Who Rulayn, Kyzenviro
What Rulayn meets Bronzerider K'vir for the first time.
When Early Morning, Winter - Turn 2710
Where Fort Weyr Beasthold

Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Forest Beasthold
This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

It's an early morning and an early start for Rulayn who, despite the cold winter chill, is trying to keep herself warm and busy. Located in one of the Beasthold stables, the young woman is busy at work doing the dull and more laborious tasks found for any Stablehand: sweeping. Hair tied back, sleeves rolled up, Rulayn is furiously brushing away straw and hay scattered across the stone flooring, whilst the stabled runners are busy kicking up more of a mess her way.

Ah winter. K'vir was born in Fort but has lived the last few Turns in Igen after Impressing there and while it does get cold in the desert, it's nothing like a Fortian winter. At least he still has his winter gear and is, more or less, comfortable as he approaches the Beasthold. It may be strange to see him approaching, but it won't be long before the reason is obvious. He'll flash a quick grin and a half-wave to Rulayn, as well as a murmured "Morning!" before he finds what he's after; or rather whom. He stops in front of a stall that currently houses one of the older runner residents: a red roan gelding, now greyer than ever as age steadily creeps up. "Hey Cal, old boy." K'vir can be heard calling him, affection clear in his voice as he sticks his hand through the bars.

Rulayn is no stranger to the occasional Rider passing through - after all, there were plenty of them who once had companions that actually -stayed- on the ground. The early morning greeting is responded to with a wave as Rulayn pauses mid-sweep, lifting her gaze to the unfamiliar figure entering the stables. Her hair is a mess and already she has dirt smothered over her work clothes and face. Typical. "Morning.." She responds with little enthusiasm in her voice. Clearly not a morning person. For a moment she seems vaguely interested in K'vir, studying his appearance for several moments until the man turns his attention to the stabled gelding. Respecting their privacy, the young woman turned back to her duties, blowing a loose strand out of her eyes as she begins to sweep more vigorously. The sooner the job done, the better!

Hard to have privacy in a public stable and K'vir's loving (and rather mushy) terms of endearment for the old gelding continue on and spoken loud enough for anyone to overhear. "Have you been good, old fellow? Hmm? Come here, let me pet you! Aww… don't sulk, boy! I heard they're using you for the wee brats now… that can't be bad…" And it goes on like that for several minutes. Eventually K'vir will leave the gelding and turn to see Rulayn still busily at work. "Dunno if I've ever seen you about before but… it's been awhile since I've been here." There's that grin again and he's stepping a little closer, craning his head to see if he can't glimpse her knot.

Public or not, Rulayn isn't the type to be nosy, although she can't help but catch drift of the playful sincerity in K'vir's tone. Why did that sound familiar? Immediate memories come flooding the girl's mind and she holds back the urge to mutter something foul. Grateful then for K'vir to distract her with smalltalk, Rulayn straightens herself up and faces the lad again. As expected, there's nothing fancy about the braided knot on her clothing. Fort Weyr and very much a resident too. Or former, if you counted the collapse in the Living Caverns. Extending a hand to shake, the girl does her best to manage a strained smile in return. "Rulayn. Just another stablehand-.." She pauses momentarily at the sight of the rather prominent knot fixed to the Rider's attire and she clears her throat. ".. Sir."

K'vir is unaware of anything he may have dredged up as far as memories serve on Rulayn's part but when she extends her hand, he will take it. His grip is firm and he'll let go the moment the gesture is complete. "Well met, Rulayn and you make that seem like a bad thing, being a stablehand." He will laugh then and grimace with a shake of his head. "Don't call me sir. Name's K'vir, bronze Zekath's rider from Igen Weyr. Used to call Fort my home though. Cal, there?" He'll jut a thumb over his shoulder to where the red roan is now dozing in his stall. "Used to be mine. Had to leave him behind when I was Searched."

Rulayn can't help but disagree on the point of being 'just a Stablehand' but she isn't going to argue it. After a brief, firm shake of his hand she releases it and plants it on her hip. The other, still gripping the handle of the brush, tightens slightly on the tool to support herself. "That so? Well you're right, he has been a favourite of the kids." Her smile widens a little and she gazes past him to where Calamity is stabled. "Though, I reckon he's happy to see a familiar face again." Her attention is drawn back to the Rider in front of her and his messy, curly hair. Well, at least she wasn't the only one having a bad hair day. "From Igen? They expecting you back there anytime soon?"

