Who Leuka, Sephany, Riohra, Thautseruck, Eiram
What A bunch of angry people meet at the bar.
When MIDNIGHT - Winter - Month 11 of Turn 2714
Where Shenanigan's Lounge, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

The hour is late, not really midnight but long after most normals have gone to bed. the Cold Winter has moved even the fool hearty to see heat and comfort in the bottle at the bar. Riohra bandage on face where his nose usually be, is sitting in the corner of the bar doing a very good impression of a few bronze riders he knows from half moon. Scowl on the usual happy face, has turned him to that rather scary looking man that people say he looks. He has a pitcher before him but hasn't even finished his first glass yet.

Winter has come. It is in the Bowl. It is in the Tunnels. It is at the bar, in the form of a scowling Fortian Hunter. It is also walking to the bar, in the form of a pale, lithe weaver-lass. But where Riohra may be doing his best impression of a Half Moon Unnamed Bronzer, Sephany's got a stoney-faced neutrality that is not at all softened by the brush of velvet cloak or curl of blond hair. And much like the hunter himself, she is not at all dissuaded by angry glowers or 'don't talk to me' vibes; she walks right up to that familiar figure, slides into a seat beside him, and leans her head on his shoulder. "Life sucks." And hello to you, too.

Riohra looks up and nods, his bandaged face looking at the lass "Want a beer?" that is all he says. He will motion to the pitcher and an extra glass there. He sips his own glass carefully looking her over, nothing visibly wrong so he doesn't have to help hid a body later..

"No," for the beer, "But I will take a hot tea." Hm. A soft sound is emitted from the blond, something vaguely long-suffering but without much effort put into it, and Sephany rights herself in the chair, lifting her head from Riohra's shoulder but turning to face him. Furrowed brows, frowny face, and a lifted finger to gesture at the whole bandage situation. "What did you do to your face?"

Leuka is back to his normal well made clothes after the incident, and let's agree to NEVER speak of THAT again. He's got a cello slung over his shoulder as he heads into the lounge. IT only takes a few minutes to spot his favorite Fortian and Riohra at the bar. Noticing the hunters bandaged face, he starts to head over, but hesitates a bit. His last chat with Sephany didn't go all that smoothly. No help for it though, he's not gonna run away. So over he goes, smiling at the Weaver as he dislodges the big instrument from his shoulder and leans it against the bar "Hi Sephany." A quick nod to Riohra "Rio, you've looked better."

Riohra looks over at the weaver woman, saying "Differences of opinion" is all he will say. He sips more when Lueka shows up and nods a bit saying "You look better than the rumors said, all covered in gunk and such?" Sure lets talk about it, this is a bar after all.

"Well, looks like he tried to take his nose off to spite his face. Actually, Ithink it's an improvement." Comes a voice from just outside the bar and then there's a Hauser coming in after Leuka "And look, it's Uncle Leuka, how's your namesake doing? Changed any nappies yet?" Okay, so someone may be having a little fit at the moment. He's duo's down to uno. Or well maybe Trio, down to due if you count their little bird. But still. And with that said, he passes on by Leuka and heads straight for Sephany "Ah, my beautiful songbird,, would you be interested in auditioning for a little part in a little something I am thinking of putting together now that I've been kicked to wayside and deserted?"

Clearly, Sephany is not at all satisfied with that answer. Pale eyebrows remain furrowed, and her lips pull down into frown. It's not thoughtful so much as disgruntled. But she does not press him for any more information, simply turns to flag down the bartender and order her tea. It happens to coincide exactly when Leuka steps over, which means her casual turn may just read like a brush-off. And maybe she is ignoring him, except that she offers a curt, "You're up late," which is likely meant for the Harper, and not the hunter. But that cold, neutral thing that she's got going? Yeah. That's gone about the second that Hauser's invaded her space as well, turning into something more bristling-feline. No sound made. Not even a glance his direction. But his answer comes in the form of a one-fingered gesture very firmly made in his direction.

