Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.
Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

After passing out in Abigail's arms, somehow both Ha'ze and Kainaesyth got back to the weyr. Somehow. But they are HERE. Ha'ze woke up in the infirmary sans shirt and plus stitching in his shoulder where Ustrr had stabbed him and a deafening silence in his head. Which might be when he flipped out a bit and refused to let the healers look at him before he was taken out to where Kainaesyth, lathered in Numbweed lay completely unconcious in the Dragon half of the healing place. Blunt refusal has led to Ha'ze having a cot set up out here in the open where he can lay next to Kainaesyth who with the help of drugs and the onset of winter is still asleep. At least he doesn't feel the way his hide is crisped?

Th'ero's been passed out as well but only for half a day and thanks mostly to the dose of fellis he was given to ensure he didn't wake up while they reset his broken leg. The Weyrleader has been on strict orders to remain in the human side of the Infirmary, in his sectioned off spot, but that doesn't mean he doesn't hear things. Velokraeth is keeping him informed, as are others and not always by their choice. He's not even a few days in to being injured and already his temper is short and he's irritable at the drop of a hat. Today though his mood is a little better! He's getting to test his crutches. Which gives him an excuse to go check on Ha'ze and Kainaesyth.

Kimmila has been putting up with Th'ero's temper in her usual compassionate, caring way. Right. The Healers have no doubt heard a few spats between blue and bronze whenever Th'ero pushes it too much and Kimm has to put him in his place. Now, though, with the Healers' blessing, Kimmila walks cautiously beside Th'ero, watching him as he moves. "I don't even know if they're awake yet," she tells him for the fifteenth time. "If you'd just let me go /check/…"

Awake? Kainaesyth surely isn't, his form spread out across the floor. Ha'ze lays on the cot. After that initital oh-hell-no fight with the healers he's actually been a pretty good patient. Quiet, stays to himself, doesn't demand extra attention. The roof of the cavern has his eyes through, and while he can hear the approach of the weyrleader and blue rider, Ha'ze is ignoring them assuming they'll go on past again.

Only Kimm can truly put Th'ero in his place and often he'll back down just for the sake of saving some of his dignity before it's painfully clear he's on the losing end of the argument (which is often). "I don't expect Kainaesyth to be, but Ha'ze might and it's not like we're going far! You heard the Healers," They did say short walks! This is short. "I'll sit if he's awake." he goes on to grumble to Kimmila. Deal? As they approach, Th'ero at first is convinced that the bronzerider is asleep but something must make him think otherwise and if the Weyrleader were a cruel man, he might use one of his precious crutches to jab Ha'ze good and hard in the side before throttling him with his bare hands. Only he's not cruel and he's not stupid either as that would bring the Healers down on his head, among others. Instead, he'll opt for clearing his throat and speaking calmly (while biting back temptation): "Ha'ze? You mind if we talk?"

Kimmila mutters something under her breath to the bronzerider as they approach, her eyes traveling over Kainaesyth's hide with brows furrowed in concern. "How is he?" That's her first question, her first concern.

Ha'ze blinks once when Th'ero says his name. If he knew the desire of the weyrleader to strange him he might might sit up a bit faster but he's… lost. The look in his wide open eyes is one of a young man that has, as Kainaesyth would put hit, the thread of his own story. So, he'll lay there and not answer. Maybe they'll go away?

Th'ero's jaw tightens when Ha'ze ignores them both but he will himself to stay calm and think reasonably. Kainaesyth is badly injured and Faranth only knows how the bronzerider is coping. Logic wins out over irrational temper for now and with a heavy exhale, he looks to Kimmila. Now what?
Kimmila looks around and snags a chair to drag over, pointing to it. Sit down, Th'ero. She'll sit on the floor, cross legged and looking up at Ha'ze on the cot. "Ha'ze?" she prompts gently. "How is Kainaesyth doing?"

They're not going away. For a few beats he continues to ignore the pair again before, finally. "Weyrleader. Bluerider." No names, it doesn't fit in the place Ha'ze has lost himself. "Kainaesyth is burned." Short, simple answers. Even his voice seems slightly dead.

