Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The latter part of what could be considered midday sees a lull in activity in the living caverns, as folks have had their fill of lunch and are back to their typical afternoon duties. Thys, however, is amongst the few stragglers enjoying a late bite to eat, sitting at a table close to the serving tables with a notebook in front of her that she's both reading and scribbling in as she distractedly nibbles her way through a pile of sliced raw vegetables. Although she's working, she doesn't necessarily seem absorbed in what she's doing; rather, she keeps looking up towards the exit to the bowl, as if waiting for someone to come through.

S'ai may not be who she's expecting, but he can be seen coming in from outside and leaving his jacket near the entryway. It's dusty and smoky, likely having been working on the fires, and so he seeks out the beverage table with expected zeal and is soon scooping up the water pitcher, a glass, and moving to find a seat with just those.

S'ai isn't who she was looking for, but Thys still offers her clutchmate a bright smile when he walks in. She gives him a moment to grab his water, then waves him over to her table - there's plenty of space around it! "S'ai! Happy to be home?" Her place in the notebook is marked off by bending a corner, and she flips the little book shut to concentrate on the bronzerider's company. "Busy morning?"

S'ai catches the wave and sound of his name and angles himself to head over towards Thys and settles down at the table she occupies. "Hey! Oh, I am so glad to be home. I was just out helping with the fire. Shouldn't be going too much longer at least. OH! Congrats on the flight and the eggs. Nice to see more hatchlings around! Everything going okay with Rhen and yourself?"

"I did keep meaning to come visit you over in Xanadu, but…" Thys gives an apologetic shrug, shaking her head. "Work kept happening. Then Rhenesath was proddy, and then… well, you know how things go." She smiles, holding a baton of fingerroot daintily between two fingers and waving it about as she talks. "Rhenesath is ecstatic about her eggs, and quite thrilled with Loxiath, too. I'm doing pretty good too, though honestly, the Sands… eurgh. Too hot. There's only so far Rhenesath's enthusiasm for being out there can go to make me want to stay there day and night."

R'yal is something of a sweaty mess when he wanders into the caverns. Hunger drives the greenrider, and no amount of dirt or soot is going to keep him away! Still, it is a bit..smeared here and there, with a nice gray streak across his forehead and on his arms. His /hands/ however..those seem to be clean enough, and he does carry a cloth that he /tries/ to blot his face with. Really it just succeeds in making more smears. There's an upbeat wave however, smiling as he hurries by S'ai and Thys while finger-pointing toward the food. He's getting some of that. He'll be back. Food first. /Then/ greetings!

"Yeup!" S'ai says quite definitively in agreement with 'knowing how things are'. "The sands take a lot of getting used to. Zeruth actually did most all the egg tending so I stayed there to keep him company. I'm pretty sure I'll never feel the bottoms of my feet again but it was worth it. I can't lie when I was grateful to see 'em hatch though." R'yal's passing brings a bright grin (it's a meeting of clutchsiblings!) and waves while waiting for him to join then.

It's like a clutch reunion over late lunch! Thys waggles fingerroot-toting fingers at R'yal when he comes hurrying by to the food, giving a tilt of her head to invite him to join her and S'ai when he's ready. "Did Zeruth really look after the eggs more than Kairoikyriath did? That's so… bizarre." Something that someone with a dragon as maternal as Rhenesath is simply can't understand. "I'm glad for the company I've got out there, though spending so much time away from everything else makes me feel a little, I dunno - a little out of touch? How's it been with the fires? Making any progress?"

Food gathered, R'yal /does/ return, setting the plate down before flopping into a seat. "/I'll/ tell you how it is. It's hot, and it's dirty. I think the water is going to run black when I bathe for weeks." There's a soft puff of air given, brushing hair a little away from his eyes in the process so he can start in on the eating. After at least getting that first bit in his /stomach/ though, the greenrider seems to slow down and take a breath, looking between the two clutch siblings. "I'm..honestly glad I don't have to deal with the egg But if you need anything, I'll be happy to bring it to you?"

