Who Triven Jaelynn Leuka Kaitlyn
What Gawking at eggs and discussing personal issues.
When A Winter Evening
Where Hatching Galleries at Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded lanterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Triven is sitting in the row of chairs behind Jaelynn with a mug of Klah in his hand, "Wait how do you teach them things by touching the eggs?" The young man asks as he looks out to try to catch a glimpse of the eggs in question.

"Perhaps teaching them in the wrong word. Though they do learn a bit about us when we touch the egg. We learn a bit about them as well." Jaelynn offers before taking another sip from her mug. "When you get searched your get to find that out first hand as well."

Leuka makes his was into the gallery, klah in one hand and a couple of meatrolls clutched in the other. Tearing the end off one with his teeth, he looks towards the sands briefly before peering towards the seats and heading up to get a warm seat. He spots one familiar face, one he wasn't expecting to see and turns to head toward the his inkman.

Triven rolls his eyes saying "again with the search stuff, I told you dear. YOU get to be the one who plays with dragons, I am keeping my feet firmly on the ground" his tone is light and a little teasing. Glancing over he will see Leuka and grin "Hey there man, I heard you were getting transferred to the frozen north, how are you?"

Jaelynn rolls her eyes slightly and giggles a bit while glancing back to Triven. "It is possible…" She offers softly. A glance is sent over to a new voice and she offers a smile and nod to Leuka. "Hello." A curious glance goes between the two before she is sipping at her mug once more.

Leuka smirks to the skin artist "Hey man. Shouldn't be surprised to see you here." He nods at the question "Yea, Hall posted Thautseruck and me here a few months back." Dropping down near the pair, he shrugs out of his coat, a tiny green chirping hungrily as he settles "Hey there." To Jaelynn. And is that a little flutter of white on the Harper's shoulder. Looks like.

Triven catches the flutter of white and grins "well well, looks like they might finally find a way for you to pay for all those broken bows. Becoming a rider and doing odd jobs for both hold and craft." He motions to Jaelynn and asks "I take it you two know each other? which is good because you can convince her to get a tattoo"

Wanting to get away from the Harper Hall today after her 6 hours of practice, an only slightly-tired Kaitlyn wanders into the Hatching grounds, climbs up to the galleries in smooth, easy motions. This is the first time she managed to get time off enough (and find interest enough) to view the eggs down there on the Sands, and the tall flamehead is drawn by their patterns and colors. Along her way to some seat or other, she both stops on occasion to peer at the eggs *and* looks around for likely places to settle. Spying Leuka in a small knot of others, the woman angles her path towards him, finally pulls to a halt…and peers at his shoulder. "I see the Weyr got you." Smirk. The other folks are unknowns, and are given a small bob of her braided head in mute greeting.

Jaelynn thought she has seen Leuka at the barracks or other places but she's never actually really spoken to him save a greeting now and then. "I'm Jaelynn from Xanadu, Dragonhealer grade two." The white knot at her shoulder proving she is also caught so to speak. A glance is sent to Triven ten back to Leuka. "Triven's done a tattoo on you then?" This questioned curious like before she looks up to another and offers a smile and nod to her new comer. "Hello there. Welcome to have a seat and join us if you like."

Leuka snorts at Triven as she gives a little morsel of his food to Scribe. The little green gobbling it down quickly an pawing at the air for another bite. "Not yet, been busy and distracted the last few days." Head tip to the other candidate "I'm Journeyman Leuka, posted from Harper Hall." Nodding at Jaelynn's question, he works to roll up a sleeve to show his forearm "Yea, did it a while back shortly after I walked." The dancer's voice has his attention shifting her way, and a little narrowing of his eyes "Fort already had me. Perhaps this is all a clever ploy to make sure I can't be banished once I really let loose." He smirks a bit and eyes her almost warily for weapons of any sort.

Triven grins at the new harper and echoes Jaelynn's offer to join them before he says to the dragonhealer candidate "Yeah he was one of my first customers" he says by way of establishing time lines. Looking to Leuka he will add "oh I moved to Ierne Weyrhold finally got my own shop so maybe you can come down sometime and check it out, they got a pretty lively bunch that like good music and party."

