Who Leuka Triven Jaelynn
What Triven works another tattoo on Leuka.
When Winter
Where Harper Practice Room @FOW

Fort Weyr - Harpers' Practice Room
Harpers' Playroom - This room has the best acoustics of anywhere in the Weyr, intended for Harpers to have a place to practice when they want and as loud as they want. The thick doors hold back a lot of sound, muffling the more obnoxious of tunes from innocent ears when the Harper's are doing their thing. In general, it's a large open room that has several large storage cabinets along some of the walls. The cubbies vary in size depending on the type of instrument they are meant to hold. Some hold things as small as flutes, while others hold things as large as guitars and cellos. On the wall and corner nearest the doors, a couple of large sturdy desk are reasonably stacked with a few stacks of unruly papers. It looks like they are all trying to escape in a different direction. A mishmash of assorted Harper tools and needed thingamabobs are there somewhere under the pile. A few worn but well-padded benches and stools are scattered about, and a good number of folding chairs are stacked off to one side. All along the wall are racks and instrument stands to keep a few things more readily at hand. Several comfortable couches are arranged here and there, away from the walls where racks store gear. One couch looks to be longer than the other two, a couple of rumpled pillows and a little throw show that someone uses it for naps often. A sign on the walls points to the couch that warns ** That's Leuka's spot ** Taking up a large portion of a far corner of the room, a large drum set has been delivered. This is Leuka's pride and joy. It's adjusted for his size and enthusiastic playing style. Painted on the wall in big clear letters behind the drum set, big enough to read across the room, the wall reads. This is my baby! Touch it, I will KEEL you slowly! Leuka A couple paces off to the side, another drum set waits, ready for Apprentices to practice on. A few paces away, a large well cared for piano sets, ready to be used. Thankfully, it has wheels to move the massive upright where it's needed.

"Fizgig NO!" Leuka grumbles at the canine who's currently darting off with his shirt, shaking his head at the pup's antics. "Silly thing." He's dropping down into a chair next to where Triven is setting up and preparing his gear. Fizgig is running around, nearly bouncing off the furniture as he gets a bit of energy out. Most everything has been cleared back for the day so there's plenty of room to let him play. Leuka is just about to get a tattoo. Most likely there's a bunch of meatrolls and couple of small pies somewhere around the cavern."

"Honestly… How can anyone wash a dragon when there is snow and ice outside." Jaelynn grumbles a bit to herself while she is busy rubbing her hands and off checking at a few places out it seems, totally looking for a warmer spot at the moment. She is wrapped up in a jacket that is a few sizes to big for her, hair pulled back, scarf on, boots pants you name it she might even have thermal undies on at this rate. At the voice she pauses and glances into the room hearing Leuka and catching sight of certain fuzzy pup running around. She smiles while peeking inside once more. "Hey… Ah room for another?" It looks warmer in here after all!

That fuzzy pup, aka Lord Fizgig of SnowHill, is getting bigger and bigger each day. Leuka glances around and nods to Jaelynn, pointing out the hearth on the side of the room as invitation. There's a couple of couches and a few flitter beds tossed around for Scribe and other lizards to lounge on. The Harper is seated with his left arm towards the tattooist. "There's plenty of room. Don't let that fizzy monster knock you over with his craziness."

Triven has his back turned and is in that place where he goes about his set up in a very deliberate and methodical fashion. He has his a few of the works of his trade with him, the dog on the other hand isn't helping his nerves though, as he is constantly having to check and recheck his set up because he keeps watching the canine. When Jaelynn enters he turns his head and gives the woman a smile saying "Hey you." half step from his setup before he remembers he is there to do a job and she has rules to follow.

Jaelynn grins as she watches Fizgig. "Look at you! You got bigger since I last saw you." This said with an amused tone while she pauses to lean down and scratch and pet across the dogs large head if possible. She glances over to Triven whom will get a warm smile and she points at the dog. "You keep to yourself." This said with a wink before she is off to give Triven a hug and kiss to the head, hey this is rule allowed right? "Hey right back to you. When did you get here?" She won't keep his attention for long as there is work things he is doing and she smiles to Leuka. "Thanks. How are you Leuka?"

Leuka snickers when Fizgig's head actually droops when the new arrival only gives a little attention before making him go lay down. You can actually see the poor pup pouting all the way over to his bed where he flops down dejectedly. "Ham it up fuzzball." Leuka snorts to himself and grins over to Jaelynn. "Doin alright, got a freeday so taking advantage of it." A bit of a shrug "And if it got Triven over here for the day, so much the better for both of you."

Triven now has two people to put between him and the dog, what a wonderful day. "Afew moments ago, I would of came to find you but they said you were playing in the lake with dragons so I figured they were just trying to get me in here to work on his piece." Triv explains to Jaelynn as he motions to Leuka. He looks back to the Harper turn candidate and asks "so where are we going for chest or shoulder?"

