Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

What started as a clear day at dawn, the skies are now overcast and the winds cold and biting. A few flakes of snow have begun to fall by lunch, a light snowfall that gradually grows heavier and thicker as winter truly settles in. By late afternoon, much of it has begun to accumulate and it is only the beginning of much more to come. What starts as a normal routine day too slips off course by mid-morning when gossip turns true: a man looking to trade with the Weyr was attacked en route by hired thugs (holders too, not holdless or renegade!). Roughed up and his goods torched, he was found by Wingrider So'l and Weyrleader Th'ero on their patrol which later saw Thunderbird mobilized and Guards dispatched. The men responsible were caught when Varmiroth scouted ahead and Kimmila discovered there tracks. Which explains where the Weyrleader and bluerider have been most of the day and why there's an odd… summons? Yes, a summons. For all available riders of all ranks to converge on the Gemstone Tavern of all places. Because that isn't suspicious! Or just plain weird. Could be the council rooms just aren't big enough? What's going on this time?

As untraditional as the request may be, the tavern is already filling, with some even standing by the upper floor railing. The owner of the tavern is no doubt pleased about the business, as most of those attending have a drink of some sort. In the "middle" of it all, Th'ero has seated himself by a larger table. The Weyrleader's jacket is slung over his chair and his clothing is formal versus everyday wear. Someone is fresh from meetings! Yet his mood is troubled, brooding and while there's a comfortable murmur and thrum of conversation about the room he hardly looks relaxed. No surprise there. So what's the news? Bad or good?

As'tre is hovering on the edge of the group accumulating in the tavern, though he's managed to weasel his way as far from the door as possible to try and avoid drafts. He looks the Weyrleader over with a puzzled frown, then claims a seat and waits to find out what this is all about after a salute to him, whether he sees it or not. He learned his lesson.

Kimmila sits at Th'ero's side with her own jacket off, actually wearing her odd knot today, which makes things just that much More Serious. She watches riders file in from the summons, gesturing for them to order whatever they want before finding spots to sit or stand, whatever suits them. She's got paper and a stylus out as well, ready to take notes as needed.

Inri is punctual, arriving just as quickly as Kouzevelth gets her summons; she's carrying her knitting bag again, this time with large needles sticking out the top. Very large needles. Her ankle-length coat is wrapped entirely around her, and she looks concerned, face drawn, as she moves to find a seat near Th'ero and Kimm.

Duties are now officially done for the day so that Anique can answer the requested summons to the tavern. Not a bad deal really. Pulling off her riding gloves and helmet as she strides towards the Tavern in question there are clearly thoughts of drinks on this green riders mind. The need for drinks can easily be explained by the brightly glowing hide of Typriaeth as she flirts with the males outside the tavern. It's a soft glow, perhaps a pre-glow if you will for thankfully Anique is acting well within range of normal. Finding the room filling up quickly Anique edges in around a large blue rider and ends up near the back of the room. Lucky for her she's tall enough she can easily make out the Weyrleader seated in the middle of it all. She waits anxiously with the others to learn the meaning behind the summons here.

Th'ero's eyes travel over many of those gathered and joining, pulled from his brooding thoughts long enough to place a hand gently on Kimmila's shoulder. Is it to gain her attention or for support? Could be both, as he lowers his head to murmur to the bluerider. "Almost time, I think. Then we begin." Not that he seems too thrilled or eager to do so. So it's bad news then? As'tre's salute is noted and returned, followed by a brisk but respectful nod. There may even be a motion of a hand to beckon him closer if the Weyrling - no, Wingrider now - desired so. There are plenty of empty seats around the Weyrleader's table, with Kimmila and then Inri being the only ones to sit so close. Brave! Or… just necessary. "Afternoon, Inri." Th'ero greets in a low voice, dark eyes curiously inspecting the knitting bag and quirking a brow, silently questions her. Really? Anique is among the last rush of riders to arrive and by then the tavern is very comfortably packed. The Weyrleader gives the greenrider a longer look and he seems a touch relieved when she appears to be behaving normal. Velokraeth is no doubt lurking about if Typriaeth is glowing (even if pre-glow!) again. Darn randy bronze! "If I can get everyone's attention!" Th'ero calls out, pitching his voice to carry and waiting patiently for the conversation to die down. "I've called most of you here because we've a serious issue on our hands and we felt it necessary to address you all as a whole since this is affecting everyone. If you haven't already heard…" He goes into detail about the old trader and the cart of torched goods, the men in custody in Fort Hold and the continued decline and tensions brewing between Holds and the Weyr. "… So we're facing a difficult winter, with most of our tithes and trade being — unreliable. While we've faith in most of you on how to handle these ah… delicate situations, we've also called you all here to listen to your thoughts on this…" Which of course sparks an influx of questions and exclamations which has Th'ero raising his hands up. "One at a time! ONE at a time! Please." Glancing to Kimmila, Inri, Anique and As'tre, he gestures to them. You four first!

