Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

The snow continues to fall heavily, drifts of it already gathering along the edges of the bowl. Shortly after parting ways with So'l, Th'ero returned to his weyr to gather a few supplies of his own. Namely his daggers and his sword. Neither of which will be too effective against felines but it's better than nothing! Stepping into the wallow, he'll tend to Velokraeth first as he works out some of the lingering soreness in the bronzes limbs. His straps are slipped on then, buckled securely and triple checked before the pair make their exit to the bowl, with Velokraeth lazily gliding off from the ledge itself to land with a muffled 'whoomph' to the ground below. The Weyrleader takes the stairs, ignoring the flakes of snow already gathering on his riding jacket and in his hair. There he waits for So'l and for another as well to join them. « Varmiroth? » Velokraeth will call out, mind extending to seek and find the familiar touch of the blue. « Are you ready? We are waiting in the bowl. Mine has a few words he wishes to have with yours before we go. »

Varmiroth glides down to land from above, settling near Velokraeth with a rumble. « Almost, » he says, his straps full and bulging with items. Kimmila walks out from the caverns, trudging through the snow and passing drudges hard at work to keep pathways clear as she approaches. "Ready, Wingmate?" she calls, moving to her blue's straps to tuck away some final parcels. She's wearing her daggers and her bow and quiver are tucked into the straps in their protective cases. Ready for anything.

It didn't take them long. Sharuth had flown So'l to their ledge, at which point the rider packed one more bag of supplies — mostly a couple of knives, a hammer, some nails, a coil of rope, and a few other items — before slinging the back onto the bronze's back and strapping it in. And then? Then the pair dropped from the ledge and made for the Center Bowl, gliding to a frosty landing to meet up with Th'ero, Kimmila, and their lifemates.

« Did you bring everything possible that one could bring for supplies? And the sink? » Velokraeth rumbles, his mind rippling with laughter and mirth for Varmiroth's rather weighed down straps. « We are waiting on Sharuth to join us. They should be here soon. » the pale bronze informs his ledgemate. Th'ero steps through the snow to join Kimmila, "Just about. I wanted to speak with you quickly before we head off." he murmurs, reaching out to gently touch her arm to gain her attention. Bending his head close to hers, he will hurriedly inform her of his brief meeting with Nyalle concerning the supplies and how they've literally sevendays left before they're at critical. He will also repeat the report given to him by So'l, concerning the state of the island and the felines found there, as well as Abigail's condition. As Sharuth arrives, Velokraeth will rumble warmly to the young bronze. « There you are! Good morning again, young Sharuth. » he greets, his mind still linked in with Varmiroth. « And should I say one lucky bronze. » he goes on to tease. Maybe with just a hint of pride.

« Should I have a sink? Mine didn't think of that, » is Varmiroth's earnest and slightly worried reply. Until he catches on that it's a joke and swings his head around to thump Velokraeth in the shoulder. Leaning in, Kimmila listens closely to all that Th'ero tells her, her brows lifting and a frown pulling at her lips. "Shards," she mutters. "Hey, So'l, glad you're alright," she greets the bronzerider with a nod. "So Abigail is still down there?"

« Hello, Magnificent Velokraeth, » Sharuth greets fondly. « And good morning, Varmiroth the Vigilant! It is very pleasing to see you, » the bronze greets, having not seen the blue in person since the woe betide sweep that found the burning cart and the injured trader. When Velokraeth comments on his luckiness, the bronze stiffens a bit with pride. « Luraoth /is/ beautiful. We flew high and long. » In other words, he has hopes his children will be plentiful. « Your advice was very useful, » Sharuth offers back to Velokraeth. So'l, meanwhile, nods to Kimmila and offers a wave to Th'ero. "Yes, she, K'drozen, and several others are still there. We've organized a camp in a large clearing."

Velokraeth is just about to laugh when Varmiroth doesn't seem to grasp the joke and then chuffs in amusement when the blue does catch on and thumps him good in the shoulder, which is promptly returned in good natured fun. Th'ero's expression is grim and concerned as he speaks to Kimmila and her response only has him shaking his head and whispering low to her ear. "Keep this to yourself. Don't need panic in the Weyr." Or rioting. As So'l approaches, Th'ero gives him a nod in return for the wave. "Good. At least everyone is organized then. If we've all the supplies needed, then we should be off. Time is already against us." In many ways. "So'l, you take lead point. Kimmila and I will fly on either side of you. Take us to this camp and we'll go from there." he says in a firm tone and then dismisses them both as he turns to mount up Velokraeth's straps. As he buckles in, the pale bronze steps back a few paces so that he can spread his wings in preparation for flight. « I am sure she is! » he remarks with a low chuckle to Sharuth, followed by a slight bump of his wing tip to the bronze's side. Thatta boy!

