Who Eiram, Leuka, Sephany
What Stolen kisses, gifted strawberries, and mischievous apprentices
When Winter - Month 11 of Turn 2714
Where Harpers' Playroom, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Harpers' Practice Room

Harpers' Playroom - This room has the best acoustics of anywhere in the Weyr, intended for Harpers to have a place to practice when they want and as loud as they want. The thick doors hold back alot of sound, muffling the more obnoxious of tunes from innocent ears when the Harper's are doing their thing. In general, it's a large open room that has several large storage cabinets along some of the walls. The cubbies vary in size depending on the type of instrument they are meant to hold. Some hold things as small as flutes, while others hold things as large as guitars and cellos. On the wall and corner nearest the doors, a couple of large sturdy desk are reasonably stacked with a few stacks of unruly papers. It looks like they are all trying to escape in a different direction. A mishmash of assorted Harper tools and needed thingamabobs are there somewhere under the pile. A few worn but well-padded benches and stools are scattered about, and a good number of folding chairs are stacked off to one side. All along the wall are racks and instrument stands to keep a few things more readily at hand. Several comfortable couches are arranged here and there, away from the walls where racks store gear. One couch looks to be longer than the other two, a couple of rumpled pillows and a little throw show that someone uses it for naps often. A sign on the walls points to the couch that warns //** That's Leuka's spot ** Taking up a large portion of a far corner of the room, a large drum set has been delivered. This is Leuka's pride and joy. It's adjusted for his size and enthusiastic playing style. Painted on the wall in big clear letters behind the drum set, big enough to read across the room, the wall reads. ** This is my baby! Touch it, I will KEEL you slowly! Leuka ** A couple paces off to the side, another drumset waits, ready for Apprentices to practice on. A few paces away, a large well cared for piano sets, ready to be used. Thankfully, it has wheels to move the massive upright where it's needed.//

It's the last 'planned' practice session for the day, and Leuka is trying not to be short tempered with a couple of Apprentice's who obviously didn't bother learning such a simple piece of music. More fumbled notes finally has the man tossing his arms up and waving them all to store their gear and clear out with dire warnings to learn the simple music, or else! "The rest of the session is canceled, you're all dismissed." He gestures irritably and it all translates into GET OOOOOOOOUUUUUTTTT!!!! Thankfully Eiram wasn't in the goup, otherwise the poor Apprentice would be getting his hide flayed for such sloppy fingerwork. Leuka turns his back on them all as they start shuffling out. Fizgig, excuse me Lord Fizgig of SnowHill, is flopped out on a thick doggy bedroll, somewhere. Depends on where he drug it over too. Leuka without his coat, since he's indoors, and wearing a bluegrey shirt with dark pants. He only has one layer of clothes on today. Could it be he's starting to adapt? Nah, it's the little hearth putting out a small flame along the wall. Right now, he's roaming around the practice room, righting overturned stands and chairs, and just keeping himself busy while time passes. He dismissed the group early, so probably has a while longer to wait for Sephany to appear.

Skedaddling Harper apprentices breeze right past the much more sedate Weaver apprentice. Grey eyes following their hasty retreat with idle interest before Sephany turns forward and catches the swinging door with one hand, halting its progress before it can close completely. "Bad day?" she wonders, half teasing as she catches the expression on the journeyman's face. Despite the hearth, despite the indoors, Sephany is clothed enough for the both of them; a thick cape-like cloak draped around her shoulders and all but swallowing her skinny frame, little Thimble barely visible where she's coiled against her human-pet's neck. She halts just inside the playroom, hands clasped and resting in front of her, curious gaze wandering the room before finding Leuka and following his progress in righting the general chaos of a classroom slash playroom.

Leuka takes up a knocked over practice guitar and holds it up to the light for closer inspection. Looks like a new ding on the side and he replaces it on the stand with a mutter. Thankfully he recognizes the voice so doesn't automatically snap at the weaver. "But it just got much better." He is already smiling when he turns around, making his way across the area he's already tidied up. Eyeing her from head to toe, he cants his head a bit as he reaches a hand out to see if she'll accept it. "You look like you're expecting to be cold." He gestures back behind him as if silently asking if Sephany would like to sit.

"The hallways are drafty," she says dismissively, "And the weavers cavern can be cold." Hands unclasp as Sephany accepts his, allowing him to bring her further into the room. A nod of her head for sitting, glancing toward the couch first before she's looking around the cavern again, searching. "You didn't leave Fiz in your room, did you?" she asks, already a note pity in her voice at the idea that the poor pup has been left behind. But soon enough she's likely to spot the little Lord of SnowHill wherever he's laid himself down, and concern vanishes. "How many apprentices do you have? I saw a few running away down the hall," she explains, "As though you might have threatened them with physical violence."