Jaelynn's greeting is responded to with a whiskied, "Greetings. I'm only here to look at the eggs for a bit." Kaitlyn sounds composed and clear, sure of herself and what she's doing, the Harper-knotted journeyman soon taking a smooth seat one bench down from the others. Leuka's words and especially his intent observation of Kait has her turning her head to him, and slowly lofting one eyebrow. Yeeess? "Maybe the Weyr can make a better person out of you, then." Zing. Her aspect is a bit remote, actually a tad glacial when having anything to do with her fellow journeyman. The actions of the young green firelizard have her shifting the weight of her gaze to it, then back to the humans.

Jaelynn looks to the artwork that Leuka is showing of, a smile seen and she nods slightly. "Lovely work, as always." She offers with an amused tone an wink over to Triven. "Did you pick the artwork, or did Triven draw it for you?" Hey she is a curious one. "Also nice to meet you formally and the like, run by you a few times in the barracks I think." A smile and nod is seen as she hears Triven. "So Triven think's you can talk me into one Leuka, how badly did it hurt in that area on your arm?" Her gaze turns over to Kaitlyn and she nods. "OF course, take a gander at them. They are rather pretty, well what one can see at least." Of course she would call them pretty, let's face it the dragonhealer loves all aspects of dragons and lizards. Her own lizard a young blue is creeping up to rest on her shoulder, a yawn escaping Robin while he peeks around at the ones that have joined them.

Leuka nods to Triven "Congrats on your own shop Triven. I'll slide back down there sometime. Maybe I'll get some inspiration for another piece sooner or later." Finishing his perusal of Kaitlyn, and not seeing and obvious signs of weapons, he settles back and looks more relaxed. Pretending to consider her words, he gives his head a shake "Nah, gave being a better person a go, didn't work out so well." Jaelynn has finished looking at his cello tattoo by now and he goes back to slurping klah and eating. Every few bite he tosses his very young green a bite. "Sorta of a combination really." This to his fellow candidate "I told him what I was wanting, and he worked up a few sketches, and this is what we came up with." He does nod then "Yea, it stung a bit, won't lie about that. Probably would have been better with some numbweed."

"I shall indeed…" Kaitlyn murmurs more charitably to Jaelynn, the woman getting a good look at the young blue firelizard before her eyes turn to the eggs below. Leuka's comment is ignored in favor of egg-gazing, though his words of being hurt by getting his tattoo inspire a teensy bit of a wicked smirk.

Jaelynn lets her gaze drifts between Leuka and Kaitlyn, she has to ponder what it has happened between the two but she is not one to pry.. Nope. "I suppose using numbweed would help. Almost feels like a bit of cheating though if you think about it." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "I mean some people I've heard that have had them wouldn't dream of using it. So they said at least." She glances to Robin an reaches up to lightly rub at his chin. "So… You two know one another I take it?" Her gaze drifts between Leuka and Kaitlyn.

Leuka has dismissed the dancer from his attention and busies himself with worthwhile matters. Like his klah and food. Shrugging to Jaelynn "We saw each other around at the Hall from time to time." An amused little snort before he adds in a conspiratory manner to the dragonhealer "If you want to take lessons in complaining, there's no better teacher than Journeywoman Kaitlyn. That and temper tantrums."

"In passing…" Kaitlyn responds to Jaelynn in tandem with Leuka's own observation, her words cool and indifferent, though his lattermost comment inspires a wickedly observed, "It might *seem* so to such an uncouth, poorly-mannered excuse for a human being such as yourself." Twinkle. Since the gloves are half-way off…

Jaelynn finishes what is in her mug and sets it upon her lap as her gaze drifts between the two once it becomes a bit clearest it seems. "Do they teach such lessons at the Hall?" She questions with a curious and rather innocent like tone as if she would truly almost believe such things. She looks to Kaitlyn then back to Leuka and a soft ah is heard. "I see…" It isn't certain if she actually believes Leuka is poorly-mannered or not though.

