Who Carellos Leuka Jaelynn Risali
What Singing and dancing in the barracks.
When Winter
Where Candidate Barracks @FOW

Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

Leuka makes his way back towards the barracks, a large cello case braced on his right shoulder. The left is still a bit tender with addition of a recent tattoo. Nodding to a couple other candidates that are doing their own things near their cots, Leuka heads deeper down the aisle where his stuff is. Resting the large instrument case on his bed, the Harper proceeds to shrug out of his heavy coat and just plain get himself more comfortable, so he can settle in for some serious practicing.

Well, at least the chores of the day weren't the middens or bathing old aunties and uncles of the human variety. Doing so of the dragon variety was actually not that bad. Some of them even had some decent personalities, not that he could hear them, but Carellos can appreciate some decent body language! Freshly bathed and in warmer, comfortable clothes, the Baker turned Candidate settles himself down on his own bed, arranging the pillows the way he likes them and leans back with fingers woven together behind his head and dirty-blond hair. It's taken some getting used to, being in such a large room with so many people again, but he's fallen into the routine soon enough. Green eyes peer over at the Harper in curiosity while his toes sway from side to side to some unheard music.

Leuka spends a couple of minutes fiddling with a few things in his area. Turning what /was/ a decently made cot into a small disaster area in no time. But it's an organized mess, at least to his way of seeing things. After giving the trunk a shove to push it off to the side of his cot so he can sit on it, he opens up the cello case and plucks the large instrument out. Checking it over with a critical eye, he attaches the spike to the bottom before dropping himself down to sit on the trunk. While he goes about adjusting the spike height for his current sitting position, he glances around, and spots Carellos's foot already twitching to some unheard tune and chuckles "Any requests?" is asked of the other candidate.

Carellos purses his lips for a moment in thought, staring at Leuka's instrument while the gears are turning. Then, he just relaxes his features while the feet keep moving and he just shrugs. "Nope, surprise me." Which, everything will technically be a surprise. Every time there was an event where the Harper's would be performing, he was always in the kitchens. The sound of pots and spoons has been his music for turns. Seeing a live gig would be interesting. As for his own bed, kept neat. Mostly because he had to share a communal room with the rest of the weyr's residents until he moved in to his well missed home.

Leuka snorts in amusement at Carellos's response and gives his head a little shake "Most people that tell me that end up regretting it." Leuka settles himself on the edge of the trunk, where he can have free range of movement to play and move. With bow in hand, he rest it lightly on the strings as he considers what to play. Better start with something easy going and mellow, better to sucker listeners in before the real playing starts. Plus, his bow will appreciate living that much longer. After a moment of pondering, bow rubs very lightly across the strongs, barely making any sound, but soon sounds can be heard growing in volume gradually as a somber melody begins to fill the barracks. His is only one instrument, and he plays it extremely well, but still, tis only one instrument so people will have to use their imaginations to hear the other parts accompanying the Harper, in spirit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTVjnBo96Ug

"I don't seem to have that problem," Carellos says, waggling his brows a little bit with that cheesy smile in place. While there isn't too much in the way of traffic, he stays reclined in his cot, propped up by pillows, wiggling his sock covered toes to the music. The man lets his head sink back into the pillows, green eyes closing behind soot hued lashes and he takes in a deep breath, letting out a long and heavy sigh. Nice relaxing music to end the evening with. There's definitely benefits of having a Harper in your Candidacy! Especially if they've been allowed to keep their instruments this time. "That's nice," he murmurs, crossing one foot over another. Too bad Reksler isn't here to enjoy it. In his own… cranky… adorably irritable way.

Leuka is playing something completely mellow and harmless. Don't let that get around though, might ruin his reputation. He sways gently on the edge of the trunk while tapping a foot gently to keep proper time. Not for himself really, but for anyone else around that might decide to grab up an instrument of just plain help tap out the beat to accompany his cello. While his portion isn't the entire song, music lovers would recognize the melody /Sitting on the Dock of the Bay/ coming from the Harper's cello.