Th'ero doesn't protest when Kimmila drags that chair over but it takes him a few seconds of awkward maneuvering to finally sit down. He's not quite mastered all movements with the cast and crutches yet. And that intake of air? Is the Weyrleader biting his tongue before he lashes out at Ha'ze. What stops him? Maybe the bronzerider's tone. It's enough to make the hairs on his neck crawl. "He will heal." he says instead and sounds entirely assured that the young bronze will mend. "In time."

Kimmila winces a little bit, darting a look at Th'ero before looking back. "He will," she says quietly. "And you, Ha'ze? When he awakens will you be healed?"

"That's what the healers say." Ha'ze responds absently. The roof only holds so much appeal and so eventually he pushes himself up with his uninjured arm and swings his legs off the side of the cot. His gaze falls on Kainaesyth, tracing the way his wings lay stretched upon the ground. "My shoulder will heal." That's what Kimmila meant, right?

Th'ero looks down at Kimmila as well, his expression grim for that moment and concerned and only shared with her. When he looks ahead again, his features have returned to a neutral state. "Dragonhealers are rarely wrong, Ha'ze. It seems bad now but given time… Kainaesyth is young. Strong." Duh, he's of Kayeth and Velokraeth! Of course he is. When Ha'ze finally sits up, the Weyrleader is doubly as careful to keep his temper in check. He knows that that's not what Kimmila meant but he bites his tongue.

Kimmila presses her lips together, glancing at Th'ero and then back to Ha'ze. "And the rest of you?" she asks gently. "It…can't have been easy…"

"Yes. Kainaesyth is strong." Ha'ze is almost parroting back what is said to him, as his own string of thoughts aren't quite those that he can put into words, or has much desire to put into words. Kainaesyth is the storyteller. Ha'ze is the one who listens. What happens when everything is just silence? Except, the silence doesn't seem quite right, so Ha'ze will try again. "Kainaesyth kept me from getting burned." There, that's what Kimmila was going after. (It isn't.) Ha'ze shifts his gaze from Kai's prone form and over to rest his eyes on Th'ero."

"What happened in there?" Th'ero bursts out with his question and while it's not shouted or exclaimed, spoken in a low voice, there's a firmness to it. He leans forwards in his chair, crutches balanced and resting between his legs as he levels Ha'ze with a look.

It's Kimmila's turn to be quiet when Th'ero asks his question, and the bluerider looks back to Ha'ze. Tell them a story.

Ha'ze's eyes fix onto Th'ero's, emotion flickering in their depths. "What happened." Ha'ze leans forward slightly, his mouth moving for a second without words coming out. Gaze moves over to where Kainaesyth lays. "It was Ustrr. I killed him. It's done, taken care of. It's over." Right?

It's a story that rings some familiarity to Th'ero's past stories and he can relate, in a way. Distantly, but there's a small thread there. Looking down to Kimmila for a moment, he seems to weigh his words before he speaks, despite the lingering temptation to go off on Ha'ze. Somehow the words 'if you'd just let Ustrr burn, you both wouldn't be hurt' wouldn't go over well. "And? Does that satisfy your need for revenge?" Was it worth the price, Ha'ze. Th'ero doesn't say it, but his eyes do as he stares straight at him.

Kimmila stays quiet. She probably should go, and let these two men, who have both hunted down their demons and suffered the consequences of that act, have a talk to themselves. But she's afraid if she leaves that Ha'ze will stop talking all together. So she stays, for now.

Did it satisfy his need for revenge? "I stuck my knife into his gut, and then burned him alive." Ha'ze starts out slowly, tasting each of the worlds. A few beats of silence before the iron reenters Ha'ze's voice and he straightens up. "Yes." He's not going to back away from what had happened.

Th'ero asked for it and he received it in spades. The silence that stretches out between them is because the Weyrleader can't find the words or even begin to answer Ha'ze. At least there's no condemnation for what he'd done? Eventually Th'ero can only sigh heavily and look down to Kimmila. It is best that she's here. She can keep Ha'ze talking and keep Th'ero from losing his temper even though at the moment the Weyrleader is far from exploding on the bronzerider now. "Then it's done. Ustrr is dead and those of his band we captured will face trial." he mutters.

