Who F'inn, K'zre
What F'inn and K'zre finally get their bed!
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2718
Where Elysion Garden Weyr, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Elysion Garden Weyr
The well-worn pathway leading from the ledge opens onto a cavern that is nearly as massive in scope as the one before. To the left of the entrance, a hearth adorned with ornate stonework affords glimpses of the dragon hollow beyond. The hearth, itself, is massive in scope, more then large enough for two full grown men to stand side by side, arms akimbo. To either side of the hearth towering shelves have been carved into the wall, the upper portions reachable only by narrow ladders affixed to the wall. The exterior edge of the mantel has been carved with a depiction of a pair of dragons in flight, the intricately crafted dragons depicted in perpetual pursuit of the full moon resting dead center. From the hearth, the room sweeps out in wide half circle, the cavernous space more then large enough to comfortably house a modest-sized dragon (although there is no way a dragon could navigate the pathway). It is immediately noticable that this weyr is not equipped with electric lighting, although there are numerous nooks for glows and fixtures for candles and torches adorning the walls.

To the right of the entrance, the room sweeps into a gentler arc, an ancient hearth for cooking dug directly into the stone. To either side of the hearth shelves have been carved into the walls, a taller opening leading to long narrow room that is clearly meant for storage. At the far end of this area, almost directly opposite of the entrance, an opening leads to spiral staircase— carved directly into the stone— that descends deeper into the weyr.

Before the hearth a plethera of soft, lush furs have been added, massive pillows in bronze trimmed green and green trimmed bronze added for additional comfort. A pair of sturdy, comfortable chairs in dark wood are arranged before the hearth, a small table bearing a glass sconced candle resting between them. Each of the chairs is complete with comfortable, dark green cushions and matching footrest. Upon the hearth graceful candlabras are arranged, a massive beveled glass vase in the shape of a crescent moon, with two small crescents dangling by bronze links, and filled with lush red roses, settled dead center. Not to far from the 'kitchen' area, a long wooden table with four sturdy chairs has been arranged. Near the western most wall, a sturdy dark wood couch and coffee table have been arranged atop a plush carpet in forest hues. Opposite it, tucked out of the way, along the eastern wall, a potters wheel, kiln and a pair of easels have been arranged. Settled along the wall within easy reach are canvas, barrels of clay and a set of shelves containing numerous paints, glazes, brushes and dyes.

In the aftermath of Yasminath's flight, K'zre is feeling a lot better. More stable. More himself, and slightly mortified at the amount of sugar that he consumed while she was proddy. It will likely be a while before he can even consider the *idea* of having a treat, or look at a cupcake without grimacing. Cause seriously. That was a LOT of sugar. But he's done with that. It's back to veggies and modest portions, and a lot of physical exercise. As if somehow, running twice as far will make up for eating the Weyr out of cookies? Who knows. It's Kez-logic. But now he's done with that too and, having indulged in a quick bath, is curled up in what has become 'his' chair, a mug of tea in one hand and a dragonhealing textbook open in his lap. Just studying. Relaxing. Waiting. Because theoretically, there's an important item on the way.

F'inn had gone out to meet his uncle and get the bed strapped up to Nymionth. It had taken awhile mostly because with the bed being as large as it is and the spiral stairs being what they are? It had to be made in pieces that could be easily put together. Easily put together. Always fun when people say that because it rarely ends up being the case. Still, F'inn's got the bed and, after spending a bit of time with Simon— and assuring him that they'll be by to visit soon? F'inn and Nymionth are off to the ledge. Landing is an adventure given their load and by the time they are finally settled F'inn has a fair notion that this is going to be far more entertaining an evening then anticipated. "KEZ!" The name is bellowed as he hops down from his seat, gloves tugged off and tucked into his belt as he eyes the load. "Mmm…" It's definately going to be interesting. Still, he's wading in, carefully undoing straps to let the massive pieces down one by one.

