Who Jaelynn, Kimmila, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany
What Kimmila rounds up some volunteers… and they all get snowed-in!
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2714
Where Forest Beasthold, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Forest Beasthold

This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

With a break in the storm, and more snow coming, Kimmila rounded up some Candidates and other willing (or not) helpers from the weyr to trudge out to the beasthold with supplies for the animals and the skeleton crew that's hunkering down in the out buildings. Pulling sleds of supplies, the bluerider blazes a trail with the help of a few of the larger canines. "Almost there!" she calls cheerfully behind her, breath white in the cold air. The sky is cloudy and dark, the breeze low, and a few flakes drift lazily onto the silent landscape.

Leuka is more than bundled up, several layers on under his heavy lined coat. The hood is up against wind and he's helping lead one of the canine sled teams. One of those poor defenseless candidates hauled away from warmth. But it's for a good cause so not all bad. Peering ahead at the Weyrewoman's assurances, he just nods. It may be a break in the storm, but his teeth still wanna chatter right now.

Sephany is not a candidate; but she was a stir-crazy weyr resident in desperate need of some fresh air. And maybe 'willing' would not the best word to describe her attitude towards being drafted for this little venture, but here she is regardless. She's got a black scarf wrapped so far up her face that, with her cloak pulled down over the top of her head, only her eyes can be seen; two grey orbs peering out suspiciously into the white-wash of snow, eyeing Kimmila with an unreadable expression (mostly because it is covered in that aforementioned scarf). Skirt hiked up, she fords along through the deep snow as she puts those thick, winter boots to the test. At least all this physical labor is good for warming up the muscles, right? A sideways-glance is spared for the sled of supplies, and a mumbled 'gonna hitch a ride back' may be heard coming from that scarf-stuffed mouth.

Riohra is there, dressed in his hunting gear, though no heavy white cloak so his green and brown out fit will stand out against the snow should he become lost. He grins as always since there is work and fun to be hand out here in the cold snow. He walks easily through the blazed trail and even will toss a snow ball at one of the other candidates as he goes..

Kimmila pauses on the path to catch her breath, peering back to instinctively count the others. Three. Good! She hasn't lost anyone in the woods in a while, and would like to keep her good record intact. "How's Candidacy going for you all? Haven't been around as much as I usually am, but." Shrug. Things. "Sephany, they got you working hard at the looms this winter? Heard there was a blanket shortage." Probably just a rumor.

Leuka shuffles his steps when when he gets thumped on the back of the head by a rogue snowball. He immediately looks back to Riohra, since there are only the three of them following the woman through the forest. "Really Riohra, that's how ya wanna play it." He smirks to the hunter and nods, as if signaling /game on/. Later though. Peering forward again, he urges the large canine onward, helping tug the sled as needed over bumps. He does overhear the weaver and gives her an amused wink at her mutter. "Fizgig could almost help pull one of these." The pup needs a few more months still to put more size on. Kimmila's question makes him think a moment. "Think I got used to having my own space." He shrugs though "But been fun getting to dance again."

A muffled response is made to Kimmila's question, completely indistinguishable as words until Sephany reaches up with gloved fingers and yanks the scarf away from her mouth, puff of air seen in the panting exhales as she works to keep up and not be lost in those woods. "Thankfully not," she responds. "I hate working those looms; so boring and repetitive. No; They've got the younger apprentices doing that, and put me to altering and patching coats and cloaks for the children; they grow so darn fast." There's something like irony in her tone when she says that, though she's distracted soon enough by Leuka and Riohra. A glance is spared for the pair of candidates, something like disapproval in her expression even if there's amusement around the edges. "Don't you dare peg me with one of those," and her shoulders hunch preemptively at the looming threat. "Almost," she agrees with Leuka for Fizgig's ability to pull a sled, still casting suspicious eyes over her shoulder at the hunter-turned-candidate.

Riohra grins and has another one ready, he is used to walking around in the snow and cold of Fort. It is home after all "Candidacy is good, the harpers snore in harmony" Yeah calling you out Leuka. He glances at Sephany and grins "I wasn't going to before but now I wouldn't want you to feel left out.." he teases.

"Fizgig?" Kimmila asks, whistling softly to pull one of the canines back onto the path. He lunches forward, jerking the sled a bit, but nothing falls off. The snowball throwing earn a raised eyebrow and faint smirk, but she makes no comment (and doesn't pick up any snow either. Yet.) "Mmm, yeah, I hear you there, Leuka, about the space part. It's hard when you don't feel like anything is /yours/." Then a laugh for Riohra. "Truly? Do they?" She pauses once more before continuing with a faint frown. "Mm." That's to Sephany, though it's hard to tell. "Useful skill, that. I never did get the hang of patching or mending. Always just stab myself, swear, and give up."

