Who Leuka, Sephany
What Leuka finally catches up with Sephany after the Library incident.
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2714
Where Lower Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

Leuka is once more seated on a couch, taking up quite a bit of it without actually trying to. He's got a closed notebook and pen, but so far he hasn't cracked it open. The Harper's gaze friequently goes towards the residents's hallway before dragging his attention back around the room. Slouching back against the armrest, he stares around the room, watching a couple playing a board game for a while then letting his gaze drift around til it settles on the flickering flames in the hearth. He appears to be having a few lazy days, mainly not bothering to shave, every so often he reaches up to scratch at his jaw, or chin. Mainly though, he's sorta glaring at the fire while fingers drum incessantly on the armrest.

Sephany has been conspicuously, though probably not surprisingly, absent as of late. Meals are taken at odd hours, using the excuse of apprentice duties or sheer lack of appetite to explain why she is missing. She has devoted herself to her studies and, if concerned friends bother to ask about it, she simply says that she has been slacking and needs to catch up. But tonight it is the library that she is coming from, a small stack of books clutched to her body that has been draped in at least three layers. Steps light, quick; her typical gait bringing out from the depths of the weyr and into the lower caverns, heading more or less for her room, if one took a guess. She spares a glance for the occupants of the room; grey eyes glancing over with little recognition until they spot Leuka at his chair. This is cause for immediate tightness through her entire frame; a hunch of her shoulders, a duck of her head, and a very determined increase in her pace.

Leuka glances yet again towards the hallway with no luck and scrubs almost irritably at his face before peering back towards the fire once more. He's apparently grown tired of watching the gamers and pretty much everything else in the lower caverns. A new shuffling sound drags his gaze around and he spots the huddled form moving through. He's already turning attention back to the fire before snapping his gaze back and doing a doubletake. Leuka almost didn't recognize her with how many layers she is wearing. "Sephany." He calls out and leans up from his slouched position. "Can we talk?" He gestures to the couch. He absentmindly drags fingers through his hair in an attempt to fingercomb it into submission.

A cloak, decidedly loose and concealing. A dress of emerald green. A long-sleeved shift of ivory. Three layers of clothing carefully chosen and designed to protect against the cold, and to hide the fact that her stomach is not quite as flat as it ought to be. Trademark long blonde hair pushed beneath her layers, hidden beneath the ebony cape-like cloak. It is not that surprising, really, that Leuka would not recognize her on sight; Sephany is trying to be inconspicuous. But she is spotted, and called by name. Two more steps are taken before she sort of stutters, hesitates, and finally comes to a stop. She does not turn, but stands as though frozen, debating her options. A heartbeat passes, and then she takes a deep breath and makes her decision. Her head lifts, shoulders straighten just a bit more, and she turns toward Leuka and his offer. Another moment of hesitation as grey eyes seek out the couch but decidedly not the Harper, and then she moves forward. Not nearly as swiftly as before, but she's not lingering, either, delicate strides take her from hall to couch where she carefully sits herself, perched on the edge and clutching her books with white-knuckled fingers. "Leuka," she greets him, voice carefully neutral. "What did you want to talk about?" As if she didn't already know.

Leuka can't help but flash a grin when Sephany turns and starts towards the couch while he straightens himself up a bit. Rather than take up the majority of the couch, he's only taking up nearly half. It's not his fault he couch is on the small side. The Harper's obviously pleased to see her as he cants his head at her neutrality, he snorts and isn't having any of that. After she settles, he'll scooch a bit closer without actually crowding her. "Since when do I need a specific reason to wanna talk to you." He'll refrain from asking how's she's doing, last time that didn't do so well. "I haven't been able to see you around, so I was sorta forced to lurk and wait here til I could catch up with you." Eyeing the books he gives a rueful sigh "I should have checked the library, but I sorta been avoiding that after our last coversation." He gives a little shrug and smiles "But no matter, We're here, talking now." Or at least he's talking and Yeup, he's starting to babble on a bit.

