Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is a early winter evening at Fort weyr, a heavy snow falling outside. The thick flurries, fall constant and heavy blanketing the weyr in white. Withing the living cavern a large fire burns in the hearth, sending it warming glow though out the room. Near to the hearth, K'drozen sits warming his hands towards the fire. The rider appears to have just arrived back in the weyr, still clad in his heavy riding leathers.

Snowfall out there and in here warmth. It's not hard for Anique to make the choice to come here this evening. Bundled up against the cold she nearly stumbles into the doorway. "Don't care if it's still warmer than between. My point is that it is cold!" she argues with an unseen voice. Stepping to the side she stops to bang snow from her boots and start to remove layers.

The thick flurries are driving another poor soul into the living caverns, one who looks rather chilled and a good amount of snow clings to his travel clothes. At least he has the sense to dress properly for the weather, but it does little to improve Rayathess' mood. "They're going to flay me alive…" the young man can be heard muttering under his breath as he pauses by the entrance way to brush the clinging snow from his shoulders and jacket, pushing back the hood as well and shaking it free. His clothing is dyed a dark coal grey but with accents of Harper blue worked in, which makes sense given the Harper apprentice knot he has pinned to his shoulder. He starts a bit when Anique stumbles in and mutters to some unseen voice. "Evening, Wingrider." he greets politely, if not a touch reserved as his eyes then scan the caverns. "Come in to escape the snow too, hmm? Fire looks warm." Which he indicates with a nod of his head towards the hearths and a curious look to his eyes. Heading that way? Spying K'drozen already there, he'll dip his head politely to the brownrider too.

Looking up from the fire, K'drozen gives a nods in return to Rayathess as she nears, "Pull up a chair and warm up. It really is nasty out there." as he gaze falls on Anique though the brown rider, expression morphs, a smile crossing his face as he continues, "Anique!" waving her over to join him right in front of the fire.

Wingrider? For a moment Anique actually looks behind her to see who is being called wing rider. Then it clicks and she ohs. Right. Her. "Evening, harper." she counters titles with him. "Indeed, an escape is being sought." she agrees. As for the fire she indeed is headed that way so her steps towards it are an answer to the curious look to his gaze. The snow covered layers are left hanging by the door. K'drozen is spotted there by the fire and a warm smile lights up her gaze as she moves to join him. Leaning in she gives the brown rider a quick kiss. "I wasn't sure if you'd be in the weyr tonight. I thought perhaps duties would have you busy." she greets.

K'drozen nods his head and says, "It was a really busy one today.. I don't think some of the holders where ready to get hit quiet this hard. I was out on sweeps most of the day. I think we got everyone in safe but." he shrugs a bit and leans over to return Anique's light kiss, "Did you need anything to drink or anything I was going to grab some Klah.."

"So it is," Rayathess agrees dryly with K'drozen, grimacing a bit as he shakes off the last of the snow from his cloak and jacket before slipping them off and hanging them nearby to dry out. Anique's reply brings a faint smile to the young man's lips, "Apprentice Harper." he murmurs before taking a seat across from the two riders. He'll pointedly look at the fire while the two exchange a greeting, but K'drozen's mention of the snow again has him snorting. "Wouldn't be surprised. Certainly caught me off guard and I was to return to Harper Hall tonight." No dice!

Like a wild runner, a certain bronzerider comes bursting into the Living Caverns. He's holding something in his palms — something /moving/ — and it's with great haste that he says, "Look out! Coming through!" Quickly So'l zips near the fire — which coincidentally is where people are sitting — and says, "Hope someone wants a firelizard because two is enough for me right now." And BAM! He sets a firelizard egg down on the table — warmly bundled in an old shirt — and then moves way the heck back. Definitely a move to ensure /he/ doesn't Impress whatever is inside. The azure egg doesn't waste ANY time and starts wobbling pretty much immediately.

