Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Almost an entire day has passed since the fire ripped through the galleries. The infirmary, by now, has mostly cleared out, with only a few of the worse cases of smoke inhalation, and some of those with burns worse than others, still occupying cots around the room. Although she doesn't have any burns, Thys is still there, waiting restlessly for a Healer to come and remove the bandage that's wrapped around her head, covering her eyes. Since she can't see she's got her head down, legs swinging like an impatient child.

If Th'ero was even the type to joke about he might have snuck up on Thys just for laughs but he isn't that type of man. Neither is he in a smiling or happy mood — he's far from it. Does the Weyrleader have a breaking point? If he does, he may be very close to reaching it. He's not slept and has had way more tossed at him in such a short span of time than any man ought to (and still stay sane). His visit to the Infirmary isn't that unusual. Kyzen hasn't been discharged yet and he had gone with Kimmila to visit him until the boy fell asleep again. It's as he's leading his weyrmate out that he spies Thys sitting there and he gently tugs Kimmila's arm. This way? "Thys?" Th'ero calls after clearing his throat.

Kimmila lingered by Kyzen's bedside for a long time, and finally as they're leaving, she's pulled towards Thys. "Are we playing hide and seek?" she asks. Her voice is a little rough from the smoke, but she's attempting to regain her good humor.

"Weyrleader?" Thys recognises the voice, and raises her head to look in Th'ero's rough direction. "Kimmila." She grins at the bluerider's attempt to bring humour to the situation, a whole lot calmer than she was earlier - if they happened to have heard her frustration-driven outbursts at nurses trying to keep her in bed earlier in the day. "I'm just waiting for them to come take it off… it's just precautionary, thank Faranth, but how annoying it's been."

Th'ero slips an arm around Kimmila as they approach, holding the bluerider close to his side if not slightly awkwardly thanks to the crutch he still has to use to get around. Stupid leg. "Were they concerned about your eyes?" he asks in an equally concerned tone. He sounds exhausted as well but trying his best to keep his spirits up enough not to drag everyone down with him.

Kimmila sticks as close to Th'ero's side as she can, half to support him and half to support herself. "Smoke? Or did you get something in them?" she asks with a frown of concern that Thys can't see.

Thys rests her hands on her thighs as she sits up straighter, drumming fingers against them. "Smoke, yes," she replies to Kimmila with a nod, before reaching up to adjust the bandage. "After C'rus flushed them earlier I was seeing things a little fuzzy, and he recommended this as a precaution. Just to rest them, though - no-one's mentioned any permanent damage, thank Faranth! I just have sensitive eyes, apparently?" She shrugs, insinuating that that tidbit is something new she's been told over and over throughout the day. "It's awfully frustrating, though. How's Kyzen? I didn't see what happened but I heard after; I'm so sorry he got caught up in it all."

Th'ero looks as relieved as he sounds when Thys seems certain (and the Healers too) that her eyes are not permanently damaged. "From what I was told, the smoke was very bad." he admits and grimaces. He wouldn't know because he arrived too late and was caught up in trying to keep people from rushing the scene. "I'm glad to hear you're alright," And there's something gently implied there and cryptic to anyone but the goldrider. As for Kyzen's well being, Th'ero will look down at Kimmila and let her speak up about their son while he goes on to say: "Don't be sorry, Thys. He's just…" And here the Weyrleader sighs. "… too curious for his own good." And shouldn't have been there in the first place!

Kimmila nods. "Well hopefully they come set your vision free soon." As for Kyzen, she looks back to their son's cot and sighs. "He'll be fine. More spooked than anything, understandably. But, yeah. He's far too curious for his own good. How is Rhenesath? Is she calmer?"

"I'll hopefully find out just how alright I am later this evening," Thys replies to Th'ero, echoing his tone. He'll get what she means! "I'm very glad he's alright, it would have been… well, not worth thinking about in the slightest." She shakes her head, exhaling deeply. "Rhenesath is much calmer now, but she doesn't like her eggs away from the Sands. I spent most of the day with her, once I could persuade the Healers to let Ralik lead me off." The tut she makes is followed by a movement of her head that suggests she's rolling her eyes behind the bandage. "Honestly, I don't think they realise just how important it is, if they don't have dragons of their own."