Leuka shakes his head to Jaelynn "Not really, but she's just such a natural, that she offers private lessons." An eyeroll for Kaitlyn's child-level insult /that the best you got/ Leuka turns his gaze to the dancer, his expression quite serious as he looks her up and down slowly. "Are you putting on weight?"

Kaitlyn can't help but give Jaelynn's naïve comment a lift of one dark-copper brow, the dancer then turning her regard back down to the eggs. To the other female is murmured in an aside, "There are always three sides to every coin." And many sides to every story. His next insults receive only a small roll of her eyes, and a small phoo-phooing, negligent gesture of one hand: get along, child. Find your true peers.

Triven has been drawing on his little journal, safe and sound as he caught a glimpse of an egg and got lost in the moment. Such is that artist life as he comes out of his little trance like state and hears the weight comment and will whisper to the candidate "Dude! you don't ask them that, even I know that!!!"

Jaelynn peeks over at Leuka slightly. "What is it with you guys asking questions about one's weight around this Weyr? Riohra brought it up the other day." A soft ah escapes her. "True true… Always two sides of the story, the truth and what one feels is the truth depending on how many happen to be involved in the conversation or situation of course." A slight wave of her hand is seen. "To late… Cat's already outa the bag Triven." She'll eye him slightly and will point at him. "If you ever ask me that I'll have to hurt you though." Just incase it ever crosses his mind.

Leuka looks back to Triven and shrugs. "What's she gonna do, hurl a mug at me?" Too late!!!" It's clear to see there is no love loss between the two Journey Harpers. "Least I don't complain endlessly about my work." He turns back towards the eggs, and by unfortunate luck Kaitlyn "I happen to like my work AND my uncouth self very much as is." He does flash a little grin from Jaelynn in her warning to Triven though.

"The not-so-erudite journeyman is attempting to sting me with his rapier-like 'wit'.." again, cue another put-upon Kaitlyn bit of an eyeroll for Leuka, and a tiny snort of disdain. "If one continually listens to dogs barking, they'll go deaf." She's quite self-confident enough not to even fall in the slightest for the weight-ploy. Triven's comment to the other journeyman gets only Kait's small bit of a ghost-smile, a fractional shake of her head. Doesn't bother *her*. Jaelynn's words of understanding multiple coin sides gets a small nod and a more charitable bit of a smile. Very good. You get a big oatmeal raisin cookie!

Triven is an artist not a fighter, and proves as such saying to Jaelynn "would I ask that?" he shakes his head before showing the dragonhealer candidate his drawing of one of the eggs that looks like it is made of spears.

Jaelynn shakes her head slightly. "She could hurl a few things at you, an I would be totally ok with that idea in all honesty." The dragonhealer offers back to Leuka with a slight smirk seen. Her hand lifts and she brushes a bit of hair from her face while she looks to what Triven has been working on and offers him a smile. "I like it." Is murmured softly to him and gives his arm a light squeeze.

Leuka laughs good naturedly to Jaelynn and shrugs "You're not the first to say that and I doubt you'll be the last." He glances over to the sketch Triven is showing, only seeing apart of it before turning his attention back to the egg's below, or what he can see of them on either side of Kaitlyn, frowning a little, he peers back to Triven "I can hardly hear her, did she call herself a dog?"

Kaitlyn is more absorbed in egg watching than in paying heed to a barking journeyman, so Leuka's continued observances don't even register. She's had Turns of practice shrugging off detractors. "Mm…*that* one…" is quietly noted mostly to herself, the woman's grey eyes riveted on the Whimsey egg, picking out its colors and patterns and implications of whatevers. Perhaps Triven is not in harm's way…for the moment, anyway?

Triven is rather smart, smart enough to hide behind Jaelynn now saying "Don't know was distracted by the pretty girl in front of me" Yup he will totally play that card and smiles at Jaelynn with the /save me/ puppy dog eyes.