Kimmila tilts her head to Th'ero and then nods, stylus poised and ready to take notes.

Inri has been listening. And listening is one of her strongest points — coming up with solutions to a financial crisis? Not as much, even if she is well trained in managing the Weyr's budget. Managing it taking a big hit … well, she doesn't look too happy. "I don't think," she says gently, "that this is feasible in the near term, but — we could consider expanding our own crop. Build a greenhouse. Perhaps Xanadu's Weyrleaders can be of some aid, they're very good with heating technology from what I've heard." And last Inri checked? Thea and Ka'el actually liked them.

Tucking gloves and such into her pockets, Anique uses her longer legs and a bit of pushing in order to get closer towards to where the Weyrleader speaks. Absently she brushes hair from her eyes as she listens to the explanation. Her eyes darken slightly as the issue is laid out plainly before them. However though as the question is raised to them she does give it some serious consideration before offering an opinion. "I think there's no greater time than now to ensure the leaders of our wings are working together to utilize the strengths of each wing." she says thoughtfully. "Working together we can work on the long term situation of appeasing those who have grievances with us and slowly smooth over the relations." a nod is cast in Inri's direction. "Becoming more self sufficient as slow as a process though as rebuilding relations. I would think."

Abigail is one of the said riders that got the message to come, and as soon as she could come she is in the Tavern to see what all is going on. The Wingsecond pausing once within the Tavern to check the place out and soo whom all is there. She has on her flight gear still gloves getting put into her pockets along with her goggles getting put away as well. She moves onwards towards a free seat at the table, a soft clearing of her throat caught to show sh eis sorry for being late. Once sitting she undoes her jacket slightly, enough for a young gold firelizard head to poke out and see where abouts they happen to be.

"It's not the first time we've considered creating our own farmland." Th'ero remarks in response to Inri's suggestion, turning his attention to the young gold rider and nodding his head. There's a frown that follows though and he doesn't seem to keen on the idea of a greenhouse. "You mean like the small one we have up in the gardens?" Small is an understatement. "We'd have to consider cost, maintenance to such structures. Also… where to put them. Though — we do have the land by Drake's Lake?" Never mind that's where Laris and his men holed up. Surely that's some sort of superstitious no-no? "And that's true, we could ask Xanadu's Weyrleaders for some insight. We could ask any of the Weyrs for their advice… or if we're truly in a bind we could extend trade through them?" Weyr to Weyr trade! If only it were so easy. Turning his attention then to Anique, Th'ero listens carefully before offering her an acknowledging nod. "You have a good point there too, Anique. Even if we're looking into becoming more self sufficient… we cannot ignore those still beholden to us. We still have political relationships to mend." He tries not to grimace at that, keeping his expression schooled to neutral. No one needs to know just how the Weyrleader feels about most of the Holds bound to Fort! Again, Th'ero will gesture for a few to speak up and in the brief silence the tavern fills with the sound of many whispered and murmured conversations. So far though, the atmosphere in the tavern is far less tense and not building to a dangerous (and rebellious) level such as that one gathering in the living caverns months prior.

Kimmila glances at Inri and nods. "We do have /some/ crops, our stores are pretty well stocked, but that won't last us the entire winter. We've always done the best we can but we're dragonriders, not farmers, and our gardens and fields aren't large enough to sustain the entire weyr. Xanadu is a possibility." And she jots it down. "How do you suggest we do that, Anique? A leadership retreat?" She's only /slightly/ sarcastic there, forgive her. "Our island in Drake's Lake /should/ be used for that. It'd only be appropriate…" There's some merit to that idea, and she writes it down.