Kimmila nods. "It's over," she agrees quietly, staring at the ground underneath Ha'ze's cot. It's clean under there. "And now you can move on, Ha'ze. Live your life."

The'ro's words brush right past Ha'ze and instead the young man focuses on Kimmila instead. A smile, not a nice smile, more of a bitter smile stretches across his face. "Move on? Kainaesyth would say it's the start of a new story. It's why he came down into the fire even though I told him not to. What's that story suppose to be Kimmila? Do I go back to flying sweeps with Thunderbird, finding quiet in Abigail's arms and just…. move on?" No anger in his questions just…. uncertainty. He's lost, and Kainaesyth isn't awake.

Ha'ze may have focused on Kimmila but that doesn't mean Th'ero isn't listening. The Weyrleader's eyes have lowered again, staring at some point or another on the floor in front of him as he mulls over his thoughts. "That story is whatever you want it to be, Ha'ze. You're free to write your own path in life and it can be flying sweeps with Thunderbird and finding quiet in Abigail or whatever else." he murmurs in a low and quiet tone.

Kimmila looks, briefly, relieved. What Ha'ze needs right now is a woman, and she's happy that he seems to have that in Abigail. After something like this, a man needs a gentle touch. She nods agreement with Th'ero. "Whatever you want, Ha'ze. It will take time. Th'ero still…" she glances at her Weyrmate, sorry? "has nightmares sometimes. I do too. And Laris was /turns/ ago. It might never go away completely, but you do move on. Build. It's not something that will happen overnight. One step at a time." She pauses. "What do /you/ want to do?"

This isn't the first time someone has asked Ha'ze what he wants. And this isn't the first time he doesn't know the answer. His silence might just speak volumes as he shifts away from looking upwards at Th'ero and Kimm to back onto Kainaesyth. "Where else is there? I can't leave. Kainaesyth needs a home in the winter." The healers can tell them at some point that it is weird for Kainaesyth to be so very very deeply asleep.

Does Th'ero show any sign that he's upset that Kimmila let one of his Big Secrets out? No. Because he doesn't mind — not in this case. So he acknowledges and backs up her words with a slow nod of his head. All true and all wisely spoken! "You don't have to leave, Ha'ze. Not if you want Fort to be your home and I think you'll find that you're welcome here." he says.

Kimmila nods. "Always welcome here, Ha'ze," she says quietly, looking at the sleeping Kainaesyth again. Ha'ze is sitting on a cot beside the bronze, Th'ero and his broken leg are in a chair, and Kimm sits cross-legged on the floor.

Silence stretches as both Th'ero and Kimmila, knowingly or not, duck the question. And Ha'ze hears only silence when it comes to the one thing he wants to know. "Riding Kainaesyth makes me a rider. Ustrr gave me purpose. Now Kainaesyth is hurt and it's winter. What does that make me?"

Abigail had spent some time in the Infirmary once back at the Weyr, that cough of hers still lingering to the point that healers are healers and enjoy worrying over things. The brownrider is not well known for her enjoying any time at the Infirmary, and when the conversation went out to other things she didn't have much of a choice but to listen to the healers. She was able to escape for a short time, and most likely there is some healer apprentice trying to hunt her down at the moment but she isn't too worried. Right now she is moving on into the dragon infirmary carrying a plant tucked under one arm and a pitcher some warm drink along with cups tucked under her ram. She moves onwards heading towards where the three plus Kai happen to be. "Afternoon." Her voice is a bit harsh thanks to the that cough, which could be why she doesn't give much more of a greeting then that.

"It makes you a rider. It changes nothing," Th'ero answers simply though his brows begin to furrow in troubled thought though he voices none of what is on his mind. Oddly, his gaze keeps drifting to Kimmila and then back to Ha'ze as if he's seeing some sort of invisible link only he can puzzle out. "You find other goals, other paths and other purposes, no matter how small they may seem." Another is approaching then and Th'ero will lean back in his chair, offering a small smile to Abigail. "Afternoon."

