Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Word has went out in Thunderbird Wing, certain riders have been asked to go with the Wingsecond on a trip that involved going to Drake's Island down South. The ones asked have all had experience with the field and with hunting, and then perhaps one bronzerider that a certain Wingsecond wanted to tag along just because. Niumdreoth is settled upon the ground within the Center Bowl, waiting for the rest to show up. Abigail is already seated upon her dragon’s neck, gloves getting pulled on, goggles in hand and straps at the ready. The trip could take a few days so she has plenty of supplies strapped up within her dragon's straps as well, along with two large canines, one is silvery and the other is dark black. The canines are strapped down with special harnesses to the dragon and are laying down looking rather comfortable. A set of firelizards is settled upon Niumdreoth's head, a bronze and brown while a young gold is settled within the brownrider’s jacket, save for her head poking out to look around. Other riders have showed up, in totally six will be going on the trip, plenty of supplies with them all incase anything should perhaps go wrong.

Rhyrith stands a short distance from Niumdreoth, still as death itself. The large skeletal browns rider just as unmoving, except for his eyes. Geared and ready for this trip, K'drozen watches his fellow thunderbird member prepare. No firelizards or canines can be seen with his brown, just camping supplies.

So'l and Sharuth come in for a landing, the great bronze having finally achieved his full growth. At just shy of 40 meters, this behemoth bronze glints in the morning sun, his movements like shining dance. Strapped down with several large packs of provisions and camping gear, the dragon calls forth to the others with « A fair morning to all. We are headed south? » So'l, for his part, is dressed in warm riding gear but will strip down a bit once they've *betweened* to the Southern continent. After all, it's much, much warmer there. "Good morning," he calls out loudly, waving to the gathered rider's. Goggled as he is, Abigail might not see the glimmer of mirth in his eyes but his wide grin certainly conveys it. Thanks for the invite!

Niumdreoth shifts, a deep rumble of greeting sent out to the others while the large brown slowly stretches, tail thumping against the ground which sends a spray of snow out towards a few riders that are taking too long to get all mounted up. « Greetings Sharuth, and welcome back. Yes we are going south, on a hunting trip of sorts. It should prove interesting to say the least. » Abigail looks towards the voice, a warm smile sent to So'l and she nods to him, and then there is a wink even offered before she pulled her goggles on. "Let's mount up everyone! We need to get going as we have a time table to keep!" This hollered out towards the riders so they can get going. Abigail sends a look towards K'drozen and offers him a smile along with a wave before she takes hold of the straps and they are off. Niumdreoth is leaping up into the sky, large wings opening and spreading to carry him upwards. Once within the air he will wait for the others to show up and get information before the signal to go *Between*.

Rhyrith tenses as he prepares to launch himself into the sky, his rider sending to gaze to Abigail and gives her a small nod in return to her greeting. Reaching up he pulls his goggles down just in time for Rhyrith to launch himself upwards into the air on Niumdreoth’s left wing, pulling into formation just in time blinking out into the cold dark of *between* wish his flight leader.

« Thank you, » Sharuth rumbles back to Niumdreoth. « This may be my last trip with Thunderbird for a while. Luraoth will clutch soon, » he explains, though the brown would of course already know that. And when that dazzlingly beautiful gold /does/ clutch, Sharuth (and by default, So'l) will be spending most of their time around Xanadu. « We hope you and yours will come visit us. » So'l returns the wave and then takes final stock. "We've got pretty much everything but our fireplace, Sharuth," he smirks down at the bronze. "Ready to go?" « Always, » Sharuth replies happily. As Niumdreoth springs into the air, almost-gold wings flash and the bronze isn't far behind. Visualizations are received and when the signal is given, Sharuth slips *between*. Lug gug. Lug gug. Lug gug. Bamf! They're out of *between* and hanging in the sky, waiting for orders.

