Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests - Western Forests
The forests here grow all the more pressing, soon choking out the gravel- and sand-formed path that splits from the fork. While it continues to wind further into the darkness and coolness that only such thickly grown foliage can create, other smells hint at places yet to be fully explored. Blueberries and the calls of birds, lush blackberry thickets just out of sight, and deep undergrowth that holds promise of mysterious fungi and other such plants.
Traveling through the woods alone is always a dangerous affair … and all the moreso with whisperings of renegades and feral beasts running rampant throughout. The whoop and call of avians and firelizards penetrate the strange not-quite-silence of the forest, while deeper rumblings of creatures yet unseen might be heard in other places. Great beasts crash through the forest from time to time and set the avians into unexpected flight.

It started out small enough, just a hint of smoke on the horizon. But as Thunderbird moved closer it became more and more clear that this fire, unlike many others, was big. The wing had called for reinforcements first from just the wing to see the extent of the fire itself. Then, the call was sent out to the weyr proper, the forest was on fire and more than just Thunderbird was needed. Abigail and Ha'ze, the first to spot the fire, have set up a place to organize those coming in, next to a lake to provide water, holding steady till more could join and organize.

The fire is indeed huge, smoke trickling into the air that could possibly be seen from miles around. Abigail is dropping the large waterskins that she brought with them near the lake and has some already working on getting filled up, yet it is not a quick this, time is quickly escaping them, though others should be arriving soon. Niumdreoth is a dozen or so yards away, busy digging a trench that will one hopefully cut a path from the fire to spread, and two allow some of that water from the lake to travel down it. Abbey sends a glance to the sky for a moment before her attention is sent back to the forest with a faint breath escaping her. This is getting bad.. Someone has to be behind this, right? There were no storms, no lighting, if a camper did then she will knock their heads into a tree. Yet she gets the feeling that something more troublesome is behind this.

If Thunderbird calls on the Weyr, the Weyr will answer! Th'ero was quick to organize spare riders from every Wing without depleting the numbers too severely. Next come the ground crews and those trained for this sort of thing and it never hurts to bring a few (dozen) Healers, human and dragon both. The Weyrleader will split up the organizing between himself and his Weyrsecond, allowing Kimmila to gather her riders too and go on ahead. With both Thys and Inri sand bound, the organization of the weyrfolk falls to either Nyalle or Dtirae, though one is likely to come to the site of the fire. « Reinforcements are coming! » Velokraeth informs Niumdreoth and Kainaesyth. « Varmiroth will bring the first wave, I come with the second. It will be up to you to direct them where to go! We bring supplies as well. Are there any reports of people trapped? Are any cotholds in danger and need to be evacuated? » All this the bronze relays while he shifts restlessly on his ledge, waiting impatiently for Th'ero to be ready so that they can be airborne and gone already!

As excuses to get out of the office goes, this one ranks amongst the 'least desirable'. But D'ani doesn't waste time protesting this, no. He goes. Post-haste, jamming first one arm into his jacket, then the other as he runs down the corridor. He takes the stairs from the admin complex to the bowl in a tumble of leaps, long legs skipping three to four steps at a time. How he doesn't wind up in a pile of broken limbs at the bottom is a miracle. Dremkoth is there waiting and he's already harnessed for their later (now sidelined) plans to visit a few holds back of beyond to check some cattle. There's nothing but his standard survival kit, a large sack of firestone, a rope and his whip attached because, why would he think to arm himself against cows? He's… going to regret this, isn't he? Throwing himself aboard, Dremkoth rises before he's strapped in and they're also landing beside that lake presently, awaiting orders.

Bronze dragons with way too much curiosity are not allowed near flames. Thus it is that Kainaesyth is being mentally kept very very very high above the flames by Ha'ze who is down on the ground. This at least, he is good at, painting a picture of an event. Surely this is all being recorded as a lesson for later. Stretching out his forest Kainaesyth relays a few directions. Cothold over there, but it's already in flames. Hopefully they got out? Over there is a group of people just on the edge of the flames. They could probably use rescuing. And then there, a cothold that isn't in flames but the people area already running having seen the flames.

Kimmila quickly called upon her mini-wing and sent them off to the fire without hesitation. From there they split and hopped to nearby cotholds to be lookouts and watchdragons, ready to call for evacuations if they're needed. Then Kimmila and Varmiroth hastily gathered their things, straps on, first aid kit, emergency supplies…her hunting knives as always but she leaves her precious bow behind as she mounts up and the blue kicks into the sky. With a bugle to Velokraeth and Kayeth, he blinks between to circle over the fire and then land by the lake. "Status?" Kimmila calls as she dismounts, pulling a scarf over her mouth and nose.

