Who Eiram Jaelynn Riohra
What Candidate dinners
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Jaelynn has spent most of her day tending to the plants in the Greenhouse, so like the day before she is a bit dirty, at least hay isn't sticking out from her hair. She is working on brushing some dirt off of her hands, and there is snow clinging to her boots and a jacket that loks a few sizes to be for her proving it belongs to another (which would be Triven's). Robin is curled up on her shoulder half under her hair in some attempt to stay warm. "Find something to eat and then go grab a bath, what you think Robin?" The blue then grumbles which sounds more like hissses and growls really. It is nearly diner time and plenty of people are found in the caverns doing the dinnering things.

Dinner means food, and food means Riohra is somewhere near by, the tall fortain hunter is currently inline getting food piled on his plate. He frowns abit and will grab a bowl quickly to add some other foods into before he turns for the tables.

Jaelynn has plate of food and something hot to drink and is son off to find a seat, and seemingly following Riohra in the process. "Hey thre." Is said towards the other as she figures out who it is.

Riohra looks back as people part for the tall hunter as he waves through the crowd to a table "Hey yourself, how was chores today?" Once a table is located he will wait for Jaelynn to sit first.

"Was better then I thought when I found an actual greenhouse to work in." Jaelynn offers with an amused tone as she takes over a seat once getting to the talet in uestion. "I wasn't sure there actualy was one and I wasn't sure what I wassuppose to do in the snow when I had to garden." Honestly who thinks of such things? "What about you?"

Riohra grins and says "caverns detail, which basicly means i stay out of the way most of the time and lift heavy objects" he chuckles as he starts in on his own food. "Gardening in the snow does sound strange but well stranger things have happened still"

Jaelynn lightly points her fork at Riohra. "Well… Your tall enough fro such things. Did itwork out wel?" She questiones with a teasing tone before taking a bite of food.

Riohra nods "One of the advantages of working were you live, people already know how to use you and you can't say no" he looks up and gives her a smile "That jacket is abit on the large side, there are some extra cold weather clothes the Headwoman has if you wanted something to keep the cold out."

Jaelynn chuckles osftly and nods while setting her fork down and picks up her mug. "True. Runkle keeps me busy with certain things at times." She hums and glances to her (stolen) jacket and smiles. "No I'm good with this one. It's Triven's. Never gave it back to him. Don't suppose he'll need it in Irene at the moment either."

Riohra raises an eyebrow and grins "Well probably not" he takes a drink of his Klah and then will observe "so stealing his jacket, is that to make sure he doesn't come visit you or so he has to come and see you?"

Jaelynn grins a bit and shrugs. "More I just didn't want to give back to him. I've had it for a bit now… Not even sure if he knows I still have it in all honesty. Thought about sending him a button from it tomorrow to see if he might come for a visit." She totes has his jacket hostage.

Riohra chuckles and shakes his head "the games you girls play, I am sure he would drop everything to see you if you asked." he is enjoying his meal and asks "Will he move here if you impress?"

Jaelynn shrugs a bit and looks amused. "Hey, I only play with im to a point. This is innocent from what I hear other girls do." She ponders that and shrugs. "I don't think so… I didn't think about that. His starting a shop at Irene, and if I was to impress well I'd have a easy ride to see him at least."

Riohra shrugs and sits at the table with Jaelynn having dinner meal "As long as he doesn't take it to seriously, or are you two getting serious?" he is teasing her now knowing the rules himself and well his own situation. "Has he picked a name for it yet?"

"I suppose it depends on what one considers 'serious'." Jaelynn offers after a moment of thought. "I think so… We talked about it before I had to go back to Xanadu after a trip we was taking with a friend."

Riohra nods and grins "Well what do you want? besides one of those eggs out there to hatch for you" he motions towards the sands.

Jaelynn ponders that while Robin hops down from her shoulder and helps himself to a bit of something off her plate. Eww wait is that greenleafy thing a plant and not meat? Robin is sitng there and the leafy greenbits is basicly dropping out of his maw back onto the plate and he is busy rubbing his muzzle and would be spitting some if he could. "I'd love to impress of course. Triven knows that too." As for Robin, Jaelynn eyes the lizard and just blinks. "Honestly Robin…"

Riohra grins and will scoot some meat off his own plate towards the little firelizard saying "well being on the same page, at least from my experience, is probably the best thing for it." He has a ton in this departement it seems after all.