Leuka grins to the bluerider "Yea, a pup I got a few sevendays before I ended up being searched. He's got more growing to do, but he's gonna be a huge mounrtain sled dog like these guys." He grins and reaches to ruffle the nearest canine's head before going back to help tug the sled or guide it as needed. "Yea, there is that. I just plain miss my stuff. And my comfy bed." He huffs back to Riohra "Do not!" /idgit/ might be heard when Leuka mutters at his fellow candidate. The Harper mock glares at Riohra before chuckling and peering to Sephany, watching her as he talks to Kimmila. "Speaking of patching, I've got a couple pair of gloves. Was wondering if you could give them the same alterations as you did to the last pair."

"Oh, there is plenty of stabbing, to be sure," agrees Sephany with a grin and a look at her fingers, though they happen to be gloved at this time. "But it is what I want to do." A beat. "Tailoring, I mean. Not stabbing myself." Because that would be weird. A very dangerous look is cast toward Riohra. It is not that 'playful' sort of dangerous that would result in snow down his shirt, but rather a 'real' dangerous, complete with furrowed brows and glaring grey eyes, distinctly 'don't you dare' and promising all sorts of horrible retribution if he should fail to obey. (DO NOT PEG THE PREGNANT WOMAN WITH SNOWBALLS! That is what the look says). There's still a bit of that fire in her gaze when Leuka offers to give her more work, and a sideways slant of her gaze finds him briefly. "I can… I suppose. Though I cannot promise how long it will take to complete."

Riohra lives life on the edge, he got to see Kassala last night so he is riding that lovers high. He sticks his tongue out at Sephany and still tosses that snow ball in the air, "Oh yes, Leuka here snores bass, and young Eiram snores alto. takes them about an hour but they are in sync for most of the night." He looks around at all the snow about saying "is this worse or better for the eggs I wonder"

Jaelynn is following near the end of the pack so to speak, she is leading a rather large looking silver beast of a canine is that fuzzy, very fuzzy but looks well into the job at hand, thick harness, large paws he was made for this sort of weather obviously. Jaelynn is wrapped up tight in a jacket and a few dozen ets of shirts, socks, gloves, scarf and the like. "This is crazy…" So murmurs the dragonhealer as she nearly goes falling face first as her boot gets stuck in the snow that was crunched down by another. The large canine tilts his head, pausing in movement and a soft wruff of a sound only heard. Though once Jae is moving again the canine pulls upon the harness and is soon back to following the rest dragging the sled along.

Kimmila ahhs. "And where did the name Fizgig come from? What's the plan for his care if you Impress?" They round a bend and approach the wood archway that leads into the beasthold, which is silent and almost invisible beneath shapeless piles of snow. The bluerider whistles and stops the canines in the courtyard. She laughs. "I'd hope it was tailoring, and not stabbing. Might have to say something if it were…" She tilts her head to Riohra. "Is what worse or better for the eggs?" She whistles again, and finally one of the snowy shapes shivers, revealing a caretaker. "Ah! Wonderful, so good to see you, thank you. Let's pull the sleds in here," and he points towards another shape, tromping in that direction while holding on to a rope strung between the two buildings. "Mm?" she asks, turning to smile at Jaelynn. "Helping is crazy?" she teases.

Leuka rolls his eyes at Riohra and looks back, signaling to Jaleynn. "Will you smack him for me please." He's grinning while he makes the request though. Shaking his head for the /blatantly lying/ hunter, he nods to Sephany "I'll bring them by later. Take your time with them. I got the other pair still." Reaching down Leuka gives the canine's neck a couple of claps and fur ruffling. Grinning at the bluerider when she questions his canine's name "Well, he's sorta fuzzy, almost fizzy looking. But his true name, as Eiram named him, is Lord Fizgig of Snowhill." He pretends at the pompous Lord demeanor while he says it before cracking into a bit of snickering.