"Well — yes," Inri agrees, because she wasn't really sure if her idea was a good one, "It would take a long time. Self-sufficiency, that is. But counting on holds when they don't always use riders' services anyway can't be entirely trusted in the long term, can it?" Something to be said of old traditions and their continuing just because. When the Holds decide to not keep up, maybe the Weyrs have to change to fit. "And — wait." Kimmila was clearly not entirely serious, but "— that's really not a bad idea. I've been trying to send little packages to people, friendly notes, that sort of thing, kill them with kindness without killing them. Going all out and having a summit might actually work, if who from the Weyr spoke about what was planned well enough. One can hope?"

Anique can't help bur grimace a bit. Perhaps it's the slight sarcasm within Kimmila's words or perhaps it's a particularly flirty comment she overhears Typriaeth gushing to some cute male out there. It's hard to say! Shifting her weight, she's still standing, she casts a shrug towards Kimmila. "As the Weyrleader agrees our relations with those beholden to us is still important we must not forget that it is the leadership of our wings that will start that process." she says calmly. "Strong leadership will be something the other riders can see and thusly follow. Take the Roc wing." no serious. Take it. "Yhri is building a solid base of trust." sort of. If you count knives. "But she can't do it alone. We need more riders." she says flatly.

Abigail is getting caught up ever so slowly on what is going on.. A glance is sent over to Anique and she looks a touch amused but yes that is all. "If we could get something up and over at Drake Island then it would work out well I'm thinking. I agree speaking with some of the other weyr's or even the holds that are still, well nice so to speak might be helpful as well." Too bad she couldn't get out there to help search them down, she was off doing other sweeps when all that was going on it seems.

Covered in flying leather, a short and petite rider enters the tavern, starting to peel off gear. Gloves come first, hooked at the woman's belt, helmet tilted back and goggles shifted to set on the brim of the cap, revealing the keen hazel gaze of Yhri. The Wingleader's knot sits on her shoulder, large and complicated in contract to her lithe and lean frame. Having just finished a sweep she heard word of an impromptu meeting via Cikitsakath and seems to have decided that now is a great time to visit Gemstone. She walks up behind Anique, overhearing her statement somewhat on the periphery of her senses. "We do need more riders," she confirms. "Preferably younger folks that can engender some renewed faith in our stock." A nod to the assembled by way of greeting. No salutes yet, but formality of this shindig has not yet been established, so the brownrider holds off. "Rumor is honestly our biggest enemy right now." Well, that and possibly starving over the winter, but that's because people believe such wild tales.

Th'ero remains standing as well, his one hand gripping the back of Kimmila's chair while the other rests at is side, fingers curling and uncurling in an subtle fidgeting way. His brows knit together in a heavy frown as he listens, mulls over what parts of the conversations trouble him the most or spark an idea. Thankfully Kimmila had the right idea for notes! The Weyrleader is bound to forget half of this and muddle the rest. "We cannot be the farmers for obvious reasons, though those in Simurgh Wing with training in Farmcraft and Beastcraft would no doubt be able to oversee a few details." There are a few calls of agreement from somewhere in the tavern: either there are Wingriders present who fit that description or they are simply supporting their wing mates who are not present at the impromptu meeting. "A summit, Inri? You mean between the Holders and us…?" Th'ero asks, turning his head to glance her way for clarification. Poor Weyrleader is getting lost already, though he's making his best attempt not to be! "It's true that we shouldn't have to count on some of the Holds to continue in supporting us but that doesn't mean we should sever the tradition entirely. This isn't the first time conflict has erupted between Hold and Weyr, likely not the last but not a reason yet I feel to cut ties entirely. Fort Weyr is too large to be entirely self sufficient." To Anique, Th'ero's frown deepens and his mouth draws down into a grim line. "More riders? How do you propose we do that and for what purpose?" Abigail is chiming in then about Drake's Lake, drawing the Weyrleader's attention to her. "It makes sense that we should put that land to good use. Be it farm or pasture or both. Afternoon, Wingleader Yhri," he greets the arrival of the small brownrider, only to level her with a similar look he gave to Anique. "And where do you think we'll find these young riders?" he asks, his eyes roaming the tavern now.

