Who Abigail, Eiram, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany
What Sephany and Leuka chat, Abigail imparts wisdom, Eiram tries to thaw out, and Riohra comes to get some grub.
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2714
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Cavern

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

There is no further argument from the blond, though Sephany still does not look pleased at the idea of employing her fingers to a task other than sewing. "Which instrument, then?" she wonders, cautiously. As they step into the cavern, she pauses to tap the toe of her boot against the ground, first one and then the other, to knock the snow and slush from the soles before she moves further inside. There is no question about where she is headed; grey eyes and lithe body angled toward the serving tables and the bounty they offer. But she waits for Leuka, allowing him to keep pace with her as she peruses the spread of food. A plate is taken, but rather than her traditional selection of fresh fruit, she opts for more savory items like roast and mashed tubers, steamed veggies and grains. It is certainly not a large plate that she makes for herself, but it is by far larger than typical for her. "Would you grab me a hot tea?" she wonders, already glancing for a place to sit.

Leuka is pretty much right on Sephany's heels, stomping his boots free of slushy clumps and trailing in her wake towards the food. Whenhe comes up with a response, he gives a hint of shrug "It might be easier to learn the basics on a piano, notes and timing and such. After that, it all depends on if you decide you like one instrument's sound over another." He grabs a plate and starts adding a few things. Oh, ribs!! "Fizgig will enjoy gnawing on these bones later." He chuckles and adds a little this and that "Sure!" About the tea as Sephany starts looking for a seat. "I'll catch up in a minute." He sets about getting some hot tea and a mug of something hot for himself before meandering to where the weaver has plunked down. He even got a bowl of flitter food, cause he suspects sooooomeone will be screeching any moment now.

"Oh no," says Sephany for the rib bones, a quick shake of her head given as she tells him, "Cooked bones splinter; raw bone are supple and safe enough for gnawing on." But that doesn't mean Leuka can't enjoy them. "Sev was a butcher before he Impressed," she explains as the source of this knowledge. "He used to demonstrate the difference… the cooked bones are very brittle." One may wonder why, exactly, the butcher-now-bronzerider would be showing his sister such things, though the weaver-lass is not forthcoming with the reason. As Leuka goes to procure beverages, Sephany finds a place to eat. 'Plunk' would be a very loose interpretation of the delicate and graceful way that she settles herself in her chair, but she is seated all the same when he comes to find her and take up residence at her table. Cloak and gloves have been removed, but her scarf remains firmly wrapped around her neck. She is already working on the mashed and buttered tubers, small forkfuls vanishing into her mouth in rapid succession, fast enough to suggest she was rather hungry. "Mm," with a glance and a nod of her head toward the firelizard meat. "Well thought," she tells him after swallowing. "Harper's likely to wake up soon…" Bare fingers reach up to untuck the little blue from her scarf, anticipating his awakening even before he's cracked an eyelid.

Leuka cants his head to Sephany and nods. "Hmm, maybe I can see what's left uncooked in the kitchen for him before we head out. Either way, I'm gonna enjoy them." Glancing to his plate breifly, he takes one of the rib in hand and flickers his attention back and forth between his meal and Sephany, "Sev? That's the over protective brother I keep hearing about right?." See! He pays attention. Most of the time. As she's unwrapping her scarf, he decides he should probably give Scribe a bit of air, now that's it's warmer and unbuttons a couple of his shirts. Something she says have him stilling his actions and peering her way, a pleased grin sliding over his face "Harper?" He tries and fails to not look really smug at her flitter's name as he nods "That's a very good name."

"Yes," Sephany confirms. "S'van, or Sev. My only brother," she offers with a grin. "And big indeed. Towering, in fact. All muscle, now that he's a dragonrider." Is she teasing? Only a little, a bit of a grin pulling at the corners of her mouth. But soon enough, she is busy with her meal once more, eating far more rapidly than she has in the past, though her bites remain small and manageable; certainly no one would accuse her of eating sloppily. As the little blue firelizard stirs, her hand goes back up to her neck, a little touch of fingertips to baby-blue body to sooth or to assist. She glances once more at Leuka when he seizes upon the name, another grin growing as she nods. "Yes," she tells him, though it's admonishment in her tone when she says, "Don't let it get to your head, though. He likes to sing, is all. Certainly no other reason for me to name him that." Nope. None at all! Even if she looks pleased at the apparent smugness of her table companion. Harper himself is just waking up, and not nearly alert enough to go screeching or squealing; he's getting there, though, lazily whirling eyes blinked slowly as he shifts from sleep to wakefulness.