Leuka narrows his eyes at Riohra as he actually has the bad manners to bring /IT/ up. That, along with Sephany's non greeting, has him grabbing one of the fresh mug and sliding the pitcher his way. And let's just through more gas on that fire. "Didn't take you for one that paid attention to Rumors Riohra." Enter Hauser. Giving his oldest friend a glare, then rolling his eyes when his partner reuses some of his old pickup lines. Filling the mug, he takes a thorough pull from it before snorting "You're not the only one who got kicked." He glances briefly to Sephany's back, since that's what she turned his way, before peering to Riohra and gesturing to his face "So, what happen there?"

Riohra shrugs saying "you probably don't want to know.." he will crack a grin when Sephany gives the other fellow directions where to go. "She is a firecracker, watch out she might take your fingers off…" because smol but fierce rubs off, get him sephany. He looks at the new musician and motions to the beer pitcher if he wishes to join, Rio is not on duty as the monitor tonight.

"Well, it's so kind of you to offer my dear, but I really do not believe this is the time or place for that." Thautseruck remarks and then orders up a whiskey sour and then contemplates Sephany a moment, or well Her back. "But I will take that as a decisive no, well, fair enough. You're probably right, Risali might be the better choice to go with." A glance for Leuka "Now, I can see why I got the finger, but whatever did you do to the poor girl Leuka, As if breaking my dear sisters heart wasn't enough, you have to go in and tear apart hers?" There's a shake of his head to Rio "Nah, don't need none of that piss water tonight." he notes. Yup. Grumpy cellist. He takes a drink of his drink. "Oh, not the only one am I? I'm not the one that decided that well maybe I'm not happy enough with what I'm doing, not happy with my partner, that I decide to go off and get myself Searched." Glass is finished and set down "Tender, better yet, just bring me shots. I think I'm gonna need a bit more."

The Harper-Turned-Candidate can look at whatever part of her he'd like, though it's her shoulder that is now facing him. It's the row of bottles displayed along the shelves at the back of the bar that gain her gaze, though her attention rests on the trio around her. Riohra and his face-bandage get another curious look, and she is almost certainly listening for the answer to Leuka's question in the hopes that the story will be forthcoming. When it is not, there is a long sigh and a reach for the tea that has been delivered to her. Thautseruck's quip for her one-fingered-answer gets a sharp, "Bite me," in response, because she can't help herself. A dark glare for that beverage ordered though she doesn't move to order anything stronger for herself. And although she's been effectively giving Leuka the cold shoulder, she still rises to his defense. Or rather, in defense of that white-knot he's accepted. Or, well. She tries too. But it's freakin LATE, OK? Cleverness has been left back in bed. "You're just jealous," she decides.

Leuka simply shrugs at Riohra's evasion. "Must have been a good party." Another pull from his mug and Hauser earns another glare for his taunts, and a "Frag off Hauser." to his oldest friend. Yea, he's not in the best of moods either, that seems to be going around. He does slide a glance Sephany's way, brow lifting when she seems as impressed with Hauser right now as he is. Wellwell, the evening isn't all bad it seems. Gaze drifts from one to the other, then another of the group before focusing back on Sephany. Lowering himself so his elbows are resting on the bar, he cants his head towards the Weaver. "Can we talk a bit later? About Fizgig, and a couple other things.."

Riohra grins, and it isn't nice saying "It was" he drinks more and then looks over at Sephany and asks "If you want to hit them I will say they started it." He is soooo helpful right now isn't he! He leans back and watches the scene unfold here, though Thautseruck gets a questionably look when talk of heart breaking. Turning slightly to look at his friend and musical instructor saying "He probably didn't break her heart as he is still in one piece at least physically that is.."

