Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests - Western Forest
The forests here grow all the more pressing, soon choking out the gravel- and sand-formed path that splits from the fork. While it continues to wind further into the darkness and coolness that only such thickly grown foliage can create, other smells hint at places yet to be fully explored. Blueberries and the calls of birds, lush blackberry thickets just out of sight, and deep undergrowth that holds promise of mysterious fungi and other such plants.
Traveling through the woods alone is always a dangerous affair … and all the moreso with whisperings of renegades and feral beasts running rampant throughout. The whoop and call of avians and firelizards penetrate the strange not-quite-silence of the forest, while deeper rumblings of creatures yet unseen might be heard in other places. Great beasts crash through the forest from time to time and set the avians into unexpected flight.

It's Not!Winter!. In fact, it's an unusually hot autumn day, which falls pretty much in line with how the rest of the year has gone. Rain hasn't fallen for weeks, and that fire danger? Man, it's high right now. The heat has pulled Kainaesyth out of his pre-winter-slowdown, and for once he actually seems like he's in his old good spirits, which makes it rather hard for Ha'ze to get his harness on. "Kai," Ha'ze's voice is almost patient, but has a slight edge to it, "We need to be gettin' ready afore Abbey is gettin' down here."

Niumdreoth is winging his way out from his ledge, there is a patrol that needs to be done and with the warm day there is always a fear that a fire is out there looming. The brown carries with him rolled up 'bags' tied to his straps for use to collect water if there is a fire to be found. Abigail sends a glance out slightly, there is movement caught and Niumdreoth bugles out to Kainaesyth. « Afternoon… We are ready when you and yours are. Others will join us from the other side as they sweep in towards us. » The brown lands with a flap of his wings, moving forward towards the pair rumbling a bit Abbey smiles and offers a nod to Ha'ze. "Hello Ha'ze. Ready for the day?"

Kainaesyth's flute-like whistles sing out when Nuimdreoth comes into sight. « We were born ready. Winter's chill has held off, for the story of the summer of fires has yet to finish. Have you seen the little ones today? They seem to be hiding somewhere. » Bunnies, it's ALWAYS about the bunnies. Ha'ze, for his part, finally catches Kainaesyth and manages to get those harnesses on. "You sure Winter is a comin'?"

Abigail looks a touch amused as she hears Ha'ze, a soft smile seen. "Aye it'll be here soon enough." She wishes it was here to some degree seeing how it would help with the fires they worry about. Niumdreoth rumbles softly while his wings ruffle a few times at his sides. « It has held off for a good point now.. Though I get the feeling it should be here soon.. Little ones..? » The brown seems a bit confused and tilts his head even while looking to the bronze.

« The small ones! Those of brave and mighty hearts! » Kainaesyth's desert is a live with rabbits. Those fast and smart creatures seem right at home in the shrub and sage. "He's feelin' frisky." Ha'ze nods to where Kainaesyth has decided that twining around Niumdreoth is a good idea.

Niumdreoth seems amused and a soft rumble escapes him, almost like a faint laugh really. « The bunnies..? » This is questioned with a curious tone to the bronze. His mind is cool and a fall setting near a forest, leaves are still falling to the ground. Abigail laughs a bit while she shifts upon her dragon's shoulders while glancing to Kainaesyth. "So he is! I am glad to see this." Seein how winter is just around the corner. Niumdreoth lowers his head to try and bump it back against the bronze in a playful manner.

The wind picks up the scents and heat of the desert, laughing across the autumn colored forest. That means yes! « We go seeking the firebug today. Perhaps there is a story to be told there. » Hopeful, he's in hording for the winter-season mode. Twining one last time around Niumdreoth Kainaesyth finally comes back and allows his getting-irate rider to get on. "We have the western forest?"

Niumdreoth lets his tail snap and flick to swat out after Kainaesyth while he shifts and his wings opens to stretch out above him. « I am rather sure there are plenty of stories tobe found.. I hope the firebug will stay hidden. » The leaves of his trees are fluttering to the ground and getting dragged around by that wing from the bronze's mind. "Aye, that we do.. Ready to get going?" Abigail questions while pulling her gloves on and glances towrads the pair to make sure before the wordless command is given to Nium. The brown turns and is leaping into the air, heading upwards with a few powerful flaps of his wings.

Kainaesyth's movement through the air is more a dance then a strong launching. Why fly in a straight line when one can see more by curving? The bronze follows slowly. Too far away now for the riders to talk, but Kainaesyth will pass on what Ha'ze says… in his own way. « The stories are best when the antagonist shows his face. Ha'ze hopes we find this one.»

« Indeed they are, but some are best hidden and only creeping and appearing at times to build suspense. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumble heard as the pair is making there way towards he forest. Abigail has her attention out on the forest before them. « Mine feels there is indeed someone behind this, and she wishes to find them to put a stop to it sooner rather then later. »

« Winter is coming. » The breezes cool at even the thought. But it's warm damnit, and so they perk right back up. « The fire bug will not be able to set it for much longer. Ha'ze wonders if you see any smoke to the west? »

« Yes winter is indeed coming. With the way these fires are coming up I would wish for it sooner just to try and help the forest to some degree. » Niumdreoth continues on the path that he is setting forth for them, his gaze drifting slowly over the area and his attention is soon sent towards the West. « Possible.. We must go and explore to see and make sure. » Abigail is thinking it is a chance there is some smoke, but still to make certain once must expect it after all.

Kainaesyth's path towards the WEST is not very straight. He sways back and forth through the air. Undoubtebly he sees more than the brown. As they draw closer the smoke is easier to see, and some of Kainaesyth's cheer fades as Ha'ze's worry bleeds in.

A deep bugle escapes Niumdreoth once the smoke is indeed real, and bellowing up from the area they are heading to. It doesn't look good from this angle in the least. Abigail is filled with worry as well, a glance is sent towards Ha'ze and Kainaesyth.

No, Ha'ze isn't ABOUT to let Kainaesyth go CLOSE to that fire. Which is why Kainaesyth spirals downwards into a clearing. Okay, so maybe not the best idea. But Ha'ze thinks letting Kai get close to fire is a worse idea.

Abigail isn't going to let Niumdreth get close, at least there are no dragons around that don't want to listen to reason like last time! The message is sent back to the Weyr, others will be going to gather what they can to possibly try and put a dent in this smoke filled blaze. « We must be careful of the fire.. Perhaps try to dig a trench for a firebreak to keep it from spreading. » Niumdreoth turns to follow after Kainaesyth towards that clearing.

To be Continued… !