Who Baylee, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany, Thautseruck
What Baylee visits Sephany and discovers a relationship in progress; Leuka brings a gift that does nothing to help the situation
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2714
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's a beautiful, cold, winter afternoon at Fort Weyr. The sky is lightly overcast, a pale grey canopy that stops the sun from glaring down and blinding people, but does not threaten additional snow either. It's either a free day, or Sephany has skipped out of her apprentice duties to go ice skating. She's been here a while; at least long enough to put on skates and get out on the ice, for cheeks and nose to be pink from the cold, circling lazily within the designated "safe" zone marked by orange cones. Lazily, this way and that, forwards or backwards, no tricks attempted yet.

Baylee is free. Or at least she has a free day to get out there and do a bit of exploring. Krenn had to work otherwise she probably would have dragged him along for the ride but as it is Baylee is flying solo, or was flying solo a few moments ago when she landed in the main bowl of Fort. Not having anything particular to do or any agenda to follow she began exploring which brings her and Myrakath to the lake. Since everything here is new old things stand out like a sore thumb and one of those old things is Sephany! "Hey Sephany!" she calls to the ice skating woman. Myrakath prowls around the edge of the lake looking rather sullen and peeved, less her usual hoppity hop hop self.

Leuka 's much anticipated delivery has finally arrived. If he wasn't totally into Sephany, he would have given that trader a smooch right on the spot. He's been looking all over the inner Weyr for his favorite Fortian. All her favorite spots. The library, the upper nook with all the windows and pillowed benches. The Crafters' caverns were a bust. He even hurried to her room to check there before darting off in search of somewhere else. So now he's all bundled up, even more so than normal when he ventures out of the Weyr. He's soo bundled up in fact, that he looks to have been putting on weight around his midsection. Hood hangs low, doing a good job of blocking the artic gusts as Leuka tromps through the snow. There's only one more place he can think to check. If she's not there, he'll have to go back to the beginning and stake out a spot in the library and wait for her to show. Closer to the bech, he spots her easily, moving over the ice. Venturing a wide path aound the green dragon, he doesn't move onto the ice. Hee didn't actually bring skates this time. Hearing Sephany's name called out, he squints around til he spots the likly candidate. He doesn't interupt, simply pausing where he is and watching the Weaver float over the hard water without a care. After a moment, he does look around, as if wondering where his canine is.

Fizgig is… alternating between bouncing through the snow, rolling himself in it, and trying to eat it. Typical puppy things. And as he is a rather fluffy, winter-weather-prepared puppy, he gives NO CARES about the sub-zero temps. NOPE. So that patch of snow right there? PERFECT BED! Until… OH LOOK IT'S A PERSON! Now there is mad puppy-bounding and much tail-wagging as he heads for Baylee first, tongue lolling in that way that puppies do… until there's LEUKA! The Harper-Candidate gets all of the above puppy-bounding, tail-wagging, tongue-lolling, BUT ALSO BUTT WIGGLES because he is the FAVORITE! So prepare yourself for a still-small-but-definitely-growing FULL BODY TACKLE in greeting. Sephany? Bundled up an appropriate amount; scarf and gloves included. But her hood is down, her blond hair is free, and she is easily recognizable, given that Baylee and Leuka have both recognized her. The first, the greenrider, gets her attention with the call of her name. There's a glance over, a squint toward the shore, and then a raised hand and wide smile as she recognizes MYRAKATH first, and then connects her to Baylee. "Hi!" Her skating takes on purpose, a quicker turn and faster approach that brings her straight to the shore and the Half Moon greenrider. It's Fizgig's bounding and butt-wiggling full-body-greeting of Leuka that draws her attention his way, and is likely responsible for her recognition of him, a pleasant, "Leuka," given in greeting. "Baylee…" and a glance to Myrakath, "Is she…" because the weaver has mistaken that sullen-and-peeved as possibly-proddy behavior.