Back in the weyr Nyalle is mustering the home front, especially Healers and the Kitchens, and she sends Dtirae too the fire where Zuvaleyuth and Kayeth can be main points of contact and communication for both sides of the firefight.

Niumdreoth pauses in his work, the large brown shifting to send a look around and then a faint snort escapes him in thought. « There are few.. Kainaesyth has supplied the wheres on them. » Though soon he is turning and heading to the lake to gather one of the waterskins when it is full enough. Abigail is hauling one out, ropes getting knotted in a certain way to make it easy to pull open. The voice catches her attention and she is looking to Kimmila with a quick nod. "Got waterskins already filled, just need to grab 'em and go. Niumdreoth has worked on digging a path from the lake to the south here a ways to offer some quick access to the water." She pauses a moment, a faint breath escapes her while she shakes her head. "Something isn't right with this one Kimmila.. Someone had to have started it." Someone is against them all it would seem.

Cotholds on fire and more threatened? THAT's not good! Someone is going to have A LOT to answer for when this is done and over with! Right now is not the time to question how it all happened and focus is more on just getting those fires under control before more of the forest is consumed and more lives threatened! And so close to winter too! Grim and determined, Th'ero mounts up on Velokraeth, laden with supplies and his own daggers and short sword. With a snap of his wings, the pale and ugly bronze springs forth and launches, airborne before vanishing Between. He appears high above and not far from Kainaesyth and his rumble is one of anger and dismay. How could it have become so bad? « Niumdreoth! Are there teams set on rescuing those trapped by those flames? We have to get them out of here. » Velokraeth relays to the brown as he dips his wings and soars to get another look, wanting ALL the details before he lands.

More reinforcements arrive and dragons are landing now to allow their passengers to dismount. The ground crew has arrived, with more supplies and skilled and trained hands. All they need is to be directed where to go and what to do and they set about it, working fast as time is against them.

Dtirae is quick to jump to help, when the call for help is relayed from Zuvaleyuth. The organization of the weyrfolk, alongside Nyalle is sort lived as she is sent to help with the fire. There's no hesitation as the goldrider gathers supplies to bring with her before the pair depart to the location of the fire. They do not join the others in scouting the flames, as Zuvaleyuth comes in to a landing near the lake to allow for her rider to dismount and remove the supplies they bring with them. Then? Dtirae makes her way over towards Kimmila and Abigail. "We're here to help."

Kimmila frowns around, hands on her hips, and then she swears as Varmiroth relays Kainaesyth's messages. "Two cotholds /already/? What the hell is going on here?" Brows furrowed, she shakes her head firmly. "Probably, Abigail, and I hope they burned for it. No time for speculation now though." As Velokraeth emerges Varmiroth's head lifts, and Kimmila is quick to stride back to his straps and mount up. "I'll take a few of my wing and go to the cotholds," she says, not waiting for confirmation before they're aloft again. No time to talk, they need to blink between and swoop down to save those people running from the ever approaching flames.

With Th'ero here, Ha'ze has little enough need to stay and do things here. Pulling firmly he brings Kainaesyth back from his high vantage point, and pulls himself on. He doesn't have much interest in saving people, but it seems to be the things TO DO right now. He ignores the speculation and sends Kainaesyth skyward again. They can… drop dirt or something. Around the running people.

Abigail nods to Kimmila at the talk of her going to the coldholds. "I can take a couple to the other to split the load and look for things along the way." With helpers here she puts them to work, filling the water skins, getting them out there digging dirt and making more fire trenches as it where to help there be a break between fire and unburned forest. She looks to Dtirae and offers her a soft smile to so she is happy to see her. "Help here? When the dragon's come back with the water skins help them with a newly filled ones. There will be bags for dirt as well. Becareful." Is offered while she is moving to Niumdreoth's side while the brown is grabbing one of those waterskins ready to put it to good use.

Dtirae will be beset with folks asking her a flurry of questions and asking for this or that to be sent when possible. Hey, she's a direct contact to the Weyr, right? She's also the beacon for everyone's problems and, even with training and planning, something always goes wrong or snags and needs sorting. Namely, what they're to do with patients if they have to worry about displaced cotholders now and some who may not be transportable. Could they spare riders? Or will a camp Healer station be necessary (if not already going up!)? She'll have that AND what Abigail asked her to do to take care of. Oh joy of joys?