Niumdreoth seems to chuckle softly as he hears the bronze. « I told you the golds are more fun to chase after. » For a brown he has done it often, and has caught one thanks to his pushing to be better and outlast the bronzes. « If you will have us, of course. Mine would greatly enjoy the visit, with yours. » The brown shifts, waiting for a few moments before the others are in the right spaces and then the signal is given to go between. Three heart beats heard, felt, along with the cold breeze of it before they are over the sky of Drake's Island. Niumdreoth hovers in the air, large wings stretch out while he waits for the others to appear. Abigail looks down at the Island, she frowns at the sight of it. The last time she was here it was not a good day, fighting happened, people died. A faint breath escapes her and she looks back to see where the others have appeared before sending a message to Nium to offer them all. « We are to circle the island and then land in the large clearing at the south. Be on guard for anything that seems out of place, Laris and his men could have sets traps that we all did not find during sweeps of the island. Make sure your riders understand that safety is important! » With the message given the large brown turns and circles around the Island as told, both he and his rider taking in the area, and once at the clearing they land off to the side to make sure there is plenty of room for everyone else to land as well.

Rhyrith grumbles trying to tune Niumdreoth and Sharuth’s conversation completely out, just staying in formation staying tightly on Niumdreoth’s wing. K'drozen’s own expression masked behind his goggles and mask. Though the brown rider scans the grown beneath him, his eyes flicking this way and that.

« We would enjoy that, » Sharuth had replied to Niumdreoth. « And you advised me well! Your advice was very useful, » was given before slipping *between.* But now that they've all arrived, the bronze and his rider listen intently to the instructions given before signaling their understanding and beginning to circle as well. The clearing is there — looking pleasant enough in the sun — but the warning of potential danger has the bronzerider and his dragon ever on guard. Coming in to land not far from the brown, Sharuth folds his wings and moves out of the way, giving room to others.

Niumdreoth picked up on the tension from Rhyrith and figured ending the conversation on chasing golds may be good thing. So it is done and over with unless it is only to Sharuth himself of course. The large brown rumbles out as his wings settle at his sides, other dragon's landing and the riders quick to get out from the straps and undo supplies they have brought, which is basically just camping gear as they can just live off the land after all. Abigail is undoing the straps of her canines and the pair of fuzzy and rather wolf like animals are bouncing down from the dragon's back and heading off to scout the area while the Wingsecond is busy getting other straps undone and supplies off. "Some can start setting up camp, and others are to start scouting. I want everyone in teams of two, no one is to wander alone anywhere on this Island. Understand?" This said while she stands up to glance down at the small group of riders that she picked to come on this trip. "Ye all was picked cause I felt ye would be good for this trip, don't make me regret picking ye now that we are here."

K'drozen slips down off of Rhyrith’s back and begins to remove his gear, and set up the camp, he pats the browns side and mummers something softly to him as he work in the straps. Glancing to Abigail as she speak he nods his head in agreement, "What exactly are we looking for here?" he speaks as he steps from his lifemate, stringing a bow.

"Constant vigilance," So'l nods, having slid down Sharuth's side and beginning to unpack their parcels. The tent is set aside for now and, instead, the rider reaches for the quiver of metal-tipped arrows and his bow. Both of these are slung over his body — the bow specially made for his larger frame — before the rider stows food and water supplies in a mesh net, which he strings up high from a nearby tree branch. "Just in case we're not around," So'l offers to Sharuth. "I'm going to go for a little walk. See what we can see," he explains. "Keep an eye on things here?" « Of course. Be careful, little So'l. » Sharuth nuzzles the man with his huge head, almost knocking him over in the process. Laughing, So'l replies, "I will, promise." And with a final nod, he turns to Abigail and says, "I volunteer to scout. Who should I partner with?" While he's gotten much more proficient at tracking and hunting with his bow, he is /not/ an expert and will need to be paired with a more experienced rider. But should any of Laris' men still be about, the former woodworker also has his sword strapped to his hip.

