Fort Weyr - Storage Room
This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

With the dinner hour approaching, the Weyr is slowly winding down. Not that it ever picked up a hectic pace to begin with, as the day was heavy with snowfall and at times when the winds picked up it threatened either a squall or blizzard. Neither of which makes good flying or ground travel. With most of the residents and riders tucked inside or holed up, it's been a rather dull day. Which means most tempers are, at best, thin. Not helping it is the lingering tension caused by the stress and anxiety some are feeling concerning the ongoing issue with the Holds and the lack of tithes and trades that dwindled and dropped significantly during the autumn seasons. This has led to the Weyr facing a crisis that the Weyrleaders and staff have now come to realize is far more critical (and a lot earlier than expected). They're running out of the basic staples and food, facing a few difficult choices but rather than sit idly by, a group of riders were sent South to the wilds for some hunting and gathering.

Returning now in the heavy snowfall, several heavily laden dragons come to land in the northern bowl and among them is Velokraeth, who is already grumbling about leaving the sun and warmth behind. His straps are full of packaged goods and a few strung wherries and fish. All cleaned and prepared, ready for storage. Th'ero dismounts and with a few orders given and called out over the muffled sound of wind and snow, the Weyrleader will begin to pull everything off of his bronze's straps and organize it as hastily as he can. Drudges and lower cavern workers, as well as the Headwoman come out to oversee and surely someone is taking note and tallying everything, right? There seems to be a rush to get everything down into the store rooms and there is a good reason for it. Gathering some of the heavier items, Th'ero will head down towards the storage caverns, where more are no doubt waiting.

Kimmila and Varmiroth land as well, the blue's straps full mostly with fruits and vegetables, roots dug from the fertile grounds of southern and berries from trees and bushes. She starts handing things off to the drudges and kitchen workers as well, frowning at the skies. "We're still short on things, Th'ero," she calls to him with a lingering frown.

Down below, there's a jam at the entrance to the store caverns, workers holding awkward and heavy items having to stand and suffer or give up and set them down. It's all because of Nyalle, the young goldrider standing at the store's entrance with a clipboard, writing meticulous notes about everything that is being carried in. Only after she's checked, counted and /seen/ things with her own eyes does she make note of it and send the next person in.

From the direction of the skies near the lake comes a bright spec of green that grows larger and larger until finally Typriaeth lands winch the northern bowl. A bright spot in all the white of the snowfall. Shivering from atop her is Anique who slides down and makes her way towards those landing. "What can I do to help?" she calls out towards the first one she spies which happens to be Kimmila.

Once Velokraeth's straps have been emptied, the pale bronze will spread his wings and return to his ledge so that more space can be cleared for the other dragons. Straps or not, he'll slip right into his wallow and curl up there though his head will remain raised as his whirling eyes watch the scene below. Don't think for a second he's not keeping a close eye on things! Below, Th'ero returns from the storage rooms below and muttering under his breath. He had come right into that bottleneck but rather than wait, he gave his supplies to one rider who was lightly burdened (and then chastised for not taking more). "I know that, Kimmila." he calls to her, returning that same concerned frown. Stepping closer to her side, he will murmur quietly. "This is a temporary fix… not the long term one. We can only hunt and gather so much in a day." Yet the haul they grabbed should see the Weyr through another few days. Very lean days, but it's better than nothing, right? "We've got to get this stuff inside and stored. Nyalle is down there…" he says and then smirks. "…there's a bit of backlog." Typiraeth is arriving then, bright against all the snow and not for the first time or the last does the Weyrleader start a bit only to remember that that is the normal shade for the green. "Evening, Anique." he calls to her, though leaves Kimmila to answer the question poised by the greenrider.

"Carry things inside," Kimmila answers Anique with a frown. "For some reason it's taking too long…oh." Well that explains that, when Th'ero returns and says Nyalle is in there. "She's thorough at least, I'll give her that," the bluerider mutters with a slight frown, offering a crate of berries to Anique. "We should get the aunties working on preserves. These fruits will last much longer that way. We still have plenty of sugar, right?" If not, well. They'll have to come up with another solution for the berries.

