Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Follows on immediately from Fire!

The infirmary is bustling, as folks make their way across the bowl from the hatching cavern to see something to soothe their hurts. There are no majory injuries to been seen, and thank Faranth for deaths, though there's plenty of smoke inhalation and burn of several degrees to be treated. The Healers are taking each case as it presents itself, with individuals ushered to beds and treatment areas as needed.

C'rus had been roused by the calls of the queens and made his way over toward the gallery. After a quick survey of the situation he had left and made his way to the infirmary, figuring that he would be needed here rather than firefighting. He isn't sorry. It gave him time to get bandages ready, redwort ready, and perhaps most importantly some Fellis and Numbweed. He is mulling about the infirmary from bed to bed, figuring out who needs what sort of attention. There will be time later for some of the finer points of healing but right now its about getting the most people the most relief possible in the present moment.

Even though he's loathe to admit it, Br'enn is one of those needing a bit of something for smoke inhalation. Not only would Rynn probably fret at him if he showed up back at the weyr coughing fit to bring up a lung, he doesn't like the feel of not being able to get a full breath comfortably. And Tovihasuth isn't pleased with his rider's discomfort, either. So in comes the bronzerider, boots and pajama pants and all, damp shirt slung over one shoulder and most of what skin he has bared marred by streaks of soot. Once inside, he just stands still a moment. Shards it's busy in here. Maybe he'll just go back after all… Except Tovihasuth is the one keeping him firmly in place right now. Fine. He'll just wait for a Healer or a familiar face or some such.

Ralik seems perfectly fine himself, but in his arms he is carrying a figure whose head is mostly concealed by a damp towel. He'll set Thys down on the first accessible surface in order to take the towel off and use it to wipe her eyes a bit of all that soot while casting a look around for the first healer he can get a verbal hold of. He doubts she's doing too poorly, but he knows how insidious smoke inhalation can be. Rather than just leave her on a cot while he finds a healer, he lifts her back up smoothly and cradles her comfortably against him while waiting to actually speak to one of the Healers. When he does, he speaks fairly calmly, despite the tension of his frame, "She was on the Sands during the fire, in the smoke, and then when we were trying to leave, she fainted." There.

She didn't faint for long, though! Thys starts to stir in the clean air of the infirmary, coughing roughly against Ralik's neck before she lifts her head, blinking blearily about her through eyes swollen by smoke and tears. She coughs again, sounding almost as if she might throw up, then groans and tries to push herself away from Ralik. "Rhenesath," she rasps, shifting her blinking, squinted gaze from Ralik to… is that Br'enn? "The eggs?" She can't see C'rus just yet!

C'rus was hoping that he wouldn't see any familiar faces in the infirmary this evening but it is to be expected given the nature of the situation. For the moment he will do his job, which is the best thing he can do for his friends at this moment in time. He gives a wave to Br'enn and points him to one of the empty beds and then turns his attention to the person who didn't come here under her own power. He moves toward Ralik and Thys, "Ralik…why don't you get her over here on a bed." he motions to the empty one next to Br'enn. He doesn't know anything about what happened to the eggs or with Rhenesath. Though he knows at least Rhen is alive, and he assumes either taking care of her eggs or in the dragon infirmary, "Thys. You are going to be fine. We are going to take good care of you. I'm sure the eggs are being taken care of and I'm sure Rhenesath is too."

Ralik gives Thys a poke when she tries to push herself away like that, "Stop it. Rhen's fine, she's probably outside waiting to get an eye on the eggs. They wound up moving all of them, so she's not likely to be far off." Ralik would probably rather not chat with C'rus after their last encounter, but seeing as he is the one talking, the man doesn't have a lot of choice. He carries Thys over to the bed that he's directed towards before finally setting her down and using that towel to gently rub at her eyes again, the towel likely cool now and still plenty damp. Rather than wait to hear the entirety of what will be done to help her, the man will straighten up so he can step away, returning quickly enough with a pitcher and a glass full of water. That gets handed to Thys.

Br'enn doesn't fight C'rus' direction, though he doesn't make haste about it when he spots Thys and Ralik. Thank Faranth she wakes up, though! "She's okay, Thys," the bronzerider grates out after another small bout of coughing. "So're the eggs. Got 'em outta the cavern, 'n' the fire's out now, I think. 's gonna be fine." A somewhat anxious look is cast between Ralik and C'rus, red-rimmed blues landing on the latter intently. "How do we get this crap out of our lungs, Cy?" It's evenly (if roughly) voiced, but bloodshot eyes convey a world more of worry than his tone lets on.