Velokraeth will keep his high vantage point, allowing Th'ero to oversee from above and send orders through his bronze to those in charge. The Weyrleader will watch as Kimmila and her Wing move off to help the cotholds and he mutters a heartfelt 'Be safe.' under his breath.
Meanwhile, the ground crews hurry forwards to start digging and setting up firebreaks, others being dropped in other locations in an effort to slow the fire down. Other dragon riders, likely trained Thunderbird Wingriders, swoop down for those makeshift patchwork containers used to carry water and begin to haul them off. Among them is Zhirazoth, thought he bronze so far is tempering his bravado — for now. Orders are being shouted, people are scurrying about and it's all case of organized chaos while the forests continue to burn.

Dremkoth is not a dart and swoop kinda dragon, even if he is on the small side for a bronze. He's more the carry and haul sort and thus, D'ani's got him over where the others are grasping the lines for those waterskins too. "We're with you, Abbey," D'ani says in clipped tones, without wasting words. Even while his dragon is working his talons around the lines and lifting off, the weyrsecond is feeding him chunks of firestone, because, backfires might be needed. Or someone might need to be toasted. You never know.

For a dragon who likes plants as much as Kainaesyth does, one would think the world burning would make a bigger impact. But no, he takes it with the grace he takes everything, and rather than be upset at the burning below, he is philosophical. « Fire cleanses. » The others probably just want him to shut up right now, « That which defiles the forest surely will be consumed by the rage of the elements and balance will be restored. » More dirt is released, giving those fleeing a few extra seconds to board their dragonic saviors.

Kimmila and her small group of riders are able to swoop in and rescue those folks fleeing from the flames just as their cothold is engulfed. All they have is what they managed to grab on their way out, and Kimmila's face is set with fury as she travels between to the weyr to drop the stunned folks off, before returning to the fire. There might not yet be official orders to take displaced people to the weyr, but that's what /Kimm/ is doing.

And not long after that, Kayeth's voice echoes out, « All rescued people who are able to between should be brought to the weyr. Dragons going from the weyr to the fire will carry supplies. No wasted trips. » Now that Kimmila is back she directs Varmiroth to circle upwards and fly alongside Velokraeth, while her wing spreads out to the cotholds, making sure every single one in the near vicinity has been alerted and has a rider there and ready for transport. It's a comfort, no doubt, to have a dragon present and it keeps the cotholders from panicking and running into danger.

Abigail offers only a nod as she hears D'ani before she and Niumdreoth are off, heading into the air and then towards where she knows one colthold rests near the line of fire. The fire is indeed edging closer to the colthold, and Niumdreoth is able to drop the water he is carrying within that skin and slow it down to some degree in that one little area. So much more to deal with. Down at the colthold people are seen and Abbey get Niumdreoth to land and the people are quickly pulled on and yes strapped in for a quick escape it seems. So far so good, the good guys have the upper hand right?

A draconic scream from somewhere signals the first dragon riding pair to feel the hot bite of fire. It's a young green and her young rider who vanish Between and emerge back in the Weyr but her landing is bad and they're officially reported as out for good. Another reports in not long afterwards, a brown who's voice trembles with the haste in which he spreads his rider's alarm. « We see others! They're cornered and all but trapped now and can't leave! » The image is shared and it's true: only a small section remains untouched but as they're likely blinded by smoke and heat, they can't see their exit. « They don't look like cotholders. » Comes the next bit as the brown edges as close as he dares before the heat of the fire drives him off. « One looks like a big man. Rough sort. We can't see too clearly. » But that image will be shared too and while it's difficult to see clear details, one of the men fits the description for Ustrr or could it be a doppleganger? « We need to rescue them! » Or… let them burn?

Dtirae smiles at Abigail in return for the one given, though it is small and fleeting. "Right." And then, she is beset with problems and is drawn into that. Questions are answered, and orders are given. The questions are relayed to Zuvaleyuth, then the the Weyr. As for a Healer camp, she is giving the order to set that up for those who cannot safely travel between. It would be best to have an area where they can, at the very least, use as a central point for the injured and where everyone will know where to go. A beacon in a time of need.

Clear details aren't needed, not for Kainaesyth and Ha'ze. They would know that face anywhere, even clouded by smoke and dragonic vision. For the first time Ha'ze lets Kainaesyth get close to the fire, but not so close. From above he traces a pathway with his eyes that will get him close to those in the middle of the fire. He probably should say something to everyone else, but he's not really thinking about that right now. Kainaesyth barely has time to land before Ha'ze heads off into the smoke towards that group, firmly forbiding the bronze to say ANYTHING and go BACK UP into the sky.