Leuka and Sephany are seated somewhere among the many tables in the cavern, chowing down on hot food to warm them back up after ice skating for a while. He's having a very hard time not appearing extemely smug over learning her baby flitter's name is Harper. But to be far, he's not really trying /that/ hard. "Uh huh." He smiles down to the Weaver, flicking a wink at her before gnawing on that rib a moment. He doesn't disturb his own little flitter, why rush the screeching when he doesn't have to. Tossing the half eaten rib on his plate, he stabs a couple of veggies with a fork, watching Sephany was her little blue baby wakes up "He's cute. I'll give him that. Then again, us Harpers tend to be ya know." Grinning at his little bit of teasing, "Sings huh? Well that's one he has over me then. I sing with my cello."

Abigail is making her way on into the caverns from outside meaning she may be tracking in a bit of snow until attemping to get it off her boots. The brownrider is grumbling a bit and looks to a rather fluffy silver canine that wants to follow her, it looks young not really the bouncey puppy stage but with lanky legs like that it isn't an adult. "If ye drag snow in here it is not my fault." The canine tilts his head, bright gaze looking confused while a faint sway of the fuzzy tail seen. "Just behave." Hey, she's Weyrsecond, she is able to get away with very little somedays, and a lot other days. With flightjacket getting unzipped Abbey is heading off to find something to drink and perhaps food while the canine is following closely at her heels.

Sephany does her level best not to let a longsuffering sigh escape, though there is a certain expression of exasperation that says she is, maybe, rethinking the name she has given her firelizard. "Come off it," she chides, unable to contain the roll of her eyes as he just… keeps going with the smugy-smugness. That wink certainly doesn't help things, and he gets a wry sort of smile in return, only one side of her mouth turning up as she shakes her head and moves her gaze away from him. It's a casual sort of glance around the cavern, though grey eyes settle upon the entering Weyrsecond and the maybe-entering silver canine, absentmindedly following their progress even as she speaks to Leuka. "He's cute. And loud," she counters. "Another thing you two have in common." The little blue is now really and truly awake, and trills musically from the fold of her scarf. It's enough to prompt Sephany's attention to shift back to the table, one hand reaching for the bowl of raw meat as the other collects the winged creature and drops him down to the table. "Fizgig has learned to sit, and lay down, upon command," she informs him. "He's wicked smart. And getting huge."

Leuka is still highly amused, but trying to stifle his humor, a little. He's quiet for a couple of minutes while he makes some of the food vanish, glancing to Sephany and Harper while she feeds to little guy. Ever so often he tils his chin down as if to peer unde his shirt, then reache for a strip of meet to dangle at his cllar "Come on out of there." Instead of doing as he asked, a little green snout lurches out and snatches the strip before disappearing back in his shirt. He shakes his head laughs. "That's not what I meant." he mutters to the baby green hiding under his shirt. Shrugging he looks back to Sephany. See how he's NOT pointing out that she just said he was cute? He woman and canine entering get his attention for a moment, then the Weaver's voice demands it again when she fills him in on how his canine pup is doing with her watching out for him. "I'm not surprised. I've got free day tomorrow so I'll come tire him out some." Nodding and taking up another meaty rib, "What other little tricks and manners do you plan on teaching him?"

Abigail has a plate of some food things and a mug of some drink thing and is son moving off to find a spot to sit. The silvery canine is stilll following her not bothering another person within the caverns it seems. The brownrider curious looks at the two not to far off and totally saw that green grabbing at food. "Better becareful what ye teach her. She may never want to escape yer shirt if she stays there too long." So she offers some helpful information when coming to a firelizard it seems.

"That doesn't seem safe," Sephany decides, one finger pointing toward the spot where little green Scribe vanished with her prize. "Or sanitary." Her sentiments echoed by Abigail, the weaver inclines her head in agreement with the brownrider, offering a soft, "Indeed. Think of how uncomfortable things will get, when she grows a bit." She even manages to keep a straight face as she wonders, "however will you explain the bite marks to the weyrlingmaster? 'I swear, it was my firelizard!' certainly sounds like a clever excuse rather than a logical conclusion." But she can't keep the humor from her grey eyes, and a moment later she presses her fingers to her mouth to stifle a giggle. "Join us?" she offers to the weyrsecond, motioning toward an empty chair. "And goodafternoon, ma'am," added as an afterthought, polite in tone and expression. Another bit of meat is offered her own baby blue, who trills and 'sings' between bites, the sound muffled when he's got a mouthful of food. "Sit, stay, heel, come, down, leave it…" shrug. "Basic obedience is more important than tricks," she decides, smiling at Leuka. "It is my hope that by the time those eggs hatch, and you can claim your canine again, you will have a very well behaved and respectful companion rather than an unruly mongrel." But there is fondness in her tone, and it would be clear enough to Leuka, at least, that Sephany adores the puppy.