Kimmila inclines her head in agreement to Th'ero's words, glancing at So'l and then turning to swing nimbly up into Varmiroth's straps. The small blue is quick to shift out of the way of the larger bronzes, waiting until Sharuth lifts off before he's kicking off to follow on the bronze's left side.

The wing bump is both amusing and awkward, though Sharuth does appreciate the camaraderie from the smaller bronze. Ah yes, Sharuth has finally reached his full growth and while The Magnificent One used to tower over him, those days are now behind. At least physically. Mentally, however, Velokraeth still has so much to teach young Sharuth, who looks to the bronze with admiration always. Nodding to Th'ero, So'l wastes no time in getting them all airborne. With a great surge of energy, Sharuth leaps into the air and pumps his powerful wings, gaining altitude enough to safely go *between*. But not before sharing his mental image of the island, of course. And so once he's sure Velokraeth and Varmiroth are ready, he'll pop between dimensions with his destination firmly in site. Bump bump. Bump bump. Bump bump! Sharuth explodes into the sky over Drake's Island, his hide brilliantly glimmering in the bright daytime sun of Southern. Below is the clearing, where various tents and supply tables have been erected. Circling once, Sharuth leads the others down to land.

Drake's Lake - Fort Weyr's Island Getaway
The waters of Drake's Lake circle the rugged shoreline of this strangely shaped island. The eastern shoreline is home to a small forest and a fair sized clearing dotted with various types of grasses and plants along with several Herdbeasts which graze the meddow and seek shade among the trees, contained by the freshwater stream which cuts the east from the rest of the island.
The central part of the island sports a short hill with a large flat spot at the top which could easily fit two of the larger Queens without them touching. The western shoreline sprouts a small clearing within a forest of fruit trees. Beyond the small cottage found there, vacationing spot of random Fort Riders and any guests they might bring along, is a smaller island. Several large trees create shade upon that island and the flocks of Wherries provide both Riders, Dragons and guests alike with fresh meat.

Velokraeth will follow after Sharuth and Varmiroth, vanishing Between when the image is secured and the others have slipped through ahead. The pale bronze warbles in delight to feel the warmth of the sun on his back and he's all too eager to land in the clearing below. Even Th'ero is anxious to dismount, but for a whole variety of reasons and only the building heat and humidity being the lesser of them all. Once safely on the ground, he'll begin to shed his winter and riding gear, stowing it away carefully and then adjusting the belt that holds his dagger and sword back around his waist. Squinting in the sunlight, he'll shade his eyes with his hands as he waits on So'l and Kimmila and his mood is quiet and brooding. There is a lot on the Weyrleader's mind right now.

Varmiroth lands as well, nimble in his descent and final backwinging. Dismounting, Kimmila sheds her riding leathers and removes her bow and quiver, getting everything ready before she's walking over to join Th'ero as she looks around the island with a frown. "I still see evidence of Laris," she murmurs with a little shudder. This is a bad place, and she looks around, eying what remains. "Is the pile of weapons still here? We'd have to clear that out…"

The campsite is very organized, everything is set and in place for proper use as really a campsite that is unorganized is never any good. Niumdreoth is settled off to the side of the camp keeping a close eye on the area to make sure everything is ok and nothing seems out of the normal. The large brown catches sight of the appearing dragons and lets out a bugling of greeting to them. Abigail is speaking with another rider over a map that has been made of the island from the air, working on numbers of things that have already been found out, like the sort of animals on the island, where places the felines might be hold up and the like. At the bugle from her dragon her gaze lifts upwards to the side and there is a slight pause before she nods to the other and moves off to greet the three. "Good day Weyrleader, Kimmila, So'l. Bit warmer weather greeting ye all here, aye?" This said as she offers a salute and smile caught as well. Hearing the bits from Kimmila on the evidence of Laris she nods slightly as she sends a glance back towards the forests. "Aye, there be plenty of things left behind that is for sure."