"That's a relief to know. I'd some guilt, leaving him behind as he wasn't a young runner when I had him and neither of my siblings were too keen on taking over his needs," K'vir admits with a smirk that soon fades into another grin. "I'd hope so. Even with being as busy as I am, I still remember him now and again." There's another shake of his head and the automatic sweep of his hand to brush back some of those messy curls; it's true, he's just like his father and has the very same hair. "Nah, not today. Off duty, unless an emergency arises and Zekath will let me know. He's a bit put out we came here though. He's been wanting to go to Xanadu and I know why… but for now… we're here!" Yay? He gives her a curious look, "Are you staying out here, even in the winter? Where'd they got you housed? I'd heard about the collapse of the upper level caves…"

"Where else would I stay?" The response is sharp and almost stinging, but it's clearly not Rulayn's intention to come across as rude. She casts her gaze down to her mucky tunic and straightens it out against her thin frame. "I mean.. There isn't much space and the important folks get the more sheltered spots. It's cold but I've managed this far." She shrugs, and casts a fleeting glance to another familiar stablehand passing by the entranceway. She raises a hand briefly in greeting before continuing. "Xanadu? Why's that? Got his eyes on a Queen?" She asks, finally propping the broom against the wall. If she was going to continue this conversation, it might as well be with her full attention.

K'vir lifts his hands up in a warding gesture when her response comes off sharp. "Woah, hey! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to come off rude or insensitive! I was just curious… and I figured they'd go by rank and what not. Still doesn't mean you have to suffer the worst of it." There's a low exhaled breath and he mutters something under his breath. Probably cursing his father for not asking for help? "D'you need anything? I can probably, I dunno, find some spare blankets?" Smooth, K'vir. Real smooth. "Ah. Yeah, actually. She's kind of my friend too and… yeah. Long story. I can't STOP Zekath from chasing but I'd really prefer if he'd not." There's a shrug of his shoulders to that.

Rulayn doesn't pretend to know how the mind of a Dragon works. She's not -that- good. "Blankets go to the young and elderly. I'm fine." She waves a hand dismissively and then clasps it within her other palm, rubbing them together. Even if the day's gradually getting warmer, the chill is still enough to send a rogue shiver down her spine. After working for the last few hours, the sudden break has left her vulnerable to the cold air once more. Rather than press the matter of Golds and Xanadu further, the young woman instead tries to change the topic to something a little more relevant. "Let's just hope the rocks are cleared before the worst of the season hits. Lot of folk might freeze out in these camps." Cheerful.

K'vir's frown says it all; he doesn't buy it for a second that she's entirely 'fine'. "That I'm not surprised about but that doesn't mean you should go without too! The winter's here get nasty. If I could find a surplus of blankets…" Then he'd drop them off! Not just for her, obviously but for her and anyone else who may need the extra cover against the cold. He may be relieved too when she doesn't question him further about Xanadu and gold flights. "Have the Weyrleaders said anything? I'd think by now they'd have news… or at least relocate everyone who doesn't NEED to be here southward… at least to Southern Boll."

Rulayn can't help but give another snippy reply. "I don't make a habit of talking to the Weyrleader personally. Haven't a clue." She raises her arms in a defeated gesture and shrugs. It's almost as if she's partially pinning this whole mess on any Rider. "But I work here, so I stay here. Even in the stables on some nights. Straw is itchy, but you get used to it." Gesturing upwards to where the upper level of the building is stacked with bales of hay and straw, there's a visible blanket partly hanging over the edge. "The worst part is no bathing caverns. Most people working around here smell pretty bad." And that probably includes herself too.

"He's not that bad of a person, you know? If you DO get a chance to talk to him, I'd take it." K'vir points out, his frown the only thing to show his displeasure at her snippy reply. "If not him, try Weyrwoman Nyalle or even weyrwoman Inri or Thys." he suggests, but edges a little closer. "Though stay away from Jajen. I'm sure you know that already…" Everyone knows Jajen, the notoriously hot tempered gold rider and the youngest of the juniors (also previously exiled). Look up, he'll grimace but he seems to back off with offering his help. "Guess it's better than nothing, huh?" Again, his nose wrinkles. "Yeah, I guess that would be a problem. Guess even you can't bathe, huh?" Probably NOT the thing to say to a girl! Poor, oblivious K'vir. He really is just trying to be nice.