Carellos is so relaxed by the music, he's slowly beginning to drift to sleep. Even his bronze firelizard comes gliding, taking advantage of the not moving hooman counterpart to curl up into a little 'Spice' roll in the crook of the Candidate's neck and shoulder. Sugar? Absent, likely causing trouble somewhere.

Why is Risali here? MYSTERY. But the Xanaduian goldrider is here, in these Fortian Candidate barracks, where she most certainly does not belong. Her presence might be without physical accompaniment, but there's very clearly an indiscriminate gold seeping her booming mindvoice into the thoughts of those who can hear her: loud bass and drum that rattles the insides of minds despite its relatively calmer tempo. SORRY ABOUT YOUR SONG, LEUKA, but here comes Risali, wrapped in winter clothes, unruly hair down in loose curls that sway about her as she moves that tiny body and sings. AND YOU ALL KNOW THE SONG. Who doesn't? "When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we'll see." Hands up, a subtle undulation of hips, a kick of feet and Risa's hop-skip-dancing her way into the barracks, voice slightly muffled by a scarf that does nothing to hide the smile reaching her eyes, not even as she INVADES and those grey eyes SEEK and - LEUKA! There's a deviant look from beneath lashes for Carellos, the kind that says don't tell anybody (if the press of one gloved finger in the universal sign of silence doesn't say that clearly enough), and then she's moving to the harper, aiming to pull him to his feet as she keeps right on singing and bouncing, giving him enough space to put his instrument away, but he is going to dance with her, and Risali is not going to take no for an answer.


Jaelynn had a funfun day off doing maintenance work, honestly she may have been more dirty then what she was working on. So after a quick bath she was so taking a nap even with the music playing mind you. The dragonhealer is tucked under a few dozen blankets SHE GETS COLD ok?! The sound of a certain voice gets her attention an a eye half opens and she sits up looking around, hair a hot mess. "No booties…" Wait what? Just don't ask. Either way she breaks into a cough so maybe no one caught that with the singing, and music and now dancing.

Leuka smiles as he plays, which he always does, and draws the bow over the strings a last few times s the song comes to an end. The last easily notes are still echoing through the cavern when a strange bundled up newcomer is belting out a new tune, one Leuka grins at and take up quickly with his cello. A strange announce from the mound of blankets a few cots down from him gets a chuckle, but he continues on. Well, he tries until the Risa monster is there, and trying to interrupt his play. He tries to shake her off, but it's useless, so he gives it. Rising to his feet, he carefully lays the bello across his cot, no chance of it sliding and crashing to the floor that when since there are no cello stands in the barracks. So he'll dance his the scarf-masked stranger even though she's not in a very good disguise. He glances to the baker, who looks to be trying to snooze with his little ball of Spice. Leuka gives the visiting queenrider a little spin before stepping back into the dance steps with her. Head tilting towards her ear, maybe she can still hear a whisper through all that scarf "Are you supposed to be lurking around here?" An amused wink accompanies his questions as Risali sings a tune that everyone will have to imagine the music playing with.

Ever get that sense of impending doom? Here and now is where Carellos finally sees the cause to the emotions and one green eyes opens, peering over at the woman suspiciously and he doesn't make any sudden movements. Do they smell fear? He's just gonna close his eyes and play dead. Hopefully whomever it is just… stays that way. Leuka makes a better sacrifice after all! He's had enough of crazy blueriders here in the weyr as it is. Last thing he needs is to meet another crazy person and he's never seen this one before. Spice, on the other hand, lifts his tiny bronze head and puffs up like a little angry balloon. There's only one thing the firelizard can do to defend his hooman and that's to do his best to be big and intimidating and SCARY. He lets out his little battle cry to evoke fear to the masses! Only… it comes out more like a broken squeak.