Good thing about the Island is there should be no people around. The men, people and so forth was all rounded up and carted off so that isn't a threat. Just any traps, and animals thought could be dangerous is the actually problem at hand now. Abigail looks to K'drozen. "We are out looking to see what animals are here for us to possible hunt, and to get a count on what is here. Once we have a count we can hunt a bit and take back the numbers to the weyr and then go from there. We're trying to figure out if we can hunt here and if there is enough animals here to be a sustainable food source seeing how we are having problems with a few of the holds as of late." Niumdreoth rumbles out as he shifts to look towards the other dragon. « Two of us will go scouting in the air to keep eyes on places over the Island. Sharuth, you wish to go with me? I'll be taking the first watch so to speak. » Abigail glances to So'l and then looks to K'drozen as he is ready to go. "How about we three go first, we won't stay gone for long. The others can set up and then we're break into groups of two to get the real scouting going." Her quiver and bow is pulled free from its place, along with her hunting knives that she sticks into their places.

K'drozen nods his head in understanding as Abigail explains. The brown rider move over in step with So'l, his bow and quiver over his shoulder, not his preferred weapon but ready in case of need, "Yes ma'am." he respond preparing for the trek. Rhyrith watches the group and as they prepare to leave for a moment before shifting to survey the camp.

« I am happy to go, » Sharuth rumbles, moving out of the shade of the nearby tree line and back into the clearing proper. His wings half-unfurl, held at the ready to take back to the skies. So'l, meanwhile, nods to Abigail's suggestion. "That sounds fine. Six eyes are better than four, after all," he smiles. And while Laris' men might be gone, who knows who else might have come to this place afterward? Ships could certainly sail here, after all. Better to be over prepared than not. Looking to his bronze, So'l says, "/You/ be careful too, then. Ask Brynn to join me, please, and have Kon keep watch here?" Green for camouflaged scouting, bronze for extra eyes at camp: it's a good system. « They come, » Sharuth replies. And indeed, the green bursts from *between* to flit to So'ls left shoulder while the bronze takes perch on the tree limb holding up the netted supplies. "Ready," So'l nods to Abigail and K'drozen.

« Rhyrith, come with us as well if you wish. » Niumdreoth offers before he is hoping up into the air and taking off in a low lazy sweep around the island to keep a look out on everything below. Abigail nods while pulling off her flight jacket and sets it aside, the gold firelizard clambers up onto her shoulder and croons out while eyeing the lot of them with an commanding look about her almost. "Onwards then guys." Abbey offers while she moves out taking point, bow in hand as she makes her way into the forest that lies all around them. The trees are thick, and the pathway that was there has already started to get grown over showing that no one has been in this area at least. "We can fan out a bit, though try to stay close to the path, aye?" Her pale gaze turns to K'drozen and So'l to keep a close eye on them both.

«I will accompany if you and yours would like, or I could stay to watch the camp, which ever you believe is better.» Rhyrith projects to
Niumdreoth as he shifts to look to the other brown, «Mine is safe enough with yours and Sharuth's.» K'drozen for his part nods and fans out to Abigail’s left, dropping back just a little bit, to be able to keep an eye on So'l. Knowing the bronze rider is the least experienced of his group as this kind of activity.

Sharuth follows, loping a few steps before heaving his girth into the sky on sails of molten greenish-gold. Like Niumdreoth, he, too, circles, his eyes whirling with concentration as he scans the island below. So'l, meanwhile, is following in Abigail's wake, unable to help himself from chuckling at the little gold. She was imperious at hatching and now the little queen looks even more so. Smirking, the bronzerider figures he better keep up the pace lest she inform Abigail of his shortcomings. Thus So'l attempts to balance both walking quietly with fanning out as instructed, heading right while his eyes scan the immediate area (both at ground and tree level) for felines, wherries, or anything else that might prove hostile of good for hunting.

