Fort Weyr - Center Sky
The central skies of Fort are usually high traffic areas as dragons are taking off and landing, or ferrying passengers to and fro. The cliff walls stretch up, dotted with the 'weyrs' of the dragon pairs that make their homes here.

The day has been normal, a storm is see off in the distance, faint crackles of thunder caught with the rolling clouds. It has been a long sweep, the few from ThunderWing was checking on a hold that there was some talk of feline's being a problem, though with no track or felines to find the search was given up thanks to the weather starting to get nasty, and the fact that night was just around the corner. The two left are So'l and Sharuth with Abigail and Niumdreoth some distance off. The large brown is gliding across an air current that leaves him without having to use too much effort in the flying department. « You both did well today. How do you both feel now after doing a whole days sweep and work? » The brown sends with a curious rumble towards the younger bronze.

« We feel tired, » Sharuth admits freely. « But it is /good/ work and we are happy to do it. » Flapping his graceful wings, the bronze keeps up the pace steadily. « So'l and I enjoy helping people a great deal. Watching out for them from above and on the ground below makes us very satisfied. » Sharuth's rider leans forward, his goggles protecting his eyes from the tiny insect that splatters on the right eye-shield. So'l's eyes are focused ahead — on Fort Weyr — memories of the last storm faced by the Weyrlings somewhat still fresh in his mind. « Thank you for the compliment, » Sharuth rumbles keenly, pride rippling through the link. « We are in good company. »

« Tired is a good feeling to have after all the work that you both have done! » The brown shifts, wings stretching once more as he turns to the side and is slowly heading downwards it seems. « Mine wishes to speak with yours before we can back to the weyr. Do you see the little out cropping below? We are to land there for a few moments. » Seems whatever is to be said needs to be done in person rather than via dragon. « You are welcome, and you both did well. Most days of the same will come though. There is talk of winter being bad once more, which means our wing will be busy! »

« Winter is coming, » Sharuth bobs his head with acknowledgment. « So'l says we shall land. He will be happy to speak with her directly, » the bronze passes along his rider's warm feelings about this. And land they do, for Sharuth dips his wings and glides to the outcropping below, settling down and folding his wings. So'l unbuckles the straps that safely keep him mounted and then slides down, pulling off his helmet and goggles and tucking them in a satchel strapped to Sharuth's side. He watches for Niumdreoth and Abigail to land before waving in greeting, a curious smile splayed on his face.

« Indeed winter is coming; I have been looking forward to it as well! I do love the snow. » As if the bronze did not know that from Niumdreoth's mindscene after all. Once the OK is given from Sharuth the brown shifts and settles down to land with a shake and flutter of his wings once there. There is a soft rumble escaping him and he lowers his head down slightly to allow his rider to steps own. It doesn't take that long for Abigail to get her straps undone and hop down to the ground. A smile is seen as she pulls her goggles off and is moving on towards where So'l happens to be. "Great job So'l, Sharuth. Looks like those lessons going about in the forest did help somewhat aye?"

« Snow makes me sleepy, » Sharuth replies. And it's true — the oncoming winter has sparked a shift in the bronze towards restfulness. In autumn's dying days, Sharuth grows ever more tired and tends to sleep more and more. The wing may be busy come winter but Sharuth will want to sleep much of his time away when not working. This is all explained to Niumdreoth in a rush of emotion and pictures rather than words; an accompanying commentary on his earlier comment. So'l strides towards Abigail and snaps a salute. "Wingsecond," he smiles, lowering his hand and nodding. "Thank you kindly. We /have/ been working hard," the bronzerider agrees. "And we've had good teachers…" he winks slyly.

Away from Sharuth, Niumdreoth's neck> « Snow makes many sleepy, though I do like sliding in it, it is a good amount of fun I must say. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumble once he is up and moving towards where Sharuth is. The snowy forest scene within his mind light for the moment though thick clouds threaten to start snowing at any time from the looks of it. Abigail chuckles, a grin see and she nods at the salute. "Don't have ta do that." She offers with an amused tone. "A teacher is only as good as their students after all." She keeps her grins and blushes a bit at that wink before going on. "So After going on these sweeps, dealing with fires and searching for felines. Do ye wish to still deal with Thunderbird Wing?"

A touch of sunshine warms the clouds from behind but does not push through. Meanwhile, a family of squirrels scurries across the ground, each carrying several nuts as they dart up a tree and into their home. « Sliding /is/ fun, » Sharuth agrees, adding his own mental touches to the scene. "Well, alright," So'l chuckles in regards to the salute. "No more saluting," he nods before answering her question. "If they'd have me? Absolutely!" he says in the affirmative. "Stopping that fire was amazing…knowing that we'd saved so much of the forest from destruction. And the other things we've done," So'l grins, thinking of the wing's exploits while on daily sweeps, "well, I can't imagine doing anything else."

« Of course it is fun! I wouldn't do anything if it wasn't fun after all! » Niumdreoth offers with a soft tone before a gaze flicks towards the two riders. « Mine has something important to ask yours » There is a pause at that and Abigail chuckles softly before a smile is seen and she nods. "Of course Actually Wingleader Nishka asked me to do something as she was busy and she seems to have picked up on that we are friends." She grins a bit at the thought before she shifts to pull out a ThunderWing knot and waggles it slightly at the other. "I have been asked to tap ye into the wing actually." She offers before a warm smile is seen. "If so ye will have many more chances to help with fires and anything else we managed to get ourselves into."

The knot wiggles in the woman's fingers and So'l can't help but grin. He'd been hoping he'd be tapped into Thunderbird; now, the offer was here and there was no question as to his reply. "I accept," he breathes happily, moving forward to accept the knot. Once in hand, he pins it in place and turns towards Sharuth. "What do you think, Shar?" The bronze rears back on his hind legs and bugles in delight. « I think we are no longer weyrlings! » Sharuth replies, pride washing through his link with both the rider /and/ Niumdreoth. Laughing, So'l turns back to Abigail and grins. "We both look forward to many more adventures with you and the rest of Thunderbird Wing," he nods happily.

Abigail grins now and soon nods, a soft chuckle escaping her at the sight of Sharuth rearing up and then how So'l reacts. "I'm glad that ye have accepted, it is good that ye are on the wing, someone that I can bother with to help me for work for sure." This said with an amused tone and grins to So'l. "I welcome ye to Thunderbird Wing So'l, I hope that the skies are always clear for ye and that ye will be able to help when the need calls for it. Though I know that will without a problem." There is a pause now before she leans up to give him a hug, and there is a kiss even offered to his cheek. No she doesn't do that with /everyone/ mind you. Niumdreoth offers a deep bugle as well while there is a bow of his head while accepting the bronze as being with the wing. « You are not, you are both full members of the wing, and a full dragon with his rider at that! »

A cheek kiss? Awww. So'l blushes a little as he looks back at the brownrider, a grin broadening across his face so wide it's a wonder his jaw doesn't hurt. "Thank you, Wingsecond! And may the winds ever be in your favor," he chuckles back, using a term he'd heard in the Weyrling Games a few days back. The hug is definitely returned before the bronzerider glances to the dying sun and then back to Abigail. "We are both very honored to be invited. I'll pass on my thanks to the Wingleader when next I see her but please, let her know how excited I am to join?" With a nod, he moves towards Sharuth and then eyes their ledge, far across the bowl. "We should get back," So'l smiles over to Abbey. "I have a letter to write. Dad doesn't much care for dragon riding but mother will definitely want to know," he beams.