"Well, if the lady insists." Hauser leans across the bar, but he's only grabbing the bottle along with the shot glass. "Jealous though? Likely not in the way you are thinking. "He takes his drink and heads for a small table "No likely he didn't, has to be one there to begin with." With that said he then sits down at it, his back to the group. Leuka is ignored, well at least not replied too, for he at least left and said no more to his old friend. Shot is poured, but it's just held there, as he looks at the light glistening through it.

There is an actual cringe away from Thautseruck as he leans, as though Sephany briefly believes he might actually bite her, grey eyes flashing his direction with all sorts of warning looks… but no. Just leaning over the bar. Those grey eyes remain on him, a deep frown etched on her face for such cryptic comments, following him as he moves to a table and settles into a chair. A glance a Riohra, and she says rather clearly, "He is not referring to my heart," because how could it? She's glowering. Maybe a little bit irritated that she has TEA and not BEER, but certainly she is not broken. And said tea is lifted. Sipped. Mug held close with the rim hovering at her lips as her gaze slips to Leuka when he addresses her. "Let's talk now," she decides. She slips out of her chair and, with a quick pat-pat to Riohra's shoulder in a quick apology, then turns and walks pointedly towards one of the many sofas. Clearly, Leuka is expected to follow.

Riohra will finish his beer and then just drink down the pitcher before he turns and heads out the bar. Probably heading to the infirmary to get his nose looked at again, he waves good night to those that are hear as he goes.

Leuka cuts a sarcastic look to Riohra with a brief smirk "Oh, funny guy. You gonna step up a bit later?" He gestures to the stage briefly before turning his attention back down to Sephany. He obviously didn't expect her to be willing to talk to him now, but he's more than happy to do so. As if you couldn't tell by the little smile that creeps across his features. Nodding, he'll grab his mug and follow, a quick gesture of salute with it to Riohra as he steps away from the bar. On his way by Hauser, Leuka bends down as he keeps walking where Sephany leads "Your supposed to drink that ya slacker, not stare at it all night." And then he's settling on the sofa by Sephany, turning towards her a bit as he stretches legs out, nudging the little table away to give him more room.

Thautseruck tosses the drink back and then slams it down. "Oh sod off." he mutters and then shoves away from the table as he gets up. "Best be careful there, get caught snogging and well…"he trails off and then takes the bottle and heads towards a pool table. He racks them up and then pulls down a stick. Taking a swig from the bottle before setting it down, he puts down the cue ball and then sends it flying down the table to crack into the balls, sending them scattering across the table.

Given the look on Sephany's face, it's doubtful that any sort of snogging will take place. Grey eyes cut to Hauser, narrowing and briefly threatening to bore holes into the back of his head, though she says nothing as she passes him. Her tea finds the coffee table before he moves it (and somehow remains unspilt through the nudging), and she settles herself primly on the edge of the couch, body half turned toward Leuka. Back ram-rod straight, fingers twined together and settled in her lap, she gives him her attention with a rather expectant look. "What did you want to talk about?" She's not exactly exuding warm-fuzzies, but she's not glaring, either.

First day of candidacy and Eiram has a rest day and so…well he takes advantage of it because no doubt tomorrow the 'work' begins. It has been an exciting day for the lad, fireworks and knots, letting his dragonrider parents know. It may be near midnight but the lad is still riding a high and comes into the shenanigans with his guitar in tow. Nothing like playing at the weyr's pub to help a boy wind down. Not. As he sees familiar faces among the crowd tonight he gives a finger wave to each in turn before making his way to the stage and setting to tuning the purple guitar.

Leuka shrugs to Hauser when his little jest must have hit too close to home today. Gripping the mug handle, he lifts it to his fellow Harper and can't keep back the little swirk when the other mentions 'rules'. Then rest it on his thigh and he leans back against the couch. Head cants a bit, eyeing the Weaver and her odd posture. He still has a smile for her though. "A couple things, but I'll start with Fizgig. Are you sure you won't mind taking care of him for a little while?" The resounding *CRACK* from the pool table draws Leuka's attention that way briefly, watching how the balls scattered and some vanish. Eiram is noticed and a nod given to the CandiApp before Sephany gets his full attention again. He settles a bit on the couch, ever so casaully inching closer to the pale haired Weaver.

