Fort Weyr - Velokraeth's Weyr

This weyr is opulent and almost as large as one of the ground weyrs and the ledge outside can easily fit two large dragons. The broad shelf ties in directly to the stairs leading down to the bowl below and over to the administration complex, making it easily accessible from both levels and the other end of the ledge curves around as it meets the stone wall of the Weyr and then turns inwards. Carved and smoothed by time, the covered wallow offers more ample space for the residing dragon and one more should a companion be welcomed in. Sheltered by the worst of the elements, it's a perfect hideaway from winter cold and the slight lip allows for large blackets to be draped over it without sliding downwards.The stone floor is smooth, having been worn down over the Turns. Toward the back of the dragon area, there is a wall with a small entranceway leading into a tiny alcove and nook, where several chests, supplies and pegs to hold the straps rest. Beyond this is a narrow hallway, hidden and secreted from view by a grey hued rug, but allows a secondary and private access to the main living area.
Accessible from the ledge outside, two large wooden double doors lead into the wide and spacious living area. Raised like a natural formed dias, a tiny foyer opens up just steps past those doors, gradually and subtly inclining down into the rough semicircular shape of the room. Along the same wall of the doors but further in is a large stone hearth and in front of it lies a very large and well woven rug. Placed on top is a low, dark wood table and behind it is a long, deep cushioned and equally dark leather couch. Thick pillows rest at each end and there is a matching chair to go with the set though it rests to the side and facing back towards the doors. Shelves have been carved into the wall, little recessed pockets that allow for a variety of items to be placed, though most commonly used for glow baskets. The smoothed wall curves at the right handed side, extending out to create a semi-partition, an illusion that the room is in fact made of two pieces.
Tucked away in this hollow is the kitchenette, visible either from approaching it as one walks towards the back of the weyr or through the mock arch window carved at shoulder height into the rock wall extension. There are ample cabinets and counter space, all made with good stone though they are worn a bit by age. Almost directly across from the kitchenette, where the wall slopes and turns to form a natural hallway, another entrance has been carved into the stone. It is a spare room, converted into a modest and cramped personal office and contains little more than a stout and well aged, well cared for wooden desk and a bookshelf crammed with a variety of reading material.
Following the hallway back deeper in the weyr, another entrance opens to the left and one directly ahead with both covered by a thin hanging rug that can be tied back if privacy is required. The left side opens up to the bathroom, large enough for two people. There is a large basin tub carved of the same stone of the wall it was hollowed from and one of the few to have actual plumbing to allow hot and cold water to be poured in directly. The rest of the necessities are tucked away beyond and recessed a bit. A large vanity and mirror takes up most of one of the walls, the countertop made of a lighter stone and the wash basin of a neutral porcelain.
The last entrance set at the end of the hallway leads into a bedroom of a slightly more modest size. Pushed against the far wall, the bed is low and large enough to comfortably fit two grown adults. It's piled with pillows and cushions near the dark wooden headboard and a thick blanket rests overtop, with more furs and spare blankets folded and resting on top of an old and worn chest at the foot of the bed. A dresser has been set to the right of the entrance and across from it a full length mirror rests. Like the living area, shelves have been carved into the stone, as well as more of the small recessed alcoves that hold more glow baskets. No decoration or tapestries hang here, leaving the bedroom rather sombre and neutral for color, save for the dark green vine like plant from a high shelf just below the low ceiling and has been trained to grow along it and then down either side of the wall.

Stomp-stomp-stomp-STOMP, booted soles tread up the stairs that leads to Velokraeth's weyr, and stop there, the muttering the Weyrsecond-Acting Weyrleader dies off while he's checking to see if the bronze is there - and awake. If he's awake, Dremkoth will bespeak him and say, far more lightly than the black-clouded request was made, that his rider seeks the Weyrleader. If the bronze is asleep, D'ani's just going right on by. Yeah, D'ani wants Th'ero to rest - sleep - and he should do the same, but that can wait. Because someone's about to do something crazy - and though some might say waking up Th'ero after the night they've had, it's not D'ani.