Leuka grins and reaches to tangle his fingers with her, stepping back and drawing her along with him. At her question, he sorta glances round before giving a little whistle. A startled scrambling and wuffle can be heard before eyes venture to see a bleary eye pup peer around in confusion before groggily yielding once more to sleep on his 'lordly' bedroll. "He's over there." Leuka grins and stops his feet, still drawing Sephany too him til she can't take another step. He doesn't seem to be paying attention to talk of Apprentices. More important things than lazy apprentices are occupying the Harper's thoughts today, and for the last couple sevenday actually. He leans down suddenly, brushes his lips against Sephany lightly before kissing her like he's been wanting to do for a while. His grip tigthens on her fingers til his hands both start trying to pull her closer.

"You didn't have to wake him," she admonishes gently, though she's happy enough to see the sleepy pup when he makes himself known. It's the distraction of the cute puppy face, sleepy eyes and all, which allows Leuka to bring Sephany into his personal space before she seems to realize that he's stopped walking. Grey eyes lift, a puzzled expression to be found on her face and a question on the tip of her tongue that she does not get the opportunity to voice. There is surprise at first, when soft lips brush against her own and she's drawn into a sudden kiss. But surprise vanishes soon enough, and her eyes close at the light touch, and then the not-so-light touch, as kisses deepen and she's pulled flush against him. Tangled hands and snaking arms effective in their employ, but she is no idle bystander in this display of physical affection. Oh no. She is an active participant. She does not just allow him to kiss her, but kisses him back. Her free hand moves to his neck, fingers sliding through the hair on the back of his head, coiling tightly as she attempts to pull him against her, lithe body leaning into him until she can't possibly go any further.

Leuka is more than pleased that she didn't pull away, and doubly pleased she didn't try smacking him, or worse. His surprise comes when she's trying to pull him closer. Groaning into the kiss, his lets her hand go only to slink his around the other side Sephany's waist. With both arms snugging her to him, Leuka pulls her up and is soon dropping onto the couch. Not about to let go quite yet, the weaver is sitting on his lap with her feet to the side before he eases the kiss back and smiles. "Been wanting to do that all day." His arms still keep a snug cage around her waist, as if worried she may bolt. No matter that she was eagerly kissing him back, Leuka grins and leans forward for another long thought about kiss.

There is certainly no attempt to escape, but quite the opposite. But there is a shift of her body, a brief tensing of muscles buried beneath thick clothes, a sharp inhale through her nose. When her hand is released, Sephany reaches forward to tangle it in the fabric of his shirt at his waist, a further hold on him in an effort to keep them close throughout the kiss. As distracted as she has become, the drop onto the couch has her attention, and grey eyes fly open at the sudden movement, her grip tightening in hair and shirt for the sudden and startling movement that lands her in his lap. It's a flushed and breathless sort of expression that meets him when their kiss ends, a searching look in her own grey eyes, and then a soft laugh at his admittance. "Only today?" she teases, a low murmur. "I've been wondering if you were going to kiss me at all." There is no bolting, though there is a shift in her position, a wiggling and repositioning of legs and arms so that she's much more secure in her spot and not about to fall backwards. Her hand comes out of his hair to rest against his neck instead, cool fingers gentle and relaxed as she accepts the second kiss, leaning forward to meet him once again.

Leuka relaxes his arms now, letting his hands start to roam over Sephany's back where they start effectingly tangling in her long hair. Pressing his advantage, he depends to kiss and, seeming to sigh happily in there somewhere before letting them both come up for air. A gentle nibble to her chin then a soft kiss over that before he grins with a slight shake of his head. "No, right about the time I started practicing wearing that blindfold." A little smirk for her 'worry'. "Yea well, when I'm getting 'that Talk' from my Apprentice about my intentions, a couple of implied threats here and there if I 'messed it up'..yea, think that's what Eiram said." He manages to wiggle one hand free of the hair trap that is Sephany's pale mane, his fingers work past the collar hem and brush lightly on the back of her neck. He grins and leans forward to give a soft but all too quick smooch to her lips again.