Again, another shrug. Being just one voice among many who were undoubtably complaining about their situation meant that Rulayn doubted she'd ever get a chance to talk to the Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, or any other higher-ranking Rider. She does her best not to be -too- offended by that remark, but it's hard not to be. Normally the girl is smelling of all the delicious things one might find in the Kitchens but right now she smells of runnerbeast and muck. "Yeah, thanks for the concern." A touch of sarcasm, maybe? Somehow, Rulayn doubted that any Rider was actually concerned about the plight of the resident folk. They had their big cosy Weyrs, after all.

Well, this got awkward! Granted, K'vir really IS just a "kid" still even if he's sixteen. There's a lot he has to learn and has learned over the Turns (often the hard way) but there's still the occasions where he screws up. Like now! Usually his optimism isn't such a bad thing. Clearing his throat, he'll lift his hand up and rub the back of his neck. "Want me to speak to him? Or at least Kimmila? I won't say your name. Just… put the thought out there. I have to go see my siblings before I go and generally that means a brief talk with them both." Them. Both? Whether or not she remembers, K'vir was once Kyzen (aka as Kyzenviro), son of Th'ero and Kimmila but the last time he was in Fort was at least 4 Turns ago now.

Yet again another stare comes K'vir's way, although this time it's partially a blank one. "Tell him what you like. I doubt he remembers everyone's names." Scooping up the brush once more, Rulayn turns away and restarts her dull chore of cleaning. There's one way to keep warm anyway. The sibling comment goes right over the woman's head as she works; she shakes her head and keeps on sweeping. Clearly the hint about his parents wasn't obvious enough. "And unless they're going to get down there and start digging out rocks themselves, words mean nothing."

K'vir has limits to just how much needling he can take before even HIS good mood begins to erode. Frowning heavily, he'll move to follow her as she resumes her work, trying to get in front of her and her attention with it. "My father does care for the people who live here! So does my mother. How else would he still be Weyrleader for almost two decades now?" Well? He smirks, arms folding across his chest and while he doesn't gloat, there's an air of 'I know something you don't' coming from him. "No one can remember everyone's names, but they're probably so overwhelmed right now that things are being accidentally overlooked. So I'll mention it because there's no harm in it." So there.

Rulayn probably isn't in the mood for dirty boots messing up the floor she's spent the morning cleaning. Poor K'vir gets one of -those- looks for it too. "Probably because the Weyrwoman likes him best in bed." Lewd. "Tell me, oh mighty Bronze Rider, if your father -does- care, then why are we still here?" Two can play at that game. "Overlooking this many people means he either doesn't care, or has pretty bad eyesight. Isn't he getting old now?" Yep. A combination of sleeping in an uncomfortable stable, freezing your backside off and spending early mornings cleaning up runner muck will certainly make you grouchy!

K'vir was NOT expecting such lewdness to be thrown his way or the sass in which Rulayn seems so fond of dishing out. He scowls now, cheeks rising a bit with color as he silently sputters and can't even think straight for a moment. "That's NOT it!" he protests and rather lamely at that. "I've… no idea why you guys are still here! Maybe it's worse off than they thought? I don't know!" There's a gesture with his hands at that, sweeping wide as he goes to pace around to her other side. "They probably aren't meaning to overlook things! You'll see!" He'll pointedly ignore the comments about his father aging too. He'll LIVE FOREVER!

Look at the little princeling, prancing around with his arms waving. Rulayn probably would have given the kid some credit if he didn't still have that chubbiness to his cheeks. "You're cute when you're flustered, but there's no point in arguing. Not fixing anything, is it?" She sighs, lifting her broom out of the way before she accidentally whacks the poor lad with the handle. A little charm might disarm his temper. "And it's far too early to debate with someone as optimistic and caring as yourself, right?" Whether she was lying through her teeth or not, she flashed them in a grin to K'vir.

K'vir has shed most of his baby fat long ago! Being a dragon rider so young helped with that. If he's looking chubby, it's probably because he's puffing out his cheeks so much in his flustered state and trying NOT to bite Rulayn's head off. "Thanks! I'd offer to take you for a drink or something warm to eat at the tavern nearby here but I somehow think you'd just find a way to throw THAT back at my face too!" he mutters irritably, only to realize she's grinning at him. Oh. He deflates, shoulders dropping as the tension seeps from them. "Yeah, well… I guess it wasn't nice of me to pry into your troubles either and overstep in trying to help."