Leuka is clearly outnumbered but tries to defend himself anyway as he shrugs "I was tring to coax her out. She's only a couple days old so didn't expect her to move so quickly." He nods to the Weyrsecond, "Hello. Nice guy ya got there." He gestures to the canine ghosting her steps. "How old is he?" Sephany's question has him opening his mouth to reply, but quickly decides to shove a fork full of food in there instead. Might keep him out of trouble. Better than the several remarks that wanted to leap off his tongue. He chews and reaches for another strip of flitter meat. Leuka wiggless it what he hops is out of reach of the baby green "Come on you. Get outta there. It's warn out here." The tiny snouth lunges forward and misses, then she starts warming up her screecher. "Oh no you dont." The Harper reaches into his cllar, feeling around as the green tries evading a little. He gently tugs her free though, settling her on his arm and starts feeding her quickly. As little Scribe eats, he alternates his attention between Sephany and Abigail, but mostly Sephany. "I appreciate it. If he does get to be a problem though, let me know and I'll make other arrangements. If he starts destroying your stuff or anyting."

Abigail offers a smile to the offer of a seat and shakes her head slightly. "Thank ye but erhaps another time." This said softly as she nods her head to another place it seems. "His around six months. Still has a good amount of growing left." When it cmes to canines she knows a few things about them. "Ye two have a good evening." She offers while turning to move off towards some waiting paperwork that is for certain on her desk. As for the canine he'll look to Leuka and Sephany before following after the brownrider and is moving to catch up to her quickly.

Amusement remains long after Leuka decides not to add his two cents to the subject, grey eyes twinkling with mirth. Sephany inclines her head toward Abigail, acknowledging that she has places to go, or people to see. "Good day, then," for the departing brownrider, a polite smile following her as she turns to leave. "He's fine," for Fizgig. "He has plenty of appropriate things to chew and… well. He's fine." Things have been destroyed, but she's not about to tell him that. "And very warm and snuggly; he certainly makes the cold Fort night not so bad." A grin, and her gaze drops to follow the progress of that little green as she's finally pulled forth. A wince is given at the creel that is unleashed, a sympathetic look bestowed upon Leuka as he works to tame the beast with food. Little Harper is living up to his name, attempting to creel and crool, trill and twitter between bites of food that Sephany hastily shoves into his face. "There is a time and place," she hisses at the firelizard, "and the living cavern is not it!" For such outbursts. "So… how is life in the barracks? Is it weird, to no longer have your own room?"

Leuka looks the pup over and nods appreciatively. "Very well behaved." He waves to the woman when she declines and heads on out. "Thanks, you as well." He goes back to stuffing food in Scribes open maul, the only way to keep her quiet atm "Why can't you sound more like him?" Referring to Sephany's tiny blue. The Weaver's comments causes his brows to lift and after a moment, he shakes his hed almost mournfully "Lucky pup." He cracks a little grin to her before sighing. "It's, .." he tries to figure out how to really answer "..not so bad with Eiram and Riohra in there. And yea. I sorta am used to being able to get up in the middle the night and work, or play if I felt like it." He glances round the cavern before lowering his head "Don't repeat this, but Eiram….that little guy snores like crazy."

"You're the one who took the knot," follows quickly on the heels of his 'lucky pup' comment. Her tone is, perhaps, a bit sharper than Sephany meant, and she follows it quickly with a murmured apology and a softening of her expression. But her eyes turn to her firelizard, attention going to him as she continues to offer small cuts of meat until he's had his fill and looks fit to burst. "Thimble is mostly silent," notes the weaver of her other firelizard, comparing green to green, glancing briefly at little Scribe. "Well. After her hatchling phase, I should say. Now… she croons rarely but otherwise is quiet." Perhaps it is meant to offer hope; that Scribe may tone it down later in life. As Harper curls up to sleep, Sephany wipes her fingers against a napkin and carefully picks up her fork, ensuring that no cross contamination happens as she goes back to her own meal. A soft 'Mm' for his comments on the barracks, and a hint of a smile. "It will only get louder, as more candidates join, I imagine. And poor Eiram; I pity whatever future 'mate ends up sharing his bed." For the snoring. "Do they let you practice much? Or are you too busy doing chores or coming up with clever ways to get out of chores?"

