Fort Weyr - Weyr Approach
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr dominate your view amongst the small cotholds that dot the landscape. The path is well-worn and well tended, bushes and tall pine trees running right up against the road, keeping it well shaded in summer, and protected in winter.
Next to the tunnel entrance is a small Tavern, sounds of merriment facilitated by alcohol pouring out the doorway each time some one opens it.

Late fall dawns cold and crisp. Frost coats most of the Weyr and the land around it, the wind carrying a bitter note and the promise of snow soon. Indeed, the seasons are changing and so is the political state of the region — and not for the better. Relations that were once strained are now frayed to breaking and tempers run high all over. The Holds are hard pressed, having not been able to recover from the previous season and Turn of strain on their stores to supply and aid the struggling cotholds. Now with the added rumours that even the Halls had corruption touch them and word of the poison spreading as far as the southern continent, well… it makes for delicate situations. Situations that require a delicate and experienced touch and sadly the newest Fortian Weyrleader has neither. Stress and pressure have gnawed away at Mr'az until even common sense seems to have left that thick, stubborn head of his. After the fiasco with Haast and the proof being handed almost literally at his feet that some of the riders within were involved in some shady dealings, Mr'az has been all the more erratic and unpredictable in his behaviours. More than one Wingleader may have found that he's overrode their commands (again) and reshuffled riders to other assignments, some of which appear to be meaningless or unproductive. Not even Kimmila goes untouched as he seems to make it a point to meddle in her work and pull her riders from under her nose. Any attempt of help, be it from Th'ero or D'ani, is met with cool dismissal. Even Nyalle, he's become distant with in anything regarding all that plagues the Weyr, leaving the Weyrwoman to tend to her duties and to Kayeth while the gold broods.

Today, Mr'az is outside the Weyr, having just turned away yet another group of men and women who have come to speak on behalf of the Holds. Whatever he has said to them hasn't gone well. Most wear quite dark, soured expressions. Faranth only knows what he's done.

Kimmila and Varmiroth touch down just beyond the group, landing off the side of the path in a little clearing just large enough for the small blue to maneuver in. Dismounting, Kimmila's gaze sweeps the group and then finds Mr'az. Her frown deepens and she makes a point of ushering the group to the shelter of Varmiroth's wing, a brief moment of warmth and conversation in hushed tones. Blatant. And from the looks of relief on the holders' faces, their meeting with Kimmila went much better than the one with Mr'az.

Abigail has spent a few days away from the Weyr after the last 'talk' she had with Mr'az. Niumdreoth and her and been back for a few hours now, the brown perched on a ledge that has him overlooking the Weyr entrance, an once he saw Mr'az an others there he sent word to his rider that something was up. It would take a bit of a trek out but Abigail is making her way out to where this 'group' is and Niumdreoth is seen circling the sky before drifting off to find a spot to land himself. Abbey is quiet as she continues onwards, heading quietly closer with her hands settled n her flight jacket. Something isup and she is coming to perhaps stick her nose into it.. Or help, sure help is a thought too.

For all his faults, Mr'az isn't one to yell or shout. He can see what Kimmila does and he'll let her do it too with an angry glowering look until she sends those holder folks on their way. Only then does he stalk his way towards her, barely giving an approaching Abigail a look. Probably because he expects her to follow him regardless if he waits for her or not. "Just what do you think you're doing?" he snaps at Kimmila once he's within earshot of her.

Kimmila turns back towards Mr'az. She's no coward, and she strides towards him with her chin lifted. "I've promised those Holders three herdbeasts from our Southern stock, sir, to help them through the winter. They will pay us back in kind come next fall out of their own stock."

Abigail is indeed following on the trip over to where Kimmila is, her pale gaze narrowed on Mr'az though as he hears her. "I don't suggest ye even start on that path Weyrleader." She knows very well what Kimmila does with those holders, she isn't deaf she hear's things, conversations between her Wing and others that talk to her after all. A slight glance is sent to Kimmila whom she gives a nod to before her attention is sent back to Mr'az.

"That's not for you to say!" Mr'az doesn't even have to scowl at her for his disapproval to be obvious. He gestures angrily back towards the Weyr with one hand. "We can't just go and give anyone what they ask for! The trade of herdbeasts is overseen by the Weyrwoman and her goldriders, not you Wingrider. You overstep yourself." And he'll be sure that her promise is not fulfilled if he has any say in it. "Wingleader, this doesn't concern you. Unless you've come to report?" If not, his tone seems to suggest that she can turn around and leave.

Kimmila scowls back at the Weyrleader, her shoulders tense. "It is for me to say, actually, Weyrleader, given that I am in charge of cothold relations. I saw the report from Jajen this morning, we have the beasts and they are ready to be slaughtered. You know we can't just hold on to animals forever, right? They decline in condition, eat more feed…" As if she were explaining things to a child. Kimmila glances at Abigail and gives her a nod of greeting, before eyes flick back to focus on Mr'az. Grr.