« Very well, if you wish to follow then do please come with when you wish. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumbling tone before he is off, busy checking the place over for anything that may seem out of normal. So far nothing is seen at least. Abigail lets her gaze adjust to the slightly dimmer light of the forest, her bow is lower and arrow knocked within it but it is aimed at the ground. The little gold croons out towards So'l, whom yes she is eye-balling and judging him rather strongly at the moment from the looks of it. The small group moves onwards slowly but surely further into the forest, if one know how to look there are signs of animals here and there. A snapped twig, marks across the ground, tuft of fur on a bush. Abbey pauses catching the bits and plunks off a bit of fur to look at it curiously. She frowns a touch and casts a gaze around. "There are felines for sure, keep a sharp look out. I don't want anyone getting hurt." The message is sent to Niumdreoth who is sending it to the other riders back at camp.

K'drozen nods his head kneeling down a short distance from Abigail his bow slipping from his shoulder and says softly, "Yeah more than one in this area i would say…and a big one." his eyes looking momentarily down to the ground before him and a track present.

Sharuth continues circling, finally spying something worth notice. There's motion in the trees below — not right on top of the grounded hunters but not far off, either — and it looks like several wherries are the cause. They've taken off to fly just about the treeline, away from Abigail and her team but no doubt causing quite a bit of noise resultant from their fast take off. And indeed, down below, So'l suddenly stiffens as the sound of rustling greenery startles him. Looking in the direction of the sound, though, there don't seem to be any felines rushing towards them or anything. « Wherries, » Sharuth sends to his rider, Niumdreoth, and Rhyrith. « They are not a threat as they have gone. » Nodding to himself, the bronzerider begins moving forward again, drawing his bow and notching an arrow just in case.

Niumdreoth follows in the sweep, wings stretching and his gaze settles on the wherries as well, watching them and sending the message of what they have seen towards his lifemate. Abigail sends a glance towards So'l hearing the movement as well and blinks a few times before a slight shake of her head is seen. "If it was a feline we would have had it on us by now. How old do ye think the track is K'drozen?" She questions with a soft curious tone. Her gaze turns back to the forest before her and more movement is picked up that causes her to pause and she lifts her bow, arrow at the ready. A wherry darts out from the underbrush, squealing out sharply at catching sight of

K'drozen lets his gaze looks up to Abigail and says softly, "no more than a couple of days." he pushes slowly back up to his feet and looks about, his eyes going more to the trees, and what their upper branches may hold, "But they are in the area." he moves to close the distance between himself and the others. The large brown rider starts at the sudden movement of the wherry he half draws his bow and tenses, though he doesn't release.

"A couple of days?" It still astounds the bronzerider that such details can be discerned from tracks alone. He, too, moves to converge on Abigail again and is suddenly feeling a little exposed out there. Brynn, for her part, has launched from his shoulder and — blending in with the greenery above — has taken to scouting ahead for anything feline. "You have to wonder just how much the wildlife has taken over again out here," he reflects, his eyes again scanning forward and around.

Abigail watches as the wherry takes off and does nothing to try and stop it as her gaze flicks back to what could possibly be behind the wherry, which so far seems to be nothing. "Aye." This is said to So'l. "One can pick up a lot from the tracks. If it was fresh it would be a sharper track within the dirt. The gold firelizard is settled upon the Wingsecond's shoulder croons out as her swirling gaze follows after the Brynn, Annika ( the young gold firelizard) though is still a bit on the young side to go off on her own it seems. "I'll give ye some lessons while we're out here So'l, can't have ye hunting without it after all." This said with an amused tone. "It can take over rather quickly honestly."

"Dtirae took me on a hunting trip during weyrling training. She showed me a lot but then again," So'l snerks, "we weren't in much danger at the time. I get the sense that here, at least, we are," he nods, moving even closer to K'drozen and Abigail. He continues walking — keeping pace and formation thanks to Annika's judging stares — and reaches out Brynn. What does she see? Images of clawed tree bases not too far from here, as if felines have been using them to sharpen their claws. So'l passes this on to the others.