Fire cleanses does it? « And yet here we are throwing dirt - and water at it, » observes Dremkoth dryly to Kainaesyth, beholding the scene below as he releases the proper rope to allow the waterskin he's hauling to pour out and hit the fire with a SPLOOSH-SIZZZZZZZZZZ! « Now it's going to be burned and muddy. » Dremkoth… hasn't spent much time thinking about plants - or the forest, for that matter. He cannot get in and see it or enjoy the solitude and peace, not him! It's something fluffy and green to fly over when going somewhere. All he knows is that black, dead forest is ugly and he'd like to keep the fire from spreading. The message about people is heard, but… the fire needs putting out.

Kainaesyth doesn't need to tattle. Ha'ze forgot that Velokraeth was watching and when the bronze spies the younger dragon landing, he waits to observe and is not disappointed. "Damn it all, what is he thinking!" TH'ero swears under his breath when the brown's message is relayed and the Weyrleader catches on with dread filling his heart. Really? NOW, they have to find the renegades? Renegades that he would have probably left to burn in those fires (Velokraeth disagrees, of course, calling that a lack of proper justice even if a fitting end) rather than risk his skin in saving. Now that Ha'ze is going on the assault though? Totally different kettle of problems. Th'ero orders Velokraeth to land and unbuckling himself from the straps, he swiftly dismounts, draws his sword and goes after Ha'ze while he has his bronze call for backup. Trained riders and no doubt asking for Guards to be brought in. Now they'll have refugees AND prisoners!

And still the fires rage but their progress has slowed under the barrage of firefighting from above and below. Thunderbird Wingriders work tirelessly at trying to drive back the flames and quell them but it's a long process and exhaustion isn't far away.

The dragonrider from Kimmila's wing helps evacuate that cothold with Abigail and Niumdreoth, while Varmiroth stays beside Velokraeth. The blue lands heavily beside the bronze and Kimmila is dismounting in a flash and following hastily after Th'ero.

From the weyr, Kayeth calls for a swap out of riders and dragons. Any tiring ones need to return to the weyr for a rest, and fresh riders are sent out. This is not a fire that can be quelled in an afternoon. This will take /days/ if not weeks to put out.

With the reports from the dragons coming in that there is some people trapped, and some don't look like the 'nice' sort Abigail doesn't head right back to the weyr. Oh no the few she has gathered are taken to the base camp and dropped off there. If they can help then they will, and most do want to help at least! As for the ones in the clearing, what if they are innocent and trapped? Still there is a thought that they might not be. Abbey grumbles a touch and once the last coltholder is off, Niumdreoth is back in the air and they head towards a spot as close as possible for him to get to so Abigail can hops down, bow and arrows in hand she is heading further into the forest heading in the direction where the 'men' where last seen. Niumdreoth is back to get more water and he will not be far as he tries to battle the fire that is closest to where his rider has gone. Back in other area, plenty of people and dragon are at work, trying to deal with the fire and saving people at the same time.. It is going to be a long hard day at this rate.

Unless Kayeth puts some force into it though, one bronze is going to stay no matter how tired he gets. Kainaesyth has no stories at the moment, just a slowly moving breeze deep within the canyon. Ha'ze has blocked him out completely as he rushes into the forest, following the path he had etched out towards the face that has haunted his dreams for months.

D'ani hasn't seen Ha'ze go into the mayhem, but Dremkoth is tuned in to Velokraeth and so when the pale bronze lands, he relays a sarcastic remark to D'ani. Something along the lines of, « The Weyrleader has leapt from frying pan to fire. » Of course that gets D'ani's attention and though he doesn't know why Th'ero is running into a burning forest, the pair veers over that way. Where the Weyrleader goes, D'ani follows, swearing all the way down, he dismounts to land on charred ground with curse-words coming out in grunts. Those words continue as he squints through the smoke. spots him and runs after his boss. He's had the presence of mind to grab his whip, but that's all he's got. "Why're we here?" he pants as he catches up. Not to sing lyrics to old songs, but smoke gets in your eyes, y'see.

