Who Leia, Leuka
What Leuka is asked to stand, and Leia goes into labor!
When Winter, Month 11 of Turn 2714
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's shortly after midday and his official classes are done for the day. There's almost always a gathering of dedicated Harpers, and some that ar ot, in the practice room a bit later though. When people come together with their instruments, all manner of crazy has been known to happen. Right now, the Harper is throwing a chunky little stick, and Fizgig barks happily as he bounds off after it. They are not near enough to the ice to slip and fall, even if the ice has gotten much thicker than it was days ago. "Go get it Fizzy!" He chuckles as the over energetic puppy trips over his own huge paws, but is just as quickly back up and chasing after 'his' stick. Leuka is huddle up nice and snug today. The hood up on his long cat and thick gloves keeping his hands warm as he crouches nd takes a knee. "Whatcha ya got Fizz. G'me that." he speaks in a matter that the puppy knows is playful as Leuka grabs the end of the stick and gently wrestles with the happy canine.

STIIIIIICKS! Leuka is throwing, Fizgig is fetching, and suddenly there's a slender and pointedly handsome blue one the scene, sleek as he moves with a graceful lope, eyes whirling blue as he invades the go between of little puppy and harper-with-sticks to try and also put his mouth somewhere in this tug-of-war. HE WANTS THE STICK TOO. GIVE IT TO HIM. And there's Leia, pregnant as can be, moving with that awkward-gait all pregnant women affect when they've got too much baby on too little hips and their center of gravity has suddenly changed because they can't see their feet or tie their own shoes or do anything that normal people do on a regular basis. But there's wicked delight in her eyes as she comes upon the duo-now-trio, a peal of laughter for Foryth's antics and desire to be involved in that chase that may or may not be resulting in a lot of dragon slobber on everything (it's totally resulting in that). "You might as well just throw it for him," Leia says, voice sounding dreamy and far-off, as if she's not really here in the present with them, but somewhere far, far away and catching glimpses of conversation here. Like Luna Lovegood! "He'll bring it back."

Leuka was soo caught up in playing tug the stick with Fizgig, that a big ole dragon totally snuck right in on the game. Yea, it's a smaller blue compared to the other dragons, but way bigger than him, and even bigger next to his growing pup. There's several ways this could work out, and some of them involve that tiny pup getting hurt by accident. Laughter reaches his ears and he turns this way, then that trying to hone in on it. Several people are spotted and dismissed from the shortlist since none of them look very amused. Then his gaze darts past the pregnant woman before going back to focus on her more fully. "You again? Um, Leia wasn't it?" He chuckles and eyes the blue, reaching down to drag Fizgig away from the stick and letting the blue claim it. Well, maybe he can help me start teaching Fizgig how to 'give' if he wants me to throw it again." Plus, there's no way he actually wants to wrestle a dragon for that slimy disgusting stick at the moment.

"Leia," the bluerider confirms, as she reaches dog, and harper, and eager blue. "Most people just call me Th'ero, but us 'Le' ending an 'a' names have to stick together." CLEARLY THERE IS SOME KIND OF UNSPOKEN PACT (that Leia totally did just make up), and Leia punctuates on that statement with another smile - this one a little sharper, blue eyes a little more present, attention a little more aware. "I'm no good with dogs," Leia says then, honestly, a moment before she stumbles into Foryth, and presses her forehead to her blue and one hand to her stomach. A blink, and then Leia's all wickedness as she looks back to Leuka again. "So tell me a little about yourself, harper." And yes she is taking that Foryth-stolen-stick (which Foryth gives up freely) to hold it out for the harper, a jerk of her wrist indicating that he should throw it, despite all that slobber on it.

One thing to know abot Leuka, it the totaly ewww factor he's got going right now when Leia holds out the now disgusting stick his way. Eyeing it skeptically, Fizgig says his piece with a yappy bark and wiggles about til Leuka's putting him back down. "Alright alright." Trying not to cringe too much over the gloves he's probably ruining, the Harper takes the stick. Giving it a litlte flick and sorta wishing he hadn't as draggy drool *splats* onto the ground. Ewwww. Being careful not not flick drool on himself, he makes like to throw it a few times, egging Fiz and blue on til he hurls it out. The pups tiny legs go scrambling after it, Leuka only hopes he stays cler of dragon paws. Holding his hand out, "Something about myself Hmm. Right about now I'ld like to scrape my hand across a treetrunk." The Harper laughs and glances to the now slimey glove before shrugging. Figuring that's not exactly what she as asking he shrugs "I tend to tick people off alot. Harper Masters double so."

