Who Sephany, Leuka
What Things go from bad to worse when Sephany reveals a secret to Leuka.
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2714
Where Library Archives - Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Library Archives

Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort. Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex. As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

It would have been just before dawn that Leuka received a surprise visitor in the form of little green Thimble. The jade-green firelizard, having appeared from Between within the candidate barracks, manages to find the Harper after a moment or two of ditzy zip-zinging around the room, settling somewhere near his person to fuss irritated at the note tied to her leg. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT because she is not at all interested in being touched by him. But eventual, either because Leuka gets lucky or the string holding the note was not terribly secure, the little roll of paper should find its way into his hands. Mission accomplished, the little green winks Between without so much as a chirp of greeting. There. Gone. The note itself is nothing special; a simple request to come find her in the library, before breakfast. And should he do so, he will find Sephany there waiting for him, curled up in her little nook with a book in her lap. But despite her intentions, grey eyes can't seem to settle on the reading material she's procured. Instead, her gaze darts and drifts, from the text to the door and back again, and she hasn't turned a single page in over ten minutes. Clearly, distraction reigns.

Leuka has a freeday, thank you Eiram, and hum a cheery little tune as he makes his way to the Library. Nice way to start a day, find out you have it to yourself and that your favorite Fortian wants to spend it with you. The day couldn't be better so far. Well, cept for those ten minutes trying to coax that skittish to be still long enough to snatch the message she carried. Not even bit os dried beef would settle her down. But, got the note he did an now he weaves through the forest of tall bookshelves til he steps through into the little sections of nooks. It takes bout half a second to spot that familar pale head and his steps alter to turn her way. Grinning imaediately, he keps his voice low so no one else, if there is anyon else around, will be disturbed and start grumbling. "There's my little Weaver." He'll drop down in the spot next to her, arm slipping around her back for a hug, and a light kiss on her cheek. "Bit early to start a new book isn't it?"

The second that Leuka comes into view, Sephany gives up all pretense at reading. Her book is snapped shut before she can even mark her page, set aside and forgotten as he slides into the seat beside her. They are utterly and completely alone; only the truly studious come to the library at such an early hour and, even they must eat breakfast. It is for this reason that Sephany chose the early hour to meet, banking on her favorite place being devoid of people. So there is no one to grump in irritation at Leuka, whether he should speak loudly or not. He sits, and she stands, moving away from him after the quick kiss has left her cheek, one hand pressed to his chest in an effort to keep him there even while she's moving away. "Stop," her voice a hushed murmur, though it's not in any way aggressive or cruel. "I didn't ask you here…" but her voice trails off, and she takes a deep breath to steady herself. "I have to tell you something, and I thought… now would be better than later." Whatever that means. Her face is a mask, a careful construction lacking any display of the tumultuous emotions going on within. Shoulders square, chin lifts, inner strength called into being as she looks him dead in the eye. "I'm pregnant." Just like that. Fast. Like the ripping of a band-aide. And just as quickly, a firm and resolute, "No. It's not yours." And now she waits, grey eyes fixed on his face, analyzing his reaction, tension-wracked body ready to bolt.

Leuka must have said the wrong thing already as th book snaps shut and is tossed aside. Rather rather than give it too much thought, he gives Sephany a perplexed look when she leaps to her feet almost before he can kiss her cheek. When she insist on talking, he gestures for her to have her say. To say he was not expecting what he heard is an understatement. He barely has time to register just what she said, much less think about it before she tosses him another mind twist. Watching her pace back and forth, staying out of his reach, his brain snatches on tiny little clues and hints over the months and candlemarks. A couple he asked about, most he didn't. He gestures for her to come back over "Come sit with me." the spot beside him is patted a couple of times. "How are you feeling?" His expression is uncertain, not one he normally wears. "I guess that explains some of your behavior. And actions."

In this moment, Sephany is still, watching all the little nuances of expression as he digests and comprehends what it is she's telling him. Her own emotions are kept under tight wraps, though there's certainly no relaxation to be found in her lithe form. A shake of her head for his offer to sit, a quick murmured, "I'd rather stand," supplied without further explanation. But his next question is met with intense scrutiny and some level of disbelief. "How am I feeling?" she repeats, incredulity thick in her voice. "What do you mean, 'how am I feeling? How are you feeling?" she blurts out, frowning hard. "I just told you I was pregnant. With another man's baby. I want to know what's in your head." Her own actions over the past few months are left unanswered; Sephany dismisses the notion of them, unwilling to discuss them unless he asks a specific question.

