Fort Weyr - Galleries
After the fire which nearly destroyed all of the tapestries and wooden benches, the galleries are being rebuilt. The stone tiers are, of course, still intact, but new benches are slowly being crafted and new tapestries have been commissioned. At the moment, the galleries are still off-limits to everyone but the workers.

Two days have passed since the night the fire ripped through the galleries, and Thys is just getting to see them for the first time having just been let out of the infirmary… where she's been driving the Healers mad with frustration whenever she's not been snuggled up beside Rhenesath. With her eyes finally deemed rested enough from the smoke reaction, she stands on the bottom tier, leaning against a soot-darkened wall, with her arms crossed over her chest, shaking her head and tutting as she watches the clean-up operation.

The sands are almost entirely empty by now, dragons and riders working in shifts throughout the night and day. Still no word yet on new sand, though. Nyalle has been in and out often between her other duties, surveying and keeping an eye on everything. Now, though, she approaches her Junior with a gentle smile. "Thys?" she calls softly as she walks closer.

"Weyrwoman Nyalle," Thys replies, turning to look at the Senior with a soft, sad smile. "I can't believe it's this bad, even after all the cleaning up…" She huffs out a deep breath, tightening her grip around herself. There's still a little red in and around her eyes, the lingering effects of what kept her away, but it's mostly cleared up by now. "Is there anything I can do? What needs doing?"

Nyalle shakes her head a little bit as she looks up into the galleries. "It spread faster than anyone thought possible," she murmurs. "All that history…" Quiet a moment, she straightens and tucks hair behind her ears. "But. The Harpers are working with the Weavers to get new tapestries made, and the benches are being crafted by some of the best Woodcrafters on Pern. They're even branding in our badge to them." Little touches. Details. "You?" She seems almost surprised by the question. "You're looking out for your queen and clutch."

Thys shakes her head, then runs her hand roughly through her cropped hair. "Faranth. All the history," she repeats softly, before dropping her hand down over her mouth. "I suppose, on the upside, this is a chance to make your mark in Fort's history. A tangible one that will hopefully last for a long, long time… because Faranth forbid something like this happens again." Biting down on her lip, she crosses her arms over herself again, and gives a soft shrug. "Rhenesath is almost obsessive over her clutch, and we think they're as fine right now as they can possibly be, given the circumstances… but Kouzevelth's… if I can help get the Sands ready for her clutch, so they don't hatch in the infirmary…" She then sighs. "I just feel a bit useless, having been sat in the infirmary for the past two days."

Nyalle shakes her head slightly, worried eyes looking around the utterly destroyed hatching caverns. She'd really rather not make a mark on anything, especially tradition, but… "That's one way of looking at it," she murmurs softly. Since she did have final say on everything that's coming back in here. "The wood is treated, too. Flame resistant." Coated. "You're not useless, Thys. What needs to be done is getting the sand out and new sand in." And Thys can't help with that. "A few more days..if they can hold out for a few more days."

"Flame resistant? That's a good idea," Thys agrees with a nod. "If you're sure there's nothing I can do…? Perhaps we can persuade them that they don't want to come out yet, or something like that. I wonder if that's even possible?" Dropping her gaze, she can't help but smile. "Rhenesath tells me that Kainaesyth has been telling them stories. She's listened in on a couple… I always thought he'd catch her, you know? If there was going to be one bronze that did… poor V'ric, though, to be called home like that. How awful for Half Moon Bay."

Nyalle nods, "When they suggested it I thought it was an extremely good idea." She looks around at the galleries and exhales a low sigh. "I'm glad he was able to," she says quietly. "And we've sent riders as well, and supplies…" Even though they need them here, too. Nyalle has never been stingy with resources in times of need. "Stories?" she asks with a faint smile and then a soft chuckle. "That bronze is something else." But her tone is fond. "Perhaps they'll sense it's not time. One can only hope. And you never do now know a flight is going to turn out. Except leadership flights…those you can usually tell."