"Well it wasn't a lie, was bathing dragons. Still not to sure I can feel my fingers fully." Jaelynn offers and glances over to Fizgig and smiles while she leaves the two doing the artwork bit and goes to give the overgrown fluffy dog a bit more attention. "What sort of artwork are you getting this time?" This questioned to Leuka while she sits next to Fizgig.

Leuka grins and taps his left upper arm near the shoulder. "Right bout here." When Triven clarifies where the tattoo is going. He'll settle down and wait for when he's ready to start and glance back to the thawing woman with a chuckle "Something Triven sketched up for me." Fizgig is currently gnawing on Leuka's shirt because the Harper isn't paying attention.

Triven looks around and finds a stool, oh look it spins to so he can sit just right on it. He will adjust it for his hight and start applying the numbweed and redwort solution he uses "There is a larger one in my bag for you Jaelynn…" He will wait a few moments for it to take effect adding "There is also a mug of hot tea by my inks if you want…" hey got to look out for the lady right?

Jaelynn eyes the dog and points at him. "Don't eat it… Trust me your need fiber to push it through like some baby dragon." Hey she would know. She moves to try and take hold of the shirt and will even attempt to wrestle it away from him. She hums and glances over to Triven and Leuka. "A what for me in your bag?" Is questioned curious like before she is eyeing the mug of tea while still trying to get the shirt from said fluffy huge doggie.

Fizgig will growl playfully as his new friend plays tug of war with Leuka's tshirt. Leuka glances over and frowns "Fizgig Leave it!" The pup monster tugs and bats at Jaelynn's hands before eventually losing his grip on it. Barring a bit of drool, the shirts intact. The Harper smirks and mock pouts to Triven "You didn't offer me any tea." Then laughs at his own silliness.

Triven raises an eyebrow at Leuka "You don't give me kisses and hugs when I show up, in stead you drag me off a nice warm beach to come up here and give you a tattoo for half price." He can tease right back and will look over at Jaelynn saying "In my bag is a rolled poster I drew for you and your mom if she wants it." He will then test the machine in his hand before he starts to go to work making the outline of Leuka's newest body art.

Jaelynn giggles softly at the game of tug-of-war between Fizgig and herself, though once the shirt is free and very droolly she makes a face. "That's a bit gross." She murmurs before giving the dog a soft scratch behind the ears and over the head and cheeks. "Your a cute pup, but I'm not a fan of the drool." As for the shirt she'll set it on a table hopefully out of the way for the pup to grab hold of. She grins at the two talk about the tea and she moves over to pick it up and takes a sip from the mug. "Really?" Is questioned on the drawing in question before she will go to look for it.

Leuka nods to Jaelynn as he goes still so Triven can do his work, even if he does give a hint of an amused shrug and chuckle at his friend "You have a very good point there!" Then back to the other candidate when she drifts closer to see that the skin artist is doing. "He showed me the idea he had the other day in the galleries."

Triven shrugs slightly as he goes about his work, "It just seemed to fit your life style, besides any excuse to see Jaelynn" his tone is matter of fact because he is in that little world of his where the Art is what matters and the social norms are out the window. When Jaelynn goes to open his bag to retrieve the art two fuzzy heads will pop up and stare back at her, Dex and Zyn the artist own pet tunnelcats /see ferrets/ stowed away to follow Triven to this new place.

Jaelynn blinks at the pair of fuzzy heads that appear and she chuckles while moving to pick Dex and Zyn up. "Well I see you brought some friends with you." This said to Triven while letting the tunnelcats rest n a pocket or even on her shoulders after giving them a snuggle and then moves to look for the drawing. "Did he now? I've never actually seen a real tattoo being one before."

Leuka laughs to Triven and peeks down to his shoulder at the man starts working on the general outline of the tattoo. He does glance over to Jaelynn when the young tunnerlcats pop up. "When did you get them?"

Triven glances and then is back to work as he says "Ask them where those gifts you sent me went, every time you write me a letter or send me something they hide it." He is focused on the tattoo now as he goes about his work. Dex and Zyn will happily curl up with Jaelynn, Dex going into the coat pocket and Zyn sprawling over her shoulders to look about the room. "I got them about the time I moved into Xanadu, and met Jaelynn as well so not that long I guess." The item the young woman is looking for is about two feet long tube that is three inches around.

"Oh really… I would have blamed Robin first but now I know who to blame I suppose." Jaelynn chuckles softly while finding the tube in question an takes it out peeking inside it. "I wonder why they are hiding things from you. Though Robin does it from time to time, rather he not do it here as I have trouble finding things at times."