A wide grin and an amused look follows Kimmila's statement on stabbing; there's a joke in there somewhere, to be sure. But Sephany does not give it voice, despite the humor so evident in the young weaver. But her attention is caught quickly enough by the shivering mounds of snow that reveal… people! Thank Faranth. "Alright," for Leuka and the gloves, a quiet acknowledgement of the task she has been given. "Better bring them sooner rather than later; before I leave for Igen." As for the hunter's comment? "I would think snow would be bad for the eggs," is her dry response, followed quickly by, "though I doubt the hatching cavern suffers much from the cold; it seems pretty toasty all Turn." As he is not currently lobbing snow in her direction, she will be polite enough to the hunter, even if she's keeping a close watch on those snowball-forming hands. Thus, she bears witness to Jaelynn's near face-plant, stifling a giggle after it's confirmed that the dragonhealer is no worse for wear. "The downside to multiple layers," she notes, also sporting several herself, "is that balance is rather precarious at best." More snow crunching as she moves with the 'pack' into the courtyard and follows the directions of the talking snow-man. "There are actually people… staying out here in this?" There's definitely a bit of admiration, and a healthy dose of sympathy, in her tone of voice.

Riohra nods "but snow is an insulator, so it would help make the caverns hotter if it got blocked in, maybe?" Very interesting theory but probably not something the people in charge would like to test anytime soon. He looks ahead at where the area is and grins saying to the others "How much runner experiences do you all have? Because I hear they teach lessons here.."

Jaelynn hums softly and glances up as she ears Kimmila. "Oh no ma'am I'm all for helping others whenever I can. Just… Rather not faceplant in the snow and lose my nose. I'm rather attached to it you see." The large canine continues to pull the sled, careful to not send his helper into the snowbank as thy continue along. Jaelynn grins over to Leuka and shakes her head a bit. "Your arms are longer then mine!" A soft chuckle is heard and she nods to Sephany. "Yeah… I didn't think so far on the whole walking through a ton of snow in the extra layers of clothing." Once at the place in question she glances around with the canine stopping at her side and is nuzzling it's head under her arm a bit.

Kimmila laughs. "Well, then. Remind his lordship not to pee in the living caverns, unless you want to see Nyalle angry." Following the caretaker, she looks back at Sephany. "Just a couple. Someone has to keep feeding the runners, after all, right? Not like we can just leave them alone out here…" The caretaker laughs at that idea as he pulls open the barn doors a crack wide enough for them all to step into the dry, warm barn. Good timing too, as the snow begins to swirl down faster after them. Frowning, Kimmila eyes the sky before pulling the door closed once they're all inside. "There are vents in the caverns to keep things from getting too hot, Riohra. Let's get these sleds unloaded and get the canines some water, Jaelynn. Just a little, don't want to chill them." Then she moves off to speak quietly to the caretaker.

Leuka realizes he didn't fully answer Kimmila's question a moment go and adds "Right now Thautseruck is mainly watching him, but the other harpers are stepping in to keep track of him when needed." Laughing at her warning, he nods "Point taken. But he's been good at learning manners and commands. Everyone who's been helping with him has added their own share of teaching him." The Harper glances to Sephany with a smile then , for a moment before finding something else to look at for a while. Like the shifting piles of snow before they go through the large doors. After leading the sled canines in, he nods and starts unloading the sled he guided. Pausing a few times to get the dogs some attention going back to lugging crates and other stuff from sled to whereever it's supposed to so. Head shake to Riohra, even while sticking his tongue out at Jaelynn for her jab about his arms being longer. "Not alot, very basic stuff, Nothing about actually riding them though." He glances around, as if asking the other what they know about runners.

"Of course not," for leaving the runners alone. "The poor things." And Sephany does sound as though she means that, pale eyebrows pulled into a little furrow as she considers the beasthold as they wander further within. "I've trained him better than that," notes Sephany for Lord Fizgig of SnowHill and his potential for inappropriate urination. A little more snow-stomping, eyes cast downward as she ensures her posture remains upright as boots and skirts try to fell her. "Better than heavy skirts," she notes to Jaelynn, grinning because that is exactly what the weaver is trudging through the snow in. "Thankfully, I have managed not to tangle my legs in them." Yet. A final look is cast at Riohra, but she is spared an answer by Kimmila's explanation of vents, a nod of her head confirming the wisdom of this convention. "Fort does seem well suited to insulate itself from the elements, even without the addition of technology. Did you know Half Moon has an air conduit system to cool the air during the summer?" Conversational. "And I hear that Xanadu is even more advanced…" But she halts in her rambling as they are shown to the barn, the weaver slipping into the space with a sigh relief as chilly winter air makes way for warm and toasty. "Mm… Ok. This isn't so bad." Gloves come off and her scarf gets partially unwound as she moves toward the nearest sled to assist with unloading.