S'ai points a finger over to R'yal with a lopsided grin towards Thys. That. "Getting better, though. Should be about tended to." Says the bronzerider. "Good to seeya, R'yal! Spotted you two out there but things have been crazy busy. And, yah, actually." He says towards Thys. "It was kinda weird, I've never seen it, but Kairoikyriath didn't seem to like to be in the caves anymore than she had to. Zeruth didn't seem to mind and it was a strong clutch in the end, so, guess it's nothing terrible."

"Damned fires." Thys frowns, biting down hard on her fingerroot. After crunching through the mouthful, she shakes her head. "You know, Rhenesath was absolutely torn when Kainaesyth came back so hurt. If she didn't have her eggs she would have been there beside him… she's quite fond of him, y'know? To the point where I was surprised that he didn't catch her. I'd half expected it." She shrugs, then hovers over selecting another cool, crunchy morsel to nibble on. "I don't know if I envy you all out there fighting those fires, though."

R'yal leans forward on one arm, propping his chin up in his hand…and then immediately draws back, making a face. /Soot/. It's now on his hand. The greenrider just sighs a little and starts trying to rub /that/ off as well, neglecting his food for the time being. Still, he does look over again at S'ai, smiling softly. "You were missed, I assure you. Being gone and all.. It's been..crazy." But at least being a part of Thunderbird is helping the teen along. He might not be gaining in the height department, but he's managing to fill out to more than the scrawny mess of limbs he's been before. Once his hand is suitably cleaner, he digs back into the food again, nodding. "It's a whole lot of work..and sometimes it's felt a little hopeless since they keep cropping up again. But it /is/ getting better.."

"I was twitching knowing everything was going crazy here." S'ai says with a sharp from. "From Jajen to fires and the Renegades. Picked a bad time, I know. Well, /Zeruth/ picked a bad time, but it's over and I'm home and not planning to go anywhere. At least things may be a bit quieter soon, hopefully. I probably just gave us all bad luck saying that." He says with a sign as he sips at his glass of water, propping his cheek up in his other hand.

"Here, Rav…" Thys pulls a handkerchief from her pocket - a clean one! - and flicks it over the table to him, so he can wipe off his hand if he wants. "It has been kind of crazy here lately, hasn't it? Jajen… that was… yeah. Painful. And then Ustrr, and everything else… but at least it's over now, right? Thank Faranth." She leans back, rolls her eyes, and sighs. "Perhaps you're lucky you were out of it, S'ai? Maybe that was fate at work."

"Through the thick of it, at least." Here's hoping, anyway. R'yal smiles gratefully at the tossed handkerchief, plucking it up to give his hand another wipe down. "Everybody's back where they belong..well, except your brownrider that caught, I guess." Alas, the Half Moon Bay dragonrider is still stuck! Another bit of food makes it's way into the greenrider's mouth then, brows lifting just a bit as he peeks across the table at Thys. "Other than all of..that are /things/?" Things with his /brother/ perhaps?

Abigail is making her way on into the Cavern, she's spent a good amount of the day dealing with moving out to the forest and checking on things and then working on things around the Weyr that needed her attention. There is a pause to get a mug of klah and food stuffs before she is off to find a place to sit, which happens to be with Ths, S'ai and R'yal. "Afternoon." Is offered while she takes over a seat.

Thys can sort of guess at what R'yal is getting at by wanting to know about things, and she blushes deeply as she shrugs and looks down at her plate of crudites. "I think it's a little difficult for someone without a dragon to understand… everything." Will the greenrider guess what she means by 'everything', with the way she looks at him like that? Thankfully, there's a distraction in the form of Abbey, and she doesn't have to spell it out. "Wingleader! Good afternoon! How are you?"

R'yal tilts his head just a little at that, a faint frown working across his face. "..Ah." At least he can offer a sympathetic enough expression for that. There are some things that /he/ has to deal with as well, after all. He stops mid-chew when Abigail settles down, sending a slow glance sideways. "Erm..afternoon Wingleader.." A bit /less/ enthusiasm than Thys provides, but there's a smile at least!

S'ai looks up from his pitcher of water, smoky and dusty not unlike R'yal, though perhaps a bit less. "Heya, Abigail!" He says to her cheerfully on the tail end of the others, scooting to make more room for her to join them. She's already been asked how she is, so the bronzer busies himself refilling his glass of water to get back to rehydrating after a shift.