Oh sure, blame Th'ero for this! The Weyrleader has another name he's looking to blame (or throttle, when he gets a hold of him), but Ha'ze has a good head start in running into the burning forest! What he doesn't expect is to hear voices behind him and he slows, glaring at D'ani. What is HE doing here? No matter, too late! "Ha'ze has gone in there! Those men and women, those are Ustrr and his band! I can't let him face them all and risk dying in this fire WITH them!" Why couldn't he just let them burn? Simple end (well, for the Weyr… it'd be extremely painful for the renegades). Coughing as the smoke drifts their way, Th'ero swears under his breath and forges on, despite what protests the Weyrsecond may come up with. Abigail and Kimmila will just have to play catch up, if they're not too late!

Of course, Ha'ze running into the thick of things spooks the renegades. Last thing they expect is any form of rescue and most just stare and squint at him. Some look weakened but Ustrr isn't ready to go down without a fight — or a chance to bolt and Ha'ze just handed him the way to the exit. Thank you, you stupid bronzerider! "THAT way! That's the way out of here!" Hope Ha'ze is ready to face a hoard? Not that any are looking to scrap. Right now they're fleeing for their lives but if like anything that is cornered they'll fight if they have to and most will just dodge around the lone bronzerider… and right into the those tailing him.

Ha'ze is going to be right over here in the middle of that metaphorical hell. He can't hear the voices behind him as he runs. Those who dash around him? He doesn't care. Instaed he's looking through the smoke for a particular face. The flames are uncomfortablly close now and the young bronzerider pauses as a burning branch falls right on him. (You realize none of us have ANY concept of how fires work, right?) That branch is swept up into his hands as he calls out, voice roughed by smoke, "Clear as daylight!" What, he wants them to run towards him? He trust in the smoke for a moment to protect him, waiting for a familiar face to come into view so he can smack him with that burning branch. High above Kainaesyth twists in the air, worried, agitated, but staying up because Ha'ze orders it.

As one of the renegades bolts past Ha'ze, he swears under his breath and runs faster. Something about fire-weilding demons. That's a story he'll tell his grandchildren. If he ever has any.

Abigail is indeed playing catch-up, she didn't see who went in, she doesn't know who else is running towards them either. He path is bring her up to where Ha'ze has went running forward meaning she'll be there on that path coming face to face with the men that are trying to flee around Ha'ze and the movement she catches makes her blink. There are voices caught but they are from all over, here and there and some in front, some behind. Her bow is pulled up, though in this forest it is not going to be much help to her.

Oh sh- Kimmila too?! Lots of smoke got into D'ani's eyes! This is why they're watering, not because he's emo about Ha'ze. "Of course we can't," is all he says, though dammit, why didn't he think to fight the fire with a sword?! He simply follows, keeping a sharp (or maybe that's reddened) eye out for these renegades. And Ha'ze of course. The shadowy forms emerging from the smoke look too… burly? …to be Ha'ze and thus D'ani… trips one and follows that up with a fist to the fallen man's temple, knocking him out. Dremkoth has lifted off, but he doesn't circle, nope. The bronze doesn't need a rider on his back to do what he's bidden and thus, still carrying that huge waterskin, returns to the lake and races back with it…

While D'ani punches out the first one, a second one darts by and gets lost in the smoke.

How far will that first renegade with hopes of grandchildren to tell tales to run? Not far. He's not like his comrade who gets tripped and KO'ed by the Weyrsecond (and hopefully dragged away!) but he will find his escape to freedom barred by the arrival of Weyr Guards and, one would hope, Zuvaleyuth and Dtirae. Velokraeth's not about to let any stragglers get away either! He's agitated enough that his rider is in THERE, in DANGER (again!) and so he'll vent some of that anxiety by giving the poor escapees a second reason to run for their lives.

Th'ero meanwhile is charging ahead but the smoke is making it difficult and so is the sudden arrival of several renegades charging them in a bid for freedom. One is done, another darts into the smoke and as the Weyrleader dodges past one young, rough looking woman with a bow strapped to her back, he suddenly collides with a tree — oh wait, no. That's just a brute of a renegade (leave it to Ustrr to have a few like himself) and with a strangled yell, both go toppling down and vanish into the smoke and in a sound of cracking twigs and… not good things.

Ustrr will be one of the last to make an attempt to flee, his arm held up in front of his face as he coughs and squints against the smoke, his hair matted and damp from sweat. It's hot here in this metaphorical Hell! Now there's someone brandishing fire? He's got his blades and he reaches for one, for what good it'll do. "Go!" he barks, mistaking Ha'ze as one of his own. "We need to find cover, 'fore the Weyr arrives if they haven't by now!" His still the same man the bronzerider remembers, only the flight from the fire and the smoke he's inhaled so far has weakened him a bit.

