Fort Weyr - Centre Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

When Thunderbird reported the large - and rapidly growing - forest fire, the weyr mobilized and any riders who could be spared soared into the sky to blink between to the location. Kayeth has settled herself on the rim, the fiery queen directing traffic and being a main point of contact between the weyr and the fight. Below, Nyalle has started to direct the Healers into setting up stations outside in the bowl, saving space inside the Infirmary for potential severe injuries. Minor burns and sprains, etc, can be handled out here. Serious injuries will have ample room inside to be tended to. A short distance away, Dragonhealers are starting to gather their supplies as well, while the kitchens shift into take-out mode, making sandwiches and to-go meals.

The Guards are busy too keeping the peace and breaking up any crowds that threaten to form as folks want to gawk and spectate. Children are taken inside by the nannies and kept occupied elsewhere. No need for them to be underfoot! The Healers scurry back and forth under the watchful eyes of the posted Masters and Weyrhealer, while the WeyrHarper is on hand to document everything. One of the lower cavern workers rushes up to Nyalle, hastily saluting as he gulps for air. "Supplies are readied, ma'am and the Healers report they've everything they need. Where would you like us to put the extra supplies for Thunderbirds needs?"

Time to shift into gear. When word had reached him of a large forest fire and the potential for injuries C'rus was on the spot, having joined the crew in the bowl, all ready to recieve whatever injuries may come this way. It could be anything from relatively minor to severe and so he rushes about checking supplies and rechecking supplies. Bandages, numbweed, ect…all seem to be ready. Now it's a waiting game…

Nyalle nods to C'rus as he arrives, grateful to have a rider Healer here in case he's needed to travel. She turns to the lower caverns worker and then points. "There. Keep a space cleared around them so dragons can land to pick them up, and take off again without getting fouled. We'll need to be ready for evacuees too. I'm sure there will be some cotholds that will need to evacuate…" Hopefully they don't burn down though, but you never know.

"I'll inform the Headwoman we may have refugees," The cavern worker explains, half bowing before scurrying off again and passing on the word of how the Weyrwoman wants the supplies for Thunderbird organized and readied. Poor Nyalle will likely be beset by more coming to ask her questions and seek her input. It's a wonder the Weyrwoman can keep her head on straight. "Where do you want this?" "How much of this?" "We're out of this, what about these as alternatives?" "Where are they going to house any displaced people? Should Fort Hold be notified?" And on and on and on…

C'rus is the picture of serenity. The supplies have been checked, and rechecked. The staff is present. They are as prepared as they are going to be. So there is no need to fuss or worry. Now is a time of action. There will be time to worry and have that emotional reaction later. At least thats the attitude of the human part of the the blue pair. Jaicoureth keeps to the edge of the bowl fidgeting around. This is something that he has never really had to deal with on such a large scale before, and its all worry for him. People are in danger. Dragons are in danger. That's just bad however you slice it. C'rus just speaks softly and calmly, "We are prepared. It's going to be fine. You will see." he says in a calm sure voice, to really no one in particular.

That is why Nyalle is here. To answer those questions and to make those decisions. But yes, Fort Hold should be notified if they're not already, not only to be a place to house people but also to warn them. She selects a sturdy brownrider and sends him on a trip to the Hold and the main Halls to deliver those messages, and beyond to notify other holdings that do not have watchdragons. Etc.

It's not long before the first wave of people arrive, dropped off by Kimmila and a few of her riders. The poor people are stunned, not really injured, but in shock as they just watched their cothold burn as they literally ran from the flames, only to be rescued at the last moment by the dragonriders.

And the first patient arrives! The firefighting has begun and it's always the young ones who go first. Too brave, too bold and too brash! It often takes being burned (literally) to learn and such is the case for this poor green who pops from Between crying in distress. Between has numbed some of the burning, but it's obvious her one wing is badly singed and not supporting her properly for flight. Voices ring out, likely from the DragonHealers: "She's coming in too fast! Pull up! Shards, someone get her to PULL UP!" The green makes a valiant effort, mostly out of instinct but it's no good. She hits the ground fast, skids and ends up tumbling, sending several weyrfolk scrambling to get out of the way of her bulk as she thrashes, wailing, her injured wing pinned painfully under her. Her rider? In shock and useless at this point and now creating two more patients. One for the DragonHealers and one for the Healers. When it rains, it pours?