The tangling of hands in her hair earns a soft sound in the back of her throat and a subtle shiver that says Sephany definitely doesn't mind such things. The fingers against his neck tighten briefly, a grip meant to pull him against her once more as he deepens their kiss once again. There is a graze of her teeth against his bottom lip when he pulls away, a playful gesture that is mirrored in the brightness of her grey eyes when she opens them and meets his gaze once again. A light laugh of amusement for the nibble to her chin, her smile turning into a grin that speaks to all sorts of dangerous and mischievous things. But it's a groan of longsuffering for the mention of the blindfold. "Am I never to forget about that night?" she wonders rhetorically, dismissing the subject quick enough when apprentices are mentioned. "Who…" but he answers her question quick enough, and she laughs in true humor at the idea. "Eiram was warning you off?" she wonders, skeptically. "And threatening you?" Eiram. Just-turned-Fourteen-Turns-Old Eiram. "And you actually took his words into consideration?" Disbelief and amusement. That is the tone of her voice and the look on her face for that question. But distraction comes in the form of fingers against her neck, and her eyes close for the shiver it inspires. One hand is removed from him, fingers working at the tie of her cloak so that she can remove it, setting it aside on the couch with a half-hearted toss, no longer chilled enough to need it. "Careful, Leuka…" she half-warns, a very predatory smile curling at the corner of her mouth. "I am very much a weyrbred girl."

Leuka does chuckle a bit and offers a very unrepentant "Nope! I've no intention of forgetting that." His head sinks lazily to the back of the couch as he continues to let his hands wander a bit. "Not a warning off so much as concern for you." A little snort slips out "Of course now he'll assume I was lying." He shrugs as if makes no differance now. Her warning does cause his hands to still, and even reced a bit after a glane around. More students of anyone wanting lessons could walk right in afterall. Nodding reluctantly, he leans forward and gives a her another slow kiss, Light for now before playing with her hair with one hand "Fine, for now." But his expression clearly says. /Later is a whole other story!/ He almost hates to ruin the moment, since it will involve them moving. "I got you another gift." A couple of fingers roam in tiny little circles where his hand rest across her legs near the knees. "It's over in that cabinet. Small little wicker box." There would also be a note like the previous one.

His unrepentant response gets him a playful shove, one hand used to push against his shoulder as Sephany rolls her eyes. "Ugh. I'll never drink again," she decides, only half joking. The mention of Eiram being concerned for her gets a much less amused expression, eyes narrowed briefly as she murmurs a disgruntled, "his concern is misplaced. I can take care of myself," in clear defiance of any attempt the apprentice may have in trying to protect her. "What did you tell him?" she wonders. Grey eyes drift as her own fingers start to travel, brushed along the side of his jaw and then down the line of his neck, following his pulse until the collar of his shirt halts her movement. But her gaze flashes back to his quick enough for the way her warning was interpreted. There's a short laugh, a lean in to bite at his chin. "I don't care about that," and she tips her head to the door to indicate someone walking in. "I meant only that you ought to think carefully about what sort of things your hands and mouth may be doing. I may just steal your virtue and destroy whatever good-girl image you've got of me." And here she's only half teasing, a little furrowing of her eyebrows indicative that her next sentence is rather seriously stated, and with some measure of concern. "I am not as innocent as I may look… And you seem very… Holdbred," which is a polite way of saying she's worried her wild antics may disturb and shock him. But the idea of a gift has her backing off the subject quick enough, head turned to seek out whatever cabinet her present may be hiding near. "Is this one edible, too?" she wonders, a half-grin already in place as she moves to stand, carefully extracting herself from his arms and lap and roaming fingers. There's clearly curiosity and expectation in her expression as she makes short work of the distance, dropping down to seek out this wicker box that he spoke of. "This one?" she asks, only to have it confirmed by the discovery of her note. "Hmm," and she carries it carefully in her hands as she returns to where he sits.

Leuka shrugs half heartedly, then his shoulders sorta scrunch upward when her fingers start traveling along his neck and jawline. He can't keep the little shiver that darts across the nerves, but he wouldn't think of stopping tickling fingers as they explore. A quick kiss close to her mouth is snuck in when she nips his chin. "Nothing that wasn't true at the time. That we were just talking." Her clarification simply has him sighing almost wistfully "Trust me, I was thinking about that all sevenday." A little grin for her assumption about him. Yea, okay. Technically, he is holdbred, but that doesn't dictate his the way he is. "Compared to Hauser, I can see where ya would say that." He smirks a bit "But Master Harmon was fond of reminding people that "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for."" Nodding against her shoulder. "Yea. Trader Yulise knows a guy with Hot Houses. And he had just what I was looking for it seems." He'll wait til she's collected the little box and returning "Did you like those candies?" The Harper shifts around on the couch, nudging her cloak over and managing to take up the majority of it so she'll have to retake her previous lounging spot rather than that sit on the small part of cushion that's not being used.