Near the far side of the camp, Rhyrith kneels looking into the jungles with K'drozen next to him. The brown rider doesn't even look up at the arrival of the other riders, instead he keeps his eyes toward the trees."

So'l slides down from Sharuth's back and then suddenly cries out, his sword sheath — strapped to his side — having caught on the riding straps and pulling him around mid-slide. He lands rather unceremoniously on the ground, unhurt but embarrassed. "You know what," the young bronzerider sighs, "that's it. Not wearing it on my side /anymore/." Clearly, this has happened before. Removing his sword belt, he works the straps to anchor the sword on his back instead. Of course, this makes things a bit difficult when he returns to his own tent and comes out with his bow and quiver. The latter is awkward positioned over the sheath — the strap crisscrossing the sword belt — while So'l hefts the hefty bow in his right hand. "Alright then," he nods, coming up to stand with Kimmila, Abigail, and Th'ero, hoping they didn't catch that little show. Perhaps his inexperience is, indeed, why Th'ero asked him to make the report instead of Abigail. Obviously the expert Wingsecond has been hard at work here organizing the camp. "Hello there," he smiles back to Abbey.

Oh, that little show was caught alright and by Velokraeth and Th'ero both. The pale bronze rumbles with amusement, while the Weyrleader looks alarmed at first, only to grimace. Guess that's part of the lesson he forgot to teach So'l about handling a sword? How to dismount without getting caught! He doesn't laugh though at So'l's mishap, only offering him a vague smile when he joins them. Kimmila's comment has him scowling a bit and notably the Weyrleader is keeping his back turned to the lake in the distance and where one of the larger - if not largest - island rests. "Of course his scars would still be in the land. We did nothing to remove them." he murmurs low to the bluerider. It is a bad place or was a bad place. In Th'ero's mind it is and he's still haunted by what happened here. No one ask him to swim - it won't end nicely. "Good day, Abigail." he greets the approaching Wingsecond, his eyes already looking down to her legs with a questioning glance. "Well done with the organization of this camp. How are your injuries? So'l here has told me you were wounded by the felines you three encountered?"

Kimmila saw that, but she doesn't laugh as she strings her bow and loosens her daggers, ready to draw them if needed while they approach. Scanning the area, she takes sight of K'drozen but since he seems so intent on watching the trees, she doesn't bother him. "Looks good, Abigail," she remarks, nodding as she takes note of all the little campsite details. Oh yeah, injuries. But since Th'ero is asking, Kimmila instead moves forward to try and get a look at the map they've got laid out.

K'drozen glances over his should as he hears someone approach near and gives Kimmila a slight nod before looking back to this forest his eyes narrowing.

Abigail won't ask Th'ero to swim as long he doesn't ask her to climb down a cliff. Deals all around! For a moment she is left watching So'l, though she does not call attention to himself and offers him a smile. "Are ye alright?" This questioned with a softer tone as she eyes him curiously before clearing her throat a touch as if to hide the question a bit from the other two. Her gaze drifts back to Th'ero, a soft oh escapes her and she soon nods. "Aye, it's just some scratches. Been keeping a close eye on it seeing about where we happen ta be." Out in warm weather such as an island sort of place really. "Thank ye Kimmila. We didn't expect to run into the felines, though I was expecting some around truthfully, would be about up to Laris's standard's to have them roaming around if they was worried about people getting onto the island and so forth."

Probably not the best time to have that little mishap, eh? So'l does his best to put it behind him and nod along with the current talk of Laris and his 'scars' upon the land. The bronzer wasn't in Fort when all of that went down originally. He was still slaving over a saw in Lemos then, felling trees while dreaming secret dreams. But now here he is, standing with some of the most important people on Pern, ready to aid in reclaiming the island and healing said scars. Quite a leap of fortune, really, but that's kind of what's so amazing about Pern. "I'm alright, thanks," he smiles back to Abigail — but only briefly does the smile last — for discussion continues to focus around the dire circumstances here, being fed by dire circumstances back at Fort Weyr: namely, the shortage of food. "We handled the ones we ran into but if these felines were purposefully left behind, they've had quite a while to breed." Meaning there could be a /lot/ of them to deal with.