Leuka doesn't respond to Sephany's little jab, whether she menat it or not. He simply gives her a thoughtful look and turns his attention back to Scribe as she gobbles down a few more bits of meat then yawns widely. At least the horrible screeching has stopped. Taking a few more bites of his own meal, he'll glance over to the quiet Thimble and sorta smile agreeably. Sephany's reminder that the barracks are only gonna get fuller, he groans "Gee, thanks." A little snort then a shrug "Can't at night, but during the day I can. If it bothers them, then I'll just head over to the practice room and play."He gives an amused wink "At least I can get a few candlemarks sleep there on my couch."

"How do you find time to nap, and to practice your cello, and visit with me, in addition to those candidate chores I keep hearing about?" wonders the weaver, a glance spared for Leuka that is anything but skeptical. Pointed. A shake of her head. "Don't get yourself into trouble, Leuka. Do you really want to scrub latrines because you ticked someone off?" Harper is carefully scooped up and folded into her scarf once more, the little blue barely twitching a wing through the process. Thimble is her dainty self, coiled around Sephany's neck and eyeballing the left over scrapes in the bowl of raw meat. But she is too polite to steal it; even if her wings are restlessly twitching against her back.

Its been a long…wet..cold…day for Eiram. A winter lover he may be, but snow is fun and doesn't soak your clothes too bad! Alas water is not quite so kind. He comes into the caverns with clothes half soaked through and looking just a touch blue about the lips. The normally ravenous boy doesn't go for the meal table but straight for the hearth to stand right in front of it. Close enough the steam seems to come from his close. Any close inspection would notices chattering of teeth. It looks like whatever he got up to, he paid for his two days off in a row.

Leuka grins to the Weaver, head canting her way. "I told you Sephany, I'll make the time." He then chuckles and winks "Nownow, can't be giving away all my slacking secrets now can I?" He notices Thimble looking a bit antsy and grabs the bowl of meat. Liftin it for her to see, he tries coaxing her down to the table so she can finish it off "Here ya go Thimble. Come on, you can have at it." He waves the bowl a bit to get her attention before setting it down. He doesn't miss Eiram's entrance as the boy makes vtol line for the hearth, his overall appearance earning a frown. "What in Pern happen to you Eiram?"

This time, Sephany does not attempt to contain her sigh, a long exhaled breath through her nose that clearly communicates her feelings on the subject of him 'making time'. The look that comes with it requires no words, but lingers for only a moment before her attention is diverted to the dripping Eiram. "Oh dear…" and she follows him with her eyes as he heads for the hearth and attempts to dry off. As Leuka has already posed the question, Sephany will not, though she is rather anxiously awaiting the answer, a concerned expression etched across her face. Thimble, for her part, looks skeptically at Leuka and his wiggling bowl of food, as if sensing a trap. Eventually, she gives in to the offer and alights from Sephany's shoulder, hopping down to the table with only the barest stretch of her wings. Delicate head and long neck reach out, craning over the rim of the bowl to inspect the contents available to her. Another brief pause, and then a dart of her head as she snatches a morsel, retreating quickly lest Leuka think to catch her.

Eiram is rubbing at his arms to try to get the warmth into them. At the question from Leuka he turns but doesn't move away from the hearth. "Dragons…apparently they need… bathing even… in winter." He mannages to get out through chattering teeth. "Some…think its a game…" Of how wet can they get the candidate apparently. He turns back to the fireplace and stamps his feet in place to warm his toes as well. Oboe spies his little master at the heart from his favourite ledge in the cavern, but also a bowl of food on offer. It really is a hard decision for the little fellow but he flies down to the table to land behind thimble.

Leuka isn't paying Thimble any mind beyond offering the meat bowl, he's already made his catch of the day. He rubs fingers lightly over Scribe's back as the little green curls up on his arm, trying to continue her snoozefest. He'll gently scoop her up and slip the tiny back into the cozy little pouch under his shirts. All the while, he eyes the soaked Apprentice with a headshake "Okay,…so, why are you /still/ in wet clothes? You'll warm up much quicker if you have dry clothes on."

Pale eyebrows shoot upwards, a look of surprise and apprehension on the weaver's face as Sephany asks, "And they make you bathe them… here?" Scandalous! "I would think they would at least Between to somewhere more… hospitable to such tasks." But what does she know on the subject, truly? Not enough to have a stake in this claim. And so it is sympathy that colors her expression and prompts her movements, a quick, "I'll be right back," murmured to Leuka and Thimble both, as she stands gracefully from the table and slips into the crowd. She is practiced at threading herself between and around the press of bodies, and soon enough has returned with a large and steaming mug. "Here," she offers to Eiram, cocoa presented with a smile. "To assist in the warm-up process." And whether he accepts or not, she is quick to move back to her seat at the table and retrieve her own tea, a long and appreciative sip taken. Thimble takes no chances! She's watching you, Harper-Candidate-Man. At least until Oboe makes his descent and attempts to lay claim to what is now her bowl of raw meat. HISS! Wings flair and whip-like tail lashes as the young green turns on the equally young brown, attempting to defend her meal. But it will not come to blows; Thimble is a lady, and a lady does not sully herself with physical violence. Nor does her human-pet allow her to continue, a quick swipe of her hand catching the green around the belly and hoisting her back to her shoulder, a quick, "none of that," given in quiet reprimand.

