Fort Weyr - Weyrleaders' Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

Throughout the night well into lunchtime, S'ai and Zeruth were at work on the hatching cavern in clearing out the scorched remains and ruined sand. Too exhausted to even bother cleaning themselves off, they'd slumped into a dead-to-the-world sleep in the entry of their weyr and so remained for a few hours. Until now, that is. Zeruth is thumping down in the bowl, soot and smoke-stained brown-black save the smoother highlighted markings on his hide that show through as a sullen copper. His eyes are awhirl with a frantic light, yellows and oranges with sharp bursts of fizzy green like static in his emotions. His rider, equally filthy still and as full of energy he shouldn't have on so little sleep, comes tearing at a run through the caverns up towards the offices with the pounding of his feet serving as warning.

Th'ero has spent an equally as exhausting night in the Infirmary caring for his weyrmate and his son. He's hardly slept and already is antsy and in a bad mood with having to leave them there but he couldn't hide forever. The Weyrleader can rarely hide away and especially not during a crisis like this and while he'd usually be comfortable with Weyrsecond D'ani taking over… not so much now. Not that D'ani isn't capable but that be so grossly unfair. So Th'ero is in his office, slumped in his chair and glowering, fidgeting with his fingers continuously reaching down to touch the hilt of the dagger by his hip. Probably thinking about that arsonist. "Have the reports confirmed this…?" Th'ero's voice can be heard asking another in his office. The door is open, so it's not a private meeting and his head will lift at the sound of pounding footfalls. "For Faranth's sake, what now…" he growls under his breath as he sits up straighter.

Nyalle is sitting across from Th'ero's desk, in a guest chair, flipping through hides. The Senior also looks tired, but she's at least bathed and is wearing fresh clothing. Decisions have been made and things are in motion. The Sands are being removed, Fort riders are scouring the planet looking for more, and Harpers are in the archives trying to find the original source of the sand. "So far, that's what the Guard is telling me," she says with a small nod, eyes briefly lingering upon his moving hand. She knows what he's doing. And what he wants to do. The pounding footsteps have her sitting up a bit, turning with apprehension towards the door even as her mind reaches to Kayeth. Not another fire?

There's not just pounding feet but wheezing. Like so many of the Weyr, S'ai appears to have sucked in his share of smoke too. He's going at a sprint enough to about pass up the office before his brain catches up to his limbs and stops him, bringing him to a skid in front of the door. A hand goes out to steady himself on the stone frame, sucking in a few lungfuls of breath as one index finger is help up in a 'getting there' motion. There's a few coughs from the bronzerider before he's saying in a hoarse, choppy rapid fire, "…got an idea!" And by the sounds of it, one'd think he just found a way to turn snow to confetti. There's a maniacal triumph in it that folks usually associate with evil geniuses or madmen. "About the fire…to find out who… it was!"

Th'ero's mind is on many things right now but it's true that he'd like a few personal "words" with that arsonist. When the man is caught, he'll need to be guarded. Not for the safety of the Weyr (well.. partially) but to protect him from the riders — and the Weyrleader. Glancing sidelong to Nyalle, Th'ero will push to his feet just as S'ai comes skidding past the door. Tense and expecting the worse, the news from the bronzerider almost jolts him. "How?" he states firmly, almost barking the question. Yeah, he's not in a mood to be lead around in long winded explanations!

Nyalle pushes to her feet as well, skirts swishing as she looks at S'ai in surprise and, yes, concern. He looks…awful. But she'll wait to hear what he has to say.

"It's crazy." S'ai quickly prefaces in the face of Th'ero's impatience. "Just.. it's crazy /enough/." He actually comes inside at that point, fidgeting and moving his hands with adrenaline-fueled energy and there's a grin he can't seem to get off his face that's a bit too wide. When he starts talking then it all comes out in a rush, like every thought he'd been formulating on his run up here is coming out as is. "It just came into my head but it might work. Look, no one caught a good sight of who did this, right? Right. We were too busy. What if, though, there wasn't anything happening? What if we beat this person to the punch? I know no rider has done this in… /forever/… it's insane and we don't do it for a reason but… what if someone was /there/ to see who did this? That someone timed it to be there waiting? I know! Can't touch 'em, can't be seen, can't stay it's mess everything up but just to catch a glimpse, see a face, see where they came from… it might be /enough/ before more happens!"