Inside, Nyalle continues her methodical check of each thing that goes in, and when one rider gets impatient and snaps at her to hurry up, she straightens her shoulders and says, "I will /not/ hurry the accounting of the weyr's resources and kindly do not take that tone with me, Wingrider." The man hesitates and then backs down with an irritated huff, setting his crate of tubers onto the floor with a thud.
Once spotted by Weyrleader Anique offers up an immediate salute towards Th'ero. Typriaeth swings her head to watch the activities a moment before she is launching upwards to presumably return to her own ledge where she'll curl up in a tight ball. "Carry things…right." murmurs Anique as she grabs a smaller crate. At the offered crate of berries she stacks 'em so she can carry 'em all and with her long legs she strikes out across the bowl to carry them inside.

"She is, but we're also under pressure here for time," Th'ero mutters to Kimmila and Anique both, now that the greenrider has joined them. The Weyrleader looks to be in a mood and who can blame him? His morning has started off with unsettling news, then it was Faranth knows how many hours down in Southern in the heat and humidity doing many small tasks and having to organize and prepare everything. It wouldn't be a surprise either if he sneakily had them all time their trip back to Fort to save them a few hours. "Sweetner and sugar are one of our least critical supplies at the moment. Only because we've run out of the other staples…" he says with a grim expression. "Preserves may be a good idea. All the meat we've brought too… could be stretched out." Oh joy. Jerky, anyone? Nodding his head towards Anique, he'll give her a grateful look of thanks before gathering a few more items to carry. "Shall we, Kimmila? Looks like the Headwoman has things in order here. We can help carry too."

Inside, those waiting by the storage room are getting a touch restless. They're all tired and exhausted too and anxious to be done with their task. None seem too eager to challenge the young goldrider quite yet, but a certain cook does come waddling out of the kitchens. The large woman's face is splotched with read, no doubt from the heat of the fires and ovens. Or is it her flustered temper? "Weyrwoman!" she calls, huffing slightly. "Think I could nip some of those supplies now? We've dinner to finish and not nearly enough prepared."

Kimmila nods as she hefts a crate of greens, slightly wilted from the chill of between. Those need to be used soon, to thicken stews and as sides of veggies. "I'll talk to the aunties and find the ones who know how to do that," she says. "I'll meet you in the kitchens." Then she's following after Anique.

Inside, Nyalle lets a young drudge past, the kid staggering beneath the weight of a side of wild porcine. Then she eyes the cook with a swift frown. "I haven't organized anything yet," she replies testily, opening her mouth to say more before she snaps it shut and considers. Then she gestures. "Anything I haven't yet checked in you can take. But what's in the stores needs to stay there until it's properly put away and signed out again. But anything in the line still…" And that'll solve two problems at once!

Closing the distance as fast as the falling snow allows her, Anique soon finds herself indoors headed to the store room. A quick look shows that others are waiting outside of it to be checked in. With both hands full she at least as a reason for not saluting Nyalle as she draws closer. "I can help organize if you would like, Weyrwoman." she calls out politely.

"I'll meet you there," Th'ero agrees to Kimmila and once he has the crates of goods tucked under his arm and a few strings of fish. The Weyrleader will then follow after Anique and Kimmila, only to be relieved from his burdens by a few drudges. Reluctantly, he hands over the goods but only after sternly instructing them to wait in line with the others and complete that task before taking on another. Back in the tunnels leading to the store rooms, there are a few grumbled mutterings from those still caught in the bottleneck. A few of the Wingriders are quietly leaving their wares to slip away and back outside to gather more, rather than stand idly. At least in the tunnels the food will be protected from the cold? Namely all the fresh goods, though the meat benefits the most from the freezing. "Ahh, bless you, weyrwoman! Won't be long and I'll be outta yer hair again." The large cook exclaims in that same huffed breath as she begins to shuffle over to some of those in line. She'll take this, this and ooooh, she'll take that! "Oy, you lot! Get out here and help!" she calls to some of her staff, who come to relieve her of the goods in her arms. "Allo greenrider. Mind if I snatch some of those berries? Thank ya dear." She'll end up pilfering two cases before bumbling off back to the kitchens.