Abigail glances over to So'l, a soft smile seen and she nods. "True, but never helps to have a few more lessons, aye?" She questions with a curious tone as they continue on the trip further down the path. It doesn't take long before they come to a cliff that at one point in time had a bridge that stretched across it, the bridge itself is barely hanging there and only because of thick vines that have taken over the rope on their side. Abbey leans over slightly to peer down, the cliff face is deep, ragged and goes right down towards the sea that is below. Animal calls are heard from the other side of the cliff that is before the three and a large form is caught diving back into the underbrush. "I get the feeling there are a good amount of felines here. Makes me wonder if Laris and his men had them here for a reason." Not many want to tangle with them after all. Annika croons out, her swirling gaze settling upon the path the small group just came from, eyeing some more movement. The place is alive with wildlife that is for certain.

K'drozen eyes the remains of the bridge and says softly, "I would say, they make a damn good deterrent, most people would avoid them at any cost." The large brown rider peers over of the edge before looking up and down both sides of the cliff.

"More lessons /never/ hurt. Are you kidding?" So'l asks, trying to be funny in a tense time like this. The bridge is definitely in disrepair and, again, he is surprised by how much nature has retaken root. "If we're going to be hunting felines out here, should we get some woodcrafters to repair this bridge? I'm sure Lemos could send us with a well crewed team." And having come from the Woodcraft Hall originally, he speaks with some authority on the matter.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears So'l, a glance sent to him and she grins a moment before she looks back to the bridge and ponders. "No.. I don't think that is an option. At least not at the moment. We will bring it up as suggestions though when giving the report to Inri. The Weyrleaders are still figuring out what we are to do with this area after all. Many bridges were destroyed when we came here to deal with Laris." There is a slight pause as she says that and eyes the cliff once more as if it triggers a memory with her. She shifts back from the ledge and turns to move along their side along another path there. "Come on, we're see if this leads back to the clearing." A slight howl breaks through the forest, sending birds and wherries scattering. "Storm is on the trail of something, hopefully not a damn feline at this rate."

K'drozen nods and turns in the direction that Abigail indicates, dropping back just a bit to allow So'l to get ahead of him. The brown rider gaze travels warily this way and that as the begin to move, "you never know what might be out here…" stepping carefully as he goes, trying to create as little sound as possible.

So'l nods to Abigail's explanation and follows in her wake, looking all around with careful attention to detail. The howl is heard and Abbey's mention of — again — felines has the bronzerider prepping to loose an arrow with immediacy if the need arises.

Abigail nods slightly as they continue on the trip hopefully heading back towards the clearing. "What other things do ye figure might be found around here K'drozen?" She questions curiously while they walk along. The howling stops for now so she doesn't seem that worried over the thought that something could be coming after them.
K'drozen has disconnected.

The conversation continued throughout the walk back, K'drozen outlining some things they might run into while scouting the woods. Upon returning to the clearing, though, Abigail's plan of two-by-two was put into motion and the brown rider paired up with another. "Looks like just you and me," So'l says, smiling at Abigail and gesturing once more into the woods. "Assuming you don't mind having the most inexperienced partner, of course," he chuckles.

Abigail speaks for a few moments with K'drozen before he is off to pair up with another, when that is done she glances to So'l. A soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles to him. "Not in the least." With a nod she starts to move off heading towards another path at the far side of the clearing. "Anyway, this will give us some time to talk… Perhaps a few lessons to be tossed into the mix as well even. If ye are up for it of course."

"Lessons would be useful," So'l nods in reply, "but talking maybe even more so." Walking further into the forest, the bronzerider keeps his bow drawn and his eyes keen. "Listen, before long Luraoth's eggs will clutch and Sharuth and I are going to be spending most of our time in Xanadu. Only until they hatch, of course," he nods. "They've put me up in a guest weyr and I'd like it very much if you and Niumdreoth would come to visit. Told Soriana I already had someone I was interested in," he looks nervously to the brownrider, "and if things went well, you might become a familiar face while I'm there."