"I'm ok," Thys says adamantly, wincing when Ralik plays nurse. Not because she doesn't want him to, but because she's stubborn and has an image to maintain. She holds the damp cloth he was using over both of her eyes when he gets up to get water, talking to her clutchsiblings blindly while waiting for the journeyman's return. "They moved her eggs? I thought… I thought they couldn't." There's confusion in her raspiness, and she turns her head to cough roughly over the edge of the cot. Luckily Ralik returns just in time with that glass of water! "Thanks." A sip is taken, and she has to do some serious throat-clearing before attempting to talk again. "C'rus, is everyone ok? No-one… there weren't any… everyone's alright, right?"

C'rus doesn't have anything against Ralik, the last time they talked Cy had been in a horrible mood because he had been missing the girl he loved. In fact C'rus has largely forgotten any irritation that he felt in that moment. Life has a habit of pushing those sorts of things out of his head. He offers him a smile as he gets her some water, but his attention shifts to Br'enn for a moment, "We re going to give you some herbs that will help with inflamation and to stave off the infection potential. We'll also get you an expactorant to help get some of that gunk out of your lungs." he explains. Though then Thys catches his attention, "Weyrwoman I'm sure that everyone is going to be fine eggs, dragons, and humans. But lets make sure that you are ok first? Ok?" he asks as he begins his visual exam, hoping not to find any burns.

Ralik is pretty stubborn himself, which may be the only way to counteract Thys's stubbornness in turn. Whatever the case, he drags a chair over so he can sit down nearby without getting in the way, ruffling his fingers through his hair and finally pulling off his goggles. He looks, well, sort of hilarious, his longish hair sticking out all over the place and soot darkening his face save where he wore his goggles, which are two nearly perfect circles of cleanliness in his otherwise smudged face, "I didn't see anybody looking all that bad, Thys, but one thing at a time, alright?"

Br'enn simply nods after C'rus gives his answer, quiet as he stays out of the way of Thys getting looked over. There's water nearby… "Mind if I grab some of that?" he croaks to C'rus, content to get it himself rather than interrupt the bluerider's examination.

"Sure, Br'enn, here…" Thys tries to squint past C'rus to offer her clutchmate some of the water Ralik brought for her. "Ral? Could you…" Please? She's trying to sit still enough for C'rus to do his job properly, but it's hard when she has eyes that are desperately itchy and swollen. Thys reaches up to rub at them, giving a little grunt of pain as she does so. "Tovihasuth's ok, Br'enn? And Kouzevelth and Inri? And… definitely everyone seemed ok? Just minor things, right?" The latter is said to both Ralik and C'rus.

C'rus is grateful that he doesn't find any burns, though upon examination of her eyes he can see that werywoman is going to need some help there, and just as he expected in listening to her lungs there does appear to be some smoke inhalation symptoms and irritation, "So far just minor things. Which is the reason we need to treat things to keep it that way. Infection is always a risk when we look at things like this. And that can get nasty." He moves away from the bed for a moment to get some clean water and brings it back with him, "Ok Thys. I want you to lay back..we are going to flush our your eyes and see if we can get you some relief there. Then after that we are going to get you some things to relax and stave off infection. I'd like you to spend at least the night here just so we can watch you." He gives a glance over to Br'enn as well, "We are going to be doing the same for you most likely. Were you burned?"

Ralik pretty well picks up on the intent when Thys speaks to Br'enn, even if he's not closely affiliated with the man. He pours some more water in the glass and then offers it over to the bronzerider, "Here. Want anything else while I'm standing here?" It's not like he's got a hundred uses here in the infirmary, so he may as well do /something/. Ralik will nod a bit to Thys, frowning as he says, "I don't know if definitely is what I would use, but it's really not something you can do anything about right now, alright? Just try to take a second. You're not good to anybody if you can't see or breathe." C'rus's words only prove to back that part up, so Ralik follows it through with a look for her.

"Tov's fine, Thys, 'n' so're Inri and Kouzvelth," Br'enn assures the goldrider, reaching up to accept the water from Ralik and giving the man a nod. "No, this'll do me for now. Thanks. I'd ask yer name, though." The bronzerider can't recall ever having met him, though he's doubtless seen him around. He goes quiet again as the other men encourage Thys to relax, sipping at his water and coughing to clear his lungs a little more - as quietly as he can manage.

Relieved that there's little damage to worry about on herself, Thys sighs yet another sigh of relief when Br'enn assures her that the other dragons on the Sands are fine. She smiles, which makes it easier for C'rus and Ralik to persuade her to lie back on the cot. That, though, means she's squinting up into the light - and that's painful enough for her to have to stifle a little yelp. "Did the guard start looking for whoever did it?" The question's posed to any of the boys who might know; she's starting straight up at the ceiling, so it's not clearly addressed to anyone in particular.