Nyalle glances up to study Anique for a moment. "Anique, yes? Do you have any experience organizing store caverns?" she asks, sounding a bit doubtful. She glances at the cook, grimacing very slightly at /everything/ the woman takes, but it's not her place to direct what the weyr eats Not yet anyway. Back to her notes, she waves in a drudge laden down with strings of fish, nodding slightly. "The hunting parties did well," she murmurs, writing down what the next young man holds in his hands before she lets him, too, into the caverns.

Anique offers an easy smile, the green rider relaxed today it seems. "It's Anique, yes." she says pleasantly towards the newest weyrwoman. "I was assistant to the Headwoman before Typriaeth found me on the Sands." is her reply. A brief nod and a warm smile is cast towards the cook as some of her burden is relieved. "Can't wait for supper tonight!" she calls out cheerily to the departing woman. She returns attention towards those waiting to get their items to the stores so their duty can be done.

Next up, it seems, is So'l. He'd been waiting in line patiently, four heavy crates of fresh fruit and edible greens stacked at his feet, a back pack full of even more fruit slung over his shoulder. Now that it's his turn, he lifts the crates and approaches. "More food," he grins, knowing that these gathered foodstuffs will prove very useful given the situation with the holds. "I may not have been hunting felines this trip," he admits, "but I spent quite a while roaming for all this. Where would you like it?" he asks.

"Of course they did," Th'ero murmurs in reply to Nyalle's comment on the hunting parties. He's snuck up from another tunnel entrance, the Weyrleader too caught up in his thoughts to realize that he may have accidentally spooked the poor weyrwoman (and maybe a few others) by his near silent approach. "Has anyone seen Kimmila?" he asks, darting a look towards the line before resuming his previous line of thought. "We had some very hard working volunteers and some knowledgeable riders among them." he goes on to praise, which is overheard by a few of the Wingriders left standing idly in line. To say a few don't puff up a bit from those words would be a lie, though they try not to be overly obvious about it. The cook has bustled off with her goods, her staff following and she'll offer Anique a beaming grin. "Should be a good 'un!" she calls back. Her good mood is likely a result of these well timed food supplies. One's that she's already taken a good chunk from. Maybe Nyalle should have a talk with the woman about how much she uses. Could there be a flaw there too?

Kimmila ducks into the caverns with one of the more plump aunties in tow, the woman chattering away. "We'll take all sorts of these fruits, yes, and we'll get them sorted and cleaned and ready to be cooked down. I'll send someone to get some sugar in a bit. Equal parts sugar and fruit, you know," she rambles, while Kimmila just nods. "Uh-huh. Right. Is that so? Excellent. So," she says, cutting the woman off, "just talk to Nyalle about what you want to take and get to work. We need this fruit to last as long as possible." "Oh it will!" the auntie says brightly, "Happy to be of service! It's a good project to work on for a day like today. Better during the warm summer months, but still." "Right. Okay. Thanks," Kimm says, before turning away again.

Nyalle's face brightens immediately at Anique's resume, as it were, and she nods eagerly. "Then yes! Goodness, yes, please, by all means. I've got everyone stacking their items just inside the doorway. I'm keeping track of what is brought in, but each item will need to be put into its correct spot and the inventory for that section updated. Anything that needs further work - curing or cooking - put at the front so we know. Anything that lasts, stick in the back. Here," she says, pulling a stylus from a pocket of her dress and handing it over. "For updating the inventories." Then she turns to the next person in line, and it's So'l, and she grins. "Wingrider So'l. I'm glad you weren't hunting felines," she admits, eying the crates of fruit. Something flickers in her eyes but is swiftly tucked away. "Just inside, there, and Anique will be organizing things within the store caverns, thank you." Then she jumps with a startled squeak at the Weyrleader's sudden appearance, clearing her throat slightly. "I think she was over there, sir," she says with a frown for the cook again. Hmm. She flips hastily to another page and makes a note. Talk to the cook about food, and see what the weyr's food waste looks like. Times like these they shouldn't be throwing /anything/ away.

With the offer being accepted Anique steps forward with the remaining crates of berries to be added to the storerooms. "Hey there So'l…take these?" the crates get passed over with the assumption he'll take them and then she's grabbing the stylus as it is offered. Striding into the rooms she pauses in the doorway with a startled sound as silent Th'ero appears. Giving him a brief look she returns attention soon enough to inside and the stacks that await her.