And still Risali moves, placing one hand on Leuka's forearm once he finally rises to his feet, catching one of his hands in her own and spinning when he bids that's what she should do. But she's stepping back into his space much like he steps back into hers, never missing a beat despite breathy laughter that distorts words (and too much scarf), deviance in those grey eyes as she leans in to hear whispered words and takes advantage of his having to lean to her height to whisper, "Who's going to stop me?" back between lyrics. And then she's leaning back, crowing out, "So darling, darling! Stand by me!" But she doesn't stop there, does she? Because there's Jaelynn, peeking out with mention of BOOTIES (that Risa TOTALLY HEARD, because she's LAUGHING), and the goldrider abandons Leuka for Jae, rousing the she-candidate out of her bed with pulling hands, and lyrics, and feet that insist she be obeyed until she's dancing the younger woman to Leuka and pushing her into him. And then Potato appears, a pop from between as the gold twitters at Spice, swooping in with elegant grace because she knows she's a queen among firelizards. Just look at that graceful gold body as it lands and DISTRACTS. WHY? Because Risali is TOTALLY PULLING CARELLOS OUT OF HIS COT TOO. Shut up, nobody cares that he's bigger than she is. She's got smol fury to power her as she pulls him up, delight and laughter in grey eyes as she sings and attempts to make him dance with her. DON'T BE A SPOIL SPORT, CARELLOS. PUT YOUR HAND ON THAT HIP AND MOVE.

Jaelynn rubs at her eyes a few moments while she is sitting up more, she is in clothing and a few pairs of socks so that is helpful right? She blinks a few times and is nearly squealing as Risali is upon her. "Risali?!" She so missed that memo of goldriders appearing in barracks it seems! The dragonhealer is hauled upwards and is at least soon laughing while dancing with Risali, Jae does know how to dance so really she isn't too affected by this thought. She is twirled and send over to Leuka and squeaks while holding a hand up so she doesn't go kissing ground incase Leuka moves outa the way. Robin perks his head out from under his person's pillow the blue yawns and warbles out a bit while shifting to watch the show. Who has the lizard popcorn?

Leuka hoots out a laugh to the 'general challenge to rules' she throws down in her whispered reply to his question. That's something the Harper can get behind. He gives an amused nod and wink to Risali and proceeds to do the weyrwoman's bidding. Another moment of dancing to Risali's tune before she's swinging away to the mountain of shifting blankets. He'll laugh and turn to take his cello back up, not paying as close attention as he should be apparently. He catches sight of the queenrider hurling the dragonhealer his way out of the corner of his eye so he hurriedly drops the cello back to cot. Leuka turns and steps forward quickly, arm extended to catch Jaelynn so she won't go crashing. While she takes a moment to catch her balance and get her feet back under her, he'll snort "Persistent one isn't she?" He grins and tosses a look towards Risali as she rouses the Baker from his cozy slumber. Peering back to Jaelynn he shrugs "Who are we to argue?" Still grinning he starts going with the flow assuming Jaelynn is in the mood to dance, lest she anger the Risabeasty among them.

There some creatures known to mankind, only in talks of shadows and whispers used to scare small children into obedience. One of those creatures is right here before him and with hair standing up on the back of his neck, Carellos stares at the woman with his mouth pressed into a thin line. Spice, on the other hand, CROONS OH SO SWEETLY~ SWEETER THAN WINE~ SOFTER THAN THE SUMMER NIIIIIGHT~ Unfortunately for Carellos, there is no escape! The smol fury goes in for the kill! Or another dance partner? She's secretly luring him into a false sense of security! He goes along with it for now, near stumblin when she pulls him out of the comfort of his cot and he quickly regains his balance. What is this dancing thing?! He's only used to slow dancing but still… This is awkward. Especially when you have a person who's height is closer in line to his VITAL ORGANS.

