Fort Weyr - Records Room
This windowless room is brightly illuminated with electric lights and glow baskets alike. Shelf upon shelf of books and hides, carefully catalogued, line this room. A few small desks are in the middle of the room, for studying, and the room boasts a pair of computer terminals for electronically archived research as well.

When the heavy snows are falling, it's a good time to be inside, and Nyalle has snuck off from the office she shares with the other juniors to the records room, prowling along the shelves and peering with delighted interest at all the ancient texts and tomes that line these walls.

"In here?" a male voice asks from nearby but out of site. "I'm rather in a hurry, so if…"

"Yes, I saw her go in. Now go on," another voice — this one female — replies.

"Alright, thanks," the man replies, slipping around the corner and practically slamming right into Nyalle. "Oh!" So'l cries, embarrassed and a little startled. Thankfully, whatever's in the little bundle of wadded cloth he's *delicately* carrying doesn't go falling to the floor. "Goldrider," he nods, smiling as he recovers from surprise. "Sorry if I scared you. Listen…" Did the bundle just move? "I have something for you. I asked around and heard you didn't have one yet, so I figured you'd make a good home for it. Only the timeliness sort of surprised me so…" BAM! There it is, set down on a nearby table, nestled warmly in what looks like the remains of an old, ripped up shirt. It's a firelizard egg, though it's a bit on the small side, hmm?

Nyalle jumps and lets out a small squeak of surprise, snatching her skirts away and taking a hasty, stumbling step back. "Wingrider So'l!" she says, startled and admonishing as her cheeks color with a swift blush. Then she sees the egg and her hand flies to her mouth. "Oh! I. No. It's…I mean, it's nice, but, but, I can't…I…" she stammers, taking another step back.

"If you really don't want a firelizard, now's the time to say so," he eyes the egg nervously, watching it wobble a little. "Niema — one of the kitchen drudges — saw me on my way up and I swear, she tried to sweet talk me out of giving it to you. I can run it down to her, if you don't want it?" So'l's talking very fast now, you see, because the egg has started wobbling even more. "But I figured you might find one useful. Dragons are great at bespeaking one another but they can't pop into the Living Caverns to retrieve a forgotten pen. And they surely don't relay messages well to non-riders, right? Plus, I use mine to send letters to my family and Sharuth can't exactly *between* into the house to drop messages off." He's talking nervously now too because…hey, time is running out. Wobble. Wobble.

Nyalle fidgets, eying the egg with definite longing, but something is holding her back. "It wouldn't be proper," she whispers, "I'm a queenrider, and firelizards should go to those who have no dragon kind of their own. It would be selfish of me to claim one…" But her resolve is wavering due to the /longing/ in her eyes as she peers at that wobbling egg, captivated.

"And you know, before I was a bronze rider, I thought the same thing! But now that I'm part of a Search and Rescue wing, you wouldn't believe how useful mine have become," So'l explains, again rapid firing off his words. "They scout for me. Deliver messages to Wingleader Niska without having to rouse her dragon. Fetch my lucky Klah mug when I have forgotten it on the way to breakfast. Wait, forget you heard that one," he smirks nervously. "There are /plenty/ of firelizard eggs hatching in Fort Weyr all the time. Believe me, no one who wants one will go without for *too* long. C'mon, don't feel so guilty," he grins encouragingly before a sudden cracking noise is heard. Turning to look at the silverish egg, there's a very large crack that's now spreading across the surface. "Here it comes…"

When the egg shells fall away, it seems as if there were no firelizard inside at all. But then, rather suddenly, a small bronze appears from the shards, standing on his back two legs and chattering authoritatively at anyone who'll listen. Food. Now. He looks about in hopes of seeing who'll meet him on this side of the shell, his ravenous appetite making him a bit cranky but somehow still lovable in his own way.

Emergency Medical Hatchling (Bronze)
For a bronze, this hatchling isn't exactly what one would expect. He's not tiny by any means but clearly, he'll be on the smaller end of the bronzian scale by the time he's full grown. In terms of color, he's a bit greener in hide than most, though there's no denying that he /is/ a bronze. It's a fact he's actually quite proud of, given the way he struts. The coloring is mostly uniform save for his head, which is inexplicably paler than the rest. In fact, aside from dark swaths of bronze above his eyes — almost like thick little eyebrows — this hatchling's head looks almost shiny, as if mimicking human baldness. And odd look but he wears it well! Though he is small for a bronze, this hatchling is /not/ short on personality. Everything about him — from the way he moves to manner in which he interacts with humans and firelizards alike — demands authority and respect, though he may struggle in actually /earning/ it. Beneath this blustery exterior, though, is a heart that cannot stand cruelty and works hard to help others in need. There's also a curiosity for life that may be trying at times: What's this? Ah, a klah mug! Mine? No? Damn! Though he may be tough to get along with sometimes, this firelizard's gruff manner melts away to reveal deep care for his owner and a willingness to go out of his way to be dead useful.