"I am here." The announcement comes as K'zre slips from the tunnel to the dragon's portion of the weyr. He pauses to spend a moment with Yasminath, who is being very good about staying out of the way and allowing Nymionth enough space to settle and for F'inn to start unloading. Even if the curiosity and excitement is almost too much for her to contain. "That… is a lot of pieces…" he decides, the trepidation clear in both voice and expression as K'zre's gaze slides from piece to piece to piece, to bronze, to bronzerider, and then back to the assortment of… pieces.

"Yeah…." F'inn sighs as he scrubs one hand over the back of his neck. "But it has to be to get it down the stairs. Simon gaze us a chart and detailed instructions. He offered to help, but I thought we could handle it on our own, you know?" Glancing at K'zre, he flashes a wan smile before offering an apologetic smile. "I could go see if he's willing to come help if you want?" Course, F'inn would just as soon smash the pieces together til they fit right, but that's a given. "I think we can handle it," he assures as he steps back in to unstrap one of the massive posters and lower it to the floor. "How hard can it be," he laughs. Famous last words usually uttered over Ikea furniture.

K'zre? Extremely doubtful about their abilities to 'handle' it. Not about to hide this doubt, either. There's a look that passes from the growing pile of bed-parts, to F'inn, that very clearly demonstrates his views on the matter. It's a very side-eye sort of look, without actually side-eyeing him. Because he's looking straight at him, arms suddenly crossed, brow furrowed. Just… all sorts of skeptical. But even so, there's a quick shake of his head at the offer to go back for him, to bring Simon back to assist with the process. "That… no. I think… it wouldn't hurt to try…" He's pretty sure they're going to fail, but the idea of bringing someone into their space is somewhat uncomfortable. Or a lot uncomfortable. "You said he wrote instructions," and Kez? Kez is definitely one of those insufferable 'read all the instructions and do it right the FIRST time' types. Stepping forward when it seems safe to do so, Kez slips and finagles his way through the mess in an attempt to get close to F'inn. "Probably pretty hard," he decides.

F'inn exhales a quiet laugh, the look on his face making it pretty clear that he agrees with K'zre's assessment. "Yeah… It's gonna be a bear." As K'zre gets closer, he reaches out to draw him into a hug, blue eyes smiling as he ducks his head to catch his lips in a tender kiss. Letting that kiss linger, his hands smooth over K'zre's back, a sigh escaping his lips as he finally draws back far enough to see his face. "I missed you," he admits in quiet tones. For the moment, the bed is forgotten. At least until Nymionth swings his massive head around and chuffs on them both. "Oi, Nym!" Laughing, he pushes the bronze's snout away his head giving a mild shake. "He wants to be cut loose to cuddle Yasminath," F'inn notes with a wry smile.

"I don't blame him," murmurs K'zre, arms wound around F'inn's neck so that he can keep himself pressed nice and close against him, leaning in to nuzzle and nip at his lips. "I'd rather cuddle with you than put a bed together." And yet, bed-construction it is. A bit of a sigh, a side-ways glance at the pile of bed-parts, and Kez steps away to assist with… whatever he can assist with. "What can I do?" he wonders, fingers already twitching with the desire to organize the crap out of the at mess. "Where are the instructions?"

"Once we have the bed made, well.. Cuddles are /on/," F'inn assures. It's the questions, however, that have him stepping forward, drawing the instructions out from his saddlebags. "Here you go. If you can grab the smaller pieces? I'll haul the posts down. Just be careful going down the stairs," he admits in worried tones. Once the instructions are taken, he steps over and tugs the last of the pieces down off Nym, tugging off his straps before cutting him loose to go cuddle Yasminath. Course, knowing that the dragons are getting to cuddle? It inspires a sigh in F'inn, the sound turning to a mellow laugh as he turns and hauls one of the massive posts up over his shoulder. "Alright, lets get this done?"

"If we get the bed made," amends K'zre, who has serious doubts about their ability to complete this project in one go. Let alone before bed time. Instructions acquired, he takes a cursory look before carefully folding and tucking them into the waistband of his pants, moving to gather up the loose, little pieces as instructed. "I will be," he assures, for being careful on the stairs, slanting a glance back at F'inn. "You be careful," he asserts. "Stretch before you start carrying the heavy things. Don't strain your back. Or anything else." Arms loaded up, he nonetheless waits, gaze affixed to his weyrmate, until he's certain that F'inn is good to go. And perhaps (definitely) ogling him just a bit at that whole post-hoisting bit. A moment of pause, and then he turns and hastens through the weyr and toward their soon-to-be bedroom.