Kimmila peers at Inri with a frown. "I thought the idea was for just the Wingleaders to get together. The holds have already called a conclave. We can't interfere with /that/." Then she looks at Anique, and her frown deepens. "I wouldn't use Roc as an example," she says rather flatly in reply. "More riders for /what/? This meeting is about hold relations and how we're going to survive a lean winter. If anything, we need /less/ riders." Less. Fewer. Whatever. "Fort's island used to have beast herds on it. Not right now, but we should re-stock it and let them flourish like they have in the past." She glances to Abigail and nods, "Yes, but there's not enough friendly holds for us right now. And we can't take more than the holds are able to give. So we still come up short. I propose hunting and gathering parties, into our lands and down south. Maybe even a long term settlement on the southern continent, where wild game can be captured, butchered, cured and then brought back to us." Then her eyes settle on Yhri, and the bluerider frowns. "/My/ riders are /already/ doing damage control. My cothold wing has been out in force, nonstop, visiting every hold that will see us, helping them prepare for winter and /reminding/," and here her fist bangs into the table, "these holders what the weyr /does/ for them." Then she's looking up at Th'ero, and she points into the crowd. "There. There, and there, and there," she says, calling out the riders she has hand picked for her little volunteer cothold project - begun right after Stonehaven, and continued quietly and under the radar for the last few turns. "There are your ambassador riders, and we're doing a /damn/ good job at it." Someone's struck a nerve.
As'tre has been quiet this whole time and now tries to hide. Sorry, reflex.

"That's smarter," Inri agrees with Kimmila's assessment of the idea, relaxing slightly. "We should have more meetings. Even if I don't know if the wingleaders can take the time for that kind of —" She trails off, lets it go. Things have gotten serious, and somewhat argumentative, and a bit angry and tense, which everyone knows Inri doesn't like — and everyone also knows Inri's tolerance has been growing. "We can appeal to the Weyr Council for support if the Holds have decided to reach out to conclave. It is an option. But self-sufficiency also does seem to be an imperative. Perhaps we could purchase land in the south for our own use, as well. I can check the budget." She will probably come up dry, but she can check.

"Shift the wings around a bit." comes Anique's immediate reply. Right on the heels of that she comes up with another idea that she gives voice to. "Or perhaps have some riders rotations within other wings. Such as Simurgh wing. Surely there are riders there that aren't doing their crafts every day. Lets put them to use within Roc. Train 'em up and send 'em out. A new batch of fresh faces doing Roc's duties may convince some of those skeptics out there that we are working to ensure that the last mistake made doesn't get made again." as her Wingleader comes up behind her she spares a brief glance and smile backwards to her before shifting her attention to Kimmilia. At her flat tone, Anique matches it. "Roc may be a good example of something broken that is being worked hard to fix, Wingrider." she emphasizes the title. "I fail to see how less riders would solve anything. How would we get less riders? Send them away? Transfers to other weyrs so that those who stay have to work twice as hard??" she matches the blue rider's frown with yet another one! "Your riders? You have riders? I assumed you were simply a wingless rider who was…" suddenly Anique bites back her words that she may not be able to take back later! "It's Roc wing that needs to do damage control!" she says with heat in her voice. "And if other damage control is being done then perhaps it shouldn't be so fardling secretive! If you've got it all settled then in your head then fine." oops. Seems that the typical level headed Anique perhaps isn't completely acting normal. "Stop flirting, Typriaeth! We're leaving." she spins and starts to make for the door.

Abigail glances over towards Yhri curiously, there is a pause and she ahs osftly before pondering and figures that is not an answer to touch as the reaction from Kimmila. She pondering slightly and then hearing Anique before she just eyes the greenrider a moment. "Anique…" Is said with a soft tone to try and grasp the other's attention before she goes about causing a reaction that could be worse then the nerve that was already hit. "Meetings can work with some, other's may need other options beside just 'talking' to them. Still we should try to help outselves as best as we can. If it means sending some to Drake Island to work on setting up gardens and or pasture. As far as hunting goes I can offer help there, along with some riders that I know that can aid in lending a hand with the same skills."

"Afternoon, Weyrleader." Yhri's tone is courteous, but one look at her frame shows that she's feeling her oats today and isn't going to be cowed if she has something to say. Kimmila gets a level look, but Anique gets to her before the brownrider can. She can't really disagree with the greenrider, and simply moves out of the way when she gets up to leave, glance following her as unfocused eyes show a quick conference with her brown before she turns back to the assembled, hands on the back of Anique's former seat. "The effort that has been volunteered thus far is appreciated." There is a sweeping glance to the indicated riders with nods as the Wingleader meets various gazes. "But surely we could do more if we were all on the same page?" She isn't quite ready to touch on the bluerider''s stance as a wingless rider in the personal favor of another just yet. No bar brawls today. "Rotating the wings may help," the Journeyman concurs supportively, but then looks to Th'ero. "Something that I think will go even further would be a rider or weyrling exchange with the other Weyrs. We might even be able to net some additional supplies out of it as well." A pause to let the idea simmer. "Winter is also coming, and we might make some marks through transit of persons interested in winter sports and adventure." Fort has amazing winters, after all. "I know there are people who would be quite interested in exploring the snowed in slopes, or enjoying an afternoon up at the lake."