C'rus has no clue how the fire started. As with most things that relate to the healer he just worries about picking up the pieces, "Ralik knows what he is talking about. Should definitely listen to him." he says as he begins to gently pour the water over her eyes to try to flush out any particles of ash or smoke that might be in there irritating them, "I'm sorry about this. It's uncomfortable I know." he says gently. He glances over his shoulder to Br'enn, "Do either of you have any pre-existing medical conditions that I should be aware of. Any history of lung ailments, asthma, chronic infections, pregnancy…anything like that?" he asks.

Ralik stifles a sigh as Thys continues to ask questions about the situation, eventually leaning over to take her hand and give it a squeeze, "Right now, there's no way for any of us to have a clear read on any of that, Thys. Just leave it be for a little bit, alright? Once you're out of the woods a bit, I'll go see if I can find anything out. For now, it doesn't matter who did what, why, or what else is going on, because there's not a damn thing we can do about it." Either of them or all of them, that's unclear. They're all down for the count at the moment, save perhaps C'rus who is still pretty well stuck here at the infirmary.

Br'enn gives a little shake of his head, slightly amused as Thys keeps at her questioning. Resigned to the fact that he may not get much out of Ralik for all the attention the man is giving her, and that he should probably really be quiet as much as possible himself right now, Br'enn instead listens to C'rus…and can't help but chuckle a bit. "Don't think ye have to worry 'bout that last bit with me," he quips, though the chuckling forces him into coughing again. Once that fit is past, he shakes his head. "Nothin' on my end. Been fit as flit most of my life."

"But I want to know what level of bastard would… would set fire to the damned galleries while there are eggs on the Sands." Thys is angry and wants answers! And her fingers curl tightly into the sheet below her, both due to frustration and the sting of having her eyes flushed. She pulls away when C'rus asks questions of both her and Br'enn, which will mean spilt water if the bluerider is still treating her. "Does any of that make a difference?"

C'rus has never been particularly gifted when it comes to bedside manner. It was something his masters always encouraged him to improve upon. While having friends has helped with the ability to make small talk it hasn't really helped all that much with the other stuff. He gives a quick nod to Br'enn, "Glad to hear it. I'll be with you in a moment." He then turns back to Thys and sighs, "Yes. It does. I'm not in the habit of asking unimportant questions. It's too busy tonight. If you have a history of chronic problems it will mean we want to watch you more closely and perhaps treat more aggressively and if you are pregnant it will affect what we can give you safely and what we can't." He would have thought that was obvious. The water was thankfully not spilled as he had just finished flushing her eyes, "Blink your eyes normally but no rubbing." The issue of who did this and why is fairly far down his list of problems. He shifts over to Br'enn, "Lay down. Let's flush out your eyes."

Ralik gives Thys's hand a little bit of a shake as he says, "It could also just have been a really stupid accident. /We don't know./ So stop twisting yourself up over it." For now, anyway. He arches a brow when Thys asks C'rus if any of that stuff might make a difference, looking momentarily wryly amused. Even he knows that any of that stuff can matter. Br'enn gets a slight grin for that quip, Ralik commenting idly, "That's a relief. You don't seem quite right for motherhood." What with being male and all. Ahem. Returning his attention to Thys, he squeezes her hand and looks momentarily worried and sympathetic, imagining how aggravated she has to be right now. He gives her hand another light squeeze, then brings it to his lips to plant a kiss on her knuckles, "You'll be good to go before long, luv. No need to push it."

Br'enn quirks a bit of a smirk at Ralik's return. But then C'rus is telling him to lay back, and the bronzerider tugs his shirt off his shoulder and set it aside to do so. "Thys…" Even as Br'enn is talking, he's stretching out, letting out a quiet sigh - well, somewhat quiet, since his chest is rattling. "'m sure they're lookin' into it. Or will be, soon's they're able. 'n' he's right - it coulda been an accident. Not likely, from the looks of things 'n' timin', but still somethin' we can't dismiss. We'll get it figured. Just…gotta deal with makin' sure everyone's 'n' the eggs are safe after all that first, eh?" He stills himself, eyes flicking to C'rus in anticipation of what needs doing.

Thys drops her head back onto the cot, squeezing Ralik's hand. "Yes, fine, you're both right. It could've been an accident. Could've. Probably wasn't. But could've been." She's not convinced, but she's also not going to dwell on it, because she's squirming uncomfortably. And despite the directive to blink, she's got her eyes screwed tight closed and her hand held over the top of them - not rubbing, but pinching the bridge of her nose. "Cy, how important is it for you to get the medine right? Don't you just have a… a potion that'll work for on everyone for everything?"