"Then you'd be covered in dragon drool and splinters." Probably not the best idea (though Leia's smile says she likes the idea). STIIIIIIICK! Foryth is TOO CLEVER for your stick-tricks, harper; he waits poised and patient, then lopes off after the stick once it's been hurled. He's graceful, mindful of his puppy playmate, but no less competitive (and cheatingly bigger). So he reaches that stick first. He traps it in that massive jaw, flicking his tail with a croon of delight, and then he lowers his head so that Fizgig can grab onto one end of it. Puppy in tow or not, he's moving his way carefully back towards Leia and Leuka, the former looking entirely too pleased by the fact that Leuka has a tendency of making superiors mad. "Excellent," Leia breathes, eyes bright as Foryth returns and she leans into him again, leaning heavily into the blue as her breath expels and she manages a suddenly breathy, "I only have two questions for you then." WHAT EVER COULD THOSE QUESTIONS BE? Leia just stares at him, building up that anticipation as she waits for Leuka to ask what those two questions are.

Leuka tries not to cringe when Fizgig darts dangerously close to those huge paws in his mad dash to get there first. Not a chance on Pern of that happening, but he didn't know that. Leuka does seem a bit perplexed and even amused that the blue sota walks Fizgig back, sharing the stick with his canine. He flicks a glance to the very pregnant rider and smirks "Okie, that's just adorable. But no, you still can't have my puppy. That's one question down, what was your other one?" He laughs a bit and crouches down, clapping to get the frizzy looking pup to leave the stick and come on over. "Come 'mere Fizgig." He pats his let to get the pup's attention away from his new huge blue friend.

Leia's expression takes on a hint of pain, knees buckling until she's going down on them and… swallowing down air and still somehow managing to laugh at Leuka's joke. "Actually," she manages a little feebly once she's caught her breath, "My first question was on Foryth's behalf." And Leia's digging in her riding jacket, to produce a white knot for Leuka to take. "We need more mischief. It just hasn't been the same since Syn, Ibby, and I have impressed. Nobody left to take out the power grid." INNOCENT DOE EYES. And then… is that… wet? Yes. Yes that is, and Leia's looking down at the trickle of probably embarrassing hint that something is definitely not right. "My second question was whether or not you can take me to the infirmary. I think I'm having a baby." And she's quick gone from the ability to walk to biting her lip between contractions. She's still holding that knot out though! Even as Foryth shifts in sudden agitation and concern, dropping sticks.

Leuka laughs at his joke and catches Fizgig up with an enthusiastic ruffling. His atention slips back to Leia, his amusement slipping when she starts acting odd. Granted, he doesn't know her, but…that can't be normal, even for her. Her question does have him going still, he may have been about to clarify a few things, but her next words have him staring hard at the woman and nodding "Okay yea. And yea! That /SHOULD/ have been your first question." She's still holding the knot out, and he'll reach to snatch it only to shove in his pocket. They can go over fine points later. He moves around, trying to lever her up enough so that he can slip an arm under her legs. Soon enough, as carefully as he can. "Don't you dare start doing anything until we get there." He mutters as if either one of them could stop the process now. "Fizgig!!! Come on boy." Hopefully the drooling blue can maybe herd the pup along? He slows his steps when he hits a slippery spot, but he's solid enough to not even hint of loosing his grip and dropping the pregnant woman, no matter how much she's trying to disturb his calm!

Leia hooks an arm around Leuka's shoulders, smiling sun-bright and cheerful even though her body is doing horridly treacherous things to complete strangers. "I'm gonna push," she tells him around a wicked smile (not that pushing would do her much good at this stage). And then she's tilting her head back to yell, "WE'RE HAVING A BABY! FORYTHHH! TELL HIM WE'RE GONNA PUSH!" And the blue trumpets, delight evident at his wicked rider's teasing before she's forced into silence by another contraction that steals her breath and has her urging Leuka, "Faster! Faster!" But then she's laughing, because she's Leia. And don't worry, Foryth makes sure to herd Fizgig along, pushing with blue with his nose. GOGOGOGO! YOU'VE TOTALLY GOT THIS. "LEUKA, I'M PUSHIIIIIIINNNGGG!" Worst. She is the worst. And cackling again. And actually crying because there's pain that she can't pretend she's not feeling by terrorizing Fort's newest candidate or laughing until another contraction seizes her. Welp. To the infirmary!

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