So'l would salute the goldrider except — yeah — he's holding four large crates of fruit. Four very heavy crates, though years of lumber hauling have made their weight manageable for the bronzerider. "Junior Weyrwoman," he nods, smiling wide as he greets. "I'm not the most experienced hunter, so I was on gather duty." Thus, here we are! "Sharuth caught a couple of felines, though. Stalking out in the open after dark, apparently." When Nyalle indicates where to set the load down, So'l nods again and moves into the room, placing the stack delicately down before looking up to Anique, who has crates that need to be moved. "Wingrider," he smiles and waves before taking the crates and stacking them with the others. "Switching back to assistant Headwoman for a day, eh?" he chuckles. Th'ero's appearance nets the bronzer's attention and — before he goes off to fetch another load — he snaps a salute before rather informally greeting warmly with, "Hey Th'ero!"

Th'ero murmurs a quick apology to Nyalle when she jumps and squeaks. "My apologies, Nyalle. I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that." he tells her, only to glimpse briefly at her notes as he comes to stand by her side. "How are the numbers so far?" he asks the young goldrider quietly. The Weyrleader seems in no hurry to leave from the tunnels, either lingering to hear Nyalle's report or waiting on another to join him. "Evening, So'l! And we need all the help we can get, hunting or gathering wise." he murmurs, returning the salute before the Wingrider is gone again. There's no shame in not being an accomplished hunter! Even Th'ero spent most of his time in the South just fishing while overseeing some of the gathering.

Nyalle smiles, her eyes unfocusing for a moment. "And Kayeth is enjoying hers, thank you for bringing one back for her. Much better than her and I having to go hunt one down because she is curious what they taste like." Nyalle is no huntress. She peers into the caverns to watch Anique work, hesitant to give up any control over anything, but she kind of has to as she passes another person in, noting what she's carrying. Looking at Th'ero again, the young goldrider dips her head respectfully. "A very good day spent hunting and gathering, sir. It will fill the stores for a few days at least. I'll have a more detailed report for you later this evening. Shall I bring it to your weyr?" She doesn't sound like /she/ likes that option, but it's the most convenient for him, and so she offers it.

Kimmila returns a moment later, having helped the aunties select and carry some of the larger crates of berries out to the caverns where they will set to work cleaning and sorting and pitting them. "They're going to need a lot of sugar," she says as she approaches the goldrider and Th'ero, nodding her head to Nyalle and glancing briefly down at her notes before she peers into the caverns. "You need help in there, Anique? I was an assistant headwoman myself," she tells Nyalle before the goldrider can get ruffled.

Anique is diving right here, shifting things around a bit to get a better view of what she has here. Any hesitancy on Nyalle's part is simply missed in Anique's concentration. Every once in a while a murmur is heard from her in response no doubt to a running commentary on Typriaeth's part. "Yes yes but I doubt we've enough red fruit quench your hunger for them, Tie." the conversation between Nyalle and Th'ero is regulated as background noise for Anique, heard but not really any attention heeded to it. Only Kimmila's voice seems to break through once she hears her own name in the blue rider's query. "Hmm? Oh yes." she is agreeable right away. Whatever words have passed between the two are ( at least momentarily) forgotten. "Plenty of stuff here. Maybe I could head out with the next hunting party?" she asks hopefully.

So'l nods to Th'ero, not in the slightest upset that he had to gather rather than hunt. As for Nyalle, he grins. "Sharuth was /adamant/ that he bring one back for Kayeth. Apparently, he'd made a promise or something?" He chuckles and shrugs, "Glad she's enjoying it, though." With another nod, he's peeking curiously at Anique — who has apparently totally missed his hello in her enthusiasm to get to work — and then heads into the hallway, chuckling to himself as he heads back for the bowl. Sharuth is still loaded down and it'll take at least two more trips to unladen him.

"How much sugar?" Th'ero asks after Kimmila, his frown deepening before he turns to Nyalle. "How much can be spared?" he asks the goldrider, though it's clear that the Weyrleader is already volunteering to bring the sugar to wherever it needs to go. Provided, of course, that they can spare it. "A few days." he murmurs, falling silent as he allows that to sink in and in his head he does a few swift calculations that do little to reassure his concerns or anxieties given the situation they're facing. "We'll have to send out more groups then." More resources taxed and strained. He scrubs at his jawline, only to give Anique a cursory glance as he considers. "So long as it's cleared with Wingleader Yhri and you've no duties here, then yes. All riders may volunteer." he explains, as the line continues to shuffle forwards and more goods brought to be inventoried and stored away. Eventually the bottleneck will begin to clear as fewer items are retrieved from outside.