Sephany can't seem to decide whether she wants to stare at Leuka so that she can analyze his expression, or avoid him by staring at the wall. Or the carpet. Or her books. Anything, really, other than him. And so her grey eyes keep skipping from one thing to another, never settling long enough for her to actually see anything. That smile; she caught it. It makes her shoulders tighten all the more, and the corners of her mouth pull down into a frown. It's not… angry. Not really. It's confused. But here she is, regardless; perched on the edge of the couch as if she might flee (she probably won't), listening to Leuka babble, and trying really hard to both follow the conversation and understand why it is happening in the first place. "I've been avoiding you," point blank, for why he hasn't seen her around. "And avoiding everyone else, as well." So at least he is not the only one? A long exhale, and she shifts her body enough to more or less face him. "Leuka," and her tone is a 'stop talking please' sort of patient tone, meant to halt the babbling. "Last time we spoke… I know it was bad. I said a lot of things that I… I can't say that I regret what I said, but I do regret the manner in which I said them." A frown, and now her eyes study his face; take in the rumpled hair and stubble, fingers tightening around her books.

Leuka can't say he's surprised that she's been avoiding him. He finally goes quiet and listens, after a moment he reaches ahand out to rest on her arm, if she'll allow, and perhaps give a comforting little squeeze. "I won't even pretend to understand what you are going through Sephany. Stressed probably doesn't even begin to cover it." He glances down to the stack of books with a sigh "You.." he starts and stops before starting over "I was caught off guard the other day. And before it really sank in, you were getting even more upset with me and things just sorta…" He gestures uncertainly "..exploded. For lack of a better word. Then you were gone." He gaves the Weaver a little smile. "I've never expected you to behave a certain way Sephany. I've been trying to get to know the person you are. You are going through alot, I know. But that doesn't mean I suddenly wanna to stop getting to know you, or spending time with you when our duties allow."

There is no easing of tension, no relaxing of her posture or settling into the couch. Sephany is tense, and she's not about to change anytime soon. There is comprehension but no acknowledgement to the words he offers her; she is stressed to the max and it's written all over her body. "You told me you wondered if I was telling you because I wanted to dump you, Leuka," she hisses, reining in the aggression with a quick swallow and a deep breath. "How could you think that?" and now there is real hurt in her voice. "I was dying. I hadn't slept the night before, worried what you would say… I was so worried before then that you would feel it before I could tell you, and then…" a deep breath, before her voice can shake too much more than it already is. "And then you say that. You say that… as if I would be so cruel. As if I would use this situation as a clever excuse…" a tensing of her jaw as teeth clench together, renewed anger for the memory that she does her best to bite back. There is so much more she could say; it's written in the way she's fighting to hold her tongue, grey eyes glancing away before she says something she will regret. "It doesn't matter, though," she repeats. As for whether or not there was an expectation for her behavior? Sephany glances at him from the corner of her eye, head turned away and down. "You make me uncomfortable," she tells him at last. "When you buy me gifts. When you say things… that sound like we're a couple. I don't… I'm not… I don't want to be someone for whom gifts are bought." The fingers around her books move, idly picking at the corner of the top volume, fidgeting. "Why?" does Leuka want to get to know her.