So much for the reasonably peaceful atmosphere. Alright, who jinxed it? Anique's little flareup coming on the heels of Kimmila's outburst has more then enough of the assorted gathering of riders to bristle or react. Some in favour, others against but it's enough to start tilting things dangerously down a path best not travelled. "The Wingleaders already have their meetings and report to me," Th'ero explains. "Though I suppose we could up that amount." Though that would mean finding time and all would know just how hard it is to find time for even the basic of routines. "That would be ideal Kimmila in terms of the hunting but we have to be careful with how much we take or we can over hunt an area easily. We'd need more than just Fort's coverage area and Drake's Lake. There are open lands in the South too but we all know that others take from it too." Inri's remark of purchasing land only has Th'ero shaking his head. He's not in favour of that idea? Before he can explain the why behind it to the gold rider, Kimmila is well into her argument then and pointing out riders (who stand with a bit of pride among the crowd). His gaze marks each one before he's shooting Anique a flat look. One of warning for her little quip about a certain bluerider being Wingless and whatever else might have been said but was not. Secretive? Th'ero bristles slightly and there is an uneasy murmur among the riders. "Anique!" he begins to call her into line but the greenrider is already gone by then and so his eyes turn to Yhri. Hello Wingleader! "We do our best to keep all the Wings and Weyrstaff up to speed on current affairs. Again, as it was mentioned before… perhaps we need a few more scheduled meetings to be sure nothing is — "secretive"." he drawls. "What options aside from 'talking' would you suggest, Abigail?" Th'ero asks of the Wingsecond before focusing back on Yhri. Her suggestion is met with a long thoughtful stare before he glances to the other riders present. Some are already chiming in with their suggestions before the Weyrleader has to cut them off again. "Rotating the Wings would… I'd have to have time to consider that. As for Weyrling exchange — that is also extremely tricky. If anything were to go wrong…" Yeah, that'd not be a pretty mess to clean up! "But the idea for the winter. That may have some grounds. We had a Festival near Turnover last Turn that seemed to net considerable interest and the Weyr profited a bit from the late season influx of visitors and goods traded and sold."

Kimmila shakes her head at Inri, making a few hard /scratches/ against the paper as she sits down again. "Why purchase? Just /use/ it," she mutters. But then Anique has her full attention, the bluerider bristling. "Maybe sending some riders down South to hunt and farm /is/ the best solution," she says heatedly. "We can't /trust/ Roc to do damage control yet!" she snaps in reply. "Some holders don't want Roc riders /near/ their holds, if you haven't noticed. And yes I have riders, I have a group of volunteers from all the other wings that rotate a duty schedule to do sweeps to the cotholds, the small ones, the ones that are often neglected as Stonehaven proved." Then she's leaving, and Kimmila just glowers heatedly after her. She used to like Anique, too. They'll have to have /words/ later. "Great, Abigail," Kimmila says, her tone flat again. "Would you like to volunteer to lead a team down to the southern continent and set up a temporary hunting and gathering camp? I also think we need a beastcrafter and a farmcrafter to go to the island and determine the best use of that land. Laris left it a mess, it needs to be surveyed before we can make any final decisions." Then Yhri is eyed, the bluerider pausing in her writing to stare at her. "There are some riders," she says, slowly and quietly - too slowly. Too quietly - "that we can not /trust/ to send out on delicate diplomatic missions. And I do not see how trading riders with other weyrs would help. Nor do I think hosting a winter gather with all the extravagance that implies would help our situation either. It's not a pot-luck, Fort foots the bill. Anyone who wants to do that can rent the cabins at the Amethyst in the Pines camp, or the one up by the glacier lake, and pay the transport fees as usual." Though it seems her report and Th'ero's differ, so they'd have to go back into the records and see if that gather /was/ profitable or not, and if Kimmila is just disagreeing with everything out of spite and irritation.