Nyalle laughs softly, nodding to So'l. "Yes, I think there was a promise made." As he moves off, she continues working at getting everything checked in. "Of sugar? As much as they need I'd suppose, sir. It's not a crucial ingredient but if it's used to preserve the fruits, then I think that's the best use for it, wouldn't you agree?" She considers for a moment and then says, "I would like to volunteer as well, for a gathering party, sir."

Inside the stores, Kimmila joins Anique in putting things away. Everything is stacked in its section - meat in the meat room, greens with the greens, fruit with the fruit and so on - and each item she delivers she adds to the inventory hanging on a clipboard outside that section. Updating the tallies of what is contained within, because an accurate count is crucial. "Equal parts fruit and sugar," Kimmila calls from within. "So…a lot, really. As much preserve as we want to make I suppose."

Anique bobs her head. "I'll send a message to her then. I think there is a way to leave on for her to read on her terminal." possibly. Maybe. Anique will have to check on that. Indeed So'l's greeting was completely missed in the hustle of things. She continues to stack items and ensuring that she tallies them correctly. Having no idea how to preserve anything she simply listens to that quietly.

"So long as we are not depleting ourselves entirely of sugar, I've no issues then." Th'ero agrees but reluctantly so even with Nyalle's reassurances. Seems the Weyrleader is already showing signs of becoming rather paranoid and strict concerning the use of food staples. Not that it's even his domain or his business, but the poor young goldrider, as well as the other juniors will no doubt be seeing a lot more of him. Even the Weyrwoman will likely be nagged, whether she wants to be or not. He considers Nyalle's offer for a few seconds before nodding his head. "You're presence and help would be greatly appreciated, weyrwoman. We've no more gathering parties slated for today with the hour so late but there will be one leaving at first light tomorrow. Which reminds me, I best go post the notice by the lounges and the caverns." Not that Velokraeth won't be spreading word either, being the sociableiable bronze that he is. The Weyrleader dips his head then and pardons himself as he slips inside of the store room. "Equal parts?" he echoes back to Kimmila, giving the bluerider a lingering look before locating the sacks of sugar. He'll skip past ones already open and pull out two larger ones instead, hoisting them up. It'll either be too much or too little, but it's a start. "I'll return shortly." he informs them and then he too is gone up the tunnels again. Sugar delivered first and then on to getting those notices posted! Which may, in the end, tip a few riders and residents alike to the storage situation. It was going to break out as news eventually, right?

Nyalle nods, looking pleased to be getting out and helping in a way that isn't just with notes and record keeping. "Yes, sir," she says. As the last of the items are jotted down she flips through her notes with a soft sigh, shaking her head. "It's going to be a tough winter," she says, her expression twisting for a moment before she schools it back to calm.

"Equal parts," Kimmila echoes back to Th'ero as she continues to work, moving seamlessly with Anique to get everything sorted. "I wonder if we should post a guard," she murmurs thoughtfully.

"Might not be a bad idea." remarks Anique towards Kimmila's thoughtful murmur. Her stylus scratches across the paper to ensure everything is noted down properly. Sparing a glance upwards she nods towards Naylle. "We'll make it through." she says reassuringly. There's no doubt in this green rider's mind that they will. "All of Fort will pull through to work together."

Th'ero would have likely shared a similar expression to Nyalle's if he had overheard her comment. It will be a lean winter, even if they keep up with the gathering and hunting on the side. It's too late to ask for the tithes from the Holds, even if they rebuild their relations. The arrival of the snows and unseasonably heavy at that, saw an end to that means. While the Weyrleader is gone, the few remaining Wingriders who have supplies brought in are now waiting their turn to deposit their goods before drifting away and not returning with more. Seems this day's bounty is now reaching an end! A guard may be needed and the cook will definitely need to be reigned in or their stores will dwindle all the more. It's hard to break old habits when one is so used to having ample stock! Eventually, Th'ero will make his return and his mood is still reserved and brooding as he approaches the group again and not sneaking up on them. "This is it then?" he asks, eyes sweeping over what remains in the tunnels and stepping a bit closer to peer inside of the store room itself.