Abigail smirks just slightly as her gaze lingers on Mr'az, no she isn't leaving it seems. "She is doing her job." This said with a rather thin tone, because someone here isn't doing his not that she would say that, yet. "Report.. Oh yes I forget that the report's I leave ye most likely don't get read seeing as ta how ye have yer and in a bit of everything as ye feel no one can do their job properly." Yes someone is a bit sour over recent events. "The report is, the holds ye pulled my riders from who we're working on helping them beef up their stores with some hunting the other day wish to speak with ye. Though after what I just saw I'm going to suggest they speak with the Weyrwoman an the other goldriders."

Mr'az is having none of it. "And it still wasn't your call to override my decision and pretend you know whats best at a time like this! I'm Weyrleader, not you!" he snaps irritably at Kimmila, only to turn on Abigail as well. "Fine. I'll see to them later. The Weyrwoman and goldriders have their own duties to attend." And he knows if Abigail goes to Nyalle that Nyalle will just turn to him — or so he cockily assumes.

Nyalle is not stupid. She is starting to see the shifting climate and she knows what's going on, as much as it pains her to admit…Mr'az just is not /good/ at this job. Kimmila smirks back at Mr'az and shrugs. "Fine, do what you want." If he gets riled, she'll stay calm. And then handle it on her own, if she has to. the beasts will get there.

Abigail hums softly as she watches Mr'az a few moments. "I'm sure ye will." She doesn't think he will it seems, and will still go and speak with Nyalle on her own over the matter. "What came of the issue with the Haast Riders?" She questiones pointedly to Mr'az. She hasn't been able to speak to her own riders that we're pulled from their sweeps to deal with the issue.

"It's none of your concern. They were dealt with." Mr'az replies curtly to Abigail, his voice edged with a hint that trying to pry anything further will gain her nothing. Another sharp glance to Kimmila and the Weyrleader decides to throw a whole different curve ball. Half because he knows it will get both women's hackles up further but also because the idea just struck him and in the heat of the moment (and his temper) it seems sound. "I'll recall Jajen. Perhaps I'll have Dtirae take her place for now — given we need her expertise in trading from Drake's Lake." The goldrider was there before the young upstart, after all. "If we're to suddenly begin feeding the Holds, as well as ourselves…"

Kimmila blinks and then, perhaps surprisingly, she laughs. "Go ahead. See how long Kayeth tolerates it."

"Ye need to understand somethin' here Weyrleader. We are not aginst ye, we are trying ta help. Ye are lumping this all on yerself for no reason when we are more then able to do our jobs. Which ye are not allowing us to do." Abigail pauses at the talk of Jajen getting called back. "Have ye lost yer bloody mind? She attempted to take over the Weyr, and causes all the damn males to pull sides, nearly getting into a fight because of her own rider's stupidity." Not to mention she loathes Jajen.

Mr'az shakes his head but he doesn't round on Abigail or bite off her head. Kimmila is given a glare for her laughter but beyond that the bronzerider and so very inexperienced Weyrleader seems to hesitate. Maybe something Abigail said is actually sinking in that thick skull of his? Not that he acknowledges a single bit of it. Just the matter of Jajen. "She was much younger then. From what I heard, she's matured." Somewhat. "It's not as though Iaverulth is close to rising — or has even shown signs for Turns. She will return and exchange places with Dtirae for a time."

Kimmila chuckles again and turns to walk off. "Enjoy sleeping on the couch tonight, Weyrleader."

Abigail just glowers at Mr'az for a few long moment. "If she comes back here and is allowed to stay things will go south quickly. That one will never learn." She shakes her head slightly as she turns to leave. "When she does come, I'm taking an extended vacation."

"Enjoy your night as well, Wingrider." Mr'az answers cooly to Kimmila and maybe there's a hint of a barb there. How's she enjoying her new cramped weyr with her weyrmate? Even he knows the couch in his weyr is far more comfortable, thank you! Watching her retreat, he'll turn to Abigail and frown heavily. "I expect more maturity out of you too, Abigail. You're Wingleader, you cannot just take an extended leave. When Jajen returns, she will be watched closely. Any trouble and she'll return." Enough said. He begins to turn and walk away now too, back to the Weyr. There's more he has to tackle and more trouble himself to stir up.

"Ye have made it hard for me to do my job. DO I even hold the title of Wingleader anymore? Somedays I honestly do wonder Mr'az." Abigail says with a faint tone as she sends a glance back towards him. The htought of taking off that knot and tossing it over to him has cossed her mind a few time, like it is right now. "She comes back and there will be trouble. Yer see that the rest of us have been right when it is to late for us to do anything to fix it. Have a good evening Weyrleader." Is offered before she will turn and head off from the Weyr instead, her hands settl into her flight jacket, she's up for a walk to clear her head it seems.

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