Crazy is the last word Th'ero wants to hear right now and his scowl deepens as he watches S'ai carefully and with interest bordering on impatient tolerance. The bronzerider shouldn't take it personally but the Weyrleader is just… worn thin right now. So he'll listen and as S'ai's plan unravels his scowl will switch to a look of numbed disbelief. "What you're asking to do is…" Insane. "… very dangerous, S'ai. Even for an experienced rider. Timing it has so many problems." But? His brows knit and his mind begins to work on the possibilities of what the bronzerider has brought forwards. Tempting. So very tempting. While he chews it over, Nyalle has her chance to speak her piece and S'ai may be able to sway the Weyrleader.

Nyalle looks downright alarmed. "S'ai!" she scolds. "No, it's far too dangerous. You can't just play around with time. Have you even slept? You don't look like you should be allowed to between, none the less /time/ it. And how would you know you were seeing the right person?" No no no. /She/ is against it, but thankfully for S'ai…she's also extremely traditional and that means the riders fall under /Th'ero's/ orders. So she looks at the Weyrleader.

"/No/ I didn't sleep! Much. I was thinking— /we/ were thinking, Zeruth and I." S'ai says, eyes wide as he looks to Nyalle. "I know it's dangerous! Can we afford to risk letting these guys run free anymore? Our forests, threatening the Holds and Cotholds, not /this/. They got through all our security, the watchdragon, two sleeping queen. What if they strike the infirmary or you two are next?!" He says, voice trying to stay in the range of sane but clearly ready and willing to argue this. "I know this is a horrible idea. I get it. I sound like a ranting old auntie and I look and smell like a homeless weirdo. How much more time can we risk? We got lucky last night. We've gotten lucky all Turn. It can't hold forever. Rhen's eggs may have already suffered for it. Zeruth and I are okay with this. We'll do it. Zeruth takes to precision like it was his purpose in life and…" He trails off briefly, scrubbing hands back through his dirty hair and letting out a long, harsh breath. "I know we can do this. We know the risks. Better to risk two of us to end this than risk more of this Weyr. I know we haven't always been the best students or made the smartest decisions but this we can do - for all of us."

"S'ai!" Th'ero growls in warning as he holds up his hands in a warding gesture. Easy! Though by then the bronzerider is already well into his rambling. "Half of what you've said we've already been taking into considertion. This… isn't an easy situation! There's a lot we have to work through," And that's just the start! New of Half Moon Bay's plight will be filtering in soon enough and then there will be THAT to add to their growing list. "Nyalle was right in what she said," So he's taking her side then? No, not quite and the look he gives the Weyrwoman is almost apologetic here. They'll talk some more later… but first, he will focus back on S'ai. "But you also have a good point. We DO need to catch those responsible for this. That they dared to make a direct attack on the Weyr…" Th'ero's whole demeanour changes then and while his expression remains calm, there's steel to his voice and a growl to his tone. Oh, he's angry and woe be to those behind all of this! "… and I want nothing more than to see them brought to justice. So we'll try your plan, S'ai. Under ONE condition." Several conditions. "You and Zeruth are to sleep and only when you're cleared by a Healer can you attempt this. As you're timing it… well…" Doesn't really matter WHEN he goes in the present as he's going to the past. Right? "And lastly, with your permission, Weyrwoman? Kayeth can stay in contact with Zeruth. At ALL times." No exceptions!

Nyalle's eyes widen and she looks at Th'ero in surprise. He's…agreeing to this? She opens her mouth and then slowly closes it. Right now, her High Reaches training is working in Th'ero's favor. At least he's making S'ai rest first. She is silent for a long moment when he questions her, and then slowly nods. "Of course."