The small green just ignores the puppy bounding this way and that. Things like that aren't interesting at the moment. Not unless they are meal related and Fizgig would not make a good snack. Instead she just keeps nosing around the edge of the ice covered lake. There is no snow in Half Moon so that is a new and interesting thing right there, though there is no real joy in it at the moment. "Hello." Baylee says, a smile resting on her face, "It's good to see you Seph. How's life over here?" she asks. Leuka is noted when the pup heads his direction and she vaguely recognizes him from the Tiko lounge meeting though then she was too wrapped up with Krenn to really care. The greenrider shakes her head, "No. I don't think so." She's still new at figuring all that stuff out only having that it once, so it really is possible but not likely. "She's just upset at Aede. He basically called her a whore last night." At least thats how Myra took the bronzes comments and thats the story she's sticking to. "So she's upset with him." Which is not strikingly different than every other day of her life since she was hatched except for that brief thawing of an otherwise icey relationship when she was actually proddy.

Leuka doesn't take too long to figure out where his growing pup has gotten to. There's something zigging and zagging under the snow, making an interesting design as Fizgig burrows around a bit then starts bounding here and there. Grinning at the pup's antics, Leuka laughs. That seems to distract him from the visitor and have him bounding towards the Harper. "There's my big guy. Come here Fizgig." Realizing in time that he's about to be tackled, he stands and turns his body away from the bounding pup. An arm moves as if to protect his middle while the other tries to control the pouncing he's about to get. Chuckling at the pups enthusiasm he does take a knee when Fizgig calms a little "Did yo miss me Fizzy. Bet the Weaver is spoiling you rotten." His name distract him from being too cute with the growing canine and he smiles up to said Weaver. "Hi Sephany." He doesn't move towards her yet, giving her a moment with her friend before he totally ticks her off again. He's not sure how it will happen, but he's learning quick that he'll probably do it quite often. Her friend is given a greeting nod "Hello. Um, didn't we meet before?" No, that is NOT a pick up line. Besides, that's one Thautseruck would use.

Riohra unlike the the other candidate is working, moving towards the lake he carries the spear like pole for testing the thickness of the ice. When he spots the visiting green rider he will salute Baylee saying "Ma'am" But there is that ever cheeky grin and white knot on the tall hunters shoulder.

An eye is kept on that bounding puppy, though with Leuka here, Sephany's more inclined to let HIM handle the rambunctious ball of energy. "She doesn't look it," agrees the weaver, glancing once more to Myrakath. And when the explanation comes, there's a soft 'ah' type noise and a sympathetic smile for the dragon. "He's a dick," she agrees. "And you're way too good for him," is obviously meant for the dragon. As for life in the frozen north? "It's…" and a funny look crosses her face, as though she can't quite settle on the appropriate expression. "… busy." This is what she settles for. Neutral. A bit dismissive, grey eyes passing over to Leuka as he turns and adopts a somewhat protective stance. A frown pulls at the corners of her mouth, though it's less concern and more confused. "What are you doing? And why are you wearing approximately all of your clothes. Again. It's not even that cold out…" says the ice-skating weaver-lass. A glance for Riohra and his spear, and another frown. "I think someone already tested it…" and she points to the flags. "I've been skating for an hour with no problems."

Thautseruck is wondering along shore of the lake, with his hands in his pockets and his pockets in his pants and all the little fishies do the, oh wait, darn little children's ditty floating along in his brain. He is whistling and he goes from kids ditty to teaching song and then off into some ballad or another. They are smooth transitions and seem more reflexive than anything as he seems to be quite lost in thought and isn't really paying attention to anything else going on around him, even as he seems to be nearing the group by the lake. Nope.

At the harpers greeting and 'unpickup' line Baylee turns away from Seph to see if she does indeed recognize the harper. She vaguely remembers him from meeting him before and so she nods, "I think we met at the Tiki in Half Moon when you played for my weyrmate and I." Unless there is another one of them that looks similar enough out there. Then there is a Rio! Who she now outranks. She just smiles, "Candidate." She will play along with that little game for now. The greenrider shifts on her feet and nods to Seph, "Yeah. He can be very abrasive." The green looks up from the edge of the lake and snorts, « Pond scum is too good for him. I'm going to make sure that every green and gold knows just what he thinks of females. » Course none of the non-riders would be hearing any of this but Baylee does and so she nods, "You do that Myra." The greens distraction ended she is back to focusing on Seph, "The good kind or the bad kind?" Because busy can mean alot of different things to lots of different people. "He's probably trying to cover something up. Or making an interesting fashion statement."