F'inn winks at K'zre, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch. "I'll keep the straining things for when we're done." Swooping in, he swings the post to the side and steals a kiss before heading for the stairs. "And if we don't get it finished tonight? That just means we sleep on the furs in front of the fire. There will /never/ be a time I am not in favor of that." He's gotten used to it and he loves seeing the firelight on K'zre's flesh. Course, he is excited about the bed, as well. Granted, that's for vastly different reasons. "Did you hear Kaet got tapped into Thunderbird, as well? She's doing policing." Reaching the stairs, he moves more carefully, one hand bracing on the bannister as he guides the post down into the sleeping chamber.

"She… oh." Whatever K'zre feels about that might be difficult to discern; though the primary response is one of surprise. And then he's frowning, and using the excuse of navigating the stairs to turn his gaze down to where his feet are going. His hands are full, so there is no spare for the bannister, but his steps are slow and careful, and his balance is good. No falling. "That's…" but even with an entire spiral staircase to allow him a chance to figure out his thoughts on it, he still can't seem to find anything better to say other than, "… good?" At the bottom, he steps toward one wall to deposit the smaller items, almost immediately setting about sorting them into piles of same-style items.

F'inn exhales a snort as he steps over to set the ornate post carefully on the floor. "It's ridiculous," he admits. "But who knows, she may straighten up and get herself together." He did. "I'm going to encourage that," he admits as he smooths a hand over K'zre's back before heading to the stairs. "I think.. I think she can do it, if she can be serious and focus." Which, with Kaetryn? Could be touch and go. "I'll be right back with the other posts." Taking the stairs two at a time, he opts for carrying two on the second trip, grunting a bit as he gets to the bottom and settles them on the floor. "How do the directions look? Bad? Simon's pretty step by step, you know?"

K'zre isn't sure what he thinks about this. Or how he feels about it, either. So he settles for watching F'inn, head tipped slightly to the side as he listens to what is said and contemplates their clutchmate. For a moment, he's just standing there looking rather serious and slightly uncertain, gaze toward the wall but distant with though. It's the mention of the instructions that pulls him back, and after a second of hesitation he pulls out the papers and consults them again. "Not bad," he decides. "Decipherable. I can read it." A glance toward F'inn and he wonders, "Should I… start? Or do you want help carrying more down?"

F'inn shakes his head. "Go ahead and start, there is just the post a footboard left. I can get both down here quick." Winking, he flashes K'zre an easy smile before loping up the stairs and out to the ledge. It is as he is coming back down the stairs that he notes. "I know she's rowdy and maybe a little wild, but I mean… Think about how much I've grown up over the past turn?" As he steps off the stairs, he tilts the ornate footboard carefully against the wall before letting the post down with the other three. "I tossed the canopy on the couch," he informs. "I didn't want to trip over it coming down the stairs." And it seems like the last thing that would go on.

"It's not… it's not that," decides K'zre, kneeling to sort through the various pieces laid out on the ground. The instructions are consulted every few seconds, a piece taken, compared to the notes, set aside. This process is followed until Kez is confident that he's got everything he needs, knows where it is, and what it is. "She needs to do it herself," he says at long last, the pause between his initial murmur and this one rather lengthy. F'inn would totally be forgiven if he's lost the train of thought. Settling back on his heels, he tips his head to consider the headboard for a moment, then his weyrmate. "No. Tripping on it would be a bad idea." Pushing up, he closes the distance and decides, "We need to do this part first," with a finger pointed to the instructions for constructing the frame.