S'ai finally does shut his mouth and work to catch his breath as Th'ero speaks. He looks from Weyrleader to Weyrwoman as the terms are settled, if perhaps grudgingly. "Course. Yeah. Sleep. Wouldn't be smart to go now." Like any of this is smart. "We wouldn't be going back far, shouldn't be a problem keeping in touch. I was thinking to take my two firelizards, less conspicuous if someone spots them and more eyes for me to look through - so to speak. This way Zeruth and I can stay better hidden. I know no one can spot us or this'd be a mess, especially ourselves. Thankfully we were asleep at the time."

Th'ero will have to have a private chat with Nyalle later and likely apologize and explain himself if the Weyrwoman hasn't come around to seeing why this SHOULD be done despite the risks. "Make sure your firelizards stay out of sight as well," he warns S'ai and grimaces. He's not entirely comfortable with this plan but so far it's the 'best' one to come along in hopes of pinpointing a possible suspect. "And like you said, you cannot meddle with the culprit or anything. Which… I suppose you haven't because events unfolded as they did." Is anyone else's head hurting yet? Th'ero's is as he lifts his hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose. Ow. "You understand the risks then." Obviously, as S'ai's pretty much laid them all out. "And we can trust that you won't step beyond what we agree upon here?"

Nyalle is already confused, yup. She listens to Th'ero, and then looks again to S'ai. Silent. Should they have this in writing?

S'ai gives a nod of his head to the Weyrleader, his adrenaline finally seeming to have eased off some now his idea seems to have been heard and agreed with. "You have my word, Weyrleader, Weyrwoman." «You have /our/ word.» Comes the eerie near-duplicate voice of Zeruth, given to their draconic counterparts, his voice firm and unwavering in his conviction. One could swear the bronze was even more intent in this mission than his rider. "No being seen. No impacting anything. Look, come back. I may seem a fool sometimes, but I generally recognize my limits." He says with a weak half a smile. It's a bad attempt at reassurance, he knows.

Maybe they should have this in writing! Th'ero's not got the patience for such legal matters though. He's focused on now and what they'll be facing in the days to come and while S'ai and Zeruth's reassurances should bring comfort it does little to help the Weyrleader's tense posture and the stress evident in the grim line of his mouth. "If you and Zeruth both feel you can do this then you may. Go then and sleep. A full night's worth." Which means the standard amount, not that S'ai has to sleep through until the next day (not that that would hurt!). "Check in with the Healers and then you will inform Nyalle and I, so that Kayeth may keep an eye on Zeruth and guide you." Yeah, he's not going to quite allow a new rider go on such a crazy scheme without guidance. Sorry! "Is there anything more you'd like to report?"

Nyalle bends her head down to resume flipping through the hides. "Just let me know and Kayeth will be there." Mentally.

"Understood." S'ai says to the pair with a salute for good measure. "Uh, no, I've likely already drove you two up the wall enough." There's a clear of his throat and a cough as he turns to head for the door, slower than he came charging through. "I'll let you know when we're cleared to go - leaving out the details to the healers, that is. Last the Weyr needs is gossip." And barring anything else needed he'll take his leave. Hey, at least he actually /asked/ before going. It's an improvement. "And… thanks, for trusting us. We wouln't let you down."

"Don't go breathing a word of this to anyone, S'ai! Not a soul." Th'ero warns again with a serious and level look. Or else! Satisfied that all has been said and covered, the Weyrleader will nod his head curtly to formally dismiss the bronzerider. "See to it that you don't," he mutters and realizing that that was a bit harsh (and unintentional), Th'ero takes a slow breath and on the exhale adds in a gentler tone. "And thank you. We appreciate you coming to us first." No more surprises, please?

Surprises are bad. "Rest well, S'ai," Nyalle says quietly. "Zeruth too. You both need to be in good shape for this."

S'ai gives a tip of his head towards then and a quick grin to Th'ero, a bit of his typical good nature and a lot of 'I get it'. Then he's out the door to leave them back to quiet for however long it may last.