"It certainly is," for the 'quiet ones', and there's a sly smile on the weaver's face; Sephany is almost definitely one of those of whom they speak, despite the innocent princess persona she can sometimes adopt. "He does seem a bit of a rascal," for Hauser, though she's not interested in discussing him beyond the one statement. Returned to find her available options narrowed, there's a lift of her eyebrow and a curl to the corner of her mouth; a twinkle in her grey eyes, gaze drifting down to the ground as she debates whether or not to claim his lap or be defiant and sit on the floor. In the end, she opts for the more comfortable option, sinking back down into him as she turns her attention to the little basket. "A hot house?" she wonders, curiosity peeked as she goes to open the basket. "Oh!" and then a laugh. "Well. You certainly do seem well connected through this Yulise person." One of the strawberries is plucked up, carefully held between thumb and finger as she takes a bite. "Mm," and a nod of her head for the candies. "I did… but I confess I was a bit surprised to receive them."

Leuka seems rather smug sitting ont he couch, having limited her options of where she'lls sit, or so he thought. The glint in her eyes makes him realize another option. It's then he learns the Weaver has a bit of a cruel streak as she pretends to actually consider taking up residence on the floor. A brief pout that may or may not have had anything to do with her choosing his lap again instead of the hard stone floor. He scoops her closer when she eases back down. "I have to admit, I'm impressed with her skills and getting what's asked for. So far she's delivered above and beyond as if I was asking for just any ole bubbly or something. She's still looking about for a couple other things." He gestures to the fruit, encouraging her to enjoy them. A flash of curiousity that he surprised her "Why? There should have been a note with your name on it?" As she samples the berries, one of Leuka's hands begins to wander about, trailing little patterns sometimes, but mostly, tapping or drumming out some rhythm on her leg as he watches her with a smile easing more firmly onto his face.

"Hmm," around a bite of 'berry, though she swallows it down before asking, "And how much does she charge for such services?" A pale eyebrow lifts in question, Sephany clearly curious about what, exactly, the trader is getting out of all this seeking and finding. "An arm and leg, likely. Though at the moment, I am rather enjoying her ability to conjure up miracles at the snap of her fingers." Meaning, of course, the strawberries that she is leisurely enjoying. She takes her time about nibbling the one in her hand before dropping the green stem to the basket and selecting another. "There was," a note, she agrees. "It was the occasion that had me confused. The 'why' for them," she explains, head tipping gently to the side in a thoughtful way. "I don't understand why you left them for me." The idle drumming of an unknown song does not go unnoticed; there is simply nothing to be done about it at the moment. Grey eyes lift to catch his smile, answering with one of her own and a cheerful, "Want one?" as she lifts a strawberry.

Leuka seems to be quite enjoying watching Sephany with her bright red treasures, nodding his head very gently for no obvious reason "Much less that I would have gladly paid had she asked." He replies in a bit of a distracted manner. "Well, then I'll have to keep coming up with things to surprise you." His head leans lazily to the side, a hint of a skeptical look to the pale haired weaver. Granted, he's never been a 'gifter' to a few back in the Hall. But no one mentioned actually 'needing' a reason to give a gift. Or to recieve one for tht matter. Positive that this is some sorta trick question, his finger drumming stills. "Because I wanted to. Do I have to have a reason for it?" He shrugs and tosses one out "Cause I thought you'ld like them." Reason given. Dragging his attention from watching her eat the strawberries, he just grins, "I'll get a taste in a minute."

Half finished with a strawberry, Sephany pauses as she frowns up at him. Slowly, her hand lowers as though to put the bitten berry back in the basket, though she doesn't go quite that far. Instead, it just sort of… hovers in her fingers, hand resting against the side of the whicker as she leans back, tips her head and peers at him through half-lidded eyes. Whatever question that may be hovering around the edge of her mind, it is decidedly bitten back and goes unasked. But the topic of gift-giving is not so easily dismissed, and she sighs softly, an uncertain expression on her face. "As… delicious as they were," meaning the candies, "and as much as I am appreciating the berries," that she has stopped eating, "I do not need or want gifts." A frown, a glance toward the basket and her half-eaten strawberry still carefully held in her fingers. "I did enjoy them. Thank you," though there's a warning in her tone as she continues with, "But really. I don't need gifts."