Sweet Jaelynn! Risali's name coming from the dragonhealer's lips only has Risali laughing more, too busy singing to truly respond and then rousing Carellos out of his bed and INTO THAT FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY that requires he move his feet and dance with her. She does her best to help him maintain his balance, and then she's catching his eyes with deviant grey, pulling him with her towards Leuka and Jaelynn where the song ends. But this doesn't end; it can't, not yet. Now Leirith's bass and drums are picking up the beat. And Risali? "Come on, everybody! Clap your hands!" And she starts to clap hers, laughing. "Ahh, you're lookin' good!" A shoulder bump for Care, for Jae, as she winks at Leuka. "I'm gonna sing my song, it won't take long. We're gonna do the twist, and it goes like this!" And yes, yes Risali is breaking back into song, DOING THE TWIST in the hopes that the candidates she's pulled into her web will remain in that circle and dance with her - if not sing while they're at it. Because WHY NOT? She even catches Carellos by the hands again, since he seems the most likely to bolt, sinking down in that twist, twist, sinking action that involves a lot of hips and knees. But she's laughing, throwing her head back and swallowing down as much breath as she can between lyrics. NOWHERE IN THE HANDBOOK DID IT SAY THAT THE CANDIDATES WERE EXEMPT FROM HAVING FUN. DANCE! MOVE! SING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F0xMvBe2Kg

Jaelynn actually has a moment of fear of falling face first and who knows what would happen then right? At least that doesn't happen, a breath escapes her and she grins to Leuka. "Have you not met Risali before? I'm rather certain 'persistent' is her middle name, along with craz-fun-time or something like that." Makes sense to her. As for dancing, yep she has this and will certain follow along with the beat or the singing that is going on as she continues with Leuka. Once Risali is back in the mix she tilts her head looking at her. "What song is hat?" SHE don't know /that/ one! Though yep she'll clap her hands and then follow along with hip twisting and knee bobbing.. Wait that could be dangerous.

Leuka laughs. "Quite a few times, both of us being Harpers." He replies to Jaelynn "Yet she still manages to do the unexpected." Then the surprise time bomb is pulling the other candidate into a group and changes up the song. Leuka just tosses an amused eye roll towards the cavern ceiling before before cutting a look to the dragonhealer "See what I mean?" And there he is clapping with the others just like Risali orders and twisting his hips and knees along with his fellow JHarper singing. If she's signaling the rest of them to sing, he flat out refuses, he doesn't sing period, instead choosing to enjoy being able to dance for a change. Those shorter people around him better watch out down there if he throws his arms and elbows out while he's shuffling and twisting about.

Most likely to bolt is an understatement! When that music starts to erupt out of the crazy tiny thing flailing about in the barracks, the Baker man looks around for every opportunity to escape. Carellos glances over his shoulder to where that traitorous Spice is and sends the firelizard a 'are you kidding me?!' look that is COMPLETELY IGNORED~

"Twist again!" Risali answers Jaelynn breathlessly, around another smile, amid laughter and then a cheer as Jaelynn joins in, and Leuka joins in and Carellos looks for an escape route. The goldrider holds tighter to Carellos' hands, giving a gentle squeeze before she lets him go because that song comes to an end too, and despite the fact that Risali is starting to be short on breath, it doesn't stop the woman from another song - after she gives herself a moment. Why? Because she is moving, and bundled in layers, and that makes for hot. So Risali's unwinding her scarf from her neck and shrugging out of her jacket to the long-sleeved tunic beneath in a cold-shoulder cut, a cross-stitched lacing in the front that falls over fit-to-form leather pants. But booted feet are moving again as Risali twists up her hair and… "It's astounding. Time is… fleeting. Madness takes its toll." AND YES. She is weaving through the candidates each, pressing into their sides as she breathes out lyrics, catching at their tunics with small hands that curl into fabric as fists before she relents to spin away to the next one. AND THEN YES. "It's just a jump to the left!" AND YOU GET THE POINT. Risali? TOTALLY DOING THE TIME WARP, YA'LL. And she's completely shameless; heedless of whether or not the others join her because she's having too damn much fun. And Leirith? Well, she carries the beat, because that's what she does. And she enjoys that too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkplPbd2f60

SO sorry Carellos, there is not escaping this now, just let the madness take over and all will be fine! Perhaps. Jaelynn is left giggling a moment while twisting again, there she done did it and it is all Risali's fault. An amused look is sent to Risali as another song and dance is started, she doesn't know this one either. "A jump to the left… An then a step to the right?" She questions because wouldn't that make sense SHE has no idea where she is leading but totally jumps to the left, looky there.

