Draconic Explorations

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath's normally warm mindscape is tinged with flurries of cold. « The snow comes…. Will we build dragons of snow? »

[Dragon/Fort] Rhyrith projects « That sounds like an intresting idea. »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth's storm is a cold wind, swishing its way through Cikitsakath's own flurries, open to the rest of the weyr as his inquiry was. « Do you know how? » is delivered with the slightest hint of intrigue: show her more.

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects « Mine says if I want to, to go ahead. »

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath reaches back with the mind's eye of a snow sculped hatching, a memory of his rider's. « My rider knows… She makes beautiful things with the snow. »

[Dragon/Fort] Rhyrith projects « Mine knows something of this as well. Maybe we should bring our riders together and make them help us with this. »

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath rumbles, snow flurries turning to heavy snow, the ground becoming thick with it. « My rider says we must wait for more snow, but says she will help when the time comes. »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth lingers on the edges, observing, contemplating, taking mental notes. When she finally does speak up again, it is simply to proclaim, « Mine makes mittens and gloves, » because this is of course very helpful. The newer riders may not have any yet. Or she simply felt it was important.

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath sends the mental image of a long, multi-colored scarf, large enough for him. « Could she do this thing? »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth first responds with enthusiasm, a quick flash of lightning just long enough to draw attention to her « Yes, » but it quickly tapers out, followed by a slow pause and a slightly discomfitted, « She says it will take many many days. » Is Inri really going to make a dragon a scarf? … well, is Yhri going to pay for the supplies?

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects « Mine would rather stay in where it's warm. » images of fantastic landscapes surge forward, retreating in the blink of an eye. « I will participate, however! This sounds fun. Scarves? »

[Dragon/Fort] Rhyrith projects « «Could we build a weyr out of this snow?» Sending an image of snow shelter stolen from his mate's mind «Mine thinks these are warm.» »

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath's mind thrums with warm corals and royal blues, a faint wheeze in the background. « Many ovines and much dye, yes. It will look amazing with my straps… » Yhri will indeed buy the yawn it seems.

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth has quieted to a soft rainfall, birdsong in the background — some strange birds that favor rain, it seems. « It is warm, » she relates, though she has likely not made a home in snow. Inri, as a child, no doubt. « Digging a hole in it to hide. We are too big, » she adds, just in case anyone got any ideas.

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects « Does digging a hole in the ground lead to new places? »

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath peers, bright lights and swirling colors stealing into the various minds. « Digging always leads to new places… Eventually. » Mind projects images of exploring deep caverns underground.

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth does love to encourage her children, it's true, even as they are grown to adulthood, but she must also do her duty as a queen of the weyr in this instance — and so there is a hesitant additional voice, possibly one that has been schooled in diplomacy by Wiyaneth, « Digging from outside will rarely lead you straight to that, and we would not want the walls of the Weyr to fall from large paws interfering. »

[Dragon/Fort] Rhyrith projects « We should explore these new places. Where should we start the digging? Perhaps outside the weyr then? »

[Dragon/Fort] Wiyaneth projects « Do it. Let's see what happens. »

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects « Let's go do it! »

[Dragon/Fort] Velokraeth's thoughts reach out with a gentle ripple of crystal gold, a sweet and cool white wine that lies smooth on the tongue and matches his honeyed and amused words. « Shall we start taking bets as to the outcome of this grand scheme? »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth remains … cautious, careful, but Inri is probably laughing at this point. « Outside where the tavern lies. We may find more tunnels. » Hers likes the tunnels. She thinks. There are distant memories of exploration, with Dremkoth's and the Stonehaven heir. (Ezra, in her mental image, is his current age, of course.)

[Dragon/Fort] Wiyaneth projects « Ezra is hot. »

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects « This tavern? »

[Dragon/Fort] Zeltenith projects the image of the building from the outside, though it's got a shimmery haze around it like it's not quite real.

[Dragon/Fort] Wiyaneth projects « Don't knock down the tavern! Where else will Varmiroth's and Velokraeth's grope each other under the table? »

[Dragon/Fort] Rhyrith projects « Mine thinks that Velokraeth would be angry at us if we where to damage this tavern. Maybe just near it? »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth quietly but insistently backs up, « Yes, outside that tavern. » Inri loves the tavern; Inri has also completely stopped what she is doing at this point as her lifemate relates Wiyaneth's commentary. « Far enough away you will not damage its — tubes under the ground. » Post-AIVAS Pern has some plumbing, right?

[Dragon/Fort] Velokraeth roars with mental laughter. « Wiyaneth! Now you've ruined the fun of that game. For shame! And I would be a bit put out if the tavern were to be damaged. It is a source of much amusement. From MANY different people, just not my rider's shenanigan's, thank you. » There's a pause as he recovers from his mirth. « Besides, others rely on that as a source of livelihood. »

[Dragon/Fort] Cikitsakath rumbles with amusement at the antics of his peers, watching them with fondness. « There are many hidden things in the forest as well. Thunderbird's own know much of this. » There is a sage mental nod and a cheeky grin. « But what good is a secret never found? »

[Dragon/Fort] Kouzevelth surfaces from a fog of silence, at last, to say nothing, as is her wont; but there is a general feeling of support there. Agreement. Secrets only go so far — truths are much more interesting.

[Dragon/Fort] Velokraeth is a dragon who can understand the value of truths and wholeheartedly agrees. Truths are much more interesting and far better than the alternatives.

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