"Because this fire was closer than the barracks." Duh! Warmth more important than dry to the lad right now even if Leuka's logic is sound. Though at least Eiram's lips are no longer that purply blue anymore. "I think I left some clothes in my room down in the caverns, I will change into them when my hands have feeling again!" He continues and then the Angel that is Sephany brings a hot cup of cocoa and the boy practically sighs with joy with the warm mug in his cold hands. He lowers his head to sniff the cocoa, but mostly is content right now to use as a handwarmer. "Thank you so much Sephany!" He calls out to her. Oboe jumps back at the hissing green but doesn't take off. Then a hesitant step forward again and back to test the waters. He will try to ease his way into her good graces to little avail, well until the hissing obstacle is taken out of his way! A happy chirp to Sephany and he walks triumpantly to the bowl. Like harper like flitter it seems.

Leuka just shakes his head at Eiram's stubbornness, but nods his head to Sephany as she runs to get him something hot to drink. "Alright." he murmurs and turns his attention back to the Apprentice. "I wouldn't wait too long before getting dry clothes on though. A little grin as Sephany returns and the younger Harper works to get his hands warm by wrapping them around the mug. After a few long seconds, he pushes up from the table, looking to Sephany before he's all the way up "You want some more tea?" He gestures to cup she's sipping from "Gonna go see if there are any meaty bones for Fizgig laying around the kitchen."

Riohra steps in from the lower caverns, his arms are covered in grease and other such debris from his own chore but his hands and face are freshly washed and cleaned so he can grab a quick but late snack. He will fill his mug full of Klah and a few things then turn and start the hunt for a table. He steps near the other candidates and the weaver woman, saying "mind if I join you?"

"You're welcome," comes easily from Sephany, a smile directed Eiram's way as her cocoa is appreciated. With Thimble back on her shoulder, Oboe is free to feast on the remains of the bowl, the green silently scowling (if firelizards can scowl) down from her perch. Meal eaten, tea sipped at, there's a shake of her head when Leuka asks if she would like a refill. "No, thank you. This is enough." Though she had just sat herself down, something about Riohra's appearance has her startling and standing, a soft curse murmured under her breath. "I can't believe… ugh. He's going to kill me," she decides, looking both frustrated and anxious in the same moment. "Leuka…" and she's quick to scoot around the table before he's moved too far, reaching for his arm to halt his progress so that she can lean in and give him a quick hug. "Thank you," and a press of her lips to his cheek. "I have to go. I will see you tomorrow…" and her nose wrinkles up as she continues with, "for the music lesson." Clearly, she is looking forward to it. "Get warm, Eiram," she offers as she heads passed, refraining from actually touching the lad but the sentiment is there all the same. "Bye… Riohra!" even though he just arrived. And then she is gone, moving through the caverns at a swift pace, off to whatever it is that she forgot.

"Yes sir yes sir!" Eiram calls out to his departing mentor now fellow candidate. Finally he is warm enough that fingers having feeling and lips are no longer blue. He moves over to get himself some food and settles in to Sephany's abandoned seat next to Riohra. "I am..warmer at least." He calls to Sephany and finally takes a sip of his hot cocoa that has been his hand warmer. Oboe is quite oblivious to the scowling as the brown flizard is enjoying his meal, tail flicking about. Eiram looks to Riohra curiously, "Where did they have you today?"

Riohra sits down at the table "They had me working on matenice so helping with the power grid repairs and such." he smiles at his young friend "what did they have you doing? and why do you look half frozen?"

Leuka gives a nod to Sephany when she's done with tea. "Alright." He starts to head off to the kitchen pausing to tips his head to Eiram. "See you back in the barracks later afer I check on Fizgig." A few steps away, he glances back when Sephany tugs his arm, smiling the hug. "I'll let you know when I get a few free candlemarks." Returning the hug happily, he'll sneak a kiss to her cheek before she's hurrying off. Watching her a moment , probably wondering why she's rushing off so suddenly,he shrugs and spots Riohra "You can have my seat. I'm gonna go raid the kitchen for meaty bones and late night snacks." He pretends to be all sneaky for a few seconds before waving to the other candidates and heading towards the kitchen.

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