Abigail offers a slight nod of her head to the three. "I'm well, how ye three be?" She questions curiously. A glance is sent to R'yal and she looks amused and sends him a wink. Yes now she is messing with him, and why not? "How was it out in the forest?" This questioned to R'yal and S'ai while she goes about sipping at her drink.

"Thankful for a break from the Sands," is how Thys is. She grins, brushing back her short-cropped hair from out of her eyes to tuck it behind her ear. "And pretty glad I'm not doing what our boys here are doing." S'ai and R'yal get a wink, then the young goldrider raises her glass of water to each of them. "Would you say the fires are almost out? I know you said they keep springing up, but for the most part it's under control, isn't it? I wonder if there's not something we can do to, I dunno, douse the whole area with water or something to make it too wet to catch fire."

R'yal will just..not look. Avoiding any more winks will at least help keep the greenrider's coloring at a normal level and not obscenely /red/. "There's plenty of char, things are smoky and what's left is pretty unstable in places as far as trees go.. But there's less actual fire going on at this point.. I think..I think most of that is just spots that are hot flaring up again."

"Pretty much." S'ai says in response to R'yal's assessment. "I think we'll be fine, especially with the snow coming in full. At least, while the fires are terrible, the burn will help them grow back better. It'll take awhile but it'll be fine in time. At least there's been no harm to the Holds and no one's been hurt beyond help."

Abigail doesn't mean to be amused over the fact taht she is turning R'yal red, the last time she saw him it was rather different time after all. She nods slightly at the talk with a soft breath escaping her. "Hopefully we're get more snow soon and then will make sure that the fires don't go about flaring up." Who would think they would be /wishing/ for snow.

Thys hrms. "More snow would be best, yes, though like you said, S'ai, this is going to be good for the forest overall, isn't it? I've read somewhere that burning back helps to trigger new growth, so that's something positive to come out of all this chaos, at least." She shrugs, sighing softly as she reaches for her drink to sip on it. "You know, there's been so much renegade activity in this area since I arrived that it'll be strange to think of it as being mostly, well, gone. Assuming it will be, after what happened to Ustrr. They should quiet down without their leader… right?"

R'yal nods just a little as he finishes up with his food. "I'm pretty sure that's the case..yes. Come spring, everything will start looking real nice again." The greenrider's head tilts just a little bit at that, before he bites down on his lower lip. "Ah..excuse me. Sorry. Liv isn't really thrilled that I'm this." Dirty? Sooty? "I need to get a bit cleaned up before she really starts her. Sorry!" Up he goes, in quite a hurry to do the green's bidding.

S'ai slants a slight, sympathetic grimace towards R'yal. "Yeah, I'll be getting cleaned up myself. Water was more important. Catcha later!" He calls after the greenrider before turning back to his water, having gone through about half the pitcher by now. "Besides the fires, everything else going good? Weyr seems to be doing good despite all of it, which I'm glad to see. I haven't got to speak to too many, mostly in passing. Chatted with C'rus and the new baker earlier around breakfast."

Abigail lifts a brow and loks a bit amused once more as she peeks over to R'yal seeing how he seems to be racing off. "Spring will help get things growing again most certainly." Until then they just have to make sure fires do indeed stay out. Hearing Thys she ponders that. "Perhaps for a bit it will stay quiet?" She doesn't think they will ever /fully/ be gone to some degree. A slight cough escaping her for a moment before she looks over to S'ai. "Not.. to much I suppose.. The rest has been overtaking everything I do suppose."

"Bye, Rav!" Thys waves fondly after the departing greenrider, watching him scurry off. "I can't believe how much he's grown," she says once he's out of earshot, with a proud sort of grin. Then, with a raise of her glass to Abbey, she nods. "Perhaps for a bit! Though you know, I think having a common cause to unite against is good for a place. Boosts unity, and all that." She shrugs, takinga sip of her water. "We have a new baker? What do they specialise in, S'ai? Please tell me they make the most amazing sweet pastries, because I am craving them like crazy lately."

"Yeeeeeeesss!" S'ai says towards Thys with slightly wider eyes, his grin spreading and bright with glee. "They're /amazing/. She had a whole table set up this morning, just for /practice/. I may have eaten entirely too much. Her name's Katrina, said everyone calls her Kitty. At this rate she may become my new favorite person. I do hope the Renegades are gone for good, at least for a long time yet."