"Lessons I can give without a problem." Abigail offers, there is a sligh pause at the rest and she sends a curious gaze back to him. Her bow is in her hand, arrows still in the quiver though as she seems a bit more relaxed then before. "Of course, I would expect that. Niumdreoth and I spent a lot of time over in Eastern when he caught that gold. Up until that point I was going back and forth because he wanted to be near her whenever possible." She seems a bit amused by that thought of it for some reason. As for the rest there is a pause, a thought and she ponders, a soft smile seen while she turns to look at him more. "I would greatly enjoy visiting ye there." There is a pause, a thought and she looks a touch amused. "Who might ye be interested in? someone I need to have a talking too by chance?"

"Abigail," So'l smirks, turning to look at the woman fully. "It's /you./ It's /been/ you for a long time now, but before I could get up the courage to do anything about it, I Impressed Sharuth. And then weyrlinghood and all the restrictions and now, the flight and…well," he sighs, "I didn't want to chance something /else/ happening that would make us keep waiting. I care about you," So'l smiles, "a lot. And I /think/ you feel the way I do and think we should see where it goes," he offers.

Abigail is quiet for a few moments as she watches him, there is a pause and she glances off before clearing her throat and looks back to So'l. "Well I just wasn't sure for a while. I haven't had the best luck with things like this." She waves her hand slightly, a warm smile offered to him. "Things happen for a reason ye know? I don't want to keep waiting either but I didn't want to go pushing things seeing how this is all new for you with Sharuth and Xanadu." As for the rest she pauses, letting her fingers grip at her bow a few moments. "I care about ye a lot So'l, more than I have say that anyone else I ever thought this way on. I want to see where it might go as well, I just hope I don't disappoint ye somehow either."

"So first," he chuckles, "I'm relieved you feel the same way." And truly, So'l seems to have relaxed by several degrees now. "I can't say everything will go smoothly…I mean, this is my first relationship since Impressing and things are sort of…different now. It /is/ new. But I'm confident that we're both adults who have no intentions of hurting each other. And second," he raises his bow and notches an arrow, "I'm pretty sure we just got company." Growl. Growl? GROWL! From behind Abigail — down the way a bit — a feline has stuck its head beyond the underbrush and doesn't look happy to see the dragonriders. A throaty growl again looses from its throat: a warning to Get the Faranth Out!

Abigail looks amused for a few moments, a slight shake of her head is seen. "If it makes ye feel any better none of my relationships ever really worked out… Though saying that I bet yer wondering why too." This said with an amused tone on the idea. "Which I'd be more than willing to tell ye why as well." There is a pause as she is about to say something else when she catches the growl that is behind her. There is a moment of unsureness seen across her face, this is a real problem seeing how she is in front of So'l and thusly in front of the feline as well. "Just back up slowly." She says with a faint tone, her bow is kept still while her other hand is moving to slowly pull a knife from her belt. With one feline around there is a chance there is another not to far off.

The bronzerider does as he's told, stepping back slowly and keeping his bow trained on the one in front. All talk of the relationship — and any potential issues — is set aside for the moment as real danger rears its head. "I've got this one, Abbey. Do you see any others?" The feline, for its part, hasn't moved to attack. Not yet, anyway. But the growl is soon after answered by that of another, then a third. Seems they've triangulated themselves around the pair. » Sharuth, we've got felines here! You won't fit through all these trees but if we climb them in a hurry, you and Niumdreoth may need to pick us up. « After all, /three/ felines is a lot to handle, especially with an inexperienced hunter around. « We will standby, » Sharuth reports, sharing the information with Niumdreoth and changing his direction.

Niumdreoth didn't need the information, the moment the growl is heard by his rider he was turning and heading towards the direction that both riders are at. A deep rumble of a growl escaping the large brown, though his thoughts are with his rider they are also going to the firelizards that came with them. A bronze appears and then a brown, zipping all over the place until they find what they are looking for, the canines that Abbey brought. The pair of canines is not that far off from the two that are now getting cornered by the felines but it will take some time for them to get to that spot and actually help them. "I see two at either side. Can ye get to the tree to yer right if ye move slowly?" Abigail questions while pulling out the hunting knife and gripping hold of the hilt. One of the felines is starting to move closer, a deep throaty growl escaping it before it is crouching down as if getting ready to spring forward.