Leuka snaps his gloved fingers at Baylee when she reminds him "Ah, that's right. Those drinks had some crazy swirling straws that let me drink and play cello at the same time." He gives Fizgig another ruffle before getting back up and moving towards the two women. The pup bounds at his side, attacking the snow with little nose first pounces. He spots the hunter sliding around the ice poking it with a stick. "Hi Riohra." IS called out before he can close the distance to Sephany. Grinning at the Weaver's remarks about his clothes. "As a matter of fact. I am wearing several layers. But…" He holds up a hand to stall the coming argument "…it's for a good reason. And you did agree to accept it already, since I had already arranged for it." Yea, that makes since. Not! Unless Sephany recalls a prior conversation about gifts. He steps right up to the Weaver and gives her a snug, and kiss to the cheek, for now. Glancing back around to the dragon who's roaming about, he spots his fellow Harper and sends the man a wave "Hi Hauser. Guess you saved me a trip of hunting you down." He already spent the better part of a candlemark hunting for Sephany.

Leuka snaps his gloved fingers at Baylee when she reminds him "Ah, that's right. Those drinks had some crazy swirling straws that let me drink and play cello at the same time." He gives Fizgig another ruffle before getting back up and moving towards the two women. The pup bounds at his side, attacking the snow with little nose first pounces. He spots the hunter sliding around the ice poking it with a stick. "Hi Riohra." IS called out before he can close the distance to Sephany. Grinning at the Weaver's remarks about his clothes. "As a matter of fact. I am wearing several layers. But…" He holds up a hand to stall the coming argument "…it's for a good reason. And you did agree to accept it already, since I had already arranged for it." Yea, that makes since. Not! Unless Sephany recalls a prior conversation about gifts. He steps right up to the Weaver and gives her a snug, and kiss to the cheek, for now. Glancing back around to the dragon who's roaming about, he spots his fellow Harper and sends the man a wave "Hi Hauser. Guess you saved me a trip of hunting you down." He already spent the better part of a candlemark hunting for Sephany.

"Oh, uh… Both. I think." There's a hesitancy to the answer, and Sephany clearly looks like she wants to say something else, but grey eyes glancing at Harpers (now two of them, with the approaching Thautseruck) has her biting back whatever it is she would have told Baylee. "Are you going to be here… for a while?" she wonders a little too casually of the greenrider. SECRETS MUST BE SHARED! But right now, attention is given to Leuka and his curious behavior. And even more curious statement. She frowns, this time warily, and wonders, "What did you do…" and then groans softly to herself. "It's not my Turnday yet…" She hobbles over to the bench where her boots have been stashed, giving a little 'come on' bob of her head to Baylee as invitation to join. Thautseruck's approach becomes such that she cannot ignore it, even if she's doing her level best not to look at him. At least she's not glaring, or threatening physical violence. Yet.

That's okay, Sephany can ignore him all she likes. Seems he's not addressing her anyways. He nods his head to Leuka as he comes up upon them. "Are you the one that sent me the note to meet out here?" He asks curiously "Though I can't say it looks like your writing, but it wasn't signed or anything." He frowns a little "Not that I've ran into anyone that seems to be waiting." There's a nod to Baylee "Ma'am" he says politely, and then a brief one to the green dragon as well. Seph is simply not acknowledged, nor even a comment on the kiss and snug from Leuka. "So what's up, Leuka?"

Riohra was out on the ice, seems when the headwoman tells you to go check soft spots in the ice she really means it. After an undesclosed amount of time he will wander back onto the shore and move up towards the others at a slower relaxed pace. Ahh that candidate life, doing dumb things for no understanding in hopes to keep you from doing other dumb things.

Baylee peers in the direction of the mysterious Leuka who is being all mysterious like. "If he give you a ring you need to run really fast." Especially if he is trying to gather an audience for when he gives it. Sephany gets a nod, "Yeah I should be around for awhile. I have a free day so I'm not in any hurry to get back. Least not until Krenn gets off work." She nods to Thatsureuk at his greeting, "Hello." Rio's activity gets a look but she turns back toward the group.