Jaelynn rolls her eyes slightly. "There is some meat on the plate, he just grabbed the greensnips." She pulls the plate over to the side, well she is done with it after firelizard drool is on it. She'll pick off the bit of bread she got and chews on a bite of it. "What about you… I mean being your other is at Ierne after all?" This questiond with a curious look to Riohra.

Riohra shrugs and grins "I wait for her, if this turns out like the last time then when she graduates we see if she can either transfer here or I go there." Yes becuase life is that simple, just smile and it goes, "Me and Kass and Xerosaeth are a family, we don't need more than that to be happy."

Jaelynn smiles and nods at this. "I hope it works out for you three then." Robin will pick at the meaty bits that was given to him by Riohra and will do little grumblygrowls of being happy for the actual food he can you know eat.

Well after his freezing chore of yesterday it seems the Headwoman has taken pity on the youngest little candidate and Eiram has another day off. Definitly the 'kid of the barracks' as he looks about 12 and still even so much younger than all else so far. He put the day to good use at least up with other apprentices practicing and now he comes down to dinner with an instrument bag over one shoulder. He looks around and sees some of the fellow candidates and sets his bag down, "I am starving!" He declares and heads over to get some food.

Riohra raises an eyebrow at Eiram as he trounces in flaunting the third day off in a row, but grins saying "Better get it while it is hot, or your little body might starve to death." The tall man shakes his head and goes back to his food looking over at Jaelynn "It will as long as we still love each other." there is a pause and he ands quieter "Do you think Triven will bring his temporary tattoo stuff with him?" there is a gleam in the hunters eye as he watches the younger music maker with the baby face.

"Well… Suppose that is true." Jaelynn offers softly as shew chews on another piece of bread. A glance is sent over to Eiram and she smiles. "There's plenty left!" At the question from Riohra she ohs in thought.

Eiram comes back over to the table with a plate laden with food and settles down next to Riohra and looks between his fellow candidates. The look settles on Riohra as he notes the look in the older man's eyes. "Yeah, why do you want one.." He asks first with suspicion then with a curious eagerness in his eyes. He smiles at Jaelynn, "You settling in alright? I haven't been able to make a proper introduction, I am Eiram!" He offers brightly and darts his hand in the space between them. There is a certain childlike charm to the young man.

Jaelynn ponders and then glances to Eiram and smiles while noding to him. "Nice to meet you, I'm Jaelynn from Xanadu." She'll go foth and give his hand a shake when it is offered. "So are you a Harper?" This questioned as she did see the instrument bag before it seems.

Eiram gives a good solid handshake before releasing his hand. "Yeah, apprentice harper. I figured I would bring my Lyre to the barracks and play sometimes if people want. Leuka is my mentor, but I guess we are the same now , well until the eggs hatch." He says in a bit of a ramble of words before picking up his food and starts to eat. "What do you do?" he finally asks once he swallows down a few mouth fulls.

Jaelynn keeps her smile looking rather amused at Eiram and nods before picking up her mug which is still a bit warm at least. "Ah.. His aother candidate right? I've met them but I'll admit names I fail at sometimes until I've mt a person a few times." She'll sip at her mug while Robin a young blue firelizard is eyeing Eiram's plate and perhaps inching over to it very slowly. "I'm a dragonhealer, grade two. Hopefully grade three soon." She glances around and leans a bit closer and mock whispers. "As long the exams don't finish me that is."

As Eiram spies the little firelizard he smiles and pulls a bit of meat off to offer the little one, "I have a young brown somewhere who is a flying stomach as well." He says but perks up at the mention of her occupation, "Really? So is my mom. She works here…I am sure she won't mind helping ya if you need it. She is really good at it from what I can tell. I suppose it helps that my teacher has been searched so he can still give me lessons. Very handy that."