Leuka resumes his little finger circles and absentmined explorations over Sephany's leg while trying to peice togther the direction their chat is going. And he comes to the determination, that he's thoroughly confused. "Did you like finding them and discovering they were yours?" His other hand fiddles with a clump of hair trailing down her back. "Cause I liked leaving them for you to find. Like I'm gonna enjoy giving you more presents when the mood strikes, or opportunity when something I think you might like comes along." He slips a little grin. "You're messing with me a little bit right? You are really gonna refuse gifts just because I like giving them to you?" Everywhere across Pern, every female on the planet just eye-rolled in unison.

The idle exploration of her dress-covered leg, the hand absently playing with the long hair hanging down her back, is distracting but not enough so that Sephany's mind leaves the subject of their current discussion. There is a silence that descends upon the weaver, an unreadable expression as her gaze goes across the room to rest upon the wall without actually seeing it. Her bottom lip is pulled in with her teeth, sucked on gently as she sorts through how best to explain what she means. "It isn't about enjoying or not enjoying it…" she starts, only to pause briefly. "It was… awkward," she decides eventually. "The only people who give me gifts with no purpose are my family… and that's not even true. Their gifts have purpose, too," she muses aloud. "It was uncomfortable. I didn't understand how to interpret it. I don't understand how to interpret this," and she lifts the basket in her lap to indicate the strawberries. A frown. "Do you give all your friends gifts?" And yes. Collectively, the female population of Pern may very well have rolled their eyes at Leuka; Sephany certainly does.

Leuka reaches up to scrub a hand across his face, and rake fingers through his hair a few times. Certainly not expecting this turn in the conversation. A little shake of his head "No, I don't go around giving Hauser things if that's what you're asking." Eyeing her thoughtfully he finally sighs with a shrug "If it bothers you so much, I won't ask Yulise to look for anything else anymore." He grumbles at the offending bit of fruit, that started this whole downturn to the date. Probably no longer finding it as interesting as he did a moment ago. Stupid Strawberry. "You said you like strawberries. I had fun getting them for you, and thought you would have fun enjoying them. They seem to have done the opposite though. Sorry about that." He goes quiet then, just watching Sephany a moment as if waiting for, or expecting her to jump one way other. After a moment he lets out a deep breath. "How about we go back five minutes in this conversation, give the berries to Fizgig and go on with our date?" A reasonable compromise to a bad gift, right?

A little nod of her head as suspicions are concerned; though perhaps Sephany would be much more disquieted if he did give gifts to Hauser for no reason. "The idea that you are spending your marks on me makes me uncomfortable, yes," she confirms, though she follows it with a quick kiss to his cheek in an apology, moving to lean her head against his shoulder. There is only silence from the weaver as Leuka explains the strawberry gift. Her fingers tighten around the basket, and she lifts the half-eaten berry to finish it completely, thumb pressed to the corner of her mouth to halt the progress of a drop of juice. "Oh, I am keeping the strawberries," she tells him firmly, her tone taking on a much more playful lilt. "I wouldn't want them to go to waste, of course. And Fizgig would not appreciate them nearly as much," she informs him in a sing-song voice. But she closes the basket, sets it aside carefully out of the way where it will not be accidently spilled or squished. "My Turnday is in a few months," she offers. "Three, in fact. That is an acceptable gift-giving reason, if you absolutely must." And while her tone holds a note of longsuffering resignation, there's a grin pulling at the corners of her mouth.

Leuka cants his head to Sephany, nodding at her form of appology, and working his way through her logic, and grinning a bit "It shouldn't make you feel that way." He sits up a little straighter, adjusting Sephany on his lap as he moves. "The other evening, we were watching those old guys, playing cards. You didn't seem upset that guy was losing his marks again and again. Not very." Else th Weaver would have marched herself right up to that table. "Why can't I spend my marks on what I wanna spend them on, Or who." He gives a litle shrug, fingers continue their little trailing an vining paths along Sephany's let and maybe her hand. "I'd just be spending them in the taverns and lounges, or putting it back into my craft by getting more gear." Probably referring to instruments or something. He gives a perplexed little hugff at her suggested compromise. It does seem fair enough, if ot for one tiny flaw. His eyes twitch into a little shift pattern almost trying not to look at Sephany a moment "Alright. I can live with that. Gifts only on special days." They'll sit down later and figure out how many of those he can get away with. "Um, can I give you your Turnday present earlier than three months though. It's already in the works with Yulise…And not something that can be sent back.." Leuka smiles and offers an appologetic shrug "I really can't stop this gift. I had already worked it out."

