Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary

Kayeth's mind keeps Kainaesyth from falling back into the depth of sleep, though his thoughts remain fuzzed and right on the very edge of Ha'ze's perception. The bronzerider is distracted, reaching for the sluggish breezes, searching for his answers in his own way. It leaves only a bit of mind for him to ignore the leaving of Th'ero and Kimmila, and respond to Abigail. "Like? I ain't never felt right flyin' with Thunderbird."

Abigail sends a slight glance after Th'ero and Kimmila before her eyes close and her head lowers a touch. "Then we're find something for ye to do.. Anything.." Her breathing is a bit more wheeze like for a few moments before she coughs. They talked before about things, they've talked about many things but at the moment she is worried at how he might act to what she has to say. "Ha'ze.." There is a pause and she glances to him, watching him. "..I'm pregnant.." Cat's out of the bag now.

A few moments, the thought has to percolates slowly inside of Ha'ze's head. » Pregnant. « The thought is sent to Kainaesyth, before Ha'ze can really understand it himself. The breezes stir, lifting upwards, as seeds spread across the cold landscape. Slowly Kainaesyth's head raises and turns to put his muddled gaze on Abigail. It's the softest of throughts, to the brown rider directly. « Baby? » Ha'ze is just… sitting there.

Abigail watches Ha'ze, worry creeping across her face as he is well just there.. She isn't sure what he might say, or do and her shoulders slump a bit while she is left quiet. They talked about this, she knows how he feels.. The voice that reaches her is Kainaesyth and there is a few moments of worry in her on mind before she looks up to the bronze watching him. She's never had another's dragon speak with her. A tired breath escapes her and she nods a moment. "Aye…" Is offered softly.

« Ha'ze. » Kainaesyth's breezes picks up, the warmth of spring slipping inwards. The numbweed keeps much of the pain away, but there is an awareness that he should hurt. « Ha'ze you must say you are glad. You have created a new life- you are to be a father. » The words pour into Ha'ze's mind and slowly fill up the emptiness that had opened up within him with Ustrr's death. "I…" Ha'ze isn't sure how to answer. They talked about this, right? He pulls away from Abigail to turn so he can look at her as the thought still slowly presses inward. "A baby?" Sorry, the same question Kainaesyth asked. "I… How long?"

Abigail watches Kainaesyth for a few moments more, she does smile a bit glad to see him at least awake. She soon looks back to Ha'ze as she feels him pull away and doesn't try to stop him, her hands settle their upon her lap and she glances to them. She did want another child, maybe a few just didn't expect it to be right now seeing how everything has happened. A wheezing cough escapes her before the question from Ha'ze and she lifts her gaze to him, a slow nod seen. "Aye… A baby.." For how long well. "Far enough long for the healers to confirm it."

Ha'ze's eyes close, reveling in the warmth of Kainaesyth's breezes. When they finally open again some of the empty is missing, and he seems more… in the present then he had been a few moments earlier. "Are you happy?" He reaches out a hand, to lay it on her hand, still processing, but willing to at least… try.

Abigail watches Ha'ze, her gaze lingering upon his while she lets her hand turn and curl around his. "I am happy.." There is a pause. "Just… didn't count on it being /now/ of all times." Fires here, Kai hurt.. lots of drama really.

Moving slowly, as if it was him and not Kainaesyth that is waking up, Ha'ze reaches out to try to pull Abigail into a hug. Once the daze shakes off he might have more to say but for now… "You don't sound good." He did notice, somewhere in the emptiness, the way that Abigail coughs so often.

Abigail doesn't have a problem with that hug and she presses close to Ha'ze, hugging him back while her cheek settles against his shoulder. She won't push the matter, they have time to talk after all. "I'm alright, just a linger cough." This said softly, she isn't going to offer up more things for him to possible worry over right now.

Ha'ze holds Abigail tightly for a long moment then lets out a deep breath. "No, come on." He pulls away and shifts himself to his feet. It's no more steady than he was before, but there at least is a short term goal to be going towards. "We can be gettin' you somethin' for the smoke."

Abigail would in all honesty just like to stay sitting here next to Ha'ze and Kai, she still coughs and there is that wheeze but as long she doesn't move much she seems alright. With Ha'ze moving she leans back slightly, glancing to him, and there is a slight moment where she doesn't agree so to speak before she is slowly getting up. "Ye should stay with Kainaesyth." This offered softly, not wanting to pull him from the bronze.

It's not quite a smile that spreads across Ha'ze's face. More like, he knows this is a moment when he should smile, but hasn't quite figured out how just yet. "Kainaesyth doesn't want me to be stayin' if you ain't feelin' alright." The bronze is going to punctuate this by laying his head down on the ground, eyes whirling slowly. "I have…" a slight far away look, as Kainaesyth speaks just to Ha'ze now, "things I out to be doin… no, I doubht she's wantin' meat…" Because, dragonic care, right?

Abigail watches Ha'ze a few moments, curious about that smile though she takes it happly. She smiles a bit as he goes on. "Meat?" There is a soft laugh heard which sadly turns into a harsh cough, which she turns her head slightly and shakes her head. "Shardit.." Is faintly grumbled out. "I'd love ye to be with me.. But I don't want ye to leave 'em unless ye alright with it."

"I don't think you get how happy Kainaesyth is to be hearin' you've a baby." Ha'ze curls his hand into Abigails, that not-quite-smile fixed on his lips. Tugging, he'll curl his arm around Abigail's waist- not that she needs his assistance but… - and lead her deeper into the infirmary. "I know they got a syrup for coughs."

Healers spend a lot of time telling riders that they are pretty gosh darn stupid. It's probably a class they teach in the hall. "I don't know." Here, have some honestly from Ha'ze too. He pulls her tighter against him though. "I don't know what I'm doin'." He's not quite ready to face the fact that his purpose in life has been shifted away. He'll settle, now, for making sure Abigail takes that syrup. And when he can be sure Abigail is taken care of… he'll go back to Kainaesyth to try to put back together his fractured life.

Abigail is one of those riders that Healers wish they didn't have to deal with most likely. The answer from Ha'ze is accepted, she was expecting it really and she is quiet now. She won't push the matter, she's told him before that she'll be there for him and that she wouldn't ask him to change, and she won't go back on her word ever. There is plenty for him to work through right now, and she actually feels bad putting something else on his plate with Kainaesyth being how he is. That Healer apprentice does indeed find her, and yes she'll take that syrup and doesn't put up much of a fight with what the dear healer says. She'll let Ha'ze go back with Kainaesyth, saying she'll visit tomorrow as it seems she is to stay put in the Infirmary for now.