"You're still a rider, Ha'ze," Kimmila says quietly. "Always a rider. And there's plenty to do even in winter, even while Kainaesyth heals." She looks back to Th'ero, and then twists a bit when Abigail approaches. "Hello," she greets quietly, looking back to Ha'ze.

This conversation has done at least one thing. Ha'ze's anger has pulled itself out of where it had faded after Ustrr'd burned and Kainaesyth's pain had pulled through his mind. "Right. Right." Ha'ze pushes himself to his feet and steps towards the two of them. Angry words are heavy on his lips when Kainaesyth's tail twitches and Ha'ze is distracted. Rather than allow the words that had gathered which including telling Th'ero and Kimmila where to stuff it, he turns away and goes to lay a hand on Kainaesyth's hide, between bandages. Sorry Abigail, if Ha'ze opens his mouth again, he might say something he regrets.

Abigail hasn't caught too much of the conversation at hand, thugh a curious look is sent to Ha'ze. There is a slight moment before she glances back to Th'ero and Kimmila, the pitcher is held up a touch. "Brought some klah.." As for the plant she makes it a point to set it near Kainaesyth, the bronze may not be awake but she doesn't see a reason to not give him the 'gift'. It is a small wintery type of plant though as it has thick pine needle like leaves upon it. Cups are then taken and she pours the warm drink into one offering it to Th'ero, a slight glance to his leg. Perhaps a change in subject is needed as it feels a touch tense now. "How be yer leg sir?" She is able to hold off a slight cough.

Th'ero bristles when Ha'ze pushes to his feet and appears to advance on them in anger, his eyes narrowing slightly and jaw tensing as he prepares to hold his ground. Only Kainaesyth moves and the situation is diffused before words can start flying. At least until Th'ero likely ruins that peace by opening his mouth. "Does that upset you?" he asks but it's an honest question and the Weyrleader wants to know and know now before it grows worse. While he waits on that answer, he'll gratefully accept the mug of klah from Abigail with a murmur of thanks and then a frown for her cough. "It'll mend. And you? That cough doesn't sound good."

Kimmila pushes to her feet when she sees that aggression in Ha'ze, ready to flee or fight, whatever comes first…but Kainaesyth's movement has her holding her ground, looking at bronze and rider worriedly. She looks to Th'ero, to Abigail, and back to Ha'ze, and stays put. "You didn't think past this did you," she says quietly to the bronzerider. A statement more than a question, and one easily ignored.

Ha'ze rubs his hand against Kainaesyth's hide, the roughness under his fingertips helping to bleed back some of the anger. The plant is spied, the one that Abigail had brought, and he breaks off to walk towards it, lifting it in his hands. It's cradled there, not because Ha'ze gives a damn about the plant, but because he knows Kainaesyth would if he was awake.

Abigail is quiet as she listens to both Th'ero and Kimmila, a glance is sent to Ha'ze though, watching him before she goes back to pouring another cup of klah and offers it to Kimmila. Good warm drink! Help with the stress slightly, perhaps. "To much smoke so says the healers. A reminder of that sickness that some caught a while back." She had it and it left her more susceptible it seems. With Ha'ze moving to pick up the plant she is left watching him, oh she has something she wants to talk to him about, though now is most likely not the best time right? Yet, the comments from Th'ero and Kimmila are a bit pressing and so she keeps her thoughts to herself right now.

Th'ero sighs as Ha'ze dodges their questions again, glancing sidelong to Kimmila to see how she's taking it and maybe looking for a cue from her. Do they push him further or leave it be? He'll watch as Ha'ze picks up Abigail's present but leaves the bronzerider alone. Instead, his focus turns back to the Wingleader and there is concern in his voice. "Don't overtax yourself, Abigail. Hope the cough will clear," And he doesn't have another rider grounded!

Kimmila takes the klah from Abigail, but even klah can't distract her from watching Ha'ze. "There are options, Ha'ze," she says quietly. "Hunting, trails…traveling the forest…" She pauses. "There's still an arson to find." Another Purpose to go after. She glances at Th'ero and Abigail and then moves around the cot towards Ha'ze, but keeps a respectful distance. "Ha'ze," she says quietly, "can you reach him at all, where he is right now?"