Leuka gives a curious look to Hausser, then gives a headshake "I was gonna look for you in a bit after I spoke with Seph." He considers and looks around the lake then surrounding area. "It sounds like soemthing Eiram would do though. Sending you a note I mean." He does seem to think Hauser and Leuka are at odds with each other over being searched afterall." He cracks a grnnad holds up a hand to his impatient friend. The universal signal for just give me a moment and gies the visiting rider an appologetic shrugs for intruding on her visit with Sephany, but turns towards the weaer a bit more with a sly grin. "No it's not your Turnday, but you did agree to accept what was already in the works before the whole no gift argument. Remember?" He barely waits for her to concede his point and barrels right on as Fizgig bounds over to Hauser and dances about the other Harper, being sooooo cute that you KNOW ya wanna give him some attention. Leuka leans forward and whispers quickly to Sephany, making a few odd gestures during the short, quiet conversation, even towards Hauser a time or two.

Leuka whispers "Trader Yulise came though with what I wanted. She found a clutch of firelizard eggs and managed to bring me back a couple. You can't refuse it, you already agreed to take it."

What had started out as a lovely, solo-skate on the ice is quickly becoming a rather crowded and, now, uncomfortable situation. Sephany sits, pulling her skates off and her boots on in rapid succession, quickly tying her skates together and tossing them over her shoulder. Thautseruck gets a glance and curious look for the mention of a note. Wasn't her. "Good," to Baylee, for being around. "I want to ask you something… privately." Later. Because this is clearly not a private gathering. A deep breath, let out as a long exhale, and she's off the bench before Leuka's closed the distance, that wary frown still in place. "Yes…" she hesitates, looking less comforted and more uneasy as he continues. And her expression just… does not improve as he leans in and whispers, grey eyes going distant as she concentrates on what it is he's saying, and the implications of such. "You what?!" Shock. And then an unreadable expression as she just stands there, staring at him, speechless.

Thautseruck is watching Leuka curiously and now Sephany is getting look as well at her outburst. He then shrugs a little "Suppose it could have been him, I wouldn't put it past him. He's a good kid." Hauser smiles a little fondly concerning their apprentice. "So what's on your mind, anyways? You're being even more mysterious than usual. Almost puts me in mind of that one time with Journeyman Breyja and his drawers.and that plan of yours you ocncocted." There is then a curious look for Baylee at her words and then a frown on his face, and then of course there's Seph's outburst and then he's shaking his head. No, that can't be it, can it? No. Better not be.

Riohra just moves to stand over by Baylee and says "What did I miss, Ma'am" yup still has to play that game for now. But he gives his friend a bright grin as usual, and asks "How is Krenn?" He watches the reaction from Sephany from afar because shouting love interests is never a good thing no mater where you are.

Baylee watches the whispering, the gesticulating and all the goings on. There are doings happening here! Just what they are she has no guess, though it could easily be the proposal that she feared, "Yeah. Rings." she says to herself mostly, though she makes no attempt to hide what she says. The greenrider nods, "Yeah. No problem." she says to Seph, this is not private at all. This is almost a party. Rio's ma'aming and asking about Krenn distracts her for a bit though, "He's doing well. He's working right now or he'd probably be here." As to what he missed, "I'm not sure actually. I think that something is going on between these two. I'll have to tell Sev when I get back."

Leuka just watches Sephany with a grin growing across his face. "You heard me" Yea, don't make him go all through that again. He overhears a couple of words from the visiting rider, one of them being rings and he arches an /Are you insane?!/ eyebrow her way before laughing back to his fellow Harper. Riohra is given an amused look before Hauser's comment has him chuckling "And to this day, he never knew who nailed them from the rafters in the great Hall or how I did it to start with." Cue smug arrogant look over that. But soon enough Sephany has his attention. "So, should I give it to you here? Or maybe back at your room later."

Sephany is right there with Leuka on the 'are you insane' eyebrows for Baylee and her 'rings' comment, a look directed the greenrider's way that communicates rather clearly what she thinks about that (it's not good thoughts. She does not want a ring). "No…" just to cement the fact that he is not offering her a ring. And then back to Leuka, with an expression that is caught between outrage and joy. Really. She's either going to punch him or hug him. "I… well…" and grey eyes go for that overly-stuffed midsection. "Is that why you're walking around like you put on five shirts? You brought it out here?!" That is definitely disapproval. "How close is it to hatching?" because apparently that will make her decision for her. "I can't believe you… " she hisses, leaning into him in a manner that suggests she's not going to hurt him, but maybe not… hug him. One hand reaches for his arm, gloved fingers tight where they grip him.

Sephany whispers "I can't believe you! This had to cost a fortune. It had better be the absolute last gift you give me!" to Leuka.