Leuka grins at the banter between his friends and watches the two tunnelcats a few minutes. He'll nod at Triven about when he got them. "They're cute little guys, even if they are thieves." After a few long seconds of tunnelcat study, Leuka turns his attention back down to his arm as the designs begins to grow across his upper arm.

Triven tilts his head as he works saying "They like your sent Jaelynn" he will say as he keeps working. "They are very useful, they help me get things I can't reach" he will finish the outline and look up "So you ever going to tell me why that other harper seemed so keen on trying to verbally stab you?"

Jaelynn blushes as she hears that and glances to the little fuzzies. "Well I could just give them a shirt to keep them out of things if that is the case." She pulls the drawing free from the tube that it is rolled up in and slowly opens it blinking and smiles warmly while glancing over to Triven and Leuka. "It's beautiful Triven… Thank you. I know my mother will love it."

Leuka shrugs his right shoulder and shakes his head at Triven, occasionally glancing down to the expanding ink. "I don't know, it's what she does. Already hurled a heavy mug of klah at my head a little while back." He feigns innocence "All I did was offer to help her get some time from work. She complains endlessly about how tiring all her practicing and rehearsing is. So I thought offering to give her swift kick in the shin would get her time to relax and kick her feet up." He snorts, peering over to Jaelynn with a smirk "She didn't seem to like my offer to help at all."

Triven nods and goes back to work but will smile over at Jaelynn "I am glad you like it, and I hope she does too." He lowers his voice and says to Leuka "Got to make nice with the inlaws I am told, how am I doing so far?" He gets back to work now with the shading and filling in of the design.

Jaelynn looks over the drawing and smiles before rolling it back up and tucks it back into the tube to keep it safe. She'll pick the mug up and moves on over to watch the work that Triven is doing on Leuka. "So she tossed a mug at you for no reason at all?" She questions with a curious tone and slight look towards Leuka, not seemingly to fully believe that for some reason. "She didn't seem that bad…"

Leuka laughs. "I'll have to take your word for it." When Triven speaks of inlaws. "I'm not the guy to ask advice from." To Jaelynn he grins too innocently. "Maybe it was my offer to kick her in the leg when she was complaining about all her hard work for with no gratitude in return. Her poor me thing gets old real quick after the umpteenth time it starts." He gives a slight right sided shrug "We knew each other for some turns back at the Hall."

Jaelynn didn't catch the question between the boys on 'inlaws'. She settles upon a chair to watch the work while sipping at the mug of tea. "Well, that may have something to do with it as well." A soft chuckle escapes her. "I suppose it just depends on how one takes it. Perhaps she took it poorly? Bodily harm and all that after all."

Leuka snorts "Yea, clearly she's irrational." He laughs with a cheeky wink to the dragonhealer before peering again to the work Triven is doing as the design begins to take better shape and detail.

Jaelynn chuckles and shakes her head slightly while watching the work. "Perhaps… I wouldn't mind talking to her again actually." She hums softly. "So how does it feel… The tattoo?"

Leuka huffs and roll his eyes. "More power to ya. Better you than me." He grins to the woman briefly and shakes his head "Not that bad actually. Think he numbed my shoulder this time. Last time it did sting a bit, but wasn't extremely bad or anything."

"We all sometimes have to speak with people we don't like, doesn't always work out in our favor after all." Jaelynn offers while letting her fingers curl around that warm mug. "Don't worry, I'll tell her you send her your best." This said with an amused tone.

Leuka turns a flat gaze to Jaelynn "You're too kind." Not! After a few minutes and glances around towards the side table with a covered stack of meatroll on a plate "Can you pass me one of those roll Jaelynn?" Help yourself to one or two as well if ya want."

Jaelynn can only grin right back at Leuka and nods. "Oh your very welcome!" She offers softly before humming and ohs with a nod seen before she picks up the plate with said rolls and offers one over to him. "Thanks. So do you like being a Harper?" This questioned before she sets the mug down and picks up a roll herself taking a bite from it.

Leuka grabs one of the rolls "Thanks." He'll take a couple of bites, craning his head to watch Triven stab him repeatedly with his inking gear. "I love being a Harper. I practice all the time, and teach the apprentice and weyrbrats most every day. Hauser's been doing most of the teaching for a bit, with me in candidacy right now. It eats into his 'playtime', he says."

"Welcome… Who's Hauser?" Jaelynn questions after another bite of the roll, she was a bit hungry it seems and it didn't dawn on her until she was actually eating something. As for the two little tunnelcats she'll share some with them as well.
"Thautseruck is a fellow Jman Harper, we were posted her from the hall together." Another bite of his roll and he adds "We both have..untraditional outlooks and playing styles that many of the more traditional type don't really approve of." Leuka laughs and eats more "I think the Hall was just glad to be rid of us both really."

