Who Baylee Riohra
What Idle talks between friends..
When Winter!!!
Where New green house, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - New Green house outside of Fort Weyr.
Nestled outside Fort Weyr in a more open glade is the current construction of the new green house. Stacks of wood have been brought in and covered with heavy canvas tarp's to keep the snow off. The whole glade has been cleared of brush and debris as well. The old foundation has been pulled up and re-poured to make this new one larger by half at least. Pipes stick up from the concrete floor to add water and what looks like could be power to help keep it up to date with the new changes about the Weyr? There is always work to be done and if a person is caught standing around for very long they will get put to work?

The early morning light is just breaking over the Fortain mountain range, but the sounds of construction on this cold winters day have been active for well over a few hours. Riohra and some other candidates and volunteers are working on building a new green house for the Weyr. The old one while still usable is to small and well with all these new crafters about upgrading Pern's oldest Weyr, and while there is some grumbling's from people in leader ship about changes construction still moves on. Search and rescue riders have been called in as part of the join games that took place to train as well as be on hand for emergency transport should the snow decide to try to reclaim the area.

Baylee is still very much in training. There is lots to learn about a search and rescue wing. Both she and Sev have been working hard since graduation and are slowly being integrated out into things like this. Baylee is waiting nearby, not really doing much other than being present and watching. Myrakath is there too though she's more interested in what the other dragons are up to than what the humans are doing with the greenhouse.

After setting a section of wall together to get connected Riohra is told to take a break and get some water so he doesn't end up dehydrating. The tall hunter turned candidate will walk over and nod to Baylee saluting and with a grin says "Ma'am, Good to see you this morning"

Baylee spots Rio as he salutes and smiles in return offering him a salute as well, "You don't have to call me ma'am." Not out here anyway, though she wouldn't want him to get into trouble for not following whatever rules he had, "Having fun being a candidate the second time round?"

Riohra chuckles and will come to stand next to the shorter green rider, "It is interesting, they really do it different here than Half moon did." he looks over to the green dragon and asks "How is she? still angry? or has she let it go."

Baylee watches him as he comes closer and nods at his comment, "I bet every weyr does it a bit differently. What do they do differently than we did?" she asks curiously. Interested in learning how different weyrs do things. She sends a glance toward the green, "She's let it go for the moment. Though I think she still has it in her head that she's going to make Aede suffer a bit."

Riohra laughs and nods at the Green dragon "That is good, we males need a little suffering to make sure we know our place." he turns to grin at Baylee "speaking of suffering how is Krenn doing with all that work he has been up to?"

That is a sentiment that Myrakath would probably agree with especially surrounding Aede, "Some probably do." Baylee is far more forgiving of the male kind that her dragon is at the moment. When he brings up Krenn she sighs, "Super busy it seems. I don't see him as much as I'd like, but we all know how work goes."

Riohra nods and will drink from a water skin before offering some to Baylee "I know how that goes, been so busy here havn't seen Kassala in more than a month at least" He looks over at the construction taking place and answers the earlier question "As for what they do different here, first off there is little to no Tech here, I guess the Senior Weyrwoman is very traditional. Also they still have us wash dragons in the snow…" he shakes his head and shivers a little.

"I'd guess that dragons still have to be washed no matter what." Baylee muses. Though she herself will be perfectly happy to wash Myra in the warm lagoon, "Just imagine if you end up impressing here. Then you'll be washing in the snow for the rest of your life. Though you probably will get used to it eventually." She will wave away the water since she's good at the moment, "I'm fine thanks." she says with a smile, "She's got to be getting close to graduting." Kass that is.