Actually, it is quite conceivable, at least to Hauser's mind, that Seph might do both, punch Leuka and then hug him, she seems like the type. Though her words has him staring at Leuka in disbelief "Breyja deserved it all and more, but Shards man, is she suggesting what I think she's suggesting?" He shakes his head a little "I think your brains been addled man. Should have had this little party in the hot springs, though you may have been a bit more uncomfortable in that get up." he laughs. "Though, I must admit, it's one method I have not tried on getting into a girls room." A glance over at Baylee, "You seem knowledgable on these sorts of things. Would you say it's something serious?" which could be promising, he'd be leaving Sada alone after all.

Riohra raises and eyebrow saying "I would hope not he is a candidate too, kinda against the rules ain't it?" Cause he knows all to well how bad that can go, he will take that small half step to the right. Whether he saw something Baylee's eyes or just in a very rare self preservation moment he clears a path between Baylee and Leuka.

Baylee might just have heard enough here. As Sephany's friend it is time to step in and take control of this situation. She takes a few steps toward Leuka shaking her head as she goes. It's good that Riohra already got out of the way. She lifts a hand toward him, "Hold on there buddy." Cause he's a buddy now, "You aren't going to be giving her anything back at her room. Because if I have to go back and tell her brother that I didn't say anything I'd be in big trouble." Myrakath has become interested in this little gathering of people even though she is still quite sullen, « Does this one treat females like Aede treats them? Is he attempting to mate with Sephany? » Baylee glances to her dragon and shrugs, "I'm working on that." she says before turning back to Leuka, "Are you sleeping with her?" she asks bluntly. Myrakath grows more animated when she hears Hauser speak up, « This one might be like Aede too. Is the whole world full of males that don't appreciate females? » She leans her muzzle down to get into Hausers face and snorts. « You listen to me Mr. Man. You need to start appreciating females or I'll start telling the human females about you too. » Course he wouldn't be privy to that part, but its implied in the snort.

Leuka glances down to his now poofy middle and smirks to Sephany "And two sweaters." He shrugs "Well I couldn't exactly leave then back in those barracks when I couldn't find you now could I?" Head wobbles uncertainly "I don't know, whenever they feel like it I guess." He does lean down a little to hear what she whispers and he grins turning his head to slip in another smooch on her cheek "And I told you, it was mine to do what I wanted to with. And I also told you the transaction couldn't be stopped by the time you threw a fit about gifts." He all too casually does not agree or disagree with her quiet command, but does smile when she slips her hand around his arm. Hauser's grumbling has him shaking his head "It doesn't involve a ring. No offense Hauser, I love ya like a brother, but I'm NOT giving you a ring either." Leuka laughs at his old friend before almost frowning down to the visiting greenrider, Riohra earning a sideglare that clearly says /I'll get ya for that later./ Baylees is frowned at "Well, It'll get too cold if I try giving it to her out here." Obviously they are not talking about the same thing, which Leuka has figured out by now. So he's having a bit of fun with Baylee's assumption. He looks between Sephany and himself, then to the ground and around the lake before shaking his head to the greenrider "No, right now I'm standing out here freezing my eggs off." And that has the Harper turned candidate trying not to snicker, but failing badly. "There's always later when we warm up a bit for /sleeping/." He cants his attention down to the Weaver with an amused wink "Right Seph?" *winkwink*

That grip on Leuka's arm there? It's not exactly affectionate. More like a claw than a hand, really. Sephany is rather tense at the moment, though there's a certain look of anticipation now that she's gotten over the shock of the thing. "It's a firelizard," she says simply, putting an end to any sort of misunderstanding or shenanigans that Leuka wants to pull. "He got me a firelizard egg." There's a certain sort of wonder in the way she says it, something that speaks to a deep-seated awe and appreciation of the gesture, even if she's still going to glare at the Harper and his agree-to-disagree approach. "And…" a look for Hauser, as she connects some dots. "One for you, too, I think." But her attention is shifted at Baylee's approach, replaced by a look of surprise and then… MORE surprise at the words that flow from her mouth. "Baylee!" That's for the 'sleeping' comment, and then there's a "Leuka!" for his rather unwise decision to play along. If she wasn't already death-gripping his arm, this is probably the moment in which he would have been hit. And RIohra? His comment is seized upon with a quick agreement of, "He's a candidate!" And then, yeah. now/ Leuka is going to get hit. Her fingers still coiled into his arm, Sephany's free hand comes around to *SMACK* him soundly on the shoulder. "Leuka! Cut that out!" Clearly, winky-winks are not appreciated, and whether he was joking or not. "What we are, or are not, doing is none of Sev's business," is said for Baylee's benefit, a meaningful look given the greenrider. "He doesn't need to know." Translation? PLEASE DO NOT SIC SEV ON LEUKA!