C'rus begins his work of flushing out Br'enn's eyes. This works much in the same fashion has it did for Thys. He holds each eye open and pouring the water over it, "I'm sorry Br'enn." he says as he does so. Once this is done he gives him the same command, "Blink normally. Don't rub. If there is damage to your cornea we don't need to worsen it." He then can turn his attention back to Thys, "I'm a healer not a miracle worker." he states rather bluntly, "Think about it like this. The sooner we find what you need the sooner you can go."

This is entering the realm of suspicious behavior and Ralik frowns a little bit at Thys, brows furrowing only for him to state, "You're acting weird." Pause. "…are you seriously sick, or pregnant?" He's not a complete idiot, after all. His eyes are serious and quite momentarily intimidating, as her current behavior's sort of getting in the way of her possibly getting something that could clear out her lungs. Ralik's usually pretty casual when it comes to Thys's stubbornness, but even he has a point where it just seems ludicrously inconvenient.

Br'enn stays as still as he can, fighting off the urge to cough every now and again as C'rus flushes his eyes. "Don't gotta be sorry," he grits, his jaw somewhat clenched as he endures the uncomfortable sensation. "Gotta be done, eh? Better 'n the alternative." At the mention of damage to…something or other that he just knows is part of his eye, he stiffens a bit, blinking as he's told. Nothing feels wrong; in fact, his eyes feel a good deal better now…but he really doesn't like the idea of something being wrong up there. He needs those. Then there's this bit of tension going on between the other three, and the bronzerider sits up slowly, still blinking, watching them a bit but staying out of the midst for now.

"Fine," Thys grumbles, not looking at Ralik so she can't see him giving her all that seriousness, but she can hear it in his tone. "I might be. Y'know." She huffs, covering both of her eyes now with her hands, and groaning into them. "I don't know. I could possibly be pregnant." Her fingers open just a crack, and she peeps through them at Ralik. "Sorry. I was hoping to tell you somewhere proper." Then she look up at C'rus, shaking her head as she drops her hands from her puffy eyes. "But look, Cy, I don't want to know right now, ok? Not for sure. So just treat me however you need to treat me, and… and I still can't see clearly. Everything's fuzzy. Is that normal?"

C'rus looks between Ralik and Thys. Certainly the news could come out in a more proper way, but the nature of the situation didn't allow it. He isn't attempting to pry, it's just a standard question, but a question that carries with it all sorts of life stuff, "Thats why we ask." he says in response, "I'll tell you what we'll treat you as if you are. That way it's safe for you and safe for the potential baby. We'll do a test later if you wish to confirm for sure one way or the other." That will have to do for now medication wise, though its her eyes that seem to be the main sticking point, "Ok. We've flushed them now we'll go one better." He moves away from the bed for another moment and comes back with dual eye patches and hands them her, "Put these on. Lets give your eyes a chance to rest." He then turns his attention back to Br'enn. He once more wanders away and comes back with a set of things for him to drink, "For all that stuff we talked about…have at it. Sorry if it tastes terrible."

Ralik just smiles slightly at Thys's grumbling and face covering, nodding his head as well only to shrug, "Yeah, well. Better to get it out now than risk something happening later. If you are pregnant, none of this can possibly be good for the kid; if you're not, it's just not good for you." He kisses her hand again, lightly, even though the idea that she might be pregnant and the fact that it came out just now has left him blushing faintly, a hint of color in the big man's ears. He will give a bit of a laugh over the double eyepatches and help Thys get them on, if she wants.

Br'enn gives Thys a considerably softer, almost sympathetic smile as she outs the possibility of pregnancy, though he doesn't say anything just yet. Especially because C'rus is handing him something. Have at it? If it'll get the crud out of his lungs, he doesn't care how it tastes. "Here's to the Healer," he quips to C'rus, tipping the first of the potions at the bluerider with a jaunty quirk or eyebrow, and then he knocks it back like a shot, following it up with the rest and an almighty grimace. Then he's just going to be over here expectorating for a little while. Don't mind him. Really. It's gross.

"Two?" Thys might have fuzzy vision, but she can at least see the double prescription C'rus is holding out for her… and she's not necessarily pleased by it. "Shards, Cy… really?" She'll not turn down Ralik's help in putting them on, but she does lie down with her cheeks flushed in embarrassment after. It's not like she can see much, anyway… which is probably just as well, given that she'll be coughing up gunk juuust like Br'enn will be in not too long. Lucky Ralik's around, huh?

C'rus is a busy healer tonight. There will be time to touch base with his friends later, but right now he has to work. "Yep two. We'll rest your eyes and keep an eye on things." The embarassment is noted, "No worries. I won't tell a soul, and I'm sure these other two can be trusted." Since thankfully Thys can't see he motions to his eyes and then points to Ralik and then to Thys as if to say, 'keep an eye on her'. Then he is forced to move on to other people. It's going to be a long shift.

Keep an eye on her. Cos she has none for herself!