Nyalle smiles faintly at Anique's reassurances, the queenrider just bobbing her head slightly, tucking her stylus behind her ear. "A guard?" she asks, startled, giving the bluerider a look. "I hardly think…people wouldn't…" Would they? "This is it, sir," Nyalle confirms, showing him the quick first run of tallies she's made.

"It looks good in there," Kimmila remarks, stepping up to the doorway and brushing off her hands, "Until you think of the hundreds of people we feed every day. I wonder if we should encourage folks to travel to other places for the winter. Go visit with families… and what do yout hink of posting a guard, Wingmate?"

Anique straightens up with one last sweep of her gaze across the store rooms. Nibbling on a fingernail she considers Kimmila's possible suggestion. Possibly the thought of warmer Eastern Weyr flashes at least briefly through her head. "If I'm no longer needed I would like to try to catch up with Wingleader Yhri." she says politely to all three of the older riders within her range.

So'l returns and it seems he's brought help. One of the older drudges, Tygral, who usually works in the kitchen. He, too, is a strapping lad and between them, they've brought in the remaing six creates of red fruit and berries. Waiting their turn in line, they finally get their chance to set their load down. "Thanks, Ty," So'l nods to the younger man, slipping him a mark. The drudge's eyes grow wide and he nods with enthusiasm before taking off down the hall again. "That's the last of it," he says to Nyalle and Anique — just before the woman departs, of course. "We'll return with tomorrow's group for another day and night of gathering," he says to Th'ero. "But then we have to return to Xanadu, at least for a day or so. I'm supposed to meet with their Search and Rescue Wingleader."

Th'ero will look over the tallies Nyalle has come up with, reading them carefully before handing them back with an approving nod. "Excellent, thank you. Be sure to bring that with you when you join us on the dawn run tomorrow." he murmurs and as Kimmila steps to the doorway, he will stride forwards to join her and almost by habit now he slips an arm around her, even if just briefly for the time being. "We cannot ask them to uproot like that and burden other areas, Kimmila. Nor can we deplete the Weyr of any valuable craftsmen or skilled workers." Not yet, though Th'ero knows all too well if things get that bad they may have to start moving out non-essential folks. For a moment, his eyes flicker with concern as his thoughts turn to his son but he quickly shoves that aside and bites his tongue. Now is not the time to bring up such worries. "A guard may be wise. Just to be certain that folks are not abusing the stores…" Like a certain cook or a few weyrbrats looking to pinch a between-meal snack and not risk being chased by the cook or her assistants in the kitchens. Th'ero greets So'l's return with a faint smile and a nod as the young bronzerider confirms the last of the goods. Anique's departure is met with a brisk nod of farewell, before his attention turns back to So'l and the Weyrleader's posture straightens. Oh, right! "Of course you may join us again. So they'll be having you work out your time there with their S&R Wing? That should be quite the learning experience."

Nyalle watches Anique go, frowning slightly at the lack of salute, but her attentions are elsewhere as she takes the hide back from Th'ero. "Yes, sir. Of course." To So'l, the young goldrider nods with a small smile. "Kayeth is saddened Sharuth will be gone from Fort for a while, but I think it's good that you'll get to see another weyr. It's quite the learning experience," she adds, frowning down at her hides. She would know, wouldn't she.

Kimmila slips her arm around Th'ero's waist in return, nodding her head with a shrug. "It's a possibility," she murmurs. "Shall we talk with Breshir then?" Then she's grinning at So'l. "Watch out for that weyrwoman, Thea. She's a tough lady. Tread carefully." though her eyes are bright, so she might be teasing. Maybe. It's hard to tell sometimes, with Kimm.

As Th'ero notes the value in the learning opportunity, So'l nods along and says, "Agreed. I've learned a lot here in Fort but I look forward to seeing how they do things. I once read that 'Knowledge is powerful.' Forget where that came from," or even if he got it right, "but it holds as true." Even if /he/ personally isn't looking forward to an extended stay away from Fort. He smiles back at Nyalle, who of course speaks from firsthand experience and says, "I hope that I can be as gracious and grounded as you are, Weyrwoman." Nod. Bright smile. Kimmila is then warning about Thea and So'l can't help but chuckle. "She can't be any worse than Headwoman Darsce! I felt like we were sparring with swords instead of words," he smirks. "But I appreciate the warnings," even if they're jokes.

