Who D'lei, Kielric, Sephany
What Kielric, Sephany and D'lei talk about kittens.
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2714
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

FUN FACT: Kielric has never ice-skated before. Ever. And while he's not opposed to learning (and probably making a fool out of himself in the process), the Half Moonian hunter is sitting along the side of the frozen lake on a blanket that he commandeered from somewhere. Don't question it, just accept it. Grey eyes are focused on the bodies crowding the lake, a mug of Klah or cocoa in hand BECAUSE IT'S DELICIOUS and… what else is there to be said? Nothing, really, except that he is STILL HERE IN FORT (listen, his Dad's lifemate is sire to that clutch on the sands so he's got a pretty damn good reason). He's even dressed for the weather, bundled in a jacket, hands gloved, ears MAYBE A LITTLE RED FROM THE COLD but shhhh. He's enjoying the weather.

There's ice. There's skates! By their powers combined, you fall on your butt. What could be simpler? D'lei … definitely has no clue what he's talking about, so it's a good thing that nobody's asked him. Or maybe they have, but that's not the point. The point is that he's ambling along through the snow. Not on the path part of it, where reasonable people are. Oh no. D'lei is making his way across the snow from the south, up over where the rock-slide has been covered by a bank of shifting, unsteady white that - whoops, almost started an avalanche with him as a part of it, but not quite. NOT TODAY, AVALANCHE. So he continues on, his jacket and overpants spattered with snow, ice and the dirt he managed to find beneath it all, because that's just how he rolls. Walks. He WALKS, because this is not an avalanche. YET. Maybe he'll even make it to where Kielric sits before it becomes one! Who knows?

FUN FACT: Sephany LOVES ice skating. Addicted, really. It is the only 'outdoorsy' activity that she actually does voluntarily. Nay. Eagerly. She was on the ice the second it was deemed 'safe' enough for such things and, if she could be on it day and night, she likely would be. And it would be no surprise to those who know her, that she is headed that way now that she has a free afternoon to herself. But curiously enough, her skates are absent. Because REASONS, that's why. Reasons that she is currently hiding with clever clothing tricks and lots of layers. She's tiny, but her bundled up frame looks more or less as it should; she has done her job well, and any sign of 'baby' is hidden away from view. But no skates. Rather, a book. Perhaps two. Clutched close to her chest as she trudges determinedly through the snow the lake and… Oh! A pause, as grey eyes land on blanket-sitting figures, enough recognition garnered from that look that Sephany is briefly frozen in place. A war is waged, and summarily lost as the weaver heads his direction as though she had some excuse to do so. And BOLD, she is. Dropping down to his blanket with nary a 'how do you do', claiming a corner of it as though it was there for her benefit in the first place. A glance, a quick slide of her gaze his direction, a soft greeting. No more than the murmur of his name, a fleeting exhale of "Kielric" and then… is that an Avalanche? No, no. False alarm, thank Faranth. Though the indistinct figure coming FROM the near avalanche gets a frown and a curious squint of her eyes. Who the hell climbs down from the landside? "Hm."

Those grey eyes are drawn to D'lei as the bronzerider makes that reckless amble across packed snow, amusement as evident in grey eyes as that easy smile on his face that says he sees you and your almost avalanche, sir - and it might be because the movement is so very different (and therefore distracting) from the graceful application of skates to ice and bodies that know the movement well. Kielric doesn't lift a hand in hello; he simply watches the rider's progress with a soft huff of laughter to himself until Sephany is pulling his gaze away with her presence. The hunter shifts, unperturbed by the second body beside him, nor by the use of his name from a weaver whose name he has yet to learn. "Rainbow girl," comes on a breath, around another one of those easy smiles as he takes in Sephany's appearance with a slow look that lingers on those books. "What are you reading today?" he asks, extending klah for her to take as her attention on D'lei draws his eyes back to the rider. ANOTHER SMILE! And this time he does life his hand in a half-wave. DOES HE KNOW HIM? MAYBE. Maybe not.

D'lei climbs down from the landslide, that's who! Maybe other people besides, he wouldn't know, but today? It's him what does the thing. He's got the look of pink on cheeks and snowflakes everywhere that hints he's likely been outdoors for a while, which… okay, it doesn't explain what he's doing climbing over tumbled rocks covered in snow, but it at least suggests why he might have been down around on the far side of it in order to do so. Hints and clues to the puzzle! And… ha! D'lei takes the last step down from the slope as a leap, the better to triumph over the forces of incline, and grins at the solid ground before him before his gaze lifts up to the slightly less before of - oh hey, PEOPLE. He spreads that grin right to them, with a lift of his own hand to Kielric and the Sephany beside him. Greetings! Salutations. And… D'lei gives himself a little shake, tossing off any stray bits of snow that clung to him (not actually, the snow is tougher than that) before he lopes on over to join them. "Hey." DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER? Maybe. Probably. At least some of us. GOOD ENOUGH. "Did you know there's a stray cat living right on the outside of the bowl there?" IMPORTANT FACTS. "I think she might have kittens."