Th'ero nods his head as Thys answers him with as cryptic as a message and he replies in a soft spoken, "I hope the news is good and welcomed." Whatever that means? As for what could have befallen Kyzen, not even the Weyrleader will venture too far into that though his mind loves to torture him when he's trying to sleep. "He's a strong boy and young. He'll recover." In that he seems certain and hugs Kimmila a little closer to his side. "It can be hard for others to understand, Thys. Best to be as patient as you can be with them. It's good to know Rhenesath is alright." And the eggs? Th'ero's expression is grim again and maybe it's best the goldrider can't see him. "We're doing what we can to get the Sands in order again. Nyalle is overseeing it as we speak. They'll be putting in new sand…" Doesn't that take time?

Kimmila glances between Th'ero and Thys, a brow lifting. There are secrets, aren't there? She stares at Th'ero for a moment longer and then nods. "Fresh, brand new sand. From…somewhere." She doesn't know where yet.

"New sand? Completely new sand? But that's… that's huge." And it maybe makes Thys a little nervous, too, as she bites down on her lip - only to quickly school her expression back to something more neutral. "I'm sure it'll be perfect, wherever the sand is sourced from. Rhenesath seems to like the idea, anyway - I suppose her clutch will be the first to harden in them, won't they?" She drums her fingers anxiously against her thighs, then clenches her hands into fists. "Her eggs will be alright, won't they? I don't know if people are just telling me that to help me keep things calm right now."

Th'ero will meet Kimmila's eyes as she looks at him and there's the barest of nods. Yes, there is something being left unsaid but it's not his business to say or tell. She'll have to try to puzzle it out or ask Thys herself. "It will be sorted out. Even if we have to go beyond Fort's borders for it." he assures Thys. "And… yes, I guess you're right. Rhenesath's eggs will be the first to harden and Hatch. Kouzevelth's are about due to Hatch too. All the more reason they're working as fast as they can…" So that neither clutch comes to harm, but clearly the concern lies more in the younger eggs. Th'ero looks to Kimmila and he does his best to keep his voice as calm and neutral as possible. "If the DragonHealer's say so, then it's safe to assume they will be. Last I heard, Xanadu Weyr has offered their DragonHealers and specialists to come and help…" Since they very well cannot ship the eggs to the Annex there.

Kimmila scowls at Th'ero because Thys can't see. No secrets! "It's huge, Thys, but we've a lot of dragons and people able to work on it. It'll happen quickly, they're working round the clock on it." There's a pause, and then an unseen nod. "I've only heard positive things, Thys. I don't think anyone is lying to you."

Set somewhat at ease by their reassurance, Thys nods. "Good, I'm glad they'll be alright, and I think I did meet someone from Xanadu earlier; there was someone talking to me in the infirmary when I was there with Rhen, though I can't really remember who." She taps one finger thoughtfully against her thigh. "My heart tells me they have to be fine. My head keeps running through every possibility, though."

Th'ero's not saying a word! Sorry, Kimmila. "No reason for them to lie either," he points out as extra reassurance to Thys. "We won't let anything come to pass that'll harm Rhenesath's eggs or Kouzevelth's for that matter." He seems surprised though that a Xanadian representative has already been sent but then… he's been slightly absent throughout the day. For all he knows, the report is on his desk this very moment. "Ahh, well then! This is good. And the mind can play cruel tricks, Thys." Welcome to stress?

Kimmila nods, reaching out to touch Thys' shoulder and hopefully she doesn't startle the goldrider. "The head is stupid sometimes," she says.

Kimmila's touch does make her jump a little, but then Thys smiles, warmly and apologetically, for having reacted in such a way. She reaches up to give Kimm's hand a little squeeze, too. "Thank you, both of you. I really appreciate your reassurance. For this to happen during Rhen's first clutch—" A gentle throat-clearing nearby announces the arrival of a Healer, who stands with her clipboard clamped to her chest as she announces she's there to take the bandage off. "Oh, really?" For whatever reason, Thys sounds strangely apprehensive about it - especially given that she's just said everything's fine with her eyes. "Would you excuse me plese, Weyrleader, Kimmila? Time to see if I'm ready to return to normality!"

"You're welcome, Thys. All will be well," Th'ero murmurs and privately he hopes those won't be his 'famous last words' or jinx the clutch somehow. At the Healer's throat clearing, the Weyrleader will step back and draw Kimmila with him. "Of course. Be well, Thys and if you need anything…" She knows how to get a hold of them! "Let's go, Wingmate." he whispers low to Kimmila and begins to walk slowly out of the Infirmary and likely back to his office. Time to go gather that paperwork (or have Kimmila run up there) and slog through it or just shove it aside and tend to Velokraeth.

Kimmila nods as she steps back with Th'ero. "Take care, Thys," she murmurs, before she turns to follow after Th'ero.