F'inn gets it. Kaet doesn't strike him as the law abiding sort, either. But, he's willing to give her a chance, at least. Rather then comment further, he pushes to his feet, one arm slipping over K'zre's shoulders as he looks down at the instructions. "Okay.. So.." Glancing around at the organized pieces, he nods. "Headboard, footboard, rails…" Pausing to steal a kiss, he flashes a smile at K'zre before moving away to grab the appropriate pieces. "I'm pretty sure if she doesn't fix her issues they'll reassign her quick." Somehow the Thunderbird riders don't strike him as the sort to put up with nonsense. "Okay… how are we doing this?" Twisting in his crouch, he rests the headboard against the wall, eyeing the rails.

The kiss mollifies him, even if there's still a stubborn little frown taking up residence on K'zre's face. "You need to put that," point, "over there," more pointing. "And connect it to that one," pointing, this time coupled with a few steps so that Kez can lay his hand on the indicated piece, "With those," and now there's a nudge of his sock-clad toes against the bits and bobs that make up the pins and screws and washers that will hold the whole thing together. "Then do it again on the other end, and with the other set… It's simple." Totally not simple. "Don't get mixed up in it," he decides, for Kaetryn. "If she goes down, don't let her take you with her."

F'inn glances from piece to piece as it is indicated, his chin dipping in a nod as he reaches for pins and screws. "Got it." It is in the wake of twisting around to start putting things together that he exhales a breath. "I won't," he assures. Pausing a beat, he glances over his shoulder, noting in serious tones. "I'm not going to allow anyone to screw with our future, K'zre." It's to important to him. "Okay.. these two… then.. that one?" Leaning over, he balances the assembled bits with his knee while reaching for the second railing. "I think carpenters secretly have an extra set of limbs."

K'zre is not entirely convinced. But perhaps he's convinced enough, because he lets it go with a parting, "You like to help people. I just… don't want you to help her if it will get you into trouble." Stepping carefully amongst the various pieces of the bed, he crouches down to offer either a glance at the instructions, or to assist with holding something. Or just offering up those bits and pieces as they are needed. "I'm pretty sure an extra set of limbs would be difficult to keep secret," he decides after a moment of consideration. "What can I do?"

"Brace the railing for me?" F'inn asks. Glancing at the directions, he purses his lips before twisting around to find the right screws. "I am not going to risk my own career like that," He promises. "I mean, I know Kaet's wild and doesn't always think. I'm just hoping that she really steps up." Frowning faintly, he shakes his head as he pulls the footboard into place and adjusts the set of the railing. "Yeah," he notes as he glances at K'zre and winks. "But think about what I could do with two extra hands." That he is definately not talking about building things can be assumed by the quick wink he flashes at K'zre.

"I wonder what prompted her to go into policing," muses K'zre. A moment of consideration and he drops down into an actual seat on the stone floor, careful to keep from kicking anything important. The instructions are carefully laid out where they can be viewed before he does as asked and reaches over to brace the railing. A snort and an eyeroll comes for the various no-doubt inventive things that F'inn could do with another set of hands. "Perhaps if you suddenly spawned them, you might find it interesting. But I imagine if you were born with more, it wouldn't seem such a novelty. It would just be normal. Like two hands is normal for us now." Philosophical discussion about additional limbs, yup. "I think it would get awkward," he decides. "To wake up with more arms than you went to bed with. None of your clothes would fit."

F'inn blinks once at the response, blue eyes crinkling at the corners as he leans across the railing and captures K'zre's lips in a quick kiss. "I love you," he notes with a warm laugh. "And your right, none of my clothes would fit. And you wouldn't let me run around naked, so. I'll make a point to not grow extra limbs." Falling silent, he bends over to carefull set the screws in the footboard, testing the tightness before shaking his head. "Maybe because she knows she needs to grow up? I mean, if she straightens out and gets serious, she'll definately have a leg up on people who have only ever walked the straight and narrow." Sliding back, he twists in place, glancing at the instructions. "Okay, next railing."

K'zre is not entirely certain what prompted that spontaneous declaration of affection, nor the kiss that comes before it, but he isn't about to argue it. Instead there is a flicker of a smile that is only mildly confused. What he is /not/ confused about is allowing F'inn to run around naked. There's a rather firm, "No, I won't let you do that. Whether you have two limbs or ten. Running around naked is just… it's not a good idea." Because he said so, that's why. A little lean, and he watches F'inn with the footboard curiously before scooting over to grab the next railing and repeat the bracing process. "What do you mean? I know she was a bit… different…" he acknowledges, "But… was she in trouble a lot?" Kez does not remember.