So'l eyes the tree, not entirely sure until a blurry green shape flashes out of *between*. Brynn zips towards the feline eyeing So'l, hurtling as if she might smash right into its head before pulling up, up, up. It's enough to grab the cat's attention and with a growl, he turns to look upward. "Yes, c'mon," So'l urges quietly, leading Abigail to the climbing up to the first level of branches. These are the strongest and will support more weight as he offers a hand down to the woman. Should she take it, he'll pull her up before again drawing at aiming his bow at any felines who give chase. "Keep climbing," he says, obviously intending to cover Abigail's retreat. Meanwhile Sharuth is in hot pursuit of Niumdreoth, meaning to catch up in time to rescue the riders together.

The canines are following the brown firelizard while the larger bronze appears from between above Abigail and turns sharply heading down towards one of the felines with a growl escaping him. It's claws lash out towards the feline making it turns about sharply to turn its attention and attack on the lizard instead. Abigail grabs hold of So'l hand, her knife is tucked away and she is climbing that tree. The third feline is leaping towards her though, hopefully So'l has gotten pretty good with that bow or this could prove to be a problem. Niumdreoth is nearing the spot, a deep snarl escaping him that makes the tree nearly rattle, though felines show little fear about many things and dragon's don't always send them running, which is the situation right now.

The first feline was momentarily distracted by the green firelizard and has taken to jump at her ever-circling form, trying to pull her from the air if she can. The third, however — the one now at the base of the tree and slowly clawing its way up — certainly needs to be dealt with. So'l may be the most inexperienced hunter but the shot is close range and his bow arm is very strong. The arrow whistles through the air as it strikes the cat in the eye, sending the creature falling to lay still on the ground below. It was a better shot than So'l could have hoped, really. He'd been aiming for its chest. Putting his bow away, the rider begins climbing after Abigail only to fill with dread as another deep growl comes from not far below. Seems the first feline has given up on Brynn and is now climbing after So'l and Abigail despite the roars.

One feline is dead, another is circling the tree, and the third is trying to kill the bronze firelizard that is bothering him. The jaws snap over and over but the bronze escapes every time and soon zips between only too appear on a branch above the riders, sharp squeals and hisses escaping him all the while. Abigail doesn't have time to pay attention to the feline that So'l killed, she'll comment on it later though. One of the branches she grabs is old, withered and buckles under her weight, a half yelp escapes her as the branch breaks and she finds herself falling a few feet as a resort so So'l is ahead of her. "Bloody hell, whose damn idea was this??" Right, it was hers but that isn't about to be commented on while there is a feline snapping at her heels, which she promptly kicks out at with a booted foot.

When Abigail falls, there's really little So'l can do beyond reach out with his right hand trying to catch her. Of course, he misses — she's too far away — and she drops, but thankfully only a few feet. Hanging from his own branch, this is no place to try and shoot that feline with a bow. He doubts any of the branches up here would support his full weight so, instead, he begins lowering back down, intending to let Abigail keep going up while he thinks of /something/ to do. But what? Boot to the head, as Abbey just did. Only the feline grabs his boot in its mouth and starts trying to bite through the shoe. "Damn it," So'l swears, reaching down to loosen the ties. His foot slips out and he continues climbing, though the cat is still coming. At least until a great bronze head bursts through the tree cover and grabs the feline in his mouth, shaking it so hard the neck snaps and then dropping it to the ground below. Sharuth 1, Felines 0.

Abigail is gripping at her branch as best she can, her gaze resting on the feline which she works at kicking at once more only to have her boot getting turned into a chew toy and is causes her to yelp once more, thank goodness for thick boots. The other feline is busy with So'l up until Sharuth is grabbing hold and dealing with it swiftly. This makes the feline that is attack Abbey think about its options, with a quick lash of his head, a paw lashing out at the brownrider before the feline is gone, leaping back and racing off into the forest, to fight another day it would seem. Abigail hangs from the branch eyeing the ground a few moments with a faint sigh escaping her, at this moment her canines come crashing through the underbrush and are following after the fleeing feline. Perhaps that was why it left? Niumdreoth is in the air above the tree trying to figure out a way to get down to them, but there is no way it is happening at the moment. "Having fun yet?" Abbey questions to So'l.