Inri opens her mouth, then closes it again — racking her brain to try to remember about the gather's potential profits. It's somewhat clear she doesn't, at this point; as seems pretty common during arguments, this goldrider is in over her head. And Kimmila's demeanor is certainly affecting her somewhat; the bluerider gets a glance that is mostly of split-second concern before Inri looks back over at the group instead of at her lap. "For now it's probably best not to spend anything, though planting a bug in people's ears that we have a lovely space to rent for parties couldn't hurt us," because of course that will just make the Weyr money, "but I'm certainly in support of hunting parties and I'm happy to arrange the necessary items and funds a party will need." That is actually her job. She will stick to it.

Abigail points slightly towards Yhri at the ideas she brings up on getting more visitors into the area. "That is one thought that crosses my mind. Plenty like to go see Eastern and Western because of the weather. I'm sure we could figure out a few things to get them interested into seen what Fort has here. Which would include traders and the like as they would want to get out and try to sell goods to the ones who would be here and visiting." A glance is sent to Kimmila. "I'm sure there are ways to make it so we are not footing the bill which would of course put strain on the Weyr." There is a pause at the talk of her leading a team to the southern continent and she blinks a moment before nodding. "Aye, I have no problem in doing that in the least. Of course everything will have to be looked over first to figure out how many animals and the like are there and what would be a safe number to take." Her time spent tromping through the forests and hunting will pay off for sure with this task.

The Roc Wingleader meets the Weyrleader's intimation of Bad Things should anything happen to the loaned riders. "It's a risk, to be sure, but it might have rewards to make the odds worth better." Maybe it's just the tavern atmosphere, but for a moment she almost sounds Bitran. A tilted nod for Th'ero's acquiescence about a winter resort. "I'm sure the folks on Simurgh would enjoy the chance to ply their wares, plus it gets the Weyr visible in a positive setting." And THAT would be very good right about now. "A small tax off the sold goods and having plots that Crafts can buy into may also earn us some additional revenue, especially if we can make this a regular occurrence." As the bluerider stares at her the hazel gaze shifts to meet Kimmila's. The insinuation in her words is clear and Yhri's eyebrow arches, expression neutral. It would not do to prove the wingless rider's point for her. "While it is true that those cabins can be rented out, it may not be widely known that it is possible to do so." The brownrider manages to keep a level tone in the face of all the hostility. It seems that whatever routine she's been put on by the Healers is helping manage her stress. "Surely a little word of mouth recommendation would not hurt?" Lips twist in a faintly wry smile, eyes still fixated on the bluerider. There is an air of bring it about her, but she isn't going to start the fight. Not this time. Abigail gets a head inclination as her arguments strike an accord with the Wingleader. "Where there is a will, there's a way. Fort has always had the will, so we will find a way."

Th'ero can sense the shift in atmosphere now, the tension building and he turns to give Kimmila a warning look. One he tries to keep subtle by lowering his head and the hand he had clutching the back of her chair now nudges her between the shoulders. Easy, there! "It's true that Kimmila does have her volunteers. They act together as a sort of… assistance to the Phoenix Wing when our duties keep us bound elsewhere or to the Weyr." So they're official but not official? Hardly much of an explanation, but the Weyrleader tried. The reports differ and again Th'ero's eyes linger on the bluerider, only to drift Inri then. When the goldrider does not bring up the mention of profits, the Weyrleader lets the subject slide in favour for the many others that have surfaced now. So many that his head is beginning to ache and his jaw tenses when the familiar feeling of his temper being roused from it's slumber is noted. "Agreed. I'd rather not see the Weyr spending unless we are absolutely certain it will profit us in the long term." Abigail's offer to look into the hunting idea has Th'ero grimacing, still not entirely sure if that will yield a solution. It could be a start though and so he dips his head in agreement. "If you could work out a report, Abigail? Give us an idea of what is available and when, as well as numbers that can be supported without crippling the populations then perhaps we can begin formulating just how much we'd need and how much it would cost us in rider and weyrfolk." It always boils back to that, does't it? Time and manpower! "Taxes?" Th'ero echoes back to Yhri, as if the term is unknown and unheard of to his ears and for that reason he seems wary of that suggestion as he shifts his weight to one side. Her last remark has him snorting, glancing to the others present and out over the tavern. "Well said. We will find a way and that is partially why this impromptu meeting was called." Though it seems to have opened a whole can of worms and created more problems than solved ones.