C'rus watches as the first victims arrive. All look to be physically well, if mentally scarred. He had been intent on ushering them into the cavern to get something to eat and perhaps have someone sit with them to watch them to make sure nothing serious came up, but his attention is drawn right away by the green emerging from between, "Crud.." he says as he watches her flail in the sky. For a second he believes she might be able to pull up in time, but no. Oh dear! One of the rules of triage is that you treat the more severely injured patients first. So the choice for C'rus becomes very simple. The people who just saw their home burn are still standing, the rider is not..and after a landing like that there could be all sorts of serious injuries. He rushes toward the spot where the dragon hit the ground, standing clear of the thrashing dragon. He doens't want to create a third patient, "It's going to be alright your home. We are going to make sure you and your rider are safe." he calls out to the green. C'rus looks back in Nyalle's direction, since Kayeth might be needed.

Kayeth tried to get to the bowl fast enough to help the green, but she just wasn't quick enough to manage it. Still, she can help now, her thoughts extending soothingly to the green, calming her, preventing her from thrashing as she reaches over to gently nudge her up off of her injured wing, and hold her there. Nyalle is not a Healer though, so she is busy tending to other things, and for the moment Kayeth is at the direction of the Healers.

The green's pitiful cries abruptly hiccup into quieter groans as she's calmed and soothed by Kayeth's influence. Sadly, she was in too much pain for C'rus' words to reach her but with her wing now freed and no longer thrashing, the DragonHealers can descend on her and start repairing her wing. As for her rider, he's cut from his straps. No sense in wasting time to undo the buckles. He's lowered carefully to the ground, slumped and limp, well progressed into shock as he tries to cope with the pain he felt from his dragon and the jarring from a bad landing.

"Thank you Kayeth…" C'rus says with a quick smile sent in the direction of the gold. Always did rather like her anyway, "You make a lovely assistant." he adds, though his attention is drawn to the rider. He kneels down beside the patient and begins to visually examine them. Not going to move them just yet until he is sure that there isn't some sort of spinal or neck injury, "I'm C'rus. I'm a healer. We are going to take good care of you. What is your name?" Let's see how aware and orientated he is, "What is your lifemates name?" he asks as he reaches down to take a pulse.

Kayeth's focus is not really on C'rus. Her focus is on communication, and also on the Dragonhealers. She's there for the green, not for the rider…sorry!

More reports are relayed, shared first to Kayeth and then spread out among the ranks. « Kainaesyth's has gone into the forests after a trapped group! » « It's Ustrr and his renegades! » « Now the Weyrleader has gone! Dremkoth's too, Niumdreoth's and Varmiroth's! » « The fire is still burning but is no longer spreading. More refugees on the way! » … and it keeps going on and on. Back in the bowl, by the injured green, the rider now under C'rus' care and some Journeyman Healers is slowly coming to. His eyes roll and he has to blink sluggishly and struggle to focus in order to answer. "D'rod…" he mumbles and seems to slip back unconscious for a second until he stirs feebly and then takes heart at bringing his life mate's name to mind. "Posth. Posth… Is she okay?"

That's perfectly alright. Kayeth got the green to calm down long enough to get the patient off. She did a good thing. C'rus is entirely focused on the human patient. He is not a dragonhealer. He'll let those lovely people do their work, and he will be doing his own. For the moment C'rus is largely blocking out the extra information he is getting from Jaicoureth, there just isn't time to focus on it…and there is nothing he can do about it one way or the other, "Welcome home D'rod. Posth is being cared for by the dragon healers. She's alive, and she is going to recieve the best care. Do you hurt anywhere?" he asks as he leans in to look at the man's pupils to make sure there are no signs of neurological damage. He lifts a finger, "Look at my finger and follow it without moving your head." he orders as he moves his finger from side to side and up and down.

D'rod will do as he's told though the more he comes to his senses, the more his anxiety for his green outweighs his own health. He will follow C'rus's finger and swallow thickly, "Don't hurt. Head's just a bit fuzzy. Can I sit up now? I want to be with Posth." And it's probably for the best that that request isn't denied.