Jaelynn eyes Robin slightly and seems a bit amused. "This is Robin, he eats plenty so don't feel like you have to give him anything." Robin croons out at the offered food which is meat and he wants to point that out to his person who is not paying attention in the least. Jaelynn nods with a smile. "Yes, my whole family has been dragonhealers for the last few dozen turns. Sort of expected for me to follow I suppose." A soft oh is heard and she leans against the table. "Really? Who is your mother? Perhaps I know her." It is possible.

Riohra returns to the table, the tall hunter having slipped off for a really good reason. "Pie anyone?" He will lay the still warm from the cooling rack pie onto the table between the candidates, he grins as he sips from his refilled mug of Klah.

"I know how its like, but still hard to resist." Of course food seems to bring his own out of the woodwork and a young brown flies down to land on the other side of Eiram's bowl. "And just on time..this is Oboe." Eiram introduces. Oboe gives a chirp to Robin before darting in and grabbing a piece of meat off the harper's plate. "And why I keep my plate full or else I would have nothing to eat!" He says with a roll of his eyes before smiling at the last question, "Eir'wyn, she's a greenrider and a dragonhealer." Then as pie appears Eiram's eyes go wide, "Of course!"

Jaelynn perks up a the talk of pie and ohs. "Wondered where you had gtten too. Thank you Riohra." A smile and nod seen before she glances back to Eiram and then Oboe. "Well hello there." She said with a slight wiggle of her fingers to the little brown. "No… I don't think I've met her as of yet. I'll try and make time to speak with her though."

Oboe is happily eating on his stolen meat but as Jaelyn wiggles her fingers he looks up and chirps. Seeing fingers empty he goes back to his meal. One track mind he is. Eiram for his part breaks off another little piece for Robin so he isn't left out. "I am sure she won't mind. Her dragon is a little crazy but you will get used to her soon enough."

Jaelynn giggles a bit while watching Oboe. "His cute." Sorry typical reaction from her around lizards and dragons. Robin shifts and moves to hop up onto his person's shoulder and curls up ther seeming content finally. "Crazy… How so?" I questioned while Jae looks to Eiram curious like.

"Well more ..Xucieth is wild I guess. I like her. It doesn't take much to talk her into some fun that is for sure." Eiram responds to the question with a shrug, "I was mostly raised down south with Ma's family so didn't spend all my time with her, but enjoyed the times we did." he continues. "So is this your first time being searched as well?"

Jaelynn waves a hand slightly. "I've met plenty of crazy dragons. None surprize me anymore. Risali's gold is most amusing I must say." She sips at her much and ahs soon after with a slight nod seen. "I grew up at Xanadu with my mom and sisters mostly." She thinks a moment. "This is the third time… First time was here four turns back, then over at Igen recently then back here. Seems I've not found the one as of yet."

"I got some cousins at Xanadu." Eiram says as he hears her history, "Riders as well. You might have met one, Laera, she is a rider but works as a human healer." The mention of Risali makes her grin, "Well if she is anything at all like Risali, I am not surprised. She is one of my fellow warrios against the ice monster!" He declares, "And a harper, you should see her on the Piano…or maybe you have, well I hope you have…because if she is hiding that talent it would be a shame."

Jaelynn ponders the name while lettng a finger tap upon her mug. "I may have… I have to admit i'm not always good with names at first. Takes me a few times meeting a person, though never a dragon." Go figure that one. She looks amused and chuckles. "I've not spoken with Risali much, I was helping with the other dragonhealers with her dragon's eggs on the sands. It got rather interesting." That is /one/ way to put it. "Also what ice monster?" She questions while looking all curious. "Have you seen some?"

"Well we were all skating on the lake last turn then we became quite overwhelmed by a disturbance that had us all fall in a heap! We all survived though and lived to skate another day, the ice will not conquer us!" So they fell on the ice. Thank a harper to turn into a grand tale. "Have you met my friend Sephany…she was there too! We made a lady out of snow together with big boobs…well that was my addition, she did the skirt and it was so pretty. I hope there is another festival this turn."