"What? huh? Not me!" exclaims Anique quickly as So'l's entrance draws her attention quickly. "Typ won't let me!" so jealous is the green! Looking back to K'drozen she smiles again. "I'll take something to eat actually. Anything you grab me is good. I'm not picky really." settling into a chair she casts a quick grin towards the apprentice harper. "Looks like you'll be here tonight!" she says cheerfully enough.

Brilliant azure swaths this egg in stunning blue, marbled with gradient shades of monochrome variation that swirl about its surface. The color is so thick it's almost like this egg is coated in sweet frosting rather than hard eggshell. The tippy top of the egg is graced with licks of fire, the flame-like colors almost dancing like the excited flares of candles in the breeze. Looking at this egg, one might think it a clever culinary approximation of a firelizard egg rather than the real thing. Even so, touching the shell yields hardness and the promise that something fun is /definitely/ waiting inside.

K'drozen laughs and shakes his head to S'ol, "Oh no non for me thank you." before turning to look back to Anique, "Alright I will grab you something." as he steps towards the serving table, getting well way from the rocking egg with a laugh.

Which leaves only Rayathess there, his green eyes focused on that egg as it begins to wobble and then helplessly does he look to all three riders. His gaze darts from So'l, to Anique and K'drozen. Won't any of them take it? No? He sighs heavily. "Where's some weyrbrats when you need them! I already pawned an egg off on my own brother the other time I was here because I wasn't looking for a third!" he mutters and yet makes no move to vacate the area. He just smirks and shakes his head, glancing sidelong to Anique. "So it would seem! Which may not benefit me come morning. The ride from here to the Hall is not long, but Faranth knows if the roads will be clear. I'd rather not miss my lessons…" Yet what choice will he have? "This one of yours?" Rayathess asks to So'l, gesturing with his hand to the egg in question, followed by a muttered. "I don't even have food on me…"

"Lucky for you," So'l chuckles and pulls a small bundle from his pocket, "/I/ do." He tosses the wrapped packet to Rayathess. Upon opening it, he'd find a mound of shredded meatroll and some cheese bits. "And I guess so? My bronze led me to a nest the other day. He was /insistent/ about it. Don't know where the mother was," he shakes his head, "but she was gone. Hope she wasn't hurt. Anyway," he says, "this one apparently wants to come out already." And eyeing the egg — which has increased again in wobbling intensity — So'l figures it's going to happen any moment now, especially when his Bronze Kon bursts out of *between* and lands on his shoulder. The bronze begins thrumming to call forth his progeny.

The blue egg — the one that looks like a frosted treat rather than a firelizard egg — positively /jumps/ in place, cracking firmly from the descending impact and splitting almost cleanly apart. Inside is a large-for-his-age brown hatchling whose keen eyes whirl about for both food /and/ some excitement.

"Smile, Mr. Vulcan!" Brown Hatchling
At hatching, this peppy brown is definitely bigger than one would expect, especially around the middle. He's girthy and a little rotund but that in no way dampens his ability to move with confidence and never-ending-curiosity. His hide is very pale tan, though dark splotches of ochre and mahogany form heavily at the base of his sound receptors and flow ever downward towards his tail. His wings are his finest — and darkest — feature, colored deep, reddish brown with whispy, almost whisker-ish looking striations of thin, pale striping swathing across and down the sails. In terms of personality, this firelizard is all. about. FUN! No frowning in his presence! Some bark-brown coloring around the corners of his muzzle make him look as if perpetually smiling, which mixes well with his antics of trying to make others laugh through comedic movements and comically timed noises. If a room's mood is a little too dour, you can expect him to start prancing around and trying to lighten things up a little. And while it may not be apparent just from looking at him, this guy is more empathetic than most firelizards and will always stay close to his owner and try to brighten things up when they get too dark. Given his girth — he must have sucked every single drop of nutrients out of his egg before hatching — this brown is prone to overeating and may need to be trained well to prevent getting too heavy to fly.