Jaelynn chuckles softly and nods with a smile seen. "I see. I don't think I've met him yet." Or perhaps she did. "Sometimes Runkle does that with me when I ask to many questions. I was working on being a Grade 3 before being searched. I think he'll be happy when I'm done with the test."

Triven has been working hard and takes a little break from the drawing, seeming coming back to reality as he asks "Are there anymore of those rolls?"

Leuka grins to Jaelynn then gestures her way when Triven decides he's hungry too. "She's got'm. I'll take another one too." He shoves the last bite in his mouth and rolls his left shoulder when Triven takes a little snack break. "
Jaelynn hums and smile before nodding as she sets the mug down and picks up another roll, which she'll offer one over to Triven. "It's looking rather nice Triven." She offers as she looks over to look at the work curious like.

Triven tilts his head at the art work and uses a gauze square to wipe away blood and anything else so she can see better "I just got to color the wings and it will be done." His little fuzzies are currently enjoying there own Jaelynn time which has the young artist chuckling "Seems you just charm everyone you meet." He looks over at Leuka and teases "you ever doing another karaoke night?"

Leuka nods when he gets a better look at the tattoo when Triven gives it a swipe. Lookin good there Triv. Yea. Was thinking of setting up in the Lounge in the next couple of days one evening. See what happens."

Jaelynn rolls her eyes slightly and looks a bit amused while glancing to the little fuzzies and smiles. "I suppose I have y ways." This said with a soft amused tone while she takes a sip from the tea, at this rate she'll be drinking it all. A curious glance is sent between the two. "Karaoke night?"

Triven nods as he chews on the roll "He and the other harpers get together and play songs, and people get up and sing. I heard it was really wild the last time." He reaches down to get a bottle of water and drink from it…who ever said that tea was for him?

Leuka nods at the reminder of the last karaoke night. "Yea, if was quite eye opening." A little shake of his head "Doubt it will be that interesting again for a long time." He chews on more of the meatroll and takes the tattoo break to rolls his shoulder and shift around and move a little bit while he eats.

Jaelynn ohs a bit and seems amused at that while she brushes her hands off and nods. "I don't think I've been to some karaoke night before. A few dances here and there though for sure." She'll pick up /her/ mug and goes back to watching the work.

Triven nods and will finish his food and switches out the colors in his machine, before he gets ready to start back on to Leuka "How is candidacy? besides making you work in the frozen lake and such?"

Leuka grins at the comment about working in the frozen artic weather. "Oh that part is /loads/ of fun. Isn't it Jaelynn." The Harper laughs but adds more seriously "It's been sorta eye opening, about a couple of things. And painful at some parts. Mainly just tiring after working as a first turn apprentice all day again."

Jaelynn rolls her eyes slightly and glances to her fingers. "Still not sure if I'm not going to lose a finger or not." Course she isn't but it is hecka cold out there. "At least they didn't make us get in the water, we got to just use buckets and was far enough from getting wet. Just to get the point across I think." She's washed a few dragons in her time so she knows a few things at least.

Triven nods slightly as he is in the zone again, his grip is firm on Leuka's arm as he makes sure to get the detail right the first time "Better you two than me, I still can't get warm.." he will finished the last of it as he wipes it clean then says "There what do you think?"

Leuka snorts "That sure isn't easy to do around here. Tempted to sneak Fizgig into the barracks and teach to sleep on my feet." Soon the work is done and he nods after getting a look at the finished work. "Nice. Came out very good I think."

Jaelynn finishes the tea and sets the mug aside and shifts to look over at what Triven has done. "I love it, and it's not even on me." This said with an amused tone while she leans closer to Triven to give him a hug. "I'd help you get warm but… Rules." She is teasing of course, a kiss is placed to Triven's head. "I want to go get something for you, so don't leave yet alright?" She still has his tunnelcats anyway so if he wants them he'll have to stay it seems. "I'll be right back." A slight wiggle of a wave is sent to Leuka. "I won't tell on you if you do. But your have to share him for feet warming if that happens!" She slips off and will hopfully be back soon.

Leuka let's triven finish cleaning the area up before hopping up from the chair. "Thanks man, you never let me down with your skills." He admire his shoulder a bit before beginning his search for his missing shirt, last scene when Fizgig was running off with it. As Jaelynn speaks to Triven then rushes off for a minute, Luka spot his missing shirt and eyes the droolly spots. "Thanks mutt." Shrugging he'll toss it by the couch to get later. "I'll go ahead an head out so you two an talk when she gets back Triven." Sliding his coat on he trying to bundle up a bit "Come on Fizgig, lets go outside and get you some exercise." The canine hops up, his rope toy dangling from his muzzle as the pair head out to face all that /ICE/.

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