Riohra nods and will move to help start the unloading of things, he looks around and asks "Hey Leuka, how do you think some music in here would sound?" Because why not figure out where there could be a party. When Sephany talks of half moon he will say "Did you also know if you take two bags full of confetti and put them in those air vents fun things happen"

Jaelynn nods to the talk of getting the canine's some water once they are all inside. "Sure thing." A glance is sent over to Sephany and she looks amused. "Your wearing skirts through the snow?" Well she is rather appy to have avoided that thank you very much! She goes about pulling of gloves and undoes her scarf and jacket a bit so she doesn't get to warm now that they are inside a warmer spot. As for her canine friend he sits and waits for his turn for some water and for the items to be taken from his sled. "You didnot put confetti down a air vent did you Riohra?" The dragonhealer is looking towards him and smirks at the thought.

Kimmila shakes her head as she wanders back to the group. "Fort doesn't have much in the way of technology…" A bit of an obvious statement. "Glad you think so," she says to Sephany, "because the storm is rolling in faster than we expected. Fancy an overnight trip?" Or a few nights, depending on the storm.

Leuka starts to warm up and shrugs out of the heavy coat for now, and after a couple of minutes the sled is empty, except for the canines harnessed to them. He pauses in giving them attention to peer between Riohra and Jaelynn, eyes flicking back and forth "No. You didn't…" He snorts and flashes a grin to Sephany and gestures to the emptied sled "Go ahead nad get ready to go back if ya want." Might take the pregnant woman that long just get comfortable. Riohra's question has the Harper peering around and nodding thoughtfully "We'll have to come back later with some gear. At least I don't feel like I need to visit the infirmary from just being here." A little hint at one of Riohra other hideoout spots. "Wait, what was that miss?" His attention is on the bluerider now.

Sephany is, very obviously, wearing a skirt in the snow. A heavy, emerald-green skirt, to be exact. Dress, actually, though the top half is very much concealed by her thick winter cloak and that coil of black scarf. She just grins at Jaelynn, paused briefly in her assistance of sled-unloading to follow the gesture with a wink. "I always wear skirts." Which seems to settle the matter. At least she has a thick and weather-appropriate pair of boots on her feet; she's not completely crazy. "I am alright," she assures Leuka, more than happy to demonstrate how able she is to be useful, unloading the sled with careful motions that ensure no tripping will occur. "He did," she confirms to Leuka and Jaelynn both, voice heavy with resignation as she casts a look at Riohra. "Exploded all over the galleries at the last Hatching. Rather inconsiderate, considering Sev says you skipped out afterwards and left the cleanup to others. I am sure the weyrstaff were oh, so appreciative of that, Riohra." NOT AMUSED says that tone of voice. But she's distracted from being annoyed by Kimmila's comment, a look of disbelief cast in the blueriders direction before wide-grey eyes go straight for the door. "No. You're teasing…" is she, though? Sephany stands and makes a hasty approach to the exit, peeking her head out to confirm the snowfall for herself. A low groan. "I do not want to sleep in a barn!" But that's a crestfallen look to follow her whine.

Riohra looks over at the blue rider and nods "I have slept in worse" he looks over at the others and laughs at there reactions. When Sephany gives him the not amused look he grins at her, a grin that reminds her that she is now Trapped in here with HIM. "Come on it will be fun, you guys can get some bonding time before Sephany leaves and we can watch Leuka say thank you to the runners who supply his bows for his intstruaments."

Jaelynn shakes her head slightly while she goes about getting the canine's water and good head pats and fur rufflings as well. "Well… If you like them I suppose that's alright. Never thought about wearing a skirt in snow. I could see myself tripping even more so." She eyes Riohra and lightly shakes a finger at him. "Don't you dare ever do that at Xanadu or I'll make you clean every bit of it up youself." SHE so would, don't touch her sands thank you! She works to many hours on them, doesn't need glitter messing things up as well. Hearing Kimmila there is a pause and she blinks while glancing to her and then the others looking a bit unsure. "So… That wasn't part of the plan I take it?" She would much rather be heading back to the Weyr and the comfy warm barracks she won't lie.