"That is different," insists the weaver, voice firm and resolute on the matter, unwilling to budge even if she can't make her point adequately understood. There's a frown, a tightening of Sephany's jaw and a glint in her grey eyes that some (who have met her brother) may recognize as sheer stubborn defiance. Her hand lifts, finds his wandering fingers and grasps them, effectively halting their progress as well as their ability to distract her from her thoughts. "Don't you see?" she asks, tipping her head back to try and meet his gaze, searching his face for some sort of understanding as she tries to make him comprehend where her thoughts have gone. "All of those… other means of spending marks have a benefit for you. A tavern will get you a meal and a drink. Spending it on your craft will net you better instruments or promote your success… Even setting them aside will garner financial security and a means of supporting yourself when or if you decide to stop… playing. But what do you get, if you spend them on me?" (IT'S A TRAP! DO NOT ANSWER!) "Spend time with me. Take me dancing, or go ice skating with me. Teach me a song. But don't buy me gifts." A press of her lips, a consideration and eventual answer of, "I suppose you may," for the giving of her Turnday gift early.

Leuka nods when Sephany looks to him "I get what you're saying. Some of that the Weyr provides." Brows lift as if she may be talkin crazy for a moment, and he gives an amused snort "Stop playing. That's funny." Eyes brighten at her questions and just when he's about to answer, his jaw snaps closed as if by magic. He looks confused for a moment and finally he's able to wiggle his jaw some and open his mouth again. "See, You make it sound so easy, but if there's dancing, there's music. And where does that come from? Someone who's always playing and can't really join in the dancing." He eyes her at such a clearly logical point he made. Just in timke for her to poke holes all through it. Instead of letting that happen, he grins and tilts his head for another kiss. All the while he's trying to wiggle his fingers free of the trap they're caught in. Leuka's slouched on a couch, taking up most of the room somehow, with Sephany on his lap. Lord Fizgig ofSnowhill is snoring over between the drumsets, conked out on his doggy bed.

Eiram has been keeping himself busy with lunch, then playing around the hearth with his lyre afterwards. Just pleasent background music as he sets to practicing on his new instrument. Finally the crowds had dispersed enough that he packed up his instrument and headed back to the Harper cavern. And So he comes into the room at the kissing between Harper and Weaver and pauses. A cant of his head and a curious look upon his face before deciding to push forward and continue through the room decidedly not looking at the canoodling pair.

It is a perfectly innocent lap sitting. NEVERMIND THE KISSING! Perfectly innocent. "Of course you can. You simply let someone else play the must," she points out, sneaking a little logic into the equation before he can halt such things with cleverly employed tricks. The kiss is recognized, returned, accepted as the gesture that it is despite her desire to keep arguing her point. But wiggling fingers are not returned, and Sephany maintains her hold on his hand despite the gentle attempt to free it. She wants her logic and her sanity, and her ability to hear doors opening as apprentice Harpers move into the public space that, arguably, belongs to him much more than it does to her. A press of her free hand against Leuka, a pull back from the kiss as her head turns to find the occupant. It is only on the recognition of Eiram that her cheeks color with some sort of awkward expression of embarrassment. "Hi, Eiram…" Ahem.

Ha! He won the argument, he thinks. It's starting to seem more and more like he did at that. Leuka ends up grumbling into Sephany's shoulder when she looks away and greet the Apprentice. He glances to Eiram, a bit ticked off at him right this moment, even though he did nothing wrong. If you didn't practice any better than the earlier students did, then don't even start strumming." That group obviously didn't earn any passing marks, or respect from the Journeyman. So Eiram has the chance to distance himself even more from the other Apprentices. He watches the younger Harper a moment, before peering back to Sephany. His fingers try to wiggle loose from Sephany's grasp, grinning as she keeps altering how she holds his hand trapped while he continues to try moving his fingers in wierd patterns. Tilting his head closer to her ear, Leuka whispers something for a couple of moments.

So maybe the lad is a 'little' embaressed but he doesn't look surprised at least. He focuses quite fervently on putting his Lyre away. Making sure it is just right in its cubby. Maybe taking longer at it than usual giving them a few extra moments of privacy. He at least caught the bit about playing music so people can dance, "Oh yeah, its not like you don't have an apprentice who can do a few solos so you two can dance." He says as he finally turns and just eyes the pair resisting an urge to 'demonstrate' the dancing he thinks they want to do. "But don't expect me to face the wall anymore." At the curt comment from Leuka, Eiram arches his brow. "Really? I just spent the last two others practicing…you should know me by now." No doubt some figuring Leuka as an 'easy' teacher because of his eccentric style, but for Eiram he was more inspired by it.