Phase one complete. Next, crank it up a notch! The smile turns to a playful pout and the young woman bats her eyelashes a few times. It's clear she's being far more playful now. "Aww. C'mon, I'm not -that- rude." She leans briefly on the broom handle before again straightening up. "Your heart's in the right place and that's what matters. What girl could resist that?" Another smile. It's almost as if the morning has swept by them already and away with it, her foul mood. Suddenly she's bearing down on him as if she were about to corner him! "How about when I don't smell so bad, I invite -you- out for a drink?"

Wait. What's going on here? K'vir falls for it to start and then gradually grows suspicious; she was just tearing into him a moment ago and now she's… flirting? "You made lewd comments," he reminds her which REALLY doesn't bother him. Just NOT about his dad, okay? He snorts, "Dunno. It hasn't worked too well for me in the past? Seems most girls want the bad boy." And he's just not that — yet. Not ready to have her bearing down on him, he'll shuffle backwards until his back hits the wall and he grunts softly. The frown is back too but there's no heat to his tone; now there's playfulness. "I offered first and I dunno…" He leans in and sniffs. "Either the cold is helping or you don't smell as bad as you think! And I can always take you somewhere warm where you CAN bathe…" Ooh. It's meant to be half teasing, half nice gesture but the way it's delivered? Can be taken so many ways.

"Everyone says rude things." She points out, as if trying to disregard his comments. No amount of shuffling helps him escape though, since she's right on his trail. Younger or not, 'bad boy' or not, it doesn't seem to bother Rulayn. "I'm not 'most girls' though.." How very clich of her to say. And yet, it seems his own attempts at teasing her earn him a slight flustered blush, visible upon the girl's cheeks. Most girls probably would have been slightly disturbed by a teenager sniffing at them, but not Rulayn, it seemed! "I'd like that.. But only if you plan on joining me. We cam even take the drinks with us." Was K'vir slowly talking himself into a dead end here?

K'vir has to nod for that first comment by her as it's very true! People do say rude things. Even him! "No, you're apparently not…" he admits with a wry smirk as she keeps him well cornered. He'd really meant the sniff to be a teasing thing, a joke to jab at her. So it's just his luck she didn't take offence to that! "I — uh… heh…" Flustered again! Maybe he did talk himself into a dead end and normally he'd back out by now. This time? Not so much. He's totally putting the blame on Zekath later; both for him being all after Risabeth and because he's encouraging him. Who doesn't want a giant bronze wingman? And it's just drinks. And a bath. "Why not? Be rude of me I think just to drop you somewhere and vanish." Yeah, that's his reasoning. "So… Preferences? We can go to Southern Boll if you want to stay local in Fort. There's Igen and… Xanadu." Damn it, Zekath!

Had Rulayn known that a Bronze was influencing this conversation pretty hard right now, things might have gone different. Ignorance was bliss! "We don't have to go far.." Although, in her mind, the idea of arriving at Igen with a Bronze Rider would certainly be a fun sight to rub in a certain someone's face.. Still. An offer is an offer and it becomes increasingly obvious that the stablegirl is happy to take this particular bait. ".. Anywhere that's hot, warm and wet." Subtle.

"Well, then…" K'vir has to pause to swallow hard when Rulayn makes THAT comment. It's a wonder he just doesn't grab her about the waist, throw her over his shoulder and walk out of there. As it stands? He does try to gently push her back so he can at least move away from the wall but his hand may attempt to linger against her shoulder or upper back. Come this way, with him? "Igen's out of the question for warmth, anyways. It's winter there too. So…" Think, K'vir, think! "Xanadu it is." Zekath is probably silently grinning to himself, even if he doesn't fully understand WHAT he just did in his "clever" ploy to get his rider out of Fort.

Xanadu it is, then! Rulayn's never been there, either, so it doubles as an adventure! Clearly disregarding any need for that broom, it's practically dropped to the floor as K'vir guides her away towards the outdoors and soon she's trailing along with a near-smug grin plastered all over her face. It'd certainly be interesting to see what a Rider looks like without all those clothes anyway.

K'vir has family there too strangely enough but that's not why he's bring Rulayn there. His mind is going to be very far from family or Fort Weyr or anything else other than entertaining her. Zekath will be eager enough to submit to transport duty and once they've mounted up and strapped in, the bronze will be airborne and between to Xanadu in no time. From there, K'vir keeps up his end of the bargain. There will be a bath and there will be drinks and she will, obviously, have that mystery solved. As to what else happens, aside from barbed conversation? Well. What happens in Xanadu, stays in Xanadu.

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