Abigail didn't even give the thought of the baker any idea until Thys goes about talking about pastries. "Hopefully some good cheese ones.." Seems there are plenty cravings for sweet things as of late! She nods to what is said. "For not.. Some quiet will do us all good."

"Oh - oh cheese pastries. Oh yes!" Thys is much happier to talk about such things as delicious pastries, which is a far more light conversation than renegades and fires and other such angsty things. "I do love a good pastry - have you tried those ones from Nerat, where they stuff them full of that soft, white crumbly cheese? They're a touch salty, but oh my Faranth, they're to die for. I must meet this Kitty!"

"A pasty could be stuffed with sawdust, I'm sure it can still be delicious." S'ai says with a laugh towards Thys. "I'm easy to please, though. Adding cheese? Well, that'd make anything better. There was citron cake, redfruit pie, filled pastries, cookies… I dunno how one person can make that much. I bet they're still in the kitchen." He murmurs as he shoots a glance towards the kitchen. "…wonder if I could sneak in there and rummage around."

Abigail chuckles softly and shakes her head as she hears S'ai. "Wrong.. The sawdust would ruin it." She points out with an amused tone. "Kitty?" This questioned with an amused tone before she is nodding a touch. "Well, be looking forward to see what all she might back." A peek is sent towards the kitchens before she is busy chewing on a bite of bread. "I.. Dono about that. As I recall the cooks have no problem giving someone a smack for getting in there way."

Thys laughs. "I've got to agree with Abbey - sawdust would ruin it, but I get what you mean, S'ai." She grins, then looks forlornly down at her plate of pastry-free crudites. Don't they just look so boring in comparison to their delicious conversation? "I've found that if you talk to the cooks just right, they'll let you in whenever you want… and they're more likely to give you a bit of whatever's going, too. Though there's some of the more susceptible to sweet words than others, of course."

"…bet I'm faster." Mutters S'ai rather mutinously as he sips at his glass of water and turns his eyes from the kitchens towards his fellow riders. "This'd be a horrible world without pastries. I'd rather have Thread back. I could handle that. Pastry and klah every morning, Threadfighting in the afternoon, some more at night. That's enough exercise to to keep off the pudge."

Abigail grins as she hears S'ai and she chuckles a bit while letting her arms fold upon the table once she is done picking at her plate. "Well, true." A brow lifts at the bit of the Thread and she huffs a touch. "Don't go wishing for that."

"I can think of better ways to burn off a pastry-binge than wanting to fight Thread," Thys chuckles, more light-heartedly than Abbey in the light of the bronzerider's unusual wish. "Far better ways, actually. And speaking of ways…" She looks at Abbey, one brow raised curiously. "Am I right in thinking there's something brewing between you and… someone, or is that just my mind making things up?"

"Blame my parents." S'ai says with a sigh. "They were born to the wrong generation." But ho, what is this? Folks may not see the bronzerider as the brightest bulb, but he distinctly hears that question and his brows raise with realization. He may shoot a small devious look towards his Wingleader. His hand goes back to propping up his jaw, sipping quietly on his water. Oh, do tell.

Abigail blinks a few times and shoots a curious look towards Thys, a brow lifting and she smirks a touch. "Why would ye be thinking of such things? For that matter who do ye figure might be the 'someone'?"

Thys's brows knit together in a moment of confusion at Abigail's reply, and her lips purse thoughtfully. "Huh," she says, not quite as sure about herself as she was when asking her question a moment ago. "One of the workers in the infirmary was telling me about how she saw you in there visiting… someone, and… perhaps I jumped to conclusions." She looks from Abbey to S'ai, shrugging the notion away with a dismissive smile. "No big deal."

S'ai tips his eyes skyward just slightly. "…vague females." He mumbles, "Even I can figure this all out, but nope, not my business." There's a chuckle from him then as he hoists himself up out of his seat so he can return the empty water pitcher now he's polished it off. "…if you hear yelling from the kitchen, you're welcome to feign ignorance."

Abigail is quiet still while she looks at Thys and then S'ai and she ahs a bit, but well that is all. A pointed look is sent to S'ai. "Oh really… Then who do you think it is?" This questioned with an amused tone before she is sipping at her drink.