The sound of tuning as Thautseruck pausing in his own personal game to cast a look at the stage. And there is there little bird, turned candi. Can we had any more insult to injury here? He fires another shot, but this time a ball goes flying off the table to hit up against a wall. There's a muttered curse as he goes to retrieve the ball and slaps it onto the table along with the stick. And he leaves it to go to the dart board. Yeah, that's right, sharp pointy objects to play with.

Sephany's attention is firmly on Leuka, that expectant expression firmly in place. And so it is that she misses Eiram's entrance (and the white knot on his shoulder), though she certainly doesn't miss the sound of ANGRY POOL PLAYING. That sharp crack of action has her jerk just slightly in surprise, and her glare is pinned once more on Thautseruck over yonder for his antics. "I said I would take him," she answers, her gaze moving back to the harper on her couch, settling on him without hesitation. "I like the pup." The pup. The pup's owner? Jury is still out on that, though his little scooting has her bristling and throwing off all sorts of 'don't touch me' vibes. And it's that very same sound of tuning that catches Hauser's attention, that also catches Sephany's. She glances in the direction of the noise, spots Eiram. Spots Eiram's knot. And decidedly looks away without so much as a greeting. It's just that kind of night, people. "What else did you want to talk about?" she asks with just a touch more snap than previously.

Eiram looks around the room as he tunes. The passing look he gives Leuka, Sephany and Thautseruck takes in the tension between the three of them. He drums fingers on the edge of his guitar for a moment before nodding and starting to play. The song has a long guitar intro that shows he has been practicing quite a bit on the instrument of late. Still some transitions he needs to work out but still entertaining. Then he starts to sing about the Pretty blonde haired girl and killer legs and smile. Some of the lyrics he seems to be weaving in on the spot. A song that is sweet and flattering and well intent on at least defusing one bomb tonight!


Leuka glances around the room again, not missing Thautseruck vacating the table in exchange for attacking the dart board. He does shift a bit more, deciding it might be a good idea to keep his old friend in his sights for a little while. And if the moving about, edges him even closer to Sephany, all the better. Now he's close enough to stretch his hand out, slinking forward to try grasping her twined fingers and leans into her personal bubble "I wanted to talk somewhere else but.." He shrugs and goes on. "…I wanna know why you got so mad the other evening." He cants his gaze to Eiram's playing, a smile creeping over his face for the words and peering back to Sephany. "I didn't give you a gift then so that couldn't have been it."

Another swig from the bottle, not that the level seems to be going down much. A glance at Eiram again and the tune he's playing. Well, even if he's not too thrilled with his little bird having been appropriated by THEM, damn but the boy can sing. And play. But no, he's being pissy now and he goes back to tossing darts at the board. At least he's hitting the board and not the wall or people or anything like that. "Maybe it's because she had to look at your face." he mutters. Nah, he's not been listening in. Not him… uh huh.

Songs about blondes, hm? With improvised lyrics, designed to defuse a blond-haired ticking time bomb? Well, he's at least got Sephany's attention, though it's not exactly what one would call 'defused'. She doesn't turn up the heat like she may have for Thautseruck or Leuka, but it's not softening at all, either. There's a pinched look, pained, and though she lets her hand be taken, releasing her grasp and allowing him to thread his fingers with her own. She studies this joining of hands, a frown etched on her face that is neither thoughtful nor disapproving. It simply is. But before she's offered a chance to answer, there's Hauser chiming in with his non-eavesdropping two-cents on the matter, and she fixes him with a glare. ALL THE GLARES for Thautseruck! "Yeah? And what's you're reason? Mad that he stole your thunder? Wounded your pride? Honestly… you're acting like a jealous lover." Snarl.