Leuka doesn't miss the Baker candidate trying to make a break for an exit, only to be effectively blocked by the small pushy woman known as Risali. Leuka gives a few last twist of his hips before Risali winds down. He laughs, thinking dance time is done and starts back towards his seat. But on no, seems the queenrider has other plans for the group of candidates. Then another song is belted out and he turns again towards the group. He seems to know this song as well and already jumping to the left right on cue from his fellow Harper. He grins over to see if Jaelynn and Carellos are following the steps as he waves and gestures as the song plays out from Leirith' shared beat and Risali's sung instructions. And then his knees pull in tight and he starts moving around with a chuckle.

As soon as the hands are free, Carellos stumbles back wards and flops back end over end over the nearest cot! He frantically flails his limbs, righting himself while Risali strips off a layer of HER SKIN DONT LET HER FOOL YOU. As soon as hands and feet touch the floor, he's off with a quickness back to his cot in frantic search of his boots. Thankfully they're we'll broken in so he doesn't have to fight them onto his feet for very long at all. As he does this, panicked emerald eyes keeps watch at proximity of this person and for a moment, he deliberates what could be worse. The foreigner, Leia, or the one in a million chance of the two of them being in the same room. TODAY BETTER NOT BE THAT ONE CHANCE. "I-I, uh… Gotta. Do. Things. I'll. Be back." Wide-eyed, he stares at Spice and gives him a traitorous look before hooking his coat onto his fingers and MAKES A RUN FOR IT. FLEE!

Risali's smile only grows when Jaelynn adds a step to the right, a nod of her head to indicate that she's correct even as Risali does just that. And per the song, the once-harper, now queenrider is giving the entirety of the instructions with voice, showing with her body - with Leuka, who seems to know already - what should be done. It's that PELVIC THRUST that really drives you INSAAAAANE. And every time there's a break for more singing, Risali is pressing to Leuka, pressing to Jaelynn, unperturbed by the fact that Carellos is running for the hills as quickly as he can get boots on his feet because she is lost to the music, and the moment, and jumping up on beds with her hand in a fist like she's holding a microphone. SO MUCH ENERGY IN THIS ONE (though, to be fair, slightly more restraint than Leia), movement that has her jumping from the bed back to the floor to do more of that Time Warp until the song is over and Risali is pulling Leuka and Jaelynn both into a hug. She presses her tiny body in tight against both of theirs, arm around hips and shoulders as she swallows down air, and laughs it back out, and remembers how to breathe. "You're both the best," she manages around a giddy-bright smile.

Jaelynn is really doing her best to follow the dance steps, a wiggle here, a bounce there, a good hip thrust or two for good measures or some sort. She totally catches sight of Carellos escaping and it makes her giggle. As for jumping on beds, yeah she'll pass Risali can do the jumping bits while she turns about clapping along with said 'music'. She blinks once the song is over and she is getting hugged, which she'll hug Risali back. "Aww.. That was fun!"

Leuka grins at Risali's silliness throughout the song and dance. A brief moment of panic she starts leaping onto the cots and he flat out warns "Stay away from my cello!" he gestures to where his cello laden cot is without missing a step. Quickly, he's jumping back to the left and grinning at Jaelynn while swinging his arms in time with the song. A short time later, Risali's pipes wind down and she's pulling what's left of them into a hug. "And you're still one of the craziest." He delivers good-naturedly with a wink. "When I said you need to come jam with me, this isn't exactly what I meant." Giving them both a hug, he grins and moves back to drop onto his trunk. Catching his breath after the enthusiastic dancing.