Leuka seems to be assimilating the news rather well. He's going through a couple of 'first' this morning. The first time a woman has wanted a private chat to tell him she's pregnant, and the first time learning it's not his. He'll be giving this all alot of thought later. Frowning as he glances down to the book she tossed aside, outwardly, he seems to be handling the news very well. It's not til she insist on standing way over there that he looks like he's been slapped. He blinks up to her, shock starting to be the main emotion appearing on his face "What I'm feeling?" He seems at a loss for words before he finally speaks up. "The only woman I even considered buying gifts for just told me she's pregnant and it's not mine. I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now." He gives his head a frustrated shake "That's not true. I'm feeling lots of thing!" Too many things. "Part of me can't help but wonder if you are saying this so I'll leave you be." He gives his head a little shake "It's not going to work by the way. If you want to dump me, you're going to have to actually say it." He sighs and lowers his head, fingers scrubbing through his hair irritably murmurs. "I didn't know you were seeing anyone else." Finally he looks up, eyes somewhat wary. "Who's is it?" If she says Hauser, there will be quite a loud conversation with his oldest friend.

Sephany does not buy it. That he seems to be taking some rather shocking news so easily only makes her more tense, more nervous, all the more scrutinizing of his behavior and expression, his tone of voice and posture. It is almost with some relief that Leuka displays an emotion other than calm acceptance and admits some sort of conflict regarding the news she gave him. Another deep inhale, filling her lungs with air as she prepares to meet whatever it is he'll throw at her. "I am telling you because it's going to be obvious enough…" and her hand goes to her stomach, the bump beneath well hidden by clever tricks with layers and loose clothing, "When you hug me, you'll feel…" but she can't finish that sentence. "We're not—" but she doesn't continue that argument, though there's a suspicious look cast his direction, and her jaw tightens as she withholds her thoughts on their current relationship status. As the accusation, for it certainly feels like an accusation to her, that she is seeing someone else lands on her, there's a bristling in response. "Does it matter? I never asked you if you were sleeping with someone else." As for who it is? There is something like regret etched on her face, and she looks away from him and toward the wall as she speaks. "I'm not going to tell you who the father is. It doesn't matter; you don't know him. It was a stupid goldflight," though there is some amount of defensiveness building in her tone, shoulders rolling forward, arms curling around her body as she glares daggers in his direction. "I don't have to explain myself to you. I told you I was weyrbred. I told you that I'm not what you think I am," she tosses back at him. "I never agreed to exclusivity." Something said earlier is ringing in her ears now, and there's a definite shift back as she shakes her head. "Whatever you think you feel for me… stop. I can't be anything other than who I am. This is me, Leuka, and I never promised anything else. I dance the way I do because I know the effect it has on the audience. I drink a shit tone of alcohol and then make-out with random strangers. And if I want to fuck a bronzerider who just lost a goldflight, then I'm going to do that!" A low breath. "This wasn't supposed to be like this. I just thought… you should know. But it doesn't matter now, I guess. You're a candidate, and I'm… who I am. I'm sorry." And now she is leaving, jaw tight, shoulders curled, fists balled up against whatever emotion she's fighting back, turning on her heels and dashing for the door as fast as she can.

Leuka narrows his gaze as she starts ranting at him. As she goes on his foot start tapping out some irratic beat, and even his fingers twitch to join, drumming almost angrily. Through her little tirade something she says stands out and he looks back up sharply "Actually, you did ask me, in front of our friends." True, why never said they were exclusive, and she seems to go out of her way to argue, picking the most trivial things to bitch at him about. He remains silent as she continues to rant, then run off, again. Frowning after her, he stays there for a time, leaning back in the little nook and staring up at the tall cavern ceiling. When his stomach starts grumbling he sighs and pushes up fromthe nook, But instead of going for food, he heads to the practice room, no doubt to abuse some instruments.

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