Eiram finishes up the blonde song and well at least she didn't throw anything at him this time. He gives a tilt of his head to Sephany and his usual cheeky smile. There is a thoughtful tapping as he looks between the tense behavior of his mentors and rises from his seat. This time when he starts to play he moves around the bar going up to various tables as he sings. It is definitely a song that plays on his youthful appearance, very cute and sweet. "You've got a friend in me…" He sings and pauses by the couch as he sings with a dip of his head then moves over towards Thautseruck and smiles sweetly up at him as he continues. Yep he is dialing up the charm.


Leuka closes his eyes and drops his head a few seconds before shooting an annoyed look to Hauser snide remark. Sighing he takes another drink of the beer before leaning forward to set it on the table near Sephany's tea cup and murmuring to the Weaver. "Seems you're not the only one I've ticked off recently." Eiram's tune change is noted, and even in his annoyed state, he sends the Apprentice a little amused chuckle. When the boy starts roaming among the tables, he watches how the boy interacts with his audience and nods to himself. He turns a surprised look to Sephany, trying not to look /too/ smug that she's defending him.

At one point in time, he might have cared a little bit more about the words being flung at him. But at the moment? Hauser turns to look at Sephany and then walks over towards the pair, but not before giving Eiram an arched brow and then a look at the white knot and then he just shakes his head. Not amused really, but not willing to say anything scathing to the young apprentice. "Think you know so much, do you, Weaver.." His hand grips around the darts, tightly, but his voice stays calm. "Shows just how little you know." He then sets the darts down on a nearby table and he turns and walks on out of Shenanigans. He does not pass Go, he does not collect whiskey bottle, he just heads straight on out, no more words said.

Oh Eiram. Dear Eiram. Trying so hard to fix a situation that is just crumbling more and more. But Sephany is rather firmly focused on the pair of Journeyman, grey gaze flashing between Leuka and Thautseruck, mood darkening by the second. There is an honest to Faranth snarl for the darts-gripping Harper, and her death-glare chases him as he makes his exit, hackles very much raised. "What the fuck is his problem?" she hisses, attention darting back to Leuka in the clear hopes that he will illuminate her. Perhaps it is for the best that now is when Eiram's wandering has brought him closer; the blonde-hair pit viper can't stay so angry when he's turning on the charm like that. In fact, she's rising from the couch and closing the distance to HUG HIM fiercely, laughing in an ironic sort of way that is less amused and more 'FML'. "And you went and got Searched, too," she murmurs, . "Congrats, I suppose…"

He may not have the pure skill of Leuka and Thautseruck, but his 'theatricality' can't be denied. Alas tonight he does have a hard crowd. One that even music can not completely fix. Thautseruck is storming out and the boy does look a little deflated but continues his performance all the same moving between the tables and back by Leuka's and Sephany's couch as he finishes the song and is being hugged. The congratulations are met with a half smile for the weaver friend, "I could hardly say no, not when we were setting off that rocket and both my parents are riders and please be happy?" he finally finishes looking at her with those big sad puppy dogs of his that he can't help but turn on his charm with. "Thing of the songs we could right over our experience, it will be amazing. Maybe they will ask you too!"

Leuka drags his attention away from Sephany as his fellow Harper approaches the table. His curious look fades quickly enough to confused, bordering on baffled as he takes in Hauser's darkening mood. Glancing back to for a few seconds to see if she has a clue, he starts to ask Hauser as he looks back to his friend "Wha.." but the man is already moving purposely out of the lounge. Leuka just shakes his head and gives Sephany's hand a little squeeze "I don't know yet, but I'll be finding out soon." Then Eiram is at the table and Sephany's hand is snatched away. Well, not snatched, just irritatingly pulled away in order to hug Eiram. Eyeing the young Apprentice, he'd be amused by the huge eye tactic, if he weren't turning it on Sephany.