NEVER THE CELLO! Risali would never do anything to harm instruments of music, though she does give Leuka a wicked little look from beneath dark lashes that says she might try if only to get a rise out of the harper. She doesn't; she dances, she sings, she moves to Leirith's beat and the lyrics she makes with her own voice until there are no more words to the songs, there is no pulsating beat coming from noisy queens without regard for just who it is that hears bass and drums so loud it practically drowns out everything else. "It was fun," Risali agrees with Jaelynn, as she moves away and Leuka insults her. Risali punches the harper in the arm (kind of gentle) for his tease, laughing as she breathes, "Shut up, Leuka," and moves to link arms with Jaelynn, pulling her along with as she moves to settle on the floor beside Leuka's now occupied trunk. "How are you both enjoying candidacy?" she inquires, looking between them both because the question is for Leuka and Jaelynn both. "And congratulations, by the way. I haven't had a chance to tell either of you that."

"What do you expect with Risali?" Jaelynn questions with an amused tone as she turns to try and get her boots on but she hauled backwards a few steps as Risali takes hold of her arm. Who needs boots?! Thankfully she has a few pairs of socks on or she might lose her toes at this rate. "Why thank you. It's rather lovely… Other then the cold, ice and snow." She makes a slight face. "I know it snows in Xanadu but it is /always/ different here." A glance is sent to Risali and she smiles. "How is Leirith and the eggs? I try and get reports but Runkle is keeping me in the dark." Runkle being one of the high grade dragonheals back at XAW.

Leuka is sitting there on his trunk, catching his breath and minding his own business when he's viciously attacked by the Risabeasty. When she smacks his arm, no matter how gently, it catches him off guard and he breathes in sharply and his jaws clenched together. He hisses through his teeth a bit and shakes a near threatening finger at his fellow Harper. A not really serious glare that might say /lucky you're not a guy/, before he's rolling up his tshirt to look over the extremely new tattoo he acquired. Doesn't seem to have started bleeding, but stings much worse at the moment than it did the when he actually got it. While Jaelynn and Risali settle down on the floor to chat, he takes a moment for the stinging to stop then grabs his cello.

"I can hear you," Risali says, exasperation playfully delivered around another smile as harper and dragonhealer alike speak about the goldrider as if she isn't there. BUT SURPRISE! She might be SHORT, but she's definitely here. And she's definitely pulling Jaelynn to sit on the floor with her, tucking maybe-cold-but-socked-toes beneath her own legs as she blinks grey eyes up to Leuka and - a grimace that pulls her lips too far out to be a smile, an almost meekness about the otherwise exorbitantly confident and unapologetic Xanadian Weyrwoman as she exhales a soft, "I'm sorry, Leuka. I didn't know." But she is shifting, tilting her head as grey eyes take in the fresh art before the harper is moving away to grab his cello. "It looks nice," she tells him, hesitation lasting for seconds before Risali's attention is back on Jaelynn. "Everything is different here. Even the people. And the cold is…" A beat. "Cold." Because that explains everything. But the mention of Leirith has the 'rider smiling - quiet, affectionate fondness that translates into her words when she says, "Leirith is okay, and the eggs have hatched. They were all healthy, and beautiful, and Leirith is so proud."

Jaelynn glances over to Leuka, a finger lifting but she is pulled downwards and eeps as she is sitting there next to Risali. "Leuka just got a tattoo, Triven did it for him. Rather beautiful job too." She offers with a slight nod before looking over to Risali once more. "What are you doing here anyway? Not that I'm going to complain." Runkle gets her complaints and just stares at her like she has three heads, this is why she is stick with doing certain chores a dozen times or more back home. She smiles and is soon chuckling and nods. "Of course they are, tol dyou they was going to be fine now didn't I?"

Leuka gives a little nod to Risali and speaks up after the worst of the stinging eases off "It's alright, just caught me off guard." He smirks though. "Thankfully, you didn't have your claws out." He leans away from her then, just in case and laughs while drawing bow over the strings. The cavern begins to fill with some tones that don't really make up a song, just sorta offers a moment of free music that flows wherever it wants. A little nod from Leuka after Jaelynn compliments Triven's work. "Yea, was something he sketched up for me back at his shop. When he showed it to me up in the galleries the other day, I liked it instantly."

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