Th'ero's eyes will follow Kimmila as she moves forwards and he notes K'drozen there too. He leaves them to their guard duty, or at least for the bluerider to complete her surveillance of the grounds before returning. "Glad you're alright," he murmurs to Abigail, only to add in a call to Kimmila. "We bring any medical supplies?" Clearly he means to give anything they have to the Wingsecond, if she isn't already drowning in them. Dire circumstances are certainly forcing this situation on them all and Th'ero does his best to keep his worries and concerns held at bay. Being here at the camp, focusing on the work about to be underway helps. "I doubt Laris had any control over them to start with," Th'ero murmurs to both So'l and Abigail, his mouth set in a grim line as he considers the options. "They were probably already drifting in but rather than destroy the pride as most holders do, they let them stay…" And breed and breed. Which went further unchecked after the raid. Glancing towards the camp and forests again, Th'ero adds. "What more has been discovered here?"

Kimmila frowns thoughtfully, gazing around. "I guess it'd make sense to explain how the felines /got/ here onto this remote island. Sharding Laris, striking at us from beyond the grave," she says, turning her head to spit on the ground. "We'll have to be careful of any other traps he might have left behind, then, if we go into any of his encampments. Wouldn't put it past him. And yeah, Th'ero, I've got the standard first aid kit I carry. You want any of it, Abigail? Redwort, numbweed, bandages?" she offers.

Abigail smiles and nods to So'l before her attention has turned back to Th'ero and Kimmila. "Thank ye sir. Yes we have medical supplies. I carry one as a must with my things for every sweep." She is a Search and Rescue rider after all. "Some traps have been found, crud pits with spikes in them, others paths that lead over cliffs, and then there is a maze near one end of the forest that I'm not to sure where it leads. Once it was figured out that two of my riders was going in circles they was able to get there dragons to signal they needed help and I went and pulled them out with Niumdreoth." So yes plenty of traps! "As for the felines, there is a good number for certain, plenty of prey species. Wherries mostly at that. The island has started to take over the places where Laris and his men took over." Nature has a way of doing such things after all.

"I don't think he wanted people enjoying this place," So'l nods as Abigail explains what they've found over the last couple of days. "We'll just have to watch for more traps as we go. I think our biggest hurdle is dealing with the damn cats," the bronzer says, his eyes — too — flicking to Abigail's leg. The glower on his face shows that he is NOT happy about what happened there. "So what should we do first?" he asks, looking to Th'ero for orders.

K'drozen stands slowly from his kneeling position staring deeper into the woods, and half drawing his bow. The brown rider takes a couples of steps to the side frowning slightly.

As'tre was off scouting, separate from the other group because Zeltenith 'had a hunch'. So they also missed the excitement of the feline attack, although Zeltenith informed him of it. Now the two show up, though empty handed. Seems like Zeltenith's hunch didn't pay off.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a sharp look when she claims Laris is cursing them all from the grave and his eyes dart briefly to that lake… only to rapidly look away. Nope. Not going to focus on that. "I don't even want to know if it's possible to capture felines and move them in…" he mutters, trying not to shudder at the thought. "Regardless of the 'how, they're here now and obviously established. Wherries are not so much a concern…" Just more prey for them to hunt! At the mention of all the traps, Th'ero scowls heavily and mutters a few choice oaths and curses under his breath. "The Guards were supposed to have cleared those out…" he says with a grimace and looking to Kimmila with a questioning glance. Didn't they? "Laris was a dangerous man and with a warped mind. He wanted this island to be his and for his people, but he made damn well sure it was fortified as best he could manage against attack or any unwelcome visitors. The first step? Th'ero exhales heavily, "We need to get those traps noted, marked and dismantled if they haven't been already. Next course of action is to hunt out the rest of the felines, if we can. Experienced hunters only. The rest can begin surveying possible usable land for pasture and any long-term structures we may need." That about covers it, doesn't it? Velokraeth rumbles a greeting as Zeltenith returns with As'tre and Th'ero will turn to offer a wave to the bronzerider before his focus is drawn back to business.

Kimmila shakes her head and looks at Th'ero, and she shrugs. "They were supposed to." Seems they missed a few. "We should also send others to the main continent. This is a long term project. We need short term foodstuffs." Turning, she nods to As'tre and then watches K'drozen move forward. But since he hasn't yelled 'omg a feline help', she'll leave him be. "So I think we need to organize that hunting and gathering party. Soon." Like…now.