"Rainbow…?" That gives her pause, the young weaver startled enough to drop the calm-cool fa├žade she had going there, glancing at Kielric beside her with a bit of a frown. "Why…" but nevermind, there is Klah being offered and eagerly accepted, slender fingers coiling around the mug with eagerness, a soft "Thank you," given before she's all but huddling over it in an attempt to leech it's warmth and make it her own. Maybe she forgot her gloves, because her hands are bare. Books are forgotten, nestled in her lap as she occupies herself with other things, though the hunter's question draws her gaze briefly down to her prizes. "Research, this time," she tells him, a fleeting smile ghosting across her lips. "On fabrics and weaves; weights and measurements… craft business." Boring, perhaps, though her tone does not appear to consider the topic anything of the sort. But the arrival of D'lei precludes any additional commentary from the weaver, whether about her own activities or to inquire as to Kielric's. A smile is offered; somewhat guarded as she assesses the bronzerider that she definitely does not know. But he gets a pleasant enough "Hello," in response to his 'hey', fingers lifted from her mug in the brief semblance of a wave. "Kittens?" she repeats, pale brows pulling downward as she frowns, grey eyes intent upon his face as she attempts to discern whether or not he is joking. "Do you mean that she is likely to have them soon, or that it is likely she has already had them?" because this is maybe an important distinction.

Rainbow Girl indeed; Kielric's response to that inquiry is a smile, the kind that says he has a secret that he isn't going to tell - confirmed when he leans over to whisper, "I'll tell you why when you tell me your name, Rainbow Girl." And there's another one of those easy smiles, the hunter's head tilting to one side as grey eyes take in text, and tone, and Kielric's laughter is soft and hushed, rising from his chest and cut off before it's given any kind of longevity. What's this he's doing? Pulling gloves off of his own hands, taking smaller hands in his own, and focusing on his work as he pulls those gloves over Sephany's. "You'll have to teach me," comes good-natured, because Sephany enjoys it, which means that it's important, and Kielric is easy-going enough to subject himself to things he might not understand (or enjoy), if only to watch that fleeting happiness he saw ghosting across lips - the one he answers by lifting his eyes to her, smiling, and - D'lei! Grey eyes are blinking back up to the bronzerider, intent as he listens stray cats and their predicaments, pulling his hands away to tuck in pockets, silent as Sephany interjects to ask those important questions, speaking up only once she's finished. "I gave her some food yesterday," Kielric answers, easy smile crooked. "But I didn't see her today." And Teimyrth probably wants to take her home with hime, but details. "Are you going to keep her?"

D'lei seems entirely serious in his statement, really. There's a grin, yes, but it's the sort that's cheerful and bright from the cold air, not the sort that's there because of a trick somewhere in his mind. "Had them… I think. She scrambled into her hole real fast, and had all the hisses when I tried to get close. I mean, not that any cat might not, but…" He makes a vague gesture with one hand in place of more detailed words. "She had that look." The mamacat look! Whatever that may be, and however qualified D'lei may or may not be to identify it. Nevertheless! That's his claim, though maybe's it's all just part of a tangled web of delusions in his head. He doesn't look the crazy sort, but really, who knows? Kielric, that's who. Because see? Here is corroborating evidence that D'lei is not crazy (or at least, is not deluded about that), and the bronzerider turns his gaze there to listen and nod, once, before… "Ah, I don't know." D'lei plops himself down in the snow, facing the two of them and getting more of it stuck to those fortunately-thick-and-warm trousers. "I've got some respect for her, you know? Out there on her own, making her way in the world… but then again, I wonder. Maybe she'd be happier with a nice warm fire, and… I might know someone who'd want to give her pettings. But!" A lopsided grin. "Would they even get along? That's the question."

