Who F'inn, K'zre
What After leaving the graduation party, F'inn fills K'zre in on a bit of a surprise… it does not go over well.
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2718
Where Kezresan's Room, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Kezresan's (old) Room
A bland but perfectly acceptable series of rooms. The colors are neutral; cream or beige with accents in a dark-stained wood.

Upon entry, the room opens up into a modest but perfectly acceptable living space that holds all of the essential items. A small seating arrangement consisting of loveseat and two arm chairs provides a comfortable place to relax. Along the left wall of the room, a combination desk and shelving unit has been carved into the stone; a wooden chair pushed beneath. These shelves hold the only items that could be considered 'decorative', though hold mostly medical texts and personal knick-knacks.

To the right, through an arched opening, is the modest bedroom. A wardrobe unit sits against one wall, a small bed along the other with a nightstand and lamp beside it. A wooden door offers privacy for a modest half-bath.

F'inn draws K'zre into his old room, closing the door behind them. For a long moment, he just leans against it, trying to discern the best way to tell his weyrmate what is going on. There is only so much stalling that one can do, however, and in the wake of drawing his hand through his hair, he sighs. "I..Mmm.. We have a visitor," he notes as he reaches out to snag K'zre's hand and draw him in against him. "You remember we talked about your father possibly coming to graduation? Nymionth just let me know that he's here." In the wake of the announcement, he reaches up to catch the back of K'zre's neck, his expression searching. "It's important that we meet him. He's family."

K'zre is confused. He's curious as well, but mostly he's confused. And that confusion grows by leaps and bounds when they head deeper into old, familiar tunnels. To a very familiar door. And then into a very familiar room. A look is slanted at F'inn, and if Kez didn't know better, he might have accused the bronzerider of bringing him here for nefarious and illicit deeds. But there's enough worry and tension in his weyrmate's form to make Kez believe this is not about sex at all, which just makes him all the more confused, and now a bit apprehensive and worried, when he starts to talk. "No." Kez does not remember having a discussion about his father 'possibly' coming to graduation. "I remember you asking if I would speak to him, if he happened to show up…" which is, apparently, what is happening. The surprise of it as him freezing in place, expression entirely devoid of emotion beyond the shock that he feels for a heartbeat or two. It's the catch of his neck that steals his attention, his hands immediately coming up to brace against F'inn's chest as though he means to push away from him. "What did you do?" Because Kez does not believe this is a coincidence. Not one bit.

F'inn knew this could happen. He did. But family is everything to F'inn and he firmly believes that K'zre /needs/ his father in his life. Brushing his tongue over his lips, he exhales a breath, lightly clearing his throat before meeting K'zre's gaze. "I went to Half Moon Bay Weyr and met him," he admits. "He's the Weyrlingmaster there. He.. He didn't.. Your mother never told him that he had son, K'zre. He's.. He's a lot like you, actually. But he's here and that… really, that says /everything/." And despite the fact that F'inn is scared to death that K'zre is going to hold this against him? He still firmly believes that it is something the greenrider /needs/ in his life.

Hold it against him? Right now, Kez is trying to figure out if he wants to kick and scream or burst into tears. He's furious. Shocked and confused and fighting an overwhelming swell of emotion that he can't even begin to sort through. "You… you…" But Kez can't get the words out. The accusation in his expression clear enough that he likely does not need them to get his point across. There's a bit of betrayal in there, too, but he can't articulate it in any way. That F'inn went to Half Moon and didn't tell him. That he met his father and didn't see fit to tell Kez about it? It stings. It hurts. A lot. And with Yasminath proddy, that feeling is just amplified and Kez doesn't know how to handle it. For one impossible moment, he almost hits him. Or at least, he almost takes a swing at him. But instead, it's tears that win out and, though he's undeniably hurt, and not at all happy with F'inn right now, he leans in to sob against his chest. "What if… what if…" what if he doesn't want him, once he sees him? What if Kez isn't what he expects, and he takes one look at the mess that currently defines the young greenrider and decides he made a mistake? But Kez can't give those worries voice, because he's too busy crying and trying to get himself to stop.

F'inn winds his arms around K'zre, guessing at the thoughts whirling through his beloved's mind. For a long moment, he just holds him, pressing a tender kiss to the top of his head. "He's going to love you, K'zre," he whispers in hushed tones. "You are /everything/. He's so much like you," he assures. Swallowing tightly, he does his level best to tilt K'zre's face up to him, pale blue eyes welling with emotion. "You are /everything/," he repeats in firm tones. He knows, though, that he's hurt his weyrmate and it doesn't matter that that was not his intention, at all. "I can tell him to leave," he states in quiet tones. "But I am hoping that despite how angry you are with me, you'll give him a chance."

K'zre is, at his core, a logical and typically reasonable person. And even having a proddy green dragon does not stop him from compartmentalizing this information into two separate, distinct categories in his mind. He's mad at F'inn. Furious at him. Enough that he can't look him in the eyes, even when his face is taken in hand and directed to the bronzerider's own. His eyes skate away, drift toward the wall or the door without really seeing it. But he will not take that fury out on the weyrlingmaster that is his father. Because they are two separate things; his feelings for his father, and his feelings for his weyrmate. So, there's a shake of his head, to deny F'inn's offer to send R'sner away. And a murmured, "No," to make that gesture clear if it wasn't already. It's several moments before he can speak again, before he can get himself under control enough to trust that he won't be sobbing uncontrollably again. He spends that time staring at his weyrmate's shirt; at the dark spots his tears have created, and not at those matching blue eyes. "I'll see him. But… but I want to do it alone."

F'inn nods slowly as he releases K'zre's chin, a shallow breath exhaled when he refuses to meet his eyes. "Alright." He's not happy about it. He's more then a little scare of the fact that he might have lost K'zre, entirely. "Whatever you need," he assures in quiet tones. "I'll… find something to do. Let me know when you are ready to see me?" Even saying it stirs a sharp pain in his chest. He swallows that, though, determined to keep his own emotional uncertainty to himself. Whatever happens, he's determined to give K'zre his father.

Once the decision is made, K'zre is finding it easier to push those wild, tumultuous emotions aside. To hide them behind a mask of neutrality that he's cultivated in his professional life but rarely utilizes outside the infirmary. But he's going to utilize it now. Because the last thing he wants, the last thing he needs, is to let all that vulnerability show. "Can you send him here?" he wonders, it having suddenly occurred to him that he does not know where this man is. "Send him here," because he's sending F'inn away. And because, despite having not stepped foot inside these rooms since he was Searched, this is a safe space. It is his space. And if he's going to be meeting this man that is supposed to be his father, he'll do it somewhere he feels confident. There is no acknowledgement of that request; to let him know when Kez is ready to see him again. Because he just cannot handle that right now. He can't handle the two extremes, and so he settles on focusing on the meeting of R'sner. One thing at a time. One step at a time.

"Of course." Shifting, F'inn pushes out of his lean against the door. For a moment, he pauses his lips parting with the intention of saying something. Instead, he swallows the words, pulling door open and stepping out of the room. Finding R'sner and his weyrmate right outside comes as a bit of a shock. He clears his throat, however, pulling the door closed behind him before nodding toward the door. "He wants to talk to you in private," he states in tones that are made tense by the emotion he's holding back. "I… I'm really glad you came." Doesn't matter that it's landed him in a place he doesn't want to be. "Thank you." That said, he's quick to cross the cavern, determined to make it to Shenanigans and booze before he ends up weepy.

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