Did he, though? Did he really win? Perhaps he won the argument. And perhaps it is a good thing Sephany does not perceive his apparent winning of the argument, or it may not be just his fingers that are kept away from her personal space. As it is, her attention is stolen by Eiram's arrival and saucy replies, a grin growing across her face as he furthers her argument with a well-made point. "See? Eiram can play for us," and perhaps it is a good thing for the apprentice that Sephany does not have telepathic abilities, or she'd certainly be throwing something at his head. Probably a pillow. Instead, her attention is caught between the pair, and there's a gentle push of Leuka's shoulder in silent reprimand for the snap. "Be nice," murmured in a mildly disapproving tone. Not Eiram's fault they were snuggled up in such a public space. A squeeze of Leuka's hand and she releases his fingers, her own reached out to recapture the wicker basket with her strawberries, quickly selecting one as he whispers against her ear. There is a very deliberate look pinned on Leuka as she bites that fruit. An eyebrow twitches upward, the corner of her mouth lifts into a dangerous sort of half-smile in answer. "By all means." And then a glance toward Eiram, a grin and an offer. "Would you like one?" A strawberry, of course.

Leuka cuts his eyes to Eiram, mouth opening to send another iritated snipe the boys way, but the shoulder shove pulls his eyes back to Sephany, who gets a grudging nod. A couple of slow deep breaths and the Harper looks back to the Apprentice. "Sorry Eiram, that's wasn't very fair of me. But that group earlier really was horribly underprepared. Fumble through the notes, slurring their finger." Leuka gives an annoyed eyeroll for his still hurting ears and spots Sephany taking the little fruits back up. He glares at the offensive little item, before a wistful little gleam passes his eye before shaking his head and sorta glaring at the berry. Bad, evil little argument starting Strawberry. He does grin at her response to his question before latching on to getting rid of the berries through Eiram "Yea. Take them all of you want them, Nothing but trouble!" The added chattter has Fizgig waking up and bouncing across the room towards the young apprentice "When you are ready, I think now would be a good time to show me how many songs you can recalls from memory." A smile turns to Sephany. "That is if you would like to dance." Eiram gets an amused eyeroll "I'm not the one that told you to turn to the wall either Eiram." Nope, that was Sephany. And he's certain he can come across the blindfod somewhere around the room.

The offer of strawberries finally has him approaching the couch, grabbing a couple and going back to his cubby while he munches on them. He will not turn down such delicious fruit! Having just played his lyre for a few hours he gets out his guitar instead as he is instructed to play for the couple. "That I can do, unless you both want to kiss on the couch longer. Well as long as that is all you do on that couch…" People have to sit there ya know! "I can go practice somewhere else if you like…" But then he shrugs and moves to one of the stools and starts to tune the guitar. "They just don't get it. Just because you are crazy they think they can take it easy…but why be a harper if you don't care about the music no matter who is teaching it?"

Evil strawberries indeed. One of which is getting an obscene amount of attention from Sephany as she delicately nibbles at it. Another pale eyebrow lifts, a curious and teasing expression directed to Leuka as he offers up all of her present to his apprentice. "I said I was keeping them," she reminds him, though clearly she is also willing to share. Once Eiram has collected his snack, the basket is withdrawn and rested on the couch once more, near her cloak and out of harms way. "You leave my strawberries alone. They did nothing wrong." And then there is a narrow-eyed look for Eiram and his insinuating remarks. "Hey. I may be weyrborn, but I have some sense of decency. Nothing untoward is going to be happening on this couch." But she's not really annoyed. "Dancing, then," and just like that, she's slipped out of Leuka's grasp and off his lap, twisting her body nimbly to avoid a recapture, flashing him a Cheshire-like grin as she moves away from the couch and into a much more open space. "Don't worry. I will restrain myself and stick to something a bit more Gather-appropriate," though who exactly she is reassuring, Eiram or Leuka, is left ambiguous. "I was not a witness to the unfortunate apprentice lesson, though I saw the look on their faces as they fled; clearly you are the star student, Eiram."

Leuka narrows his gaze at Sephany, silently accusing her of being evil herself. She and that cursed strawberry "Trust me, they're doing plenty!" he replies to the berry doing nothing wrong. Grumbling when she moves to purposely for him to keep her from spinning away, Leuka drags himself to the edge of the couch. Laughing as he stands spinning about slowly as Fizgig does spinning circles around him "Awww, where's the fun in that?" Talking about sephany keeping to Gather approved dances. He'll crouch and scratch the pup's ears, then proceed to 'rough him up' a few more seconds "At least give us a song or two. Sephany's comment about the othes fleaing the class "Don't see why they bothered showing up. As if I wouldn't know that most of them barely practiced the assignment." Leuka's already moving towards Sephany as the Apprentice settles on a stoll.