"He's cold. Before the snow started falling he woke up, for a bit. The healers spread numbweed on everything and it started to snow. It burns but he's cold." Ha'ze sounds a LITTLE crazy at the moment, standing there with the plant curled in his arms and muttering about burns and cold. His speech trails off and he shakes himself. The plant is set back down. Rather than return to the cot Ha'ze sits right there and puts his back to Kainaesyth's unburned next from where it curls on the gound. "I don't care about the arsonist. Looking was something to pass the time while I looked. Everything is just something to do. Not a reason to exist." Still driving in crazy land there a bit Ha'ze, till he turns and looks upwards at Kimm, Th'ero and Abigail. "It's not enough."

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Th'ero. "Aye.." She doesn't plan on it and anything else that she might have thought is forgotten as she lets her gaze lingers on Ha'ze. Some might know that there is indeed something between Ha'ze and Abbey, but they don't go around telling the world. A slight cough escapes her and she soon slips on over to where Ha'ze is, not paying attention to keeping any distance and is sitting down there next to him and Kai. That pitcher of klah is still with her along with a pair of cups she has left, which one is filled and offered to Ha'ze and she'll hold it there until he takes it, if he takes it. "There is always something else Ha'ze." Once more that thought crosses her mind and she bites her lip a moment. "Ye can't give up hope in that." So not what she had planned on saying.

Th'ero figured there was something between Ha'ze and Abigail and has been nursing his assumptions for some time. Now? He's pretty damn certain he's right, even with Ha'ze's earlier hints. This is more than just a Wingleader checking on one of her Wingriders. "Kainaesyth is your reason to exist," he tells Ha'ze with a troubled frown. "And through him is your purpose in life." As for the rest, the Weyrleader has no answer. Cold and burning? It doesn't sound so crazy to his ears, only the talk of a rider who knows his bronze better than all three of them put together.

Kimmila reaches to Varmiroth who reaches to Kayeth, and a few moments later the fiery queen is stepping in from the outside with a soft rumble. Her thoughts extend over Kainaesyth, her breezes warm and comforting, her mindscape alive with plants growing on the beach and the water warm to the touch. This is what she offers to the sleeping bronze as she moves forward to settle nearby, not touching him but certainly within reach, her hide radiating warmth. Kimmila takes a half step back when Abigail approaches to sit near Ha'ze. "There are lots of reasons, Ha'ze," she says quietly. "Kainaesyth for one…"

The force of the gold's mind does what little else can do, it wakes Kainaesyth up. Not completely, for his desert breeze, chilled by the snow, moves sluggishly in the deepest warmest parts of the canyon. But enough. "That may be enough for the rest of you, but not for me. Not for him." Ha'ze takes the cup and sets it aside, leaning against Abigail as he closes his eyes. Mentally he's far away already, reaching for those breezes. Some of the tension drains out of him, Kainaesyth's awake. Maybe he'll have the answers Ha'ze doesn't have.

"Kainaesyth is a good reason Ha'ze." Abigail says softly as she feels the bit of movement from the bronze. Once the cup is taken she moves her hand to lightly take hold of Ha'ze and gives it a squeeze. She is left with a debate in her mind, a faint glance is sent to Th'ero and Kimmila before she looks back to Ha'ze seeing how he seems a bit more relaxed. "There's other reasons too Ha'ze"

Th'ero's frown deepens and his troubled feeling grows. Now is not the time, however. He needs time to think about it and besides that, he feels they won't get anywhere with Ha'ze this time. Not to mention Abigail's hinting at something and the Weyrleader feels more like an intruder now. "Kimmila?" he calls to her. Time to go! Grimacing as he tries to work out just how the crutches go and how to balance his weight. It's slow going and it grates his nerves to feel so weakened but it is what it is. "We'll talk later, Ha'ze. Be well, Abigail. Both of you," he mutters as a farewell. No need for formalities!

Settled, Kayeth will continue to be a presence for the bronze, both physically and mentally as often as she can be. At Abigail's words, Kimmila has the same thought as Th'ero, moving back to his side and helping him to his feet. "Take care," she says quietly, giving bronze and brownrider a nod before she's attempting to help Th'ero hobble away to give the others their privacy.