"Oh, Kaet relished the thought of getting in trouble," F'inn assures. "She had big plans about the two of us hitting all the Weyrs of Pern and taking over their flights." Which, from the way he shakes his head, he clearly has no interest in. "I could wander the weyr naked," he muses. "But you'd never get any studying done." Glancing up, he winks before twisting to gather up the screws. Resting them atop his thigh, he adjusts the set of the railing, chewing on his lip before slidding up to fasten it to the headboard, first.

"Who relishes the thought…" The idea that someone would delight in being in trouble is beyond K'zre's comprehension, and he spends a moment or two just glowering in mild frustration for it. "She's absurd," he decides. "Ridiculously immature." And this is coming before F'inn informs him of their 'grand plans', which definitely earns the bronzerider a very long, very unhappy look. "You could," he declares, turning his gaze and his attention to the support of the rail. "But you might catch a chill or something. And I would get plenty of studying done," he argues. "It just might not be on the proper subject." Dragonhealing would definitely take a backseat to a refresher on anatomy. He shifts where he sits, getting as comfortably as possible on the ground while F'inn works at securing things and Kez works at supporting things. A moment of contemplation, a little bit of deliberation, and he offers a not-at-all casual, "We should visit my father in Half Moon."

F'inn exhales a mellow laugh at K'zre's reaction to Kaet's plans, his shoulders rising and falling in an easy shrug. "She'll wisen up or she'll be tranfered," he admits. It's the mention of K'zre getting plenty of studying done while he was running around naked that inspires a pleased smile. "Anytime you feel the need, let me know," he assures. It is the last, however, that has him fumbling with the screw he is working on, blue eyes startled as he glances up at K'zre's face. "What?" Blinking once, he immediately changes course, swallowing the lump of trepedation inspired by thoughts of the Half Moon Weyrlingmaster. "We.. We could," he allows. "Do you want to?"

Now that K'zre is aware of Kaet's grand-plans of Weyr-domination via flights (and apparently wanting to drag F'inn along), he's not thinking terribly fond thoughts about the brownrider and rather happy to let the subject of her drop. Even if the change in topic does not appear to elicit joy in his weyrmate. K'zre? Not oblivions to that startled look, nor the hesitation in accepting his suggestion, and it has him frowning in faint frustration. "You're the one who flew down there to meet him the first time," he reminds, a touch of irritation in his tone. "Should I not want to visit him? I thought you wanted me to talk to him…" which he did. "He invited us. And… I… last time, with Yasminath…" he's not terribly sure what sort of impression he made. "And yes," he decides at last. "I do."

"I do want you to talk to him," F'inn admits quickly. "And I do want you to have a relationship with him, absolutely. I just.. he's kinda scary," he admits as he goes back to fixing the screws in place. "He just has to warm up to me is all. And hey, being protective of you is a really /good/ sign." And he actually appreciates that that is the case. "When do you want to go? We have some time off before training starts. Could easily pack up some clothes and spend a few days warming up at the beach." Sliding down to the footboard, he adjusts the set of the railing before working on setting the screws in place. "You /should/ want to visit him," he repeats a bit more firmly.

"You said that before," remembers K'zre, frowning. "He's not scary. A bit… serious," he decides after a moment of thought. "But I don't understand what is scary about him." They had two entirely different experiences, that's for certain. "If you don't want to go," he declares, shifting until his back is against something solid, "I can go alone." The offer stands even after F'inn mentions spending a few days in on the beach, warming up under the island sun. "Or," he considers, "If you want to come, you could stay on the beach while I meet with him. You wanted to surf," he recalls. "And we didn't get a chance last time." A lone screw gets fussed with, plucked from the floor and rolled between the fingers of his free hand while the other supports the rail until it is secure. "Good. Because I do." Want to visit him.