Nyalle shakes her head as she gazes at the egg, and then she giggles, darting So'l a quick look. Lucky klah mug? She heard that. Then the shell breaks and he's /there/, and she gasps softly, hands pressed to her lips. "He's bronze!" she gasps, darting a quick look to So'l, her eyes bright with daring. Turning, she grabs a half eaten sandwich from some Harper's plate (sorry) and pulls out the meat, offering it towards the creature with a soft croon.

So'l takes a /very/ quick step back and — happy to see Nyalle both accepting of a firelizard AND happy it's a bronze — gives the woman room to work. He can't help but chuckle as she swipes meat from the sandwich and offers it to the little guy.

Emergency Medical Hatchling struts forward, having seen the offering of meat and shaking his wings dry to fly the rest of the way. Nom nom! He gulps the meat down and is ready for me. But before he can lecture Nyalle all about the importance of proper nutrition, he's staring into her eyes and…swoon. She's his, now, and he'll take care of her for all his days to come.

Nyalle gasps softly at the familiar tingle of impression, so similar and yet so /different/ than when she bonded with her beloved Kayeth. "So'l," she whispers breathlessly, darting a shining eyed glance his way. If there's love in her eyes, it's for the firelizard, promise. Because he has /all/ her attention as she feeds him more and strokes a finger over his head. "I hope Kayeth likes you," she murmurs softly, eyes unfocusing and then grimacing slightly. "That will take some work…"

"Is that a female dragon thing? Typriaeth is very jealous of Anique's firelizards and refuses to let her Impress anymore. Never seen a girl run so fast when I brought an egg into the Living Caverns last night," So'l laughs lightly. "Sharuth loves mine. He keeps asking why I won't Impress them all to me but really," he huffs comically, "two is quite enough for now." Stepping forward — not that Impression has been made — he grins down at the bossy little thing. "Bronze! A little small, maybe, but no doubt he'll be pretty smart. Kon…/my/ bronze," he explains, "will be very happy to have sired a metallic, I'm sure." He watches the woman feed the hatchling and asks, "Any ideas on a name?" He noticed the loving look but knows enough about these moments to understand where those feelings are actually pointed.

Nyalle shakes her head. "I doubt it," she answers as she feeds the bronze thoughtfully. "I think it's probably a Kayeth thing. And a…" she pauses, struggling with the name for a moment, "a Typriaeth thing. And yes, bronze! I will be able to train him well, to do things that I need. A name?" Here she laughs, soft and brief and genuine, as her usual mask of politeness and reservation has slipped temporarily. "I do not have a clue, it happened so fast. I was in here searching for interesting records on Fort's history…

So'l takes note of the mask slippage, finding that he quite likes who's really underneath. With a warm smile in response, he nods to the notion of the jealousy not being typical to all females and says, "I see. Well, hopefully she'll enjoy someone to help scrub and oil her when you're busy? I'll admit, the idea of having a whole /fair/ to clean Sharuth for me is a bit enticing," he snerks, eyes still lingering on the newly hatched bronze. "I'm sure he'll be very useful. And you've plenty of time to come up with something. I named my green after an old girlfriend. She was bossy but kind underneath it all," he admits. "But it took me three days to think of it."

Nyalle giggles softly. "They are huge, aren't they? And your beast isn't even done growing yet!" she says with sympathy. "She will accept him, I'm sure, it will just take some adjustment." And then, a curious look is canted his way. "After an old girlfriend? Why? It was a pleasant breakup?" she asks, peering at the bronze and murmuring, "Well. I suppose…" Then a shaky breath and a soft exhale, and a shake of her head. "No."

"Yes they are!" the bronzerider laughs in response. "I don't mind, though. We do a lot of our best thinking during bath time." So'l nods in regards to Kayeth accepting the bronze before chuckling at the mention of the 'pleasant breakup.' "Pleasant enough. She was ready to do more than I was. A /lot/ more, and we'll leave it at that. So she started spending time with my best friend. Honestly," he laughs, "I didn't mind because it meant she wasn't constantly asking me to do things for her anymore. They're mated, now, living out in Lemos. Anyway," he shrugs, "the personalities were so similar, I couldn't resist."

Nyalle glances sidelong at him for a long, thoughtful moment, and then nods. "Both have to be ready to progress," she says softly, a grimace briefly twisting her features before they smooth, and that polite smile is back. "At least they found their happy ending. As for a name for this one, I do not know. I will have to think on it, but thank you for bringing him to me. I'm…flattered I came to your mind."

"You're very welcome. Just wanted to welcome you to Fort," So'l grins, "and maybe give you someone to help with errands. I'm glad it all worked out," he nods with finality. "I should probably get back…we're heading out soon on an afternoon sweep. Have fun with these dusty records and your new little friend," comes the bronzerider's words of parting. "I'll just take this back, though," he smiles sheepishly, grabbing the torn up shirt — which is littered with shell — and tucking it away, being careful not to let the bits fall to the ground. He'll dispose of them elsewhere.