Kimmila nods, "I'll get you reference points of some hunting grounds I frequented," she says quietly to Abigail. "Private ones, ones no one else knows about." Or didn't. Though she's been back in civilization for turns now, so Faranth only knows if her 'secret' hunting grounds are still secret. The bluerider's eyes lift to focus on Yhri, echoing back that 'bring it' attitude. "Yes," she says slowly and patiently, as if speaking to a child, "that is how gathers work, Wingleader. However there is still considerable expense that Fort pays out to host a gather, so the records will need to be checked." She writes something else onto the paper. "Advertising." She agrees with /that/ at least.

"As soon as you can get me a list," Inri says to Abigail, finally feeling useful, especially as her advertising idea seems to have been welcomed, "I'll get things together — and I can crunch numbers as far as gathers are concerned, I'm happy to. Maybe Nyalle will help me," she adds, though she seems a little uncertain about bringing the reasons up to the newest goldrider. "As for advertising, well. My little brother? Is a chatterbox and so is his dragon, so I'll set them on it, if you like."

Abigail got that look from Th'ero, which makes her smirk just slightly. "It is a necessary thing I'm afraid to say. I can do that most certainly." She has a few riders in mind to bring with her on such a thing from her own wing that can help in the matter for sure. A nod is seen to Kimmila. "Thank ye, I'd be more than willing to check them out along with some of me own to go checking into as well." A glance is sent over to Inri and she nods. "Aye, that I shall. It'll take a little bit of time to get a good count to make sure numbers are right as I don't want anything ta get counted incorrectly."

"Oh." Yhri realizes abruptly that she's thrown out a term that is likely only known to people who dig through the AIVAS files and looks a hair sheepish. "It's an Ancient term. It's sort of like the Tithe. A percentage of the goods, material or marks that was paid to the hosting or ruling body. Usually less than ten percent, but sometimes more, depending on the arrangement. It could be a way to get a passive income stream off hosting gathers and similar." Explanation spooled out, the Wingleader glances down at the bluerider to see the bristling in her gaze. A soft snort is all she'll get in response to it. "I'm certain we can easily cross check the records from the computer and determine the most profitable or at the very least cost effective way to accomplish it." She knows resources are tight. It isn't like she doesn't get a cancellation on her desk every single day. Inri and Abigail get a glance. "If I can help, let me know. Computers are great at calculations." Look, that Journeyman's knot is good for something still.

"Thank you, Abigail." Th'ero murmurs loud enough to be overheard through the din of many voices speaking in low discussions. There's a slight smile given to Inri when she mentions her brother and he adds, "Couldn't hurt. Though before we begin considering advertising we have to decide if we're going to bother with a Gather." Which is Weyrleader-speak for: if we can afford it and if the timing allows it. A Gather with the Holds at odds with each other and the Weyr could look quite bad. Very bad, in fact! Glancing from Inri to Yhri, Th'ero will frown as he considers some new sprung thought and then lifts a hand to gesture between the two of them. "Perhaps since both of you have shown such key interest in the expenses and calculations you two can work on that and report back to Dtirae and I. As for hunting, I leave that to you Kimmila and Abigail. We will still need to find a way to sort out this mess of political relations as well…" Which is where Anique could have stepped in, though given her exit the Weyrleader is not so certain on that for now. Perhaps once Typriaeth has risen or if the greenrider apologizes for her behaviour then that trust can be reset. For now though? "These are all good starts. Good ideas." he points out, though Yhri's explanation on 'taxes' only earns a baffled sort of look. He's still not sold on that, but the Weyrleader is also becoming a touch overwhelmed by the amount of feedback. Of course this was expected, but not in this amount! "All will be considered and further meetings will be held." And if that doesn't sound like a dismissal, then the dip of his head and the gesture that follows certainly is. Get out, all of you! "Anyone else with any queries or suggestions, speak now! Or send them to the offices and we'll review them." Th'ero adds, addressing all the rider's present and levelling all with a neutral look. He's not quite done there yet either and he will go on to ask that all riders take extra caution when out in the Holds, no matter how cold the holders may be to them in turn. Though he doesn't outright say it, his tone implies enough that there will be consequences for those who cannot keep their tempers (or pride) under control. As the tavern begins to empty with Wingriders drifting out, Th'ero will linger for a few final words and some hasty farewells before he's reaching to grip Kimmila firmly by the arm and lead her out the moment they can escape.