Leuka just stares at Kimmila a moment, then a moment longer as he waits for her punchline. Evidently, that /was/ the punchline. Still stnading there by the canines, he looks from one face to another. Riohra, Jaelynn, Sephany a moment than the rest, then back to Riohra with what is definitely, an /Oh Crap!/ expression. Kimmila has conviently made herself scarce. Great. At least here was a skeleton crew already at the barn that can help them find thwy they need to get some food heated up. Leuka just shakes his head and proceeds to make himself seem busy while he unhooks the dogs fromt he sled and leads then one an empty stall. "At least we won't have to tie them up." He's talking about the canines, hopefully. Coming back, he glances to the weaver as she peers out the door and move to where Riohra is. "Well isn't this just great." His tone says it is certainly not that great afterall. "I suppose it's too much to hope you brought that old guitar of yours." Since he doesn't see any guitar shapes under the man's coat, he finds that doubtful. He gestures for Riohra to step away for a minute. When they are both off to the side by themselves, the Harper seem to have a few things to say to the Hunter.

Leuka mutters to Riohra, "… the… do…. second date, doesn't… be… the same… the hell is… work… trapped… snow…"

"Much warmer than pants," answers Sephany about her chosen attire. The merits of skirts would be discussed in further detail if she was not thoroughly distracted and distraught by the threat of being barn-bound for the foreseeable future. "But… I have things to do…" as if the weather would take her personal preferences into consideration. And then there is frustration, which is channeled into a much more snarky reply to Jaelynn than the dragonhealer likely deserves, "What… getting stuck in a blizzard? Yes. Clearly that was a planned activity." Snark. Grump. GRR! She's fussy now (blame the hormones?) and goes sorta-stomping further into the barn, claiming an empty sled as a place to sit; descending in a huff of green fabric and general disgruntlement. At least she leans over and begins to unharness the poor canine, so that he is no longer attached to her new sofa. Narrowed grey eyes for Riohra (he's getting ALL THE GLARES today) at the idea of this being 'fun'. "Fun is curling up in a warm chair, with cocoa and blankets and a good book. Not being stuck… here." In the middle of nowhere. In a barn. "Pretty sure the runners are in the stable over there," and her arm lifts to flap in the completely wrong direction of where the actual stable is located. "What about the Search and Rescue riders? Can they come and get us?" Maybe? The hope is real. But it is quickly squashed, either because she realizes that this doesn't technically qualify as an 'emergency' or because someone (maybe Kimmila)nixes that dream before it's really blossomed. A flash of grey eyes for Riohra and Leuka and that suspicious muttering over yonder, she puts an elbow on her knee and her chin in her hand, a very distinctly grumpy expression now plainly displayed on her pale face.

Riohra grins and shakes his head giving the musician a pat on the shoulder, "Fear not I didn't bring mine but I know a stable hand who has one if you wish to play for us". Then there is whispering and eye rolling for both Leuka and Sephany, he is sympathetic to them he really is but this is has gone on long enough… He won't say what he wants to yet but there will be some very pointed glares right back at the grump of a weaver that clearly says 'buck up or your going in a snow drift'. He is still all smiles for his grumpy friends as he moves off to go and get a good bunk in the bunk house saying to Jaelynn of the warmer climates "the bunks along the far wall have a heater over them so you won't freeze"

Jaelynn ahs a bit and inches a bit closer to the silvery gray canine that has his head pressed into her chest. "Well… I mean…" Yeah she'll just be over there thanks. A glance is sent outside as she catches some of the snow falling and she sighs a bit. "He can stay out can't he? I don't think he'll go anywhere." This said to Leuka with a faint smile while said canine is seeming rather content to stay with the dragonhealer it. Hearing Riohra a slight smile and nod is seen. "Thanks… How do you know that?" This questioned while she will pick up her bag and is going to find one of those bunks with a heater, that canine following her all the while.

"Nope. No one is flying in this weather," Kimmila says, meandering back towards the group. Does she look /pleased/? Yes. Yes, she looks pleased. "You all want to sulk in the barn? Or in the bunk house? They've got a fire going and we brought some food." She gestures. "Not enough for all of us, of course, but we can make due and the firelizards can bring a bit more." Yay teleportation.

Leuka watches Riohra walking off and smirking "That's not very helpful ya know." He grumbles after his friend while moving back to the group. Shrugging at the fluffy grey by the dragonhealer "As long as yo make sure he doesn't run off I don't see why not." For himself, he's not taking the chance of having those other canines run off in the blizzard. Then again, hopefully the doors won't be cracked open all night. He does nod to the bluerider, trying to seem less irritated at the situation "If there's enough bunks I 'll find one later." Frowning after a moment, he moves over to his coat and reaches into one of the large pockets. Pulling out a stuffed pouch of dried beast strips "Well, I got this to share." He offers the snack to Sephany first, in case she wants to break her no meat rule just this once.

