her brow. "Oh, I have never been to High Reaches. I hear it's very nice.. except right now, you know.. with the earthquakes. That is not so nice. But, next to Monaco they have the best beaches is what someone was bragging to me the other day." Offering up another cheery smile, she asks curiously, "Who is your brother if I may ask."

"Luckily for me, I was once Xanadu's Weyrsecond and committed how to spell it to memory just for that reason. It's not so bad once you learn it," Kiena admits with another chuckle and a smile that is half hidden behind her mug as she takes a slow sip of her klah. Clearly, she's nursing it! Her expression falls, troubled. "Yeah. Heard about that… I should check in there." Yet she sounds hesitant and unsure but she gives herself a little shake and snickers, her good humour returning. "Oh, they do have some nice beaches there. That I won't deny." As for her family? Kiena will wait until the oatmeal is brought to the table and then pull the bowl close to her before answering. "Weyrleader Th'ero's my brother. I'd heard what had happened to him but could only get away now to come visit. Heard about the Galleries too." Kiena shakes her head and clicks her tongue. "Rough end to a Turn for you folks here. Seems this side of the planet is seeing some bad times."

"Oh, yeah. That was a really bad day. I was helping put the fire out with my kitchen staff. Doing buckets. Was a long, frustrating night." Katrina confirms, then gives herself a long stretch upwards to work out a few annoying joints in her back. "Let me know if you want a refill on that klah, ma'am. We aren't that busy this morning so there will probably be a bit left over." Giving her hands a bit of a wiggle, she picks her towel out from her apron pocket and wipes down a bit of a splatter she catches out of the corner of her eye on the table. "I hope Th'reo is alright. I have not heard much personally. I'm not prone to most of the gossip that circulates."

Speaking of that long night, there's S'ai making his way into the living cavern. No doubt he's on the hunt for food and water after one of may such shifts of sand fetching. He's looking worn out for sure but in one piece.

Kiena tilts her head curiously, "Do they not have riders and folk trained for firefighting?" she asks, only to grimace and exhale as she takes the first bite of her oatmeal. "I can only imagine. I was Search and Rescue for Half Moon Bay for the first short while of being a rider. Tough, hard and exhausting work…" she mumbles around a mouthful of food. "I will. Thanks, Kat." With a grin, she winks and then sobers a bit. "From what I was told he'll be fine. Just a broken leg but I can't imagine all the stress of late has been good. He can be a difficult man and moreso when under pressure." Kiena admits with a shrug and then, speak of the devil… or one of them, at least. "'lo, bronzerider!" she calls to S'ai with a snickered laugh.

"They do, Thunderbird. But, those of us who got there quickly just tried to help out as best we could before everyone showed up that was better than us doing it." When she calls out for S'ai, Kat turns around casually, then blanches as she nearly fumbles a plate in her hands. "Oh, Hi!" She calls out with a quick wave of her hand to him before she takes the plate, and a few others to the wash basin. "Oatmeal and klah if you want some." After depositing the dishes, she takes her apron off and washes her hands quickly, then unties her hair net to let her red locks sprawl out against her shoulders. "I'm going to take a quick break, but should be back in a bit. Annie will be here to assist." She says as the changing of the guard appears as a young brunette takes over.

S'ai blinks as he spies Kat and chuckles at her fumble, giving a faint shake of his head. "Heya, Katrina. Smells good!" He says fondly towards the baker before looking over to Kiena. He raises otu his hands, calling out to her, "Hey! Kiena! What are you doing here in Fort? Come to see the invalid?" He heads over towards the offerings of klah and oatmeal, getting himself a fair portion of both before finding himself a seat.

"Was anyone hurt?" Kiena asks Katrina before the girl can make her escape to take her break and looking up from her conversation with her, she will laugh at S'ai's teasing remark. "Guess you can say I have! Only just got in and was told he's busy," Nothing new there. "So I came in to get warm and enjoy a good breakfast. How've you been?" Which could be a loaded question, but the bluerider seems to realize it and she flinches slightly. Oops? "I heard of what happened here. Fort's never been a quiet place…"

"Not that I heard! I think a lot of people just got smoke in the lungs and a few scratches, but no one was.. too injured? Doc would know better than I. Maybe S'ai would know." Katrina says as she prances past the bronze rider, reaching up to ruffle his blonde hair on her way past. "Bye guys! The head is calling and I need to run a quick chore. I will be back sooner than later."

S'ai scrunches his nose at the ruffle to his hair but he seems not to mind. "Catcha later." He calls back to Katrina as she jogs off and turns down to his oatmeal, adding a generous dose of sweetner and some milk. "Nah, not quiet, but least keeps us from getting complacent I guess. Everyone's okay that I've heard. Lot of smoke, burns, but nothing severe. Coulda been a lot worse. The two clutches are in the infirmary with the queens right now, hence why we're rushing to get the sands replaced before they hatch."

Kiena does her best not to snicker at the moment shared between Katrina and S'ai, containing her obvious amusement by taking a few more bites of her breakfast and washing it all down with the last of her klah. "Suppose you've got a point there but it seems like this Weyr never sleeps or rests. That has to be hard on a lot of you," she murmurs and then nods, looking relieved. "And the eggs won't come to harm being in the Infirmary instead? Shards…" She ponders a moment. "Where are the sands being brought in from? My weyrmate, Mur'dah and I, we're in Ierne Weyrhold now. We're still in the process of moving over but…" She's no longer bound by a Weyr.

"I got time to sleep when I'm dead." S'ai says around a mouthful of oatmeal and a pointed wiggle of his spoon in a 'meh' expression. "Not too easy housing two queens, a bronze, and two clutches of eggs in the infirmary. Espcially with dragons and riders needing the space at times. As for the sands, it's Paradise River. Got an agreement in place already. Nyalle wanted to make sure it was a close as possible to the old stuff. All that we had to dump Between, too much ash and water to clean out and dry in time."

Kiena chuckles, "Rather morbid way of putting it." she points out and scrapes the last of the oatmeal in her bowl into her spoon and then pops it into her mouth. "A bronze as well? One of the clutch fathers?" she'll venture to guess, only to wrinkle her nose. "Jays. Two clutches and that had to happen… Hope they catch the ones responsible! Wouldn't want to be them either when you do." Shaking her head, her brows will knit and then smooth as she smiles crookedly. "Glad something could be worked out. Shame about having to dump all that old sand though…"

"Workin on it!" S'ai remarks with a lopsided grin. "We'll get 'em, no worries. It does suck about the sand. Generations of dragons.. heck, maybe among the original. I have no clue if it was ever redone in the past." He gives a shrug of his shoulders and pokes at his oatmeal. "Nothing to be done about it, though. So, before you left, how were the new weyrlings doing? Everyone get settled in okay? Maybe once things are quieter I'll poke over and take a peek."

Kiena awkwardly clears her throat. "Ah, yeah… about that. I'm — not of Xanadu anymore. Mur'dah and I have gone or are slowly moving over to Ierne Weyrhold. New start 'n all. But I'm sure the weyrlings would appreciate a visit! Couldn't hurt, eh?" she muses and with her breakfast done she pushes back her chair and exhales, "Well, I'll have to catch you later sometime, S'ai. I best go see if I can't corner my brother and talk to him. Clear skies!" With a grin, she pushes to her feet and offers a half-salute, half-wave to the bronzerider before she's ducking out of the caverns.