"Yes, S'ai, do tell - because it seems I've got it wrong." Thys grins at her clutchmate, waggling brows over at him so he can fill in where she's decided to stay mum. As she listens, she picks up a little stick of fingerroot to crunch her way through it.

"Nope nope nope." S'ai says as he returns back to his seat and sits himself back down, seeming to have decided a raid on the kitchen for leftover treats might end poorly. Plus he's filthy from fire work. "I learned my lesson early. A man does not A) get involved in or B) take sides in a conversation between women. It only leads to pain even if you say all the right things, because the other will just disagree on general principle."

Heading out of the kitchens with a tray of small cakes and pies is the new baker in the Weyr, Katrina. She is wearing an overly large apron covered in fruit juices and flour. Her wild red hair has been pulled back behind her and tied up with a leather strap so not to get in the way. Humming to herself, she places the tray down on a long table near by and gives a wave to S'ai as she looks to catch his attention, then makes a subtle motion pointing towards the cakes.

"I never said ye had it wrong Thys.." Abigail offers softly. She just never agreeded to what was said. She glances into her mug seeing that it is empty, well this is sad. "Good points to live by S'ai." This said with an amused tone and glance sent his way. Movement is caught and she glances off to the apron mwearing Katrina.

Thys winks at Abigail. "Oh, I know you didn't, Wingleader. But neither did you confirm it, so…" So she'll leave it to S'ai, who has a far more diplomatic answer than she'd been hoping for. "Shardit, S'ai, with words like that you ought to be in Phoenix." She rolls her eyes in a teasing display of exaggerated disappointment for him not spilling the beans… and then is distracted by Katrina and her tray of deliciousness. "Oh dear Faranth - is that her?" It's whispered just loud enough for the folks on her table to hear, but Thys is clearly in awe of the display of goodies just set out.

"…can't help I was raised with more brain cells than I let on." S'ai says with an amused sniff to Thys before her words catch her attention. He swings his head about to look towards where Thys is looking and his smile spreads almost ear to ear. "Oh yah." He says with delight as she spies him and waves. "Katrina!" Bring food. "Over here!" Bring food. "I was just telling 'em about you."

Wiping her hands off on her apron, Katrina looks surprised as she finds herself being summoned by the bronze rider. Glancing at the tray of food, she plucks them up and heads over with her usual happy wobbling gait. "Good evening. It is nice to see you again, S'ai." She slides the tray in front of them, full of fruit pies, tiered cakes and cream puffs of bright colors. "Oh. Hello ma'am." She bows quickly to the gold rider, wringing her hands together, then gives a wiggle of fingers to Abigail as well.

Abigail grins a bit to Thys. "No I didn't.." Right now she isn't about to tell them either it seems! Onwards though and she huffs a touch. "Don't go and try to steal my wingriders Thys." She says with a teasing tone. She looks to Katrina once more and ahs softly. "Hello there, Katrina is it? Good to meet ye."

"Hmf. Like I'd be good at Phoenix." S'ai says to Abigail with a laugh. "Br'enn's prettier than I am, folks will listen to him more." As Katrina arrives he at least does the proper duty of introductions before diving for the pies. "Katrina, this is junior weyrwoman Thys, gold Rhenesath's, and Windleader of Thunderbird, brown Niumdreoth's. I was just letting them know we met earlier and all the stuff you were baking."

"Ma'am. People call me ma'am," and Thys is still amused by it as she salutes Katrina, grinning brightly at her - because food. Delicious, delicious food! She pushes her crudites away, settling her hands on the table in a 'feed me' manner as S'ai introduces her. "Katrina, it's a pleasure to meet you, and even more of a pleasure to experience exactly why S'ai was talking to highly of you." Because food!

Blushing furiously, Katrina stubs her booted foot in the ground as she sways side to side. "Oh. I.. it's nothing, really. I just love to bake and pastries are my specialty. I just love sugar. Here! Have all you want." She nudges the tray over towards the gold rider, giving her cheek a rub to leave a stain of flour kissing her freckled cheeks. With a glance over to S'ai, she giggles softly, wringing her hands about her apron. "You were talking about me? You don't have to. It's nothing special. It is a real pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you for being so welcoming to your home."

