Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Date: Day 1 of Month 10 of Turn 2698

Time of Day: Night

Season: Autumn-Winter

Weather: Light Snow - Throughout the day and night random short periods of flaky white drift down from overcast skies. While the temperature is cool the flakes melt as soon as they touch the ground and don't hold enough water to really muddy anything up. More they are a reminder of winter's coming as autumn slowly fades.

Today's Notes: Nothing Special.

Night has come early to Fort as Rukbat continues its southern journey in the sky, leaving the sky a deep black as clouds drop a light snow over the Weyr, the odd breeze biting with a crisp autumnal chill. Small amounts pile up around the edges of the bowl and other nooks and crannies, but as of yet the ground is mostly clear. Dinner is winding down and the living cavern is half filled with those lingering over their hot meals with a cup of klah and occasionally a bit of dessert. There is a pleasant hum and it is cozy and inviting.

With Weyrling training finally coming to a slowdown, Anique finds herself with some spare time. A rare thing indeed she's decided to enjoy it to the fullest with a hot mug of klah, a sweet roll shared with a bronze fire lizard and a spot near the hearth.

Seated near the hearth herself, Yhri is enjoying a steaming mug of klah and some river grain pudding whilst tapping away at her terminal. The interim Wingleader seems engrossed in whatever task she is currently performing, her eyes glued to the screen and barely paying attention to the food or drink she's imbibing. Tension lines her shoulders, causing them to bunch up and her lips are set in a thin line of displeasure.

With sweet roll in one hand and klah mug in the other, Anique finds she can't salute just yet as she spies Yhri at the terminal near the hearth. She settles for a smile, one likely to go unnoticed by the focused Wingleader, and a verbal greeting. "You look…" tense? worried? "Tired." she goes with that instead.

"Huh? What?" Yhri looks up as the voice intrudes into her cognitive domain. "Oh. Hi Anique." She sighs and flops back into her chair, rubbing at her temples. "Tired is an understatement, but thanks." She scoops up her klah and downs the last of it, sighing gustily. "Just… wing stuff, yanno." She gestures at her computer with a faint sneer of disgust.

Anique hmms faintly with a quick glance to the computer that such a sneer of disgust is given too. "Ah, yeah…" she wrinkles her nose. She doesn't have to deal with that too closely yet. Just from a afar. "My tests were a lot of deliveries out to some areas that gave me quite the cold shoulder." with the mug of klah she gestures towards an empty seat in an unspoken question if she can join.

Yhri gets up to get herself more klah and comes back with the whole pot. Because. She's a /Wingleader/. Or something. After pouring herself a mug she offers some to Anique and also a seat. "Sit, I don't bite. I'm just an interim anyway, so please don't even get formal. I need friends where I can get them." She plops down after finished pouring klah and sighs. "You're not the only one getting the cold shoulder. Every day I'm getting a new cancellation on my proverbial desk. It's not good. At all."

Anique shakes her head at the offer. Her mug still has plenty in it. "You don't look like you'd bite actually." Anique grins as she takes a seat. Maybe scratch… "Ah, the burden of leadership even if it is interim. Could be a longer gig though perhaps if you do well? A friend though I can be." she smiles brightly. "No, not good at all. Have you any ideas at all how to relieve the tension between us and…them?" she waves a hand vaguely in the air to indicate the smaller holds as them.

Klah is sipped contemplatively as Yhri leans back in her seat. "Maybe. We'll see. If things continue to go south for the Wing and Weyr I'm not counting on it." She's a little more dour than she normally is, but then an idea strikes and she sits up, pulling up something on her terminal and quickly scanning it over with a little frown of thought. "Really the only way we're going to be able to prove we're competent again is by having impeccable deliveries and service. After the fiasco with the runner stock that's a lot of trust to build back up." More taps, thoughtful. "Have you thought about which Wing you want to join?" There's a sidelong glance and a small head-tilt from the brownrider.

Anique settles back into her seat contently. The heat from the fire is warming her nicely. A big bite is taken from the roll in her hand as she listens to the brown rider talking. Her gaze sweeps to the terminal with a mistrustful glance. Someone's not used them too much in the past. "Well yeah, but that'll take plenty of time to rebuild the trust based solely off no mistakes in deliveries." says Anique thoughtfully. As she gets a thoughtful look and question, Anique gives a sheepish grin. "Well before all this with Roc wing I was contemplating Roc wing." admits the Sr. Weyrling. "With all that's going on though I wouldn't be surprised at all if older and more experienced riders are looked at." a shrug lifts one shoulder briefly. "I've not much interest in Search and rescue though. So'l seems more fit for that particular wing." she finishes.