Relaxing her stance a little to slip her hands into her pockets, Thys nods. "Rhenesath's been checking in with Loxiath; she quite likes him. Not that she thinks he's necessary to have around since the eggs are her business, but I think she likes to keep him in the loop, if that makes sense. I just hope they stay safe over there. All of them. Can you imagine, losing a Weyrleader and then such massive destruction? It almost makes this," she tilts her head towards the galleries, "seem small."

Nyalle exhales softly, bending to pick up a bit of charred wood that was kicked to the base of the tier and not yet swept up. "It does, and it /is/ small, in comparison. Which is why we've sent them help and not asked for any in return." Between her and Th'ero, Fort's pride would have a /very/ hard time asking for help. "I think it's sweet she's been checking in. I hope they all stay safe over there too. I really need to visit Kadesh. Her queen is Fortian, you know. One of Wiyaneth's." Seems some of Elara's love of dragon lines has rubbed off on Nyalle.

"Is she really? You ought to go, Nyalle, if you feel you should." It's probably the first time Thys has used the Weyrwoman's name, and she blushes slightly after saying it. "We can hold the Fort here, and I'm sure Kadesh would appreciate it, what with her being a new Senior and all - Faranth, that's a lot of stuff she's had to deal in a short time. I don't envy her in the slightest." She huffs out a breath, shaking her head as she looks down at her toes. Then, suddenly, she looks up again. "Weyrwoman, may I commission something for in here?"

Nyalle's brow lifts, but she doesn't correct the use of her name. Progress, clearly, in their personal relationship. "I should. If only for a candlemark…" Ha ha. Hold the Fort. "No, I don't envy her either. No transition to Senior is without its trials, but those…are excessive." She looks around and then back to her junior, curious. "Like what?"

"A stained glass… fresco, I think it would be called? A mural, perhaps. Whatever it would be called, anyway… it's not quite traditional, but…" Away Thys steps from the wall she was leaning against, turning around to look from the bottom of the stairs, up to the top. "We could start at the bottom, work our way up to the top, with a sort of… timeline of Fort Weyr events. From the founding through to now, and then it could always be expanded upon in the future." Her hand travels up the height of the galleries, as high as the back - and then curves around to the back wall, too. "With some lights behind it, it could be stunning."

Nyalle tilts her head as she moves back thoughtfully. "Stained glass? Isn't that usually in a window? Do you mean more of a mosaic? Or…" She's trying to picture it. "I just would worry about it getting broken, with so much traffic moving past it…"

Thys hrms, tapping her forefinger against her lips. "I'm not sure what it's called, but it could be like a mosaic? That could be more of an apt word, I suppose, but I'm quite sure it could also be more of an installation than a window." Taptaptap goes her finger against her chin, then back against her lip. "Maybe glass can be tempered or thick enough so that it's less likely to be broken? I could ask Ralik. He's doing quite well, you know. His work's in high demand lately."

Nyalle smiles. "Is he? I'm glad to hear that." She considers the stairs again. "I'm not against the idea, I just can't visualize it. Could you put together sketches? I think it's something all the goldriders would have to agree on, as well."

"Mmhrm, he is; I think he's fighting the Hall because they want him back, but he wants to stay rather than pursue his career." From the way she says it - and the way she wrinkles her nose after, Thys might not entirely support him in that move. "I can absolutely work on some sketches, though. Do you think the history idea would work? I'll pick some of the major events for illustration purposes, then they can always be settled on later, between all of us."

Nyalle tilts her head a bit to regard Thys. "Long distance relationships /can/ work," she murmurs. "I do like the idea of our history though. Fort's is the longest, after all. We should show it off."