Abigail lifts her hands slightly. "Sir, the guards did find a lot of traps, many was taken apart. Though with a place this size it is understandable that some would have been missed." She offers with a soft hopful tone to try and smooth over that problem at least. Her gaze turns to So'l as she catches his tone, her hand moving to lightly touch his arm to show that it is alright. "The three that we have found have been marked. I have marked them on the map as well. Any other's I will add to make sure it is up to date. There are several bridges that link areas to one another that are also in the process of coming down so to speak." She points to the South where one such bridge is to be found. "There are felines for sure on the other part of land where the bridge once did cross over too." As Th'ero goes on she nods at this at the talk about gathering the experienced hunters. "The ones I brought from Search wing are experienced hunters Mostly." meaning So'l in that little group is well, not one. Though she doesn't come out and say that.

K'drozen keeps an eyes towarsd the forest and calls out over his shoulder, "We diffrently have something watching us from the woods over here."

As'tre salutes when Th'ero waves to him, coming closer to the group. "I know how to hunt since I lived on my own for a while." he offers. "As for these traps… are any airborne, or are they just traps you walk into?" he turns to look in the direction K'drozen does when he calls out, though, and frowns. "Is anyone else here or is it just supposed to be us?"

It's a sound plan, that plan of Th'ero's. And while the bit about 'experienced hunters only' initially rankles, it /does/ make sense. Why take needless risks? "Well, that excludes me then," he says. "Which is fine," he raises a staying hand to word off remarks like 'Oh but So'l, there are other ways to help!' So'l isn't upset about it. Really. "How about I join the gatherers? There's a lot of fresh fruit down here. We've got some big baskets to fill, after all," he says, nodding over to the stacked baskets resting near one of the larger tents. The touch from Abigail nets the woman a slight smile and a nod before — with permission given — the bronzerider moves off to get to work, waving and smiling to As'tre as he passes.

"You do have a point there," Th'ero agrees with Abigail, but he still is not thrilled or pleased at all by the knowledge that there are unknown traps out there. Bad enough with the felines, the wherries and whatever else the Southern jungles hold as dangers. But manmade traps? Not good. Nodding his head, he gives the map the Wingsecond has made another longer look and sounds pleased when he speaks next. "Good! That's a start then. Be sure that copies are made of this and that everyone has the locations memorized. Use firelizards if we have to to keep an eye out for anything else 'not natural'." For the hunters, the Weyrleader considers that information and then glancing to Kimmila he nods his head in agreement with her too. "We do need food. Urgently." He'll beckon Abigail and As'tre as they're closest, leaving K'drozen as guard. "I spoke with junior weyrwoman Nyalle this morning before coming here. Our… supply shortage is at critical. We need fresh meat. Fruits, vegetables. Roots. Things easily found here. So Abigail, I need you to pick your best hunter and gatherers. So'l, you can lead that if you wish." he murmurs to the younger bronzerider. "You as well, As'tre." The Weyrleader overheard that comment! "Kimmila, you know the jungles well enough too. What we need to focus on first is getting enough food to support the Weyr back home. That is our priority." Time to switch gears as he's reminded of their true goal.

Kimmila nods in silent agreement to Th'ero's words as she stops studying the map of the island, giving the location a quick look over. "I'm happy to lead some folks to various spots around the Continent where I used to do my hunting and gathering. Fishing, too, if anyone is skilled in it. There's plenty of bounty to be found."

Abigail glances to As'tre and offers him a nod before her gaze turns to follow after So'l. Her attention is soon back to Th'ero as he is looking over the map. There is a slight tapping to the map pointing to an area that has what looks like a feline drawn on it. "This is where So'l and I ran into that small group of felines. I don't think they bed down around there but most likely someplace in the area. It would be someplace safe to them, hiding to us, perhaps underground." Hunting she knows, she is an expert tracker after all. At the talk of such things back at the Weyr there is a pause and she nods at this before glancing over the ones that are around. She only brought six riders with her, though by now a few more would have showed up. "T'ash and R'ean are good hunters; R'ean has skills from working further south from what I recall." As for the ones that are gathering seems So'l has already found them so that helps there! Hearing K'drozen a glance is sent his way. "Ye think it's a feline K'drozen?" She questions with a curious tone, feline's are tricky after all. As for the rest she nods slightly. "I am able to still go along for a hunt. I've seen a good many areas where the wherries have been taken over, they found good plances to eat so they most likely didn't wander to far from the areas."