"Dammit Th'ero!" That's Kimmila's swearing as she sees what she thinks is him (any renegades have dark curly hair?) collide and tumble and vanish. And of course she's darting after them into the smoke.

Two other renegades emerge from the smoke and swirling ash and try to run past D'ani and Abigail. "There's a FIRE!" one of them yells, well and truly panicked.

Sweat beads down Ha'ze's face, his clothing soaked already through. The flame in his hands slowly burns downwards as Ha'ze paces forward towards Ustrr. He's not even going to talk to the nightmare of his dreams, but instead swings that fire branch at the renegade leader. One of them is going to leave here with serious burns. The other? Dead. Kai is silent. Deathly and totally silent.

D'ani'll leave the downed renegade to be hauled back by someone who trips over him. Hopefully one of those guards will. If not, he'll get him on the way back but right now he's busy squinting after the weyrleader. Eeeeeeeexcept he's disappeared, dammit! There's Kimmila though and if anyone's got a Th'ero-radar, that woman does. He'll follow her. Catching up to her, he pants, "We should get-" Th'ero? Ust-whatshisname? The hell out of here? D - all of the above, most likely. That's when SPLOOOSH!!! Dremkoth's load of water is dumped on top of the nearest of those burning trees, which sizzle and smoke profusely. Great. Now there's acrid steam obscuring what little visibility there was. But less fire. Yay?

Speaking of falling renegades there are braches falling around them, all on fire just adds to the fun right? Sure. Plenty of smoke around that leaves Abigail coughing at the effort to breathe a few times. Who had the smart idea to come into a /smoke den/? The renegade that is running towards her she takes a swing at with her bow, and misses it seems in time for panicked renegade to duck from the missed swing only to go stumbling forward in some attempt to escape one of them fallen branches and thus to perhaps make it seem like he 'meant' to go stumbling is throwing a punch towards Abbey in the process. There is an echo but it not from Abigail that of Niumdreoth letting out a bellow of a roar from the skies as he wishes to help his rider but has no chance of getting down to help her. Which as he can't get down to the ground there is a sudden dumping of water that offers up more smoke to make things more 'fun' down there for the good guys and the bad guys.

The renegades just want to flee. Honestly, at this point they would happily mount a dragon if it meant getting out of here. Prison is better than death by fire.

As there are others running into the fire, Dtirae's not so reckless as to run in after. Though, temptation is there. She is watching, near the forest, for any who come running out. The renegade that slipped past the Weyrsecond stumbles right into the weyr guards and the goldrider. There's really only one way of escape, and that's back into the fire.

Less fire is a good thing! Now they won't cook but they'll slowly asphyxiate to death. Yay? The Weyrleader and his renegade "dance" partner have taken a spill down where the land dips and forms a steep ravine and Kimmila and D'ani will see through the smoke and steam that one form is getting up and it's far to massive to be Th'ero. Velokraeth's bellowing scream is the next thing that tips off that something is wrong and if they'd just HURRY already? Not that the Renegade is looking to exact revenge on the Weyrleader while he wobbles, disorientated on his feet but what does the bronze know? « He is unconscious! » Is all that Velokraeth informs anyone (that's everyone).

Ustrr jumps back when Ha'ze swings that fire branch at him and his face contorts to fury and maybe a hint of fear. "What are you doing!?" he snarls, brandishing his knives in a threatening and defensive manner now. "Are you mad? We'll burn alive here!" He's realized now that he's being cornered not by one of his own but a vaguely familiar bronzerider. "You, again!" he spits. "Come to finish what you couldn't before, boy? Had to wait until the forests burning down around us, eh? Come on then! I ain't dying today!" Nope, he has survival as his number one goal and he'll charge Ha'ze just as the sound of cracking and splintering rends the air. Timber! Down go several trees and they send a shower of sparks up into the air… and effectively sever off the groups, splitting them apart.

One renegade finally makes his way to the lake, along that long, winding path, lucky in that he made the right choices at each fork in the trail. He runs right for the lake and throws himself in.

Kimmila yells and ducks, covering her face as Dremkoth does his Splash Mountain impersonation. "Shit," she swears, giving D'ani a fearful look before she's skidding down that ravine side, her weight back, heels digging long trenches into the side. Then she kicks off, using her downward momentum to turn into forward momentum, and /leaping/ at the dazed and massive man. D'ani is coming to help, right?

"Best way to make sure you ain't walkin' away again." Ha'ze's voice is smoke rough and deep with the repressed anger that has stalked his every single step since before Kainaesyth had joined his life. "I don't care about my life. Just ending this. Now." The stick has burned down too far though, and Ha'ze throws it to one side to reaches to pull out his knife. A breeze pushes the smoke round, clearing their small space taht is now… just the two of them.