Yhri lifts the klah mug to her lips again and takes a noisy slurp, setting it back down. "Part of the reason I'm using my computer as much as I do is so that I can keep a dragon's eye on who is doing what. Or at least, what they should be doing." Eyes unfocus and it seems there may be a quick conversation occur between Cikitsakath and her before she returns to the Living Caverns in spirit as well as body. "Sorry, late delivery I had to check on." Dragon Instant Messages? She sits up, taking another sip of klah before setting it down on the table and reaching into her jacket's pocket, fishing. "Funny thing about trust I've found," she comments, pulling something from the jacket and turning back to Anique. "Is that sometimes new faces are required to rebuild that trust and recognition." Suddenly a Roc Wing patch and wingrider's knot are tossed in front of the Weyrling and Yhri offers a wry grin to the girl. "Think you're up to the challenge?"

DIM for short. Instant messaging before instant messaging was cool! Sipping her quickly cooling klah Anique gives a nod of her head as Yhri converses quietly with the brown. "Yeah I…" then suddenly theres a patch and knot being tossed to her and she blinks at it in surprise. "Wha..oh!" a smile lights up her eyes as she reaches for them to scoop them into one hand. "I am indeed up for the challenge, Wingleader." she says impishly.

Yhri's grin broadens as the greenrider accepts her challenge. "Well, Anique, allow me to formally welcome you into the ranks of Roc Wing." Hand is offered for a firm shake and then afterwords occupied with the klah mug again, the Wingleader taking a sip. "Honestly, I can't promise an easy ride. It'll be a lot of pressure, but I know you'll come out a diamond for it." Yhri waxing metaphoric? Mug is sipped again before it is deposited on the wooden table with a dull thump. "I am going to have to teach you how to use a computer though." Her expression is slightly apologetic. "I suspect one of the reasons that things slipped between was due to poor organization." It isn't a direct criticism of any one rider, but there it is. "I can't afford to let it happen again." Or her neck will be on the chopping block.

A neck on the chopping block for all to see perhaps? Anique's grip is firm enough in the handshake. The weyrling's been working out! Klah mug reclaimed she grins crookedly. "Ever since I've been hearing talk about the problems within the Wing I suspected it woldnt be easy. Doesn't change my desire any more to be a part of the solution though." she nods. "Computer?" now she offer another dark look to the thing she must learn of. "If I must." is said heavily. "Whatever I need to do." she says firmly. "I'm yours to command."

Yhri cups the mug between her petite hands and sips at it while she listens to the greenrider, nodding thoughtfully. "Well, you're going to need resolve in spades to get through things, if these last couple of weeks are any indication." An absent hand wave at the terminal. "Winter's coming too, and the Weyr could use the commerce." Big words from such a small mouth. The river grain pudding is suddenly remembered and she sets her mug down to pick up the bowl and take a bit. "So," she begins, tucking it into her cheek. "What do you know about computers?" From her expression it doesn't look like she's expecting much. "And while that's technically true, Anique, I'd like to stay on a friendly basis, though respect shown while other Wingriders are around… Probably not a bad thing."

"Not much. Enough to turn it on." Anique admits truthfully with a small smirk. "Never used 'em much growing up. Seemed that Souther Boll Hold always got the Harpers who didn't like 'em. Called them too new for them to learn." she chuckles. "However you want it." she says of her leadership and respect around other wing riders. "Any other weyrlings you looking at to join Roc?"

"Hey, if there's one trait I value it's honesty," Yhri informs the new wingrider sincerely. "You don't need to be an expert like me, but learning to type up your reports and print them out will certainly be handy. Not to mention letter writing." Her chuckles is a little rueful. "I'm afraid I might be a little hard to catch sometimes, so you may find it easiest to send me a message over the network instead. More reliable than a firelizard!" More river grain pudding is savored, the brownrider needing all the good things she can enjoy in life at the moment. "I have some more interviews to do, but I really knew I wanted you from the start. Hope you don't mind?"

"Letter writing…that might not be bad thing to learn." Anique muses thoughtfully. "I'll learn it long as you give me a bit of a learning curve." she grins. "Messages over the network! Huh.." who woulda thought. "Mind? Nope..I'm flattered though. I appreciate it." her head tilts a bit as she listen to something unheard. "My break time is up. Weyrlinghood isn't up completely yet!" she says ruefully as she stands. "I'll see you later, Wingleader."

"It's a deal," the Wingleader agrees. "Don't worry, you'll soon wonder how you got by without technology." Yhri offers a warm grin and a small wave as the Weyrling collects her things. "Safe flights, Anique. Come see me in the morning if you can." And then the girl is gone, leaving the brownrider to her computer and pudding once again.