Velokraeth is awake and he will watch D'ani stomp up the stairs without a single peep. His mis-matched eyes, one larger and the other smaller and appearing sunken are unsettling enough but to be stared at by the bronze is likely to be bordering on disturbing. Dremkoth's request is met with a rippling humour despite the reaction his rider may have to being disturbed. D'ani's request for entry is granted, not by Th'ero but by Velokraeth. Why? Because Th'ero sleeps and it's everyone's luck that his leg is still in that cast as it means he is certainly not… indisposed with Kimmila at the moment and if D'ani had just continued on… would not be walking into something terrible (and amusing, at least to a certain bronze). On this late afternoon, inside all is quiet. Kimmila sleeps in the bedroom, while Th'ero dozes on the couch. He was in his bed, but as the bluerider would know, he rarely if ever sleeps well when stressed. He'd come out here to save her from being woken up by his restlessness but even he can't avoid exhaustion forever and he'll FIGHT to stay even in a light half-sleep despite Velokraeth's mental prodding that a guest is about to step inside. "… better be sharding urgent…" Th'ero mutters in a low growled voice, his eyes closed as he slogs his way to full consciousness and unaware of D'ani has already stepped into the living room.

Being stared down by Velokraeth would certainly be freaky. Had D'ani been looking up as he tromped up those stairs, he might've seen it. As it is, he doesn't see it when he gets up to the ledge, either. He's exhausted and so while the two bronzes talk, he props his elbow, the hand holding the two bottles dangling from it, against the stone and leans his forehead against his forearm as the muttering resumes until interrupted by the relaying of permission. He raises his head, drops his arm and says, "Thanks!" It's short, sweet and to the point, but respectful nevertheless, even if brief and D'ani's making his way through those wooden doors then trying to get his eyes to adjust - ah! Th'ero is spotted and the Weyrsecond stalks over thata way, snagging and hauling a wooden chair on the way. Without bothering to flip it around, he sits astride it, arm with both bottles of booze silently extended over the back of it to Th'ero while a soot-faced D'ani just stares accusingly at Th'ero. Not. A. Word. is spoken (this may be because he's trying not to swear).

Th'ero's eyes do eventually open and aided by the fact that his brain finally registers that someone is in his weyr and moving a chair about. That — or his weyr has now become miraculously (and unfortunately) possessed. Since the latter is impossible (and the Pernese do not believe in ghosts), the Weyrleader figures his 'guest' has arrived and with a shake of his head to clear the last of the sleepiness from his mind, he'll peer at D'ani in the half-light. Only before he can greet him, there's suddenly a bottle being foisted at him. Frowning, he takes it and recognizing it as Black Damnation, it deepens into a scowl to match the accusatory staring from his Weyrsecond. "What," he begins in a tone that's a bit too biting and on a sighed exhale, continues in a lowered tone. "Happened now?" That's why he's here, right? At least he didn't say 'you look awful?' (but it's so visible in his eyes).

Since Th'ero's only taken one of those bottles, D'ani lifts the other and salutes the real Weyrleader with it before the motion becomes a 'drink up' gesture and he mutters darkly, "You need it more than I do." The one he's holding? Is lifted and the Weyrsecond takes a healthy swallow, which leaves him coughing for a moment while he wipes his mouth with the back of a blackened hand and smears soot across his lips. As for what happened, he gives the bottle a black (haa) look and says sarcastically, "S'ai's going to kill himself and his dragon, that's what happened. And Nyalle's going to help him!" That poor bottle - getting such a glare before D'ani's look turns utterly weary and brown eyes lift, frustration faded to concern. "She says you gave the go-ahead?" Like he's really not sure why the man would do it.

Th'ero wasn't about to take both and probably didn't notice the second one or assumed D'ani intended to keep the other for himself. A brow will quirk at the prompt that he'll need it and the Weyrleader's mood plummets as dread slips in with an icy touch. What could have possibly happened now? The eggs? No, Velokraeth is too calm and so are the queens. What then, could have the Weyrsecond so upset? He's cracked open the bottle now and has it lifted to his lips, only to delay that first sip as his hand lowers and his eyes fix on D'ani in a disbelieving stare. Which then turns into a glare. "S'ai and Zeruth are not going to die," he growls irritably but eases off in sensing the concern now coming from the other man. "Yes, I did. Because I saw no other way in finding any quicker option in capturing this criminal. A man deranged enough to set fire IN a Weyr and in the Galleries no less is a danger to us all, D'ani. And it's not as though S'ai and Zeruth are jumping back Turns. Just a few hours. If he goes by the star charts… and heeds the warnings I gave him…" All will go smoothly. If not? Well. Th'ero will have more blood on his hands and a very, very guilty conscious to deal with.