Abigail does admit she is peeking over that stray of goodies that has been brought out now that it is a bit closer too her. "It all looks rather lovely Katrina." This said with a nod before she looks back to the baker. "No problem, it is what we do here. Glad to know that ye like being here so far." So far indeed.

It's the late lunch hour, and a late lunch is precisely what Br'enn is after. Though upon entering the Living Cavern and smelling something rather heavenly…he may end up having most of it be sugar. Wandering toward his clutchsiblings and an unfamiliar flour-covered woman, he makes a small show of following his nose, crooking a smile and giving Thys , Abigail, and S'ai a salute. "Afternoon," he greets before looking to the other woman. "And to you, miss. 'm guessin' you're responsible for all these," he notes, waving a hand at the pastries. It's rather clear he wants one, but he's not going to be rude at just dive at them when he doesn't even know the baker's name.

Speak of the devil! "Br'enn, hey! Long time no see." S'ai says towards his clutchbrother. "And no sense looking at all of 'em. Give 'em a try." Says the bronzer as he plucks up one of the handpies, crusty with butter and sugar, and takes a bite. "You are more than welcome here, Katrina. I think the whole Weyr could use some good snacks to perk everything back up."

"I love bakers, but I especially love generous bakers." Thys gushes at Katrina, helping herself to a pastry from the tray. "Br'enn! Come join us? This is Kitty, and she's not only a fabulous baker," she's assuming so, anyway, "but she's just brought all this out for us…" Then she turns to pat a chair beside her, inviting Katrina to come sit. "Join us? Have you just moved here to Fort?"

Continuing to blush, it appears that Katrina is not used to all of this attention. "You really want me to sit at a table with you guys? Wow. But, you are all… um.. really important.. and I'm a mess! I really should wash up and make myself presentable. But, yes, please, eat everything! I just love to bake and I can't wait to make breakfast tomorrow. I plan on making pancakes with red berry topping, maybe try and sneak a bit of vanilla into it as well to make it extra sweet." Untying her apron, she wads it about her hands and takes the offered seat, giving a warm smile to Br'enn. ".. Hi." She squeaks out to him as her body hunkers down in the chair.

Abigail looks up at the new voice and looks amused as she hears S'ai. A nod is sent to Br'enn. "Afternoon." Is said with a soft tone. "How have ye been Br'enn?" She hasn't talked to the other in well, a while now it would seem. Hearing Thys she chuckles a bit and grins. "Who doesn't love bakers?"

S'ai gets through most of his pie before his hand comes close enough to really look at it. Yeup. He's still filthy. There's half a moment where he seems to hesitate before resolutely popping the rest of the pastry in his mouth. Waste not. "'rnk'u!" He's pushing himself up from the table, swallowing and actually speaking clearer. "What I meant is thank you, again, and…this one to go." Another is hastily wrapped in a napkin. "I should probably go get cleaned before I infect everything with dirt and smoke. Have a good afternoon, all. Sorry to eat and run."

Br'enn definitely loves bakers! Enough that he has to make sure he goes for a run every day…not that Tovihasuth will let him get away with anything less regardless. "'Kitty…'" he echoes, shooting Thys and Abigail a tilted grin which he then beams at the baker as he picks up a pastry and taps a few fingers off his brow to the departing S'ai. He'll have to catch the other bronzer again to catch up in earnest sometime. "Short for anythin'? 'm Br'enn, bronze Tovihasuth's from Phoenix, 'n' this," he says, taking a bite and savoring it a bit before swallowing, "tastes ev'ry bit as good as it smells." He pulls out a chair with his foot and plops down. "Been doin' great," he answers Abigail brightly. Someone is in a very good mood, apparently! "Yerself, Wingleader?"

"Later, S'ai!" Thys had to swallow down a mouthful of pastry to say that, waggling her fingers at her clutchmate as he leaves. "I wouldn't say we're all that important that you need to stutter over it, Kitty." Thys dusts at her mouth to rid the crumbs gathered around it. "How's Rynn, Br'enn? Did you guys end up moving in together, or… am I speculating as much about that as I am about Abbey here and a certain bronzerider?"