Rayathess grabs the package tossed at him by So'l with minimal fumbling and once he realizes what it is, he has to resist pitching it right back at the bronzerider or even over to Anique. Uh, thanks? "That's odd in a way. Usually greens abandon their clutches. At least, I've never been able to find any of Cervena's." he mutters, only to blink when the egg hatches and out pops a rather girthy brown hatchling. Glancing above to the rafters, Rayathess confirms the presence of his current two, also a brown and green, who hum along in welcome. The young Harper apprentice only shakes his head and when it's evident no other will try to claim the poor thing, he'll dangle a bit of food.

So'l simply shrugs. "Kon isn't exactly forthcoming with the details. Sharuth has tried," he admits, referring to his dragon, "but Kon won't budge. I'm calling it The Mystery Clutch," he snerks. The bronze on his shoulder has stopped thrumming now and is flying circles overheard, waiting for his son to Impress before he'll pop back *between* to continue whatever it was he was doing before coming here. Chuckling, the bronzerider watches Rayathess offer the meat and feels relieved that someone open to another firelizard was in the Caverns this day.

"Smile, Mr. Vulcan!" Brown Hatchling spies his father overhead and is — for a moment — distracted by the circling. But then Rayathess is offering food and WOW! Does it smell delicious or what?! Climbing over the shell's remnants, the portly little brown moves forward, shaking off his wings and crooning an enthusiastic hello. Then, of course, he starts pulling the meat from Rayathess' hands, chomping it down in one bite before looking up at the man with more adoration than one might think possible.
"Smile, Mr. Vulcan!" Brown Hatchling looks into Rayathess's eyes. Impression!

"Dragons can talk to firelizards?" Rayathess asks before thinking, only to wince when his ignorance shows. For an Apprentice, it's obvious he doesn't know much about dragons or cares enough to remember. He knows the basics for his fire lizard's care and training and of course whatever was taught to him in ballads and teaching songs. But the nitty gritty? Goes right over his head. "Mystery Clutch? Apt name." he remarks, only to give a brief startled look as the brown so readily comes to him. "Woah, now." he murmurs to the hatchling and it's no surprise what happens next. And yes, there is a smile there! Rayathess thaws out in another way as he carefully tucks the brown closer to his body to resume feeding it. "If I don't catch flak for being late returning, I'm certainly going to get it for bringing in a new firelizard!" he drawls.

"In a way," So'l nods. "Nothing complex, mind you. Firelizards are still firelizards," he says, trying to clarify a little. "But they can use a few words. Pictures, mostly," he concedes before moving on. "He's a cute one, if not a little porky," he smiles, coming closer now that the brown has Impressed. "I'm always amazed by how different each one is when hatching. Where do they get all that personality from while in the egg? Kind of amazing," he notes, retrieving the old shirt he'd delivered the egg in. "I should probably get back to my ledge before the weather gets worse. I know you'll give him a good home," the bronzerider nods.

Rayathess nods his head, his expression a touch distracted as he sees to the little brown's comfort. "Pictures can be helpful. Sometimes more so than words." he murmurs, only to chuckle dryly. "He does seem a bit on the porky side, huh? Didn't even think they could hatch like that. But I suppose it's like any other creature. Never born quite the same and all seem to have some trait to discern themselves from another." Or so the young man assumes. Another half-quirked smile and Rayathess is dipping his head politely to So'l. "I'll take good care of him. My other two have flourished, I see it being no different with this fellow. Best of luck with the weather as it is tonight. I've best to see if my brother is around… Maybe he won't mind if I settle in his room tonight." No way is the Apprentice going to brave the snows this night! "Oh, and thank you…" he adds, faltering when I has no name to supply.

"Indeed," So'l nods to the talk of differentiation upon hatching. "And staying out of this weather is probably a very good idea. We're not even passed autumn yet and it's already like this? Winter is coming…with bared teeth, it seems," the rider smirks. "You've certainly done well by them, it seems," he says, looking up at the two in the rafters. "I'm sure he'll be very happy. And it's So'l," the young man offers. "Formerly Solan. We met very briefly at a dance function. When Polana stormed out because?" he offers as a means of potential reminder. "Be well, Rayathess. Have a safe trip tomorrow." And with that, the rider gives a wave and drifts out of the room, snagging a meatroll for himself on the way.