Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

The infirmary is busy, but not frantic. It's not chaos, it's just /busy/. Kimmila is sitting with Kyzen on a cot, the child nestled up against her side while he sniffles and calms himself down. His burns have been treated, minor though they were, and he's drinking cup after cup of cold water with herbs in it. Ice, too, for him to eat. While Kyzen has been cleaned up and is in clean, soft clothes, Kimmila still looks a mess but she's just not ready to leave their son just yet.

Everywhere is chaos and to Th'ero he's just leaving one form of it behind from the Weyr outside and stepping into the chaos of the Infirmary. Busy is expected and the Weyrleader will irritably wave off any of the Healers who try to approach him. No, he wasn't helping near the fire. No, he's fine. Yes, he'll sit down and rest his leg, damn it once he gets to his son and weyrmate! Eventually he'll find them and moving as fast as he can on his crutch and still cast-bound leg, join them and pull a privacy screen closed. No one needs to see this. "Kimm!" he breathes hoarsely, slightly out of breath and exhausted and reaching for her to slip an arm around her shoulders and pull her (and Kyzen by proxy) closer. "Are you alright? Kyzen…" Hey kid. Th'ero's face falls when he can see the bandages. Oh no…

Kimmila looks up, her dark eyes flickering with life rather than dullness when she sees Th'ero. She pulls him down onto the cot beside her, and moves to plant Kyzen into his lap before she wraps her arms around the both of them and just HOLDS them. Th'ero will feel her trembling, no doubt. "We're fine," she whispers hoarsely, before coughing.

"It's alright," Th'ero whispers as he takes Kyzen into his lap after he's settled properly on the edge of the cot because, yes, he does feel Kimmila trembling. He holds his son too like the boy is suddenly made of super fragile glass. Not that Kyzen minds. He feels safe and warm now and is likely loopy from the medicinal herbs he's been given. "Is he badly burned?" he asks, wanting to know NOW rather than later but Kimmila's cough has him kissing her hair and resting his cheek against hers. "Love, you're not fine. You should have something for that cough. I saw the Healers treating others." Please?

Kimmila shakes her head. "Minor. Minor burns, he'll be fine. Thank Faranth…" The 'it could have been so much worse' goes unvoiced. Just another shiver. "I will," she promises. "I just didn't…I couldn't leave him alone." She couldn't or Kyzen wouldn't let her? Maybe both. She shivers again, a slight hitch of her breathing that he'll recognize as her trying not to cry.

Th'ero breathes a sigh of relief when Kimmila informs him that Kyzen's burns are minor. The boy will recover and heal and not bare any scars of his experience. Even the implied 'it could have been so much worse' is grasped but he allows it to slide past. No, he won't dwell on that. Not now. Not until he tries to sleep and all of the night's events hit him like a ton of bricks. Right now he's too wound up and focused on seeing to his son and weyrmate's comfort. "No… No I understand, Wingmate." He's grateful that Kimmila could be there for their son and THAT will be something else that'll hurt him later. How he couldn't even be there to save him… the Weyr came before that. With Kyzen drifting into a drug-induced sleep, Th'ero will carefully lay him down on the cot and tuck him in under the blankets, a hand smoothing back the boy's hair affectionately and then he twists, sitting close to his side but reaching out to gather Kimmila in his arms now and support her in a tight embrace. He heard the way her breath hitched and he knows what she's trying to hold back. "It's okay," he whispers against her hair while his hand strokes her back.

Kimmila watches Th'ero tuck Kyzen in, and she leans against her weyrmate and begins to cry. Soft, soft tears, pressed against his tunic. "I wish you'd been there," she whispers brokenly. "It was…oh, Th'ero…hearing him screaming…" She shudders strongly and then begins to cough again.

Th'ero holds her and lets her cry, knowing it's the best course of action even if he hates the sound of it and hearing her in such distress. His arms will tighten around her and his voice, lowered to a gruff whisper, will be tensed and pained. Oh, is he ever feeling the guilt now! "I wanted to be there!" But what good would he have been, with his broken leg? "I tried to get to you both but they were panicking… I couldn't get past…" And once he started to keep the peace he was stuck doing so. He makes another soothing sound when she shudders and when her coughing resumes his concern is obvious. "Wingmate…" Is there any water for her here? Or is he going to have to go yell at a Healer?

Kimmila presses in close, tight to him. "You should have knocked them all over," she mutters bitterly, between ragged breaths and coughing. Stupid /regular/ people keeping him from her and their son. There's water, but good luck getting it down.