Leuka sighs as he seems to be upsetting the weaver even more and gives his head a shake. Finally, he gives a little chuckle, but not at Sephany, more at himself as he peer back to her curiously "You haven't figured it out by now? I'm an IDIOT!" He lets that hang in the air a moment as his humor eases back to zilch, his attention slipping around to see a few people staring his way at his announcement. "What? Go back to your game!" Dismissing them from his thoughts quickly wnough, he turns his attention back to his favorite Fortian. "You kept making such a point about how we haven't been dating and that we weren't really…anything. I've just been trying to figure out…where I fit in to everything." He reaches for her hand, offering a little half smile "I was trying to think, and figure some things out. But, you wanted me to say something right then. And my brain just spit out some bit of nonsense." He sighs and tries not to frown hearing how he makes her feel "I'm sorry for that. And about all the stupid thngs I've said." He's quiet a few seconda dn glances down to watch her picking at the books "Alright, how about I'll start keeping a list of…" he seems to have ahard time saying this next part, goes against everything he stands for "../rules/. Everything I'm not allowed to do when it comes to you. 1> Under no circumstances will we ever consider ourselves dating. 2> Never ever buy Sephany gifts. 3> .." He seems confused a moment "I'm not sure what three is yet, but I'll add it to the list when I do." Brow lifts a bit when he glances back up to Sephany "Huh? Why what? Do I wanna get to know you?" Assuming she nods or gives a positive signal, he seems to watch her face, as if trying to choose just the right words that won't get him yelled out some more. "I think you're amusing and fun to be around. You are creative and think outside the box." He smirks a bit "You got me to risk life and limb to try ice skating." Leuka smiles and edges a little closer. "I think we sorta …get along and click well with each other. I think I'd be an even bigger idiot than I already am if I didn't want to get to know you even better." He suddenly shrugs and feigns disinterest, totally false disinterest though, if the hint of a smirk is any clue "Not that I'd ever wanna date you or anything."

"You just sat there, looking as if I had just made a comment about the weather," Sephany remembers, her voice a low murmur that may be difficult even for Leuka to hear, without effort. "If I didn't get you to say something… I didn't know how you would react. I didn't want you to blow up at me later. Better to have it happen then, when I was prepared…" but it is neither here nor there; what is done is done and Sephany purses her lips and bites her tongue. Her hand he can take, though she is tense even through her fingers, even in his grasp. Or perhaps because of it. A flick of grey eyes, a glance out of the corner, and she catches that bit of a smile. "You're not an idiot, Leuka. You're just… you." If it was meant to be reassuring, her voice falls incredibly far from achieving it. But it is certainly not meant to be cruel. But silence descends upon the weaver, as she listens carefully to all that he says. "We don't need rules…" but it's low, a murmur that is either missed or over-written when he starts actually listing… rules. A furrow of her brows at the naming of them. She doesn't have a number '3', it seems. Either that, or she is trying to determine whether or not he is being serious. His list of reasons engenders no response, though his final and feigned declaration that he would never want to date her, at least gets an amused snort and a flicker of a smile at the corner of her mouth. "I don't need a boyfriend, Leuka. And I don't… really want one," she admits, not quite apologetic, though her tone has softened. "I just need friends. If we can be friends… that would be nice. But right now, after… all of that," and there's a vague gesture, a lift of her hand from her books to motion toward the library. "My life has become complicated enough. I don't… want any more complications."

Leuka tries to keep a straight face, with difficulty when she decides he's not an idiot, but has trouble determining what he is.. "Maybe the words you're looking for are Stubborn? Jerk? Ass? Any combo of the previously mentioned? They are all fitting I suppose." A little grin appears as he supplies her with a couple more options. After a moment the simply nods and looks to the pale haired weaver "We are friends, unless you've decided I'm not." He grins and leans a little to bump her sholder with his "I trusted you with Fizgig afterall. Think I would have done to with just any random person?"

None of those additionally supplied words are seized upon by the weaver. But Sephany does roll her eyes; which is actually a good sign despite the gesture being rather rude. But the mention of Fizgig has her expression faltering, going back to that weird sort of guarded neutral. Grey eyes skate away once more, watching the hearth with fascination before she tells him, "You'll need to make new arrangements for him. I'm… well. I'm going to be spending some time in Igen with my mother and sisters… for the whole… birth thing." Clearly, this is an uncomfortable topic. Sephany's nose wrinkles as she grimaces, shoulders hunching at the very mention of 'birth'. "But, I will be here for another month so… you have some time."