How curious, hitting and defending a Leuka. Course there's a dragon in his face snorting at him. Hauser blinks as he looks up at Myrakath. "Pardon me, my dear." he says, almost in sheer reflex than anything. "No offense meant to you, yours or well. Maybe Leuka, but that's different."And speaking of Leauka "Shards, I hope you ain't ever giving me a ring, you do not have the proper figure for me." he states with a smirk "Too bony in the butt by far." Another look at the green dragon and then a look at Baylee "She won't bite or anything, will she?" Not that he's really worried about it, considering all the information in the Harper archives concerning dragons and all. "But, could on you though, a brother needs to know things to help keep his sister safe." A glance at Leuka "I should know."

Thank you Rio for that lovely little bit of information that only now did Baylee have time to process. This man is a candidate and he's acting all very uncandidaty. It only takes Baylee a moment to realize something. She outranks this man. She might be a lowly wingrider, but she is still above a candidate. And she's a visiting rider too! She could march into the weyrlingmasters office with all sort of faux offense at not being saluted or something and spill about his 'activities' and bam. If she couldn't get any loving during candidacy then NO ONE else is either. Sorry Sephany. Besides if Baylee takes him out first then there is no need to involve Sev at all? All in a days work for Baylee. She casts a somewhat apologetic glance toward Sephany, "I got this." she says before she snaps back to Leuka and barks, "Candidate! Salute your betters." A curious little jolt goes through the greenrider. Power. She kinda likes it. "And stand up straight no slouching now. I want a proper salute. And there's going to be no hanky panky going on or I'm going to go find your weyrlingmaster and let her know just whats going on. I'm sure she'd love to know." Baylee then glances back to Sephany and smiles, "We need to talk." Cause generally when someone says something like that there is something going on, "Are you sleeping with him?" she asks just a touch more lowly, but still hearable. Baylee has no shame. Someone's gotta ask the tough questions. Hausers question is met with a shrug, "Don't know. She's cranky at men right now." Myrakath doesn't move from her place and keeps her face where it is, « Stupid males. Doing stupid things. Treating us bad. We should eat them. I know where Aede sleeps. » The bronze is on the naughty list. And so are these males. BAD MALES.

Leuka is amused by the banter and leans slightly away from Sephany when she smacks him. Doesn't dampen his humor though, until Hauser starts in, mention Sada. There's a brief narrowing of eyes that clearly say /YOU ASS!/ before his attention goes to the Visitor. Just shaking his head at the obvious power trip, he give a sorta salute and straightens for about a second. Since she seems to be friends with a some of his own friends. Leuka's not ashamed of his time with Sephany, but he doesn't think it's anyone else's business either. Even if he was doing more than kissing. He does glance back to Hauser when he mentions the dragon snacking on him, though that green does seem to be right IN his face.

"Don't eat him." Directed at Myrakath, and her looming over Hauser. "You can hate Aede, but don't take it out on Thautseruck. He's not an ass." Sephany. Defending Hauser. Yes. Be shocked. Her anticipatory joy at receiving a firelizard egg is starting to wane in the face of powertripping greenriders, Baylee getting a full-force glower from the weaver. "You may outrank him, but you are not his /better/," she asserts. "He's a Journeyman Harper! Just because he wears a white knot doesn't mean you should treat him so poorly. Honestly, Baylee!" Disapproval, clearly displayed in tone of voice and body posture as she takes in the general bossy-behavior of her brother's friend. "You're still fresh from Weyrlinghood. How would you have felt if someone talked to YOU like that as a candidate?" Rude. But she's distracted from Baylee's rank-pulling by that final little 'sister' comment from Hauser which has, finally sunk in. Previous comments are remembered. Glares between Leuka and Hauser are noted. Dots are connected. And then Sephany is rocking back on her heels and giving Leuka a look as if she's not seen him before. "Are you seeing his sister?" But alas, for better or worse, now Baylee is throwing her pointed questions at SEPHANY and she is made to answer. Another look, this time for the greenrider, and she lies right through her perfect teeth. "No. We are not sleeping together." A sigh, a hand to her forehead, and she finally lets go of Leuka's arm. "I'm going back. I'm going back right now. May I have my egg, please?" and her hand is laid out, palm up, waiting.