"If I didn't have a cast on my leg, I would've." Th'ero whispers back and with a faint, black humoured chuckle to his voice. Does she think he wasn't tempted at anytime to just tell them all to shove off and get back and then plunge ahead and leave it all to the Guard Captain to sort out? Her coughing begins to worry him and though he's so reluctant to let her go, he will grip her shoulders. "Wait here. I'll be right back, okay?" he tells her, looking her straight in the eye as he does. It's the truth and it's a promise, which he backs up with a kiss to her forehead before he's pushing off the side of the cot and hobbling awkwardly over to the privacy screen. He just needs to slip past the privacy screen and glower until a Healer is free and realizes the Weyrleader is waiting on them.

Ahh, the perks of being Weyrleader. Can't get to your in-peril Weyrmate or son, but Healers hop-to swiftly. Kimmila stays behind on the cot, face in her hands as she tries to get her emotions under control. Along with her crying and her coughing and her trembling. She's just so /tired/ and so scared, and yet afraid to sleep.

Perks or pains? Right now Th'ero is just happy to get anyone's attention and the poor Healer who does come to him is met with a very stern and blunt Weyrleader who implies that nothing better be mixed up or forgotten or else. So he'll ask that Kimmila is checked up on, that a cot for her (and himself) is brought in and that someone send for a drudge or kitchen worker to bring in some alcohol and food and a lot of water. Assured that all will be done, only then does Th'ero hobble back around the privacy screen and sit by Kimmila's side again, gathering her up in his arms. "I've taken care of things for tonight," he whispers softly. "We'll stay here with Kyzen and a Journeyman Healer will be here for you soon…"

Kimmila flops against him, exhausted and sniffling. She's spent the last few candlemarks taking care of Kyzen, and right now she needs someone to take care of her. Later…later she'll feel better and she'll be able to do more, but right now she's adrift.

Th'ero will be here for her now and it will take a lot to pull him away. He wants to be with her and their son, exhausted as he is and seeking comfort in her arms and knowing that both of them are safe. "I love you, Kimmila." he whispers as he holds her again and gently rocks her and so very guilty and ashamed he could not be there for her earlier. When the Healer finally comes in to check on Kimmila, the Journeyman is wise enough to go about setting up his supplies first and give the bluerider a chance to pull herself together a little.

Kimmila whispers softly, her voice low and grating, "I love you too, Th'ero." She is glad for those few moments to master herself, because she certainly needs them. When she finally submits to the Healer's care she's at least calm, even though tears still slip from her eyes in her sheer exhaustion.

The Healer will be quick about his work but thorough and he makes no comments on her occasional tears. Th'ero of course will hover protectively and when the Healer isn't busy examining Kimmila, he'll be there to hold her and whisper quiet encouragement by her ear for her alone to catch. Just a little longer, just a little more and then she can rest. "Take some of this," The Healer instructs, passing a small cup to Kimmila. "And that should help with the cough. Drink lots of water and get some rest." Easy enough right? The Healer will leave some of the medication behind with instructions on the proper dosage and how often to take it for both Kimmila and Kyzen and then he slips out and back into the main part of the infirmary, leaving them alone again.

Kimmila eyes the drink suspiciously, but she takes it without a word of protest or complaint. Then she gulps at water and sinks against Th'ero's side again. "Can I sleep now?" she whimpers softly, looking longingly at the cot that's being pulled in.

"Yes," Th'ero promises her and once the drudges have set the cot up and brought the appropriate linens and made it he'll dismiss them with an impatient wave of his hand. "Come on," he whispers and helps her to her feet and over to the cot. Then it's just a matter of getting her undressed … at least partially and under those covers. The cot isn't big enough for the both of them, but Th'ero will do his best to rest close to her side.

Kimmila doesn't need much room, and she wants him there with her, so she'll sleep on the very edge of the cot as long as his arms are around her. And then, finally, she sleeps. But it won't be restful. She'll be awake often, with nightmares and night terrors, constantly checking on Kyzen and needing to drink more medicine, fighting the coughs and struggling to get any rest.

It'd be too awkward with his broken leg or otherwise he'd crawl right up in there with her. Th'ero will keep his arms or an arm at the very least wrapped around her and sleep will evade him. He may doze but it's never deep enough to be restful and his mind reels with the events of the night. So much pours into him it's a wonder he doesn't just shut down from the overwhelming crush on his thoughts and emotions and he might have done so, if it wasn't for his need to tend to Kimmila. Each nightmare and night terror he'll be there for her and sooth her as best he can and together they'll check on their son and he will do his best to coax her back to sleep.