"I know I love bakers. If it wasn't for other bakers, I would never have got inspired." Kat' says to Abigail though the attention she receives is still overwhelming for her. "Kitty is short for Katrina." Beam. "But, thank you for the praise, really. It's very sweet. Just like sugar cookies. Those are very sweet. It's nice to meet you as well, Br'enn." She giggle-hiccups.

Abigail nods to Br'enn, a soft smile seen once more. "So far so good.." She isn't about to go on bring up anything running through her mind right now. Speaking of those sweet treats she finally leans over to pick one something from the tray and peeks at it about to take a bite from it and she sends a glance to Thys. "Seems ye know more then yer saying."

"Good to meet ya, Katrina," Br'enn says after another bite, inclining his head a bit. "'specially this way. Food's always a good way to start off, I'd say." A few more bites and that pastry is gone, leaving the bronzerider to go after another. To Thys, he smiles. "She's doin' well. I, ah…" His lips tilt a little more to one side, his eyes flicking between goldrider and brownrider. "Asked 'er to weyrmate me. She said yes. So yeah, we're livin' together. Guess we'll be celebratin' it soon, so y'both keep an ear out for an invite, eh?" He grins at Katrina again. "Mayhap I'll be comin' to ya for a bunch of these for whenever we decide we're doin' that. If y're up for it."

"Oh, fabulous! Congratulations! I can't believe how many from our class are so happily hooked up… I blame our dragons." Thys takes another bite of her pastry, making a very satisfied sound as she chews on the mouthful. It's swallowed down, and she continues talking. "I think the Weyr could do with another party. Though I think, perhaps, I'll stay out of organising the next one…" Since she has all the luck when it comes to planning things.

Abigail smiles and nods to Br'enn at the talk of him and Rynn. "Good for ye both.. Hope all goes wel." She offers softly to the idea of such things. Weyrmates are for some, just not for all. Hearing Thys she chuckles softly. "Did everyone finds there buttons yet?.."

Br'enn chuckles past another mouthful. "Thanks," he says after swallowing again, brushing some fallen crumbs from his thigh. "Don't think Tov 'n' Mazz had much to do with it, honestly, though they do like seein' us happy, so…mayhap they all encourage us, eh?" Abigail's comment about buttons garners an amusedly raised eyebrow. "Heard about that. Y've got a knack for havin' weird things happen, 's for sure."

K'drozen slips into the living cavern from the bowl and begins to make his way slowly towards the serving table. The large brown rider seeming content to just gather his meal in silence, doesn't look about.

"Faranth, no, Abbey, I don't think they did… would you believe someone even took mine?" Thys shakes her head in disbelief. "But, on the up side, I think it's unlikely they'll turn up in someone's frozen dead hand… I hope." She then finishes off her pastry, and brushes her fingers on her skirt. "If you'll excuse me, please, I have to get back to the Sands. Rhenesath needs me." She pushes back from the table as she stands up, smoothing out her clothes. "Enjoy the rest of your afternoon - oh, and Br'enn? If you happen to come out onto the Sand, could you maybe bring me some of those pastries? I'm going to take some now, but I want to eat them all." She winks, fires off a playful salute, then goes to load up a plate with sweet delights to take out onto the Sands with her.

"Will do," Br'enn returns, ticking off a slightly icing-fingered salute to Thys. Inri will likely appreciate some as well. The bronzer spots another nearby and gives a short wave to K'drozen. "K'drozen! Oughta give these a try," he notes, waving to the nearby tray of pastries. "New gal named Katrina made 'em. Good stuff." An understatement! Though the way he digs into the next one he picks up likely conveys even more appreciation.

K'drozen finishes collecting his plate and glances over to Br'enn speaks and says, "TRy what?" spotting the pastries he smiles, "They really do look good."

Br'enn is already gathering up a selection of pastries and placing them on a plate of his own to haul away. "Kinda spoiled my lunch off 'em," the bronzerider says with a chuckle. "But when the whole cavern smells like 'em…they're a little hard to say no to. Enjoy." His plate loaded, Br'enn rises and pushes his chair back in with his foot. "Tov's callin' me back to the Sands, so I'd best get over there. Sorry to run already. See ya 'round." And with that, the Phoenix rider is out the door, balancing a plate full of sweets for the goldriders waiting on the Sands. Hopefully it's a smooth trek!