Ahh, so it's a game now. There's a bit of a twinkle in Sephany's eye that says, rather clearly, challenge accepted. Only it is not so much of a challenge, because a moment later she's leaning in to murmur her name to him because, really, she wants to know the secret. "It's Sephany." And now there is a pointed and expectant look on her face, as she awaits him to uphold his end of the bargain, looking remarkably steady where she sits despite the way her cheeks are flushed and her breathing has kicked up a notch. It's the cold, surely. Whatever sort of playful confidence she was holding onto more or less dies when he takes her hand though. There's a sudden inhale, and very quickly her other hand is employed in the keeping of her mug; no need for spilled Klah. But she allows this; allows him to capture and keep her hand, and to pull on a glove that is (really) much too large for her. And again, with her second hand. Even if she's avoiding eye contact like the plague and focusing on ice skating figures on the lake. A glance to her books, at his mention of teaching him. "I can teach you other things," she decides, only to flush scarlet a second later for the implication. "I meant…" and whatever hand is not employed with Klah-holding is wagged towards the ice. "Ice skating. Or… something." Not THOSE things. But then dear ol' D'lei, whom she does not know but is suddenly grateful to have present, to distract her attention away from curious blunders of words and her sudden inability to be articulate. "Oh?" in curiosity for having had kittens. And then another, distinctly different sounding "Oh?" for Kielric feeding her, surprised this time. And a furrowing of pale eyebrows for the idea that a dragon would take the kitten home. "Would he really?" She doesn't wait for an answer, fixing back on the bronzerider and his forthcoming details. "Oh," again. As if it's all she can freakin' say, this time slightly put-out that the cat is apparently unwilling to be tamed. "Poor thing," because it is a poor baby cat, with her own baby kittens, stuck in a hole in the ground in the WINTER and Sephany is a bleeding heart. The weaver, at least, is more than willing to accept D'lei's word on this 'cat' business; between the two of them, he is currently the resident expert on cats, seeing as he has SEEN HER and she has not. "Oh…" again with that damned word. "Sit on the blanket, really. You'll ruin your pants." Because THAT is the important part. And Sephany is happy enough to give away Kielric's blanket, as though it is hers to do so. "Sit," and she scoots herself over enough to provide at least a corner of space for the bronzerider.

BADUM, BABOOM, BABANG, BAZOOM. No, no that's not your imagination; that my friends, is the sound of your brain cells dying, slowly, one by one. And is it any wonder why? Because in case you weren't sure, here comes Leirith: magnificently not-pretty, massive, wonky in the head knobs and pressing her snout RIGHT INTO SEPHANY. SHE KNOWS THINGS. SHE'S A DRAGON YOU KNOW. « Sephany! » comes exuberant, ecstatic, full of joy, and cheer, and genuine excitement to greet the tiny weaver who she may or may not have just CAUSED A KLAH SPILL ON BUT SHE IS MAGNIFICENT AND THERE ARE LAYERS SO IT'S OKAY. And then she is booping Kielric, who was just about to answer Sephany before golds rudely interrupted and cut him off mid-sentence. And then she's tilting her head, which puts it RIGHT ON TOP OF D'LEI and maybe she is trying to squish him. WHAT'S IT TO YOU? D'LEI SNOWMEN ARE TOTALLY A THING. « DID YOU SEE THE EGGS? » SO MUCH GIDDINESS, but why is she here? Because somebody else is here; somebody who is wrapped tight in leathers that (for once) belong to her, cut to form, hugging tight to curves, covered by thick, curling hair that's down and left to be unruly over shoulders and down backs. Risali's got a scarf around her neck, and an attitude that carries her as she moves sure-footed on booted feet across the snow right over to Kielric, and D'lei, and Sephany. The scowl on her lips curls into a smile when she sees Sephany, when those grey eyes shift to D'lei, and returns when she reaches Kielric. OUT SHE REACHES, and she's got the much-bigger (but younger) hunter by the ear. "I'm going to kick your ass, Kielric." And the teenager laughs at his sister's temper - that temper that diminishes when she looks to Sephany, and takes her in, and - "You look cute," she says around a smile. "I'm going to borrow this." And then she's eyes on D'lei, brows raising as if to say there you are before she lets go of her brother's ear to cuff him on the back of his head. "Up," she tells him, which earns her an, "Okay, okay, okay!" as Kielric rises to his feet - sans his gloves - and grins for Sephany. "Next time, Sephany," he murmurs, and DID RISALI REALLY JUST PICK UP SNOW AND SHOVE IT DOWN D'LEI'S JACKET? She did. She's a CRUEL MISTRESS, but she looks deviant as she bites her bottom lip, and gives wicked smiles, and then punches her younger brother in the side (he says, "Ow!" and rubs it while laughing) before they HEAD ON OFF. TO THE… UH… SHHH.