Thautseruck continues to watch the green "Cranky?" he repeats as he casts a sidelong glance at Baylee. "At men?" There's a pursing of his lips and then he's sweeping a bow for the green. "I do apologice for my gender, my dear green. We do have a tendency to be asses, and I beg your forgiveness for any offense I or my fellow gender mates may have caused you. " And then he's stopping in mid apology really at Sephany's words. He opens his mouth, and then shuts it a moment and then he's shaking his head. "Not anymore."A glance for Leuka, at least he better not be seeing Sada anymore. He does glance back and forth between the two women, but decides the best part is to just keep his mouth shut now.

« I'm pretty sure he is an ass. But I won't eat him. Too fattening. » Myrakath replies unheard to the group except for Baylee. « Whatever. » The green pulls back and begins to lumber away toward the the bowl. Done with whatever that whole thing was and off to find other things to turn her attention on. Baylee knows that everything is her business. Everything! Baylee just shakes her head at the sorta salute and frowns when Seph goes on little rant, but remains pretty nonplussed about it. She responds only with an "Uh huh." to Sephany and a look sent to Hauser and Leuka that says 'I've got my eyes on you.' Since Seph seems to be departing the greenrider decides its her turn to do so as well. "I'll tell Sev you said hi." Even if she didn't. Cause knowing is half the battle. And then Baylee is departing off toward wherever Myrakath went.

Leuka watches the green dragon right up in his friends face, peering back to Baylee and gesturing with his head "Is that normal?" He can't help but grin "Or has Hauser found a female he can't sweet talk." And speaking of the other Harper's mouth, he rolls his eyes to Thatuseruck in annoyance before shaking his head to Sephany. "Not for a few months no." He thinks and corrects himself "Actually longer than that. Since before I left the Hall." He lowers his head to murmur low, hopefully Hauser won't overhear "But it gets a rise out of him." Tiny head tilt to his fellow Journeyman. As Sephany wants her gift now, he nods and starts pulling the coat open and trying to getthrough the layers he has on that's keeping the eggs warm. "Might as well come get yours too Hauser". Baylee's so called threats of watching him get a chuckle from the man "Gee, /ma'am/ don't think I've ever had anyone waiting for me to get in trouble before." Translation, take a number! Then he's offering over Sephany's egg then fumbling under shifts to free the other.

Sephany is over it. It's become a thing, lately; this whole mood-swing-thing. And the leaving. Really. It's becoming her signature move. Baylee is glowered at as the greenrider makes dangerous promises and wanders away. There's a hissed curse under her breath and a glance for Leuka. She looks ready to say something, thinks better of it, and just sighs instead. "Thanks," for her egg, hands curling around the precious gift to preserve the heat and protect the shell. A glance for Hauser, then back to Leuka. "Enjoy the rest of your day." Mysterious sisters that Leuka claims not to be seeing are ignored, no comments given in the wake of Baylee's threat to tell HER BROTHER on them. "I… will see you later." Maybe. There is definitely a 'maybe' tone of voice there. And true to her word, she's slipping past the harper-turned-candidate and making her way back to the caverns.

Thautseruck watches as the two, decidedly scary women, both head off. And one rather tee'd off green. "You know. I think I am glad I am not in your shoes." he states and just shakes his head. "You might outta rethink your ideas of going after girls that have brothers, you know?" He does head over to Leuka "So where'd you pick these little gems up?"

Leuka passes the egg to Thautseruck to start keeping warm himself and nods to Sephany "See you later, and give Fizgig a ruffle for me." When the two women head back, he starts bundling his coat back up as he's losing his heat quickly. Looking back to Hauser he grins "If you need anything, this trader name Yulise can get you nearly anything you want, canines, eggs, and even evil strawberries." He flicks a gaze back the way Sephany went "By the way. Ladies ever tell you they love strawberries. Don't believe it. Just gonna use them as an excuse to argue. Strawberries are Evil man EVIL."

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