D'ani stares back at Th'ero. He waits for it… waits for it… and when the reassurance comes, he interjects, "Are you sure?" He quiets to listen to the rest, his mouth twisting grimly, nodding reluctantly, "Deranged is right and I agree that he must be found but…" He needs another calming sip, takes a hasty one. "This is the one who graduated late. He's not been a full rider all that long. He… hasn't done it before, right?" He's more than worried, he's distraught, taking more of that black damnation. While his intentions are to wait for Th'ero to speak, his words come out in a tumble, "If he miscalculates, gets lost, it'll upset all of the queens and they've barely settled, if you can call it that, after last night, I-" He rakes a hand through untidy hair, loosening a dustfall of ashes and swears.

Th'ero's hesitation, even for that little half second it takes him to decide whether or not to be entirely honest, condemns him. So with a weary sigh, he aims more for truth. "No, of course I'm not sure. There is no certainty with timing it. What I am certain of though is that this is our only choice and it was S'ai's idea from the start." Not that's any excuse for the Weyrleader to be giving him permission. "I'm aware that they graduated late. Not every rider is perfect as a weyrling," he mutters and knocks back another sip of that ale. Nothing like it for a pick up! He frowns, his expression almost as dark and gloomy as the interior of his weyr. "Not to my knowledge and if he has, he's kept it very quiet. All riders time it. Most just don't ever pick up on it," Thank Faranth. "He'll be watched closely from now on. I warned him of the consequences and to keep his mouth shut about this whole affair and the ability." Falling silent, he'll allow D'ani to start venting and never moves a muscle to stop him or interrupt him. If anything, he remains frustratingly impassive though it's not as though the Weyrleader doesn't care. He DOES care for D'ani, but good luck getting him to show it. "I know! You don't think that isn't weighing on me right now, along with everything else?" he points out grimly and this time he DOES add a soft spoken. "Sleep is what you need. And a bath. When have you last rested? Eaten?" Should he be taking that bottle away?

D'ani's frown deepens. That's what he thought. No one can be sure. "I wonder how he can be so sure he can do it…" Faranth, he's become the proverbial older rider worried about the young pups, not that he's all that old himself! He raises that bottle to his lips, has the grace to look abashed at the Weyrleader's assertion. Yeah, he'd know all about which weyrling did what and the fact that of course that they aren't all perfect, wrests a reluctantly faint grin from him. His mouthful is taken more contemplatively. Of the whole thing weighing on the other, "Yeah, of course it does," he mutters, "I don't know how you stay sane." Calmer now, his brows knit in response to the questions, and he leans back almost protectively with that bottle. "Had something right before I came here. You know Nyalle…" He smirks. The Senior mothered him, that's what happened. "I'll bathe and sleep, uh, next." He thinks for a moment, then leans forward, arms across the chair's back, and says earnestly, "So… if this is the only way… and Nyalle says Kayeth will keep in touch with him the whole time… can we… get Wiyaneth to join her in the effort? No offense to our Senior but she's awfully young too."

"Confidence," Th'ero starts to say and then frowns. Wait, no. Snorting, he tips the bottle to his lips and then rephrases that. "Overconfidence. At least he notified Nyalle and I first before just… jumping into his crazed idea. Though sometimes crazy and improbable is the only course." Time to raise the stakes and roll the dice and gamble on chance! His tone is too flat and tired to really put much humour behind it — not that this situation calls for much joking around. Yet he quirks a smile briefly for D'ani's muttered pondering about how the Weyrleader stays sane. "You know I ask that myself quite often. My answer to you is… I don't know." Really, he doesn't. "I'd imagine it's because I have a good staff for support. If I'd been alone in a lot of this?" Oh, he'd have snapped Turns ago! He smirks and gives a knowing and understanding nod of his head. Of course he knows Nyalle and for once he's glad she was motherly! Last thing he needs is his Weyrsecond collapsing from exhaustion or worse… "Good." Unlike the Weyrwoman, however, Th'ero won't push the issue and just rely on him being truthful to his word. "Wiyaneth?" Th'ero's brows knit together and his head bows forwards as he mulls it over. "I… don't see why not? And Kayeth is not so young. She's proven to be a strong gold. I worry that, as good as the intention is to bring Wiyaneth in on this, how it may seem to Kayeth… and Nyalle too. Unless you've already suggested it to her?"