Sephany is impervious to Riohra scowls; she knows the threat is not real from him. She's also not looking at him anymore, but glaring sullenly towards the door and that offending snowfall. But Kimmila's words get a glance, and she's soon pushing herself up from the sled with a quick but graceful motion. "Bunk house," she decides quickly, looking somewhat mollified that she won't be sleeping in the barn. "If they're well trained, they shouldn't run off," she says of the dogs. And she can certainly appreciate the comfort of a snuggling warm creature, even if she's sans-puppy at the moment, and won't begrudge Jaelynn the opportunity to keep the silvery-beast close. Leuka's offer of beef jerky (it's beef jerky, right?) is met with a flicker of a smile and quick acceptance, if just to be polite. A piece is selected and brought up to her mouth, the action of nibbling on it giving her something to do besides being pissed at things that are outside of her control. "Might as well get going before it gets any worse, or the sun goes down," she observes, voice moving from disgruntled to flat neutrality. She'll get to the acceptance eventually. "Thimble is usually good about fetching things," even if the little green is currently absent. "She can probably bring a couple meatrolls, at least."

"What you think boy? Stick with me? I got some jerky for you but the deal is you gotta help me stay warm." Jaelynn offers with a teasing tone to the silvery canine who's long fuzzy tail is slowly swaying an seems ok with this idea. At the talk of a bunk house she glances around and nods a bit. "Sure. I'd go for that." Is offered softly while uling her scarf around her neck once more. "I have some jerky, and some dry fruit in my bag. I might be able to get Robin to bring us a few things, though his curled up at the barracks on my bunk." Her blue lizard has certain ideas of being helpful at times.

Kimmila nods and walks to the door. "It's really storming out. We're going to step out, and reach up your right hand. Run it along the door until you feel the rope. Then walk forward. Do /not/ let go of the rope or we'll find you frozen in a few days. If you're bringing a canine, get a grip on their collar and don't let go. Right? Onward." She pushes open the door a crack and the howling blizzard pelts in, sending the few beasts stirring and lowing in their stalls. Kimmila hefts one of the bags of supplies and vanishes into the swirling dots of white and grey, heading for the bunkhouse that is no more than 50 yards away, but will be an eternity away if they let go of that rope strung between buildings.

Leuka gives a little grin over to the dragonhealer as she chats up her new friend. Head canting as he watches her canine stealing technique. Soon he'll have the tricksy ways of theirs pegged. Better to safeguard his own Fizgig from the woman that keep trying to steal his pup. He slides his coat back on and bundles back up after stuffing the pouch back in a pocket, looking to the others as they make ready to push on through.

That look of annoyance flickers into something more closely resembling fear as Kimmila explains about ropes… and freezing? "Oh dear," Sephany murmurs, the grip on her snack tightening before she quickly stuffs it into a pocket and works to put her gloves back on. Perhaps she did not think the situation to be so serious, until she's at the door and getting a good look at the courtyard. Or, rather, the blanket of white that has obscured all sight. "Alright, alright…" more for herself than anyone else, likely. She goes back to retrieve at least one of the supply bags, hoisting it to her shoulder before she moves back to the door. A little fumbling and she finds the rope, gloved fingers grasping it tightly before she takes a deep breath and departs into the white frontier. A tricky walk through the snow, filled with harrowing, heart-stopping moments of being totally lost in NOTHING BUT WHITE as she shimmies along the rope. But then, thankfully, there is the bunk house and Sephany is inside once again. But that is IT for the Weaver. Very promptly a bulk is selected, boots are kicked off, and she snuggles herself under the covers to curl up and hide it out. THANKS NO THANKS BLIZZARD!

Jaelynn looks out at the now open doors an the wall of white and her eyes just widen. "It snows at Xanadu but this is a bit much…" As for her canine stealing ways, don't worry it isn't like she'll be taking the monster fluffy beast home with her. With the strap of her bag pulled over her shoulder, gloves tucked back on and the like she takes hold of the large canine's collar.. "Come on fluffy, your help me get there yeah?" The canine seems eager to go into the snow, no one said he was sane, but he is use to this right? Jaelynn will reach up to the rope and follows it all the way towards the safety of the bunk house. As for the canine he would really like to go play in the snow but will follow the dragonhealer to the warmth of the bunk house for now at least.

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