"Never gone hunting for felines before, but with a dragon, no problem, right? Wouldn't fancy going against one myself though…" That's one of the dangers M'icha warned him about when he dropped As'tre off here many many moons ago. Well not 'here' but…. you get the gist. "Or do you mean hunting for food?"

"You mean to move sites for the gathering?" Th'ero asks Kimmila, trying to mask his eagerness for that. This place still haunts his dreams sometimes, given he almost died by drowning in that very lake that he continues to keep at his back. Not there, not there! La la la. Looking to where Abigail points on the map, the Weyrleader hastily memorizes the details. "Felines usually make dens, so if there are any half sealed tunnels or caves about, they've likely made their dens there." And had not-so cute babies that grew up to have more babies… so on and so forth. The names have Th'ero scanning his thoughts, but he trusts the Wingsecond's judgement. "Perhaps we'll keep T'ash and R'ean here then, see if they can't organize a few other hunters brought in from Fort to see if we can't flush out more of those felines. We," And he indicates Kimmila, Abigail, As'tre and himself, as well as So'l and the group he's gathered. "Need to figure out where we'll hunt first. Between us all, we should be able to gather enough. It'd be nice if we could find a coastal piece of land. Bound to be water-type wherries and fish." Two sources of meat! Giving As'tre a long look, the Weyrleader snorts. "Felines will attack a dragon, if they're pissed off enough." There's a glance given to Kimmila and then over to where Varmiroth is resting with a noticeable grimace and twitch of memory. "We're hunting for food." he explains. "The felines and this location," he sweeps his hand out to indicate the island. "Are a secondary mission. Right now we're facing a bad situation in Fort. We're almost out of the basic staples of food and risking begging more from the Holds still loyal to us who cannot spare more for us or turning to the other Weyrs."

Kimmila shakes her head with a frown at As'tre. "Felines are dangerous," she says flatly, turning to point to the scars that cross Varmiroth's neck and chest. The blue, usually embarrassed by them, straightens and turns to show them off, those bands of pale blue against his hide. Kimmila looks at Th'ero with a frown. "This was never intended to be a gathering site. /Especially/ not with felines roaming the woods!"

"Felines don't care, when they want to attack they attack." Abigail offers with a soft tone to As'tre, a slight shake of her head seen before she glances to the map eyeing the coastal places. "We did spot some water-type wherries there, and I'm sure there will be plenty of fish to be found within the waters." Though fishing would perhaps take a good amount of time. "We could use the dragons to help with the fishing, get them to scare them up towards the shore where we could have nets in order to gather them." Well it is an idea.

From the trees a low growl can be heard. K'drozen steps slowly closer to Rhyrith how lets out a puff of breath looking to the woods as well.
"Felines don't care, when they want to attack they attack." Abigail offers with a soft tone to As'tre, a slight shake of her head seen. She's dealt with felines in the past, and they have never been much fun, even less so now seeing how she'll be carrying some scars from one of them. Onwards, she points towards an area that is away from where So'l and herself ran into the felines. "We did spot some wherries over on this side of the island." Maybe be a place to start, at the sound of a growl from the trees she glances towards the forest eyeing the area slightly and frowns.

"Oh…. well I'm sure Zeltenith can handle it. I'll definitely be careful, of course, I don't want him or me to get hurt." As'tre nods at the others, gaze lingering over the scars on the blue. Yeep.

Th'ero frowns right back at Kimmila, mouth drawing back into a grim and thin line. "I'm aware of that. I am trying to organize teams. We may as well have some try to tackle the feline problem here, while the larger percentage of us move off the island and to the mainland." he explains, once more trying not to twitch when Varmiroth displays the scars. Glancing again to As'tre, the Weyrleader nods his head with a grim look. "See to it that you don't cross paths with felines and you'll be fine." he points out. Craning his head a bit again to peer down at Abigail's map, he grows as she points to another area. "But it's still on the island," he murmurs thoughtfully. "We're looking to get away from this place entirely, considering the forests are possibly littered with traps, among other things. We should go to the mainland beyond the waters here. Unknown territory, but not likely to have been poisoned by Laris. We can hunt there and gather what we need and leave this," He indicates the camp and the rest of the island. "To a later day. The Weyr needs food now, we can worry about the long term solution after this first critical need is taken care of."