"There is that," the Weyrsecond grudgingly admits. "Maturity brings…changes." He eyes Th'ero over his half-lifted bottle, then, despite the flat tone, he catches the humor and snorts a laugh, relaxing further. "Like… when queens threaten to tear each other apart?" His bottle is right there in front of his face and he loosens his forefinger to rub the bump where Dtirae broke his nose for taking Zuvaleyuth Between without her consent. "Point taken." As for sanity, he swigs from that ale bottle, burps and sagely adds, "And Velokraeth." Speaking of dragons, he sort of winces. He doesn't want to offend Nyalle. "Uh, no. No I didn't and if Wiyaneth can't support her on the sly I could? I… I really don't want to lose S'ai and Zeruth." And that, presently, is his primary concern.

Th'ero nods his head and then chuckles dryly, "It does — it most cases. As with anything, there are exceptions to all rules." Jajen, anyone? As D'ani begins to relax, so does he and his irritation in being woken up ebbs away with it and he's likely relieved that what brought the Weyrsecond storming in here wasn't another emergency but just some (well placed) concerns. A questions of the Weyrleader's sanity. "That… yes. Would be one example." Which he hope he'll never witness and live through again. Draining a little more from his bottle, he'll smirk. "Yes and him too." There is much he owes that bronze even if it appears the two of them butt heads more often than not. He levels D'ani with a lingering look and a deadpanned expression. Really? "… word of advice? Don't try to sneak by a queen with another queen, no matter how good your intentions are. You're just…" Asking for it? He'd probably say 'playing with fire' but wisely he bites THAT comment back. Too soon. "We won't lose them," Th'ero mutters as he leans back against the couch and sighs. Thanks for sharing your concerns and raising more for him! "If I had doubts, D'ani, I would have told him no." And then try to do it himself but… broken leg! No heroics for him.

Jajen excluded, of course, because maturity has, to their knowledge, eluded her. "So there are," D'ani acknowledges of exceptions to rules. That ale has taken the tension that's been building out of his lanky frame and the advice imparted to him by the Weyrleader is received with an open mind. He has no experience in this sort of thing with queen versus queen. "Huh. Okay, iksnay on the oopidsay. Check!" Have I mentioned that D'ani's very relaxed? As for doubts, "Well it's my job to make sure your pain hasn't clouded your judgment." And here he grins wickedly because he did NOT say 'the fellis'. This is how well he knows Th'ero - and his aversion to taking the stuff. "I'd sleep better if I could run it by Nyalle, at least," he says rising slowly, stiffly because damn! It's been a long night and a longer day. "If she says no, then…" he shrugs. "Oh and I've had guards posted by the dragon infirmary-" he gaks, brown eyes stricken. "/If// this wasn't an inside job-" He coughs. How does Th'ero not go paranoid?! "I… I'll go check…on…things…" And worry and fret. And somewhere in there crash and sleep. He will. Because, you see, he's finished that bottle of Black Damnation. At least while Th'ero is sleeping D'ani's worrying and when D'ani's sleeping, Th'ero is? What a pair!

Th'ero's brows lift when he catches that mention of 'pain' over 'fellis' and then he smirks crookedly. "Figured that out, haven't you?" Smart man to keep it quiet too. "And no, my judgement isn't clouded." He's not in THAT much pain (yes, he is). Snort. He's a man, he shows no weakness (yeah, right!)! There's no sense arguing with him if he's so determined to ask Nyalle and simply makes a 'do what you must' gesture with his hand. Just don't come crying to HIM when he gets his head bitten off or… makes Nyalle cry. Granted, HE'S guilty of that (what, two? three times, now?) so he's not one to talk. "Just so long as you sleep at some point, D'ani! Don't pull… well… something I'd do." Or is that too late already? Th'ero blinks and then scowls. Not because of the Weyrsecond's outburst but because… WHAT IF. DAMN it, D'ani! "Speak with Breshir directly! He'll know the best men and women to post to that task." So much for calming that worry? Nah, he'll just feed into it. "Go check, then sleep." That's an order! As for Th'ero? Well. Maybe he'll try to sleep and if not… may as well get to work. Someone's got to do the paperwork, right?