"There is nothing quite like visiting another Weyr to gain experience and wisdom, even if just for a brief amount of time." Th'ero murmurs in agreement, turning his gaze to Nyalle first as he notices the goldrider frowning at her hides. Ahh, yes. She would know first hand, wouldn't she? And so would the Weyrleader, having only ever known Western Weyr and the Emerald Isles for most of his life before being thrust into his position here in Fort Weyr. How swift he had to adjust and learn! "We'll speak with Breshir. The Captain will no doubt be in the caverns shortly." Th'ero murmurs to Kimmila, holding her closer to his side when she slips her arm around her in return. Nothing like the dinner hour to make it easier to hunt down those you need to talk to. Really, he should start keeping a written list! Abruptly, Th'ero laughs in a gruff sort of way and only for a short amount of time. Still, given how rare the Weyrleader even smiles genuinely, a laugh must be startling. "Kimmila!" he chastises her gently (and jokingly) for her joking remark about the Xanadian Weyrwoman. "Knowledge is powerful," Th'ero agrees to So'l and then smirks. "The correct knowledge that is. You've nothing to be concerned about with Weyrwoman Thea." he says, only to chuckle. "Welcome to politics, So'l! I've never met or dealt with their Headwoman before, but I can only imagine." There's a pause, before he adds in a voice that sounds serious but from the gleam in his eyes he's joining in on kidding around. This is far better than him lingering in his darker thoughts. "Do watch out for a bluerider Smithcrafter by the name of Kiena though."

Nyalle glances at her list again and at So'l, blushing slightly. "I think you will do fine, So'l," before she dips down into a curtsey. "If you sirs, ma'am, will excuse me, I'd best get back to the lists and make sure the counts are accurate inside. Sir, I'll have a completed report for you later this evening. If there's nothing else anyone needs?"

Kimmila chuckles, grinning sidelong at Th'ero. "I can't say I know their Headwoman either." Then she laughs, giving TH'ero a nudge. "Stop it. Your sister is a nice young woman, don't predjuice him against her before he even gets there."

"Sister?" So'l chuckles. "What has Sharuth gotten me into down there?" he laughs, though there is some truth to his question. Even so, he is in good spirits and despite the winter shortages, is confident they'll make do somehow. Nodding to Nyalle, he says, "Mind if I walk with you for a moment? Sharuth and I need to get back but wanted to ask you about something." To Th'ero and Kimmila, he offers a smile and a parting wave. "See both you bright and early tomorrow morning?"

Th'ero dips his head low and politely to Nyalle as the young goldrider curtseys, "Of course." He had forgotten that she had asked him that prior and looks a touch sheepish for his blunder. She can forgive his lapses, right? The Weyrleader's mind is preoccupied with Faranth knows how many thoughts and concerns. "You may drop it off at my weyr if I am not in the offices. Have Kayeth inform Velokraeth when you do. Thank you, Nyalle for all your hard work. And you as well, So'l and Kimmila. All worked hard and I can only hope for the same on our next gathering trips." he murmurs and then grunts when his weyrmate nudges his side. What? "Oh, she is or can be a nice young woman," he counters about his own sibling. Glancing to So'l, Th'ero smirks. "Yes, my sister. Kiena, rider of blue Ujinath. You may run across her or you may not, she can be a bit reclusive at times. We won't keep you, however. We'll see you tomorrow morning. Both of you." he amends, adding Nyalle into that statement as well before he turns with Kimmila to step towards the caverns.

Nyalle inclines her head to Th'ero with a small smile. "Yes, sir. You're welcome, sir." Her jade eyes shift to So'l and she smiles politely, shaking her head at his request. "Not at all, please," she says, gesturing deeper into the caverns.

Kimmila just grins and gives So'l a wink. "You'll be just fine," she assures him, though she arches a curious brow before she's nodding at Th'ero and turning to follow him out. "Breshir, then? And, uh. Some food. I'm starving." Bad timing, Kimm.