Kimmila nods back at Th'ero and then she's moving to Varmiroth's side. "Right then. Shall we be off? I've got an idea for a good spot for us to start. Probably wherries there and I know there's lots of berry patches and fruit trees. A nice place to start the gathering, even if the hunting parties have to move further afield."

Abigail nods lsightly as she hears the talk of them going elsewhere, which is fine with her truthfully. She's had enough of the feline bits here mind you. "Of course sir, sounds like a good plan." There is a pause as she eyes the map a few moments. "We'll we have some of this place mapped out already at least." So that is always a plus. "The small camp that we have set up could be left, if the felines get use to such they may avoid it later on when we do come back." It is a thought after all.

K'drozen keeps his eyes on the woods, "We are pulling out then? Sooner would be better then later, the natives are starting to get restless…"

"Staying away from felines, yes, sounds like a plan. And….. what natives? What are you looking at?" As'tre frowns as he looks over at the treeline, but HE doesn't see anything, and querying Zeltenith doesn't get any more info. "Maybe we should go then….?"

Beware the jungles! Th'ero does not seem to trust them either and glancing sharply at K'drozen, he will signal the brownrider to move off. "We'll keep some riders posted here, those experienced with large and dangerous prey. This camp won't be abandoned, Abigail. Once we're done with this task, perhaps you can see to having a group of volunteers from the hunters come here." Satisfied that the orders are given and understood, the Weyrleader nods towards Kimmila, "Then you can lead us, if Varmiroth would be kind enough to give us the image for Between." he murmurs, glancing back to the rest of the gathered group. "Let's move out! Sooner we can get this done, the earlier we can get back to the Weyr." And before news leaks out that there is no food! Which will be obvious enough by the dinner hours. Stepping back then, he will approach Velokraeth and check the bronze's straps again before mounting up.

Kimmila nods, "Certainly," she says as she buckles in, and the blue reaches out to the other dragons, sharing an image of a clearing deep within the continent, full of sunshine and berry bushes bursting with fruit. Then the blue is kicking into the sky, waiting a moment, and vanishing between.

Abigail nods at the word from Th'ero. "Aye sir." She offers while turning to look over the camp, and towards K'drozen. "Come on K'rozen, let's get going." For the few that are staying here she gives them a few orders, basicly to say safe and not do anything crazy! What that said she shifts and she moves off to gather a few things before heading towards Niumdreoth and is getting strapped in, along with her canines from the looks of it. Time to go, and she is one to help out where it is needed, like now.

K'drozen looks to Abigail and nods, "Yes ma'am." lowering his bow slowly and moving to prepare to mount up.

As'tre heads towards Zeltenith's side and vaults up. Hunting for meat is a thing he can do, though it's a different matter from the air. "Lead the way, sir!"

Velokraeth accepts the image from Varmiroth, fortifying it through the link shared with the others. They're all linked in now and once Th'ero gives to signal, the pale bronze will launch into the air after the blue and vanish between. Bursting out into the air above the clearing, they'll waste little time in circling down to land and set up a temporary camp there with the supplies brought from the first one and additional supplies carried on Varmiroth's straps. Th'ero will be quick to organize everyone into groups, peering curiously around the forests and relaxing a little now that they're well away from Drake's Lake. As much as he would enjoy tromping through the jungles in search of wild wherry and other game, the Weyrleader admits that his forte is with fishing and so turns his attention into rigging a few nets, traps and hook lines to dump into the water. Without protest he will gather some of those berries too and with the help of others, get to organizing stations where they can gut and prepare any catches for transport, but to also store the berries and any wild vegetables, nuts and roots and other fruits. It'll be easy tasks, but time consuming and draining in the heat and humidity.

Niumdreoth shifts taking in the imagen and rumbles out softly before he is following after the others. The large brown doesn't have a problem in the least following and once over the area he lands with the others. Abigail goes about helping with the hunting, she does have expierence with that after all, and her canines will help indeed to searching for the game. It make takes a while but they should at least make a good amount of kills to feed the weyr for the night, and who knows perhaps for a few days if the cooks can stretch things out.