"I know," murmured back, coupled with a long exhale of resignation. "Not with your parents…" Sephany gets it. Boy, does she get it. "And I am happy," she assures him, doing her utmost to make it reflect in her voice, though the puppy-dog eyes soon have her laughing, of all things. "Cut it out," she admonishes, letting him go with a small push to his shoulder, an affectionate gesture. "I'm not mad at you, I'm just… wait. Did you say rocket?" But before that question can be answered, he goes and says those words. The 'maybe they will ask you too' that has her suddenly ramrod straight and stiff as a board once more. "No, Eiram. They won't." On this point she is absolutely certain; reflected in tone of voice and body language, in the stern set to her jaw and the sudden hardness of her grey eyes. A glance back to Leuka on the couch, though it's more for the knot on his shoulder than the Harper himself. "I am happy for both of you," she says firmly, finally meeting Leuka's gaze. "I am."

Well he got her laughing at least and finishes the look with a cheeky grin, "Yes Ma'am." He replies with a little salute and pushes his guitar to the side to step up and return the hug. Then he had to ruin things with those words and he frowns a bit before just nodding. "Yeah, Syn had this huge firework she was testing and couldn't do it on her own because well she is shorter than me, so I helped her and as she lit the fuse she asked if I would stand. I barely had a chance to say yes before it exploded. Oh but it was a sight to see." He says looking between them and raising his hand in imitation of a firework, "Reckon they could see it clear down to the coast!" At the last he gives her a genuine smile, "I will look after him for you Sephany. I promise." He says with a nod to Leuka, "But at least we are still here?"

Leuka snorts almost silently when Eiram's bug eyes routine at least has Sephany chuckling. While they chat he does glance towards the door and considers his fellow Journeyman. Finally, he shrugs it off as yet another in a long line of people he's managed to tick off. Mention of a rocket that Eiram set of get's his attention. "What are you going on about?" But soon enough it's explained and Leuka's chuckling in amusement. Still smiling, he looks back to Sephany and reaches his hand out like he's trying to get her to come back so he can finally get some answers. "Yep, still here." and waiting.

If she was the type of person to do so, Sephany may have reached out to ruffle at Eiram's hair. Alas, she does not. Though he does get a sideways look and a half-smile for all that rocket business. "Lucky your mother didn't find out," she tsks, though there's very little disapproval in her tone. "And I'm glad it didn't blow you right up." Another squeeze of his shoulders before she lets him go. As for him looking after Leuka? There's another half-smirk and a roll of her eyes. "Think he can take care of himself," she drawls, coupled with a glance that settles once more on the Harper. His offered hand is eyed, but it's an offer of her own that she gives him in return. "Walk me to my room." It's a humble request, coupled with her delicate fingers accepting his hand in the expectation that he will stand, and do as asked.

Eiram nods to the pair of them before heading back to the stage and playing a few more songs to entertain the crowd, leaving the couple to their conversation.

Leuka nods quickly enough and pushes off the couch at Sephany's request. A nod to Eiram as the Apprentice returns to the stage to continue entertaining the late crowd. "Knew you couldn't resist me." He can't help but flash a cheeky grin as he grips her hand and they head out of the Lounge.




Despite the late, late hour Hauser has entered back into the bar. He's seen Leuka head off with Sephany and has decided it safe enough to head back in. He heads on over to the bar and orders up an ice water. He sits there, at the bar, just drinking the nice clear and crisp beverage.

Eiram is still playing at the stage, though he looks like the day is starting to catch up with him. So much excitement and stress over his friends and mentors as well. He looks like a flower starting to droop and even his fingering is faltering a bit more. Finally he finishes the song he was playing, rises from the stool and bows to the audience, "I think that's me done folks!" He declares and goes over to join Hauser at the bar, "Could I have one too." He asks the bartender of the water. "Are you really mad at us for accepting?"