Riohra nods and grins "Z'ki, the bronze rider who impressed with her came up the other day as they are doing betweening now." The hope in the mans voice is so thick it could knock a person over. He looks up at the sky, maybe to see a golden glimsp but there isn't anything there but snow. He will look back at Baylee and say "Oh I don't mind the cold up here, but yes if I got a dragon i would figure out a way to bathe them in warmer water"

"That was nice of him to visit." Baylee says. She has never met that particular individual so there isn't too much she could say about him, "I'm sure that Kass will be here one of these coming days." she says as she catches him glancing upward, "She'll probably be here in time to see you standing on the sands and getting a lifemate of your own." Baylee remains optimistic about Rio's chances "Course then she'll have to put up with you being in weyrlinghood."

Riohra shrugs and gives a little smile "I doubt there would be much to put up with, she will have you and the others to keep her company when you all come up and laugh at me should I get one." He isn't rejecting the idea of a dragon anymore, but he does keep the hope of a dragon in check so it doesn't run away with him. "I got told the other day by one of the little weyrbrats that I would look good on a green as it matches my work stuff."

There will be lots for Kass to do while she waits for weyrlinghood to be over. Being a weyrwoman has to be a very busy job and it comes with the dragon. "I haven't seen Kass since candidacy ended." It has been a really long time. "Though I'll be glad to see her when I do see her and I'm sure Myra will like meet her dragon." Baylee shrugs her shoulders and smiles, "You might get a green. There are worse things that could happen." Greens are great!

Riohra laughs and shakes his head "Yeah your a bit bias, but whatever happens i will be happy with it. I don't think there is any rider who is upset when they impress, even S'van seems happy and his dragon sounds like a jerk." it is true he hasn't heard one good thing about him besides he can fly well. "So search and rescue huh? How did that fit in your life plan, or did you finally toss that out?"

Baylee is not one bit biased nope! "You will be. Thats just how it works." There isn't a rider she's met that hates their dragon. Maybe some that have problematic relationships with their dragon but that just seems to be part of the deal, "If you do get a green just keep her away from Aede and she'll be fine." And Baylee would tell every greenrider so. "I sorta just threw it out. I'm going to give this a shot since its what would make Myra most happy and if it doesn't work out I can always go back to weaving."

Riohra rolls his eyes "Yeah that won't even be a problem, I get a one she starts getting moody I am going fishing." Or at least he hopes to.. Rio will chuckle and looks back towards the green "So really what is it like, having all that freedom?"

Baylee isn't so sure about that but there is a whole lot of wait and see there so there is no need to worry, "It's strange." Baylee says, "You spend a long time stuck in the weyr and then all of a sudden you can go anywhere you like. It's odd. I still am not really used to it. But you are also busy so you don't have tons of time to travel or anything."

Riohra nods and drinks more water "Have you gone to the Yokohama? I took young Eiram there for his turnday before all this search stuff started." he grins and looks at her "That is a really eye opening experience."

"I'm afraid I've never been up there." The greenrider says with a shrug of her shoulders as she glancess upward toward the sky where the ship surely is up there somewhere, "I've not had a reason to go. And I don't think its the sort of place you just drop in on without a reason. I've heard people talking though about more and more people going up there for something."

Riohra raises an eyebrow "Really? I wonder if everything is ok, would hate to see all that work get abandoned again." He looks over at the snow cliffs of the glacier mountain that looms on the horizon "You some day we need to do that Double date, That is if you don't end up just locking Krenn away as soon as he gets some free time" there is a teasing tone in his words.

"I don't think its going to end up abandoned. Just not exactly sure what all is going on is all." says Baylee. Rumors are just that rumors. Sometimes you can't trust everything you hear, "I'm sure that someday after you are all done with this we'll get our chance. Though it'll have to wait till after you weyrlinghood is over. They might look at you funny if you went out on a date."

Riohra laughs at the image "yeah us sitting at the bowl, dragons between us so nothing happens doesn't inspire romance does it." he shakes his head. He will stand there in silence for a time, just enjoying the company of his friend.

Baylee shakes her head, "Not really. But there will be lots of time for you and Kass to spend together after everything settles." That Baylee is sure of. The greenrider will continue her quiet conversation with Rio before he has to go back to working and she has to go back to Half Moon.

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