F'inn exhales a snort, pushing to his feet before stepping to where K'zre leans against the wall. Dropping into a crouch, he braces his hands on the wall above K'zre's shoulders, his expression serious. "You are my weyrmate. I love you beyond reason. There is no chance that I will not be with you the whole time." In the wake of the words, F'inn leans in and brushes a tender kiss over K'zre's lips before drawing back to smile. "I'll have him charmed in no time," he promises. As for why he's a little leery of R'sner? "Sweetheart, you were very upset when he went in to see you," F'inn reminds. "He made it very clear, without actually saying it, that I better not do that again." Which, really? In retrospect, he totally agrees with. "I.. Honestly? I love the fact that he was instantly protective of you."

The screw loses K'zre's attention the moment that F'inn is crouched before him. A lift of his gaze, a lift of his chin, and he watches him intently until the kiss has him softening and relaxing, just a bit, against the wall. "I would like it if you were there," he admits, reaching out to pass his fingers down the front of F'inn's shirt and over his chest. Of charming R'sner, he has no words. "I was," he remembers, the agreement a low murmur. "Protective? You said that before, too…" but K'zre doesn't know why, and he's loathe to ask about it beyond what he already had. "You should finish the bed," he decides, leaning in to steal another kiss. "So we can sleep in it."

F'inn exhales another quiet laugh at the last, the sound whispering over K'zre's lips. "It will be finished." Pushing to his feet, he pulls the frame into place before stepping over to grab one of the massive posts and set it in place. "Can you go grab the linens and pillows? Shouldn't take me to long to get these screwed and pinned in place. I'll put the canopy on tomorrow after we get up. Oh, when do you want to go to Half Moon? We could leave as early as tomorrow afternoon." While he's a little nervous about the reception he might get, he is not about to let that keep the trip from happening. "Maybe we can get them to surf with us."

"Are you sure?" K'zre is rather dubious about the length of time required to complete the bed. But nonetheless, he's pushing himself to his feet and heading for the stairs to acquire what is requested. It's slow going, if just because he keeps sneaking not-so-subtle glances at F'inn and the array of bed parts still yet to be assembled. "Soon," comes in answer to that 'when' question, Kez turning to lean against the wall near the stairs. "I'll have Yasminath ask Toith… we can go tomorrow," he repeats in a low murmur, half question and half thinking out loud. "Sooner is probably best. Before we start training in earnest with the Wing." Turning, he heads up the stairs while offering a thoughtful, "I don't think R'sner is the surfing time… maybe his weyrmate is?"

F'inn smiles as he glances up, blue eyes warm. "Well, I'm not going to worry about it. If we don't get to surf this time, we will eventually." Once he is certain the post is secure, he steps back and eyes his handywork, his hands bracing on his hips. "Once I get these on, I'll need your help with the mattresses. I don't think I can maneuver them alone." In the wake of the words, he goes back about the business of getting the posts in place. "Should we bring something? Wine maybe?" He's not sure about the protocols for visiting the in-laws in this case.

K'zre is not gone long, returning soon enough with an armload of linens and at least two pillows. A tip of his head, and he considers the post before moving past F'inn to deposit his items on the floor somewhere clean. "I don't know…" comes in quiet confession, an expression of uncertainty once more gracing his face as he takes up residence along the wall once more. "Is that a normal thing to do? It is, right? Wine, or dessert," he recalls, as though reciting from an etiquette manual. "Those are the typical items of choice. Wine would be better," he decides with a mild grimace. "I'm not… ready to eat anything sweet…" And of course he'll help with the mattresses! "Let me know when you need me."

By the time K'zre gets back the posts are fixed in place and F'inn is looking mighty pleased with himself. "Wine sounds good to me," he admits. Slanting a glance over his shoulder, he winks, before dipping his chin toward the mattresses. "Lets get this finished." He's actually pretty eager for a bath and some serious stress testing on that bed. It's the mention of not wanting sweets, however, that inspires a warm laugh, his arms sweeping K'zre up against his chest as he draws him in for a kiss. "You are sweet enough without sugar."

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