Leuka returns a short time later, humming a tune and looking in a better mood than when he left. He spots Eiram jumping down from the stage and moving towards…Hauser. Not wanting to get into another row, he considers slipping back out, but his cello is over by the bar where he left it. No help for it, Leuka strolls over to the others still smiling and humming, trying to sweep on past the prior moods. "Hey guys." He's got let's ignore the bad mojo thing going when he leans against the bar next to his instrument.

Thautseruck glances at Eiram and takes in a deep breath "I'm not mad at you, Eiram." There's a glance at Leuka as he comes in. Well, one thing can be said about Leuka, he doesn't mess up his timing much. "Shards, I ain't even exactly as you would call it, mad, at Leuka. It's complicated." he lets out a sigh and then runs his hands through his hair and lets out a slight groan. Then his attention goes to Leuka "Hey, slacker."

Eiram relaxes a bit at the reassurance from Thautseruck and nods, "Is it because of Sephany? You know he still likes you too." He offers from his font of wisdom. Well maybe he had his own little moment. As Leuka greets them Eiram smiles to see him back, "Made it back alive, is that good or bad?" He asks with bright curious eyes.

Leuka just grins at Eiram, not answering one way or the other. The grins speaks for him. Hauser's insult tells him things are cool with his old bud as well. "Well if you weren't such a showoff, I wouldn't have to counter the effects with excessive slacking now would I?" He laughs easily enough with his fellow Harpers "Hauser, I need some help tomorrow on something I been working on. You should enjoy it. Remember that song Master Harmon nearly had me tossed from the Hall over?" He doesn't admit yet that he's been teaching Eiram the melody.

Thautseruck looks curious as he turns around on his seat "Yeah, I remember it. What about it? And you really think you're gonna have much time anymore?" he asks. Sure, things are cool and all, but hey, some things still sting a little.

Eiram nods to Thautseruck, "Yeah we got chores and all but we have a little free time as well and free days. Really there is always time for music. If I had to give up my music I would not have said yes." He says with a firm nod of his head.

Leuka before he can answer Hauser, Eiram pipes in and with something that answers it quite perfectly. He gives the young Harper a clap on the back. "Couldn't have said it better myself." He gestures towards the stage with his chin "Eiram's almost knows it by heart. Will be ready to do it up there very soon." He gestures to the stage before pushing away from the bar and grabs up his cello. "I'll come see you as soon as I get a free moment…Hmm, make that my second free moment tomorrow." Leuka assumes a slightly smug little grin before smacking the bar and head off. "Later guys!" then he saunters from the Lounge resuming humming that catchy little tune stuck in his head.

Thautseruck shakes his head a little "For now perhaps there is time." he notes "Course, what happens if there's a dragon in the mix later? Then what happens to the time?" he shakes his head. "Taught it to him did ya, well seems as if you've been doing pretty well." he remarks "Well, if you've the time." he adds as he takes note of the smug look. "Don't let me, interrupt, well. Things." There's a slight smirk as he watches Leuka head off "Good thing Sada ain't here"

Eiram waves to Leuka as he starts to head off, "Seeya in the barracks soon I think." He calls out to him, "Still got a bit of nervous energy." He explains and then looks up to Thautseruck, "Well my Da is a harper and a rider too. He still entertains and maintains his duties to Odryth." He says with a shrug then cants his head at the mention of an unfamiliar name, "Who is Sada?"

"My sister." Hauser says simply. "He's been sniffing around her more times than I can count." he notes as for the bit of logic Hauser just shrugs "Well, we shall just see, won't we?" he asks as he finishes off his water. "Well, I am gonna be off, likely you should be as well. Can't imagine that they don't wanna keep close tabs on you all. Course, eggs still soft so likely not as much worry about it." Sliding the glass across the bar he look thoughtful "Wonder if he's hooking up with Seph again." And with that he heads on off himself

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