"More than I know what to do with," So'l sighs, his smile tired. He's moved now to be level with the brownrider, reaching out to help her back to trunk, where they can safely climb down. So'l's boot is still in the mouth of the dead feline, so he moves over to collect it and slide it back on. Too bad there's a gaping hole in it now! But better that than his foot similarly injured, right? Brynn flits back to his shoulder and starts nuzzling his neck, very happy he's still in one piece. "Are you alright?" So'l asks after Abigail, concern etched across his face. » Thank you, Sharuth! Perfect timing, as usual. « The bronze growls back with, « Niumdreoth and I cannot get down to you. Are you safe? » So'l asks the question of Abbey. "Do you think we're still in danger right now?"

Abigail reaches out to take his hand and grips hold of the trunk before she is sitting upon one of the thick branches and looking down, a faint breath escaping her while she glances over herself, scrapes from the tree, and some blood across her leg. She frowns a moment before pulling her leg up and tugs up her pant leg where a set of claw marks are easily seen within her calf. Not as bad as it could have been perhaps. "Damn claws are sharp." His grumbles out with a tired tone before she is pulling a bit of cloth from her pocket and works on wrapping it around her leg. "Is yer foot alright?" This questioned as she looks down to So'l. Niumdreoth shifts back a few feet in the air, there is a low grumble escaping the brown, he feels the same pain that his rider does but it's mostly from him being angry that he couldn't get down to help. "We need to get back to camp, felines don't scare easily, and my canines won't be able to fight off a whole pack of them." Her firelizard settle upon her shoulders, until the young gold pokes her head out and chases them off with quick snaps and hisses.

"I'm fine," So'l nods up to Abigail. "But those gouges don't look so great. Can you walk?" Really, they're not /that/ far from the clearing. They'd only walked for a few minutes in before the attack came. Hopefully with canines, firelizards, and weapons, they might be able to make it back without further incident. Sharuth, up top, has moved out of Niumdreoth's way, so at least the brown can lower his head into the trees and physically /see/ Abigail, if not nuzzle her from so high up.

Niumdreoth lowers his head down once able and lets his nose press into his lifemate for a moment, soon crooning of worry escaping him. "I'll be alright, truly" She murmurs out softly. The brown is given a soft scratching pat across his face before he pulls up and is in the air once more. Abigail shifts slowly and lowers herself down to the ground, leaning back against the tree while testing out her leg. "It'll be alright when I get back to the clearing I'm sure." Well she can hope at least.

So'l moves to help Abigail, letting her take some weight off her bad leg as they begin their trip back to the clearing. It's slow going but eventually, they leave the trees behind and So'l leads Abigail to one of the tents that's already been erected. Sharuth lands shortly after, Niumdreoth no doubt not far beyond. "Let's tend to that wound, alright?" the bronzerider says, pulling some supplies to clean the wounds and a jar of numbweed to kill the pain.

Abigail is thankful for the help, she even leans against So'l a bit, though maybe more because she might actually want to then the fact that she needs too. Niumdreoth is settled within the clearing, following after his rider and the others have quickly moved out of the way of the large brown knowing better then to try and stop him. Niumdreoth settles down outside the tent, he can't get in there after all. Once in the tent Abbey sits and sits a moment before looking to So'l. "Well I didn't expect this to happen." There is a pause while she goes about rolling of the leg of her pants so they can tend to her leg. Though there is a moment then she leans over to give So'l a soft kiss to his cheek if able. "Thank ye So'l." Her gaze lingering on his a moment as she smiles before taking the makeshift bandage of her leg, the claw marks are that bad at least, painful but she can deal with them, not stitches should be needed either. With evening coming on a few fires are made, dragon's take watch, canines and firelizards as well. For the night the felines don't come calling at least, but there is always tomorrow.