Abigail isn't too sure how she managed to play keep away from the renegade but hey she did, seems he was swinging at smoke which she is totally fine with. A grumble escaping her as she moves forward once more, her bow though is forgotten wherever she had dropped it. The renegade she was dealing with is back to running down the path and will soon meet up with guards waiting for him like plenty of the others. As for Abbey she is lucky and picks up the sound of voices and her movements bring her closer to what looks like a fight between two people, she sees the swinging of some one fire branch, and then the voice along with it. Seems she was on the side that didn't get cut off at least as she did happen to come in along a different path. Not that she is anywhere near them mind you, and the smoke is doing a great job to make things hard to see.

Look on the bright side - at least there will be plenty of charcoal for future barbecues, provided they don't get barbecued? Above them, Dremkoth's trumpet echoes Varmiroth's bellow but he is intent on extinguishing that fire, so back to the lake he goes to scoop more water for dumping. D'ani, meanwhile is showered with embers that mar both jacket and sting skin, but he dashes them away from his face without much thought. His hair might be smoldering in few places, but he'll deal with that later. Now? Kimmila's tough but that renegade is huge and of course he's coming! He leaps into that ravine right behind her, skidding down the side after her. He's not throwing himself on top of the pair though. Instead his whip sings out, wraps around the man's ankle and he jerks - hard. "Pop him in his Adam's apple," he grits to Kimmila. Though… she's surely got her own ideas for taking a man down. She nabbed Th'ero, didn't she?

The renegade roars and tries to claw Kimmila off of his back when he's leapt upon, swearing and cursing her and he was just about to start ramming her into the nearest tree when he finds his ankle snared and pulled out from under him and he starts to topple like a ton of bricks. Clearly he's too addled to remember the weapons strapped to his hips but that may benefit both Kimmila AND D'ani! As for Th'ero? He's there… somewhere on the ground and completely out of it. Forest can still be burning and the Weyrleader would remain oblivious and so very much unconscious — and so utterly useless.

Those renegades who have escaped are now being rounded up by the Guards and dragged off to wait for transport or further orders as to what to do with them. The one that made it to the lake may be fished out at one point, but for now the Guards have their hands full and so do the Healers. To be sure that none get the idea to try running off again, the prisoners are kept close to Zuvaleyuth. They don't need to know that she's probably too distracted to be keeping constant vigil?

Kimmila grunts and then yells when the renegade falls, but she's grateful for the intervention as she pounds the man on the temple with her fist. Hey, wow. That works great! She'll have to remember that. Scrambling up, she runs to Th'ero's side and drops to her knees, reaching out to smack his cheek. "Th'ero. Damn you, Th'ero, you have the worst luck I swear to Faranth one of these days…" She looks up, around, and to D'ani. Now what?

More trees are falling all around, here, there, and yes right in front of Abigail, as a result well she is heading out of the way as quickly as possible and is diving over a falling burning log that sends her path away from the two that are fighting in the thick of it and well right close to where Kimmila and D'ani happen to be. With a mutter she is moving forward and hey look at who she finds the others. "Oy.. I think it is about time we get the heck outa here.." She hasn't noticed the fallen Th'ero mind you.

Zuvaleyuth does sit tall, as if she is keeping a constant vigil of the renegades beside her while Dtirae is still near the forest and helping with the guards catching escaping renegades. It is far too tempting to go after those in the forest.

Yeah, the temple is a vulnerable area. The renegade likely saw stars and went out like a light as he was going down. But he's huge and the crash when he toppled… is likely a resounding one. Someone ought to hear that, at least, and come help haul the guy off. Abigail's voice reaches D'ani as he slip-slides the rest of the way down to where Th'ero lies, coiling his whip on the way. That's snapped into the loop at his belt as he kneels to check the weyrleader. "He's…breathing. Kimm, take his feet, I'll get his shoulders. Let's get him out of here, hm?" And then raising his voice, "Abbey, do you have a couple of beefy guards who can haul that scum out of here?" Much as he'd prefer to let him burn… Oh wait. SPLOOSH! They're splattered with mud, ash and water - again. Thanks Dremkoth.

Now is not the time for a refreshing mud bath! But it's the thought that counts? Th'ero does have poor luck and he'll have to make it up to Kimmila some how. For now though her words go unanswered and as for grabbing his legs? Bad idea. One doesn't look to be facing the right way, for one but one small mercy is that no bone seems to be protruding? With the Weyrleader out, that means D'ani is in charge, just to make his day SO MUCH better! Have fun, man. And… as much Black Damnation as he needs to get through it (and the day after).