Jaelynn glances over to Leuka and eyes him curiously before shaking her head and then looks back to Triven. "Good answer." Is said with a grin to him before leaning close to give Triven's cheek a very faint kiss. "Don't let him get you in trouble. I need to et going through." She is soon gathering up her things, jacket that is totally Triven's by the way, and pulling it back on. "I'll see you soon Triven." She'll let her fingers lightly ruffle his hair before she moves to leave with Robin shifting about to settle more on her shoulder. "You two have a good night, nice meeting you both!" Is said to Leuka and Kaitlyn as well.

Aaand here it comes…interruption from what she wanted to do by things Kaitlyn needs to do. A brown firelizard wings in, and soon lands upon the dancer's extended forearm, once he gets her attention. The little tube on one of his hind legs is opened, the tiny slip of paper within unrolled, read by studious eyes. A blustery sigh spills from the flamehead's lips, and she's soon rising, the brown hopping up into the air once again, disappearing Between. "Good day to you both…" is smiled to Jaelynn and Triven, Leuka not even registering on her radar. And off the tall, leggy, smooth woman moves after standing, down the steps and back outside.

Leuka just laughs at Triven using Jaelynn as a shield. He'll slurp more of his klah and wave to the other candidate as she heads down off. "See ya later." Unless he crashes in the practice room again. Suddenly, the spot in front of him clears "Oh my god! I can see the eggs!"

Triven chuckles "so candidate huh? how has that been working out for you?" he will ask the harper now that the danger seems to have passed from Kaitlyn. He will stare as Jaelynn leaves and says "You know I don't even want that jacket back now, nice to know it has a good home."

Leuka laughs now that Kaitlyn's growing self has gone and he can see the eggs now. Looking over to Triven he considers and gives a shrug. "Not sure I'm the best person to ask that question Triven." After a moment, he turns more towards the tattooist rather than straining his neck around "I'm doing alot of grungy labors. Learning a few snippets of information I didn't know, yea. But..I've lost out on quite a bit. Not seeing the benefit when…" He shrugs and just shakes his head. Watching the artist and his expression over the retreating candidate, he snorts with a frown "My advice, if you truly like her, don't give her any gifts."

Triven chuckles and shrugs "I draw, we give each other gifts." Growing somber he will look at his friend saying "Did the girl or boy who seems to have harshed your mellow give you anything in return or was it unrequited love?"

Leuka works to keep the sarcasm at bay and gives a little smile to his friend. "I'm glad for ya both then." His gaze drifts around to the eggs, and he swirls the cooling klah around the "She and I enjoyed each other's company for a couple of sevendays. But she has some personal matters to take care of." He should leave it at that, but he doesn't. "And honestly, with or without her personal problems, I just don't think she's as into me as I am her."

Triven ahhs and nods saying "I been there too man, I really have. But hey I got this design for ya, and now seems like you need a little Ink therapy." He will reach into his bag and pull out another sketch book and flips it open to show him "I don't know what the note is but it fits the size for it, what do you think?"

Leuka can't help but chuckle as Triven pulls out more sketches, but does find himself scanning the pages and nodding at a couple. "It's a treble clef. And I get that, but what were you imagining the wings symbolize?" He'll nod after a moment "In general, I like it, but not sure if it's quite right for me."

Triven shrugs and looks at it "Well you always said your music was your release, and it set you free so." /Shrug/ he is an artist he lives for symbolism. "I mean we can always change the wings, but anything called a 'trouble' clef just sounds right for you."

Leuka cuts his eyes to Triven and smirks "TrEble. I said Treble clef and you know it." He is amused by the joke though and nods after he gives it more thought. "Yea, you have a point." Eyeing the sketch some more, he finally nods. "That might be doable on my next freeday, if I ever get one." He huffs over that. Where did ya say your shop was again?"

Triven chuckles "I am down in Ierne Weyrhold now, but since it is you I can travel for ya" he glances at the entrance and adds softly with a grin "besides any excuse to see her ya know"

Leuka nods and looks to Triven, shaking his head after a moment "We're both in some serious trouble aren't we." He states rather cryptically before scratching this jaw, the guy really needs to find his razor soon. "Well then. I guess you'll have to drop by every day to check and see if I have a freeday." And if he happen to see his sweetie in the process, then yay for Triven.

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