Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.
Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

Outside, fluffy flakes of snow drift to the ground, causing a sense of dullness to weave over the weyr. Even the eggs are more silent than Normal, cuddled in their warmed environment and protected by their parents. For his part, the snow sends Kainaesyth into a deep almost meditative state. His innermost membrane on his eyes are closed.

Niumdreoth is slowly making his way into the infirmary, his form pausing at the entrance to give his wings and body a slight shake which sends any snow off in the process. He is soon moving towards Kai, a soft rumble escaping him. « Kainaesyth.. You sleep.. Still? » Abigail isn't to far behind her dragon, hands tucked into her jacket which is sipped up. The Wingleader sends a slight glance over the room as she moves on towards where Kainaesyth is and looks up to the bronze watching him a few moments before she just sits down there next to him. She's quiet, plenty of things running through her mind while her arms move to settle loosely upon her lap.

« Winter is when the world sleeps Niumdreoth. » Kainaesyth's voice is the barest of breezes, stirring deep within the canyon that never quite falls totally prey to the winter's chill. As Abigail approaches he stirs himself slightly moving his bulk enough to create the best back rest he can. Gently his tail moves to curl next to Abigail, comforting. « Sadness … » It's what he senses off of Abigail.

Abigail is quiet, and yes indeed sadness is most likely picked up. She glances to the tail that is there and lets her hand settle upon is softly, she didn't plan on leaning back against the bronze worry about hurting him in some way seeing how he is still healing. « Indeed.. But some life still goes on in the winter. Do you need food? Mine wishes to know if you are hungry. » The brown settles there, closest to his rider at Kainaesyth's side. « She… Misses yours, worries for him, wishes to help him. »

Kainaesyth is there, if Abigail ever should lean back. He's healing steadily, and it is more the winter lethargy that keeps him still as opposed to his burns. How many times had Ha'ze ended up curled in the protective circle made by head and tail, covered by Kainaseyth's bronze sails? If it would comfort Abigail, Kainaesyth would do the same for her. « It does. » There is a sense of the eggs there, just beyond conscious thought. « Ha'ze is lost. » Metaphorical.

Abigail leans back a bit upon Kainaesyth, her gaze drifting to Niumdreoth to watch him a few moments before she is looking up to the bronze. "How can I help him..?" She's only always wanted to help Ha'ze, somehow, someway.. Though now she is lost in how to help, it’s been taken from her in a sense seeing how since everything with Ustrr being gone and done and Kai hurt seemed to have pushed him down a path she can do very little to help with. Niumdreoth rumbles softly, his head lowering to settle upon his frontpaws. He knows his rider well, she is in pain and there is nothing that he can do to help other then what he is doing now. « She wishes to search for him. Bring him home. »

A mental silence stretches as Kainaesyth's desert breeze moves sluggishly. No hasty statements are to be found from the storyteller today. « He is lonely. Perhaps… » The thought trails off again.

Abigail sighs a bit and closes her eyes once Niumdreoth relays the message. "He doesn't have to be lonely.. I'll always be there for him.." Even when his off in the forest. "Is he at least keeping up alright, out of the snow..?" This murmured out to Kainaesyth after a few moments. Niumdreoth croons out a bit. « Mine wishes he were here, for she is lonely without him. » Leave it to the brown to just go about telling how Abbey feels. Not that she is denying it.

What else are dragons for except to share their rider's innermost secrets? « He has lost the thread of his story. » Kainaesyth curls his tail closer to Abigail, the tip falling over her lap, right below where the baby grows. « Perhaps… she should go search. He is caring for himself well. »

Niumdreoth rumbles softly now and his eyes close. « Sounds to me that he needs a new thread for his story… A new spark. » There is a slight pause at the suggestion of his rider going to search for Ha'ze. « She will, and has been planning on such things. Do you know where would be the best place to search? » Abigail lets her hand settle upon the tail that is settled upon her lap, giving it a soft squeeze. "I search for him.." She said she would in the past, she means every word of that of course.

« Yes. » Kainaesyth has all sorts of stories that Ha'ze COULD live, but none of him quite fit him well. « Should she search? » Concern waxes thick on the breezes, picking up the scents of the desert at rest, the slightly bitter tang of metals. « The baby. »

Niumdreoth is quiet for a few long moments, his gaze slowly opens and it settles upon his rider, watching her for a few moments. « The baby is fine, but she will search.. I will help her. She won't take no for an answer right now. Or ever honestly. » No Abigail is not one known for changing her mind once it is set in stone. She leans against Kai, her eyes closing while a soft breath escapes her. "I won't do anything to harm the baby Kainaesyth, I promise. »

« He is North. » Kainaesyth doesn't quite draw a map of where Ha'ze's wanderings have taken him. It's more flashes of here, and then there. There's a sense of a path that has been traveled before, like he is rewalking a path. « She will bring blankets? And things to keep her warm? »

« She will, and her canines will come as well. » Niumdreth is only so much help when it comes to tracking, the canines do help indeed. « She will bring blankets and warm clothes.. Anything she might need she will bring and keep safe. I will make sure of that. » He would not like anything happen to his rider, that is something he can at least do to help. Abigail is a bit amused seeing how concerned the two are about the baby.

It is baby. What isn't there to worry about? « I will help. Once I am healed. » Well, and awake. Kainaesyth tightens the curl about Abigail, almost like she is a little stuffed animal that Kainaesyth is claiming to sleep against. Maybe he does really miss Ha'ze too.

Abigail says there pressed close to Kai and is content to not have to leave for a short amount of time at least. If it will help Kainaesyth then in a way it will help her too. "Of course.. Maybe he'll be home before that." Well now that is an idea. Niumdreoth is soon half dozing off; it is the mood in here at the moment letting one's mind drift.

Yup, Kainaesyth is cuddled against the only part of his rider that is at the weyr at the moment- the baby that Abigail is carrying. « He… follows the path that hurt him once greatly. » Kainaesyth's memory has lost the images of Laris' and so he can't quite give that up.

Abigail will stay there with Kainaesyth as long as she can, which at the moment is a while at least. She doesn't have any pressing issues at the moment, other than her mind wandering to find Ha'ze. There comes a point when she just might doze off a bit herself, darn dragons making her nice and comfortable. She'll need to speak with Th'ero about going to find Ha'ze, at least she has a place to start.. North, the imagines are some she will recall once near the area in question. Until then, right now she will do her best to comfort Kai, and he along with Niumdreoth are helping her as well.