There's a twitch of D'lei's mouth into a grin as he watches Sephany's face, not even bothering to pretend he isn't noticing her reaction to Kielric. SO RUDE. And yet, pleased and cheerful and chatting about cats, and he laughs at the offer of the blanket, but does scoot over onto it. "Will I? I mean, I ride sea rescue, these things see worse than snow. Brine does terrors to fabric, and it's even worse to leather. I figure this here is a nice vacation for my clothes, only snow and ice to deal with… well, and the occasional pine sap, but." He shrugs. "Can't have everything, right?" But anyhow, he is on the blanket now, and OH HELLO LEIRITH, HOW ARE YOU? D'lei grins as he watches her with Sephany, with an expression that from the movement of his mouth might be a laugh but who can tell over the sound of Leirith making them all deaf. He reaches up, ruffling and scritching at the sides of her muzzle and back along her jaw as the gold attempts to bury him in the snow by sheer force of leaning. "I did!" he answers. "Pretty badass, I'd say." Because of course they are. And then? Risali invades! Less surprising, given the Leirith (and Leirith's less surprising, given her), but D'lei still grins to her even if he doesn't interfere with her kidnapping of her brother to drag to a hideous fate. Which… might just be because he's squished by Leirith and can't get away, admittedly. They're ganging up on him! And shoving snow down his jacket, to which he yipes and twists and pulls hair with a tangle of his fingers before they're uncurling so Risali can finish her sibling-type abuse and …. cause and/or provide consequences. ILA IS PROBABLY INVOLVED, OKAY? YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. So now it's just D'lei and Sephany, here on Kielric's blanket. Well. And Leirith, maybe, but it's not like distance makes a difference when it comes to SUCH GOLD, VERY BASS, WOW.

"Oh." Cause really. It is all she can say now. It is becoming a thing. "Well, I suppose… yes." This all in response to D'lei's offered information as to why his leather pants will not be ruined by SNOW because he does worse things to them. "Search and rescue? That sounds…" Terrible? Awesome? Boring? THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE NOW THERE IS LEIRITH. DEAR Leirith. As much enthusiasm as that greeting may have held, Sephany simply… cannot hear you. Sorry, love. Call it a fault of genetics. But all of that badum-babooming is missed (her brain cells remain intact!) and that lovely greeting is entirely wasted on the weaver who definitely spill Klah all down the front of her many layers and is not at all appreciative of such things. "Oh fuck…" because there had been no warning. NO WARNING, thanks to brains that do not hear dragons, and so Sephany is not prepared for such things. At least she does not squeak. "Uh…" but quickly enough, Leirth has a new target, stealing Kielric's attention along with Sephany's answer (GRRRRR) . There is entirely too much dragon in her personal space, but at least she has moved on to attempting to squish D'lei and Sephany is free to attempt escape? But oh. Risali. "Hi… um…" because what else is she going to say, to this rather startling situation in which ears are grabbed and threats are made. Really. She is a helpless witness to all of this, though she does flash a grin and a quick, "Thanks" for the 'cute' comment. "The Klah really brings out the green." Yes. Jokes. From the weaver who has probably RUINED HER CLOTHES thanks to that Klah. (Details)."What's badass?" obviously for D'lei's comment, puzzled but not for long, really. It is hard to concentrate when Klah is slowly seeping into your clothes and against your person and just… ugh. And so Kielric is hauled off unceremoniously by tiny big sisters and sent off to his fate while D'lei is crushed by Leirith and Sephany squirms and pinches at fabric. "I should… fix this." 'this' being… the whole Klah situation. So it will be just D'lei on the blanket, as the weaver climbs to her feet and gathers up books and mug once again. "Nice to meet you…" with a squinty-eyed look for D'lei because she does NOT know his name, and so settles for, "… you." Eloquent. Parents would be proud. And then she's gone, moving as quickly as her graceful stride will allow, pinching at the front of her dress in a manner that JUST might be a bit inappropriate except for the obvious Klah stain.

Entirely too much dragon is kind of Leirith in a nutshell! Not that she'd fit in a nutshell, but she might try. D'lei opens his mouth to answer the one ques- wait, no, the othe- and- "Seeya, Sephany!" At least he got that part in, even if he cheated because Leirith and also a time before when Sephany fell asleep before she got his name. NOT LIKE THAT, GEEZ. "It's-" he starts, but really, by the time he realized he should introduce himself, it was kind of too late. That can be for another time! Right now there's just a D'lei, here on the blanket, to watch the ice skating or… whatever else. Who knows? Not him, but he'll figure it out. Also what to do with the blanket, when he's done with it. So many details! But for now, he flops back across it to stare up at the sky and sprawl. And not ruin his pants or his jacket… except insofar as Risali has already done that with her snow-shoving. Life, right? It just does all the happening, whether you like it or not. So it goes, amid the snows!

AND A LEIRITH. FREAKING RUDE. She'll just cuddle with D'lei on that blanket. Or crush him under her maw. Shut up, she's keeping him company. AND SHE'S GOOD COMPANY TOO. BABOOMBABOOMBABOOMBABOOM.

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