Eiram reaches down to pet the Fixgig before it runs back over to Leuka. He strums out a note on the guitar then starts to play a playful dance tune and there is this twinkle in his eyes. A good harper he may be, but still there is michief in him. So he starts to sing with his playing, "They say for every boy and girl, There's just one love in this whole world, And I know Leuka found his, The heavenly touch of her embrace, Tells me no one could take her place." Oh he hams it up in his singing that is for sure, a big cheesy grin and waggle of brows.

And with the way she walks, the gentle swing of her hips, Sephany proves that she does not need alcohol in her blood to turn everyday movements into a sensual experience, chin tipped up as she glances over her shoulder at Leuka. There's an offer of her hand, a twining of her fingers, and this time it is Sephany that draws Leuka in, moving his hand to her waist as Eiram's fingers begin the first few notes. But whatever sort of a smile may be pulling across her mouth, whatever sort of "gather appropriate" (SO NOT GATHER APPROPRIATE) movements may have begun, their progress is halted when he starts to sing. Very quickly her grey eyes are pinned upon the mischievous apprentice over younder, a different sort of heat radiating from her gaze. "Eiram…" it's a warning, low and deep and dangerous that says he'd best stop that right now or things may get dangerous. But then he goes and adds personal touches to his rendition, and that's it. Yup. Way to break the mood. Down she goes, a quick motion that has a shoe off of her foot, in her hand, and quickly sailing in the direction of the apprentice in a swift and fluid motion; aiming for his head of all places. "Knock it off." Growl. Hiss. GRRRRRR. All of the above. Of course, now she's sans one shoe, which makes dancing a bit awkward. So rather than retrieve the weapon, she'll just kick off the other and go barefoot. Because that's clearly the appropriate response.

Leuka eyes Sephany as she begins to move with the melody Eiram fills the practice room with. Snaring her fingers quickly, he slinks closer, moving as her teasing steps and hips dictate. He narrows his eyes at the Weaver, she so sooo not playing nice, much less fair. In expression or how each twist or roll of her body promises. He doesn't seem to be paying attention to Eiram, but too bad for him, Sephany is. All too soon he's trying to keep the weaver from getting too big of a wind up before she's sending a shoe flying "Seriously! What is it about this cavern that makes females throw things?!" With Sephany now barefoot, he frowns over to Eiram just a few seconds before she gets his attention again, reaching out to try trapping Sephany's arms so she doesn't try throwing her other shoe "Eiram you mind watching Fizgig a while. Food's in the cabinet there, leads around here somewhere." He keeps his hands on the Weaver's arms, not letting her wiggle free. Hmm. No help for it, she'll just have to come back and claim her cloak and shoes later. Not waiting for an answer from his Apprentice, he smirks to Sephany and quickly bends just enough to toss her over his shoulder and start towards the door. Sephany is probably glaring right at Eiram as Leuka carries her off. That is til he stops and turns to the younger Harper "Nice on the spot variaton by the way." So much for scolding the cheeky boy, but then he's turning and starting once more for the door "Watch Fizgig!"

Eiram had to be expecting the shoe being thrown as he ducks as it is tossed his way, but at least he has some sense of self preservation and stops singing. The chords are plucked playfully after that less something else get thrown at him. He certainly has more of a broadway performer air than rock god right now and it is what he does excel at. As Leuka shifts to pick up the Weaver he can't help but laugh and add some comedic overtones to his playing al la Benny hill. "Yes sir. I will look after him sir." He calls out to their departing back!

Sephany was not expecting to be tossed over a shoulder and carted out of the playroom, though the response is immediate and sustained laughter, a bright and happy sound that echoes around the cavern. Two fistfuls of Leuka's shirt are grabbed, and she uses them as an anchor to push herself up just enough to peer back at the apprentice plucking playfully at his guitar. But there are no glares for Eiram, not when she's been so thoroughly distracted from her anger as she's hauled unceremoniously from the room. There is, however, a very firmly demanded, "DON'T LET THE DOG EAT MY STRAWBERRIES!" left in her wake, because she is definitely coming back for those at some point.

Leuka snorts and yells out before they are fully gone "Eat all the strawberries Eiram.." He reaches to tickle the back of the weaver's knee and mutters "You and I have conversation to finish."

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