Leuka gives a little nod and leans back against the couch, the leaning forward starting to be uncomfortable. "I'll work something out." He lets his gaze drift around a bit. "Maybe Hauser can look after him." He frowns though, not at all sure, before something else seems to occur to him. Rather than blurt it out though, the Harper seems to be having a silent conversation with himself, completely with head tilts, some lip moving and facial expressions before he nods to himself and looks back to Sephany "Unless you maybe wanna take him with you. Not that I'm suggesting giving him to you cause I'm not. Simply thinking he could help ease your stress some." He sorta doesn't seem to want his canine to be so far away…but… "Has he helped your stress the last few sevendays since you've been taking care of him." He observes her face and goes on "I'm serious. I'd miss him while he was gone, but if you think he may help you when you seem to be at a breaking point…" Leuka doesn't voice that he'd miss her as well, that would just start a whole new argument. He gestures vaguely towards the books as if hinting at the library disaster. "Maybe he get help you when you're away." He shrugs after a moment "If not, then I'll make it work. Hauser may be a bit irked at me, but I think he'll agree to watch him I'll figure it out…even if I have to sneak him into the barracks." He doesn't voice the other option he's been coonsidering recently.

The idea that Fizgig might accompany her to Igen certainly surprises Sephany. She frowns, not at all certain what to make of it, rolling the idea around in her head for a moment before she gives the barest shake of her head. "I don't know if that would be a good idea, for Fizgig," she explains. "I'm not sure if I will be able to care for a canine, once I'm as big as a dragon." A joke? Maybe? "And I don't think he would appreciate living in the desert; he'd have to stay inside all the time, or I would be worried he'd overheat…" a shake of her head. "As much as it might be nice to have him, it would be horrible for him. And I am… I will be OK. I will not be alone in Igen. My mother is there. A few of my sisters are there. And I have friends, too. Also… Thimble and Harper will be with me. I won't be alone." But she reaches out her hand, a brush of tense fingers against his arm, "But thank you, for the offer. I appreciate it." Her hand retreats, back to her books, settling over them as though that is where they are meant to be. "Hauser can watch him, I'm sure. But don't try to take him into the barracks, Leuka. You would get in so much trouble!" Even if it would be amusing.

Leuka winces as she points out a couple of things that he totally didn't consider. Yea, poor guy would melt under all that fur." He smirks to Sephany and winks "See. Idiot." After a moment, he gives a not at all guilty eye shift about trouble and shrugs "Wouldn't be the first time." he watches Sephany a moment before sighing and dragging his attention somewhere else. "I should get going. Before Riohra has to cover for me again." Not mentioning just why the hunter was covering for the Harper, Leuka pushes up to stand, stretching a bit as he does. But just as quickly, he's crouching down in front of Sephany. He just looks at her a moment before leaning forward and kisses her for a moment, keeping his hands to himself, before reluctantly pulling away. "Argue all you want, but we both know you enjoy that just as much as I do." Gazing at her a moment longer, he reaches over for his notebook and stands. "Good night Sephany." He then leaves, heading towards the tunnel, most likely the practice room to finish some work before crashing.

A slow nod of her head, as Leuka agrees with her in regard to Fizgig. "He would," echoes Sephany, of the poor canine melting. An audible exhale for his comment on 'trouble', a knowing look in her grey eyes as she considers him briefly. "Riohra is nice," she continues, "far too willing to stick his neck out for others, with no thought for himself." It's a thinly veiled warning and a request; don't get him into trouble. She shifts in her spot, turning as though to prepare to stand herself, catching his movement from the corner of her eye as he stands and then just as abruptly sinks down in front of her. There's a sharp inhale of surprise, and her entire body tenses up, as though preparing to flee or fight or sink back into the couch. But the kiss that comes is swift, and he's retreated before she can put up her hand to stop him. A tightening of her jaw for the comment, though she does not attempt to argue. She does not attempt to speak at all, simply sits in silence as he collects his notebook and heads for the tunnels, grey eyes following until he's out of sight. And then there is an exhale, a release in the tension of her shoulders, and movement from the weaver once again. Up. Books clutched to her once more. A spin on her heels and then gone, heading for her room with quick, quiet steps.

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