"I've never been skating before, is it very hard?" Jaelynn quesitons before she picks up her fork and will take a bit from the pie that Riohra brought over now that it has cooled off some. She swallows the bite and chuckles. "Really, why am I not surprized you'd offer that." This said with an amused tone. "Do you all often have festival's here?"

"Well I think Riohra and his lady friend ran the last one. I only just knew them then. Maybe ask him when he gets back?" Eiram says with a little shrug, "I mean there is always some kind of midwinter festival, but this was even bigger than that." He continues before shaking his head, "Well its slippery of course, but if you can relax it is easier and so fun..to fly over the ice!"

Jaelynn ponders that. "Fly over the ice, that is an easy way and most amusing way to explain it I must say." This said with a soft chuckle escaping her. "Perhaps I'll give it a gow while here."

Riohra has returned this time with refills of hot beverages for the group, and that moony eyed grin that says he just got a letter from a redheaded gold rider down in Igen. "Back sorry that took so long"

Eiram looks up as Riohra has returned to the table, "I was just telling her about the festival last year. Wasn't it you and Kass that ran it? Well at least the snowman contest?" He asks of the hunter before smiling over at Jaelynn, "Well I am sure there are some skates you can borrow. Me and Seph gotten good at it and can help keep you upright."

Jaelynn smiles and nods to Riohra. "That's alright, get some good news?" She questions with an amused tone. "Thanks for the refill." She offers a the sight of three mugs, unless someone is really thirsty there. "Perhaps I'll wait until after the eggs hatch… Last thing I need to do is bust something before a hatching."

Riohra nods saying "The whole thing really, but yeah Ice skating is fun" He will nod to Jaelynn about the mugs and the letter " Yes and your welcome." He eases back into his chair and says "I have found that a pillow around the waist saves the bottom from breaking." He looks over at Eiram and just askes "ok how did you do it?"

"How did I do what?" He asks curiously before finishing up his meal. Eiram claps Riohra on the shoulder as he rises from his seat, "See you later, I am going to try to get some more practice in." Perhaps to escape further questioning! He looks over to Jaelynn "See you later…but yeah, you can put some cushions on to protect ya." He gives a finger wave and heads off.

Jaelynn smiles and nods while chewing on another bite of pie and holds a frsh mug of something warm in hand. A curious look sent between the two at the pointed questions. "A pillow huh… I'll remember that when I give it a try then. Rather not have a busted up booty."

Riohra nods and grins at his young friend "Keep your secret young one." He will salute the leaving harper before turning back to Jaelynn "or you can get someone to fall on. That worked for friends of mine."

Jaelynn chuckles softly. "You offering to let me fall on you when I do go skating hen?" This questioned with an amused tone at that thought. "So what was you going to try and ask him about anyway?"

Riohra chuckles "Not me but your skinny tattooist to catch your fall" then he will glance back at Eiram's retreating form and say "How he has happened to have three days off in the first four days of search?"

Jaelynn ahs softly and soon shrugs. "No idea." She offers with an amused tone. "Just lucky perhaps?" That is an idea. "I would be afraid of breaking Triven if I fell on him on the ice honestly."

Riohra chuckles and says "Oh? is he fragile?" carefull there bud you are walking a line right now Rio.

Jaelynn tilts her head lightly and peers over at Riohra a bit, a brow raisng and she chuckles. "I think anyone falling on someone else could be trouble. Or do you think I'm to big for him?" Yeah she went there.

Riohra sips his Klah, before answering "I think he is so skinny a pillow thrown hard enough could damage the boy. Unless living with you has fattened him up."

Jaelynn ponders this and smirks a moment. "We don't live with one another by the way." She points out while shifting to stand and is winking. "Also.. I don't cook. I burn water. Though suppose I got the answer in a round about way."

Riohra chuckles and grins "well I hope he can at least" he is smartenough to let the lady have her out and not press the matter. see he can be taught!

Jaelynn shakes her head slightly and picks up her plate and mug still filled with warm klah. "Hopefully. I should get going, see you later I'm sure." A slight wiggle of a wave seen before she is off.

Riohra salutes her with his mug and goes back to finishing the pie "Take care now.." he will also pull out a letter and sit there and read it with that goofy grin on his face.

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