Thys chuckles. "Yeah, I told him that. It's not like it'd be hard for me to get to him, or him to get to me whenever, either, but it's his decision, I suppose." And she's not exactly the clingy girlfriend type. "I'll speak to him tonight about it. The mural-mosaic-fresco thing, that is. I think I may already be in his bad books as is, so perhaps the idea of working on such a big project would perk him up."

Nyalle nods her head slightly. "It is…but hopefully he trusts you." Her brows furrow slightly at that, and then she looks surprised. "Why is that?"

"I had the Healers do a pregnancy test while he wasn't there this afternoon." Thys says it with a straight face and a shrug. "He wanted to be there, I think, but I just wanted it over and done with." She sucks on her bottom lip for a second, then scratches at her nose. "I'm not. Which is a good thing. I think perhaps Rhenesath's thoughts or whatever were influencing my own, making me think I was, but… no. I'm not."

Nyalle looks almost excited for a moment, and then, almost sad. But she quickly wipes it off and smiles warmly at Thys. "Are you…pleased that you're not? And I suppose that's entirely possible. Rhenesath is so very maternal…it makes sense some of that would filter into you."

Thys nods, waving her hand in the air in a 'whatever' gesture. "Oh, yeah, no, it's a good thing, really. It's not something I especially want, not now. I've already had this conversation with Ralik, so he knows, though I can't help but feel it's something he might want. Maybe more than me. But frankly, I've never been enthralled by the idea of being a mother, and Rhenesath's got enough of those feelings for both of us and then some!"

Nyalle smiles. "No, if it's not something you want then you shouldn't. Too many people out there having children when they don't really want them. It's bad for everyone. And perhaps your mind will change later on."

Thys grins and nods. "Exactly, there are plenty of children out there without me adding to them, and maybe I'd like to foster one day. I don't know how I'd find the time to fit kids into my schedule though, to be honest. How could I possibly give them enough time without compromising somewhere else? And I couldn't do that; the other areas are too important." She pulls a nose-wrinkling face. "No, it really is for the best. If Ralik wants a baby, I'll get him a puppy or something to keep him busy."

Nyalle shakes her head with a soft sigh. "Riders foster. It's just the way of things. I think…" She trails off, glancing around. "I think that might be what's preventing me from seeking a pregnancy. Knowing I'd have to give up my child. It…goes against everything I was raised on." Then she laughs. "A puppy to get into his glass work?"

"I was sort of fostered to my aunt; it was part-fostering, part apprenticeship, I suppose, and it wasn't at all bad," Thys explains, with the intention of reassuring Nyalle that the process isn't quite so terrible. "A puppy would be better than a kid - of the caprine kind, I mean! I did breed my Butter not so long ago, so I'm hoping she's going to be expecting. Is it awful that I'm more exciting at the prospect of her giving birth than I am at the thought of having my own children?"

Nyalle nods slightly. "It just seems…" She winces. "Wrong." She tilts her head again at her Junior, and then laughs. "No, that's not awful at all. We all get excited about different things. I can't wait for this new tea blend I've been told about…" To each their own. "What are you going to do with her kids?"

Thys takes barely a moment to ponder that question - it's apparently something she's thought about already. "If it's a girl, I'll keep her, and if it's a boy, I'll find him somewhere to live. My hope is to eventually learn how to make cheese from their milk, and if I can maybe get a little herd going, maybe pay a mark or two to someone to help me with them, I reckon it might be a lucrative little business. Everyone likes cheese, right?" Her brow furrows gently then as her eyes unfocus. "Ah, Rhenesath would like me to come back to the infirmary. I think someone's there to see the eggs, and she wants me near. Would you excuse me, please?"

Nyalle smiles. "We can always use more cheese." Cheese is amazing. "Please, go on," she says with a warm smile and a nod. "Give her my regards."

"Of course," Thys replies as she takes a step down to pass Nyalle - then she pauses, reaching out to give the woman's forearm a squeeze. "It'll look amazing in here when it's done. Don't worry about it." With a warm smile and a wink, she turns to trot down the stairs.