The air fills with wings as more dragons arrive, some bringing refugees and others for supply runs. Most though are there to rest and they land in the bowl, sides heaving and hides greyed while their riders stumble and dismount from the straps. While they rest, another group takes off and replaces them.

If C'rus had his way he'd not let the man up until he was certain that there were no signs of injury, but this is not a standard situation and certain things can be let go for the present, "You can sit up, but I want you to take things very slow. You've had a serious shock to your system and you are lucky to be in as good a shape as you are in." Crash landing like that could have been so much worse, "Go to her." he says with a smile, "She's be very happy to see you up and about." C'rus gets up off the ground and keeps an eye peeled on the sky. The day is certainly not over.

"Just want to sit with her," D'rod grits through his teeth and will use C'rus as an anchor and aid in order to achieve this. Once he sits up, he'll half stumble, half crawl to his green's side and tuck himself up there where a cavern worker will be by shortly with some fortified wine. Posth has settled and is semi-conscious now as the numbweed applied by the DragonHealer's have worked their magic and her pain lessened enough that she can rest.

No, the day is not over and suddenly one of the dragons rears up and roars, echoed by several others as they react to the news. « Velokraeth's rider does not answer him! Kainaesyth's is trapped alone with the renegade Ustrr! »

C'rus keeps a close eye on D'rod as he makes his way over to the green, and once he is there C'rus turns his attention away. That task done. What's next? And it seems that he didn't have to wait long as the information makes it way to him through Jaicoureth. He exhales sharply, "Dammit." he once again says to no one in particular. He'd had a habit of talking to himself before he impressed anyway. He returns to his station to stand and wait. Nothing else can be done. «Are Ha'ze and Th'ero going to be ok?» Jaicoureth's voice asks. The poor blue has never really experienced a situation like there. There is just so much chaos and misery in all these faces and in the chatter he is hearing. »I don't know.« C'rus answers mentally this time. People don't need to lied too and told that things are going to be ok when they might not be, but there is reassurance there too, » Kai and Ha'ze are tough. So is Th'ero. There are others out there with them. They aren't alone. We can hope for the best.« And hope the blue dragon will.

« The fire is under control but still burns hotly. Healers on site say some of the ground crew are out from exhaustion and minor injuries. » One dragon reports and is swiftly joined by another. « Second rotation coming in! We need more of those hides for carrying water! Zhirazoth is calling for extra wings to the east side — another cothold is threatened! » Another voice then speaks up. « Velokraeth's rider will not answer him still and we cannot see Kainaesyth's! »

C'rus listens to the chatter, as the anxiety over what has happened to Th'ero grows. He isn't dead. C'rus would bet unconcious. Ha'ze isn't dead either. They would know. though things are sounding fairly dire. He walks across the bowl and stands close to Jaicoureth, so that the pair of them can support each other. Ha'ze is family after all.

There's no rest for the weary! C'rus will likely be called away by the Healers as more injured riders arrive, all minor. Refreshments are being served too, not just to those coming in from the front lines but to the Healers too.

C'rus returns to work as soon as he notices that there are more injuries to be treated. Minor burns treated with numbweed and redwort and then bandaged up. Cuts treated in much the same manner. If anyone needs stitches they are sent into the infirmary to get those done before being bandaged up and sent on their way. C'rus takes a quick breather to grab some of those refreshments coming around.

It's going to be a long, hard day and by the end of it, the Weyr will see a marched line of Renegade prisoners brought in to the Guard area and put under lock and key. Thunderbird will be burning the candle at both ends, worn thin as the fire continues to burn and will burn for a sevenday and at some point aid will have to come from Benden Weyr to keep the Fortian riders from being too drained from double duty. The Healers will have their own headaches too: minor injuries are extremely common, most of them fatigue related. Major injuries are on the rare side, with the Weyrleader brought in as one of the more serious cases and rumour spreading almost as fast as that forest fire that D'ani, as Weyrsecond, has assumed control of the Weyr for the time being. As for Ha'ze and Kainaesyth? Well, that story will have an ending too.