Kimmila nods to D'ani and crouches down to begin to grab Th'ero's legs, only…"Shit. D'ani, it's broken. How are we going to get him out of here?" She looks around, spies Abigail…and that doesn't help her come up with a solution either. Pausing for a moment to cough, she splutters as Dremkoth splatters them again. "Thanks." She means it though, because she'd rather be in the worst-timed mud-wrestling match ever than burned alive.

Abigail frowns once she catches sight of Th'ero, a cough escaping her at times once she is still for a few moments. "Yeah.. I'll deal with 'em." Is said about the man that is on the ground whom she is eyeing a bit. What, she can't leave him here? He can drown and then burn, wait is that possible? As for Th'ero a soft breath escapes her. "Two branches strap it to his leg to keep it as straight as ye can and carry him out." Better to carry him out with a busted leg then dealing with the fire and smoke and well mud. She is pulled off the strap of her quiver which will be left it seems while going back trying to have some bit of wood that isn't fully burnt to use as a split. Niumdreoth sends a message for some guards to come and find them to drag the bad guy out. Well with all this mud they could just put on a mud-wrestling match, do bad Th'ero is out for the count this time.

Bro…ken leg? Greaaat! And what branches? Everything's been burned. At least hTh'ero's not been stabbed this time. Has he? When D'ani mutters under his breath, the words are not pretty. "What is it with him?" he fumes though it's to mask his own emotions as he quickly checks the prone weyrleader over for blood. "We'll use jackets and shirts he says finally. A whole bundle of them." His own jacket is off and being wadded up while a hand reaches out for Kimmila. Her shirt? No, she can keep that, but he asks her, "Grab whatever jackets and clothes from the renegades you can. If they have to be flown back naked, so be it." When he's got enough garments to form a pillow-type splint, his whip will be used to lash it securely and immobilize the leg. Dremkoth is bespeaking craftriders - the Weyr's healers, who will hopefully meet them at the lake with a litter.

Kimmila eagerly hands over her coat, and she yanks the one free from the unconscious renegade. And his shirt. She'd take his pants but gross. She paces around Th'ero and D'ani, not so much in worried agitation (though there is that) as in keeping a lookout, and she gestures to Abigail to do the same thing.

Swearing means they care, right? Th'ero won't be protesting and D'ani's quick examination reveals nothing worrisome, save for a bruise to the head which may explain why the Weyrleader sleeping on the job. So they'll get that splint sorted and no protest either from the Renegade. He's out cold too and now stripped of some of his clothes — he'll have bigger things to worry about later. Guards will eventually climb down the ravine's banks and work on hauling him out and bringing him to join the others by Zuvaleyuth. Now comes the fun part… how and when do they transfer these prisoners over to the Weyr? No more Renegades seem to be on the loose but Abigail was right: they best get out of there! If any are still in those forests well… tough.

Abigail was, giving the idea of a split, sure all the branches are burned but look it is a good idea! A slight shake of her head is seen and she eyes the renegade before just pulling off her flightjacket and gives it to D'ani if he wants it. Seems he has it handled alright at the moment. "Some guards are coming, taking 'em a bit ta get here though the mess.." Well there was plenty of fallen trees, still burning fire and mud, great deep puddles of it! There they are at least, the guards that are hauling the out gone renegade out of here. As for keeping a lookout, with D'ani dealing with Th'ero she does lets her gaze drift over the area, a harsh cough escaping her along with a wheeze.

As another renegade is added to their growing collection, Dtirae is drawn away from the forest to see to their organization. And, the problem of trying to transport them all. There's still the fire that needs to be tamed and put out. They will extend themselves thin, it seems.

Very thin. And it'll take at least a sevenday to completely put out this fire.

The Renegades, they can be trussed tightly, given just enough rope to take hobbled steps and marched under guard to the Weyr. D'ani wants those fires put out, so all riders able to fly are doing that. He'll order a few backfires lit, enlist the aid from Benden riders if he has to and Nyalle agrees. D'ani and Kimmila get to slog through the one wet and muddy spot in the burning forest, hauling Th'ero's ass to the lake and then accompany him back to the Weyr. The harsh smoke is responsible for any moisture in the weyrsecond's eyes, right? Or maybe it's the thought of covering for Th'ero until he's up and around. Where's that Black Damnation kept?